Must-See Goal: Rafael

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20 Responses to Must-See Goal: Rafael

  1. AzTeXan says:

    I just spilled my Japanese ice cream everywhere.

  2. A says:

    Looks like it misses the QPR defender’s head by inches–and lucky for him because he would be eating through a straw for a week.

  3. fischy says:

    I was confused when I saw the headline, because DC United had not played yet today.

  4. Falsify says:

    I’m going to get chided but there was no defender on him. As nice as it was, I would put it on equal footing with Darlington Nagbe’s goal from two years ago.

    • guyricardo says:

      You can’t see it in the video, but the ball was cleared out toward a QPR player. Rafael fought his was around him before hitting that shot. You can see the player trying to recover and close him down, but too late.

  5. boosted335 says:

    that could of killed someone

  6. Hopper says:

    Every time I strike the ball that sweetly, I wet in my Under Armors a little.

  7. The Empty Bucket says:

    Definition of a banger right there

  8. Oog says:

    Wow! What a strike. It’s magic like that goal that makes me love soccer.

  9. Weston John says:

    That was clearly not a “must see” goal…joke…just kidding, Ives! That was a laser!

  10. Brad says:

    I think we can all agree, that was a must see goal.

  11. baropbop says:

    I hit one just like that with my weak foot last night

  12. JeremyP says:

    Anyone notice Van Persie taking a spill into the camera pit just before Rafael shoots?