It’s Old School SBI Q&A Time

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Good morning everybody. I haven’t been able to get together an SBI Live Q&A lately, and since I’m probably not going to be able to get one together for this week, I wanted to give readers a chance to send some questions in for me to answer.

So I’m bringing back the old school Q&A format for this week.

Submit your soccer-related questions in the comments section below and I will post answers to some of the questions on Thursday and Friday. Want to ask about the recent U.S. Men’s National Team qualifying loss? The upcoming MLS season? International soccer? The new season of The Walking Dead? Whatever it is, send your questions my way and I’ll try to get to as many of them as possible. I will be having an SBI Live Q&A soon, but for now you can ask your questions here.

Submit your questions in the comments section below.

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202 Responses to It’s Old School SBI Q&A Time

  1. hm says:

    what do you think is the fans/managers opinion of Dempsey? There seem to be tons of rumors that Spurs is ready to ship him off? Is it unfounded or just annoying fans?

    • Dan in New York says:

      Really? That kray.

    • Kevin_Arnold says:

      Spurs fan here. He’s regularly slated on various boards. Completely unsure why.

      • Josh D says:

        From my understanding, while Dempsey is scoring goals, he’s doing very little else in the build up. If he was purchased as a pure striker, that might be acceptable- albeit he seems to miss a decent chance every game. However, Dempsey is being played in the hole so he needs a better developed game. It’s the same when he plays for the Nats – he scored against Honduras, however, many fans felt his overall game was weak.

        Spurs want to play fast, passing, attacking soccer. I think Dempsey is more of a slower build up, physical kind of player. They are potentially a top three team so their expectations are higher than just scoring. Much like Berbatov at United – he scored goals, but he did little else. At that high of a level, you must do more for your team. Not to compare, but other number 10s would be Messi, Rooney, arguably Lampard, Muller, Del Peiro – all capable of scoring, but they bring much more.

        While I think the criticism is excessive considering he’s scored so many in such a short amount of time, I do understand their frustration at his overall game. Unfortunately for Dempsey, most players make it at that level a lot earlier in their career so they have time to develop into that elite number 10. Credit to him, he’s doing it so late in his career.

        With Holtby’s acquisition, Spurs don’t need Dempsey and SigurĂ°sson. The only way Dempsey gets dumped in the summer is if Spurs view SigurĂ°sson as the player with more potential. Between now and the end of May, it’s up to Dempsey to prove himself – yet again.

        • solles says:

          Dempsey’s never been a #10 really, to me, he’s more of a striker/wing attacker, who makes good late runs into the box, a player like that to me is better playing with a #10 than being one.

        • TomG says:

          Not sure what Dempsey you are watching. He’s got a bunch of assists this year and he wins plenty of balls when that’s required of him, too.

      • Kevin_Amold says:

        Hey there, awfully close to posing as me!

    • alf says:

      They did the same kind of thing when Kasey Keller was there and he kept them up 2 seasons running. I don’t the Spurs supporters like American players at all. Plain and simple.

      • solles says:

        I swear, there’s more anti-Americanism from Americans than there is from the English at times, sorry but I think you’re wrong and paranoid.

  2. hm says:

    BTW are you a fan of Community aka the best comedy on tv?

  3. prizby says:

    Will TFC be able to score 30 goals this year?

  4. StringerBell says:

    Any idea what’s going on with Joe Gyau? I was hoping that his USMNT call-up last year was a precursor to a big 2013, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The U.S. could sure use a winger with speed.

  5. Kevin says:

    Ives…What does MLS think about the new Chivas USA player policy of Hispanic only and the jettisoning of American players? Does anyone else think this racist to some degree? And illegal?

      • The Superfluous Title says:

        I don’t see it as racist at all. I see reactionary responses. Chivas is an all Mexican club in Guadalajara, yes? So, it doesn’t seem such a big stretch. Why would an all Mexican club in Mexico NOT want the same policy in the USA? An all Mexican team here only helps their mission in Mexico: to develop great Mexican players. had a brief interview with Chelis where he mentions this:

        link to

        His humor, and edge, comes through for certain. I welcome Chelis and the club’s philosophy.

        Members of Xenophobe FC unite in relaxation and enjoy the ride.

        • Creige says:

          Because this is America and any hiring policy that is based on race or ethnicity is illegal. And is this is exactly the same situation as Zenit St. Petersburg that is against hiring players who are black or gay because of their history of only white and presumably non-gay players.

          • downintexas says:

            What Zenit is doing is racist to the nth degree. I guess the question is if me as a white person moves to Mexico and has children there with my white wife. My children are Mexican citizens, if one of my kids were good enough to play on the Mex national team (that pains me to write that) could they play for chivas, eventhough they are “white” mexican citizens? If the answer is no then it is a racist policy if the answer is yes as long as they are mexican nationals then it is not racism.

            • OPMG says:

              I agree that it isn’t racism, but that’s semantics. It’s still prejudice in no matter what the reason for it is. It’s still discrimination whether they’re discriminating against a race, gender, or in this case, ethnicity. You act like the club is fine and what they’re doing is ok because it isn’t racism, but other types of discrimination are acceptable…

              • downintexas says:

                True dat. But in all honesty I don’t think they willbhave a full 100% Mexican/Mexican-American team.

          • Wendell Gee says:


            I’ve said this before, but it’s like going into a Mexican restaurant, and finding that much of the staff is of Mexican ancestry. Mexican food is as American as apple pie and has been for decades. There is no reason whatsoever that only Mexicans need to be hired. But there’s a heritage associaed with the food, and Mexican staff play to that heritage.

            Chivas is a Mexican brand, so it’s a similar situation.

            If that’s not good enough, make Spanish language a desired job skill. Justification? Community outreach to Spanish-speaking neighborhoods in southern California. As long as they really do that, I would see no legal problem. (And yes, lots of non-Mexican Spanish speakers would have that skill, but demographics suggest Mexicans and Mexican Americans would be the most represented.)

            In any case, those shouting about illegal practices need to learn more about the law. There are any number of situations where organizations can extend preferencial hiring practices to people from, or with family from, a certain country.

            • BamaMan says:

              The problem is that Chivas has announced the policy. It sounds like a flagrant violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. You cannot after the fact claim that such discrimination is based on another criteria, like fluency in Spanish because the prior statement clearly demonstrates the criteria was merely a pretext for discrimination. MLS legal should have been much more outspoken about this and prevented it from happening. Because MLS has a single entity structure, the whole front office could be liable.

              To review, Chivas USA featuring an almost exclusively Mexican squad does not equal discrimination. Chivas USA announcing they want to limit their squad to Mexicans, then doing so, equals a violation of the ’64 Civil Rights Act.

    • hc says:

      I’ve wondered about the wisdom of that policy as well. MLS seems conscious of trying to avoid offending too many people. From a marketing perspective that seems smart. Why allow a team to have a policy that is going to divide the fan base over something other than the team itself?

      I think MLS got it right when Houston changed its name from from 1836 to Dynamo. The name offended some hispanic fans. If I remember right it was around 10% of the survey responded that they were offended by the name. Even with the vast majority not being offended by the name, combined with the fact that a majority liked 1836, the name was still changed. While I liked the name 1836 I understand the marketing reasons why the name was changed. It is just a dumb idea to needlessly offend fans.

      With that in mind it really surprises me that MLS is allowing a team to have a hiring practice that even if it was legal (I don’t know) would surely put any company in a really bad public light.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        I disagree, 1836 was picked by a 20% plurality of fans in a divided vote. To most average fans it was Euro-trash groan inducing in the manner of Sporting KC. To a set of hispanics, some of whose support was going to be necessary to sell tickets and get a stadium done eventually, it was seen as offensive. In that context, I would agree that in a one team city it would have been foolish to write off part of the fanbase to defend a lousy name.

        I would say that LA is different in the sense thatit is a two team city and to attract fans away from the Galaxy you have to offer something different. A different brand, different players, a challenge on the field, something. The problem I see with Chivas is not so much tilting hispanic, which they did even in the somewhat successful Bradley/Preki years where the failure talk wasn’t there, as that a completely homogenized team as the brand suggests is practically impossible under the cap/roster rules. They could be a little bit hispanic versus the Galaxy to differentiate, but if that results in a bad team then no one cares. Mexican players of note will often be too expensive or have no interest in taking this detour. Going puro hispanic might mean passing up on better available players. etc.

        Just like TFC struggled when it tried to be a 433 Dutch island unto itself, trying to remake the MLS wheel, I think Chivas tends to run aground when it starts on one of these purity campaigns, Mexico, hispanic, So-Cal.

      • Gerald says:

        You realize that Dan Kennedy has been named captain of Chivas USA. Kennedy speaks spanish but he is not hispanic

    • solles says:

      Sorry to be a pedant, but ti wouldn’t be racism as “hispanic” is not a race. Bigoted? Myopic? If they can make it work, power to them I suppose, but they’ve been down that road before and it was a disaster.

  6. Freddie Footbaler says:

    What changes are coming to the USA team following loss to Honduras (in preparation of games vs. CR and Mexico)?

    Chances that Beasley gets called in for those games?

    Do you agree that the US midfield is lacking width and that that is the main problem with our current team? How do we address that? Beasley? Shea? Gatt? Donovan?

    Chances Donovan returns to the USMNT fold?

  7. djs says:

    How likely do you think are the chances JK calls Beasley in for the March qualys? Will both Shea and Beasley get calls, or do you think they’re in direct competition for one left winger spot?

    • Jeff says:

      Ives, I would like some insight on Beasley’s future with the USMNT also and even if there is a return to MLS in his future if you have some.

  8. Jon says:

    Any recommendations for setting up a trip to Brazil next year?

    • Freddie Footbaler says:

      +1 I’ve been planning a trip for a little while now so it’d be good to get Ives’ recommendations. Seems like hotel accommodations not accepting reservations until 6-12 months out.

    • beachbum says:

      interested in any insights to this question too. We’re planning on going, that is if the USA qualifies of course

    • Adam M. says:

      Get your visa now if you are seriously considering going because it will still be good in 2014 and you won’t have to fight the last minute crowds at the embassy. Pick a base and stay there rather than following a team around. Most venues will host games from multiple groups, so sticking to one spot the first two weeks will give you a good cross-section of teams. Flying within Brasil will be difficult, particularly during the group stages, and driving or bussing between cities is not ideal. If you aren’t going to be in Sao Paulo or Rio, avoid their airports. If you can’t fly direct from the US to the other Brasilian city, fly direct to a different South American country and try to connect from there to the other Brasilian city. If you want to see Sao Paulo or Rio only for non-soccer reasons, wait until the group stage is over.

  9. Drew says:

    If you were calling the shots in Philly what would you do about the Freddy Adu situation?

    Also, thoughts on Demerit being called back with the USMNT? Still think he was our best CB until Klinsmann took over.

    • Anatoly_M says:

      Ives, what do you think Freddy Adu should do, ideally. And where do you think he will end up realistically.

      • PD says:

        as someone who has been rooting for him for a long time, it begins with playing regularly. He’s got to show it consistently on the field and he hasn’t really done that.

    • fischy says:

      Seriously. What’s going on with DeMerit? Would he accept an invite?

      And, how soon until we can replace Klinsmann?

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I was a Demerit fan too back in the day, and I never understood his pastur-ization (being sent to pasture). I know he had the eye thing but he recovered. He could have been helpful in these initial stages.

      However, since age is the root of many of our backline problems already, it won’t be solved by another 33 y/o CB. Klinsi still has time to adjust but he’s been kind of oblivious to the ageing of the squad, Landon, Boca, Dolo. The first in particular I don’t blame him for running with initially, who knew Landon would break down this fast. But Boca was 30+ when the cycle began as was Dolo. It’s not quite as bad as showing up to Germany relying on Reyna and Lewis but it’s just as problematic. One finesses the age of their player pool at their peril.

  10. Chris says:

    Who is needed more to there respective group: Donovan to the USMNT or Daryl on the Walking Dead? I am devastated by both.

  11. downintexas says:

    Thanks Ives for all your hard work!!

    I’ve noticed that tends to copy your format/style what ever you call it. Do you take that as a huge complement or does it annoy you a bit?

  12. Scuba Steve says:

    What do you see in your crystal ball for the Le Toux/Casey partnership?

  13. HardCorey says:

    With Bocanegra out, Tim Howard holds the Captain’s armband. Do you foresee him holding it through the qualifiers and potentially the World Cup or will Michael Bradley take up the call?

  14. Stephen says:

    Thoughts on the Cosmos acquisitions so far? Seems like they’re building a fringe-MLS-quality side… does that translate into NASL powerhouse?

  15. shane says:

    In a New York Times article on Stu Holden’s recovery, it was stated that he had microfracture surgery on his knee. Past pro athletes who have had this type of surgery are often never the same, even if they can manage to play professionally again. Do you know if Stu had microfracture surgery, that NYT article is the only place where I have ever read that he did.

    • ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

      A lot of the problems with microfracture surgery is that because there is so little pain associated with it, a lot of athletes shirk on their rehab because they think everything is A-ok just because their knee isn’t sore. I don’t think this is a problem with Holden. That dude seems more motivated with his rehab than anyone in this history of sports.

    • Dan M says:

      I understand your point and often wonder why Ives and USMNT fans talk about him so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but he is just one minor knock away from more problems and that makes it very unlikely that he will be worth a roster spot if the US did qualify for Brasil.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        I would like to see him come back but some of his supports overlook the fact that he has injury history dating back to his stint with Sunderland. Yes, he was in England before he was a Dynamo, had a facial and leg injury (separately), didn’t emerge from their reserves, came back here, re-booted. Now he’s rebooting at Bolton after a couple leg injuries plus some setbacks (and maybe microfracture). One hopes this is just a hurdle to clear but with his history the John O’Brien path is also possible.

        I know players like Beasley still get undercut but I still think his get it give it limited touch style when deployed centrally makes him a tackling target. He’s not a stoutly built type. I’ve always felt he was more of a winger and think he might gain some longevity going out there.

      • solles says:

        At least he’s not had identical recurring injuries, he gets hurt because he throws himself into everything like a banshee… makes him a hero, it also gets him hurt alot.

    • TomG says:

      MF surgery results have been mixed but lots of guys have made full recoveries: JKidd, Amare, Stockton, etc. many guys wind up needing another MF surgery after a few years though, even if it is 100% successful.

  16. Modibo says:

    Now that Becks has taken the circus to Paris, what are his prospects for MLS ownership or further involvement? Is he just chasing short-term gain with PSG, or is he looking to latch leech-like to the lucre-bloated body of a Gulf sheik?

    • shane says:

      I was wondering the same thing. Is his goal to get Qatari financial backing for his future MLS team

    • bryan says:

      i believe this information is readily available. it was my understanding that once he retires, which will likely be after this season (maybe next), he will start working out MLS ownership. there have been reports he has been involved in efforts for teams in NY and Miami. but apparently there is a stipulation he can’t own a NY club. i’ve also seen reports that he’ll take a stake in LA.

      either way, he has publicly stated he intends to return to the US after he retires to take advantage of the ownership option. it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

      • Modibo says:

        I’ve also heard the reports you mentioned concerning Miami and NY. However, public statements are one thing. Action is another.
        He, or his handlers, said his deal with the Galaxy was worth $250 million. More like $32.5.
        Recently, Beckham said that he was looking for (paraphrase) “one last challenge on the football pitch.”
        Then going to Paris he said this:
        “I don’t know if this will be my last contract,” (quoted in the BBC link to
        Hence the questions about what he’s doing.

        • bryan says:

          i certainly see what you are saying, but i guess i commented because i doubt SBI has any further insight than what is already out there (at the moment). i still think it’s guaranteed he becomes an owner, in some capacity, of an MLS team.

      • solles says:

        He’s said he’s interested in Galaxy ownership has he not?

  17. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Is there any way to “fix” the national team right now? The Klinsmann experiment isn’t producing results, and Klinsmann’s tactical acumen (or lack thereof) seems to be exposed pretty regularly. Seriously, who plays central midfielders out wide? We don’t have many wing options, but surely Gatt would be a better wide option than Jones, Sacha, or Torres. Our defense is a mess, our lineup has no stability, and our central midfield pairing has no cohesiveness nor creativity. The one player who looked like a creative force against Canada, Benny Feilhaber, doesn’t get a callup to the Honduras game because “he needs to establish himself more on the club level.” When will pragmatism take over and force Klinsmann to drop the “always start, always score, always be awesome 100% of the time for your club” stance, when there are players who might be able to contribute to the Nats despite Klinsmann’s judgments about their club play? Lahm publicly lambasted Jurgen for his lack of tactical know how, and I’m starting to wonder myself if Klinsmann wouldn’t be better off as a technical director rather than a head coach.

  18. Tony in Quakeland says:

    What is the chance that US SOccer forces a face saving change on Klinsmann and makes him hire a tactical assistant coach like Renya or Ramos? (Having a tactical assistant was CLEARLY behind his success in Germany.)

    • beto says:

      +1, love Jurgen but he seems to be missing something during the game management. also one huge plus to him hast to be his ability to motivate and develop coaching prospects as well as players. If his buddy Martin Vasquez is the only assistant coach that gets to work with him, id say thats a loss for USSF. Bring in Ramos, Renya, Porter, Kreis, Zigi or someone else as an assistant for a bit..

    • solles says:

      Low is looking better and better all the time isn’t he?

    • GW says:

      “(Having a tactical assistant was CLEARLY behind his success in Germany.)”

      No it wasn’t.

      He had a group of players who were a lot more talented.

      Better players almost always makes you a better manager.

    • chris_thebassplayer says:


  19. DasDude says:

    Do you think Klinnsman changes his formation to better adapt to his players or does he stick to what he has.

    Do you think Juan Aguadelo would make a good CAM since he is a pretty good passer and has solid technical ability.

  20. rs says:

    Any idea why the coaching staff left off the Mex-based players for the Honduras game?

    They were match fit and some of their matches in Mexico have a similar climate to San Pedro Sula. Certainly Gomez was a head scratcher, but Torres could have been useful in the midfield or as a 2nd half sub.

  21. Michael says:

    Why do you think that the USWNT has been able to capture their target market better than the USMNT?

  22. HardCorey says:

    Northwest guy here. Which home venue is more difficult to play in for visiting teams, Jeld Wen Field (Portland) or Century Link Field (Seattle)?

    • Jack says:

      I think Century Link because the place is so big and even though fans are not right on top of you like at Jeld Wen, it still must be a crazy environment.

  23. shane says:

    Is Robbie Rogers returning to MLS?

  24. beachbum says:

    what are the odds Donovan will return to LAGalaxy in time for their Champions League match March 7? If so, do you think that would mean he’d be in for the March 22 USA quali vs. Costa Rica?

  25. Nate Dollars says:

    old school q&a time? sweet!

    hey old school, how old are really? thanks again!

  26. Nick says:

    When Klinsmann first took over, he was all about players not having names on their jerseys and the numbers being 1-11. All of a sudden this changed and they were back to having names even for friendlies. When did this change and is there any insight to why this came to be? I’ve been wondering this for the longest time. Thank you very much.

    • Lake says:

      +1. Seems like he was going for team first and then just dropped all that all the sudden.

    • Bobb says:

      Because Klinsmann says a lot of s*** and people treat it like it’s a big deal because he’s famous and European, but it doesn’t mean jack. He was also going to play attractive attacking soccer and instead we get three DMs and sometimes 4 with a DM played at RM.
      He is a politician. Stop falling for it and learn to ignore the s*** coming out of his mouth.

  27. Anatoly_M says:

    I shared the desire for Klinsmann to replace BB, for all those reason rehashed so many times.

    While I don’t think that letting BB go was a mistake, I have no idea what Klinsmann is doing. There is no perceived movement in any direction.

    If you were a God, who would you get as an ideal coach for USMNT (after 2014, now, whenever)? Not the most famous, but the best match.

  28. Benny Dargle says:

    Any whispers from the player-agent or MLS front office exec crowd about how the introduction of Financial Fair Play in Europe and the EPL’s possible introduction of either FFP-like rules or even a salary growth cap rule could affect player movement? On the in-bound side, it seems like it would make the relative bargains of American players more attractive, but it could also force them to push ever harder on expanding youth development to reduce the need to pay high transfer fees. On the out-bound side, it might make the MLS Designated Player exception even more attractive for the older mid-level EPL player.

  29. Todd says:

    Ives, I have a question/comment that has been on my mind for quite some time that maybe you can help me with. During this offseason, I have noticed that amount of young talent, as well as star talent (Beckham, possibly LD) leaving MLS. Although I I cannot fault players for wanting better competition and/or a higher salary, what has been problematic to me is the fact that MLS has no player to market to the general public. What is going on with the MLS marketing machine, or US Soccer for that matter? Is it due to a lack of money, laziness, incompetence, etc… Is it the fact that there are just not good enough talented Americans to market to the general public? I have a feeling that TV ratings for MLS will decline this season simply because there is no star power in the league. Do you think people will turn on their TV’s to watch Chris Wonodlowski play, or Graham Zusi? The fact of the matter is, no one knows who they are (mainstream American sport fans), nor do they care, and I solely place the blame on the US Soccer marketing machine. Are you able to shed some light on how US Soccer and MLS are investigating ways to improve their marketing techinques? I just see a regression of sorts TV-wise, and maybe development wise. I think this has a trickle down effect to the USMNT (which I think will not qualify for Brazil). Where should the blame be pointed? Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments/questions.

    • Alex says:

      I think there is still plenty of talent in MLS. Graham Zusi, Darlington Nagbe and Juan Augadelo are three names that come to mind immediately.

      Plus, American talent abroad should be seen as a positive for the league and US Soccer. The MLS is getting better across the board and leagues around the world are taking notice.

  30. Ron says:

    What do you think about the Montreal Impact getting rid of all their American coaches and stating they want to distance themselves from American soccer influence? What does that mean for their current American players, especially Andrew Wenger?

    • MikeG says:

      Maybe they want opportunities for Canadians to develop in the coaching ranks. I can see wanting to move away from the American soccer influence. I believe they want a coach from a different foundation. Maybe they are tired of only crossing into the box?

  31. BFBS says:

    John Anthony Brooks: (i) do you know where he stands on his national team preference? (ii) assuming he is still willing to represent the United States, could/should he called up for this qualifying cycle? Thank you very much

  32. Bill says:

    Any idea why Reyna turned down the RBNY assistant position? Any idea why PSousa couldn’t get a work permit?

  33. Rory says:

    If Klinsy were to retire this week, who would the US Soccer Federation pick to replace him, who would you pick if you were in charge and Klinsy left?

  34. David says:

    What’s your best guess at a Gold Cup roster? When is CONCACAF going to set the groups and schedule?

  35. AC says:

    Can you see JK finally bringing in Beasley to add some wing help?

  36. Old School says:

    Do you see Omar Gonzalez moving abroad before the 2014 World Cup?

  37. AC says:

    Beasley has been mentioned as help for the USMNT, also Shea. What do you think of Christ Pontius’s chances of being called in if he replicates/improves upon what he did last season?

  38. Todd says:


    To me Jones and Williams have similar skill sets, albeit in different stages of development. When they are played together Williams is pushed to an outside mid, which clearly looks uncomfortable to him and her appears lacking. I know Klinsi loves Jone’s work rate, experience and bite but I would imagine he is a little leery about his propensity for cards, inconsistent play and losing possession in bad positions.

    Also I think Klinsi playing the future back four in Honduras didn’t hurt our chances of qualifying as much as many other have lamented.

    So my question for you what do you think about Klinsi dropping Jones…allowing Williams and Bradley to work their magic, in the middle. I know this will move away from the 4-3-3 but it just doesn’t seem to fit our players. The 3 man midfield model option doesn’t work if those three don’t have some offensive skills as well. Please don’t get me wrong when Jones is on, he is great but that seems to be 1 game in 4. Stu Holden…if able to regain fitness and stay healthy could be the third player. Stu isn’t ready yet so let’s just keep the conversation to the players in the immediate pool.

    I do realize that Klinsi will not drop Jones but what are your thoughts. Is the US midfield stronger by subtraction.

  39. Steve says:

    How do you see the LA Galaxy’s season starting off (Donovan nowhere to be found/Zardes injury/Villarreal away with YNT duty/Lampard will he-won’t he)?
    How do you see it panning out in general?

    • Gnarls says:

      Great questions. I’d like also like Ives’ perspective on LA.

      More on the Lampard angle, are we beating a dead horse? Has his recent run of form seal the deal for a Chelsea return? If so, any other potential DP targets out there?

  40. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Can you shed some light on the “awaiting moderation” mechanism? It seems completely random. Is it aglich, or is there something we are doing that unwittingly triggers it? It is very frustrting and there have been lots of comments.

    • Tony in Quakeland says:

      FOr example, my rpeivous question about Klinsmann is awaiting moderation, but this went right on the board….?

      • A.S. says:

        I get “awaiting moderation” from my work computer but not from mobile phone or home, so I thought it was some IP address spam filter.

        • Tony in Quakeland says:

          Both my posts were from the same computer within moments of each other. One is awaiting moderation. so can’t be that

  41. dan says:

    What will it take, if ever, to make Klinsmann open his eyes to the fact that we are playing 3 defensive midfielders and have absolutely not attacking creativity.

  42. NewtonH says:

    Why doesn’t the USMNT schedule any friendlies against African national teams, especially considering that the last two World Cups, the USMNT has been eliminated by an African nation (Ghana)? I understand that logistics are a problem, but surely, the USMNT could find a venue in Europe to host a game.

  43. Henry says:

    Will you be holding another fantasy league this year?

  44. Nick says:

    What happened with Fox Soccer? I felt you were one of the more well read columnists there.

    • THomas says:

      Let me handle this one Ives. Fox Soccer is a sinking ship. Combine that with the popularity and growth of this site, the decision made itself.

  45. josh says:

    So this question has been circled around already, but I have my own version of it… How married to Klinnsman is USSF? Clearly they have made a huge investment in him, both financially and philosophically, but at what point would they pull the plug? I don’t mean to sound like chicken little, and I wouldn’t call our current state a crisis, but we are now in games that count, and we seem weaker than at any point in the last 10 years. Not necessarily from a results standpoint, because we clearly have a record of some impressive friendly wins, but Scotland aside, does anybody that has watched us play feel like we are better or even as good as we were a few years ago?

    So, do we ride the JK ship all the way to not qualifying for WC2014 if it comes to that, or do we pull out at a certain point of danger?

    • Adi from Oregon says:

      Many comments are critical of Klinsmann which I think is very premature and misdirected. For example, against Honduras he was not responsible that the forward players only scored once. Also, he was not responsible that the US defense allowed 1 easy goal (over-head score) and 1 goal when the goalie & defenders screwed-up royally. Yes, he could have played a more offensive Hercules or a possible more defensive Boca (but also very slow). So let’s face it, the Central America competition is a lot better, especially in the second round, and we don’t have world class players YET. CONSEQUENTLY, there is no magic coach, style, players and/or formation to ensure instant results. It will take more US development and dedicated commitment to reach the highest levels of the greatest and most difficult world of soccer!!

  46. Bill says:

    Question about transfer fees. Does the player receive any of the transfer fee or does the selling club keep it all?

  47. PD says:

    is all this talk about axing JK premature, or is it a matter of expedeiency to consider it now rather than later?

    • Hogatroge says:

      You don’t need to be Ives to answer this one.

      The only way JK gets axed before the 2014 WC is by failure to qualify or a major scandal. Period.

  48. Dan M says:

    Ives, do you expect to see Gatt, Shea, or Gyau out there on the pitch for the March qualifiers? If not, what hope does the USA have for getting behind Concacaf defenses on counter attacks? I think that our play of late has been predictable and non-threatening.

  49. Let me be Frank says:

    Ives, I want to know your opinion on Terrance Boyd. There has a large group on here lately clamoring for him to get a start in the Hex. I personally think he’s too young and inexperienced, and I don’t believe his performances with the Nats have been that great. Although I do think he will be a huge factor on the USMNT in the future. I wouldn’t mind seeing him called up for the WCQ, but I think a start is a little extreme. Can we put the Boyd love on hold for a little bit? Thoughts?

    • Hogatroge says:

      Boyd’s got a game-winning assist against Mexico and game-tying assist against Russia in his last 3 (double check that #) appearances. No matter how Jozy’s form has been in Holland, he hasn’t assisted or scored since last February.

      Why leave Boyd home again?

      • Ives Galarcep says:

        What Altidore has or hasn’t done has nothing to do with Boyd. Both can be called in and you’re not calling in Boyd ahead of Altidore. Boyd did have a nice back-heel against Mexico, but did not touch the ball that led to Diskerud’s winner (feel free to watch the replay). Boyd’s time will come, but trying to make it an either/or thing between him and Altidore is misguided.

  50. leftcoastmetro says:

    Ives, as a Red Bull fan here, my heart is overjoyed by Petke’s hiring, while my brain is convinced he’s been put into an impossible situation for a new coach (crazy expectations, big egos, etcetera). Which vital organ of mine do you most agree with?

  51. Tarheelfan says:

    Everyone has different opinions of European leagues. For example, people seem to love the technical/tactical aspect of The Netherlands, but at the same time hate on it saying that its too easy to score there. What are your opinions/views on the top leagues of Europe? Do americans in general seem to fit in some leagues better than others?

  52. wandmdave says:

    Why do you think Klinnsman is married to fielding so many defensive or box to box style mids every game? Is it cover for our transitioning D line, he doesn’t think the talent any offensive mids have enough talent or experience yet, poor personnel choices, some mixture of them all?

    • wandmdave says:

      On a different vein how do you view MLS’s timetable to be a top league? Are they underestimating how long it will take? When do you see MLS becoming a destination league if ever.

  53. marky mark says:

    Is hodgson’s warning to lampard not to go to MLS a slap at the leauge or is just the matter of distances. Could we see a backline of chandler/castillo at lb, boca and gonzo centerbacks and cameron at rightback with johnson or possibly chandler being pushed up as wide mid?

  54. Josh D says:

    Who do we need to send petitions to in order to see Sunil’s backside?

    What do you think of DC’s roster thus far? I’m very disappointed. After our best finish in years, we seem to be regressing again. Najar gone, depending on a teenager from Brazil as our striker (or worse, Pajoy) – are the defensive players good enough to step in?

    Any news on the DC stadium front?

    Any word why Mix was left out of the Canada game? Was it merely to encourage him?

    Thoughts on Bobby Wood and his recovery? One of the stories of 2012.

    Any news why Gatt didn’t make his rumored move this winter?

    Of all the World Cup teams since 1990, which starting XI was the best?

    It’s funny to think how many of our players trained with world class teams as youths (Casey at Dortmund, Cooper at Man United). What is your favorite what-if youth player?

  55. Steve says:

    What happens to Adu? Any news? Your speculation?
    What would be the ideal situation/club for him?

  56. Steve says:

    Any news on Robbie Rogers?

  57. Adam M. says:

    MLS held that big marketing event in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens with Garber, hundreds of fans, a bunch of community leaders, free t-shirts and balls and empanadas, nice pictures of where they’d like to put a stadium, and a promise not to screw up the park. They still seem to be missing a team, some owners, and approval for a stadium though. How close are we to MLS2 really? Are the Cosmos an option or the competition?

  58. A.S. says:

    Loved your post on the USMNT midfield the other day. If Holden were able to comeback to the level of play he had pre-injury, how would that affect your analysis? Could you see homing the center ahead of a Jones/Bradley defensive duo?

  59. Other James says:

    Hopefully you make it this far in questions…

    As a journalist, how difficult is it to balance criticism of a player, club, etc, while maintaining a working relationship? Do people end up holding grudges often?

  60. Charlie says:

    How do you think the Red Bulls will do this year? do you see Mike as the answer or will he be another name in along list of coaches.

  61. Johninatl says:

    Why does UEFA not sell the seats to CL matches in the first two-three rows? Seems that if the domestic leagues can sell them, why not UEFA? Looks bad on TV for the worldwide audience, suggests trouble is imminent.

  62. The Superfluous Title says:

    How does the loss of Dike change things for Porter in Portland? Is there new (old) player capable of filling the boots?

  63. Peaton says:

    Tim Cahill on Bonuses and the lack of competitiveness in MLS games due to the wide-open playoff format. Reaction? Ideas for reform? I know we won’t have single-table promotion relegation, but is there a way to be better than other American sports in this regard?

  64. Brett says:

    Complete hypothetical here – assuming our entire player pool was healthy (and in one specific case, not on sabbatical) what is, in your opinion, the best formation/starting XI the US could throw out on the field?

  65. Leslie Nielsen says:

    If Bob Bradley gets Egypt to the World Cup, will he get a head coach/manager in a top league?

    • Paul says:

      Along similar lines, who do you think will end up having the better post national team career, Bradley or Klinsmann? Does Klinsmann have any ambitions beyond his current employment?

  66. Dainja says:

    Have you heard the latest Sean Price album “Mic Tyson”? Pretty dope.. and speaking of Sean P, who’s your favorite rapper from the Duck Down/Boot Camp Click fam??

  67. Bob says:

    Do you think fans of the USMNT expect too much from the team? Would you agree or disagree with the statement that the USMNT has been punching above their weight class since the 2002 World Cup?

  68. Cairo says:

    We sometimes hear about foreign MLS players who might someday be eligible for the USMNT– Alonso, Le Toux, Zakuani, Collin, etc. Imagine it’s possible for a moment–which of these guys would most help the current USMNT and why?

    • Bobb says:

      Alonso… Klinsmann always needs more defensive midfielders!

    • One Love says:

      I humbly submit that you are over rating Le Toux by a quite a large margin. Seattle, Vancouver, New York (and Philly once) all said “happy trails”. While I think he is a good MLS player. That is definitely not National Team material.

  69. Brain Guy says:

    (1) What is your honest assessment if Klinsmann’s performance so far?

    (2) What, if anything, could/should get Klinsmann replaced before the conclusion of the Hexagonal?

    (3) Do you have any inside information on what’s changed at RBNY? Was the hiring of Petke simply thrust upon them because of Sousa’s visa issues, or have they truly changed course and realized the value of American coaches with MLS knowledge? And do their roster decisions in the offseason point to a shift in philosophy toward a bigger role for American players, and young players? Do these developments point to “winners” and “losers” in the front office?

  70. The Imperative Voice says:

    Where do you see Alfredo Morales and/or Joe Gyau ending up? Couple of interesting Germany-based players not getting a lot of time who based on talent could be helpful to the senior team if they could find a home and form……

  71. BUD says:


    Of the current player pool available (not counting Donovan until we hear something), who is your starting XI? Not who you think JK might start, but your opinion? What formation, which players? Go!

  72. fifawitz1313 says:

    What do you think about Klinsy calling in the A-Team for the Gold Cup? I know it is traditionally for fringe players, but it seems our A-Team lacks cohesion due to so many new faces and so few games together. Wouldn’t the Gold Cup provide an opportunity for the team to gel, get momentum, and gain confidence? Isn’t this what Mexico did in the 2009 Gold Cup?

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      That would strike me as foolishly doubling down on many players who are frustrating, too old, or both. I think it needs to be a B team event where players like Boyd and Corona and Lichaj and such get an extended camp and plenty of games to show that they are better than what JK reflexively runs out.

      I mean, at some point calling and recalling players like Sacha on some sort of gelling theory is like taping the kick me sign to yourself. I think he justifies it by certain people being tested — no matter what they’ve done with it — and others not being as tried. You can defend this a little bit in terms of quali games being no joke, but then when you get a more “friendly” window to try other players, you can’t waste it on recalling the usual suspects otherwise there is no room to integrate the new generation.

      If the results were there I might defend team building but there are a lot of frightening results in recent qualis, barely winning at Antigua, loss at Jamaica, loss at Honduras, etc. Does the current run of form seem to you to be a justification for incumbency? To the contrary I see a rather tepid run of form with some interesting players on the margins with limited cap histories.

      But, like I said, it needs to be a B camp (Jozy, Boyd, Corona, Mixx, Shea, Agudelo, Morales, Gatt, Gyau), not a camp cupcake C gathering. If they call in people like Evans or Wondo it’s a waste of time and they might as well call in the A to work out any kinks they can find. But IMO the A team problems have to do with formation and selection, not the need for more practice time together.

      • Fifawitz1313 says:

        While I normally would agree with you, JK seems to be incredibly stubborn about his player selections. As such, I don’t see any of those young players you mentioned forcing JK to add them to the starting line up based on their GC performances. If he has already decided on his best 23 wouldn’t it make sense to get that group as much time together as possible? Isn’t this what Mexico did in 2009 while they were still struggling? It seemed like the Mexican team rode the momentum of their GC victory into the final stages of qualifying and rode it even further into the WC.

        I also think JK (still being a relatively inexperienced coach) could use the extra practice coaching his preferred group of players.

    • bryan says:

      not a chance. the A team will focus on qualifiers. players on the fringe of the A team will be in the gold cup with some veterans. some names off the top of my head that’ll likely be in the gold cup (as it stands today):

      lichaj, gatt, gyau, boyd, agudelo, besler, mix, corona, morales, ream, spector, goodson, beasley, kitchen, pontius, beckerman, davis, evans, s. johnson, hamid, bedoya, feilhaber, adu, etc.

      shea, kljestan, and torres i can’t even speculate on because those three could go either way.

  73. Brian says:

    Assuming Freddy Adu moves (via trade or contract buyout & re-signing), where’s the best fit for him?

  74. KeriS says:

    As a Red Bulls fan, I was wondering if you’ve heard anything regarding Luke Rodgers trying to come back to NY. Does he still want to, does the new management even want him, or does Homeland intend to never let him back in? Thanks.

    • Adam M. says:

      As for any decision out of Homeland, it appears that will be up to Saul. Carrie might have a say if Saul gives her a pass given what happened, but that remains to be seen. Pretty sure we won’t see Brody back in uniform, but he might get capped.

  75. g? says:

    As the only person choosing to watch Dortmund over Mourinho, why do you think the Bundesliga isn’t more popular? Better fans, and more goals than every league besides the Eredivisie…

  76. Marc Silverstein says:

    do you take the under/over on the Cosmos lasting 3 years at Hofstra?

  77. Redbird says:

    Wondering about the new MLS USL partnership. Are the loans session long or can you send players back and forth like a triple A affiliate?

  78. Creige says:

    Do you see Lampard joing the Galaxy in the next transfer window? What do you think his impact will be on the Galaxy’s performance and on MLS in general?

  79. TADevil says:

    Neither are with ESPN anymore, but during the Erin Andrews vs Michelle Beadle debate who would you have taken, Andrews or Beadle??

  80. Roman Lewandowski says:

    Will the Southeast (not including Florida) get a MLS team in the moderately near future? What holds back cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, Nashville, Atlanta?

    A personal anecdote, in case anyone cares: I didn’t care about MLS at all before I left the Southeast. Then I briefly lived near a MLS team and got hooked. I moved back to the Southeast and now support a team I can’t watch live. My soccer friends still don’t follow the league. Ives, do you think it’s too big of a region (in terms of both geography and population) for MLS to continue to ignore?

  81. MikeG says:

    Is Holden damaged goods?

  82. Jack says:

    How are you feeling about the U-20 team that Tab Ramos put out? Do you think they can qualify, and if so how far do you think they will go?

  83. jay nt says:

    what, if anything, do you think MLS teams need to do to improve scouting in africa? watching the cup of nations had me thinking about the talent in that part of the world right now

  84. Original Aaron says:

    Ives- I live in Mexico City, and go to a decent number of FMF matches. I’d be interested in working on your new “Americans in Mexico” feature- please shoot me an email to discuss.

    Question for SBI: What’s next for Bornstein? He’s gotten no love since he went to Tigres, and has been listed for transfer the past 2 offseasons, but nothing has happened. I know he is much-maligned on these boards, but I think the guy has shown himself to be a solid player, and could make an impact on a number of MLS teams. Have you heard anything about any MLS teams trying to work out a deal to bring him home?

  85. Travis in Miami says:

    Why don’t you include Fox Soccer on your links for Top Soccer New Sites? is there a story?

  86. Zaggy says:

    Early favorite for MLS Newcomer of the year?

  87. JP says:

    Hi Ives,

    Since Donovan is missing from the Galaxy lineup for at least the first month or two of the season. What are the chances that the Galaxy beat Herediano and move onto the Semifinals in the Champions League?

  88. MikeG says:

    Why are we seeing a return to the 80’s with all these solid color and fluorescent soccer cleats? I miss the old school black kangaroo leather cleats.

  89. Tom in Manizales says:

    What are you hearing about stadium projects in DC and New England? Any realistic economics, (downtown) locations, reasonable timeframes? How about the competing NY stadia and teams/ownership groups/developers?

  90. jp992751 says:

    It is obvious the USMNT has some defensive issues along the entire backline but CD seems to be the glaring problem. A name I haven’t heard in a long time but wouldn’t mind seeing back in the group is Jay Demerit! What are the chances he gets a call in and what are your thoughts on how he would help the team?

  91. TomG says:

    JK is supposed to be a fitness guru yet USA seems to have less energy and endurance than ive ever seen from a USMNT. Before he arrived, I can’t think of a single game where USA has been run off the field yet I can name at least 3 off the top of my head in the last year. Is there any explanation why this keeps happening when it had never occurred before Klinsi? Am I not remembering correctly? Has USA had issues with fitness with Bob or Bruce? I don’t remember anything of the sort.

    • White Kix says:

      I’ve seen the same problem. Klinsmann said we weren’t fit enough before, but under him, is the first time the US has looked more tired than their opponents.

      On top of that, he keeps talking about motivation, even bringing motivational speakers into camp, yet this team looks so unmotivated on teh field it is hard to watch. on top of that, he can’t even motivate his best player to play on his team.

  92. boosted335 says:

    April Fools

  93. Dino1er says:

    Do you see Jonny B coming back to Chivas USA.

  94. Brett says:

    Any chance we see anyone from the Revolution on the Gold Cup roster? I know the last few years haven’t been pretty but there is some talent on the squad (Nguyen, Soares, Alston, Farrell). Is JK just going to ignore them like he did Benny until they move to another team…

  95. THomas says:

    The possibility of unperceived existence…

    If a question is asked in a comment section and no one is around to answer it, was it ever really a question?

  96. Andy Creach says:


    Three part question:
    -How corrupt were the decisions to go with Russia and Qatar?
    -What are the chances that the details of this corruption ever get exposed?
    -Would that change the decision to have the Cup in these countries?

  97. Adam M. says:

    Gus Johnson: I thought he was fantastic calling the ManU-Madrid game and see a bright future for him calling soccer. Agree?