Road to Brazil: USMNT begins CONCACAF Hexagonal

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36 Responses to Road to Brazil: USMNT begins CONCACAF Hexagonal

  1. Al_OC says:

    5:48 – 5:58 is the best moment of the video

  2. Jon says:

    Any idea on any good sites that will have a live stream?

  3. William the Terror says:

    The training scenes remind me once again of why we will never have a world-class football culture in this country. I mean, look at that field. Not one of our stadiums has a chain-link fence around the playing field topped with rusty barbed wire. Until we have these sort of amenities, we are destined to dwell in the second tier of soccer nations.

  4. alabamafutbol says:

    ^^^ 2 dimes hahah

  5. Raymon says:

    Looks like Geoff has reached his fighting weight

  6. jidax says:

    I will be streaming from my desk at work as well, Its the US playing .. My boss will understand right !!! lol

  7. Eric says:

    In case it matters–Grant Wahl at SI tweeted that he’s being told down in Honduras that his Starting XI prediction is the actual starting XI: Howard, Chandler, Cameron, Boca, F. Johnson, Williams, Bradley, Jones, Zusi, Dempsey, Gomez.

    • bryan says:

      basically what we all assumed. the good ol’ Mourinho “trivote”.

    • Spencer says:

      Would sure like to have Jozy starting, not sure how you keep someone out who is doing so good. I understand Klinsmann really doesn’t like him, but its not his fault that he doesn’t get any service.

      • whoop-whoop says:

        First blush, bums me out that he wouldn’t get the start, buuuuuut, first game, on the road, tough opponent, tough environment, lots of new faces…. not a bad strategy. This is a solid lineup to ride out the initial storm. Let them blow their load, quiet the stadium… once softened up bring in Jozy to nail down the 3 pts. Depending on score, think we’ll see JA at the 60th minute. Sounds good on paper.

        • Nate Dollars says:

          it does sound okay on paper, but i think herc offers much more as a supersub than jozy does. much rather have his poacher’s touch and fresh legs at the end of the game than jozy.

    • David M says:

      If that’s indeed the starting lineup, we’re screwed. Means that Klinsmann is playing for a 0-0.

    • Steve says:

      Sounds like a Christmas Tree?


      • Steve says:

        When the US is in possession would probably play more like


        If true, sounds like our fullbacks will be bearing the brunt of the width assignment.

      • Eric says:

        I’m imagining more like a 4-2-3-1, w/ Jones and Williams as the holding midfielders and Bradley between Dempsey and Zusi with Gomez up top. Basically what you have but with Bradley in a more advanced role.

        • Steve says:

          I could see that happening too. A more popular international away formation as well. The only thing that gives me pause is I don’t recall Williams and Jones manning the DM spots together before. Would like to see.

    • kevdflb says:

      Help me out here.
      Would that be a 4-1-2-3?
      With Gomez as a long striker and Zusi and Dempsey on the wings?
      If so…. why would Dempsey be on the wing? Isn’t he more effective as a 2nd striker – playing behind Gomez or Altidore? I’m not sure how AVB has been positioning him lately, however.

      • Eric says:

        He can play on the left or as a second striker–he’s filled in for Spurs at left wing when Gareth Bale doesn’t play. If he’s on the left, he’ll tuck in a fair amount, so Fabian Johnson will need to provide width on that side, but that’s rather par for the course for the MNT left flank ever since Beasley stopped getting call-ups.

      • Bobb says:


        Christmas tree, like vs Italy. That may have worked, but kind of sad that we’re now using it vs Honduras. Pathetic. Three defensive midfielders AGAIN. There will be no service and Klinsmann will blame Jozy for being lazy. Oh wait he’s not even starting Jozy, our most in form striker.
        If we don’t get a win, it’s time to fire this joker….

  8. TheFrenchOne says:

    wo ist heather?