USMNT Daily Update: Who should Klinsmann bring to Honduras?


The U.S. Men’s National Team will gather in Miami on Sunday to start preparations for Wednesday’s World Cup qualifier against Honduras, and after a three-week January camp for MLS and Scandinavian-based players, we will finally see a full-strength U.S. team on display.

Just who will be on that team remains to be seen. Jurgen Klinsmann will announce his roster on Monday, and the team’s disappointing showing against Canada just might mean that fewer members of the January camp will be making the trip than expected.

Just how many January camp participants should we expected to see? Klinsmann’s projection of around eight still sounds likely, with some new faces doing well to stand out in camp.

So who is going to make the cut? Here is our projection for the 23-man roster Klinsmann will call on:


GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan

DEFENDERS– Geoff Cameron, Carlos Bocanegra, Omar Gonzalez, Clarence Goodson, Fabian Johnson, Tim Chandler, Brad Evans, Edgar Castillo

MIDFIELDERS– Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Danny Williams, Graham Zusi, Kyle Beckerman, Josh Gatt, Benny Feilhaber

FORWARDS– Jozy Altidore, Eddie Johnson, Herculez Gomez, Terrence Boyd, Juan Agudelo


Some thoughts:

Steve Cherundolo is injured and slated to miss this match, which likely means Timmy Chandler starts. Brad Evans gets the nod here for his work as a right back, not as a central midfielder, which we saw against Canada isn’t really a great spot for him on the international level. Part of the reason for Evans’ inclusion is the fact that Michael Parkhurst has yet to play for his new Bundesliga team, Augsburg, so Klinsmann could decide Evans is more ready to play if needed.

We only include two goalkeepers in this group, but if Klinsmann brings three expect Sean Johnson to get the nod.

Omar Gonzalez and Matt Besler both showed well in camp, and against Canada, but it’s tough to see Klinsmann bringing two inexperienced centerbacks to a tough road qualifier. We give the nod to Gonzalez, but it wouldn’t be totally shocking to see Besler join him.

Juan Agudelo makes the group as a potential change-of-pace off the bench. He’s the perfect type of player to bring on late to help shake things up (as we saw against Russia).

Benny Feilhaber gets the nod based on his strong form against Canada and his big-game experience. Klinsmann could also turn to young playmaker Joe Corona as well. As for Mix Diskerud? It doesn’t look like he’s in the, well, you know, mix.

As far as we can tell both Geoff Cameron and Fabian Johnson are good to go for the Honduras match. Both had been recently dealing with knocks. If Johnson can’t go, Klinsmann might have to call in Justin Morrow, or do what he should do, which is finally call in Eric Lichaj.


What do you think of the squad? Who would you add to the team? Who would you remove from this squad? Which area of the team are you most concerned about? Who are you most excited to see in action against Honduras?

Share your thoughts below.

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200 Responses to USMNT Daily Update: Who should Klinsmann bring to Honduras?

  1. wfrw07 says:

    Didn’t Gatt fly back to Norway? Seems like he wouldn’t have done that if he was going to be selected for the Honduras match.

    • malkin says:

      I was gonna say the same thing. Per his twitter he flew back the day after.

      • Jake says:

        I agree on Gatt. Not sure he did enough to warrant a spot in a road qualifier. Not sure about Feilhaber either. I wasn’t impressed. Neither of them would likely make the 18 ( I think you only get to dress 18, or is it more for qualifiers?) or get on the field.

        • Ives Galarcep says:

          Don’t think Gatt makes the 18, but a chance to experience a road qualifier, even as a spectator, wouldn’t be a bad thing for him.

          • wfrw07 says:

            Isn’t there a new rule in place about the squad size for WCQs? I thought teams could dress 23 guys now for qualies since the World Cup itself allows it. I seem to remember the substitute listings for matches last year (both in CONCACAF and Europe) listing up to 12 substitutes. I didn’t dream that, did I?

          • BrianSLO says:

            Ives, I just highly doubt Gatt would have been flying back to Norway on Wednesday to turn around and fly right back on Saturday or Sunday.

            • Hogatroge says:

              While I agree with you that 2 transatlantic trips would be pretty silly, it appears all the January camp players have flown back home for the time being.

              You’d think if Gatt were staying though, Molde would arrange for him to train with an MLS club for a week or so.

          • Paul Miller says:

            Gatt should be there and dress. What will Klinsmann do if Zusi goes down? Probably grab one of his forwards and stick him there, regardless of familiarity with the position. Didn’t Klinsmann get himself into similar trouble during last year’s qualifiers?

        • beachbum says:

          are you saying you weren’t impressed with Benny’s game vs. Canada?

    • Andy says:

      I think it was all part of the secrecy.

    • Paul Miller says:

      Gatt should be in Honduras as a sub, but he’s in Norway.

      RW is a problem, because Zusi can’t shine against that Canadian USL Pro all-star team. I agree that Gatt isn’t ready, and I thought earlier he was. But Gatt has future potential and should be there both for his experience and as a potential super sub role. EJ probably should start at RW.

      Kljestan should be in Honduras and should start. JK likes the more physical and dynamic players. We don’t have one for CM, unless Bradley plays there, and I think Bradley should be DM (even if he has the box to box greenlight).

      Dempsey will provide the dynamic CAM, second striker capability – but he’s more effective working there from a wing. EJ on the right, Dempsey on the left, with SK in the center as playmaker.

      Up top, Altidore. Gomez and Boyd as subs.

      I’d go with two DMs – Bradley and Jones. The most important thing against Honduras is preventing through balls against our CBs. Important enough to commit both, and I happen to think Bradley is our most important player. If we allow enough through balls, we seriously jeapordize qualifying. I’d run a 4-2-3-1 for the entire hex, because of it. In this away game, if we get a shut-out we get at least a point. That’s the objective, and there’s a fair expectation we could grab a goal or two anyway.

      CBs I’d start Cameron and Gonzalez now. Boca provides adult leadership from the bench (the Oliver Kahn role under JK). I’d consider Besler and Gonzalez, only because it looked like they have some complementary chemistry going, but then that was against a counter attacking group of Canadian youngsters (plus De Ro and Ricketts – still, wasn’t a huge challenge for CBs). So, given the fact that shut-out didn’t prove much, have to go with Cameron and Gonzo.

      Outside backs of course F. Johnson and Chandler (hopefully he shows). Castillo and Parkhurst as subs, and maybe Beltran. I thought he did okay this week. One of the few demonstrating good passing vision.

  2. QuakerOtis says:

    !$@*#$!! No Lichaj?! OMFG SMDH Lichaj for President!

    But seriously, based on injuries and current form, I can’t really question this list.

    • Josh D says:

      I say Parkhurst still makes it over Evans. Evans didn’t do anything stupid against Canada, but he did nothing of note against a bunch of inexperienced international kids at the same time. Plus he isn’t used to playing RB against a team as dangerous as Honduras, away to a hostile crowd.

      Plus, Parkhurst has the first half of the season under his belt. Evans has had three/four months of rest, three weeks of training, and a single game. That game does not erase the long resting period. And while Parkhurst has not played in the last month, he has been training under a more competitive environment and he’s still warm from earlier.

      Finally, Parkhurst has proven that he is reliable off the bench against tough opponents. Why would Klinsi turn to Evans to fill that role?

      I much prefer this group of players over the one you projected a few days ago. Good choices. Glad to see a change of heart on a few of them!

      • Josh D says:

        NM I see the post from yesterday was for 2014. Explains a few choices I thought were baffling…

        • Josh D says:

          Still stand by Parkhurst over Evans.

          • Ives Galarcep says:

            I’d personally agree there, but I can see Klinsmann going with the guy who has already been in camp for three weeks with the team. There’s also the whole Parkhurst acclimating to his new team thing.

            • Juan says:

              He can acclimate to the bench later. Since they have yet to put him on the field in Germany, he might as well go if he gets asked

              Germans like to sign Americans then never use them. Not sure going there is good for most

  3. Kelso says:

    What happened between today and yesterday regarding Bocamegra

  4. Dan M says:

    No to Juan Agudelo, please. Beckerman is also good for nothing and was the principle reason for the boring showing in Houston. He just passes aimlessly, without any intention of creating attacking chances.

    • USAforLife says:

      I thought Beckerman was one of the bright spots in the game vs Canada. He held the ball, didn’t have turnovers, and held key positioning defensively, which was his job FYI. He did his job as well as distributed the ball the the wings, who were the ones that were on the field to be the offensively minded players (Davis, and Zusi). Honestly don’t know why Klinsmann started both Evans and Beckerman in the midfield, but Evans seemed lost, while Beckerman held his place.

    • B says:

      Did you watch that match? Beckerman was the only player making forward, incisive passes during the first half. The blind Beckerman hate on this website is ridiculous. I can’t wait to see you all up-in-arms when Klinsi takes him to Brazil next summer.

      • Neruda says:

        People hate the dreads I guess but Kyle Beckerman doesn’t care. He keeps getting better despite his perceived lack of athletic talent.

      • Dan says:

        pair Beckerman and Bradley….Beck will sit back as Edu used to as MB pushes up to create

      • ed - houston says:

        i was a Beckerman fan in mls only. never for the NATs, but he won me over. i was there, he should get a spot for honduras….. Evans was not as good.

      • louis z says:

        yes he was making forward passes but not in the final third, any competent player can make forward passes against a team that is bunkering down.

    • Neruda says:

      Beckerman wasn’t placed in attacking role in that game. He’s not very fast but under Kries he’s become a natural at making the quick and correct pass.

      He’ll probably be on the team against Honduras but he only gets on the field if the US have a lead and JK wants another DM to help shut down the Hondurans.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Hmmmn… not sure you are being objective here… Either that or you didn’t watch the game.

      Beckerman was one of the few bright spots against Canada. He’s mainly the reason nobody got to see what Gonzalez or Besler could do.

      That said, pretty much the only other USMNT game I’ve seen him put in an above average performance was the friendly at Azteca, where he was probably 3rd on the list for MotM behind Cameron & Edu. Since that was Mexico’s B+ team, I’d say he can hang in CONCACAF on a good day.

  5. Eric says:

    Besler should make the roster.

    • Old School says:

      I like the physical presence Gonzales brings but his distribution/ability to think quickly on the ball leaves a lot to be desired at this level (see Onyewu booting the ball into the stands).

      Against Canada, I thought Besler showed a nice ability to distribute with some impressive passes and seems to have the capability to defend too (see the non-Tim Ream), even though there was minimal chances.

      If I’m choosing between the two? It’s Besler over Gonzo.

  6. Ryan says:

    Why would we take Brad Evans over Michael Parkhurst? I don’t care if he’s played for Augsburg or not, that’s an easy decision for me.

    • QuakerOtis says:

      I see what everyone is saying about Parkhurst. I would normally rate him over Evans, but I think the spot Evans is taking (the spot Parkurst presumably would have taken) is superfluous anyway. I doubt Evans will see the field, doubt Parkhurst would have either.

      That in mind, I’m guessing JK let Parkhurst go acclimate to a new club while keeping Evans around as a both a contingency plan and as a reward for his showing in camp.

      • Juan says:

        JK must get a result here and i think he will take the strongest team possible.

        It amazes me sometimes how little credit some give Parkhurst. Hes succeeded at every place hes played. Can play any position on the back line

        What the heck has Brad Evans done? Play for the sounders? pleeease its apples to oranges here

    • Old School says:


      I think the addition of Brad Evans would be a puzzling one. Especially if it’s for the reasoning of not playing for his new club.

      In that same span, Brad Evans hasn’t played a competitive match either, if I recall correctly (no, I don’t care the plague that was USA/Canada).

  7. Matty K says:

    I think you accidentally wrote Brad Evans.

  8. Golkipa says:

    I thought Feilhaber indicated he wasn’t getting called in yesterday.

  9. USSoccerHomer says:

    Isn’t Danny Williams out of favor right now at Hoffenheim? Hard to bring him if he’s not getting minutes. Gatt’s return to Norway seems to make it unlikely he’ll be on the trip. Corona’s had good form and good minutes in Mexico so far. I think he gets a call. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Mo Edu get a call as well even though he’s only had a couple of weeks in Turkey. He gives more flexibility.

    I just don’t see it about Evans. There are other options at RB besides Dolo (Parkhurst even with no minutes in Germany has better overall experience to do well at a tough road match). Given Goodson’s poor form and his club’s struggles, I’d be surprised if he makes the trip (assuming BocaBoca is healthy). Goodson also seems to get roughed up in this Central American matches. I already think Gonzalez has jumped him in the pecking order at CB. Plus, Parkhurst gives depth at CB as well.

    Agree on the forwards. Hope to see Jozy act like the beast he’s been in Holland.

  10. Rik says:

    Clarence Goodson hasn’t played in quite some time and is currently wasting away looking for a suitor. Can’t imagine him being a useful contributor at this point. Let Besler soak up the away qualifier setting.

    Love Boyd, but his season hasn’t started back up either.

    Danny Williams has to get himself back on track at Hoffenheim. Like him, but he’s out of form.

    Sacha should be there.

    Gatt is in Norway. As fast as he is, I don’t see him running two transatlantic flights (+ flight to Hon) out of his legs by Wed.

    • Josh D says:

      Sacha shouldn’t be there because although he does well in Belgium, he hasn’t done anything for the national team in years. Benny, his assumed replacement, has and continues to offer a creative spark. Feilhaber wins every time. I’d even take Corona over Sacha.

      I think Gatt played himself out of contention against Canada. I know a lot of people were impressed that he ran with the ball, but that’s because it’s an anomaly for our players outside of Dempsey.

      However, Gatt lost the ball every time he tried doing something with it. And while it’s great that he’s brave enough to take players on, he showed he’s not good enough to do so in an international game. Against Russia, he did some nice things, but again was not productive. We need productive players away to Honduras in a qualifier. I expect Gatt back for friendlies and during the summer.

      Gatt must move to a harder league. His inability to make quick decisions and pick his head up and make crosses was shocking. He’s too used to a slower pace. We need him ramped up.

      • ilikefreddyyesadu says:

        Sounds like Robbie Rogers.

      • Darthspud says:

        totally agree about Gatt. So he has speed, whoop de do do! What good is speed if you consistently loss the ball. Definitely needs to learn to use his other foot and pick up his head. He reminds me of the dude from D2. The guy with all the speed but couldn’t stop.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Sounds like you let your opinions about Kljestan stand in the way of facts.

        He’s been above average to great in every USMNT appearance back to the 2011 Gold Cup except for his ~15 minute cameo against Italy where he was played out of position on the left side.

        When the team was stinking it up against Jamaica, he’s the one who came on to give the team the spark that almost leveled the match late.

        Multiple coaches have come into Anderlecht, benched him, started to lose, and realized the error of their ways.

    • bottlcaps says:

      Boyd and the Austrian Bundesliga have been on winter break for over 6 weeks now. I seriously doubt he is match fit. Why fly him over as a sub when you can probably bring in another MLSer or MX er who probably more fit. I think Corona, who has played up top for the Xolos would be a better choice at this point in time.

  11. Colin says:

    Its cap time for Timmy

  12. Amru says:

    I really hate the Bradley-Williams-Jones midfield trio, but what really scares me is that beckerman gets the nod *shudders*

    • Darwin says:

      Why? Bradley-Beckerman-Jones would be an upgrade.

      Right now, today, this minute, Beckerman > Williams.

    • bizzy says:

      Beckerman out….Sasha Kljestan in….They are not even in the same class!!!!
      Evan out ……..Parkhurst in…..especially since on has made UEFA starting XI in that postion and the other is in a trial phase from an MLS TEAM.
      Bocanegra out ……Besler in (Gooch if possible)….Boca has tons of experience but lacks speed. Besler isn’t the fastest guy out there but always seems to keep up with Strikers.
      Drop Agudelo(FW)…..Bring in Brek Shea (M, there is a reason he signed with an EPL Team!!!!) We don’t need 5 strikers, especially when we can move Deuce up top
      Castillo out……..Lichaj in. One is getting training and play time in the EPL…..the other plays in LA MIX……..when the level of players are similar things flow smoother/better .

      I know this is Ives projected team but since we all know he is mostly right it is going to be interesting against Honduras (a lot of weak spots)

      • Dennis says:

        Shea is not fit and he will be trying to win a spot on Stokes srating 11. He will not be available. I suspect it is more likely

        goodson who would get dropped for Besler. Of course, neither would actually play, Boca, Cameron and Gonzalez will be enough barring some injuries or ejections.

        Agree on Sasha, and Gatt who should be dropped along with Agudelo. Speed and running around is not enough. Bedoya or Feilhaber are better choices.

        • BrianVT says:

          According to Stoke’s mgr, Shea will *not* be battling for a starting spot this season. They picked him up as a prospect for the future.

  13. swoopy says:

    As a total side-note, can someone with knowledge of the situation inform Lalas, Twellman, and ESPN how the hell to pronounce “Gatt” … Since he’s from the midwest, I’m going with Gatt, like Cat.

    • Weaksauce says:

      I worked for google who owns the restaurant review company “Zagat”

      I was told to pronounce it as ZAGaught !!!!!

    • Mc says:

      I cringe every time T hear Twellman say Gonzales. Has anyone else noticed?
      “Omar GONE-zales”

      • Darthspud says:

        Just as bad as Robinson Canó. His last name only has one o not multiple o’s as pronounced by a lot of announcers. I also can’t stand when announcers say “insert letter here”Rod for anyone with the last name of Rodriguez.

    • RB says:

      Gatt is of Maltese heritage and Simon Borg, also Maltese, says it’s pronounced with the vowel deeper and farther back in the throat (sort of on the way to German “Gott”, if you like). There’s been at least one mention of it explicitly in ETR.

      Of course it may well have been Americanized in pronunciation, now…

      • MFP says:

        Yeah, but someone should just ask him how it’s pronounced. I mean, he might have Maltese roots, but he grew up in Michigan. I mean, we’re all immigrants to some extent. Technically I have Hungarian roots and my last name would be pronounced differently if my family hadn’t immigrated to the US. You might be right, and I haven’t heard those ETR bits to know more background, but a native pronciation in a country he’s never lived in isn’t necessarily relevant.

        • RB says:

          This my final comment.

          I know: I am of Swedish background and grew up in the Midwest and my name is also not pronounced in the States like I is in Sweden.

      • BrianSLO says:

        Simon Borg is probably the worst guy to take pronunciation lessons from. The guy over pronounces (he gets all Euro fancy) the names of so many people, even guys where the pronunciation of their names should be fairly obvious.

  14. Mug says:

    Curious to see if Chandler accepts a call up. If he comes up with another excuse I think it’s clear that he doesn’t want to play for us.

    • biff says:

      He obviously would prefer to play for Germany, but he wants to play in WC 2014 and playing for us is his only chance. Unfortunately, if he is on the roster, that is one less slot for a soccer player who would sweat blood to wear the US shirt in Brazil. And sometimes players who care that much about the shirt will do more in the long run to help the team that a prima donna who only is thinking of himself.

      Whatever. It will be interesting to see how Omar Gonzalez gets along with Timothy Chandler in Honduras. I don’t think they have seen each other since Chandler wrecked his knee in practice in January 2012, keeping Gonzo on the injury list for nine months.

      • RB says:


        LD seems similarly unenthusiastic about wearing the US shirt in Brazil these days. Will it be similarly unfortunate if he decides to play for the team and this takes a spot that might otherwise be filled by someone who is more enthusiastic?

        And anyway, isn’t the question at the end of the day not the level of enthusiasm or spirit a given player might portray for his side, but rather how he actually plays on the field? They don’t give that WC trophy to the most spirited side but to the one that ultimately wins. They also don’t give the MVP of the final match award to the player with the most enthusiasm but rather to the one who’s deemed to have delivered the best performance on the field.

        If Timmy Chandler can offer better performance on the field, by all means let’s take him — and happily — over somebody who is a lesser player, even if he may appear to be somehow more excited by the whole thing than Chandler is.

        • Dan says:

          If you had a chance to play for a German team that could potentially win the cup or a US team building a program with good potential…..why not wait? he could be great, and finally getting cap tied will bring a greater commitment going forward – which is what we need

      • whoop-whoop says:

        For instance, Bornstein….. he’d give his left nut to play for the US. Wait…

        • GW says:

          This fascination with Mixx reminds me of the old saying that it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.
          The less USMNT fans see of a player, the more they want him on the team. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.
          Mixx has three caps in three years, 11 minutes in a friendly against South Africa in 2010, where he laid on a memorable assist in the 85th minute for Agudelo, a forgettable 90 minutes against Chile in 2011 and 7 minutes at the end against Russia in 2012 where he scored a very fortunate goal in the dying minutes.
          He plays in a league ranked 26th or 27th in Europe, a league with a lower average attendance than MLS. You could argue that the level of competition in Norway is roughly equivalent with the standard in MLS.
          It is also a league known for supplying players to the bigger leagues in Europe yet Mixx gets one loan deal to Ghent where he does nothing and gets returned to Norway and, to date does not appear to be drawing any interest from any of the larger clubs in Europe. Most US fans have probably only seen him in extended play during the Under 23 Olympic Qualifiers. I saw those games and was very impressed by how tired, underwhelming and unaggressive he was. I thought he looked unfit, soft and intimidated.
          In terms of senior team games our sample size on Mixx is one flashy assist at the end of a “meaningless” friendly, one very lucky goal at the end of another “meaningless” friendly (defenses tend to loosen up at the end particularly in “meaningless” friendlies) and ninety forgettable minutes in a boring game against Chile where the offensive highlight was a penalty by Teal Bunbury. Anthony Wallace, Eric Alexander and Marvell Wynne played. Dax McCarty was Captain, and Zach Loyd was man of the match. What ever happened to those guys?
          So many of you seem to see Mixx as the next coming of Juan Mata or David Silva. To me he’s starting to look a lot like Freddy Adu. And not in a good way.
          I don’t know why Mixx did not see the field against Canada but unless he was in beast mode during the camp it was more important to see what Benny, Bedoya and Gatt had to offer and they did well.
          If I were JK I would tell him go back to Norway, sign with the best club you can, which I assume is Rosen burg, and do so well that in the summer Manchester United or someone like them comes for you. Right now Brek Shea is ahead of Mixx in the “make an effort to improve yourself” department.
          Now if JK names Mixx for the Honduras squad, I will gladly eat crow but, at this point, somehow, I doubt JK is concerned about losing him to Norway. Why would they want him?
          One other thing , you talk about “ at international level” as if international play was a “higher standard” than club play. That depends on the team.
          Right now things are screwy because if you matched up the best national team, Spain, with the best club team, Barca, it would be almost the same team.
          However, in normal circumstances, I would usually take the best club teams, usually whoever are in the final four of the Champions league, over the World Cup final four. Why? Because clubs teams spend much more time together playing and their managers generally have more practice time and more flexibility in finding the right players to fit how they want to play. And if you don’t think that makes a big difference, then I can’t help you.
          The service even a guy like Wondo sees with the US is vastly inferior to what he gets at San Jose. They gear their entire game towards getting him the ball in good spots. I can guarantee you that Rooney gets better service at Man U than he ever does for England.
          There is no real substitute for playing a lot of games together.
          I am constantly amazed at the inflated expectations of USMNT critics of these January camps who think you take a bunch of guys who have never played together before put them together for three weeks, spend one week doing nothing but fitness, train for two weeks with one scrimmage against some reserve team and then expect them to come out and look offensively coherent against a highly amped team (who had just been humiliated and were historic rivals) who had no intention of doing anything but defend.
          And if you tell me our talent superiority still should have carried the day I will point to the US and Switzerland using the same basic scheme to beat Spain. And Spain was certainly as superior technically to us and Switzerland as we are to Canada. And we and Switzerland still beat them. And I will also remind you that Greece won Euro 2004 doing that.
          No team in the world, not one, has ever had a consistent, easy answer to ten highly committed men behind the ball.
          So to expect a team of newbies, rookies, has beens and maybe never wases, who have never played together before, to get together for two weeks and then dispose of team that sets up like Canada did is just slightly on the delusional side of things.

          You are right, Clint is a #2 striker or a withdrawn one. He can’t carry a team like Donovan can.
          This gets into semantics but you could argue that the US hasn’t had a true playmaking midfielder, a true #10, since maybe Tab Ramos. Reyna was more of a time keeper, ball circulator, a calmer version of MB90, while JOB was more like Iniesta than Xavi. JK’s vision of 11 attackers and 11 defenders doesn’t really require a classic #10. Now maybe that’s not what you mean by a playmaking midfielder; in that case Benny ought to do just fine for a half. In fact when back in 2007 when Mikey and Benny first started teaming up I thought they would be the US’ central pairing for the next 8 years.

          Mr. whoop

          If you go back to 2008, Bornstein has 26 caps for the USMNT.

          In those 26 games the USMNT record is 15- 10- 1.

          In games that were competitive, i.e. not friendlies but WC, WC qualifying or Gold Cup the USMNT went 8- 6- 1.

          Maybe that’s why Bradley used him so much.

          • Old School says:

            I was with you right up until the:

            “If you go back to 2008, Bornstein has 26 caps for the USMNT.

            In those 26 games the USMNT record is 15- 10- 1.”

            That is a serious case of using statistics to hide reality. The true reality is Bornstein was a liability in 80% of the matches he suited up for the Nats.

    • Brian says:

      Agreed. I want to win with the best American players available no matter where they come from…so long as they are passionate about representing the USA. I have a problem Channdler using our national team as his backup ticket to a World Cup.

      I’d rather he not be on the team even if he plays a position better than our other options.

      • RB says:

        But why? This is soccer at a highly competitive level — the highest in the world, in fact. It’s not a sleepover or a high school clique.

        At the end of the day, I don’t see a real difference between this kind of thinking and what Chivas USA is currently doing (and being so widely criticized for) in terms of Latino players.

        Sports is the great leveler. Ability and performance on the field is it. We’re not in it for some sort of feel-good aspect. He’s an American and can play on the team — everybody agrees on that — so is he better than others or not? That’s the only relevant question.

        • biff says:

          Well, RB, a couple of points. First, Landon Donovan put his body on the line for the shirt since he was a baby-faced teenager. Nobody, including you, can question his commitment to the USMNT. (And we don’t know what is happening with him now. There was speculation on the board here the other day that maybe — I repeat, maybe — there is a little spat between him and Klinsman.)

          Second point, RB, pertains to your comment: “…so is he better than others or not? That’s the only relevant question.” Well, Timothy Chandler has played one game for the USMNT in the past 15 months–the friendly against Russia. And Chandler was average at best in that game. Yet, guys like you and even some media talking heads are touting him as the second coming of–well, let’s say the second coming of a world-class right back.

          Problem with this faulty reasoning is that we have not yet seen Chandler perform in a meaningful Concacaf game. I remember a quote from Mikey Bradley last October after the WCQ game played during the hurricane against Antigua and Barbuda. MB said something along the lines if you have never played in a game like that you will never understand.

          So let me ask you RB: If we have only seen Chandler in one USMNT game in 15 months and he did not look very good, how can you be so sure he is better than our other options at fullback–guys that jumped at the chance during last year’s WCQ games when Klinsmann called them–and who now have WCQ experience. Furthermore, Chandler has been less than convincing this season in club play for Nuremberg.

          I am not saying that Klinsmann should choose players only on the basis of their desire to wear the shirt. My point is that athletes willing to dig to the deepest levels of their hearts and souls for the win are the types of guys I want on the USMNT, because those guys can often put in better performances than prima donnas who are only playing for their overly inflated egos.

          Assuming that this time Chandler is telling the truth and will show up for Honduras, then we will for the first time get the pleasure of seeing how Timmy performs in a truly competitive dog-fight Concacaf match in Central America. Who knows, maybe Chandler will be man of the match, will be an impenetrable barricade on the right wing defensively and will outshine Cherundolo racing forward and supplying killer passes and pin-point crosses.

          • RB says:

            It’s hard to respond since you clearly and repeatedly mischaracterize my position. I have never once, for example, said Timmy Chandler was the second coming of anything. Yet you claim more than once that that’s my view. I have never once claimed that he should be on the team even if he has not impressed on the field as much as others. That is in fact that view I am arguing _against_, you see, not for.

            The people arguing _for_ presence on a team despite lesser performance on the field are evidently people you sympathize with yourself, however, as you say

            “athletes willing to dig to the deepest levels of their hearts and souls for the win are the types of guys I want on the USMNT”

            That sounds wonderful — of course we’d all like such an ideal world — but not at the cost of performance in such a performance-oriented area. And I do get that you’re basing that on the mistaken notion that such guys will ultimately turn in better performances. Another nice part of this idealistic view, but unfortunately for you, that is a notion that is contradicted by a fair amount of the evidence on display in the sports world daily.

            And all that is _before_ we get to the question of who determines, and how they determine, the winners in this your enthusiasm-based competition. You? You cannot even see any validity to anyone viewing LD as less than fully and unquestionably enthusiastic, when even LD has questioned LD’s enthusiasm.

            Of course heart and spirit are important. I never said they weren’t. Performance is the decider in sports, however. So again I say, about Timmy Chandler or any other US-eligible player, IF he performs better on the field — if he adds more to the team’s ultimate goal of winning soccer matches — then let’s happily take him over a player who is a lesser player, even if he may appear to be somehow more excited by the whole thing.

            • beachbum says:

              the difference is that LD had earned it by laying out for over a decade for the team while Chandker has used the team to market his abilities for a spot on the German national team. you can think that’s cool for him to use the USMNT like that, but to compare his situation to Landon is patently false

              • RB says:

                Wow — wrong and wrong again. You guys are just imagining views that have not been presented here and then criticizing those imaginary views.

                First, you yourself (to your credit!) have just indicated that the extent of my comparison between the 2 is in fact perfectly legitimate. That comparison involved solely the enthusiasm point, but at least you agree implicitly that there is a question on that point wrt LD. I didn’t say any more about it than that, though, so the rest of what you’re saying there is irrelevant.

                I also didn’t say, nor do I think, that Chandler is marketing himself or “using” the US team as you describe, and I neither said nor implied that I’m “cool with that”, as you claim.

                It is purely ability and performance on the field to help the team compete better. If his ability is better, if he performs better on the field, then there is zero reason (outside basic xenophobia, of course) to complain that he might be taking the spot of somebody who is not as good but who some people might perceive to be more into it all, emotionally.

                The guy’s father was American, and he’s American, and he can play for us. End of that story — get over it, already. It’s not some red-blooded sort of popularity contest we’re talking about here. The only question left is whether he plays better than others.

              • beachbum says:

                RB, don’t tell me to get over the FACT that Chandler wants to play for the German team and only since he can’t he’s now willing to lace it up for us. You are wrong in your understanding of that…wrong, wrong, wrong

                whether that means anything on his ability is irrelevant to that fact

                and wrong again you are in comparing his situation to Landon’s in any way…no comparison. Chandler can’t hold his jock first of all just in ability, and re. enthusisam, I don’t agree with your point at all! Chandler’s enthusiasm has only to do with the fact Germany does not want him…LD is recharging his batteries…normal

                I agree with none of your points. and I am not imagining anything, and your self proclaimed rhetorical spin weak

              • RB says:

                OK, that’s great, beachbum: you’re not imagining anything, even though you think I compared Chandler’s and LD’s abilities, another thing I never did. [face palm!]

                I suppose you guys might have some kind of point if this were a club team where a player might not perform as well while waiting for a transfer to his desired team. But in case you haven’t noticed, there is no such equivalent in international play. He has zero future options for international play once he is capped by any country.

                Your theory seems to be that he would go ahead after all this and be capped by the US but then not perform as well because he would be pining away for something everyone knows he will never have? Or that he’ll just screw around and his hard-earned chance at international play because it’s only the US? Don’t think many players get to the level of international play in the first place with that sort of approach.

                One could just as easily argue he will be more motivated by the situation, if anything, to show Germany and everyone that he ha what it took. We just don’t know. _Which is why we just decide on the basis of performance._

              • beachbum says:


                I hope he plays well for the Nats as I do anyone who suits up for the Nats, even tho I recognize how’s he handled himself in this situation. it’s not one or the other.

                you stepped in the doo doo when you compared him Landon. Still need to scrape that off your shoe

      • GW says:


        Unless you’ve actually met Chandler you have no idea just how passionate he is about playing for the US.

        You have no idea whether he views this as a backup ticket to the World Cup. There is no credible evidence to that effect.

        If he finally commits to it then that is proof enough of his” passion” . More to the point JK is satisfied and he is in charge of the situation.

  15. Weaksauce says:

    Leave off

    Evans, Beckerman, Goodson

    Bring on

    Besler, Diskerud, Corona

  16. OPMG says:

    I feel like there’s a much better chance of seeing Besler on the squad than Goodson. Besler has been in camp and at least has a working relationship with Gonzalez. Can’t say the same for Goodson who hasn’t played for several weeks now.

    Evans over Parkhurst? I really hope not

  17. DB says:

    Feilhaber seems like a no go based on twitter; Already flew back to KC

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      Not sure that flying back to KC on a Wednesday when players aren’t getting to Miami till Sunday means he’s definitely not going. Folks should remember that unlike some other players, Feilhaber is dealing with the new team thing and could need some time in KC to sort out the move. I’m not saying he’ll definitely be on the team, but I don’t think the tweet was evidence of anything.

  18. Wispy says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Chandler, Bocanegra, Gonzales, Cameron back line. Chandler’s played left back for Klinsmann a few times.

    • Josh D says:

      Interesting formation. Except I’d put Chandler on the left and Cameron on the right. My only concern is that CB pairing would be VERY slow and Honduras has a lot of speedy players.

  19. Sam T says:

    What does the SBI team think of the Castrol Index and the scores for the Canada friendly? It seems to conflict with their assessment.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      I’ve never rated the Castrol Index as a good measure of player values. I’m sure some do, but I personally don’t. And looking at the index for the USA-Canada game I’m not sure there’s serious conflict aside from Brad Evans, who I stated I thought did well in the second half as a right back. I know some have crunched the numbers to insist that Evans was actually an effective midfielder in that game but I’ll continue to disagree with that.

  20. Jon says:

    What happened to Mix? Did he get injured at the camp, because he was not even on the subs list in Houston.

    • Paul Miller says:

      Too much finesse, not enough physical.

      Klinsmann doesn’t like that. But was clear from the opening minutes we needed a playmaker.

  21. biff says:

    I doubt we see Danny Williams and hope instead we get Castillo’s teammate Joe Corona on the roster. I am also wondering whether Jose Torres, after starting for Tigres, might get a sniff from Klinsmann. (Has anyone watched him this season?) I have not yet totally given up on Torres, and if he can lift his club play I bet Klinsmann gives him one more chance.

    I don’t see Clarence Goodson getting the call. And Juan Agudelo? No thanks. He was getting the ball stolen from his feet by the Canada C-team on Tuesday (not to mention missing a couple of inviting head-shots). Honduran players would chew him up. I don’t think he is ready for WCQ games and I will be shocked if Klinsmann calls him.

    And despite Jozy’s great form for AZ, does he have what it takes to play at the international level? He did not score a single goal in seven games in 2012 for the USMNT and I am beginning to have my doubts. I hope he can break the slump against Honduras. But if he doesn’t, Klinsmann is going to have to seriously consider pulling the plug on Jozy and try someone else in his slot who, hopefully, is better at finding the back of the net at the international level than Jozy has been.

    • Evan W says:

      It amazes me how many people have written off Torres. He hasn’t always been the greatest fit for the US team but he is more ofthen than not played out of position. Also, most of his teamates on the US don’t have the instinctive off the ball movement that brings out his passing range like his club teamates did at Pachuca or his current ones do at Tigres. Unfortunately he has often been played out of position. I’m sure at the very least he will get called up for the Gold Cup but I hope to see him in the qualifiers.

      From what I have seen he has looked good and has been starting for a very strong Tigres side. Today’s game against Tijuana should be a great game against two first side clubs.

      • Old School says:

        He’s looked horrible his last handful (and more) of starts. That’s ALL on his teammates and position.

        Except, that doesn’t make any sense at all.

  22. Caxmarca says:

    Feilhaber’s tweet in no-way indicates that he is not getting called up, way too much was read into that…

  23. Tyler says:

    No on Lichaj. For every decent performance he’s had at Villa, he’s had an equally unimpressive one. Not sure why anyone thinks he’s an answer right now. Villa fans, myself included, certainly don’t think he’s locked down the LB position, which is arguably the weakest position on the team. He’s been getting better at getting forward, and can really dig in and make a tackle. Unfortunately, he tends to neglect what’s going on around (specifically behind) him when he does either.

    • Steve-o says:

      Agreed on lichaj – he may be starting some games for villa but they’re not the same team they once were. When villa is losing games by over 4 or 7 goals and your man of the match is your goalie guzan, then that means your defense sucks and lichaj is in that defense and not even starting consistently. Hes still a young and decent player and probably deserves a shot but he’s not the answer we’ve been waiting for yet.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      ‘Villa fans, myself included, certainly don’t think he’s locked down the LB position’

      fwiw, he’s not a left back. but i agree, no lichaj for this one.

  24. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Will Chandler, Johnson, and Zusi be relied upon to provide width/service? This is one area where we will miss Donovan and Shea to some extent (width not service). I wish Freddy Adu would improve his overall game because his creativity on the wing would be extremely useful in times like this.

    • Dan says:

      unfortunately, Adu’s game is fine…it’s his attitude that has held him back (ala ‘poor me, everyone else sucks – Jerry Macguire-esque attitude)

  25. JJ says:

    ———– Jozy — EJ ————
    Zusi ——– Demps ——– Herc
    ————- Bradley ————–
    Fabian – Gonzo – Cam – Chandler
    ————– Timmy ————–

    • Steve-o says:

      Thats a good lineup when we need a goal but away at Honduras, we should start conservative.

    • Dudester says:

      Is this what u want to see or what u think Klinsi will play? No way Jones doesn’t start alongside Bradley,prob Beckerman or Williams start as well.Klinsi always gets criticized for playing 3 cmids but this game is one where he rightfully should.

    • SBI Troll says:

      This ain’t FIFA.

    • Hal says:

      Herc not good on the wing. His strength is playing in the box.

    • Johnny says:

      Interesting lineup. Here’s a slight deviation:

  26. MLSsnob says:

    Whoever it is, it’s definelty not going to be Holden, who left the field injured today. Good grief.

  27. bryan says:

    i think kljestan should be in the 23 over beckerman. i just don’t think we need beckerman, but i wouldn’t be surprised to see JK call him in.

    lichaj and edu also seemed like they could get the call this time. i would rather lichaj over evans. as for edu, i might rather seem him over goodson.

    also, i find it ridiculous we don’t get the roster until monday despite the camp technically starting on sunday…

  28. Scott says:

    Brad Evans over Parkhurst? Where did this come from? Understandable if Parkhurst just lost a leg.

  29. David M says:

    I’ll be very surprised if Chandler doesn’t develop a last-minute injury which will prevent him from joining the squad.

    • Brian says:

      I thought I read that he recently said he was committed to the USA.

      Translation: The Germany call up hasn’t come and he’s getting worried the USA train might leave the station without him.

      I don’t care how good he is, I wouldn’t call him in.

  30. Original Aaron says:


  31. ACS says:

    Corona over Gatt, Parkhurst over Evans, Edu over Goodson, Klesjtan/Torres over Feilhaber

  32. Original Aaron says:

    ACS- agreed, agreed, agreed, agreed

  33. Dudester says:


  34. Andy N says:

    I know it’s been expected for awhile that Donovan wasn’t going to play in this game but for a player as good as he is and still for the most part in his prime to miss a big game like this…it does make me wonder if he’ll ever return to the team. How can the rest of the players on the team take someone back who picks and chooses when he feels like playing?

    Looking at this roster, while it’s not bad, USMNT still greatly needs Donovan to play in the 2014 World Cup if they make it there.

    • David M says:

      I have a feeling that Donovan will not be coming back as long as Klinsmann is coaching. Of course, with Klinsmann in charge, we might not make it to Brazil at all.

      • Dudester says:

        Why? Klinsi said Lando was a no go for Honduras but it will be open for him in the future.He did say that we should move on from our over reliance on Lando but in no way did he close the book on him.Unless there’s a secret row we don’t know about.

  35. Matt says:


  36. soccerhorn says:

    Are we really already back to the “where’s Sasha Kljestan” thing? Sheesh. Dude is the only box-to-box midfielder we have, he’s big, strong, and creative. Plus he plays for a Champion’s League team. I can’t believe we’re once again contemplating another 3-d-mid lineup. Please bring Sasha back.

    • OPMG says:

      I think we have this other guy too, Michael Bradley, maybe you’ve heard of him? I’m pretty sure he’s the definition of box-to-box midfielder. Sasha is more CAM than a box-to-box mid anyway

  37. Dudester says:

    Why is everyone going with Gonzo over Boca.Agreed that Gonzo will surpass him soon but I doubt Klinsi changes his cpt in a WCQ.

  38. Tab says:

    Sadly, I think Torres has been played out of position pretty much every time Klinsi picked him.

    It was reasonable to try him in a more advanced and/or wider role than he typically plays.

    But think about Danny Williams. Williams was very disappointing. Until he was finally played in the central, holding position that is his normal and best position. And then he looked tidy and moved the ball well.

    Something similar holds for Torres. And I hope he finds a way to force himself back into the picture. And that he gets some looks as a deeper lying central midfielder.

    Incidentally, I thought Torres was good in keeping the ball moving in the last game against Jamaica.

    • SBI Troll says:

      He deserves a shot in the the 3 man midfield. Unfortunately, better players play in his most comfortable position. I think he can carve out a role as a home game starter against teams that play 10 men behind the ball.

    • biff says:

      +1, Tab. The ultimate was when Klinsmann played Torres at left back. Has to be one of the stupidest decision ever by a USMNT coach and Torres and his 110 pounds was lucky not to have been severely injured. And let’s not forget the Danny Williams experiment at right wing and Mo Edu at central attacking midfielder. Klinsmann wasted a lot of valuable time the past 18 months with these silly experiments when he could have been evaluating players who play those positions at the club level. I wonder why Klinsmann does it.

  39. Cairo says:

    Surprised that only one person mentioned Mo Edu, who is playing regularly now in a good league for a good team. He’s also versatile, as he can play defensive mid and center back in a pinch. Jermaine Jones has been suspended, Danny Williams hasn’t been playing, and Beckerman (who is better than I used to think) is a bit of a risk speed wise against Honduras. Edu is very experienced, in form, and Klinsmann has always appreciated his ability to cover ground.

    I’d play this:

    There is offensive firepower here but this is a strong defensive team. I don’t think Klinsy will actually put EJ on the left, but I’d consider it. What I’d rather do is find a way to put Fabian Johnson at left mid and then have Parkhurst or Edgar Castillo play left back. Then you could play this:


    Will be interesting to see…

  40. ld says:

    its a pretty sad state of affairs up top when you have to call in Eddie Johnson; that guy is useless

    • B says:

      Yeah, that brace he scored against A&B to get the US three points was completely, utterly useless.

      I’m not the biggest fan of EJ, but calling him useless is absurd.

    • Brian says:

      Is he our best option? …No.
      But is he useless? …Not quite.

    • Hal says:

      we wouldn’t have made the HEX without EJ

    • biff says:

      Well, Id, EJ did put in good performances in October when so desperately needed. But I will say I was disappointed in his attitude against Canada, which was not in the spirit of teamwork and can be seen quite clearly in the pitiful cross that flew about three feet above Wondo, who was totally open and ready to head in a goal. You can see that in the highlights and the smile on Wondo’s face says it all.

  41. Lance Williams says:

    Morrow over Evans
    Corona over Beckerman
    and don’t be surprised when Mix makes the trip

    • Brian says:

      I think Mix would have featured in the Canada match if JK was going to call him in. The fact that he didn’t tells me that JK doesn’t think he is ready yet.

  42. MidWest Ref says:

    Is the Honduras game going to be televised? ESPN or some whacky channel that no one gets?

  43. H-Town says:

    Tally Hall is better than Johnson. Just my opinion…

  44. byrdman says:

    This from Bolton Wanderers own website:
    “The tackle left the American requiring treatment before he was substituted for Oscar Threlkeld. Fortunately for Wanderers, Holden was able to walk around the perimeter of the pitch before being taken off.”
    This time it was George Evans that got him in the foot.

  45. ex_sweeper says:

    Honduran newspaper La Prensa is reporting that Andy Najar has already been injured in training and is out at least 4 weeks. Apparently, the Honduran federation doesn’t trust Anderlecht – they’ve asked for a medical certificate.

  46. Dennis says:

    No Gatt. Guy just dribbled until he lost the ball. Sasha probably a better choice. Agudelo is quick,but most of the time he does not really add much. I thought Wondo had a better game than EJ, but both EJ and Agudelo are faster than Wondo. Besler does look like the odd man out, but he might get the call over Goodson, not that I think either would actually play. Lichaj is unlikely, he is a sometime starter on a defense that is not all that good. Not sure Boyd will get called over, He’s doing OK in Austria, but it is not the strongest league so appearances can be deceiving and since they are about to restart I’m not sure it would be smart for him.

    • biff says:

      +1 on the comparison between EJ and Wondo. As I mentioned above, that awful cross from EJ that denied a totally open Wondo a goal was not cool. Not saying it was intentional by EJ, but possible that subconsciously EJ did not want to be doing any favors for a player he is competing with for a spot on WCQ rosters. And then Klinsmann pulls Wondo at half and adds better attacking midfielders to service EJ and yet EJ still flounders.

    • AK48 says:

      Gatt over-dribbled a couple of times, and EJ was not finding much space inside the box. Both true facts, but true in a game against a total bunker defense. In a normal game, beating two players on the left wing frees you to make a cross or take a shot — not just to crash into the next two defenders. And EJ’s has never been about collecting the garbage in confined spaces. He’s got some real qualities further outside, with the footspeed and control to force defenders to back off a couple of steps. Nobody else in the pool has that, period.

  47. Joamiq says:

    I think our lack of width is a big problem. Playing Dempsey/Gomez/EJ/Williams etc. on the wing doesn’t work well for this team since they prefer to drift to the center and can’t really work the wings. That clogs things up in the middle and makes us much easier to defend. And yet, we’ve got very capable wingers at fullback. With that in mind, I would go with this.

    ——– Jozy —— Demps———
    Johnson — Bradley —— Zusi
    —————- Jones —————–
    Boca – Gonzo – Cam – Chandler
    —————– Timmy ————–

    This lineup will stretch the field. Johnson and Zusi are both capable of providing service from the wings. That will give Jozy, Dempsey, and Bradley more space to operate in the middle. And it will open up the field for dangerous balls from Jones. And frankly, as reliable as Johnson is at left back, he’s just too damned skilled going forward not to play in midfield whenever possible – especially considering our glaring need on the wing. This is a balanced lineup that at least gives us a chance to create some offense.

    If Klinsi instead goes with a 3 forward/3 d-mid lineup again, I won’t have much faith left in his coaching abilities.

    • beachbum says:

      agree about the width issue this team has. Against Canada, until Davis went to the touchline and stopped pinching in, the width was not there; once Davis stayed wide, he was aboe to whip in a handful of good crosses. Why the US waited 25 minutes before pushing him wide I do not know

  48. Colin Reese says:

    It would be great to see Klinsmann take what he’s seen in club play, friendlies, and qualifiers and start: Howard; Lichaj, Gonzalez, Cameron, Johnson; Bradley; Corona, Feilhaber, Dempsey; Agudelo, Boyd. I’d love to see Adu, but Klinsmann hates his guts.

  49. chris_thebassplayer says:

    I want to see Corona, but I think JK will play a very defensive game with a veteran side. This is going to be a very tough game for the CBs.

  50. Drew says:

    —-Dempsey—-Bradley—-Not Donovan (zusi/torres)

    Not sure I’ve seen many people say it but I thought Bradley was a better judge of talent and had stronger pool of players. However, Klinsmann is the better coach and motivates certain players. That said player like klestjan, torres, and edu have been missing from the USA for some time who were either promising players or players getting legitimate playing time. Sure Bradley had his bad picks like Bornstein, Clark, and findley but he was takin players who had chemistry with one another and built a system that rewarded the ones playing well at a club level ( Hercules and Demerit). Let me know if I’m wrong but it’s just an observation that has made me wonder if zusi and Gatt are our best options in the country.

  51. Micah says:

    Why no Diskerud? He is pretty good.

  52. Turd Bradley says:

    If EJ or Gatt see the field I promise you we will come home pointless. EJ is lazy as all get out. Have to play Deuce running under Jozy and hopefully Jozy feels like moving on Wednesday. I would drop Boca for Gonzo, I think Gonzo is such a threat on set pieces. Or you could also play Boca at LB and slide Johnson up.

    Not sure I have any faith in JK.

    • Osvaldo Alsonso says:

      link to


      Notice the NOT lazy goal. Notice the sweet pass from Brad Evans. (And notice the subtle run of Christian Tiffert that pulled the defender off of Eddie Johnson.)

      And don’t forget to watch EJ run over to the Portland fans so that he can let them know what it feels like to be scored on by a “lazy” forward.

      Calling EJ lazy is just dumb.

  53. Osvaldo Alsonso says:

    I’m just going to say this about Brad Evans.

    First of all, I know that a lot of people here may not agree with the following, but that’s OK!

    Brad Evans is a unique player in the USMNT pool. Some thoughts:

    1) Over the past few seasons in Seattle, he has played at least 6 positions: all 4 of the main midfield roles, right back, and center back. I think he may have played left back on occasion as well (but I don’t remember ever seeing him do that with my own eyes). He plays the same way at each of those positions and is very consistent. This is a rare ability in soccer at the highest levels.

    2) He’s not flashy, but he is a fundamentally sound player that keeps the game simple and who always seems to be in control of what his role is on the field, his own body, his positioning, awareness and such. He is a smart player. He is just excellent in the air, a better passer than most give him credit for (even though he’s not a visionary in that regard), super fit (can go 90 every time), and is cool at the penalty spot.

    3) His weakest spot is the CAM role, but then on the other hand he’s played it a lot and the Sounders were good a lot of the time. This was true even if Evans feels “invisible” when he’s in that role. I wouldn’t judge him on a single game.

    4) For some reason, in 2012, Evans took a step forward as a player and by the end of the season it was a big step forward. This may be because of the arrival of Christian Tiffert, who naturally plays the same role as Evans does for the Sounders. Considering Evans’ age and the fact that many players peak at an age that Evans is on the good side of, we may be seeing Evans hitting a peak that keeps him within the best 20-30 players in the USMNT pool.

    5) We know that many MLS players are solid contributors to Premier League teams when given the opportunity. Brad Evans is the type of player that belongs in that group of players, in that I believe that if he were given a chance to play in a better league he would make that adjustment.

    I know a lot of people see Evans as this average ordinary player. What I see is a guy who makes the depth of the USMNT better, but in a way that’s different from most of the guys Klinsmann gets to pick from. Do I think he has a future with the UMSNT as a CAM? Hellz no. But I think he brings something to the USMNT that few players do bring and that’s versatility and consistency at many positions. Only Geoff Cameron and Clint Dempsey have more natural skill in that area. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see Evans stay on the bubble and in the mix. As someone who is part of the 18, he gives Klinsmann some flexibility. This is what will keep him in the mix for at least the next tournament cycle, even if he doesn’t make the 18 on a regular basis.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Speaking as a non-Sounders fan, I agree.

      Evans was in over his head at AM against Canada. He showed the hustle and athleticism to recover the ball from most of his mistakes, but his creativity lacked. For the first half, I’d give him a 3/10. However, I’d also blame this on Klinsmann playing him at his weakest position (of many) when more creative options were on the bench (Feilhaber) or not dressed (Mix).

      When moved to RB, Evans was one of the best US players in the second half. Shut Canada’s wide play down, got forward well, and put in some dangerous balls. He’s more than good enough at fullback to back up Chandler and Johnson.

      He’s also had a good 3+ weeks of training with the team now and played 2 matches, whereas Cherundolo’s injured, Parkhurst hasn’t seen the pitch for Augsburg yet, Lichaj’s not starting for Villa, Cameron’s needed at CB, and Morrow and Beltran showed they weren’t quite up to snuff against Canada.

  54. Shihab Ahmed says:

    In my opinion this is who they should bring:
    GK: Howard, Guzan
    Defenders: Fabian Johnson, Cameron, Gonzalez, Chandler, Bocanegra, Besler, Castillo, Evans

    Mid: Bradley, Jones, Williams, Kljestan, Zusi, Brad Davis, Feilhaber, Edu

    Forwards: Dempsey, Altidore, Gomez, Johnson, Boyd, Agudelo

  55. beachbum says:

    Re. Chandler, I hope the guy comes on and plays great!

    That doesn’t mean how he’s handled his relationship with the USMNT has been A-OK.
    Recognizing his actions and intentions in this while still nevertheless wanting him to perform well are not mutually exclusive.

  56. Lake says:

    I just want to get Chandler cap-tied. Then we can all stop worrying about it, and frankly, so can he. Just needs to get it out of the way.

  57. Brett says:

    Besler was on a flight today if that means anything..

  58. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Chandler- Boca – Gonzo- Fabian
    Zusi. Benny