Where will you be watching USA-Honduras?

Photo by ISIphotos.com

The U.S. Men’s National Team will attempt to move a step closer to Brazil 2014 when they kick off the Hexagonal round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying in Honduras on Wednesday afternoon, a game that has been highly anticipated for months.

The Americans’ visit to Estadio Olimpico Metropolitano in San Pedro Sula will be televised on beIN Sport, a network which is still not offered in all parts of the U.S., but there should still be plenty of viewing options at local bars for those hoping to catch the Americans in action this afternoon. If work or other obligations have you hamstrung, make sure you stayed tuned to SBI for all of your in-game commentary and analysis.

Where will you be watching tonight’s game?

Share your plans and any U.S. Soccer watch parties in your area in the comments section below.

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205 Responses to Where will you be watching USA-Honduras?

  1. Richard P says:

    The BWW in Athens, Ohio!

  2. erik says:

    fox & hound, indy, in

  3. Wallace says:

    Taiwan. I’ll be up early streaming.

  4. AdamTheRed says:

    At Captain Jack’s, the AO bar in Lincoln, NE!!!

  5. Jason says:

    Soccer in the Streets is hosting a viewing party in Atlanta at Diesel Filling Station at 870 N. Highland, Atlanta, 30306. Check both of us out on Twitter @soccerstreets & @dieselatlanta

  6. jonk says:

    Illegal stream at work *fingers crossed*. Where else to watch a 3pm kickoff on a weekday?

  7. KCSoccerFan says:

    Johnny’s Tavern – Kansas City, MO – official American Outlaws bar in KC.

  8. DJ Oso Fresh says:

    At Dillion’s Irish Pub on Hollywood and Highland with AO Los Angeles!

  9. run says:

    Where in Boulder, CO?

  10. Adam says:

    O’Briens in San Diego Home of AOSD!

  11. Pat says:

    Darby Road, Scotch Plains, NJ

  12. Matt says:

    I’d never watch an illegal live stream of the game, of course.So what sites/links should I go out of my way to avoid today?

  13. RAW says:

    Jack Dempseys in NYC…Home of the American Outlaws New York

  14. Big Dave says:

    Woodworks in Brooklyn

  15. Clint says:

    The Gateway Lounge in Sioux Falls, SD

  16. Andy says:

    IN HELL. Just kidding. None of the places in Austin have really picked up BeIN Sports yet so probably just a stream.

  17. elmatador says:

    Home, I have BeInSport HD with DirectTV

    • Nate Dollars says:

      *needs a ‘deal with it’ gif*

    • RB says:


      All the hate on beIN is very misguided. ESPN would have these matches if ESPN wanted them, and ESPN would have wanted them enough to bid enough to get them if their ratings from past matches were high enough. BeIN just filled a void and ESPN redirected funds in accordance with the demand, namely to El Tri.

      • RB says:

        Forgot to add that I’m looking forward to this MUCH more than the crappy, herky-herky stream and that Al-Jazeera guy on the mic for that big WCQ in Honduras in the last cycle!

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        And the revisionists are up and running. Since ESPN is running European friendlies during the afternoon and Mexico tonight, the “horse’s mouth” excuse of cost no longer flies. Since they can clearly spend enough for El tri — who can likely command more, not less — the excuse has to change. Now it’s claimed cost-benefit, ie, US fans don’t bring ratings to justify the cost. So ESPN will show everything but us and hide behind ratings?

        Does the self-loathing ever cease? Am I supposed to applaud them showing everything but the game most of us want to see, because there just aren’t enough of me? “It’s a business.” Well, at least we’re getting down to brass tacks and they can lay out there to crabby loyal fans how it’s better business to show everything but the US road games.

        Perhaps it’s time to throw on the table that like CNN and such ESPN is increasingly an international network that may no longer be as interested in US soccer in and of itself. What rights sell better to their global audience? Probably not us right now.

        Lest people act like it’s all rational and fair to the fan it reminds me of Houston sports TV where all the major teams save the Texans (including Dynamo) are on a Comcast branch fewer than half the city gets. The teams are onboard because some of them own the branch, and Comcast is gunning for a substantial per-subscription increase from the cable providers at the same time. Pawn in a game of kings.

  18. MFP says:

    From my couch in Paris. I’m probably one of a very few who likes the beIn Sport situation… I think the Scotland friendly was the only game last year that ESPN chose to put on their channel here (ESPN America).

    • Gnarls says:

      You’re not alone. I love BeIN – now that I have it. Most people poop on it because of its limited access. Once more cable providers get on board, the masses will see it’s a quality network. And Terri Leigh is easier on the eyes than Wynalda.

  19. ArsenalFire says:

    Firstrowsports is one of the sites I will have to monitor / avoid at work. Have to use my phone, as well – I hope my patients won’t mind the ear buds.

  20. zztoppppp says:

    Illegal stream at my work desk with my headphones in…let’s hope I don’t let a scream out on accident

    • CplDaniel says:

      Bunker & counter – They will be playing for a tie, and a win would just be bonus. 0-0, 1-1, 1-0, the chance of too much screaming is minimal. If it comes to that though, just explain that your just really worried about the state of the company, that all these guys around here in suits look like their up to no good, and that the squirrel outside the window has been eying your lunch and somebody needs to tell security.

  21. Zach says:

    Mike’s Courtside in New Brunswick, NJ

  22. Omar Little says:

    Manchester Pub in NYC.

  23. David M says:

    At work. Hopefully, the sport lemon site will be streaming it.

  24. BeerMaster says:

    with AO STL and the St.Louligans at Amsterdam Tavern, St.Louis, MO

  25. andrewfroboy says:

    Hoping to stream it on my cellphone during my MBA class

  26. ford says:

    at home on Direct TV… will be a bit delayed… thanks DVR for being there for me.

  27. TD says:

    Any torrent sites where I can download this? Curious if anyone knows if there are places to get the game after it’s over? I am working in Canada (not televised here, so I can’t record it) and I am working during the game, so I can’t watch on the internet.

    Any advice for a USMNT fan here?

    • Hunt Daddy says:

      The Brocastle, Roanoke, VA. DVR saves the day yet again. The difficult bit is gonna be avoiding social media/all soccer websites after 4 EST today….

      • Hunt Daddy says:

        Sorry man, I meant to suggest atdhe.eu. They might be streaming a replay via beIN later on tonight. Check out the links under the soccer tab.

  28. Murphy says:

    Does the game start at 4:00PM? or is that when TV coverage starts? I want to stay at work as long as possible.

    • elgringorico says:

      It probably won’t start at 4 on the dot… 5-10 minutes after is more likely.

    • CplDaniel says:

      I think that bien has a 1-hour general soccer programming show ahead of the match, which will probably be doing the pre-game, and they have slotted 30-minutes after for post-game.

  29. AdamTheRed says:

    For anyone in at least a medium sized metro area, Buffalo Wild Wings has beIN Sport.

    • David M says:

      Well, I called ours (in New York’s Dutchess County), and no one could give me a definitive answer. They seemed to think that they should have it, but I had to spell beIN a few times to a few different people.

  30. Pete says:

    Mulligan’s in Hoboken, NJ

  31. Nando says:

    Home with some friends, I have BeInSport with Xfinity

  32. BC8 says:

    Crossbar, Havertown PA

  33. Rick says:

    At Big Tex Decatur in the ATL

  34. Münster says:

    at work in a cafe in Germany

  35. LAMF says:

    Nowhere… stupid beIN Sport TV

  36. Jeff says:

    Took a half day from work for this game. Ill be at grasshopper in Morristown, NJ

  37. AAA says:

    How much is BEIN sport a month? Thanks in advance

  38. Chicago Pete says:

    Rainstreet Pub in Wauconda, IL
    GO NATS!!!!!!!!!!

  39. jonnypauly says:

    Belly up to the bar @ Tavern on 7, Norwalk, CT

  40. djs says:

    Home…. I’m feeling fortunate because TimeWarner has already added beIN to their digital sports tier (they also started carrying Fox Soccer Plus almost immediately after that channel launched).

  41. Dudester says:

    At home.Got the spicy chips and malt liquor ready.Yeah babyyyyy

  42. MH says:

    Any place in Philly showing it?

  43. dan says:

    We are all working!

    WTF CONCACAF! Why is there a game midweek in the middle of the day? WTF is wrong with you!

    • Joe+G says:

      Well, it’s not a workday in Honduras…

    • Jared says:

      You can blame that one on Honduras. I’m pretty sure I read that they moved it to the middle of the afternoon so that the heat and humidity would be worse for the US. So if you’re keeping score, Honduras is at fault for this being on bein Sport and for the terrible time of the game.

      • THomas says:

        Correct, and their ‘government’ declared today a national holiday, so no work. If there ever was work to begin with.

      • RB says:

        “Honduras is at fault for this being on bein Sport”

        Yeah, like Apple is “at fault” for the success of the iPhone and iPad, Pixar is “at fault” for making popular movies, and so on…

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          There is a big difference between having paid for rights and having them visible on cable providers and becoming successful. Ahem, Setanta. Rights equals signing a check. Hence other games were on PPV.

    • RB says:

      And CONCACAF is at fault for FIFA’s international calendar…

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        Mexico has also held Azteca games during the day. Does Olympic Stadium have floodlights? I think this is (at least somewhat) developed countries probably strategically using scheduling provisions (primarily intended for un-developed countries that might not even have lit pitches, hence they HAVE to play a day game).

  44. TroyJim says:

    Wolff’s Biergarten, Albany, NY

    • MMV says:

      Such a great place. So jealous. I was lucky enough to be in Albany during the Confed Final vs. Brazil and that place was rocking! The garage door was open, place was overflowing, and many, many, many USA chants drowning out the handful of boisterous Brazilians

  45. Stoop says:

    Slainte in Baltimore, I hope.

  46. bryan says:

    O’Briens in San Diego

  47. Luetchy says:

    Our soccer pub here in Cedar Rapids closed last year, but I know BWW has beIN.

  48. ex_sweeper says:

    G**d** matchtracker!! Employer monitors web traffic and some clueless person scheduled a call during the first half so I can’t leave even if I knew a sports bar showing it. Hope to watch it this evening via illegal stream of rebroadcast.

    • dan says:

      where do u get rebroadcast?

      • ex_sweeper says:

        I know that BeIN will be rebroadcasting the game several times, and am just hoping that some kind person will stream it.

    • CplDaniel says:

      Hmm…Haven’t tried this, but if you put a portable linux distro on a thumb drive and boot your office PC (or Mac) from the thumbdrive linux, you might be able to get around the traffic managing software. I was able to get around network security software at my university lab doing that. The network software only dealt with the Window’s machines and ignored the PC that I was using.

      • Nate Dollars says:

        um, depending on where you work, you may not want to do that…easily grounds for firing. i know it’s the hex, but your employer may not care.

  49. franco says:

    A better question would be: What website will you watch the match on?

  50. curva sud says:

    Call places and ask them if they have channel 620 on DirecTV. Or if they know that they have DirecTV premier they’ll also have it.

  51. Ryan says:

    Freetail Brewing Company in the Alamo City.

  52. EvertonBrian says:

    The one and only soccer bar here.
    Mas Que in Buffalo, NY!

    • UBsoccer says:

      Nice! not a bad bar at all…..doesnt get that rowdy though!!

      try their duck sandwhich, its awesome

  53. Gnarls says:

    From my office in SoCal. I’m far enough from my bosses office that I can pull of the occasional stream.

  54. beto says:

    Three Lions on Colfax in Denver, CO!

  55. G. Bean says:

    Lucky’s Pub

    It’s next to BBVA Stadium in Downtown Houston.

    • Rowsdower says:

      I’ll be a few blocks away on the 20th floor of some office building streaming it. Wish I could be there!

  56. scb says:

    Nomad Pub in Minneapolis, just a snowy few minutes’ walk from my office.

    • Ben says:

      The Nomad carries BeIN? Good to know. I usually head over to the Sweetwater Grille in St. Paul.

      • jake says:

        Will there be a group at Nomad? I was planning on Sweetwater, but Nomad is much close for me

      • scb says:

        Yup, it’ll be showing there. I go to the Sweetwater sometimes as well, but it’s pretty hard for me to get there during the middle of the day.

  57. MMV says:

    ***cough, cough, sniff, sniff****

    “Man, I’m just not feeling well today, Boss. With everything that’s going around the office, I think it’s best if I head home and get some much needed rest and medicine”

    Then you hear the squeal of my tires as I speed away from work making it home just in time for kickoff! That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

  58. JG13 says:

    I was going to head to The Banshee in Dorchester, MA but I just found out that Parlor Sports in Somerville is opening at 4 for the match, so I can head around the corner instead of cross town. For anyone else in metro-Boston, Phoenix Landing in Central Sq Cambridge is probably an option as well (they usually air USMNT games but I haven’t yet confirmed that they have this one).

    • JD32 says:

      I live right near Phoenix Landing! Do you think they will broadcast all USMNT qualifiers for the Hex? Do a bunch of USMNT fans gather for the games there?

      • JG13 says:

        They usually show most USMNT matches and tend to draw a good crowd, though the later starting hex matches may be an issue (as it becomes a club around 10?). Give them a call and see if they’ll have it today. If not, head over to Parlor Sports, which is in Inman (only a 10-15 minute walk from Central).

  59. Scott says:

    In my criminal procedure class.

  60. Peter says:

    Rí Rá Irish Pub in Clarendon, Virginia

  61. Cd9 says:

    On my JetBlue flight! They have it pity the person next to me

    • Mike in Austin says:

      I was on JetBlue two weeks ago and they had bein so I think your neighbor will be in for a treat.

  62. Waterlewd says:

    Fados, River North, Chicago, IL

  63. Brit says:

    Santiago, Chile
    Illegal stream from work when it starts (6pm) and then will miss some while I rush to the apartment to catch the rest.

  64. seaoctopus says:

    No clue, I am overseas on a trip ( Prague )

  65. cerati9 says:

    Probably the Blimpies here on South Beach, they have beIN Sport :)

  66. cerati9 says:

    or rojadirecta at the office or maybe the Hoffbrau on Lincoln Road here in South Beach

  67. Rich says:

    It’s unbelievable that USA Today lists the Mexico qualifier on its Sports on TV blurb, but not the USMNT!

  68. Matt says:

    Uccellos in Grand Rapids, MI

  69. SaboCM says:

    Anyone know if Legend’s in NYC is showing the game?

  70. AMPhibian says:

    I live in a small town in northern cali, ukiah, and we have no sports bar. sigh, gonna be streaming it on my laptop.

  71. LCSoccer says:

    Huddled over my computer at my desk. Unless is can sneak out and head to Cuatro’s here in Austin!

  72. deuceman says:

    From Budapest, Hungary, via the holy internet 😉 hopefully…
    am I the furthest? 😀

  73. Deaf65 says:

    Laughing Man Tavern in D.C.! Go USA!!!! I will be RELIEVED when Timothy Chandler touch the pitch the minute the match start!!!

  74. JM says:

    Darby Road Pub

    450 Park Ave
    Scotch Plains NJ

    all 8 TVs and audio will be tuned into USA vs Honduras game 4 pm kick off

  75. Djep says:

    Any recommendations for South San Francisco??? I don’t think I can make it up to the city this afternoon.

    • josh says:

      Don’t know about South City, but I am going to check with O’Neill’s in San Mateo. They are always overflowing during the day on big midday midweek matches (WC qualys, CL, etc), so I think there is a good chance they’ll have it.

  76. boliviaspurs says:

    At the office in Santa Cruz Bolivia.

  77. Eric says:

    Lucky Bar in DC

  78. Trey says:

    Anyone know anywhere in Jacksonville, FL that will be airing the game?

  79. rees says:

    Trinity Hall, Dallas

  80. Andrew says:

    Alley Katz in Sacramento, CA

  81. singsing says:

    Stuck at work like an idiot or else I’d be at either Abby in Baltimore or Lucky in the District. I really should have taken today off.

  82. RK says:


  83. epablo says:

    Are there any good bars/pubs in Bakersfield CA that will be showing the game?

  84. Edwin in LA says:

    Going to Big Wang’s in Hollywood, CA at the corner of Selma and Cahuenga

  85. DannyV says:

    Anybody know if there’s a radio stream available anywhere?

  86. Jeremy says:

    Fox & Hounds Studio City, CA

  87. Bill says:

    B-Dubbs Ashland, OH.

  88. Ne-Dub says:

    with AO ABQ at Fox & Hound

  89. Jim from NC says:

    I will be watching the match on my laptop in Dunfermline Scotland.

  90. Michael Parkhurst says:

    From the bench. Right behind Coach.

  91. AJ says:

    My couch in perrysburg ohio thank god for live streams

  92. Charles Fix says:

    In Seattle on June 18th !!!!!!!!

  93. Big Chil says:

    I’ll be at a work meeting until 5:00-5:15, then straight to the British Bulldog, Denver, only 5 blocks away, for the 4:30pm repeat, but I’m sure I’ll be able to tell the result as soon as I walk in :(

  94. Kevin says:

    Ha Penny in Boise Idaho? Am I the only one in Idaho watching this game???!!


  95. Leonardo says:

    going downtown Pedro to the San Pedro Brewing, one of the top Los Angeles breweries to watch in 2013


  96. Anthony says:

    Morgantown, West Virginia!!!

  97. Todd says:

    Any streaming websites?

  98. Michael says:

    Ill be watching it in Liverpool, England

  99. Joamiq says:

    Fritz and Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables, FL!

  100. Colin says:

    Cuatros, ATX YO

  101. BamaMan says:

    Rojo in Birmingham, AL

  102. UH Coogs says:

    At my desk in the tutoring lab at UH in Melcher Hall, watching a stream probably.

  103. Austin says:

    Anyone know anywhere in Fort Worth?

  104. smitty6000 says:

    post-game post but Coaches Pub in Houston