USMNT battles Mexico to scoreless draw in qualifier at Azteca

Bradley (Getty)


Embattled and undermanned, the U.S. Men’s National Team traveled to the daunting grounds of Estadio Azteca on Tuesday night and secured a valuable road point, fending off wave after wave of Mexican attack en route to the scoreless draw.

The match marked just the second time the U.S. has earned a result in Mexico during World Cup qualifying, after the first came via a similar 0-0 contest in 1997. With the tie, the U.S. improved to 1-22-2 all-time on Mexico soil — and the team is 1-0-1 at Azteca under coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Through three matches in the hexagonal, the Americans sit in third place at 1-1-1, while Mexico is in fifth at 0-0-3.

For the U.S., the heroes were many. The raw center back pairing of Omar Gonzalez and Matt Besler more than held its own. Backup goalkeeper Brad Guzan delivered a commanding performance. In midfield, veterans Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey held the ball when the Americans desperately needed to relieve the pressure.

Mexico seized control from the start. By 20 minutes in, El Tri had already drawn yellow cards on half of the American back line, with Besler — earning just his second cap — and DaMarcus Beasley going in the book.

But Mexico couldn’t cash in on its chances. When the referee’s assistant signaled for a penalty kick as Bradley’s challenge sent Javier Hernandez tumbling in the box, the man in the middle waved play on. Later, Hernandez’s header off a goal-crashing run went over the bar.

After halftime, it was more of the same. As Mexico created chance after chance, it was the physicality of Gonzalez and the anticipation of Besler that snuffed the opportunities, keeping the home side off the board despite the defensive duo’s inexperience.

In the 76th minute, Mexico again appealed for a penalty as Maurice Edu appeared to take down Javier Aquino from behind. The referee ignored penalty appeals a corner kick, and U.S. breathed a sigh of relief once more.

When the U.S. in the fourth minute of stoppage time steered away Mexico’s 15th corner kick of the match, the result was secure.

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249 Responses to USMNT battles Mexico to scoreless draw in qualifier at Azteca

  1. Skippy says:

    Kinsman is a genius!

    • vik says:

      I think he’s consistent. He writes up his depth chart and sticks to it, and today it was to his credit. Besler and Gonzalez were immense. Zusi and Gomez were machines covering back for their fullbacks. I also liked the subs for midfielders, allowed for better pressuring and covering from midfield and acknowledged the effort Zusi and Gomez had given over multiple games.

      Yea, Klinsmann did well today.

    • bottlcaps says:

      Yeah, I think he finally figured out that Jozy Altidore CANNOT…YET… Play as a lone striker up top, and pulled him.

      But I think the Mexican Team, Jurgen Klinsmann and the press corp finally noticed that it is extremely hard to put balls in the box against Omar Gonzalez!. A 6’5″ athlete with better than average leaping ability, a good technical ability and very long legs, it is one of the reasons the Galaxy have won two straight MLS cups. Pair him with other yound defenders like Matt Beisler or even De La Garza, and you have the genesis and backbone of a very good back line.

      And as I predicted The Beez held his own on the corner. Although he is a step slowe than his heyday, he is still faster than most of the Mexican wingers. His experience in choking off service to the box who, as I had said before, a key to the game.

      • TomG says:

        Jozy did look gassed, but he was also the only one who was able to create any dangerous possession in the final third all game.

        • keithbabs79 says:

          Disagree. Bradley pushed. Demps pushed. But we’re talking 1-2 times in a 90-minute game. And those chance were more potential than opportunity.

          • Josh D says:

            Can’t see Dempsey really pushed. I was extremely disappointed with his second half showing. Didn’t offer any defense, didn’t offer offense and the game went right by him. If Dos Santos choked for Mexico, Dempsey went missing for us.

            • Patrick says:

              He wasn’t there to offer defense, really, he was playing as one of the two forwards when we shifted back into defense. He dropped behind the ball when he had to, and didn’t get stuck in on any silly fouls on defense. As far as possession is concerned, he was a great outlet for Bradley/Edu, but he didn’t work toward the goal very often.

      • Paul says:

        Besler isn’t all that young at 26.

        • YesItsNate says:

          Young enough to get this WC cycle and another one in before his 32nd birthday, that’s young enough to be “the future”

    • Larry says:

      Thanks to Brian Straus, Klinsman is now giving the starting roster to his team a day in advance. Judging from the last two games, I’m gonna bet they are now discussing tactics as well. Thanks, Brian, for nudging the ship in the right direction!

      • Joe B NYC says:


      • Alex G says:

        Totally agree, Brian did help the US team and their general awereness, he also gave soccer an excellent publicity, everybody was paying attention. Having said that, I also believe he found our two starting CB Besler and Gonzalez.

  2. chris says:

    Finally play domestic players that play as a team and you see what happens.

    • beachbum says:

      it was something to see man :)

      Gonzo-Besler-Camero-Beasley-Guzan-Bradley-Edu back 7

      awesome result baby!!!

    • RB says:

      Given the way Jermaine Jones played on Friday, I’m very glad that advice wasn’t followed.

      • beachbum says:

        JJ was great in the blizzard, I’d bet would have fit in just fine here tonight

        • Falsify says:

          Edu gave away a penalty but it wasn’t called. You could argue that Jones would have been less of a risk. Even with his wrist push from Friday night. Edu could have cost us the game.

          • beachbum says:


          • James says:

            “You could argue that Jones would have been less of a risk.” Say what? That’s the first I’ve ever seen those words written, especially one game after he gives a foul that “four times out of five is a straight red.”

            Jones is as much of a liability, if not more. A great player, I admit, but an overly aggressive liability nevertheless.

            • CroCajun1003 says:

              You remember that time Jones got a red card? Me either.

              • broadsthooligans says:

                While true, Jones is closer to a red card more often than any player on the team. Maybe he just has a good sense for what refs can see/will call but it seems like he’s right on the line of a liability even if it hasn’t shown itself yet.

          • Andy N says:

            Edu also gave the ball away in our own half numerous times. We were lucky Mexico didn’t capitalize on those chances.

            • Shawn G says:

              The one stretch where Edu gave the ball away twice in 2 touches just outside our 18 was nightmare stuff.

              Sorry, lots of man-sized performances last night, but Edu’s was 2009 cringe-worthy.

              • ronniet says:

                everyone gave the ball away at some point in the game, and that includes bradley and especially gomez!!!! Edu, yeah i gave it away but he also showed some steel and was sharp with his passes getting forward and dempsey should have done better with his through ball that he just gave up on….overall a gritty point for the boys!!

              • baropbop says:

                Bradley did the same

  3. Sabella says:

    What a difference a week makes. Our fortunes have improved significantly. It was an ugly but enormous result. Hats off to our back line and the referee for not calling that PK towards the end.

    Sleep easy tonight…..

    • Lil' Zeke says:

      I grudgingly accept the ref’s gift, but that’s not an aspect of the game I care to revisit

      • keithbabs79 says:

        It was a 50/50 call, but I think the ref was tired of all the theatrics. If the player would have tried to get a real shot off instead of acting like he broke his leg when he knew there would be contact, he may have got the call.

    • Josh D says:

      It was karma for all the times that call didn’t go our way. The soccer gods look favorably on Klinsi’s men.

  4. Skippy says:

    Someone fix my post. I meant “Klinsmann”

  5. Dimidri says:

    Lot of up and down performances-Beasley sometimes looked like he had played left back since he was 6, other times easily could have given up a goal. Edu had some really bad moments (including the PK) but also looked composed at times and possibly a better option going forward than Williams/Jones. Jozy had some good hold up and decent passing but looked a bit tired by the end.

    Omar was a beast. Nuff said.

    • MO says:

      Edu never looked like a better option than Jones

      • chris says:

        Edu advanced the ball very well at times. Hes no bradley but neither is jones

        • RB says:

          Edu didn’t advance the ball in this game anywhere near the way Jones did on Friday.

          • chris says:

            Well because this is Mexico and that was Costa Rica

            • RB says:


              OK, sure.

              • Riggity says:

                I really like Edu but after this game I don’t really see how you can say he is a better option than Jones unless you are being biased. There’s a reason they keep looking at him to play CB

              • chris says:

                Can you point out where I said edu is > jones

              • Riggity says:

                ?…your not the only one posting, read the original post and you will see im not even addressing you. That being said you did run to Edu’s rescue stating that he played Mexico and JJ played CR, thats true but JJ would have been better tonight and I feel comfortable saying that because Edu was one of the worst players on the field tonight. Which kinda makes me wonder about Kljestian…

        • keithbabs79 says:

          If by advance, you mean 10 yards in the air on a bad touch, than yes, you are correct

          • ronniet says:

            Edu had a couple of give aways but who didn’t???? Bradley gave it away a couple of times early in our own half as well and herculez gave it away more than edu possibly but he did spray the ball forward through the middle and out to the wings! You can even say his through ball to dempsey should have created something beteer if dempsey wouldn’t have given up on it but overall edu was solid!

            • keithbabs79 says:

              Just glad you aren’t coach.

            • Luke says:

              Read on Grant Wahl’s column that Bradley completed 57 or 58 passes. He gave it away once! Where are the other times he did? Edu was solid?!?! Was the weakest player out there. His 2 giveaways within 10 yards of our penalty area, that rash challenge from behind in the penalty area…his performance of Rico Clark-ish.

      • nick says:

        +1 I dont know what these guys saw but Edu was horrible today in my opinion

    • chris_thebassplayer says:

      Mo isn’t going to displace Jones anytime soon…he is still very poor with the ball under pressure.

      • RB says:

        That giveaway not far outside the area in the final minutes — that sort of thing happens far too often with him…

      • danny says:

        By his own standards, Edu’s composure and passing was very good. He’s no Bradley and not as good as Jones going forward or possessing but he covered tons of ground and that was what we needed out of him. Jones could not have done this better and it makes me feel that this Edu/Bradley combo worked out better in this situation than Jones/Bradley would have. But, if Edu is not at the top of his game then he kills us with bad giveaways.

        Bradley looked like the best midfielder on the pitch. Played like a captain.

        • Riggity says:

          Cool he played like a captain…

        • haldalltimbermaniac says:

          +1 on Bradley

          • CroCajun1003 says:

            Bradley was immense.

            He dominated the midfield. Mexico controlled the ball in their own third and in the attacking third, but the midfield was Bradley’s.

            His ability to slow down the game and maintain possession for the Nats frustrated the Mexicans and their fans to no end. Gonzo was brilliant but Bradley was my MOTM.

          • keithbabs79 says:

            Oh captain, my captain

            • Peter says:

              Bradley was beast because he was allowed to move more forward centerally, because Edu’s job is to thrawt the others offense, and to Edu’s defense a couple of times he gave the ball away he was LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO COME RECEIVE IT BUT OUR CURRENT CAPTAIN’s work rate yesterday was subpar. Edu/Bradley have a better understanding than Bradley/Jones

      • Jim says:

        “dead balls on” —— also Mo hasn’t picked up the on the new midfield quick passing rhythm.

    • Troy says:

      Omar was a beast, agreed. But Edu gave up the ball way too easy and almost cost us the game with that late, clumsy tackle in the box.

  6. 2tone says:

    Besler and Gonzo are a legit starting CB tandem going forward.

    Great defensive performance. But this team will need to be much better in attack in June.

    • PD says:

      with a healthy Chandler and Fabian Johnson and Beasley and Donovan playing on the wings you might get your wish…

      • Natsalways says:

        Perfect comment. We need a 2002 revival. Beastely and Donovan on the wings and 2014 is looking bright indeed.

        Beasley has alwAys been one of my favorites, ever since the 2002 Fire campaign. Thanks for two incredible games, man!

    • Kosh says:


      I hope JK stays with them. I mean they performed in the most difficult game of the hex. When the other guys come back I think you’ve gotta stay with Gonzo-Besler. You gotta!!

      • Bobb says:

        No you don’t.


        Besler on the bench

        • CroCajun1003 says:

          Yesssir. Besler was wonderful against Mexico and is a great option for depth, but he’s not in our first choice back 4.

          • Kosh says:

            OK guys the starting list you have there is pretty awesome and don’t get me wrong I would love to see it in action. But I’m just saying Besler proved himself in the toughest away game we are going to play in CONCACAF. He’s made a very good case for himself.

            • Original Aaron says:

              Completely agree about Besler. I’ve lived in Atlanta my whole life till now, so although I’m a huge soccer fan, I’ve only been able to watch on tv, and have only seen 4 games live. I’m always struck by how different the game is live than on tv. I live in Mexico City now and was able to go to the game last night- wow. I’m surprised to read all these comments, and how different you guys’ impression of the game seems to be from my own (not that I’m an expert or anything). I didn’t see “wave after wave” of attack from Mexico in the first half. I thought we played them relatively even. However, from the opening whistle of the second half it was obvious our mindset had changed and we were going for the 0-0 tie. For me, Besler was the best player on our backline last night- not Gonzalez. Also, I thought Edu had a great game. The Edu and Bradley tandem was so good that in the second half the Mexicans completely ceded the middle of the pitch to them. There was a hole in the middle of the pitch 30 yards in diameter that only Edu and Bradley filled (mainly Bradley, as he played a little higher). Salcido played too deep, and Gio constantly ran the channels on the front line, or overlapped on the outside, so it left a big hole. It was completely on purpose, the Mexicans knew they couldn’t come through the middle, and it is the reason we won the game. Forcing them to play crosses in from the outside, and allowing our guys to win the ball with their height advantage was the exact recipe for our best chance of success. The way Mexico was going to score and win that game was by hard charging secondary runs out of the midfield, and Edu and Bradley were so good that they completely gave up on that tactic after the first half. All the Mexicans I was trash talking with during the game were very impressed by Gomez and Beasley (not surprising as they are well known players due to playing in Liga MX), and were very complimentary of Bradley. They all knew him as the old coach’s son, but after last night they know he is the one they need to fear instead of Donovan. Bradley may not score goals, but he dominates the field, and controls the tactical setup of both teams.

              • whoop-whoop says:

                Thanks. Nice post.

                Envious…. I’m dying to see a US v Mexico match at Azteca. Live is very different as it opens up the tunnel vision of the camera and allows you to see the whole picture- what is going on off the ball which is where the game is really played. For this reason, I wish television would add more wide angle, overhead clips as play develop.

        • beachbum says:

          I’ll take Besler over Chandler, indeed

  7. Kosh says:

    4 points – not bad. That was a very good performance from a very unified team. Job well done, fellas.

    Gonzo, Beasler, Beasley – wow! Cameron did the business as well.

    El Guzano!!

    Job well done, JK.

    • Capital K says:

      Shea sub was misunderstood by announcing crew. Objective was fresh legs….to attack OR defend. JK is getting it right.

      • Steve says:

        Yeah, I though half of the reason had to be in anticipation of defending set pieces down the stretch.

        • WK says:

          i thought it might also be to sow some doubt in the Mexico late game tactics. by putting on the guy who helped seal the win late last time combined with our CM performance, they couldn’t just throw everybody forward to get a goal without seriously exposing themselves as well. not sure about the brad davis sub though, if you’re going to put in someone in for possesion and defending why not Klijstan or even Beckerman?

    • beachbum says:


    • White Kix says:

      I find it interesting that the “very good performance from a very unified team” came without any German-American’s on the field. Could that rift Strauss reported be a bigger issue than people would like to admit. Even if no rift exists, you have to look back on that Honduras game (And Russia for Chandler and Williams), and say that the Germans should have a lot of work cut out for them to get back on the field (I say ‘should’ because I believe Klinsmann will through them back in, upset the team chemistry, and we go right back to where we were a week ago).

      • whoop-whoop says:

        Overblown…. Johnson and JJ were missed. Haven’t seen either play a game where I questioned effort and their skill exceeds their replacements. They will be and should be right back in the line-up as soon as they are available.

        Doesn’t mean I don’t admire and appreciate Beasley’s performance. Tough, tough assignment to fill in at a position you are unfamiliar w/ under those circumstances and Mo’s quick feet and hustle clogged up space Gio would have loved to run into..

  8. Judging Amy says:

    Thomas, who are these players, Matt Besler and Damarcus (typo in your copy btw) Beasley?

    Do you mean Matt BEASTLER and Damarcus BEASTLY?

    • dan c says:

      are you eating chicken with that weak sauce?

      • Judging Amy says:

        haters are going to hate my mexican amigo. enjoy your three draws.

        • dan c says:

          lol, I’m not mexican, i’m glad the US got the point (duh), I just think what yu did with the names was weak….. what’s the matter, don’t like being judged? 😉

          • Judging Amy says:

            i was pretty positive you weren’t mexican. just messing around. lol, no i don’t care much about being judged. the names are pretty corny i agree. but so am i. cheers, friend.

  9. TomD says:

    Maybe a good thing Goodson pulled up lame. Made Jurgen’s decision easy.

  10. MemRook says:

    Gonzalez MOTM. Guzan close second and definitely made some keys saves at the end, but Omar was solid from start to finish and did all the little things right all game. Besler happily surprised too. Looking very good.

  11. Old School says:

    Some general thoughts on a wide variety of topics, bear with me…

    MotM: Goodson

    All jokes aside, major praise to Clarence for putting his nation/teammates and pride/himself second. Jozy, please take note.

    Besler (someone I’ve been championing forever) showed his worth and Gonzalez played like a veteran. Those guys grew up before our eyes.

    Beasley playing with heart and effort no one can question. Still has enough pace to make himself an annoyance on that left side. However, he is NOT…a LB. Are we (more specically YOU) done drinking the koolaid yet? Throw him higher at LW/LM and utilize his regained form as an attacker.

    Cameron, as much as I like him, appears to decrease the quality of his distribution when he moves from CB to RB. Odd as that is.

    Speaking of poor distribution: I’m done seeing people defend Edu in the midfield. The guy is needs a new word created to define his poor ball skills/distribution.

    …and lastly, speaking of poor: Jozy. Poor him. Woe is him. I get that the attack was nearly non-existent. I get that he and anyone else in an advanced role strugled for service. However, Jozy…you’re literally wore yourself flailing your arms around whining, while Herc and Zuzi (who are half as talented as you) stayed on the pitch. Why did they remain and you didn’t? What they lack in comparison to your talent, they trump you in maturity. Grow up and grow into being a dominant player for your country.

    Klinsmann haters, general detractors and faux-journalists with their anonymous sources can stuff it. We needed 4 points and through hell (Azteca) and high water (well, snow/blizzard), he got us 4 points. It may not have been sexy but then again, you are the same haters that championed Bradley…so sexy isn’t something you were ever concerned with before.

    Onward and upwards.

    P.S. Mexico, How’d it feel to be on the opposite end of most calls? Welcome to our reality for 90 minutes every match in CONCACAF.

    • beachbum says:

      it only took about 10 injured players to get theis mazing lineup out there :)

      cheers Old School!

    • Kent says:

      Edu’s ball control is horrendous.

    • dan c says:

      Can’t disagree more with your assesment of Jozy. Any semblance of danger presented to Mexico tonight began with the holdup and distribution play of Jozy with his back to the net. Kinnsman had him out wide to much for my liking…. Dempsey got a lot of time centrally tonight and played poorly in that role. I like Deuce, hell “Don’t tread on me is my ring tone” but he should have been subbed off, not Jozy.

      • some guy says:

        I agree..think Jozy might’ve done something on field against Klinsi’s wishes. Man, Deuce was sluggish tonight & Edu should have been subbed out.

      • bottlcaps says:

        No, Jozy’s idea of going outside, was Jozy’s idea..and one of the reason he was pulled. As a holdup forward you must stay near the center of the field and NOT pull your defenders to the wings, which confuses your wingers and pinched the field off on that side.

        Bad Jozy..Bad, Bad Jozy! One of the problem with Jozy is his lack of discipline..He will learn, but only after JK sits him down and someone brings him videos of Brian McBride…or even Jack McBean.

      • TomG says:

        Agree that Jozy was the only truly dangerous player for USA tonight but also think he looked sluggish and not as energetic as he looked on Friday. I think the altitude, smog and 2 games in 4 days affected the big man more than most.

        • Juan says:

          How was he dangerous? We had no shots

          • CroCajun1003 says:

            Looked to me like Jozy had to play on an island because Clint was dropping so far back. Rather than occupying false 9 space as a withdrawn striker, Deuce was playing deep lying playmaker when we had the ball, often dropping deeper than Edu or Bradley.

            This was great for maintaining possession, but made linking passes in the attacking 3rd a tough ask.

            It was also frustrating that it seemed like no one could deliver a serviceable cross. I applaud Gomez and Beasley for their grit and their defensive work, but their service from the wings was none existant.

            That being said, ecstatic this morning w/ the result.

      • Gary Page says:

        Early in Mark Hughes’ tenure as coach at Fulham he pulled Dempsey out with about 25 minutes to go in a game and the crowd began chanting, “You don’t know what you’re doing.” You should never take Dempsey off unless he isn’t match fit or is injured. The last couple of years and for the next couple of years, he is always the best hope for a goal for the US.

    • NJ Guy No Longer Stuck in DC says:

      Agreed on Edu and his boneheadedness. I much prefer to say Cherundolo’d than Edu’d

    • Lil' Zeke says:

      Though applicable, scoreboard isn’t the reason Beasley at LB was the right call. It’s because he’s a great and versatile US international who represented our best foot forward at that position (in one coach’s estimation) in light of our injury woes. So enough already with the koolaid tripe

  12. KungFuSoccer says:

    Fantastic watching Gonzalez and Besler. I follow the Galaxy and know what Omar has and can do. I was skeptical when he was brought in earlier in the hex, didn’t think he was quite ready. Great to see how a couple of international matches have matured him and made him ready. Klinsman is looking pretty smart.

  13. Dan in New York says:

    Excellent defensive effort! Gonzales, Besler, and Guzan were men of the match.

  14. Kent says:

    We were lucky at times but defended very well.

    Our offense was subpar at its best. Edu was very generous with giveaways in dangerous places.

  15. eadc says:

    I questioned Besler’s readiness in the pre-game thread, and I stand (glady!) corrected.
    What a beast of a game for him and Gonzo. Some iffy moments at times, but a hell of a first trip to Azteca for him. Bravo! (and I don’t mean Omar)

  16. G. Bean says:

    I’m thankful to the ref for not calling the obvious penalty.

    • WK says:

      i think he might have, if the player had given his best off-broadway performance. if he just falls over or even stumbles its a pretty obvious late tackle from behind that disnt get any ball.

    • Kosh says:

      Which one the one at Azteca or in Colorado?

      These things happen and we are often on the ugly side of calls. Things went our way (and I hope they stay that way) for once (or twice…OK, maybe 3 times). These things even themselves out over time ( and we are still behind on the count).

      Plus one thing people are not saying is this – while these could have been pens the ref was behind the play and the flailing, over-dramatic falling didn’t help either.

  17. Adam in Cali says:

    Pretty awesome that every single US player tonight developed in MLS

    • USA says:

      That is a great point… didn’t even realize it until you mentioned it… even the subs were all MLS born.

  18. HoboMike says:

    If Gonzalez never plays for us again, I’ll always remember how he played tonight. Beast.

    And Besler? Most impressive. Gotta say it. Klinsi has some balls!

    Well done men!!

  19. WK says:

    Go buy a Lotto ticket Mo Edu- you’re the luckiest man in this hemisphere right now!

    Klinsi has taken a lot of flack, but he’s undefeated against our arch-rival. you’re still my choice coach!

    • Neruda says:

      Edu was the worst on the pitch for the US. He didn’t know where to pass half the time and had his pocket picked a few too many times. Then he’s late on the almost penalty. Close one.

      • Juan says:

        Hard to pick between him and Zusi. It was no accident that they attacked mostly on Zusi’s side

        • chris says:

          Aquino was the most active mexican going against beasley…………………on the left side……………..complete opposite side zusi was on

    • SBI Troll says:


  20. Alex says:

    Gonzo dominant in the air and great timely tackles . Besler anticipation was top class tonite!!

  21. Joe from El Paso says:

    Nice draw!

  22. Amru says:

    I’m probably going to be crucified for this, but I’m still very worried about how we looked as a team and some of the decisions Klinsmann made. Here’s some examples.

    First- The complete lack production from our number 9’s. You can’t just say Jozy had a bad game because EJ came in and was just as useless

    Second- The use of subs was poor. He took Jozy out very early and then brings in Davis (who should be no where near this team) and Shea two left sided players. All three subs had ZERO affect on the game

    Third- We had ZERO shots on goal. That is completely unacceptable and yes I am aware of who we played and where we played. The fact that we had no shots is pretty embarrassing.

    Fourth- Again when we manage to possess the ball it is very rare that any chances come out of it. This is the most common theme under klinsmann and is very worrying for me

    Having said all this I still give klinsmann credit for his player selection to start the game and I’m thrilled about the result.

    • Alex says:

      U have to remember klinsman’s lack of players with all the injuries

      • TomG says:

        +1. Valid points but given the players out, we have to be thrilled being able to get out of here with a point and with having found two solid CBs in the process.

    • dan c says:

      all valid points, if they crucify you, I’ll cut you down

    • Kosh says:

      Ok I’ll play –

      First – The 9 was never going to play as a 9 in this kind of game. You need a guy who is going to go out there and hold the ball up, hustle and cause problems. McBride used to do that for us – right now Herc does that. Jozy was never going to play AZ ball in this game. I don’t think JK was using EJ as a true 9 but just as a threat with his speed (and one-trick pony stepovers) to force the Mex D to stay on him.

      Second – All 3 subs had ZERO effect on the game??? What are you talking about. You’ve made it deep into the second and you were expecting what? Gangbusters, when you have a point in hand? For me EJ comes in because there was no Jozy or Herc on the field. Davis comes in because if were were going to steal anything from that game it was going to be on a set piece (again no Herc or Zuzi on the field). Do I even have to explain why Shea got the call??

      Third – Cone off of it, my friend. We got a point. Style points don’t mean jack and fortunately embarrassed feelings don’t count either. We fought for a tie with a makeshift team against a Mexican team that is clearly, CLEARLY the class of the region right now and you complain about style points?

      Fourth – I…I…you know what, whatevs. During a week of controversy and an injury riddled team, JK got his team to earn us 4 points.

      • chris says:

        Herc is no hold up forward and no where near Mcbrides level. Stopped reading you post right at that sentence

        • Kosh says:

          Sometimes its best to read into things a bit more, but seeing as how you stopped…

          To be clear I am not saying that Herc is McBride but if you can (I mean if you’ve read this far that is) who on the team emulates what McBride did for us in games like this?

          Jozy did some of that in Colorado for us last week (credit where it’s due) but nothing giving tonight, so JK yanked him.

          • chris says:

            Herc played LW you can’t even begin to compare him to Jozy this game. It was hercs job to track back, jozys was not. Every time the US attack threatened mexico jozy was involved. You act as if jozy got amazing service. He got the ball at his feet maybe 10 times. It’s not the player its the system that’s the problem, no one has shined as a lone forward in any game under jk. Keep blaming the players if it makes you happy

            • Kosh says:

              Dear Lord. I know Herc played wide. I watched the game.

              Look, chris, I am over the moon that we got 4 points in a week where many had us either not qualifying or playing NZ. We have 4 points from 2 road games and 1 at home. We’re not there yet but we are doing the things we need to to help ourselves.

              Just on the way some of these posts are going I can only imagine how the board plays if we were sitting with 0 or 1 point on the table. That in itself makes me super happy.

              So it’s late, I’m both overjoyed and tired – so you know what…you win.

              • CroCajun1003 says:

                If you didn’t want your views questioned, you shouldn’t have put them on the internet. -Captain Hindsight

      • Amru says:

        -My main point about the 9 is that once again there was no service to that forward. To me this means there is no real game plan to get the #9 involved in which case you might as well have a marathon runner out there to “hustle and cause problems.”

        -And yes they had ZERO affect on the game. How many set pieces did Davis deliver? How many times did Shea touch the ball? Did Johnson manage to do anything with what little he saw of the ball?

        -And yes I’m excited about the point, but the whole point of bringing in JK was to play a better brand of soccer and that my friend was pretty ugly. Sometimes I think we attacked better under Bradley….

        • Kosh says:

          I try to stay away from the JK-Bradley contest around here because taht’s a black hole I have no interest of getting near. My take – it is what it is and JK is the guy we have in charge now.

          To me there were two points in that game when we were going to have a hard time getting the ball – the 1st 20 min and the last 10 min (+ extra time). For me the changes are made with the anticipation of getting a set play and perhaps Shea doing his thing late again. Did it go to plan? No. But what else would you have JK or any coach do?

          • Amru says:

            Yeah you’re right I don’t mean to turn this into a coaching contest. And I can see the logic in the changes believe me, but ultimately they had no affect on the game and that is what should be judged. The lack of offense we had in this game was just startling to me

            • Kosh says:

              Yeah we hurt on O. No doubt about that, But remember we are missing some serious pieces on the team. We do need to sort out the offensive side of things (and I am with you I would have rather had it done before well before now) but with or D coming into form we need to look at the MF. We are a team in transition and it shows but we also have 4 points.

              • Amru says:

                Yeah all things considered we are in a solid position right now, which is all we as fans can ask for.

    • bottlcaps says:

      No crucifiction from here. You were right about the lack of productivity. I think JK is trying to give Jozy Altidore a platform, but he keep falling off it. Partly because, like I have said time and time again..Jozy A. does not yet know how to play a holding/post-up forward…a la Brian Mcbride, who was great in that role. JA has all the attributes, but has failed to grasp the role. He was all over the pitch and never gave the backline or Guzan a clear mark or target. He kept trying to lose his defenders, but that is the exact opposite of what you need to do. So JK pulled him and would try to hit the Duece or EJ on the run..didn’t work because of a lacj of posession and service of the ball. In this game a Landon Donovan or a Cladio Reyna type of midfielder would have given us the passing we needed. It wasn;t coming from Edu, or Bradley or Shea or, sadly Zuzi.

      But the night was a success because the strategy is due win at home and tie on the road.

      I think we are happy with the 4 points because it is what we expected at this point, by losing to Honduras where we should have got a point, we instead, like they say in craps…made the point the hard way.

      • Amru says:

        Yeah I am a big supporter of Jozy, but his weaknesses were exposed tonight. He is not a great hold up player and I found myself getting very frustrated with him at times during the game. However our best offensive moves happen when Jozy is able to link up with another attacker. This should be our offensive game plan and something Klinsmann has not been able to achieve

        • What the heck are you talking about? How many times to Jozy get the ball played to his feet, receive it, hold off one or more defenders and then link up with pass to a teammate or win a throw-in?

          I’d say he did that 90% of the time he received the ball!

        • Peter says:

          What’s so funny though, is our big goals always come from Jozy’s hold up play lol.

    • Gary Page says:

      Mexico has only lost one time in all the qualifiers over all the years. To criticize the lack of offense when we were out about half our starters is ridiculous.

  23. hc says:

    Anyone from “The Sporting News” watching this game?

    • Jay says:

      Your point?

    • beachbum says:

      interestingly, the makeup of thie team for these two gutsy gritty performances were missing certain players who Coach rates higher but were injured, basically a bunch of the euro guys.

      you don’t find that interesting, especially after the gutles Honduras game performances?

      I do

  24. ACS says:

    A combo of Johnson/Beasley on the left would work pretty well, both can provide cover for the other if one gets to far forward, and bring Shea in towards the end.

    • ACS says:

      Or Castillo/Beasley*

      • some guy says:

        What about Gomez? He was great…I think he owns the left up high right now.

        • CroCajun1003 says:

          I love the tenacity that Gomez brings to the team and appreciate that he gives every ounce on the field, but realistically, he’s fast but not pacey, he’s not exactly beating people with his dribble, his passing/vision is unremarkable, and his crossing is not very good.

          I love Gomez and think he’ll be an instrumental part of this cycle, but I wouldn’t call him a know doubt starter at left wing just yet. Guys like Shea and Beasley may be more effective.

  25. Vlad says:

    Dempsey didn’t do jack in this game. In fact he was one of
    The worst players on the field. Was not a captain performance. Multiple give always that lead to mexico counter attacks that were just sheer lazy lack of awareness holding the ball too long plays, and not to mention just letting a ball on their end line go out of play in the 18. If Omar Gonzales and Dempsey are on the pith together Gonzales should get the band

  26. Fast Cheese says:

    Genius? He played Brad Davis. Not sure if genius is appropriate. But he played for the draw and got it, so he gets credit for that. But come on, after firing BB, the ultimate goal has to be more than simply making the World Cup. The goal has to be to advance at the world cup and challenge the world’s best. Can you see us doing that after watching us in the Hex?

    • Judging Amy says:

      davis didn’t reward jk’s faith in him that’s for sure. but the idea wasn’t all bad: a free kick specialist to create opportunities on dead balls and maybe steal a late goal that way. also, herc’s service on free kicks was pretty poor so maybe he wanted to improve that aspect.

      • Kosh says:

        + 1.

        Davis was not there to do anything other than help us steal the win on a deadball. We didn’t get that chance and so Davis had to do the things we’d rather see someone else do, but still if we get that set play opportunity – having Davis on the field is so worth it.

      • beachbum says:

        well said. that sub made sense, just didn’t pan out imo

    • Goalscorer24 says:

      When we have our full team I think so. We have a Central defense we can build on.

  27. MA1 Rodriguez says:

    I just putting in Davis was a mistake (I would rather see Corona or Shea), Zusi was OK but not great creating, Dempsey sucked tonight, Altidore did created some but no one created for Altidore, Beasley lost many battle but shown being Vet counts. Our main problem was the flanks and especially on the left.

    • Peter says:

      Dempsey took a wild man’s shot with Jozy sitting open at top of the 18 after Jozy just layed it off to Dempsey.

  28. chris says:




    That’s a squad!

    • CroCajun1003 says:

      Helluva squad. I’d be hard pressed to leave Cameron off though, but things are looking up!

    • THomas says:

      We have loads of talent in midfield, somebody is going to be left out. I can’t help but think that what this team needs is a midfielder like Holden (pre-injury). Hopefully he can return to form because this team could be a force moving forward:





  29. mtmatt says:

    Will the Klinsi haters please STFU now? What I saw tonight was eleven players fighting their hearts out for the badge. The squad seems to be jelling/turning the corner at exactly the right time, and a little solidarity is definitely called for going forward. What a result!

    BTW, with this new found attitude/self-belief, goals will surely come against lesser CONCACAF opponents.

    • beachbum says:

      look man, the PK wasn’t called…perhaps the biggest moment in Azteca. I give Klinnsman and team tons of credit for influencing things enough there to get that call

      and I LOVE what happened tonight, and on Friday which I attended

      you stfu

      • TomG says:

        +1 great, great result and great heart shown by our boys esp with all the injuries but we we have to be honest. We were thoroughly outplayed and incredibly lucky to have not lost 3-0. I’m looking forward to getting the tricolores into Columbus and kicking some Mexican butt with style.

    • chris says:

      Hahhah it only took a bunch of injuries for jk to trot out this great lineup your praising so heavily. The double standard is hilarious

    • beachbum says:

      and I’m not a hater. nice lineup tonight eh?

    • White Kix says:

      Those “eleven players fighting their hearts out for the badge.” How many were German? If not for injuries, how many Germans would have been on the field (At least 3, Jones, Chandler, Johnson). If Klinsmann goes an inserts those players right back into the starting line-up, do you think that “Jellying” will be apparent next game?

  30. Neruda says:

    The Sporting news article actually propelled this team. The US should qualify for Brazil and they’ll owe it to the Sporting expose of JK. Wait a second. Do you think Klinsi masterminded the whole thing as a way of rallying the team and fans?

  31. Kent says:

    Credit to Besler and Beasley for playing effectively with yellows.

  32. beachbum says:

    GONZO!!!!!!! what can you say about his performance tonight. deserves it’s own thread :)

  33. A.S. says:

    Entire back line was solid after the first 15 minutes. Edu played really well defensively — essentially a 3rd CB at times and manned up on Chicharito so well on the corner kicks that Mexico essentially abandoned it in favor of short corners. Bradley was nonexistent for periods but also really controlled things well for periods. There was a lot of time that I couldn’t believe the possession we had. Dempsey and Joey were below average, Ithought.

  34. Bac says:

    I am not seeing the praise for Eddie Johson – Just dont get it.. I hate when a guy comes on as a sub and doesnt run his ass off no matter what his position- he did that last week too. I dont think Jozy played poorly, he was more “incomplete”- I think the sub had more to do with Eddie being fresh and trying to use his speed to break one.. but I dont see him as a viable option going forward

  35. Chuck D says:

    I know this isn’t factually accurate, but I feel like that’s the most MLS Players I’ve seen on the pitch in a WCQ since the 90’s. While I do appreciate Klinsmann giving them that opportunity, they still looked completely lost in the attack. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take getting out-shot 19-1 or even 33-0 any day for a point in Azteca, but I’m not sure this performance really alleviated many of the concerns brought up in Brian Straus’s tell-all article. We are the U.S., the might effin US, thus we should qualify for the World Cup on talent alone. Tonight, however, I think I’d probably chalk up the result to a stingy back line and willingness of players to fall back on defense repeateedly when necessary. Maybe I’ll get surprised later this year in Columbus, but right now the two squads that played tonight seemed world’s apart. I hope Mexico doesn’t get their ish together and start gellin anytime soon.

  36. MikeG says:

    For the stats after 3 games the US had GF 2 GA 2. I still feel we need to make improvements with the midfield to generate some offense. We can probably add Donovan to the midfield against Jamaica in June. Donovan will have had two months and hopefully does not get injured. I am still calling for Fabian Johnson to play RM. Dempsey can move to forward and Donovan can take Dempsey’s position. LM can be Beasley unless Shea can prove better by June. So, early June game against Jamaica:



    Beasley—————————-F Johnson


    Diamond midfield

    • MikeG says:

      We should be able to attack Jamaica more on our terms. WE really need to get this offense going. It is too stale and has been for awhile.

  37. bryan says:

    i’ll take the draw. but 1 shot, which was off target. yikes…

  38. chris says:

    The gameplan was give the ball to bradley and let him do his thing. Best CM in CONCACAF

  39. ChiTown says:

    Blows my mind that there are people attacking Klinsmann right now and standing up for Jozy.

    He was rightfully pulled for someone who wanted to give 100%. His touch is seriously awful under pressure.

    • Mike Lamb says:

      You are really going to tell me that EJ gave a noticeably better effort? I’m not going get all over JK for subbing Jozy, but I think your analysis of Jozy’s play is way off. His hold up play was fine. He drew several fouls and was involved in the few times the US was dangerous. I’d probably rate him behind OG, Besler and Guzan tonight.

    • edmondo says:

      You must have some inbred hate for Jozy. I am not all over JK for the substitution, but it was not necessary. Jozy worked hard with zero service and held up the ball. They were clearly not playing to attack Mexico and get torn apart by quicker more technical players at home.

  40. dikranovich says:

    nice result, but we did drop a spot in the standings. that is however still a top three spot. eeking out a win tonight would have been ohh so nice.

    • ChiTown says:

      It’s about the schedules at hand. We’ve already played our 2 most difficult matches and we sit in 3rd.

  41. pjdinho says:

    All 14 U.S. players started their professional careers in Major League Soccer (or lower division in the case of Herculez)

  42. WayDownInTexas says:

    Hats off Beasley. The guy showed a lot of heart tonight. Way to step it up for your team! Gonzalez & Beasler were outstanding. Great Point for the guys! Klinsi was great choosing the line-up & subs were spot on. Watched game at Freetail Brewery in San Antonio, TX, great atmosphere, even better beer. Good night to be a USMNT Fan!

  43. chris says:

    Also gotta laugh at Chicharito. One of the best finishers in the world? Hhahahaha so overrated. Shut down by two MLS cb’s. Its too bad they had to waste their time in college otherwise they might have stopped him.

    • Lil' Zeke says:

      Laugh at yourself, Chicharito’s awesome

      • Kosh says:

        Yeah I have to say this is one of the strangest posts out here tonight. It was ONE game. There is a reason why Hernandez is playing for United and our guys are not.

        Not to take anything away from the work our guys did out there (they may have played themselves into seeing more of Hernandez, possibly) but calling a dude who has like 30 goals for his country in 45 caps is a bit too much.

      • chris says:

        I’m glad you get a little woody when chicharito plays but the fact is he’s never scored against the US. One of the best finishers in the world????? Van Persie, Ibra, Messi, Falcao, Gomez, ……….. I could name 20 more fowards before little pea’s name pops up. That, my friend, is the defenition of overrated. Sitting on the bench behind Welbeck is nothing to brag about

        • edmondo says:

          You’re either drunk, an ignorant 16 yr old or just a fool to make disparaging like that about chicharito’s skill. I’m not a fan of Mexico, but there is a reason the guy plays for Manchester, has 30 national team goals and almost 50 goals in 2.5 seasons at Man U before 24.

          • Anthony says:


            Sometimes you cannot take what some of these people take that seriously. He is probably some kid mouthing off. However, judging by the time stamp on the message, it is more likely that he was probably just drunk.

  44. Natsalways says:

    Some of you guys are downright downers. These two games showed me one thing: heart. It was the heart we had been missing for awhile. This is now the deepest pool the US has ever had, and it goes even deeper than this bunch: Aguedelo has been playing well, Terence Boyd never saw the field, etc. When we make Brazil, JK is going to have a hard time choosing players.

    This was two great games for the US. Now we need to sew up qualifying early so we can find the best 23 for Brazil.


    • Joe Dirt says:


      Spot on. Deepest pool of quality players ever. There are going to be quality experienced veterans who play and even start in Europe who won’t make the squad for WC Brazil. Thats never happened for us. Next couple cycles is going to be an amazing ride as you look at the crop of youngsters just behind this group too like Junior Flores, Raul Mendiola, Gyau, Bijev, Pelosi, Luis Gil, Villareal, Zarades, Lederman, etc, etc, plus our servicemen in Germany are still producing the next crop of Germericans. The cupboard is stocked.

      I’d love to see JK have enough success at WC finals to either get another cycle or get a chance to move higher up the chain of command within USSF. Let Sunil get ExCo membership and turn it over to JK to be head of USSF so he can continue to restructure our pryamid and youth system. He seems to have the magic touch on know which players can rise to the challege, ie Matt Besler, Run DMB at LB, Gonzilla. He seems to know who has it and who doesn’t and the balls to give them a chance.

      Long Live Heir Klinsmann!!

  45. TomG says:

    Overall, I’d have to say we were pretty poor and probably should have lost 3-nil, but there are also some incredibly bright spots to observe:
    1. It’s a point!
    2. the CB position may have gone from a huge question mark to a position of depth in a single week!
    3. We may finally be done with the defensive midfield triangle.
    4. We were able to steal a point at Azteca with no Chandler, no Fabian, no LD, and no JJ.
    5. We’ve rediscovered our grit and fight.

    Go USA!

    • TomG says:

      And no Tim Howard!

    • Lil' Zeke says:

      Not poor! We were stringing passes together, bossing posession at times… I mean, we weren’t Mexico at Azteca (and neither were they), but it looked like a step forward to me.

    • beachbum says:

      those are some good points TomG! No PK calls were the difference, and in Azteca to get calls is no small feat. I give the team a ton of credit for it; for whatever reason the whistles did not blow on those two plays. weird for sure but I’ll take it!!!

  46. Joseph says:

    Tonight is the night MLS lost Omar to Europe.

    • PedroVB13 says:

      100% agree.

      Imagine if Gooch hadn’t destroyed his leg in the CD9 game. We’d have Gooch & Gonzo in the CB roles. How monstrous would that tandem be? Sweet Jesus on toast!

  47. Turd Bradley says:


    I am 100% positive I was up on that Omar Besler tandem a minute ago on these very waives. Besler was fantastic. Omar did what he has been doing since age 14. Plain and simple when your center backs think soccer it makes a world of diff.

    We actually were very bad on set pieces in our favor. Bad


  48. Raymon says:

    When Taylor Twellman reminded us that it was Shea that started the scoring series last year, and said it’s “ironic” that Shea was getting ready to be subbed in, Twellman showed he didnt know what “ironic” means.

  49. Turd Bradley says:

    you can not under estimate the team belief and the confidence that was gained from the snow game. proud

    • beachbum says:

      I think this is true. And look at the players who accomplioshed this…not the first choice guys but maybe the best guys for the job? It’s looking that way to me at this point

      thank goodness for the injuries :)

  50. Binger says:

    Good performance and good result. As much as 4 points was what the doctored ordered for these last two games, it’s still the games in June that I think will make it clear how easily, if at all, this team qualifies for Brazil. 6 points from the Jamaica and Panama games and you’re sitting pretty. 4 points and you’re solid, although there’s little margin for error. 3 points and it’s going to be like last round, coming down to the absolute final match, and possibly needing help.

    Klinsmann got the results he needed this week, but his team’s continued inability to create consistent scoring opportunities means any match can go the wrong way. And in this particular Hex, that could spell disaster.

    • MikeG says:

      agree. We need to get the midfield sorted out and we can start with Donovan. Most goals come from good passes. Ask Pele.

  51. Dos a Cero says:

    stanky legs ego ghost came through..

    forever… Azteca will be haunted

  52. espada says:

    I don’t know if we can really say much on how the US team can create scoring opportunities at this point because well… the squad wasn’t at full strength imo. Just imagine if Donovan, Dolo, Torres, Castillo, Chandler, F. Johnson, Jones, Williams, Howard, and yes even Shea were all match fit, they could’ve made a huge difference. It’s gonna pretty interesting seeing the June WCQ squad if all these guys are ready.

  53. dj says:

    L-Donovan did not take AF1 to Mexico

  54. Frank says:

    Why the hell is Herc the designated set piece taker?? Because he had one lucky set piece goal in the last round? Bradley or Zusi should’ve been taking the kicks.

  55. markwriter says:

    Seems like the players play better for their clubs than for the national team. I do wonder if Klinsmann’s practices are preventing cohesion. Altidore is definitely impacted by the overall team play, but Dempsey as well, and many of the others.

    Or perhaps a less negative way of putting it is there is definitely further opportunity to grow as a unit and play better. The player selection should settle down some and that will help.

  56. OB Rick says:

    Gonzo and Zusi were great and Beasler was a revelation. Really happy for him and he gives me a lot of confidence.

    That tie sure felt like a win!

    I love taking points from Mexico.

  57. Gary Page says:

    With a total makeshift lineup over the last two games the US did well. Consider this–the US had the toughest schedule of any of the teams over the first 3 games, probably had the most injuries, and are only a point behind the leaders. I have been making this point for some time and it has clearly shown through now. This is the deepest and most talented squad in US history. Basically Besler and Beasley were third stringers on defense and Cameron was out of position and yet we achieved the draw for only the second time in qualifying history. Imagine if we had gone to Azteca in years past playing a back line as inexperienced as the one we used tonight. We probably would have lost 3 to 0. You know if we could get everyone back and healthy (including Holden), this could turn out to be a darn good team, maybe good enough to make the quarter finals in the WC, depending on the draw, of course.

    • biff says:

      pretty much agree, but want to note that Cameron was NOT out of position. He has been playing mostly right back for Stoke since last September and I much prefer Cameron at RB playing with full heart and spirit than the prima donna Timothy Chandler.

  58. baropbop says:

    The team is better without Jermaine Jones.

    • Old School says:


      This post stinks of someone that simply does not like Jones instead of trying to look at it objectively.

      Jones > Edu

      To say otherwise, is to admit to being visually impaired.

      • baropbop says:

        That’s true. I don’t like him. His liabilities far exceed his benefits. Clean sheets are extremely rare when he is on the field, especially with Bradley. Glad to see a match without constant stoppage and endless retaliation, which is all his “edge” brings to the game. A game in azteca that never really gotbtesty nevwr haopena if he starts. Edu is a better optiin in the bucket because he can recover all the way back with comfort. Bradley is far better at attacking and several players are better at possession.

    • Bobb says:

      Lol NO

    • DC Josh says:

      Yeah because Edu had such an amazing game…

    • Peter says:

      Agreed!!! Not saying Jones is not better than Edu but Bradley/Jones is not better than Bradley/Edu or Jones/Edu. He allows them both to be creative. You could go Bradley/Jones/Edu and let Bradley and Jones roam.

    • beachbum says:

      No, but maybe better without Chandler. I’ll take Gonzo-Besler with Cameron on the right all day and Chandler can stay away

  59. Benjamin says:

    Excellent performance from the US, they got lucky, but they earned their luck… Gonzo and Besler proved that the CB postion is a little deeper than everyone thought. Need to get Morrow some experience; athletic, strong, fast, and most importantly of all he plays the position that was being exploited by the Mexicans all night long. Beasly’s experience got him the start, justly, but if Morrow had any caps at all, you got to think he would have been in the lineup (Get him in there for the Gold Cup). Great game, and probably the best we could’ve hoped for given all the injuries we suffered.

  60. DC Josh says:

    A back 5 that never played together before, played in Beast Mode. Unbelievable result. It reminded me of Spain in 2009. Pure heart and guts.

    • DC Josh says:

      And hypothetically speaking, with a full strength squad we would have won that game last night.

  61. THomas says:

    Besler/Gonzo tandem is the truth. Gonzo cuts out everything in the air and Besler intercepted final pass after final pass all night.

  62. Troy says:

    Everyone talks up Omar – who was definitely on fire last night. But Bradley was really the backbone of our possession. He even had that run into the box that came oh so close. Without Bradley last night, Mexico would have had a lot more momentum and many more chances.

  63. primoone says:

    Beasley at LB is dodging some bullets for suspect defending…He had some good plays and he had some head-scratchers. You can mess up on the other side of the field all day…one mess up in defense and you could be in a world of hurt.

  64. Kevin H says:

    One goal in two games. Granted, one game was in inches of snow and the other at Azteca, but I’d still like to see more chances created from the team.

    But hats off to the defensive work, which gave us four points. Gonzalez made some impeccable tackles and blocks, and Beasley was outstanding (especially considering he was our 2nd or 3rd backup!), despite getting beat up, stomped on, pulling his hamstring, etc.