Adu closing in on move to Brazilian side Bahia

Freddy Adu Philadelphia Union (Getty Images)


The long and drawn-out divorce between Freddy Adu and the Philadelphia Union appears to be close to reaching its conclusion and it may just work out perfectly for both parties.

Adu is closing in on a transfer move to Brazilian first division side Bahia, and is set to travel to Brazil next week to finalize the deal, sources with knowledge of the deal confirmed to SBI on Friday.

If Adu does complete the move to Brazil, it would clear up considerable salary cap space for the Union, with Adu set to make $600,000 in 2013 as a Designated Player. While the savings in 2013 might not be as considerable, the move could help the Union land another unidentified international midfielder for 2013 and would free up a $390,000 salary slot in 2014.

The move could also be a perfect one for Adu, who would be heading to the highly-skilled Brazilian league, a league that is benefiting tremendously from the financial growth of Brazil as a nation. That financial stability has allowed Brazilian teams to go after and sign more high-profile players, like Ronaldinho, Diego Forlan, Clarence Seedorf and Alexandre Pato, as well as keep established stars like Neymar in Brazil longer than in the past.

From a stylistic standpoint, the Brazilian League could be a perfect fit for Adu, who would be playing in the host country of the 2014 World Cup a year before the tournament. A move that could help him revive his faded U.S. Men’s national team hopes.

Adu endured a disappointing 2012 season that saw him fall out of favor with the Union late in the year, with head coach John Hackworth benching him and the Union essentially letting it be known that Adu was not in the team’s plans.

On the field, Adu was still one of Philadelphia’s better attacking players, but in a year when the Union struggled considerable he never could get going and have the impact the Union were expecting when they signed him in the summer of 2011.

The sides spent the entire off-season trying to work out a resolution, with Philadelphia presenting Adu with several loan and transfer opportunities, to countries ranging from South Korea to Australia, but the Union and Adu couldn’t come to an agreement on a good fit for Adu until the Bahia move emerged.

The Bahia move came close to falling apart a week ago, but it has come back together quickly and the move could be a dream scenario for both sides. Especially considering the nightmare alternative, which could have seen Adu spend the entire 2013 season on the sidelines while he took up a significant portion of Philadelphia’s salary cap.

Bahia has some ties to MLS, with Brazilian forward Rafael Sauza joining D.C. United on loan this season as a young Designated Player. The club also counts former Sporting Kansas City midfielder Jeferson on its roster.

What do you think of this development? Think Adu could do well in Brazil? Excited to see what the Union will do with the cap savings? See Philadelphia being a contender in 2013 without Adu?

Share your thoughts below.

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143 Responses to Adu closing in on move to Brazilian side Bahia

  1. Clyde Frog says:

    Love it!

    I lived in Salvador, Bahia for 6 months last year. It is THE most beautiful city in Brazil. A wonderful place. And their cross town rivals, Vitoria, got promoted last year so he’ll be able to play in their derbies, which haven’t featured in the Brazilian top division for 10 years.

    Bahia games (and Vitoria games) are the most fun soccer matches I have ever attended in terms of atmosphere.

    And should be a good move soccer-wise for Freddy, I would think.

    • Darwin says:

      Time to dust off the Adu vs Brazil highlights…
      link to

    • pkT says:

      is it a joke Adu in Brazil? Looks like April 1 joke.That’s only a rumor my friends.

    • Matheus says:

      I live in Brazil, I’m a fan off Bahia!!
      The bahia is the defending champion of the statewide champions!!
      Two titles of the Brazilian Leaugue!!
      The crowd of Bahia is very passionate, always lota estadio, always on the side of the Club, two years ago the fans of Bahia was elected Brazil’s Gold twisted!!Good luck Adu in my heart Club!!Bora Bahêa

      • Edmilson Silva Cruz says:

        Seja bem vindo Adu a torcida Bamor Arreia,Arreia, Adu chama-se-a Edu o Brocador. Somos campeões dos Campeões. Muito Aché e muitas glórias. Bora Edu minha Porra….

  2. Pedro says:

    As a brazilian, I’m excited about it. I think Adu’s playing style will work well here.
    Play nicely, score some goals, make some assists, and hey, he’s in Brazil already for 2014!

  3. Vasco says:

    what is the real story here. Is Fredman a cancer?

  4. Swanny says:

    Great move on paper. Hopefully Freddy will get his head right and play well there. If he does, his creativity could always come in handy on a US team with no real central attacking mid that has any flair or game-changing ability.

    • BSU SC says:

      If Stuart Holden gets healthy again, then he’ll be that player.

      I love this move for Freddy…I’ve been saying that he should go play in South America for years. Perfect league for him to play in.

  5. Josh D says:

    A fantastic move! In Brazil his strengths will be welcomed and developed further.

    He is finally fulfilling himself as the American Pele.

  6. EllisCarver says:

    That’d be a great fit for Adu. More importantly (in a selfish way), it allows the Union to get a real Designated Player.

  7. vince says:

    how will this transfer be completed when we’re a month and a half past the transfer window?

    • Joe+G says:

      Every league has its own transfer window. An uncorroborated post I found says Brazil doesn’t have a transfer window.

      • Fernando Dourado says:

        Brazil has a transfer window. And it’s open now. Our national league starts about May, just after regional championships. And if Adu comes, he will still be able to play the Brazil team’s cup, that start early, about March or April. Bahia has fantastic fans! Will play in a wonderful stadium but has terrible managers.

  8. Bobb says:

    Is this Adu’s last chance?

    If he can’t make it work with Bahia, will the Freddy Adu fanboys finally accept that the problem is not with the dozen or so teams but with Adu?

    • Spencer says:

      I believe even Ives said that Hackworth was blaming Adu and not the right people last year. He was providing great service but it’s not his fault that the strikers couldn’t finish. Also he has always played well for the national team. I do agree that this is probably his last chance though. If I’m wrong Ives be sure to correct me.

      • CroCajun says:

        It’s hard to say any player, especially one as young as Adu, is on his “last chance”. We’ve seen guys like Charlie Davis, Deuce, Jozy, Onyewu, Jay Demerit, ect, have resurgence and peaks when they’re put in the right club situations.

        That being said, I did expect Adu to come into MLS and dominate. The fact that he never established himself as a top MLS player says a lot about the guy to me at least. He may be the most skilled ball handler in the player pool, but the holes in his game make him such a liability.

        As always, we shall see, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • Juan says:

        Hackworth and many others merely blamed Freddy for toxicity in the locker room, uncoachability, and wildly erratic performance. As for chances created, many were lovely, easily defended floaters into the box that no one could get a head on. He was useless defensively and often lazy.

      • kb says:

        The problem has never been his skillset. Adu is probably our best dribbler. He just lacks the soccer smarts to be a valuable team member. He is still young, but coaches consistently passing on him doesn’t bode well for his learning curve.

    • Fanboy says:

      Sorry, we’re allowed to blame three teams/continent.

  9. HoBo says:

    I hope this works out for him. Hes a creative player with skill but I wonder why he has bounced around so much over the years. If he can get settled in at Bahia and further develops this would be a great move and hopefully gets play time with the 1st team and our national team.

    When he played in the game against Mexico he was creative and made some things happen but of-course we all know how that changed when borstein came in and got torched with basically all their goals coming down his side……… but anyways hope it works out for Freddy.

  10. adil kabeer says:

    I think Freddy Adu is a very good fotballer but unlucky with managers and perhaps suffers with grandiose thoughts. Why not… I mean he is the greatest talent produced by the USA ever and I think MLS and Jurgen Klinnsman should have given him every oppurtunity to play creative football instead of asking defensive duties. I hope that this move allows Freddy to become a Pele type player and perhaps the USA could have 10 other players plat to Freddy”s strengths and not box to box crap that they want him to do.

    • Paul Miller says:

      So, in other words, play just one of the four phases of the game? Not sure the national team can afford that kind of luxury, and I’m not sure they ought to try with a player who has yet to establish a consistent track record as an attack threat… even in the MLS.

      • don'tnknockadu says:

        Adu won a championship in MLS and was a consistent performer…when on a good MLS side.

        • solles says:

          He was ON an MLS team that won a Cup, but he was a fairly small bit player. That side had some amazing MLS players.

    • kb says:

      You’ve been watching too much american football.

  11. Brad says:

    I can’t see how this doesn’t work out for him. Freddy, in one of the most beautiful citys in brazil, screams nothing but focussing on soccer.

    I really do hope it works out for him. What a left foot.

    • Riggity says:

      ? can’t see this not working out? Seriously? Have you been around the last decade? I’m not saying it’s destined to fail but that’s crazy talk with his track record.

  12. Goalscorer24 says:

    Hope it is a good move for him. Seems like that league would play to his strengths, and encourage creativity, not snuff it out.

  13. inkedAG says:

    I don’t think there has ever been a player that has done so little and gotten paid so much and been on so many teams. Truly nice work if you can get it!!

  14. Mc says:

    Will it work, will it not? Is Freddy a great player or is he over-hyped? Should he get another shot at the USMNT? Many questions, but one fact remains, the kid has the best highlight real of any other player in the US pool. Gotta love that.

  15. Joel says:

    I really hope this works out. I Love the move and think it is probably think from a soccer standpoint this might be the best destination for him possible. I really hope he is able to sort some of the off the field stuff and really focus on playing and make good on all the potential.

  16. The Imperative Voice says:

    Australia would have made more sense. First division league, check, but like SPL or Scandinavian leagues maybe actually a step down if you watch close. He goes there, they play more a Dutch style and less defense, he looks good or at least better, Klinsi remembers his phone number this summer, career re-set button pushed like when he went to Turkey.

    This Bahia move, if it happens, is more of the same Benfica/Monaco nonsense where he buys his own headlines. Brazil has good leagues and he’ll be fighting for PT. I don’t think he’s a bad player, he’s just MLS role player quality with bigger aspirations and a price tag to match.

    I don’t think MLS and Philly care where he ends up and if his eyes are bigger than his stomach, as long as someone borrows or buys or otherwise takes him off their hands. They’d sell him to the Falklands Sunday Pub league if it cleared his contract and cap room. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the league pays part of this salary just to be rid of him.

    Has Brazil grown past the we pretend to pay high salaries and the players pretend they get paid stage? Bahia c. 2000 was either bankrupt or close to it. I know Brazil is a stronger economy now, but has that passed on to the less-big-name teams?

    • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

      I disagree Australia would have been the right move. Like you said, its a step down from MLS and is definitely a career reboot type move. Its put up or shut up time for Adu. No more of these restarts. If he had world cup 2014 aspirations he needs to perform ASAP. It shows a little ambition which I like

    • solles says:

      ..somehow I don’t think Adu would have quite the same caliber of players around him that he would in Brazil. Part of his problem in MLS was his teammates couldnt play with him, finish the chances he created. Australia would be a step backwards, perhaps a big one.

  17. uDaMan says:

    Hope it works out. Brazil and Argentina leagues allow teams to create attractive offensive flow from their own end. For offensive minded players and for the fans, its a great deal.

  18. Btoom says:

    Good luck Adu!
    Yet, knowing your history I doubt you’ll play much.

    • Jamie Z. says:

      Wow! I hope you don’t have kids!

      “Good luck on your quiz today, Billy! Although based on some of your recent scores, I bet you’ll fail miserably.”

  19. 2tone says:

    Great move if he finally establishes himself in a league that boasts many technically talented players.

    I know the Brazilian press was really enamored with Adu back in 2007 U-20 WC when Adu was single handily destroying the Brasilian defense and in particular Marcelo who now plays for Real Madrid.

    I hope it comes together for him down there.

    • Judging Amy says:

      If he performs in Brazil, then we’ll know he’s legit. That’s a darn good league. People always act surprised when a Brazilian team knocks off a Euro blueblood for the club world championship but that seems to happen an awful lot.

      • GW says:

        “People always act surprised when a Brazilian team knocks off a Euro blueblood for the club world championship but that seems to happen an awful lot.”

        What people? Brazilian clubs have won 4 out of the last 9 competitions and have been in 5 of the finals.

    • Brian S. says:

      I know it was only U-20 but that game against Brazil was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen from an American. He and Jozy were pure dominance. His highlights of that game are a tale of what might’ve been.

      • Goalscorer24 says:


      • Gary Page says:

        I remember a commentator saying that Adu was the only player to score a hat trick in two different world youth championships. That should show something.

        • Lil' Zeke says:

          And yet, here we are

        • GW says:

          Mr. Page,

          It should show you that how a player performs in the world youth championships does not necessarily translate to how they perform in senior competitions.

          Adu fans would not be constantly touting his youth performances if Freddy had a lot great senior performances to be proud of.

          That’s like constantly talking about how your MLB utility guy had such great minor league stats.

          Yes he is only 24; that means he has been a pro for nearly ten years and still has very little to show for it.
          To put that in perspective the much maligned Jozy is four months younger, is a seven year pro and has had a much more productive senior career.

          Let’s hope it works out for Freddy.

      • kb says:

        I remember his teenager days when he would share tourney player honors with Messi. These two couldn’t have gone further down opposite paths.

  20. Georges Jean says:

    It’s a good move for Adu! Brazilian leagues have adapted to fast attacks and midfield activities. Nonetheless, Adu would be more effective in CF positioning. As an offensive player, priming in Pele’s flair, the Brazilian leagues will be a marked experience for this amazing and technical player! [Triphonaction in Perspectives]

  21. Mike V. says:

    A cat has 9 lives. This would be Adu’s 9th club. Coincidence?

  22. Samurai says:

    Adu will do better in Brazil for sure, all MLS does to technical players is deter their progress by playing too physical (although it has changed a bit) or injure them (Ferreira, Zakuani, Rosales etc…). MLS is more of a tactical league, with less emphasis on the technical aspects, but more defensive play. Its almost like Serie A Jr. except with better attendance/less prestige.

    • solles says:

      me, I’d swap “tactical”and “technical” in that last paragraph, US players are quite technical to my eyes, but have the tactical nous of a 5 year old playing stratego.

  23. bizzy says:

    Well its about time….way to start the weekend with positive news on
    freddy Adu….off all places Brazil. The coaching, style of play, mentality of a brazilian team…….awesome

  24. 2tone says:

    He will have to come out firing on all cylinders. Bahia isn’t a very good club in the Brasilian Serie A.

    He will have to be mentally ready to be in a club that battles for points every week.

  25. Derrick says:

    At least he will be in brazil for the World Cup now. Lol.

  26. Mick Melanson says:

    With that much money, is it possible for them to sign a DP when the Transfer Window opens up this summer? Going back to November about Grafite wanting to come and play in Philly, will he be a good canidate for the DP slot, thats if he signs as a DP or not if the Union are interested. Cause is it true that his contract is up this year?

  27. ed - houston says:

    Good for Adu. On the one hand he was treated like crap in Philly (in the coaches dog house, asked to receive a pay cut etc.). On the other hand Adu needs to play to his potential and settle down somewhere, 3 to 4 years on one team is not asking to much, is it.

  28. bizzy says:

    I love the same old phases when it comes to Adu…..lacks consistency, he’s lazy and doesn’t defend, He keep bouncing from team to team, he’s just not good enough…look at these stats
    2007–2008 Barcelona apps 28
    2008–2012 Tottenham Hotspur apps 17
    2009 → Ipswich Town (loan) apps 8
    2010 → Galatasaray (loan) apps 14
    2011–2012 → Racing Santander (loan) apps 16
    2012– Mallorca
    This player can’t seem to settle on a team to save his life, no play time what so ever on the books, not more than 16 appearances a season since 2008…4+ years ago (no player with those stats will grace the grounds of a US training camp let alone play…lol)…a once Barcelona prospect that was considered washed out, a bust by many. Yet he seems to have the backing of a nation (being consistently called for duty regardly of playing time) and the key to unlock and dismantle the US defense……..wonder Who??

    link to

    When are we doing to start thinking like other countries and identify talent rather than play time and consistency…..because on the international stage you need the guy that has the ability to give you that one golden moment, to create something out of nothing, has the ability to jump start a team (Adu – Panama)……for Mexico its Gio Dos santos…for the USA its Freddy Adu

    • Spencer says:

      Spot on, he has always been one of the biggest bright spots for the US team. I don’t think you leave off the only person who shines every game just because you aren’t happy with their club situation. You are right if other countries did that then there would be multiple stars that would have not played.

    • jlm says:

      a – fing – men brother!

    • adil kabeer says:

      I totally agree with your comments.

    • SD says:

      interesting comparison to dos santos…but at least mexico has a playing style that dos santos plays well in….we don’t have a style, so playing adu is a gamble. plus for adu to be effective the game needs to be built around him, not sure any coach is going to risk qualification on that…..

    • 2tone says:

      Pretty spot on.

      But hey thats the crazy American fans for you. Crazy American fans tend to dismiss a player that doesn’t play well in their first cap, so I tend not to listen to most of them.

    • Nick says:


      Has Freddy ever disappointed when playing with the full NT?? People and coaches need to realize what his limitations are. He needs to be around good technical players to thrive. With the NT, we have that.. with Philly.. not so much. I personally wanted to see him tear up the Dutch league but the Brazilian league will do just fine!

    • solles says:

      Yeah but ask fans of the clubs he’s been at and they’ll tell you Dos Santos was a headless chicken and a disappointment. Some players are better internationals.

      • fortunate only says:

        What fans?

        Giovani was praised by Roy Keane when he was at Ipswich as one of the best players he’s ever been around where he scored four goals and had four assists in eight appearances. Galatasaray wanted to buy him from Tottenham to pair him up with Arda Turan but Spurs didn’t include a purchase option with his loan. He saved Racing de Santander from relegation and was voted into the La Liga best XI for the second half of that season and is now earning rave reviews as Mallorca’s best player and single handedly destroyed Sevilla last weekend.

        Not sure where you get your info from.

        Kevin Prince Boateng, Adel Taraabt and Giovani dos Santos all have one thing in common. Care to guess what it is?

    • Stracho says:

      Problem is not just with the fans. We are elevating coaches as well that ignore the promise and talents of players like Adu. Last season Adu was ignored, this year it is Roger Torres. Meanwhile clumsy scrappers like Danny Cruz are treated like promising prospects.

    • GW says:


      Bad comparison.

      Gio is far more dangerous and is a far better player. Of course, you may have a different opinion.

      So let’s look at two very crucial differences.

      Gio is a forward
      Gio is very fast

      A forward is much easier to fit into your team than midfield player like Freddy. Adu does much better if the team is modified to play to his strengths.

      They both have similar issues but the record shows that Gio is far easier to fit into your plans.

      If Freddy was as fast as Gio someone would have put him at forward and he’d be a regular USMNT player by now. But I’ll bet you are faster than Freddy.

      • bizzy says:

        I can’t even believe your response…lol. Records show?? Hahahahaha…, where do you come up with this stuff GW. HE PLAYS AS AN ATTACKING MIDFIELDER FOR MALLORCA. He can also play winger or second striker….just like Adu, Gio is a far better player? Far more dangerous? Is faster? Says who, you? because he is struggling for playing time JUST LIKE ADU, as you saw his game is built on quickness, ball control, vision…..JUST LIKE ADU. Or maybe it’s the tenacity with which Gio unlocked our defense got you confused…something Adu has don’t time and time again to other teams (EVERYONE but you knows this). Hahahaha You don’t even know what you are talking about or what position he plays……and for your comment (Above) saying Adu fans are always bring up his Youth accomplishments… flash for you GW just as you don’t know what position he plays it seems you don’t know the timeline of his accomplishments. Adu is still 23 JUST LIKE GIO (June 2)….all his accomplishment started in:
        2002–2003 United States U17 apps 15 goals 16
        2003–2009 United States U20 apps 33 goals 16
        2008–2012 United States U23 apps 11 goals 5
        Now compare this to Gio dos Santos youth accomplishments……
        The whole comment was Mexico uses Gio regardless of scarce play time and stand behind him…….where US only complain about consistency and play time…….

        GW at least know what you are talking about before leaving comments on here appearing to just be seeking attention…..

        • fortunate only says:

          The only place dos Santos struggled for minutes was at Spurs. He’s an undisputed starter at Mallorca, was one at Ipswich, Galatasaray and Racing.

          Currently leading the way for Mallorca at the Bernabeu and set up both their goals.

          Maybe you should take your own advice.

          • bizzy says:

            REALLY I have to deal with you too…..
            2008–2012 Tottenham Hotspur apps 17
            2009 → Ipswich Town (loan) apps 8
            2010 → Galatasaray (loan) apps 14
            2011–2012 → Racing Santander (loan) apps 16

            so if he struggled at Tottenham, had only 8 appearances for Ipswich town (IPWICH…lol) where was this undisputed starter you are talking about??? He just started at Mallorca (2013) with 16 appearances, something he hasn’t had since leaving Barcelona in 2008. Is this Adu bashing or did you actually believe what you wrote??

            • fortunate only says:

              This is what happens when you base all your arguments around wikipedia.

              dos Santos was injured when he went to Ipswich, same for Galatasaray and Racing.

              His loan to Ipswich took place in early March and he played in every game where he was available when not injured.

              With Mallorca, he carried the injury he got during the Olympic semi final match against Japan and still needed time to get to fitness and once he was fit, he was an undisputed starter for all of those teams.

              Nice try but you really should do some research before going off on people on a comment section.

              • bizzy says:

                Injured from 2008 to 2012??? Where did you get this info? 55 games in 4 years and the best you can come up with is injuries ……but yet get called to the national team constantly. It is known that clubs didn’t know how to use his talent and style of play. Really dude. He’s match fit any time Mexico has a game but hurt for his club matches?? WHERE are you all getting your facts, please share…lol. He’s finally playing as an attacking midfielder in a 4-2-3-1 formation which is HIS NATURAL position hence the effective play and 16 appearances. wow, are you just that bias when it comes to Adu?

        • GW says:


          “GW at least know what you are talking about before leaving comments on here appearing to just be seeking attention….”

          I replied to your post because your comparison of Adu to Gio is flawed and ill-informed.

          “because he is struggling for playing time JUST LIKE ADU,”

          Compared to Freddy Gio isn’t fighting for playing time with Mexico. He is a regular with 59 caps and 14 goals. Freddy has 17 caps and 2 goals for the US and as long as JK is manager it seems unlikely Adu will get a cap, unless he becomes a star in Brazil.

          On the club level Gio has 158 appearances since 2006 and 25 goals. And that was with clubs, such as Barca, Spurs and Mallorca that overall were at a higher level than where Freddy played. 27 games were with Barca B but they play in the Spanish second division just like any other club. And he is currently a regular for Mallorca in La Liga.

          On the club level Freddy has 208 appearances since 2004 and 34 goals. 110 of those appearances were with DC United and RSL and 41 were with the Union so he only had 57 appearances in Europe, less than a third of what Gio did.
          Gio played and plays at a higher club level more consistently and more productively than Freddy. The record shows that.

          “. He can also play winger or second striker….just like Adu, Gio is a far better player? Far more dangerous? Is faster? Says who, you?” “You don’t even know what you are talking about or what position he plays……”

          Adu and Gio are both described in various quarters as attacking midfielders and the like. However, I go by what I see of them when they play. Freddy is no winger at least not like Gio.

          Have you watched Gio play? Did you see him in the 2010 World Cup? Get on You Tube and look him up. Every time he has the ball he is scary because of his ball skills but also because of his speed. I’d stick Gio out on the wing and have him terrorize opposing defenses all day both on the wing and cutting inside. You can’t do that with Freddy. And yes I say that. I’m the one writing this. And I say that highlights from the World Cup are more impressive and relevant than highlights from some youth tournament.

          Does anyone doubt that if Gio was an American he’d have been starting for the US all along? A forward with ball skills, who can score some and is also real fast? Back in 2008-09 Bradley capped Adu about 12 times. Obviously, BB was trying to see if he could contribute to the 2010 WC. In 2009 Bradley put Freddy on the Confederations Cup squad and the Gold Cup squad even though he played very little for Monaco that season.

          So guess who emerged from that group? Charlie Davies. And guess what his calling card was? Speed and a relentless desire to attack. Bradley auditioned Adu because he needed a backup or complement to Donovan. No doubt BB remembered Adu and Jozy’s interaction and probably wanted to see if that translated to the senior level. He paired them played together at least three times in 2008 and in two of those games Donovan did not play. BB capped Jozy regularly and he was as young and inexperienced as Freddy so BB wasn’t shy about taking chances on young guys.

          In terms of offensive skills what mostly separates Freddy from Landon is speed and finishing skills. Which is also what separates Gio from Adu. Gio has a much more substantial resume than Adu probably because he is a much more substantial player.

          One last thing, Freddy did not get off the bench on the Confed Cup and only played two games in the Gold Cup before returning to Europe for training. BB never explained why exactly but it would seem Freddy was too rusty. It was a while before Freddy came back for the 2011 Gold Cup where he did so well. Bradley brought him back because he had just completed a great run with his Turkish club Rizespor.

          So anyone who tells you his club playing time does not matter is sadly misinformed.

          • bizzy says:

            A whole bunch of nothing… usually, its not how much you write its what you write (Stopped reading after the first paragraph). How can you talk about a player when you don’t even know what position he plays. Gio is not a FW he is a Midfielder, a CAM. Everyone except you knows Adu is one of the most skillful CAM we have in our player pool, who can take on players like no one can (Adu vs NYRB, Adu vs Toronto)……Gio is a true attacking midfielder, both players are very skillful and talented, with unusual dribbling ability. Malllorca has finally started playing Gio in his natural position..CAM, in a 4-2-3-1 formation behind Hemed and he has finally starting playing regularly after 4 years, even scoring goals…..when Adu finds a team that play him at a true CAM (hopefully Bahia) then he’ll start playing regularly too. Sometimes I wonder if you even know what you are arguing about…….

          • bizzy says:

            oh and by the way that was my point exactly Gio is not fighting for playing time with Mexico even with his lack of playing time at a club level (55 games in 4 years!!!) but with Adu all they talk about is play time and consistency….and its pretty clear Mexico (15th) recognizes skill an ability and raw talent while US (33rd) looks for speed, physical ability, play time/consistency

  29. jlm says:


  30. Lazio Curva Sud says:

    Adu is a crap player and always has been. It’s a decent signing for any small-time team without a salary cap, since he’ll sell a bit of merchandise thanks to Nike’s eternal sponsorship of this hype machine. Many players are flushed out of the national team pool and relegated to the minor leagues for half-seasons worth of poor form. Adu is well past his ninth life and, in a fair world, would be sending his resume out to high school coaching staffs. My only hope for this move is that it drives him out of sight and mind for good.

  31. Roy says:

    How can anyone keep blaming Adu’s managers? It is like blaming the nine wives a guy has divorced instead of blaming the guy. I wish him luck, but he has to stand up and take responsibility for his failures.

  32. Gary Page says:

    Anyone know anything about Bahia? This is the perfect move for Adu IF he gets consistent playing time. That’s the big issue, how much he gets to play. If he goes there and just sits on the bench it doesn’t help him or the US team.

    • whoop-whoop says:

      Of course…. if he sits, it doesn’t hurt the US team one iota either considering he is completely outside of consideration at this point.

      Seems as good or better than most moves I could conjure up in my imagination, I wish him well.

    • solles says:

      They’re a smaller club that’s been out of the top flight for awhile until the last couple of seasons, they qualified for Copa Sudamerica last year. And their uniforms are based on Superman.

      • Luca Rozas says:

        No,I am brazilian, the bay and a great team of Brazil, in this first division Brazilian league, and a team is two-time champion of Brazil

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  34. bizzy says:

    2 time Brazilian champions
    Finished 15th (out of 20) in 2012
    Won state championship 44 times
    National League kicks off May 26

    A league that welcomes flare and individual skill, mixed with pace, technical ability and a tactical attack…….playing in a league against Neymar….Ronaldinio….right when Freddy signs with Bahia I’m going to sign with Bein and order my Jersey lol

  35. Lil' Zeke says:

    This topic really brings out the dum-dums. I was drawn like a moth to flame

  36. Brett says:

    Terrific, another place for him to go and not play.

  37. jjbs says:

    Bahia was the team that won the Santos of Pele became the first Brazilian champion

  38. ElHorus says:

    First, congratulations to Ives for breaking this story!!!! In addition to having an excellent website, his stories, analysis, insight and breaking news are always interesting to read. SoccerbyIves is my morning go to site. Looking forward to the day that an Android app is available.

    Second, a request to Ives: Help us frame the discussion among the many Freddy Adu fans and detractors. I am in the former camp and have a hard time understanding (if it is just bad attitude and motivation that is keeping Freddy, then it is the Coaches job to remedy these issues) why MLS and US coaches have not focused on polishing Freddy’s talent. And yes, if it is attitude and motivation, Freddy needs to take responsibility for it for his own good.

    Third, not very happy as to how MLS has handled this situation. It seems that MLS is far more tolerant and supportive to others (our Concacaf competitors have plenty of training opportunities with MLS) than our own talent. In addition to being a bad strategy for the sport, it is not in their economic benefit to ignore a player that has a wide US following. This issue must be continuously highlighted by the press and fans. USA needs to develop and support its own.

    Will surely start following Bahia, if this signing goes through.

    • bizzy says:

      wow….another person with reason, well said ElHorus…

      • GW says:

        It is not about reason

        bizzy you are to Adu as boosted335 is to George John.

        • bizzy says:

          ..And you are as bias to Adu as FOX is to democrats….put down the Haterade and try sipping on something different

          • GW says:


            You have a couple of mantras that you do not deviate from regardless of the facts.

            With Freddy that is expressed as he is unappreciated by his many managers and if only he were given a chance he would show his doubters what we are missing.

            In other words, his many managers and clubs are all wrong and he is right. By the way, after that run with the Confederation’s Cup Landon Donovan said Freddy just had to get playing time (meaning with his club) if he wanted to go further.

            Since another one of your mantras is that, when it comes to USMNT players bad things are always the fault of the coaching staff and not the players, your stance on Adu is unsurprising.

            I don’t know how long you have been a fan of the JoJo’s ex boyfriend but I used to follow DC United before he got there and have been observing him ever since.

            With United sometimes he looked like a real exciting player and at other times he looked like what he was, a 14, 15 year old kid. They should have sat him down and taught him how to be a pro but I guess Nike got their way.

            In my view, Freddy’s troubles boil down to being a “star “ too young and having to live up to the delusional over expectations that fans like you have of him.

            He very much reminds me of two other players,.Denílson de Oliveira Araújo of Brazil and Nii Lamptey of Ghana.

            Look them up and you will see what I mean.

            The last time I saw him with the USMNT and for a game or two with the Union he looked about the same., a little stronger, a little more consistent but not as far along as I would have hoped thinking about how he looked when he was 14 or 15.

            I find this sad because if he had been handled better as a teen ager, he could have had a much better career. Donovan had a similar issue, being signed very young to a big money contract with Leverkusen, and doing well with their reserve team but realizing he needed to play consistently to stay on the national team he opted to move where he could do that.

            There are lots of differences but the main thing is Donovan’s focus was the National team and the World Cup while Freddy was always focused on getting on some glamour Euro team.

            Should he move to Brazil I hope he does well but don’t be surprised if it turns out that the talent level he has is a dime a dozen down there.

            I’m pretty sure there are quite a few Brazilian 14 year olds who are just as talented if not more so. And they will probably play for a lot less money than he will.

            This would be good for Freddy because maybe he will start to understand the value of professional behavior when your talent level is not so exceptional.

            • bizzy says:

              Ok, when a team is not performing you don’t go after the players you go after the person who called in and organized them. 2 different coaches (e.g Bradley and Klinsmann) will not select the same team or same subs etc ..but a different squad that suits their needs…their style of play and training…their offensive or defensive preferences hence same pool, different players, different selections, different results. That’s why in the football world they are called managers e.g when Chelsea was doing badly at the start of the season ownership and fans went after Rafael Benítez…..not why Cech didn’t stop the goals or why Terry didn’t defend or Lampard couldn’t control the midfield or Torres couldn’t score…..they blamed the training, the management, the execution of play which is a direct reflection of the man in charge…..not the players.
              Freddy hopefully has found a team that can use his talents. Gio was sold by Tottemham for 1 million pounds to Mallorca…which should tell you they didn’t recognize or know what to do with his talents, his skill. He was constantly playing for the national team but only played 55 games in the last 4 years, so its not all about the attitude of the player….style of play of player and team chemistry, management changes, contract complications, not agreeing to terms….a whole bunch of factors can lead to a player moving from team to team….though some of that was indeed Freddy’s fault.
              We need to start selecting players based on skill and talent and not base on play time…because FOR EXAMPLE being a sub and training with a 4th place La Liga team (training in house against/with a top offense) and learning plays to stop Messi, Inesta, Falcao, soldado, Negredo……is way better than playing regularly and training with THE top team in MLS learning plays to stop Henry, Johnson, Wondo, Saborio etc……..

              • GW says:


                Cheslea fires managers because it is easier than firing all the players.

                And the US does pick players based on skills and talents among other things such the ability to stay in shape,

                The skills and talents Freddy has do not fit the current team. It appears they don’t fit any team anywhere in the world for very long.

                And if he goes to Brazil, if he doesn’t change his act, they won’t fit there either.

                If he goes to Bahia, do you think they will be awed by his skill?

                They have 13 year old kids down there with more skill. The question is can he be a good professional and utilize those skills to the benefit of the team over more than 20 games or so.
                He better hit the ground running real hard.

    • GW says:


      “It seems that MLS is far more tolerant and supportive to others (our Concacaf competitors have plenty of training opportunities with MLS) than our own talent. In addition to being a bad strategy for the sport, it is not in their economic benefit to ignore a player that has a wide US following. This issue must be continuously highlighted by the press and fans. USA needs to develop and support its own.”

      While I’m sure they try to accomodate the USSF whenever possible, it isn’t MLS’ job to develop players for the US. Any league has enough trouble just taking care of it’s own business. For example, the EPL is full of internationals who are doing well and who may one day knock England out of a competition.

      Are you saying MLS give opportunities to our CONCACAF rivals players that are not available to USMNT candidates? Please explain what you mean by that.

      Given the large number of people who reside here who also have strong ties to their native CONCACAF countries, it is in MLS’ best interests to have players from those countries playing here that they can market to those particular fans.

      And what is it exactly you think MLS could do to help Adu become a more productive player? Should they take over management of a team just so that Adu can develop better? Order Hackworth to play him? Fire Hackworth and his staff?

      That strikes me as counterproductive, especially since the national team manager doesn’t think much of that player. It might be different if JK, Bradley or Arena had asked for such concessions but I’ve never heard of such a thing.

      Also you are ignoring that Bradley already went through a long trial process with Freddy to see if he could fit him onto the 2010 World Cup squad. This included capping him 9 times in 2008 (the US played 14 games that year) and 3 more times in 2009. He paired him up with Jozy a few times to see about recreating that magic they had on the youth level.

      Then he put him on the Confederations Cup roster and the Gold Cup roster in 2009, even though he played only 11 games for Monaco that season.

      So Bradley gave him an opportunity to show what he could do for the US without the benefit of playing much for his club.

      It didn’t work out.

  39. Juan says:

    This has to be Freddy’s last shot. All the teams he’s played with can’t be wrong. I think he has skill but suspect the problem is ego and attitude. Hopefully he’ll get his head on straight this time and not be looking again in a year or so

  40. ButlerBob says:

    I think it’s a great move for Adu. I think it’s a style and atmosphere he play and excel in. Also, he won’t be considered one of the stars, so maybe this will help level set his ego.

  41. Beto says:

    Nice, bout time an American tries to make it in the Brazilian Siere A and what better candidate. Best of luck freddy the whole US of A is rooting for you!

  42. bryan says:

    Great move!

  43. Dennis says:

    Good luck Freddy.

    Let us all hope he learns how to play in ways that make his team better with less of an eye on trying to pull off some clever trick that might make it on U-tube.

  44. fas says:

    So he couldn’t do anything in MLS, but I’m sure he will tear up the Brazillian league and learn all sorts of amazing Brazilian tricks. Sure he will. So when he sits on the bench , what will be the excuse then? Back to the Turkish D2?

    The real winner here is Philly who are lucky to have found a sucker.

  45. Diego says:

    I think Kleberson (world champion in 2002) is involved in the deal, moving from Bahia to the Union.

  46. facts truth evidence says:

    Will you guys please just admit that Adu’s struggles are related to the fact that he is a mediocre player who is at least pushing 30? The only time the guy ever looked like a star was in age restricted tournaments. If you’re a 22 year old minor league caliber player of middling talent, you look like Pele vs. 17 year olds. It happens in Europe all the time. And they realize it and move on. Adu is the first time we got scammed by an African overage youth player. Guy’s a fraud. Time to move on.

  47. Bob says:

    Look, you guys did not watch Adu every single game last season. He was invisible most of the time, unless he was giving the ball away. You all like to point at that YouTube video, but I can only remember 2 and 1/2 good games from Adu. Houston, Toronto, and the first half of the red bulls game.

  48. Denis says:

    Denis says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 16, 2013 at 10:05 PM

    See here:
    Bahia 4×3 São Paulo
    link to

    Santos 1X3 BAhia
    link to

    Vasco 0X4 Bahia
    link to

    Bahia 3×3 Vitória (spectacular champion)
    link to

  49. Ryan in NYC by way of NC says:

    —B. Shea——-MB——F. Adu——–A Healthy Holden
    —Johnson—-Gonzo—???———-Chandler (Dolo)

  50. Huey0328 says:

    Hey the kid can play. As a UNION fan I feel if he is not part of the Squad. Then trade him and free up a spot on the squead and Cash in the bankbook.

  51. Lipe frança says:

    American fans in the corner of the bay is so BORA BAHIA MY PORRA! speak scream!

  52. Thiago says:

    Let me introduce EC Bahia (Esporte Clube Bahia/Sport Club Bahia)

    Bahia is a club from Salvador, the capital of Bahia state and the Greater Salvador have almost 3M people.

    There’s two main clubs in Salvador: Bahia and Vitória. Bahia is known for being the popular club of the city, a lot of their supporters lives in the poor areas of the city, in the other hand, Vitória is known for being the rich club of the city. Bahia have the 13th biggest supporters (some say they are tied with Botafogo in the 12th position) and Vitória is the 15th.

    Bahia is one of the 13 teams that founded the ”Clube dos 13” (The 13 Club) that is the league that makes negociation for TV, sponsor etc.

    In the past 10 years, Bahia had they worst history moment: they got relegated in 2003 for the Série B, and in 2005 for the Série C (the 3th division). In 2007 they got promoted for Série B and in 2010 for Série A were they remains now. In 2011 they got the classification to the Sulamericana Cup (Europa League equivalent) but were eliminated in the first round.

    Bahia will be back to the Arena Fonte Nova a 55.000 capacity stadium that will be host in Confederations Cup and FIFA World Cup, plus, they are building their new training ground, that will be one of the biggest of Brazil, the ”Cidade Tricolor” (Tricolor City).

    Bahia won 2 times the Brazilian League and and their supporters are known in Brazil as one of the best of the country.

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  54. Sergio says:

    Aqui em salvador ele vai ser muito bem recebido e a adaptação dele será a melhor possível já que o povo baiano é bastante receptivo e adora fazer amizades o lugar é lindo de belas praias e um clima bastante agradável.

    Welcome Freddy!!!!