USA vs. Costa Rica: SBI Match Night Commentary



COMMERCE CITY, Colo.– It might sound strange for the second match of a 10-match tournament to be considered “Must-win” but that is what the U.S. Men’s National Team faces tonight when they take on Costa Rica at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park tonight (10pm, ESPN/UniMas).

Amid a swirl of controversy surrounding the team following the publishing of a scathing article by the Sporting News, which included several unnamed national team players allegedly criticizing Jurgen Klinsmann’s coaching methods and claiming divisions in the locker room, the U.S. team has had to fend off that distraction and prepare for a match with a team missing several players due to injuries and lack of playing time on the club level.

The list of absences is considerable. Tim Howard, Fabian Johnson, Timmy Chandler, Carlos Bocanega, Steve Cherundolo, Michael Parkhurst, Jose Torres and Danny Williams are all missing the match, leaving Klinsmann to try and build a patch-work defense capable of containing Costa Rica’s attack.

SBI will be providing live commentary from tonight’s match, as well as a two-hour pre-game tailgate, so feel free to join us before the match, and during the match, to talk all things USMNT as well as all about tonight’s showdown in Colorado.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions, before and during the match, after the jump.

Enjoy the action (and join us on the SBI Match Night Commentary after the jump):

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241 Responses to USA vs. Costa Rica: SBI Match Night Commentary

  1. WK says:

    is Jamaica – Panama on TV anywhere? wouldnt feature tonite, but Simon Dawkins has put in his one-time FIFA transfer request to play for the Reggae Boyz!

  2. Georges Jean says:

    “When it comes to World Cup Qualifying every National Team needs to develop chemistry on the field that translates to a successful run.” My prediction: U.S 1-2 COS.

  3. EvertonBrian says:

    After tonight’s game we lead the group. Guaran-fucking-teed…

    • DC Josh says:

      Honduras have 4 points (!!!) so we would at least be behind them. But 3 points are a must. A tie would be deflating. And a loss devastating.

  4. Jason says:

    I’m from Nj, but I’m in montreal to catch the rbny vs impact game tomorrow, do you know where there will be usa supporters watching the game, tried contacting the ESC, but got no response, if anyone could help that would be great

    • Flagermunsen. says:

      I live/work in Canada now. Although Vancouver is not Montreal (not even the same country according to some in Quebec), I could find no evidence of national coverage of any CONCACAF games in Canada this round, even on delay. I am at my desk at work and going to watch on the internet.

  5. g? says:

    Mexico drew Honduras 2-2 on the road. If we win tonight (if), we’re ahead of them, if we lose, we’re only two back. And top four qualify (seriously, we’d beat NZ if it came to that).

    Also LOL Roy Miller is so going to score the winner against us, before we storm into Azteca and take all three points.

    • Bubba says:

      Really, we want El Tri to win every game rather than giving points to other teams that might challenge for a berth (unlike El Tri, who will go thru). That being said, screw logic – if we have to suffer, I want them to suffer too.

    • Bubba says:

      Win every game, that is, except vs. us.

  6. Fitz says:

    Ives, I don’t see how you can say the Sporting News article included anonymous USMNT players “allegedly criticizing” Klinsmann unless you don’t trust Brian Strauss’s journalism. Do you have doubts about the reporting, or was that just an inadvertent implication?

    • Bubba says:

      I didn’t know that the Sporting News was still around before this imbroglio. Perhaps that’s what he meant by allegedly. They allegedly critcized because it must be verified that the Sporting News still exists.

    • Old School says:

      If people are being quoted from the shadows, with no associated name…at best, it’s “allegedly”.

  7. RK says:

    There’s a game tonight? There’s been no coverage all week!

  8. Haddo says:

    Come on you Yanks!

  9. ChiTown says:

    I just want to point out that Honduras dominated Mexico. Dominated. 65% possession. 18 shots to 9.

    Make no mistake about it–this frames how difficult our match had to be with half our team flying overseas and playing the next day in those awful conditions.

    We played better than Mexico did.

    • 2tone says:

      I have been saying for a long time that if you pressure Mexico further up the field then Mexico is just as prone to easy giveaways. If you sit back and absorb offensive pressure that allows Mexico to get into a passing rythmn, and the Mexicans will pick you apart. Honduras did not allow that to happen; something the USMNT needs to do better is pressing the ball higher up the field and with multiple players.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      i feel like you need to go back and re-watch our game against honduras, if you think we played better than mexico. i don’t think i’ve ever seen us play that poorly.

      i do agree that too many fans (myself included) probably assumed it would be easier than it was ever going to be.

    • godiazul says:

      Mexico even without a lot of possession looked not too badly contained, at least until the final 10, and managed to score (twice). The Honduras goals also came after Mexico subbed out Hernandez and Dos Santos. Oh and the heat was worse today.

  10. ThaDeuce says:

    Is kick off at 8:45, 9, or later?

  11. Javier says:

    For those of you with Verizon, has anyone seen BeIn Sports on channel 598?

    • Iggy says:

      It’s only in a select few markets now, and everywhere by mid April. I think it’s only on a high level package, the one up from the one that gets you fox soccer. We’ll see. Def glad to have a chance to buy it.

  12. riggity21 says:

    god I love see a usmnt match day commentary pop up on this website

  13. RB says:

    Already spitting rain / snow here at the park. Gates about to open. The snow bodes well, I think!

  14. Corp Exec. says:


  15. USA says:

    If we start Ives predicted lineup I am betting on Costa Rica

  16. ChiTown says:


    Hardcore attacking lineup and Beas at left back.

  17. Bizzy says:

    ok don’t panic…’s only Costa Rica……without Saborio…….don’t panic….don’t panic……too late I’m panicing
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..I’m hyperventilating…can breathe…lol

  18. ChiTown says:

    15 over a 2!

    The school that sounds like a regional airport takes down Georgetown!

  19. Blokhin says:

    that left side of the defense is going to get lots of action, wouldn’t be surprised to see both Jones and Bradley shade that way…

    Geoff Cameron and Omar are cornerstones of this group….can’t see CR staying off the board tonight, we’ll need 3 to win 3-2 USA

  20. AcidBurn says:

    Just saw the lineup. Looks like I picked the wrong night to stop sniffing glue.

  21. Bac says:

    Look at that picture- totally covered in snow… wtf… Maybe the match gets postponed, we get healthy, and play on a green surface… If we lose because of snow on our own pitch on my birthday I am giving up birthdays.. then serving up Gulati & JK to my butcher

  22. Fred says:


  23. RB says:

    Zamboni now at work on the field…

  24. chris_thebassplayer says:

    Goodson and Beas in the back line on a frozen field…have freaking mercy! I’m going through all the Guinness tonight. Let’s go boys!

  25. AcidBurn says:

    Oh, and for everyone high-fiving that CR is starting Roy Miller, he’s putting a CR shirt on tonight. Not RBNY. Shouldn’t count on him going full retard to gift the US a win.

  26. 2tone says:

    This game is going to get postponed I gaurantee you.

  27. ACS says:

    It’s a blizzard here in Colorado, it started about 5 in Denver and kept getting stronger. The field is covered but the roads are still clear.

  28. RK says:

    They’re coming out. I hope no team is wearing white.

  29. RK says:

    Poor Guzan…tough to game to start.

  30. GT says:

    Anyone have a SopCast feed for this?

  31. Dimidri says:

    Seems odd to not have Brad Davis in the 23 but to have 3 goalkeepers…unless JK hasn’t decided who his 2 is and wants it to be a spur of the moment call to be more ‘organic’.

  32. David JS says:

    our new kits look too damn awesome, and this atmosphere is way too damn awesome for anything other than an awesome win tonight. 3-0! COME ON BOYS!!!!!

    • RK says:

      Why? They are just white. Nothing special.

      • David JS says:

        The snowy field is kind of obscuring their appeal. They’re clean and classy, basically the antithesis most modern US Soccer apparel. Case and point: our tacky badge that looks lifted from Microsoft Word’s ClipArt.

  33. Ali Dia says:

    I probably read 35 articles of analysis previewing this game. Seems not one person (myself included) bothered to check the weather report. A snowbound CONCACAF qualifier… now that’s a novelty.

  34. Dimidri says:

    Wow hard to see on TV-yellow ball way hard to see (especially compared to orange), hard to distinguish it from snowflakes on camera.

  35. RK says:

    Ack! Mo Edu could sub in at left back?

  36. Mig says:

    This is an embarrassment. Desperate scheduling maneuver with inherent weather risk. I don’t know who to hate on more now, Klinsman or Gulati.

  37. Mikebsiu says:

    Stupid US soccer scheduling a game in Colorado. Both teams will struggle, and we need a win.

  38. Riggity says:


  39. Mikebsiu says:

    Well don’t I look stupid

  40. Leo says:

    Look at that. ALTIDORE and Dempsey.

    STFU Altidore haters.

  41. Riggity says:

    Captain, oh Captain

  42. jl says:

    Roy Miller f’ed up again. Awesome.

  43. Citronomics says:

    Deuce! Doing what he does best… getting into a great position to clean up the rebound. Credit to Joxy for letting it rip.

  44. Mig says:

    This game should be abandoned. The lines are obscured, the test is random.

  45. A.S. says:

    I think Ian Darke is right, I don’t see how this game gets to 90 mins. There’s going to be 3 inches on the ground!

  46. Seriously? says:

    I am very nervous that they won’t be able to finish the match

  47. G. Bean says:

    The game should’ve been in Florida or Texas.

  48. Dimidri says:

    Ian Darke mentions Costa Rica time wasting to get the game called before halftime….and then while US players are on ground groundsman come out and clear lines. The possible moves and countermoves….

  49. Seriously? says:

    I feel like they should have more shovelers, it’s not like they’d have had trouble finding volunteers. Heck, they could probably find a few hundred volunteers at half time, just send someone to go get enough shovels.

  50. Mig says:

    As much as I am disgusted by the scheduling and the fact that the game is being played, I gotta say that RunDMB can still bring it.

    • biff says:

      Yep, up to this point DeMarcus Beasley is Man of the Match. He is earning the opportunity to play left wing in future games.

      And, yep, playing this game in Denver was a big mistake and I never want to hear anyone complain again about road field conditions wherever. Just hope nobody gets injured in this mess. I fail to see why it is an advantage for our guys. It is going to get ugly in the second half.

  51. Riggity says:

    Jermaine Jones’ Afro is amazing in this blizzard

  52. TomG says:

    More insanely biased CONCACAF officiating. Ugh. Disgusting.

  53. Bostitch says:

    Dempsey with the lame dive

  54. TomG says:

    Make the right pass JJ!!! stop dribbling the &$@ing ball and make the smart, easy pass!

  55. Seriously? says:

    Putting on my Captain Obvious hat: any shot from distance that bounces on it’s way would be a nightmare for a keeper. It doesn’t matter how well organized a defense is, a goal could come from nothing in a game like this.

  56. Mig says:

    Ok, since commenters disagree and Ives and Franco disagree, can we just say that the penalty call weas debatable and not spend forever arguing? (there are better things to get angry about)

    • TomG says:

      Ives trumps Franco

      • Mig says:

        nah. My point was that there are experts (and opinions) all over and they are not clear on whether that was a penalty. Hey, I would have liked a PK but there was a legit argument.

        • manicmessiah says:

          Having seen a few replays I didn’t see a certain penalty at all, so I’d agree with you.

  57. Francois says:

    Definite penalty on Clint, ridiculous no call.

    • David JS says:

      The worst part is the ref raised his whistle to his mouth and then lowered it when the ball fell to Zusi, almost like he was playing advantage or something. A inexplicable piece of refereeing in a game filled with the inexplicable.

  58. 2tone says:

    Not confident with this 1-0 lead. Still to much space in midfield. I love Dempsey’s ability to score goals, but his closing down defensively is atrocious.

    • Mc says:

      He and EJ are two peas in a pod. Dempsey should only play 60 minutes, he just walks around after that, every game I have seen.

  59. G. Bean says:

    Costa Rica looks beaten. They physically looked like they had given up.

  60. chris_thebassplayer says:

    Blatant cheap shot to the face from by Sabo on Omar…baiting him …it will only get worse.

  61. Scott says:

    Bob Ley has Mikel Arteta like hair, nothing can make it move. Also, I want one of the hats Keller and Lalas have.

  62. Old School says:

    Mexico, “Winter is Coming”…


  63. MikeG says:

    Omar Gonzalez redeemed himself with that clearance near the end of the first half. Redeemed from Honduras. Welcome to the team Gonzalez. You will be here for a long time.


  64. Riggity says:

    ?..did they really just mention throwing the result out completely?

  65. Paul Miller says:

    You guys all realize if this game is called, the U.S. and CR have to relocate themselves to another field in a couple days, play again… and then the U.S. would have to be in Azteca 48 hours later, right?

  66. Mig says:

    I’m sorry announcers, people with a lot of equipment clearing bits of field in 20 minutes is not a miracle. It’s called living in the north.

    • Old School says:

      Living in the North doesn’t have implications of making the World Cup.

      The crew is helping maintain the existence of this match. A match the US is up and looks to be in the driver seat to get 3 points.

      Call it a miracle or call it whatever you’d like. But call out the importance of it..which is what they did and continue to do.

      • Mig says:

        No, my point was the announcers called it a miracle. The grounds crew is using equipment to clear snow from a piece of grass. There is nothing dramatic, remarkable, or talented about it. It is snow removal, nothing more.

        And, it’s not particulary effective.

      • Mig says:

        No, my point was the announcers called it a miracle. The grounds crew is using equipment to clear snow from a piece of grass. There is nothing dramatic, remarkable, or talented about it. It is snow removal, nothing more.

        And, it’s not particulary effective.

  67. Petaluman says:

    Roy Miller is a silly person.

  68. Petaluman says:


  69. Petaluman says:

    Things are getting dicey.

  70. A.S. says:

    I can’t see a thing.

  71. Old School says:


    “Gaaaaaaaaaame Oooooooooon.”

    -Wayne and Garth

  72. Mig says:

    This might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in terms of field conditions, application (or not) of rules, and the fact that the announcers are clueless as to what happens if it is stopped is so sad.

  73. Seriously? says:

    That was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen in a soccer game

  74. Petaluman says:

    I went to a blizzard and soccer game broke out.

  75. David JS says:

    Literally ANYTHING could happen in these last 30 minutes… this is just wild, wild stuff.

  76. Ivan says:

    Disgusting! Let’s go to Alaska the next game for home field advantage. Disgusting! Even if US wins 17:0; this is not football..

    • Old School says:

      It may not be but it’s a hell of a sporting even to watch and talk about for a long time.

      I’m enjoying the chaos.

  77. Old School says:

    Ian Darke: “There’s no snow in Jamaica. Cool Runnings and all that..”


  78. chris_thebassplayer says:

    Can we get one guy to wipe the wide angle camera…snow globe game.

  79. CJ13 says:

    Western Kentucky is playing really close to Kansas..

  80. TomG says:

    Ref just automatically whistles against the US on every set piece as soon as the ball is struck.

    • Ali Dia says:

      True, but that’s on us, not the ref. These guys are evaluated in the same way NFL refs are, an evaluation that includes things like incorrect infractions assessed, and (more to the point) infractions not identified. A set piece is an excellent chance for him to position himself and make up for the 30 thousand things he can’t possibly with his 4-6 yards of visibility. Something we should be able to pick up on after 2-3 times.

  81. Petaluman says:

    Jermaine Jones = Liability

  82. TomG says:

    I’m so over JJ and his ridiculous antics

  83. Old School says:

    A gift by the linesman.

    Get it together, Yanks.

  84. Mc says:

    Dude, Zusi need to go. That guy has had an awful game.

  85. Petaluman says:

    Please no 20 minutes of bunkering…it won’t end well.

  86. AC says:

    Thank goodness Costa Rica has red on their jerseys to help see them in the snow. That was offsides.

  87. Old School says:

    Cameron far, far too careless with the ball.

  88. TomG says:

    Shea and edu?

  89. Mig says:

    The problem now is that if they stop the game, they almost HAVE to do the unprecented and pick up the game at the point it’s stopped because these teams have to play on Wednesday so they CAN”T play another 90 minutes.

    Stupid, stupid US Soccer.

  90. Mig says:

    Please, let’s not judge anybody. These conditions render anything but extremes to be meaningless.

    • Kosh says:

      …and yet we have 3 point on the board. Didn’t see you complaining when our guys were dogging it in stiff humidity – but I suppose that does not factor into the game.

      They don’t call it home field advantage for nothing. Though not sure how much of an advantage we had in this one…but go ahead and degrade the team’s work in a week of controversy.

  91. drew11 says:

    EJ on and now repping Bunnell, Florida.

  92. David JS says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Just praying we walk out of Denver tonight without any injuries and the 3 points.

  93. TomG says:

    EJ seems to have no idea how to challenge for a 50 50 ball or pressure the ball in general.

    • Mc says:

      That fact has not changed for 8 years and is the reason I just don’t like him for the national team. Totally opposite of Herc.

  94. Petaluman says:

    So glad they are taking the walking snow cone off..

  95. Mig says:

    Last we’ll see of JJ for a bit probably once CONCACAF reviews the elbow.

  96. Old School says:

    Good time to bring on Edu/Beckerman.

  97. Brit says:

    If there were any issues between players in the locker room this is the perfect game. A sloppy, wet, will yourself a win, game. The players will bond with this game for sure. It may not be that huge of a game but they will always remember it.

  98. TomG says:

    Another ridiculous call

  99. Petaluman says:

    uggh 5 more minutes

  100. Mig says:

    The worst part of this win is that it is random and doesn’t provide the test that Klinsman should have had to face. If he lost, you can’t fire him because this is stupid. If he wins, everybody says “Oh, it’s all good” without ever having a legitimate win.

    This is the worst thing for the US in terms of having a clear picture of where things are. No tactics required, random results, what does this mean? yeah, we get the points but are we any good? No way to say.

    • Old School says:

      Would you go have a nice cold glass of water and wash away your negativity?

      Every post you’ve made tonight is bitching about something. Out of curiosity, were you one of the “anonymous” sources, too?

      • Old School says:

        Would you go have a nice cold glass of water and wash away your negativity?

        Every post you’ve made tonight is whining about something. Out of curiosity, were you one of the “anonymous” sources, too?

    • David JS says:

      if the complaints were that Klinsmann’s team had lost the “American style” of winning with sheer effort and determination, maybe this game was just what they needed to remember what it’s like to win a game that wasn’t going to be decided on ‘beautiful’ play and skill.

      • Old School says:

        Mig is simply looking for something to complain about.

        Both teams played in the conditions, on the surface and through the chaos.

        One team took 3 points.

        • Mig says:

          I know you’re excited and and you’re a JK fan. That’s cool. But to take anything away from this 1-0 win on a good bounce in these conditions just means we don’t know anything about the team. It was random “One team took 3 points.” the other gets zero from no fault of their own.

          • Old School says:

            I’m a JK fan because I’m not looking for something negative to say every post?

            Ok, guy.

            Don’t project because you’re innately unhappy…with, I don’t know, everything.

            • Mig says:

              dude, you look for an argument all the time on this board. You don’t like my take on this game, fine. But let’s be clear, I am not rooting against the US (or even their coach), I just think the the test that JK has to face eventually was not faced tonight and that this is meaningless as an assessment. Tha’ts all.

          • GW says:


            Here;s what I know about this team.

            They have three points now.

            Anything else is irrelevant because that three points just bought the US some time.

            These games aren’t about learning somethiing. They are about getting points anyhow, anyway, anywhere.

      • Mig says:

        David JS, that is a very reasonable tack to take. There is an argument for this win being gritty (I think it was just random but there is plenty of argument for it being tough). So yeah, I like the points and I like that the US played HARD tonight. Cheers,

    • Kosh says:

      Dear Lord…seriously? Right now?

      You see how its hard for everyone right now and we got 3 points on a tough night. 3 points!!


  101. Petaluman says:

    New strategy…run to the corner and make snow angels…

  102. TomG says:

    Man, Herc never stops working

  103. Old School says:


    “Winter is Coming”


  104. TomG says:


  105. cps says:


    • TomG says:

      I don’t know about MOTM but I must admit I was completely wrong about DMB. I thought it was crazy to play him at lb. he was awesome.

      • cps says:

        I was worried too but DMB is solid. After today he’s a no-brainer to start at LB at the Azteca. Don’t have to worry about him being intimidated.

  106. PD says:

    fantastic effort. Goodson and Omar looked solid, as did DMB. Tremendous team effort.

  107. Alex G says:

    We are back dudes

  108. A.S. says:

    Gotta say, win or no, this game should not have been played. Not a fair test of the 2 teams.

    I’m glad they won though.

    • Mig says:

      Exactly. Thrilled about the 3 points and sorry the way we got them.

    • David JS says:

      I agree that what happened was ridiculous, but they wouldn’t have been able to play in Denver for at least a week. If they postponed it and played in another city in a couple days, then both teams have 2 qualifiers in 3 days in addition to the extra travel. I’m not sure there was a better solution than just pushing thru the 90 minutes tonight. My only guess would be after they saw the forecast for a snowstorm, maybe move up the kickoff time to earlier today but that wouldn’t have been without problems also. Just was a difficult spot for all involved.

      • matt says:

        So it is ok to play in 98 degree weather with 90%+ humidity, but not in the snow? The heat is way more dangerous. Further, both teams (much to Costa Rica’s credit) wanted to continue the match. Stop looking for excuses and reasons to be negative.

        • Kosh says:

          No matt, because, you see, things going our way = bad.

          Forget the conditions when Honduras won – just how bad we were and the doom and gloom end of the world. Now, forget the conditions when we win – the game should have never been played.


        • Old School says:

          One of the best posts of the night.

        • Nate Dollars says:

          you might have a point if someone had played in those conditions. i’m assuming you’re talking about the Honduras game, where conditions where not nearly that bad.

          the point is, it is fairly common to play games in heat and humidity, but not in a snowstorm.

    • TomG says:

      But it was sooooo cooool! How often do you get to see a big game in a full on blizzard?

    • GW says:

      Fair test ?

      Who cares? It was the same for both and both wanted to continue play.

  109. Kosh says:

    Gonzo looked so much better than Cameron out there tonight. They all played pretty well out there.



  110. cps says:

    Onward to the Azteca. Let it be another shutout.

  111. Petaluman says:

    Hopefully they can take something from this and get a result in Mexico. That game will be a completely different world.

  112. dj says:

    praying for snow in mexico 😉

  113. Lu says:

    I was digging the new kits. Just not the Captain America team crest tho

  114. Mc says:

    So, is anyone mentioning that we completely sucked in the second half?
    “well, the conditions were…blah blah blah”
    Costa Rica totally outplayed us for about 60 minutes. Same weather for both teams.
    That needs to be addressed.

    • Casey says:

      Did you happen to mention no fouls were being called? Saborio was up to his old tricks. But let’s complain shall we….

    • TomG says:


    • Kosh says:

      Not unless soccer is played for 105 min. I am not sure where you’re getting 60 min of being outplayed as we owned the 1st half.

      However, there were stoppages in the second so I guess I can see where your 60 min is coming from.

      Now we are going for style points. Bet you all the teams that had 1 point tonight would love 3. But I am with you – we are Brazil and we should have DOMINATED that game.

      Give me a break!

    • Mc says:

      I’ll let your win hangover subside so you can then understand what I am saying. I’m happy we won, too.

      • Casey says:

        What hangover? What game were you watching? At times there was just dirty play. But keep ignoring it.

        • Mc says:

          Check that shots/shots on goal stat, kid.

          • Old School says:

            The US had a goal lead in chaotic conditions.

            Those stats are skewed and don’t reveal anything other than one team was down, and one team was up.

            • Kosh says:

              I think we should give Costa Rica 0.5 points and take 2.5 points because they possibly lead us in every other stat EXCEPT the one that mattered.

            • Mc says:

              True, true. I just wanted to see better passing, more possession in the second half. Maybe impossible in those conditions, but Costa Rica seemed much more dangerous. All I’m saying. Seems like we were pretty careless for the last 30. And for god sakes, I just want EJ to chase down one ball.

          • Casey says:

            These ones? Doesn’t show domination at all. Forgot the assault that Saborio committed on the field.

            link to

    • GW says:

      “So, is anyone mentioning that we completely sucked in the second half?
      “well, the conditions were…blah blah blah”
      Costa Rica totally outplayed us for about 60 minutes.I”

      Well then , I guess its a good thing the US beat them in the first half and then held them scoreless in the second half.

      We scored one more goal than they did and that means the US wins.

    • DCisforboners says:

      Cool sarcasm bro. In all seriousness I’m sick of the rampant negativity that’s come out of the walls since the Hex began. The team won’t be in the top 3 in the group without a ton or work. We’re going to have to scrap to qualify. Welcome to a region where there is parity between the teams, as there is in most of the world. It’s not going to be easy, and it shouldn’t be easy. But winning in this more difficult group is going to give us a better change of making it through to the quarters of the world cup. That’s the goal.

  115. Andrew In Tally says:

    Man of the Match. DMB. by a long shot. Troubling that after scoring early we didn’t create more chances late. Gomez had a poor game by his standards. Our crossing improved in the second half but the lack of a decent cross by Zusi and Cameron in the first half hurt our chances to get good shots. Would like to see Dempsey have more impact on the game. For long stretches in the second half his name was not called. Good energy by Jozy. The goal with come on Tuesday.
    And is was good to win. I shouldn’t be ungrateful

    • byrdman says:

      Bradley turned the ball over numerous times. Second bad game in a row for MB in my opinion. But conditions cause me to grant a pass for this one. really curious to see Tuesday’s trip to Azteca. Maybe the friendly win will allow guys to play with abandon and confidence.

    • Old School says:

      “Man of the Match. DMB. by a long shot.”

      Sorry, Goodson was lights out and stopped so many attacks and a point blank free kick. DMB played much better than I anticipated, so a lot of credit to him.

      “Troubling that after scoring early we didn’t create more chances late”

      May or may not have been due to the….blizzard…and the fact that we already had a goal.

    • D says:

      This is absolutely hilarious that anyone can nitpick about the technical side of this game…anyone who’s had to play competively in harsh conditions understands.
      Poor Crosses? Are you serious? There was 4″ of snow on the ground!
      Herc played great. So did Dempsey. Zusi and Cameron did their job. The only thing that you can be upset about is that we TRIED to play soccer at any point in this game.
      We won. Step off.

  116. byrdman says:

    I am really disappointed in all the negative comments. MIG especially. Why is it ok for Honduras to play their home games on a glorified cow pasture where you can’t settle the ball, or evidently find the lawn mower. But for the US to try to take advantage of cold weather is shameful. The snow storm was terrible. Who controls that?

    How bout we SHUT UP and enjoy the effort from both teams. Gutsy, and for the most part classy. I’m not sure why Costa Rica encouraged the ref to continue play (maybe because of future fatigue in their home game next), but I am encouraged that all of CONCACAF does not dive, play the darker side of the game, etc….

    Good night and enjoy the weekend.

  117. Andy Moonyock says:

    As far as I’m concerned, good on us. It’s called gamesmanship. Mexico has the azteca, Ecuador and bolivia has the altitude, to name but a few conmebol countries with advantages that are implicit. Lets go to the Azteca and let Herc run wild. COYY

  118. byrdman says:

    Hate Moderation!!!!!!

  119. byrdman says:

    Love three points in the snow, rain, sleet, or dead of night!!!

  120. natsalways says:

    We’ll all remember this game. Whether we remember it for the snow or as the game that turned this qualifying tournament around for the US remains to be seen.

    Now the playing of this game at altitude comes into play for the US. They should actually have better lungs than the Mexican team in Azteca because they have been at altitude for this whole week.

    When we went into Azteca last year and won it was with a patchwork lineup. We could see a very similar bunch on the field for the US this time around…against a desperate Mexico. Could it actually finally be the time we beat Mexico away in WCQ?

    Finally, I am not ready to buy into JK’s system just yet. But I don’t have to…if the boys do, then it could be a historic Tuesday.

    At least, I’ll be praying for that for the next 4 days.

  121. D says:

    There’s a lack of credit here. Weather is part of the game..yeah, usually note accumilating snow, but understanding the conditions and knowing your role. We actually played good soccer in the beginnning when we probably shouldn’t have.
    Our organization was good. The backline looked great considering all that they were up against. And Guzan played very well for this type of weather.It takes a certain talent to win a game like that. It’s a talent that the US has been missing for a bit…might help us in the long run.

  122. Rick says:

    Great game by the USA. I thought is was a pretty cleaver move to play the Costa Ricans in the snow knowing that the condition won’t suite them. :) I can see the return game playing mid-day in 100 degrees heat..

  123. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    Hell yeah!

  124. huzzah says: