MLS Week Four: Match Night Commentary


It might be an international fixture period, but that isn’t stopping Major League Soccer from putting on a full slate of matches today.

The Montreal Impact will look to improve to 4-0 today when they take on a short-handed New York Red Bulls side at Stade Saputo. Patrice Bernier has been one of the league’s best players early in the season and will be looking to dominate the middle against a good New York midfield that features Dax McCarty.

The San Jose Earthquakes and Seattle Sounders face off in a clash of slow-starting Western Conference powers. Seattle is missing several players due to international duty, but will have a chance to show off their depth against an Earthquakes size beset by injuries.

Here is a rundown of today’s MLS matches:

3pm- D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew

4pm- New England Revolution vs. Sporting Kansas City

4:30pm- Montreal Impact vs. new York Red Bulls

8:30pm- FC Dallas vs. Real Salt Lake

8:30pm- Houston Dynamo vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

10:30pm- Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Colorado Rapids

10:30pm- San Jose Earthquakes vs. Seattle Sounders

SBI will be providing live commentary for all of today’s matches here so please feel free to join us. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s commentary is after the jump):

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44 Responses to MLS Week Four: Match Night Commentary

  1. ChiTown says:

    This NBC feed is AWFUL. Half of the feed is off screen.

  2. ChiTown says:

    Also, I found this on MLS Soccer from Beasley–clearly taking a shot at the people in the Sporting News story.

    ““After the first day, [Klinsmann] just told me, ‘Beas, you’re playing at left back.’ That’s all he needed to say,” Beasley said. “I’ve been around. He knows that I’ve been around for a while. He doesn’t need to speak to me ten minutes and tell me what I need to do and this and that. He said Beas, ‘you feel confident at left back?’ I said ‘yeah’. The conversation took literally 10 seconds, and that was it.””

    Just another reason Beasley is one of the best players we’ve ever produced. He gets what it takes to play at the top.

    • The Squad says:


      Thought the crux of the recent scuttle was that JK talked too much, or JK just needs to get straight to the point.

      Seems to me that DeMarcus Beasley just let us all in on some of the ‘Talking’ done inner circle wise.

      Similar situation to when Shaq stated that Phil Jackson would just walk into the game-day meeting and say “Shaq this is what I want you to do” ” Kobe you wlll do this or that” Point blank. No BS, a choice cuss-word or two added.

      Of course, he being the Phil Jackson commonly referred to as the ‘Zen Master’ for his sort of ‘holistic’ approach to coaching.

      • J Dog says:

        You obviously didn’t read the article. The problem was no technical direction. Players didn’t know what to do. Beasley was countering that

        • The Squad says:

          Read the article..

          Read the comments regarding the article..

          Submitted a few comments regarding the article..and the comments..

          Read my comment again…

          Gist: I support Beasley’s refute fo the critiscism regardng DIRECTION period.

          Even threw in Phil Jackson and painted him as a master tactician where it counts. In the locker room and on the sideline in communication with players regardless of the picture the outsiders paint


          Responding to the article.

  3. Nick4235 says:

    I didn’t know there was a new team called the York Red Bulls. (Look at there matchup above).

  4. ChiTown says:

    Bil Hamid with a really poor mistake gives Columbus a wide open header on an empty net.

    1-0 Crew.

  5. ChiTown says:

    Uhhh welcome to MLS Rafael. Holy mother of golazos! That was what, 35/40 yards bending over the keeper into the lower corner?

  6. Georges Jean says:

    An impressive week for both the astonishing MLS and the World Cup 2014! Which Team do you think will win the World Cup 2014? You may post your opinion in

    • MemRook says:


      • Georges Jean says:

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    • Seriously? says:


  7. ChiTown says:

    That’s a stone cold penalty on Chad Marshall. How does the referee think it’s okay for Marshall to grab all of Pontius arm and shoulder and drag him to the ground?!

  8. ChiTown says:

    There’s going to be a riot here in a minute. A clearly denied penalty to United and then it appears that the referee takes another United goal off the board because Columbus thought there would be a whistle for offside and there wasn’t. Referee pulled his flag down and kept going with the play and so did the center official–and then went back and took the goal away after it was scored.

    Huge controversy.

  9. ChiTown says:

    After seeing more replays it’s even more egregious from the official. The referee overrides the linesmen on the offside call and then goes back after the goal is scored and calls off the goal because the Crew players thought a whistle was coming.


    A referee played on and then called a goal back because the other team didn’t play until the whistle. Inexcusable.

  10. ChiTown says:

    Oh god this official blows another call.

    What the heck is Martino is talking about? If he makes contact going to the ground it doens’t matter if Gaven goes down easy.

    • ed - houston says:

      Dude, you seriously need to accept the officiating and move on. How long have you been watching DCU? If its been more than 4-6 years accept the less than average Refs and move TF on.
      Hamid was poor on the first goal -he had been wining me over until that.
      As much as DCU overachieved last year they are not looking too good this year. Good thing its still early.
      Heading out for the orange game. The Refs, nor a first loss at BBVA, will dampen my mood. It’s party time.

      • VADCUfan says:

        We started out last season this bad. Aside from the last seven games without Dero, I’m not sure we overachieved.

  11. DystopianDon says:

    Regarding Red Bulls’ defense: it’s atrocious. Based on the lack of a quality performance from Holgersson and Barklage we lost. On offense, the lack hustle from Espindola “NOT BEING ABLE TO STAY ON HIS FEET” missed numerous opportunities. Juninho showed up today and filled in well for Henry’s position as team runner. McCartey was aggressive as always. and Luyindula had an impressive first match. Should have slumpt away from Montreal with a tie.

  12. 20 says:

    I want my money back from that Revolution – SKC game. Absolute s*** from both sides. Can’t remember a shot on goal from either team. Nothing else to say except Collin was probably the best player on the field. Seriously one of the worst games I’ve ever seen in person in my life.

    Additionally I didn’t join in with the “US Reject” chants directed at Feilhaber but he deserved it. Message to Benny: playing at your old home and diving in the box (he received a yellow for one of these dives, isn’t going to endear you to your old fans. I was upset when the same chants were directed at Brian Ching.. can’t really defend Feilhaber this time.

  13. MemRook says:

    Ok should I watch FCD v RSL or Houston v Vancouver??? Which game will be more fun for a neutral?

  14. MikeG says:

    Costa Rica plans to protest the game with the U.S. Costa Rica said it was an embarrassment to the game. According to FIFA regulations there was nothing wrong with the game and no danger to the players. Game stands. Here is some tissue TICOS.

  15. AzTeXan says:

    Wow, these attendance numbers tonight are awful other then RBNY.

  16. MemRook says:

    Villarreal looks like the real deal. Just saying.

  17. Darwin says:

    Villarreal and McBean starting together for LA, and both are running rampant on Colorado’s defense. COL has one shot (on frame), and LA have 14 shots with 7 on frame with the two youngsters accounting for 10(6)

    • MikeG says:

      McBean has been on the Scotland radar.

      • Darwin says:

        Well, that earns him a WP but thats about all. He’s a yank through and through.

      • MemRook says:

        He should already have 3-4 goals already. Wasteful. Done good to get those chances, but that’s wasteful. If he finishes just one of those, the other misses could be forgiven. Still 45 to go tho.

        • Darwin says:

          I didn’t see him miss any sitters. For the most part, all of his shots were difficult. Rapids D were hanging all over him and he was simply unlucky. Of course, Keano finishes a couple of them…

  18. K says:

    why doesn’t the MLS take time off for the international break???

    • MemRook says:

      I don’t know the answer but I’m glad they didn’t. Love that there are games to watch when there aren’t any elsewhere.

      • K says:

        yeah, well, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

        League 1 and League 2 don’t take a break either. They don’t have to. None of their players are internationals. MLS however, has over 30 internationals on its rosters.

  19. baropbop says:

    How does Colorado still have any fans? This roster is pathetic. Luckily thier goalie is standing on his head.

  20. ed - houston says:

    Come ON San Jose, hold THAT LEAD!!!!

  21. Henry says:

    I have to give Irwin kudos as a Galaxy fan

  22. K says:

    empty stadiums all over the place on a saturday. MLS losing support?

  23. chris_thebassplayer says:

    Attakora > Hernandez…Wondo with a beaut. Cronin and Baca were fantastic and Jahn came back to earth.

  24. divers suck says:

    Ives, as a Sounders fan, please give them their deserved ranking as bottom feeders of MLS next week…They DESERVE it and likely will stay that way until they get their, you know what, together! International call-ups are no excuse for 1 goal and 1 point bottom of the MLS table…

  25. Ivan says:

    The National team playing a game that should have NEVER been played on Friday considering the ungodly conditions.

    MLS playing a round of games while the rest of the world has the weekend off due to the WC qualifiers.

    Well done!

  26. WK says:

    It’s official, Chicago are the worst team in the league. I blame Wells Thompson. He’s such a punk- after just getting abused by the Chivas winger over and over, finally gives him a forearm to the face.

    And now the rout is on- Agudelo adds a third. Western conference bouncing back!