SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Hassoun Camara

HassounCamara (SBI)

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5 Responses to SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Hassoun Camara

  1. ed - houston says:

    I would say this goal or the long strike by the Vancouver player is GOTW. Cant’t argue with this selection. I am sure glad you guys don’t leave it to us biased fans to select GOTW, as we are known to stuff the ballot in favor of our club’s palyers.

  2. Clyde Frog says:

    I agree with the other guy from the podcast. His left foot was off the ground (just) when he made contact, so I think this can go down as a bicycle kick.

  3. mcm says:

    I find it classless to taunt a supporters group after a goal. Don’t feel like I see this in foreign games. What does everyone else think?

  4. Becks says:

    Why are many of the videos posted on this site almost immediately made unavailable? Can’t you guys figure it out already, SBI? Über annoying.