USA 0, Mexico 0: Field Level Highlights

Clint Dempsey


Photo by John Todd/

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14 Responses to USA 0, Mexico 0: Field Level Highlights

  1. MLSsnob says:

    Good stuff…

  2. MiamiAl says:

    Good stuff!!!

  3. CroCajun1003 says:

    Still winced every time Chicharito got on the end of a cross

  4. supergrandefilms says:

    LOVE THE ENERGY and the INTENSITY. We are quite lucky to have survived a draw. GO US…!!

  5. Falsify says:


  6. Beto says:

    Those are always the best highlights. Such a close game..if only jozy got that ball next to the post…

  7. bottlcaps says:

    From the field level, it appears that Chicharito. had only one good half/chance on goal, and that was the net crash off the top of his foot. The other chances in front of the net, either had Gonzalez clearly heading it away, out leaping Chicharito. The other shows Besler? poking away the cross before it got to Chicharito. From the TV perspective, it looked like Chicharito muffed his chance, he didn’t, he was clearly beaten to the ball by the US center backs

    What was really telling was that the US had 2, TWO corners, yet Cameron came within a hair of converting it. Mexico had FIFTEEN, had only maybe one that was dangerous chance Towards the end, Mexico gave up crossing into the box and instead, passed the corner kicks to the top of the box and tried to sneak it in.

    The US had total domination of the aerial presence that day.

  8. markwriter says:

    man hugs at the end. F… yeah.

  9. Goalscorer24 says:

    Some of the Mexican players actually shook hands with the US players.

  10. Grant says:

    II’ll call it now… Guzan over Howard in Brazil… can’t remember when one of our keepers started 2 world cups in a row.

    • edmondo says:

      Delusional. Guzan is looking good, but Timmy is better. Remember, if you were good at analyzing football, you would be working in the industry.

      • What says:

        That’s not delusional at all. Guzan is a great back-up and Brazil is still a while away. If you really want to use the term delusional without being so hyperbolic, I’d point you towards your last sentence:

        “if you were good at analyzing football, you would be working in the industry.”