USA 0, Mexico 0: Match Highlights

Brad Guzan Javier Chicharito Hernandez

Photo by John Todd/

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37 Responses to USA 0, Mexico 0: Match Highlights

  1. biff says:

    A great win — ah, I mean draw — for the USMNT.

    First and foremost, every player on the field last night — except one — gave 110% effort every second they were on the field, were willing to sweat blood. Hard to believe that this was the same team that leisurely and nonchalantly got their butts kicked in early February in Honduras. As I have already said, the Sporting News article was a turning point and is the best thing that could have happened for the USMNT and, especially, Jurgen Klinsmann.

    • broadsthooligans says:

      Who’s the one for you?

      • HoboMike says:

        Haven’t you ever read biff’s comments?? It’s the one and only Mr. Altidore.

        • Drew says:

          Offensively speaking Jozy was our best player until he was taken out… Held the ball, created chances, took on 2 or 3 defenders at a time… on the other hand Gomez demands set pieces and sucks at them…and has been kissing Mexico’s ass in the media all week which really rubbed me the wrong way

          • whoop-whoop says:

            Sorry brother, have to disagree.
            Showing respect for a very talented team that represents the country in which you live and work and includes players from your Club team is hardly kissing ass. Gomez is a great representative of the US and well respected player in the Mx league, he plays his heart out for the US Nat’l team on the pitch and is pure class off of it.

        • broadsthooligans says:

          I try not to pay attention to who writes what, unless in a specific conversation, but from this thread alone I’m getting the idea he might be a bit overcritical. Jozy had a solid game, Gomez, Dempsey and Zusi were regularly so far back on D that he was on an island. This game and the last both don’t really show us anything you can evaluate a striker on. He held up well enough, in both games, but they were both very defensive games for obvious reasons.

  2. biff says:

    Guzan is the real deal and I want him guarding the net from now on. Totally respect and like Timmy Howard, and am glad we have a great back-up keeper like him and also a team leader. I hope he can be satisfied with the honor of being Number Two.

    • uDaMan says:

      I don’t know if Guzan has won over the job of guarding the precious pipes. BUT, its a great “problem” to have for JK. Guzan did a solid job. Chicharito, could have done way better. And it could have easily been a 1-0 loss. That said, Guzan is class. NHL coaches have the same problem all the time. They usually go with the goalie who is “on a hot streak”

    • keithbabs79 says:

      Epic comment fail

  3. biff says:

    Can anyone deny that the USMNT midfield is more effective and links better between defense and attack with Jermaine Jones in the line-up. I mean really.

    • HoboMike says:

      About time someone mentioned this.

      Although, cue the “red-card-waiting-to-happen (even-though-he-only-has-one-red-card-in-his-career)” haters…

      • keithbabs79 says:

        Jones is more about quantity than quality. He doesn’t get straight reds, he likes to collect yellows like its a hobby.

  4. biff says:

    Time for Jozy to take a rest as a starter. Not a single non-PK goal since for the UMSNT since June 14, 2011. That is sixteen — count ’em — games. No matter how good Jozy is for his club team, if the chemistry is not there with the USMNT Klinsmann needs to move on from Jozy and find forwards who can get the job done.

    • andrewfroboy says:

      You clearly don’t watch games, his play gave us the Costa Rica goal and by my view he had a good game against Mexico holding up the ball, there was just no one else making runs for him to give the ball to. Goals do not make a player.

    • HoboMike says:

      I tend to disagree a bit with you on this one, biff. Jozy played well against Costa Rica. Remember, it was his deflected shot that allowed Dempsey to slot home, and his hold up play was excellent in ridiculous playing conditions. He was never going to be a factor in this game – let’s face it, no one in the USMNT striker player pool would have been a factor. No Jones meant virtually no link up play, and Gomez really needed to stay back and help Beasley. He was on his own more than he usually is. And when Eddie Johnson came in, absolutely nothing changed.

      I understand frustration with Jozy’s lack of production, but this game is not the one to lambast him on, even if his running could have been better.

      I thought Dempsey had a bit of a shocker. His go-all-out mentality against Costa Rica was replaced by petulance with his teammates and poor touches.

    • solles says:

      you are obsessed with Jozy Altidore. He wasn’t bad I thought, no worse than Eddie Johnson who was a passenger once he came on to replace him.

    • keithbabs79 says:

      Please name the FW that will get it done. Especially in that last game. End of discussion.

    • bryan says:

      100% disagree

    • Patrick says:

      Considering how many goals Jozy helps create for Clint (see Italy and Costa Rica games for exmaples) I think the new captain would be less than enthused with not having Jozy around.

  5. LAMF says:

    There has been quite a bit of complaining throughout the internet about the non-calls on those potential PKs. The complaints are certainly valid, especially in the case of Edu’s challenge. However, I find it funny that I see almost no mention of the phantom foul on Geoff Cameron’s goal.

    • NC Jeff says:

      Cameron didn’t put it in the net, if you’re talking about the play I’m thinking of. However, the Mexican player did, in the middle of the box, grab Cameron to force him behind, and then bend over and start backing up (that’s why Cameron fell over him). Uh, I think that is a penalty. Immediately after that, Zavala had a clear chance at the far post on a free kick after his partner grabbed both his own mark and Zavala’s mark, bear-hugging them both (a goal apparently would’ve stood).

      Bradley’s “foul” was not malicious (Chicharito got himself in front of Bradley and then basically stopped to force the contact), and it didn’t prevent Mexico from a scoring opportunity, either (they couldn’t have ever gotten a pass to him).

    • ... says:

      Probably because it wasn’t a goal– it was wide. If it HAD gone in, then I imagine a lot more people would be talking about that foul call.

    • AcidBurn says:

      Cameron’s shot went wide (but agree, was not a foul and IF the ball had gone in the net, SHOULD have counted).

  6. Nate Dollars says:

    that’s a mighty impressive trollface, mr. guzan.

  7. DC Josh says:

    All smiles.

  8. Raymon says:

    Brad Guzan > Chicharito
    Besler + Gonzo > Chicharito + Gio

  9. HoboMike says:

    It’s amazing what 9 days can do to a team. Last Monday, we were worried by the fact that we had zero centerback depth. Klinsi didn’t call in Bocanegra, Gonzalez was (unfairly) blamed in Honduras, Cameron stopped playing centerback for Stoke, and you never knew which Goodson was going to show up. Now? Gonzalez was the freaking man last night. Besler was amazing – with everything he had to face (second cap ever, first in a competitive match in a must-win for Mexico at the Azteca), he may have had a more impressive outing than Gonzalez. Goodson showed his worth against teams playing a certain style.

    When Cherundolo, Chandler, Johnson and Castillo come back, we all of a sudden have some serious, young (except for Dolo) depth across the back line.

    Now, about that link-up play……..

    • away goals says:

      Or maybe it’s amazing what nine days can do to a fan base. We’ve gone from overreaction to our dire roster to overreaction to that same roster’s abilities.

      Fickle lot.

  10. solles says:

    Great point. Curious subs, Johnson was a passenger and Davis’ stupid foul late on could have been costly. Otherwise great effort, Gonzalez MOTM for me, he’s growing into a top international player. I thought DaMarcus did really well given the attention paid to him and the knocks he kept receiving.

  11. Brain Guy says:

    The photo above of Guzan and Hernandez deserves a place next to the one of Onyewu looming over Borghetti on the wall of best images from the US-Mexico rivalry.

  12. Samurai says:

    Altidore actually had a good game. Playing up top as a lone forward, he held the ball well and even distributed some dangerous passes into the box for his teamates to capitalize on. I know most people want to see him score goals, but look back at a few previous games he has shown he is a important player on this team. Being a striker isn’t just limited to simply scoring, and the reason Jozy doesn’t score as often for the U.S. is because he is always alone up top. Altidore has set his teamates up with great opportunities (Dempsey goal vs. Italy), and if Donovan (a great distibutor) regains his form to play for the U.S. again then Jozy will get even more chances to thive.

  13. bryan says:

    USA drawn into group of death for U-20 World Cup. great.