SBI MLS Best XI: Week One

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It was an outstanding week for midfielders in the opening stanza of the MLS season, with midfield maestros leading the way in several week one victories.

Sporting Kansas City’s Graham Zusi and Houston’s Ricardo Clark were among the midfielders to shine, and both were honored for their performances by making the SBI MLS Best XI for Week One.

Zusi helped Sporting KC rally from an early deficit to post an emphatic 3-1 victory, while Clark drew a penalty kick, forced an own goal and finished off an insurance goal to lead the Houston Dynamo to a 2-0 victory vs. D.C. United.

Nobody had a better week than SBI MLS Player of the Week Mike Magee, who tallied a hat-trick, but Real Salt Lake’s Alvaro Saborio turned in a stellar outing of his own by notching two goals in a big road win.

Here is a look at the SBI MLS Best XI for Week One:

SBI MLS Best XI: Week One



HONORABLE MENTION– Bill Hamid, Brad Rusin, Aurelien Collin, Alessandro Nesta, Glauber, Omar Gonzalez, DeAndre Yedlin, Patrice Bernier, Juninho (LA), Will Johnson, Brad Evans, Dax McCarty, Darlington Nagbe, Kyle Beckerman, Federico Higuain, Joao Plata, Robbie Keane, Fabian Espindola, Claudio Bieler.


What did you think of this week’s selections? Who were you happy to see on the list? Who do you felt was a snub?

Share your thoughts below.

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38 Responses to SBI MLS Best XI: Week One

  1. Mike says:

    I’m going to really enjoy seeing Diego Valeri’s name on that list week after week.

  2. dan says:

    Mike Magee’s right foot should be at every position. It showed complete grace by not embarrassing Chicago too much by not taking a shot on it. Even though he is the dominate foot he decided to allow a little glory to the left, knowing that it would spare some tears from Chicago.

  3. Chris says:

    I realize that everyone will say I’m crazy but I wouldn’t mind seeing Rico get play time in qualifiers. He has the engine to run the ball down and doesn’t try to play outside of his abilities, unlike Williams and Jones who seem to turn the ball over by trying the risky pass.

    Remember during the last qualifying cycle he and Michael were the best center midfield pairing we had. Yes, he had a bad World Cup, but he seems to be more mature and is improving on his late runs out of midfield.

    • Wispy says:

      You know you’re absolutely right: you are crazy.

    • Josh says:

      Rico = no

    • Josh D says:

      Forgot the Ghana game already?

      • Chris says:

        He was on the field for the team that won in Honduras last time.

        I don’t really think he could have done much worse than Williams last game.

        Yeah, the Ghana game was bad, but I also remember Claudio Reyna having a horrible game against Ghana in 2006. His turnover of the ball leading to one of the goals was embarrasing, yet a lot of people still think he is one of the best US mids. I’m not saying Rico is Claudio Reyna, but I think he is a better option for these gritty concacaf away games where we have little time on the ball.

        • Josh says:

          Williams is there to play wide. He was bad, we all know that. But Clark isn’t the key to fixing the width problems.

          Also, who is saying Reyna is one of the best US mids?

      • Hogatroge says:

        Seriously. This myopic excuse is getting old. Did you forget all the WCQs he played well in en route to the 2010 WC?

        The fact is, Rico shouldn’t have been on the 2010 WC squad due to injury, not ability. He was out of form due to injury and as a result, was not getting PT at the club level. He was doing well at Eintracht Frankfurt & starting before injury. If anything, the blame should be on Bob Bradley for choosing to play Rico, but at the same time, I don’t blame either one too much because of Rico’s contributions in 2009 WCQ.

        Let’s also not forget that the goal off of Rico’s turnover was soft and Howard is partially to blame for not making the save as well.

        As far as the 1st team, an in-form Jones is simply better in pretty much every regard, and Mo Edu is in great form right now for club & country. That said, I’d bring Rico in for the Gold Cup as veteran DMid leadership. It’s a toss up btwn him and Beckerman, but I think Rico’s a little bit more of an all-around athlete.

      • Excellency says:

        Yeah, how quickly they forget. Some people just never learn. never.

    • downintexas says:

      I guess if EJ can get redemption then why not Clark? Still think he has more. He. Still needs more Great performances in MLS first

  4. The Imperative Voice says:

    Taylor was really playing CB with Ashe out wide of him but I did think he played well and I think he is underrated as a stopper.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      Best XI isn’t really meant to be chosen as a true lineup, though this week it came close.

  5. Steve C says:

    Something about the name “Glauber.” Listening to the commentators on FS Ohio say it all game long… especially with Duncan Oughton’s New Zealand accent was just comical.

  6. ben says:

    Joao Plata. I’d say he had a better game than Sabo for RSL. He totally turned that game around.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      He was great coming off the bench, and worthy of an honorable mention, but Saborio scored the goals, and both were quality finishes. Can’t discount the value of those plays.

    • Karson says:


  7. Zac Mac says:

    Kindve being an RSL homer here, but I thought Rimando was keeper of the week after keeping wondo and co. off the board in San Jose for his 100th shutout. Great reaction save on the best wondo chance.

    • Josh says:

      Plenty of goalies did well this week, Rimando definitely being one. I think Jimmy won on the importance of his saves. If he doesn’t make a bunch of big saves early and they go down two, there’s no telling whether SKC gets the energy to come back.

      Still like the Rimando/Tally Hall battle for third on USMNT

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      He had one great save, but the rest of the day was more about San Jose missing wide with chances than Rimando standing on his head. I know it was his 100th shutout, which is a great accomplishment, but that has no bearing in deciding who was best this particular week.

      • Zac Mac says:

        You guys are right, based purely on performance, KotW should probably be Nielsen or G-Bomb. I was just overly happy in the moment for my favorite ‘keeper and proud of his achievement.

  8. Jake says:

    I didn’t look at the stats for Schuler and John but Nesta and Ferrari closed down Seattle really well.
    They stopped 25 open field crosses, 15 shots on goal and 9 corners. Defense and one sweet chip won that game for Montreal.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      Montreal’s defense was very good as a team, and I nearly had Nesta on the first team, but I felt he had a few nervy moments that gave the edge to the other players selected. It was a tough week to pick a Best XI. There were a plethora of good options at every position.

  9. downintexas says:

    I guess if EJ can get redemption then why not Clark? Still think he has more. He. Still needs more Great performances in MLS first

  10. jason says:

    what about mikael silvestre?? LOL

  11. JJJj says:

    Yedlin was better than Evans. Only Seattle player deserving of a honorable mention imo.

  12. Hogatroge says:

    A lot of US players put in solid defensive work this week. Hopefully this keeps up.

    The only problem is, if any of them are destined for the Gold Cup, their squads will be missing them.

  13. Pepe says:

    Awesome to see a Best XI with four defenders – that’s the way it should be.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      Yes, you guys are starting to convert me. I think I’ll stick to the 4-4-2 the rest of the year, though a crazy week with tons of goals might lead to a 3-5-2 or 3-4-3.

  14. Steve-o says:

    Anybody think magee should a usmnt call up? Seriously he would be a good utility type player, perhaps?

  15. Dick Tracy says:

    How about a s/o for Uri Rosell