Studio 90: USMNT continue preparations for Costa Rica

Herculez Gomez Clarence Goodson

Photo by

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29 Responses to Studio 90: USMNT continue preparations for Costa Rica

  1. baropbop says:

    I hope the people of CO bring their A game

  2. steveo says:

    pictured: Klinsmann trying out the new tetradecagon midfield formation

    • Rooney's Hair Piece says:

      Good one. Though a tetradecagon would ensure that the ball is played wide . . . which would be a nice change.

      • Mexican bench-warmer (aka "Chicharito") says:

        Given the expected cold weather, Chicharito has apparently offered his services to Costa Rica. Apparently FIFA cap-tie rules do not apply to bench-warming.

  3. biff says:


  4. Steve says:

    As we can see from this photo, Goodson and Herc are winning the jog. Thus we must infer that they are in the best form and will be starting on Friday.

    • TomG says:

      WRONG!! ha HA!! You have fallen right into Klinsi’s trap. Just when you are expecting the fittest players to play, the mercurial Mr. Klinnsman shocks the Ticos by starting the last finisher of the jog and the fattest ball boy on the team. He’s also scouring Germany for a German-American prosthetic sprinter for the wing.

      • steveo says:

        ah, but maybe Klinmann knows that you think he’s setting a trap for you and therefore will start the most fit, most skilled, most cohesive possible unit with players in as close to their natural positions as possible..

        ….but on the other hand that would be too obvious, aha! Clearly, he’ll confuse you and Costa Rica by starting Jozy as a LB, Dempsey at CB, Beckerman as a RW, and Goodson at CB-then tell the players that they need to learn how to adjust and think for themselves….

  5. Alex G says:

    I just want to see some heart from our players, is about time, damn right Herc, let´s see if they can make something out of this mess, hopefully they will.

    • CroCajun says:

      I’m hoping all the negativity, distractions, and pressure will bring the team together to rally around JK and have them preform like they’re actually capable of performing. That’s what I’m optimistically hoping for at least…

      I don’t think we’ll see another “just good enough to get by performance. Way I see it, we’ll either see a dominating, team building, come to jesus, coom-bye-ya style win, or we’ll see the beginning of the end of the JK era. I’m hoping for coom-bye-ya.

  6. PD says:

    myeh. myeh-myeh myeh-myeh.


  7. Raymon says:

    What Bruce wants to know:
    1. Is Allen Hopkins a real American?
    2. What about that Kljestan guy. Real Americans don’t have 3 consonants in a row.
    3. When they sit in the dining room are they eating real American food like maize and burgers? Heaven forbid someone serve foreign food like French fries.

  8. Ed says:

    haha Allen Hopkins and Jozy sound like such nerds.

    • Bobb says:

      You mean Jozy and Jozy’s alter ego? Why are you surprised that they sound similar? Did glasses throw you off with Superman and Clark Kent, too?

      • CroCajun says:

        Perhaps Alan Hopkins has been masquerading as Jozy for the USMNT recently while Jozy is back in Alkmaar eating cheese and scoring goals?

  9. The Squad says:

    Great to see these guys publicly defending JK…

    People can argue tactics or communication all they want.

    The results on the field remain paramount.

    Good luck USMNT

  10. Darwin says:

    Dempsey was naturally selected.

  11. DC Josh says:

    I’m liking those grey beanies.