Where will you be watching USA-Mexico?

Michael Bradley, Giovani Dos Santos


MEXICO CITY– One of the biggest games of the year in American soccer, if not the biggest, will take place tonight at Estadio Azteca and U.S. Men’s National Team fans across the United States will be gathering together to watch what they will be hoping is a history-making game.

The U.S. have never won a World Cup qualifier here, and with serious pressure on Mexico to register their first HEX win, the match has even more significance and more on the line.

Our question for SBI readers is this: Where will you be watching tonight’s match? The match is airing on ESPN (10:30pm), so fans will have the option to watch from home, but with this being one of those kind of matches you want to watch with a group, it is safe to say that soccer bars across the country will be packed with anxious and hopeful U.S. fans.

Where will you be watching? Let us know in the comments section below.

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153 Responses to Where will you be watching USA-Mexico?

  1. fliffy says:

    I’ll be at home on my couch with a beer.

  2. Eric W says:

    Commonwealth Pub in Oakland, California!

  3. DC Josh says:

    On my couch with my eyes taped open in case I fall asleep (this is life with a 20 month-old son).

    • Scott says:

      Hey Josh, things get better, my daughter is 2 1/2 and my son is 4. Now, when they go to sleep they stay in bed till morning. Tonight, I am making sure they go to bed early and tired to sleep through the night.

      But, yeah just like the above – at home trying not to yell or scream too loud.

      • DC Josh says:

        My poor son has bore the wrath of my goal celebrations in the past, but now he sleeps like a rock. I wish the game was an earlier kickoff so I could watch at a bar, but I like absorbing every detail when watching at home.

        • ThaDeuce says:

          Our boats look extremely similar in every way, except the son is 15 months and usually sleeps through the night. : )

      • Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:

        Scott! How could you? Those poor children. When does the indoctrination begin? My 2 year old and my 9 month old will be watching HISTORY TONIGHT as we stroll into Azteca and walk out with our first 3 points.

        or they will see me cursing and kicking the TV …

        never mind that first part. 😉

    • ed - houston says:

      Life with kids and if you have to get up early (4am local) tomorrow to go to work. At home in bed, hopefully its a good game and stay awake.

      • ThaDeuce says:

        or watch replay in morning, get up extra early : ). my usual bed time is 8:30 but we are having a slow week so i think i’ll make it tonight!

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Yeah, this game is starting more or less an hour later than the Costa Rica game, which was one time zone later in the day (Mexico City is “central” time). Last cycle this game was an afternoon contest.

    • Casey says:

      I hear that. My son is a year old and teething. This has not been a good week for sleep. So I’ll be on my couch with a 2-liter of Coke Zero.

    • JJ says:

      I’ve got 4 month old triplet girls … watching from home on mute.

  4. Eric says:

    Anybody know of a good place to watch the game in Columbia Heights, Mt. Pleasant or Adams Morgan in DC? Normally would hit up Fado or Lucky Bar but the late start means the train closes down before the game is over.

    • DC Josh says:

      Try tweeting American Outlaws DC @AO_DC

      • Eric says:

        True, normally I’d join the Outlaws at Fado or in Arlington at Ri Ra, I’m just trying to avoid paying cab fare if I can help it

        • Rags in DC says:

          Pretty sure you’ll get Lou’s City Bar in Columbia Heights to put the game on the big screen.

          • DCisforboners says:

            Lou’s is ok but kind of expensive. DC Reynolds a couple blocks over on Georgia ave and is great.They have the best happy hour in town (two for one 5-8 or 9). They also show MNT games on a big projector on their back porch. I highly recommend it when you can make it to the main game watch.

  5. zztoppppp says:

    At home on the couch with my wife complaining about how she wished the voice lasted linger so she didn’t have to watch the game…

  6. ACS says:

    Did anyone read this article about the 1980 game the first US win against Mexico since the 1930’s…
    link to sbnation.com

    I will be watching at the Wing Shack here in northern CO.

  7. Oranje Mike says:

    Depends how the day unfolds. I will watch in a bar south of the border or in Yuma. If I return home in time I will watch at Tim Finnegan’s in Phoenix.

  8. andrewfroboy says:

    Last time around was in the Azteca, this time watching on my computer from Brasil.

  9. chris says:

    On my coach taking shots so I can handle taylor twellman speaking

  10. Matt M says:

    Banter bar, in Brooklyn, NY.

    • Dainja says:

      Woodwork in Prospect Heights, BK! (packed in like sardines but the small places have the best atmosphere) “Never takin shorts cuz Brooklyn’s the borough!!!” – Guru

    • malkin says:

      Have you watched a game there before? I went to their website just now and I can’t even see a single tv in the pictures posted on their website.

      I’m definitely curious if there are any AO bars in north Brooklyn…b/c I know AO Brooklyn is out of Bay Ridge, which doesn’t exactly help much if we’re looking for something closer than Football Factory or Dempsey’s or wherever else in manhattan

      • malkin says:

        I have been to Berry Park to watch a european game or two, but I’m just curious if there’s strong USMNT support

      • Holiest Cow says:

        I know that Black Horse Pub on 15th and 5th Ave. in Park Slope/South Slope shows the games. I don’t think they are an AO bar, but the owners are great folks and will even have sound on for most games.

        They’re British, and were a big World Cup bar in 2010.

        • malkin says:

          Eh screw it, I’m going to Standings on E 7th St in East Village. Owner tells me they’ll have sound for the game as well (given there’s no other competition at that time of night). It’s my ol’ standby and a perfect place to watch sports.

      • jg says:

        Not AO that I am aware of but Iona on Grand (off Bedford) in Williamsburg is a great place to watch a game; good crowd, sometimes mobbed, and pours a fine imperial pint. Also Gordon Bennett on S. 6th near Berry/Bedford.

  11. john says:

    anyone know of a good spot in San Francisco to watch amongst fellow USMNT supporters?

  12. Brandon says:

    I will be watching with other American Outlaws of Ft Worth at Abbey Pub on 7th street!

  13. VA Law says:

    Probably at the Union Jack Pub in Winchester, VA

    • David says:

      Wow, I used to live in Winc. Its a shame the Union Jack opened up after I left. Must be nice to have a soccer bar. I’ll have to check it out during the bloom this year.

  14. JJ's Snowfro says:

    The infamous Small Bar in Chicago

    • Michael says:

      Love Small Bar, but I will be home so I can grab a couple hours of sleep after the game…

  15. Mike V. says:

    From the confines of my livingroom along with 10-12 others. Beer, food, screaming and yelling bound to be a good night. My two really good friends who are Mexican and HUGE supporters of El Tri will be relegated to watching the game, at my house, in the basement with ony crackers, cheese whiz, and nasy Busch Beer

    • chris says:

      I like your style

    • Beto says:

      Haha! Are you going to let them out afterwards?

      • Mike V. says:

        Ha ha. Depends on the result. A US win / draw they will be let out. But as soon as I do, I guarantee they will bolt to the front door fater than Speedy Gonzalez. A Mexico win — well all I can say is……my unfinished basement is dark, cold, damp, and a little creepy and it will be a long night for them. Jeez, I just kinda creeped myself out! Sounds like a scene out of Pulp Fiction.

  16. Brady says:

    Couch, beer, girlfriend; Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    • Raymon says:

      And if she can listen to you elucidate on the differences between Bob Bradley and Jurgen Klinsmann, or describe the “bunker and counter” strategy for tonight, or the strengths and weaknesses of Kyle Beckerman, then she’s prolly a keeper.

    • bluexmas says:

      I’m new to the area, any suggestions on where to go in Milwaukee to watch?

  17. Chris M says:

    Hosting a watch party on my big screen with ridiculous surround sound blasting to give us the full effect! USA USA USA. Let’s go USMNT!!!

  18. Josh says:

    Fox ‘N Hound with my AO OKC brethren.

  19. Scott says:

    In bed in Quepos Costa Rica. Just a little too far to try and scalp a ticket to CR- Jamaica.

  20. TomG says:

    Would have said Nevada Smith’s, but the late start on a Tuesday night, with work tomorrow? Not sure I can rally the troops.

  21. gabe says:

    Alex Morgan and I are going to play a game of one-touch with our kids, then curl up in front of the big screen with some snacks and watch the match.

    Then I wake up, by myself, in my apartment, listening to the grand orangoutang Alexi Lallas chat on about nothing, realizing though that a win vs. Mexico today may not be utter fantasy.

  22. Adam says:

    Probably the ESPN Zone at the Boadwalk Resort at DisneyWorld, just getting out of work on time from across the street at Studios

  23. bryan says:

    so i’m assuming this game is only on ESPN because ESPN has the rights to broadcast Mexico home games in english. because otherwise, this would be on beIn Sport, right? it’s an away qualifier. good thinking by ESPN!

  24. Christian Garing says:

    Kearny Scots Club – NJ

  25. ConradB says:

    Bartending at Newport Bay restaurant in Beaverton, OR. About the only time you’ll see me hoping for a dead dinner shift so I can watch the game. If any SBI readers are in the area, feel free to stop by!

  26. Eric Griesheimer says:

    I’m a nurse. Will watch it tomorrow when I wake up.

  27. Jacknut says:

    Home on iPad 1 for the first half and iPad2 for the second.

    • Joe says:

      This is great ^. Its the type of humor I enjoy.

      • Jacknut says:

        I was being serious. My office gave us iPads as part of a mobile initiative, but the IT folks won’t let it on the network, so basically I can do what I want with it, within reason.

        Then Grandma gave her granddaughters iPads for Christmas. Bedtime is before kickoff, so she won’t know I’ve stolen it from her room. What does a 5 year old need an iPad for anyway?

        It gets better! Our au pair is from Mexico and her room is next to the big screen, so I can’t watch it there. I told her, win, lose or draw, the kids are still hers in the AM, so she’s going to bed early.


  28. Bryce says:

    The Corner Bar and Grill, College Station, TX – was packed the other night for US-Costa Rica

  29. john says:

    any good places to watch in san fran?

    • Miguel says:

      If you are downtown, this place has lots of screens and is packed with soccer fans for big games. I always go there with colleagues for mid-day champions league games.

      They only serve drinks but they let you bring your own food, and there are a lot of good gyro/burrito/sandwich placeas nearby.

      link to yelp.com

      • Holiest Cow says:

        I went there to watch one of the pre-qualifiers (us vs. Jamaica, I think) and it was a loud post-work crowd, no sound and it was only on one tv. Maybe it was just a bad game as an example, but I wasn’t a huge fan.

        Drinks were fine, though.

        • Miguel says:

          Makes sense — I usually go around lunchtime to watch UEFA Champions League games. I can see things being diff in the evening with the offices around the bar going for after-work drinks.

          I think someone else posted about a get together somewhere in the Mission, might want to check that one out.

  30. Miguel says:

    Traveling for work, so I’m planning to watch the game on a treadmill in the hotel’s fitness center. Might end up watching in my room with some fatty room service though.

    I cheer for Mexico (born & raised there), so I ruled out the ESPN Zone in LA Live (might be full of USMNT fans) just steps from the hotel since I’m more than a little nervous about playing the US, even at Azteca. I miss the 90s…

  31. PD says:

    if not from bed (10:30 EST) I will head to Stoney’s in Wilmington DE.

    I hope they’re open!

  32. BL says:

    In Azteca. American fan not sitting in US section…should be interesting to say the least.

    • dantheblue says:

      take note of conspicious urination or vomiting… I always seriously doubt that humanity can sink so low to do that and wonder if the stories are urban legends… I hope so for the sake of the human race…

      • Jacknut says:

        I was there in 1997 for the Punto De Oro. And yes, all of the stories are true. But what’s not commonly shared is that nearly 99% of Mexicans are warm gracious hosts sharing no more hostility than a dirty look or a snarky comment, if that.

        Of course, in a place like Azteca, if only 1% of the fans are doing the stuff we talk about, that’s still a thousand people.

    • Original Aaron says:

      Yo tambien guey. Quieres reunir en un bar antes o despues para una chela?

    • Beto says:

      +1 live it up

  33. Aaron says:

    Courtyard Hooligans in Charlotte, NC along with the Queen City Outlaws.

  34. MTgunner says:

    Standing in front of my TV in Great Falls, Montana

  35. BC8 says:

    Crossbar, Havertown PA

  36. USMNT Fan says:

    Looking for a bar in Eugene, Oregon. Anyone?

  37. O’Brien’s in San Diego. Should be better than last Friday as the SD State Aztecs were playing basketball and several TVs were devoted to them (along with boo’s from AO attendees). No basketball tonight, so I’ll be going early with my laptop to get a good seat and get some writing done while I wait. O’Brien’s really does support US Soccer well.

  38. Anthony says:

    Roommate’s not a soccer fan and has to get up early, looks like I’m gonna be in my dorm’s lounge on my laptop(Thank you Watch ESPN!). Durham New Hampshire.

  39. Rags in DC says:

    At home in the basement. With the kids asleep, will turn up the surround sound!

  40. Travis in Miami says:

    SBI Twitter Feed –

    I have to entertain clients tonight and can’t get out of it. Hoping to catch the 2nd half from possibly Monty’s in South Beach. (Closest place to where client dinner will be)

    • South Beach says:

      Try the Playwright Irish Pub at Washington and 13th.

      • Travis in Miami says:

        1st choice is definitely Playwright…but if time is an issue – Monty’s should have ESPN on by default. I’m going to be at Texas de Brazil upstairs.

  41. bryan says:

    on my couch streaming through my xbox (at least i hope so). either way, this is great because i was expecting to have to watch this on beIN Sport since it’s an away qualifier. luckily for us, ESPN bought the english broadcast rights to Mexico home games!

  42. dantheblue says:

    In my amigo’s soccer shop (Golazo Soccer Supply) here in Banning, CA. Jorge played for FAT-LESS in la liga in the 80’s and talks a lot of pendejadas (Ok, so do I) about “es costumbre para Mexico a ganar contra EEUU” I HATE that attitude that Mexicans have about this game. We need to bust them in the mouth with a victory…

  43. ThaDeuce says:

    At home in C’town Mississippi via Watch ESPN.

  44. The_Trawler says:

    Road tripping down to Philly with some friends to meet up with a few others at the recently reopened Cavanaugh’s Dark Horse off South Street in Philly.


  45. Mhat says:

    At the Press Room in Santa Barbara, CA! Wondering if the turnout here will be US or Mexico leaning. Watched the gold cup last summer at one of my favorite Portland spots (Thirsty Lion) and it was fairly evenly split. It was fun until we gave up four goals…

  46. Joe from El Paso says:

    Lion & The Rose Alamo Heights San Antonio, TX.

  47. Falls City Outlaw says:

    At Saints Skybar in St. Matthews, Louisville, KY with my AO Louisville family.

  48. John from Philadelphia says:

    Got a group of solid gringos gathering for some tacos and a USA win – but where do we watch in Philly? Preference would be in a Mexican themed bar.

  49. Original Aaron says:

    I’ll be in at Estadio Azteca in a palco (for safety reasons). Any of the SBI Mafia that will be there, or SBI writers (or even Ives?), want to meet for a beer at a bar close to the stadium before/after the game? Email me if so.

  50. Kevin says:

    at a bar in Guanajuato, Mexico. Thought about going and scalping a ticket but didn’t really wanna sit by myself in a Mexican section :s

  51. CorkSoccer says:

    In Rochester NY for business. Any suggestions for a good pub to watch the game?

  52. Shwin says:

    At 8am via shoddy streaming internet in India on what is a religious holiday!

  53. ATX_Colin says:

    Cuatros, ATX

  54. Beto says:

    3Lions Denver, CO

  55. biff says:

    Offtopic, but Egypt is playing a World Cup qualifier. Apparently the game is now at half-time. Not sure about the score.

  56. MikeG says:

    Alone surrounded by Mexican neighbors from all directions. I tend to be the loudest. How can I be the loudest? When the US scores my yelling is heard clearly and over a distance compared to the absolute silence when my neighbors see the US score. Mexico will deploy every bit of whining, complaining, throwing fits, cheap shots, fouls, and playing the victim every chance they get. It makes a US victory even more sweet…sweet like FIFA’s decision over the Costa Rica whining about there protest in Denver.

  57. big poppa says:

    At macdintons in south Tampa Fl. Come and join us if your in town. AO Bar.

  58. danny says:

    Definitely won’t be at Johnny’s Tavern in KCMO with the American Outlaws. No way.

  59. TGA says:

    in the ManCave … has anybody mentioned that the temp tonite will be 60 with 35% humidity?

  60. Tyler says:

    British Bulldog in Denver. Some of you might have been there recently.

  61. Aguinaga says:

    Blue skies, beers, & beach – North Kohala, HI – USA!

  62. Raymon says:

    Trinity Hall, on Mockingbird, in Dallas. Anyone gonna be there?

  63. nick says:

    mulligans, hoboken NJ

  64. Jose says:

    At home with my wife and two little daugthers cheering “USA!! USA!!! USA!!
    “Mexico no papi ok!!!”

    Soledad, CA

  65. Adam says:

    just moved to LA, anyone have any recommendations for a USMNT supported bar??

  66. Turo says:

    10:30 in DC is sorta late. So I’ll be watching at home, with ESPN on the big screen and Andres Cantor streaming through the surround sound system. Can’t stand the ESPN crew, and the Univision play-by-play isn’t what it used to be.
    link to fdpradio.com

    He just makes soccer so much better: link to youtube.com

  67. Eric says:

    4-4-2 Soccer Bar in Portland Oregon!!!

    We are red, white and blue!
    Clint Dempsey, here’s to you!

    Whoa, whoa, WHOA!

    Burn, Destroy, Wreck and Kill!
    Michael Bradley feckin will!

    Whoa, whoa, WHOA!

    Use your head, use your feet!
    Jermaine Jones can’t be beat!

    Whoa, whoa, WHOA!

  68. Nate Eklund says:

    Basement. Budweiser. Crew of rowdies on hand. (Minneapolis)

  69. David says:

    Home in my recliner, texting my friend who is on vacation in Orlando while we both watch ESPN, trying not to yell too loudly and wake up the wife or the neighborhood if the USA scores and then wins.

  70. Jake says:

    Does anyone know a good bar in Boston to watch the game?

  71. Rory D says:

    Streaming it from my bed in London….I’m going to sleep right now so I can get up for the game at 2:30am.

  72. Mark says:

    Los Angeles American Outlaws will be watching the game at Dillon’s in Hollywood.

    6263 Hollywood Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    (323) 315-9744


  73. Deployed American Soldier says:

    Camp Buehring, Kuwait. The game comes on here @ 5:30 am, just in time for breakfast and a U.S. win. From one soldier on foreign soil to our boys in Mexico, make us all proud! I know you will. Bravo Company, rock on!

  74. KP says:

    Away in New Orleans on vacation, any good places to watch here?

  75. Frank says:

    I’m in Houston for work….any good recommendations for pro-American places to watch?

  76. BK says:

    at my apartment watching the spanish telecast.. at least i have some good beers

  77. Edwin in LA says:

    Anybody know of a good spot in LA…mainly near Downtown or better yet in Hollywood? Otherwise watching it with a good friend at home