UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary

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Real Madrid attempt to achieve the impossible when they host Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday in the second-leg match of the Champions League semifinals (2:45pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

Jose Mourinho’s men are given a boost as talismanic midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo returned to training this week, giving them a legitimate chance to come back from the 4-1 scoreline suffered last Wednesday. Madrid should have nearly their entire squad available to choose from selection, after winning a hard fought match on Saturday against cross-town rivals Atletico Madrid. Real have asked fans to come to the match dressed in white to enhance the atmosphere at the packed Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Borussia enter the match on a high, after a considerably weaker side won on Saturday 2-1 against Fortuna Dusseldorf on the road. Manager Jurgen Klopp said ahead of the match that his team will need to play a counter attacking style, but that his team has a style of play, and there isn’t much that the manager can do to change it. Lewandowski will be starting once more, on the back of his four-goal performance six days ago.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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27 Responses to UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary

  1. Mig says:

    Wow, Madrid is flying and they could have had 2 already. But the fact that they haven’t scored yet makes it tougher.

  2. Mig says:

    Dortmund is going to get in trouble eventually for persistent fouling.

  3. ChiTown says:

    Jeez it’s a hackfest from Dortmund.

  4. ca2 says:

    Dempsey should have joined Dortmund or Barcelona or even Juventus last summer instead of Spurs

  5. ca2 says:

    BTW Lewandowski has to be the most famous Polish footballer in years. Dude definitely needs to start scoring for Poland. Get them to a WC.

    • Roman Lewandowski says:

      His NT situation is remarkably similar to Jozy’s. Lewy hasn’t been able to score for Poland, and Polish fans can’t decide who is to blame.

      He isn’t getting service. Teams are double-teaming him. Some have questioned his attitude.

      Teams know Poland will attack along the right flank (the Dortmund side of the field).

      All in all, Poland is unlikely to qualify. It’s really unacceptable, considering the talent on the roster.

  6. Mig says:

    wow, Webb. How is that not bookable if you booked Coentrao?

  7. fl says:

    what’s the season report cards on guys like

    Altidore? Gooch? Bocanegra? Cherundolo? Bradley? Dempsey? Jones? Howard? Guzan

  8. ChiTown says:

    So… Howard Webb harboring some anti-Madrid sentiments or what’s going on here? This is ridiculous.

  9. ed - houston says:

    Hold it steady Dortmund, beat the over confident “Galacticos”

  10. Mig says:

    The missed early opportunities were too bad. The second half would have been epic if Madrid had put one of their four chances away. Ah well.

  11. RB says:

    Yes, O Special One: Howard Webb is the one who has eliminated you from CL this year…

  12. RB says:

    Almost always such nice work from Özil

  13. beachbum says:

    fun finish! Can Real come all the way back? with no horse in the game, this is awesome viewing action!

  14. RB says:

    A lot more interesting now!

    • beachbum says:

      too little too late for RM, missed some great chances that came back to haunt, as they so often do.

      but that was fun to watch

      now back to work

  15. RB says:

    Webb certainly wasn’t in an anti-Madrid hurry on that final whistle, either!

  16. bryan says:

    well, madrid did enough to beat dortmund despite a 4-1 away result. forgot how to finish today. really hurts to not be in the final.

  17. Spencer says:

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