Must-See Commercial: Michael Bradley and Totti

MichaelBradleyRoma1 (Getty)

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48 Responses to Must-See Commercial: Michael Bradley and Totti

  1. JJ's Shin says:

    I think he already was, but this officially makes MB my new man crush. Sorry Clint.

  2. Falls City Outlaw says:

    That is one smooth chrome dome.

  3. stpauljosh says:

    i don’t understand Italian, but I was still chuckling.

  4. Dan says:

    I will yell at anyone who doesn’t like this.

  5. bryan says:

    haha that’s great.

  6. Travis in Miami says:

    literal LOL

  7. Old School says:

    cap him!

  8. utep miners soccer says:

    Wow it looks like mr.bradley is staying put at roma. By the way,i thought this video was going to be a brazzers video :)

  9. MikeG says:

    Barbasol or Edge?

  10. mike says:

    The Bald Eagle is the MAN!

  11. leftcoastmetro says:

    That’s great. It also riffs on Totti’s reputation for being hard to understand (he has a strong Roman accent).

    All you man-crushees, also note that he’s playing in an hour (Monday Seria A game), and based on reports from practice he’s probably starting in a new 3-5-2 formation Roma is trying out.

  12. Dutchie says:

    Anybody know what word Bradley is trying to pronounce at the end?

    • leftcoastmetro says:

      “parcheggio” – parking

    • pancholama says:

      If you look closely at the end of the commercial, there is a black screen listing the special features of the VW, advertising amongst other things, a rear parking sensor system,
      “sensori posteriore di parcheggio” = rear parking sensor, – the word he is pronouncing in Italian is – “parcheggio” = parking.

  13. BD says:

    Breaks my heart he’s more marketable in Italy than here in the US…

    • leftcoastmetro says:

      Italians (and I speak as one) have a stereotype of the American coming in and taking charge, probably starting with Patton and postwar administration by the Allies. Bradley, as a midfield enforcer, with the bald head and even the name of a WWII general (Bradley), and his friendly-but-serious aura in interviews really fits this stereotype like a glove. So hell yeah, if he becomes a permananet starter again and if Roma makes noise climbing closer to the top of Serie A he’s going to be very marketable in all of Italy.

      As a side note, Lalas was extremely marketable in Italy, far beyond his merits on the soccer field (though he certainly didn’t embarrass himself as a defender in a 3rd-tier Serie A team). Though I don’t know what kind of sponsorships he had, I often saw him on Sunday variety shows and whatnot. He played to a separate Italian stereotype of Americans – the guitar-wielding hippie. And Scooby Doo was showing on Italian TV back then, and I certainly always thought of Shaggy when I saw him.

      • Haddo says:

        Thats a funny insight into how Italians percieve American social roles in Europe. Who knew? Except Italians.

      • GW says:

        Funny you should mention Lalas and Shaggy in the same breath.

        That is what I thought of the first time I saw Alexi.I still think of Scooby Doo when I see Lalas.

  14. Frank says:

    MB in the starting 11 for Roma today. Feeling a goal for some reason and then an angry celebration in which he screams and gets tackled by his teammates.

  15. Shark says:

    There is actually a second commercial with Bradley too….

  16. Chicago Josh says:

    MB90 only got that commercial because of his dad

  17. Michael F. SBI Mafia Oriinal says:

    Has he been benched recently? I haven’t followed him the last few weeks since his coach was sacked.

    • leftcoastmetro says:

      He’s been a 30-minute sub fairly often, but generally not a starter. It’s tactical, not an issue of the coach having ever said anything negative about him. They do have a lot of midfield talent.

      • Mig says:

        It is a tough spot for him or for any d-mid. Given his role in the middle, it is justifiable to make a change given how bad their defending is. However, in the games I’ve seen, he is doing what he is supposed to do and handles his area of responsibility very well. But the fact remains that something is needed to stop the bleeding there. Maybe this new formation will help them.

        • leftcoastmetro says:

          My Lord, I can see what you mean by bad Roma defending… they ought to be down 4-0 after 20 minutes.

  18. danny says:

    I don’t think its right to say that he’s generally not been a starter. Many of the times he hasn’t started was arguably due to injury (recently coming back from injury) or returning from traveling for international play. But yes, there’s been times when for tactical reasons he did not start, but even then he was usually subbed in.

  19. SBI Troll says:

    It’s no GANAGOL… but Totti is in this too so props for Bradley.

  20. Dan says:

    Bradley needs to grow out some nice hair if he wants to truly fit in Serie A

  21. Dan says:

    or a wicked beard!

  22. Scott says:

    Great commercial…even it only started 1 DM.

  23. J Dog says:

    Dan – have you seen the hair on his dad? He should prob continue to be the Bald Eagle

  24. Brett says:

    Can anyone transcribe the one where he speaks only Italian with the 2 players?

  25. Micah says:

    This commercial was horrible.