SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Jose Villarreal

JoseVillarrealGoal (Getty)

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27 Responses to SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Jose Villarreal

  1. alabamafutbol says:

    “the standoot from the U-20 team” lol I love Canadians

  2. Old School says:

    Kid is on the right course. Hope he continues where so many have just simply stopped developing.

  3. Dc says:

    Gold cup or too soon?

    • Jacknut says:

      Too soon, IMHO. He has the U-20 WC this summer to show his worth. And seriously, we need to stop calling for a cap every time a player has a run of form.

      • Dinho says:


        Excited to see how he fares against the world’s best in his age group. Then, let’s revisit his status (if any) with the full squad.

      • drew11 says:

        Labeling his performance as merely a “run of form” is not accurate. The quality of his goals suggest a pretty high ceiling.

        In fact, you can count on one hand how many teenagers have scored similar technical goals in the entire 18 year history of MLS.

        His performance is anything but ordinary and that is a why people are suggesting a full NT cap.

        • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

          The fact that he hasn’t played many professional games suggests it could be a run of form. He obviously has talent, but that is only part of what it takes to be a top quality soccer player. He has to consistently play at a high level. This is what separates professional players. Any guy at that level is capable of playing a few good games. Turning a few good performances in to a full season/multiple seasons of high level play is what will be Villarreal’s biggest challenge. Can we just let the kid play? Haven’t we made the mistake of over-hyping a young American too many times? He’s a talented kid, but that’s all he is at this point.

          • drew11 says:

            You are implying this happens all the time. Name names to back up your point. What teenager has scored similar technical goals in MLS? Only Jozy and Juan in recent times. Shockingly, both were capped as teenagers. What was USSF thinking?

            I won’t even get into his U-20 goals. He has a pile of quality goals there also.

            I really don’t care either way if he gets a call up. It’s unlikely given the U-20 games. I just don’t buy the suggestion he isn’t in the conversation at this point.

            • Grubbsbl says:

              While I don’t think it is unspeakable to mention him as a Gold Cup contender I think it is unlikely and I wouldnt want to see it. I agree that he looks a special talent but he needs to keep his feet on the ground.

              Plus going to the Gold Cup and getting a few minutes as a sub here and there isn’t worth it. At the u-20 World Cup he’ll have the opportunity to shine on the world stage against the best in his and group. And if he performs well there will be fall friendlies and the Jan camp to incorporate him into the full national team picture.

            • slowleftarm says:

              Juan Agudelo’s a perfect example – he wasn’t ready to play at the international level. Granted having Hans Backe as a manager didn’t exactly help.

              Villarreal could be in the conversation for 2014 but this summer he’s better off playing in the U-20.

            • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

              There are countless examples of young players more talented that Villarreal turning in to sub par professionals. If you haven’t seen this for yourself I assume you are either quite young or don’t pay close attention to the game.
              Flashes of great play mean nothing. I’ve scored some pretty nice goals in my day, but I’m sitting at my computer in mindless debate with you…. Long term productivity and consistency are what set players apart. We will have a much better idea of how good he really is a year or two from now.

              • GW says:

                Villarreal’s job is simple.

                Keep scoring and make it impossible for Arena or JK to ignore him.

                If he can do that, and Arena and JK are two guys who normally lean towards experienced vets, then let the chips fall where they may.

                Most of all the kid needs to play at the highest level he can.

                I don’t know how well developed the rest of his game is. It’s typical that teenage goalscorers sometimes have deficient all around games.

                But that can come later. If you can score they will play you and work out the rest later. Chicharito’s finishing is top class but the rest of his game leaves more than a little to be desired.
                Sell him to AZ and let Verbeek polish him up.

              • whoop-whoop says:

                Kid has had been very solid in all aspects of his game for a full year with some highlight goals in key situations on top of it. He showed very well as a sub for Galaxy in league play, was a starter throughout all of their CONCACAF play and showed very well there. Add to that his u20 run and you have much more than a flash. That said… I don’t think it would serve him well to be considered for the big-boy Nats. Think he is in a perfect situation just where he is to continue to grow. Keane seems to have taken some interest in him and has said he is fun player to play with and watch. Pretty damn good mentor there. And… the u20s WC is perfect with some skilled players to play off of and build cohesion in pressure situations and…. looking at their draw, some outstanding opponents in Spain, France. Kid definitely has “it”… I say, put the pot on the fire and let it cook for a bit.

      • Dc says:

        I would only suggest it because the gold cup this year is looking to be mainly a B team. I don’t think there is harm in giving the younger players a shot of maybe being a late sub. Get them in camp to see how they do. I didn’t realize he had the U-20 cup though. That seems ideal.

        • GW says:

          Actually, I think the Gold Cup will be more for researching World Cup depth so anyone there will be someone JK thinks might have a chance to play in 2014, if the US gets there.

  4. Grant says:

    The crop of young players in MLS these days has me really excited for the future of the USMNT. Some will develop and some won’t, but certainly Villarreal seems to be moving in the right direction. Even as a Crew fan, I make sure to try and watch Villarreal whenever possible. He seems to be the real deal.

  5. Darwin says:

    Kid has a ‘smokers face’.

  6. Nick says:

    Ives, what’s going to be your April Fool’s story this year? Will it be Chandler not actually being cap tied and he’s going to play for Guam? JK is quitting to take over Chepo’s spot at Mexico? Bob Bradley is coming back to helm the US team with Bruce Arena?

  7. Brian says:

    Great goal. As a Galaxy supporter, I’m loving our promising young players, especially since the core of the team is aging and/or getting more expensive.

    • Dennis says:

      You gotta love Magee then. He is not all that old, has been a solid player for LA since arriving from NY and has improved every year.

      • whoop-whoop says:

        Magee has been a pretty magnificent complimentary player over the last 2 seasons seeming to fit in to a star studded lineup and provide whatever is needed. He’s taken that a step further this year and stepped in for multiple absent stars and provided lots of quality. Between Magee and youthful depth, LA has still looked a threat to the crown in spite of no LD, Beckham and Keane. Not too many MLS sides could absorb that.

  8. XPK says:

    From Villareal’s interview on the SBI podcast several weeks ago, it’s obvious that he has dual citizenship and will basically play for whatever national team (USA or Mexico) gives him the best shot of starting at the senior level. I’m trying to hold back any excitement for him showing at the USMNT in the long-term future until he is officially senior cap-tied 100% to the USMNT,

  9. Catamount says:

    Agudelo, Johnson, Jozy, Adu, etc. were in a different situation. They did not have professional coaching from such a young age as Villareal and McBean. None of them were ready for International soccer because they weren’t ready to be professionals. Villareal is learning how to be a professional.

    Hopefully JK and future Nats coaches will be patient, cap the youngsters to get them interested and bring them along slowly.

  10. Zac Mac says:

    Loved the goal. But loved Gil’s diving header off the best set piece I’ve seen in MLS this year just a little more.

  11. ButlerBob says:

    I think it’s great to see a great young player developing both with the YNT and MLS. But like it even more that we haven’t been over hyping him and for the most part letting him develop.