Must-See Goal: Matthew Lowton

MatthewLowton (Getty)

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7 Responses to Must-See Goal: Matthew Lowton

  1. Phil says:

    Better than Maxi Rodriguez 2006?

    • DanO says:

      No. World cup elimination game in extra time vs late season delegation battle. I give it to maxi.

      • Phil says:

        In that context I am in complete agreement. The distance from which he hit that is what amazes me and what made me wonder if it were a more spectacular goal.

    • mug says:

      I thought the same thing. Reminded me of Maxi Rodriguez goal, but DanO is right, World Cup takes it. Awesome goal though.

  2. Nate Dollars says:

    i cannot stop watching this…

  3. KenC says:

    Doesn’t he play Lichaj’s position?

  4. Macca says:

    This young Villa team is going places.