SBI Live Q&A (April 2nd Edition)



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It is that time again. Time to discuss all things soccer in the latest installment of the SBI Live Q&A.

Get your soccer-related questions (and pop culture questions) ready and send them my way as I try to touch on as many subjects as possible over the next two hours.

Want to talk about the U.S. Men’s National Team? Have questions about the 2013 MLS season? Want to discuss The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones? Feel free to discuss them with me here.

Let’s get started (Today’s SBI Live Q&A is after the jump):

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11 Responses to SBI Live Q&A (April 2nd Edition)

  1. Iggy says:

    The snowy picture makes me ask….have you ever seen as much snow on the field in an official game as in Denver? i never have, and not even close.

  2. Alan says:

    Lets mix and match. Sporting KC, Dyanmo, Galaxy, Timbers, FC Dallas, Sounders would all be what houses in Game of Thrones?

    • James says:

      Best question in a while. All I know is the Galaxy are definitely the Lannisters

    • Colin in MT says:

      Dynamo – House Stark, battling the Lannisters for supremacy
      SKC – House Tyrell, willing to wed anyone (livestrong) to get power
      DC – House Barratheon, former ruler of all the kingdoms, willing to use dark powers (Ruiz) to get back into power
      Red Bull – house Targeryeon, believe dragons (DPs) will get them to their rightful place

  3. Dominican Lou says:

    Lannister = Galaxy
    Stark = Dynamo
    Tyrell = Sounders
    Greyjoy = Dallas
    Baratheon = KC
    Targaryen = Timbers

  4. wim hoven says:

    Ives…Will the Revs ever get a soccer specific stadium…they a an MLS original franchise??!!

  5. MidWest Ref says:

    Thanks Ives

  6. H-Town says:

    Hey Ives,

    I work nights, was still asleep for the Q&A… What do you rate Dom Kinnear’s chances are at coaching the USMNT if Klinnsman leaves after this cycle? After Arena’s comments about foreign born players and the fact he has already been there and done that, I think Kinnear might be the top prospect. I’d hate for the Dynamo to lose him, but can’t help thinking he would be the best option.

  7. TomG says:

    So I should cancel the appointment to have my head frozen and reattached to a cyborg body for the 2070 Cup?