USMNT Daily Update: CONCACAF change adds value to 2013 Gold Cup (and what two summer rosters could look like)

Michael Bradley, Giovani Dos Santos


The 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup was shaping up to be the tournament nobody cared about, what with World Cup qualifying in June and Mexico’s participation in the Confederations Cup taking priority. Without a berth in the next Confederations Cup on the line, there just wasn’t much reason for the region’s powers to devote maximum resources to this summer’s Gold Cup.

That has changed now, with U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati revealing on Friday morning that CONCACAF was changing things up, and having the winners of the 2013 and 2015 Gold Cups play each other for the berth into the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia.

That changes things considerably, and it certainly provides some more motivation for the U.S. Men’s National Team to try and send as strong a team as possible to the July Tournament.

Why? Mexico won’t be sending anywhere close to a strong team to the Gold Cup because of the Confederations Cup, and while the U.S. team’s top stars still aren’t likely to take part because of the load of playing three key HEX qualifiers in June, Jurgen Klinsmann could still call on some players to pull double duty and take part in the May-June USMNT matches as well as the Gold Cup.

Gulati suggested as much, and CONCACAF’s roster rule changes for the Gold Cup, announced on Thursday, which will allow teams to make as many as four roster changes after the group stage. That could allow Klinsmann to bring in some reinforcements later in the tournament in an effort to make a run at the championship.

So what could two separate USMNT rosters look like? Here is a breakdown of what we could see for a May-June squad, and a July Gold Cup squad:



GK- Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Nick Rimando

D- Geoff Cameron, Matt Besler, Omar Gonzalez, Clarence Goodson, Fabian Johnson, Timmy Chandler, Steve Cherundolo, Edgar Castillo

M- Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Jermaine Jones, Maurice Edu, Graham Zusi, DaMarcus Beasley, Jose Torres

F- Jozy Altidore, Herculez Gomez, Eddie Johnson, Terrence Boyd


GK- Brad Guzan, Sean Johnson, Bill Hamid

D- Edgar Castillo, Michael Parkhurst, Tony Beltran, Carlos Bocanegra, Justin Morrow, Oguchi Onyewu, George John, Amobi Okugo

M- Joe Corona, Danny Williams, Sacha Kljestan, Jose Torres, Josh Gatt, Brad Davis, Brek Shea, Kyle Beckerman

F- Terrence Boyd, Juan Agudelo, Jack McInerney, Will Bruin

(Knockout Round replacements- Josh Gatt,


Keep in mind, these are just projections to give you a feel for what a Gold Cup team might look like. There could be other options, but this group gives you a sense of the level of talent that will likely be available for the Gold Cup. The centerback position is particularly interesting, because Klinsmann could call on someone like Clarence Goodson or Matt Besler for the Gold Cup depending on which of them doesn’t play much in the June qualifiers.

(UPDATE- I moved Beasley to the May-June roster. After his showing in March if he is healthy he should get an invitation to the May/June matches. Brek Shea’s lack of minutes for Stoke City could cost him his spot on the May-June roster. That frees up a roster spot for Josh Gatt on the Gold Cup team. I’ve always felt he would get a look in the Gold Cup and it could be a great event for him.

One player still missing is Mix Diskerud. I just don’t know where he fits in at the moment, and I really don’t see him getting a May-June call and the Gold Cup roster has some other options at the positions he plays. Joe Corona’s rapid rise has probably cost Diskerud his spot on the pecking order.

Let me say again, that these rosters are more an attempt to show you what level of quality two summer rosters could look like. We’ll wait a few more weeks before getting into projecting the May-June roster, and eventually the Gold Cup roster.)


What do you think of the potential squads? Think our projected Gold Cup roster could win the title? Do you like the balance of the rosters, or do you feel the Gold Cup squad isn’t quite as strong as it could be?

Share your thoughts below.

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186 Responses to USMNT Daily Update: CONCACAF change adds value to 2013 Gold Cup (and what two summer rosters could look like)

  1. Dan M says:


    • ChiTown says:

      Should not be putting on the shirt for us until he learns to control his emotions and more importantly when he’s good enough to play for the national team, which may be never.

      • ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

        Would you mind informing the SBI faithful what, exactly, you are referring to?

      • Kevin_Amold says:

        Control his emotions? Come on. He showed a bit of fire in the Canada game that was totally lifeless. He got in someone’s face (if I remember), for which he wasn’t even booked. Ridiculous statement.

        He may not be good enough yet, but I’d prefer to see him in, personally.

        • ChiTown says:


          Clint Dempsey showed fire. Joshua Gatt acted like a petulant child missing his favorite toy and his decision making was so bad that Ives actually commented in his follow up that he needs to work on actually passing to his teammates.

          Here’s the follow up and go ahead and read the immediate comments from people in the comments section regarding his “Fire.” A lot of people saw the child act.

          link to

          • ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

            Wow. 3 comments out of 105 that directly criticize Gatt for being temperamental. You and I clearly have different standards for “a lot.”

            Come on man what’s your vendetta against Gatt? Did he steal your girlfriend or something?

          • Holden says:

            So tell me about Shea punting the ball in the stands when he started playing for USMNT? Has Jermaine Jones ever freaked out on anyone? Come on man… think before you talk.

          • yesitsnate says:

            Joshua? Have you become his mother? Or the mother of the ref that he yelled at? Get over yourself dude. Talk about taking stuff that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things and blowing it up to make a point out of one player.

          • Hogatroge says:

            Clint Dempsey hasn’t played with Josh Gatt yet, so how could your comparison in a specific game scenario even be possible.

            You’re clearly in the minority here who think Gatt’s attitude is a problem. His skills might be another matter.

          • Kevin_Amold says:


            1)The article you linked to was a net positive assessment of his performance in the Canada match.

            2)Clint Dempsey did not play in the Canada game with Gatt, so I’m not sure what you are referring to.

            Once again, ridiculous.

      • Brendan says:

        By your logic Roy Keane would have never became a United great, Bryce Harper would still be in the minors, and Kobe Bryant would be a role player. The only way for Gatt to mature (assuming he has to, I am not convinced he needs to) is put in situation where he can grow. Being with the team for the Gold Cup is the perfect opportunity for Gatt.

      • Dan M says:

        Chi Town, I don’t care if he’s a spaz, so long as he pressures back lines like he has done when given the chance by Klinsi.

        • Excellency says:

          Gatt plays for a summer league and his team will likely be challenging for a title, based on having won the last two even as they are not doing too well at the moment, so I dont expect him for the GC anyway. Relax, people, what is the big deal. It is not like Tippeligaen Gatt will be the savior of the USMNT.

          Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds….

      • Weston John says:

        I’ve got to admit that I was not a big fan of his antics in the Canada game either. He has to learn how to keep his head up and pass. Less whining to the officials and less talking smack to opponents and more quality on the ball. Speed alone does not a footballer make.

    • Kosh says:

      Yeah…and Mix?

      • Joe+G says:

        Tough for both as they are in season. I don’t think they take July off, but they did take a break in May/June 2012.

        It’s a lot to ask players to leave their teams for a month for a tournament that isn’t that vital.

        • Kosh says:

          Understood and agree but it would be nice to see him and an in-form Adu on that sqaud – one subbing in for the other and an Agudelo and/Boyd infront of them…that would be sweeeeeet!!

          • Joe+G says:

            I would love it as well, but we’ll just have to see. As long as they are in Norway, scheduling for summers will be a problem.

    • JC says:

      Also Mix?

      • M.Rizza says:

        Good point about Gatt.. I HATE when my players show how much they care and are human.

      • DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

        Yea I will chime in on Mix.

        In general I like the number of second chancers on the Gold Cup squad, Klinsi is definitely a second chance guy. However I think you are still missing some.

        Pontius is almost a definite barring injury or a dip in form. Unless you think he will be called in for the A team?
        Holden probably gets a shot if his form for Sheffield Wednesday continues to improve
        J.A. Brooks is the real deal, and I can’t believe that JK would overlook him.

        Dark Horse picks:
        Charlie Davies

        So who isn’t going? Jose Torres for one. Cherundolo, Bocanegra, (time to move on, sadly)

        and probabaly not McInerney either.

        • Gary Page says:

          And if Feilhaber continues to play well for KC, he could certainly be in the mix for the GC. We need a playmaker in the midfield to be given a chance to shine at the GC.

        • Hogatroge says:

          J.A. Brooks will most likely be playing for the US in the U20 WC during that time and won’t be available. That way, he won’t be forced to commit to the US for the time being.

          Sad but true.

        • Paul says:

          I am a DC fan, but I must say that I think that Pontius could well be left off of the roster. The way he is playing right now, he is not having an impact on games. Why take a player who puts in an anonymous performance week after week?

    • Beto says:

      Ives said in the last QA that Gatt was a Gold Cup lock i agree that Mix and Gatt should be in over JackMac and Okugo Lets see how they do in norway this year but neither of the philly players strike me as ready for the national team, YET.

    • Josh D says:

      Gatt? Mix?

  2. Cairo says:

    Ok, I’ll say it. If Freddy Adu is playing regularly in Brazil by that point, he should be on the Gold Cup roster. Still possesses the most creative offensive skill set out there, and the USMNT has shown no ability to create anything of late. Makes perfect sense to me, not to everybody.
    That aside, I wish Klinsy would use the gold cup to develop some creativity in attack. We’ve figured out a lot of personnel issues on the backline, but our ability to produce goals is awful.

    Ok, I’m done with this string, as the anti-adu grenades are soon to descend soon after I hit “post comment”

    • Kosh says:


      You do make a good point and if Adu is palying well In Brazil he’s gotta get some love – ahead of Mix even. I agree with your post and stand by you to help bat away some of the grenades.

      • CroCajun1003 says:

        If Adu starts playing regularly well he clearly should be in the Gold Cup roster. Problem is, Adu has yet to play well regularly anywhere.

        One can dream though…right?

    • ChiTown says:

      No question about it.

      If he’s playing well for Bahia, he is on the team.

    • JC says:

      I think he should be on the gold cup roster if he’s playing.

      Adu supporters – 4
      Adu haters – 0

      • Chicago Pete says:

        All 4 of you are crazy. Adu has not done ANYTHING ANYWHERE!!! Why would he start now? Please move on from this ridiculous chatter every time some mentions potential players for the USMNT.

        • JC says:

          We’re still leading 5-1!

          • Chicago Pete says:

            It doesn’t make you right or credible for that matter.

            • JC says:

              There’s no right or wrong with opinions, but don’t worry, there are many other Adu haters out there so I’m sure this post will get some others to rally a few points for you!

              • Dennis says:

                Who hates, I just want him somewhere, sometime to find a way to help the team he is on enough that the coach plays him more than part-time. When the things he does helps his team more than the things he does (or does not) do hurt his team, a coach will notice. Until then he does not belong on the USMNT.

          • byrdman says:

            IF he is playing well, why wouldn’t you bring him in .

        • Nate Dollars says:

          you’re wrong. he’s looked good for the usmnt, which is what the point of this post is.

          i also remember him doing fairly well in his time at benfica until there was a coaching change.

          regardless, i don’t see him impressing at bahia, and so i don’t think he makes the gold cup roster.

          • Dennis says:

            Adu looks good, but only when things are working for him. He seems unable to learn how to help his teammates when he is not actually on the ball. I like his brilliance on the ball, but if I want my team to win, I do not trust him to help very much.

        • Conrad says:

          Well, what he HAS done in his spotty career is dominate whenever he’s in red white and blue. He’s that weird guy who shoes up for the national team and doesn’t do it for the club. He is also (with the exception maybe of Torres) by far the best dead-ball striker the US has, maybe ever. I’m rooting for him.

      • Chief Diversity Officer, US Soccer Federation says:

        Adu is African born so he definitely has a better shot at getting on the team over Mix or Gatt

        • froboy says:

          You are incredibly ignorant/naive to think the US would take a minority over winning, we only care about winning, doesn’t matter where you were born, color of your skin if you have a US passport and help us win you are in, Jurgen said as much.

        • drew11 says:

          Your satire isn’t funny. All you are succeeding in doing is making yourself look like a buffoon.

    • Shane says:

      I think Adu should be a fixture in the USA line-up. I dont care what he does for his club he has always played well for the USA.

    • RK says:

      It’s a big IF, though…

    • jon says:

      the number of emails like yours on sbi over the years…. They go: if/when adu starts playing regularly in [fill in the blank – portugal, france, greece, the turkish second division, philly, and now, in Bahia]….. he’ll be the creative force that revitalizes the USMNT!!!!!

      I didn’t study psychology, so I can’t say why you guys cling so desperately to this Adu success fantasy… But I do think it’s better for everyone if you move on. I’m not being snarky (maybe a little bit), but as with the girl who stays with the cheating drunk boyfriend, I just want to see you let down again.

      • JC says:

        Wow. All the post said is that if he’s getting regular playing time at Bahia he should be called in to our “B” squad for the gold cup. The guy is only 23 years old.

        For some reason, people hold a grudge against him and its their own fault for putting unrealistic expectations on him as the “creative force that revitalizes the USMNT”. I wish people would just manage their highs/lows with this guy.

      • Ed says:

        “I can’t say why you guys cling so desperately to this Adu success fantasy…”

        Because nearly every time he puts on a US shirt he had been spectacular. Do you even watch his performances for the nats?

        I’m thinking there’s two camps of people regarding Adu: one group saw him and Jozy dazzle vs Brazil in the U-20 WC, and the other didn’t. I think those who saw that performance will always have hope for Freddy no matter how many club failures he piles up.

    • Dan M says:

      Grenade #6 – Freddy Adu is a washed up 32 year old.

    • David says:

      I don’t think I’m an Adu hater, but I think its more likely he falls short of absolute success at Bahia given his track record which puts him off the USMNT roster. I’d love to be wrong though.

    • MN Footie says:

      My non-scientific survey of the loves/hates for Adu on this message board (I didn’t actually count):

      Pro-Adu: 10,000,000
      Anti-Adu: -2

      Yep, that’s right. I feel a bit ridiculous to feel this way, but I’ll keep dreaming that he can bring the attacking creativity we need to start scoring some actual goals.

  3. Travis in Miami says:

    there’s not as much space between the A and B squads anymore. Depth in the pool is definitely improving.

    • Chicago Pete says:


    • Adam M. says:

      Depth isn’t the problem. All we have is depth, and it is pretty solid depth. Height is the problem. We still miss bunch of true world class players that would make us consistently dangerous or difficult to unlock.

  4. JC says:

    Yedlin for Gold Cup roster. Start getting him in camp and some international experience.

    • Mike V. says:

      That won’t happen. He supposedly has been invited to the next U-20 camp and if that’s the case he, more than likely, will end up at the U-20 WC in Turkey. The U-20 WC and GC overlap lowering his chances of being in the GC Squad.

      • JC says:

        I like your optimism!! They only overlap if we survive the group of death and make it to the semi-finals!

        You’re right though, he’ll likely go U-20.

  5. Mike V. says:

    No room for Diskerud or possibly Conor O’Brien of the GC Squad?? Is anyone afraid Diskerud might opt for Norway if he continues to get overlooked? I know he says he’s US all the way but you couldn’t blame him if he did jump ship. As for O’Brien, the guy is simply good and keeps getting better. I would love to see his deep-lying playmaking abilities on display in the GC.

    • Francois says:

      This. +1, I agree with your post 100%.

    • Beto says:

      I wouldnt be surprised if he goes to norway if he doesnt get called in this summer.

    • ChrisB says:

      I really want to see more of Mix myself. He has what 3 caps, with a goal and an assist, and those were all late substitute appearances if I’m not mistaken. I don’t know what more you can do to show a coach you should be on the team.

    • chris says:

      I’d rather have a player that works hard to get on the team than someone that bails because he’s not getting looks

      • Mike V says:

        He’s worked his tail off at Rosenborg and continues to put in good performances match after match. Yet Klinsmann isn’t calling him in. It’s hard to “bail” when you aren’t called into camps.

        • SoCal Soccer Mom says:

          +1 on Mixx, really liked his play and he’s doing well in his league. Call him up.

        • Hogatroge says:


          In 2 senior team appearances totaling like 75′ total, he’s got an assist and goal.

  6. THomas says:

    Can’t wait to watch Mexico play Mexico to go to the 2017 Confed. Cup.

  7. USMNT searching says:

    Benny Feilhaber and Freddy Adu are oversights, along with Gatt and the kid playing up top in Norway Div1. We need to find more strength up top in our youth system.

  8. chris says:

    Gatt, O’Brien, and Lichaj should at least get a look at the Gold Cup. O’Brien has been able to step into the best team in Denmark and has looked very good. Lichaj has already shown he can handle mexico

    • chris says:

      Also Pontius should be on this roster if healthy

    • Hogatroge says:


      With regards to relatively obscure players like O’Brien, a lot of people like to unilaterally dismiss any mention of them with a “have you even seen one Nordsjaelland match!?”

      The fact stands, as you’ve stated, that he’s stepped in, earned and kept a starting spot at the best club in a mid-tier European league. That doesn’t mean nothing.

  9. Colin in MT says:

    Ives, I understand you’re initiating the conversation about what the GC roster could look like and these are just initial projects, and I appreciate it. With that in mind, I believe, as of right now, Beasley deserves Shea’s spot on the May-June roster. That’s not to say Shea couldn’t get a run of games at Stoke and overtake Beas. But right now, I think Beasley is the starter on that left wing. I also think Donovan is a sub on that May-June roster.

    I’m almost more excited for the Gold Cup than the qualifiers…almost.






  10. Jon says:

    Ives…question, can clubs pull rank and refuse to release players to participate in both WCQ and GC?

    From your lists…I think all expect that Guzan nor Boyd will get many minutes in WCQ, but they’d still be traveling/training (not much time for rest). If they then play the GC, they go back to their clubs without ever having an off-season.

    These are all “official” events (not off-FIFA-date friendlies) so I would think not, unless they just decide to be a ___ about it…

    • Joe+G says:

      Technically, no, as long as the tournament is on the FIFA calendar. But they do put pressure on players to turn down the call. You may see some of that with the MLS players and Norway players for the Gold Cup.

      • drew11 says:

        Gatt & Molde will probably try to big time the Gold Cup. Be ready for another summer drama with Gatt.

  11. Beto says:

    I like the idea of the two gold cup winners playing eachother! Should create ANOTHER awesome US-Mexico match up.. Unless honduras or someone else crashes the party.

  12. Beto says:

    Also pretty confident in both our A and B teams.

  13. danny says:

    My Gold Cup omissions are as follows:

    Mix for Davis
    Feilhaber for Torres
    Kitchen for Okugo
    Hall for Johnson

  14. DC Josh says:

    Really interesting move by CONCACAF and I like it. The Gold Cup coinciding with the Confederations Cup is always a tournament for the progression of USA/MEX youngsters, and the full squads for the rest of CONCACAF. I was always saw the two Gold Cups as Gold Cup-A and Gold Cup-B. No one really cares about the B version.

    Now if they could just get their act together and make the tournament multinational or in another country outside the USA. The USMNT gets off too easy playing at home.

    • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

      I think it is a terrible idea. Say Mexico wins this time around. We win in 2015 by beating Mexico in the Gold Cup final. We then lose the playoff to Mexico…just doesn’t make sense to send the team that just lost in the tournament final…

      • Mike says:

        Couldnt agree more. How can you reward a team in 2017 for something they achieved in 2013. Imagine if this years confed cup was determined back in 09. 4 years is a full cycle. Theres a reason the other confederations continually laugh at CONCACAF and dont give it respect. It does things to sell ads instead of whats best for the sport of football

  15. Marco says:

    Gatt and Diskerud should both be on the Gold Cup squad. Holden and Adu might make srong arguments too.

  16. Dinho says:

    I know they are only projections, but I simply don’t see Klinsmann ever calling in Onyewu. He does not fit. And, he is not playing (not even seeing the bench).

    • Boom! says:

      Mmm, not quite. He’s been on the bench the past few league matches. I think you’re looking at this weeks CL match v BVB where he was not included.

      What a number of people on this site don’t seem to get is that Gooch is competing for minutes on a CL side in arguably the strongest league in Europe. There are 3 other international CBs in the squad all vying for minutes to stay in their own national team radar. What he is doing, challenging himself at the highest level, is what Klinnsman has preached to rest of the pool to do. Which other players in the pool play for a CL team in any of the top 3 or 4 leagues? I’ll wait… Only one, Jermaine Jones. Next season, could be 2 if Dempsey’s Spurs hold on.

      My point is not to excuse, Onyewu for not getting minutes, but have some perspective. None of Cameron, Gonzalez, Besler, or Goodson would see any time period, let alone signed by a top side. Facts are that he has made appearances in all of the clubs competitions this season. So yeah, if healthy he should be considered for the GC.

      • bryan says:

        exactly. Gooch isn’t in an ideal situation, but he continues to make the bench. his competition is fierce, unlike any other option in the pool at that position. he’s still a solid player who was in good form in Portugal before going on loan. i could easily see him included in the Gold Cup roster.

        • Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:

          FURTHERMORE …

          Gooch was getting games at the beginning of the season then DeMichellis came back and he got benched. Didn’t Gooch play the early rounds of the UCL? I thought he even scored a goal. Maybe I’m thinking of his time at Sporting.

  17. Vic says:

    Feilhaber, Gyau, Lichaj and Bedoya should also be possibilities for the Gold Cup Roster.

    • Josh D says:

      I’d like to see Gyau, but he’ll only work himself in if he gets more time from now until then. Klinsi isn’t one to bring someone in who isn’t playing or he doesn’t know well. Gyau, I think, has only been in one came.

      Feilhaber would be another obvious choice if he continues playing at a high tempo. I wouldn’t take Beckerman and Williams, so I’d drop one for him.

      • whoop-whoop says:

        Agreed about Gyau. I have yet had a chance to see him play with St Pauli, and admit I have seen little of him. But I’ve been soooooooooooooooooo hopeful to see more of him after watching him w/ the u23s vs Mexico. I know, I know, it’s only one game but, wow… he looked so polished, aggressive and absolutely terrorized them and struck fear on the left wing in that romping. Him and Morales both showed very well that day in one of the few instances I’ve ever seen the US dominate and attack a Mexico team for an entire game on any level.

  18. Gary Page says:

    Interesting that no one has mentioned Wondo that I saw. I say give him another chance up top in the GC. And I continue my campaign to see Dax McCarty given a shot.

    • TomG says:

      IMO, Dax is too small and too slow for the international game. His skills are decent but nowhere near enough to make up for his lack of physical tools.

  19. TomG says:

    Growing bored of his helicopter piloting hobby, Klinsi will take up genetic engineering, debuting his first creation at the Gold Cup: Juan Terrence Agudelboydo, a hulking, speedy, creative, trilingual striker with four legs and a sick work rate. This experiment will be followed by Josmer Hercules Gomaltidorez for WC 14.

  20. MikeG says:

    Gatt definitely needs to be considered for the Gold Cup roster. Gatt needs more minutes to gel with the team like Gonzalez was given minutes to gel. Gatt, Adu, and F Johnson could make a potent depth chart at RW. This would only be healthy competition for the players and team. Everybody benefits.

    • MikeG says:

      I can see with players coming up from U-23, U-20, and other youth players the USMNT will be a team of speed and skill…a mix of skill at speed. I am more excited about the future of the USMNT. When the Bob Bradley era players are retired the younger players Klinnsman has been looking at will raise the bar for every position on the field..we will see lots of speed and skill.

      • chris says:

        Better players that have been playing soccer since before the 1998 worldcup is some how klinsmanns doing

        • MikeG says:

          Did I mention players Klinnsman has been looking at or did I mention somehow it was all Klinnsman’s doing? Buy a clue.

  21. Big Chil says:

    I think this is a great change, and gives the Gold Cups much more relevance.

    Ives, are you able to clarify WHEN the GC winners would face off and in what format?

    • Big Chil says:

      Found this:

      CONCACAF announced on Friday that the champions of the 2013 Gold Cup will qualify for a playoff match to decide which national team will represent the region in the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia. The champions of the 2015 Gold Cup will become the second team to qualify for the single-game playoff, scheduled to take place in the second half of that same year at a neutral site.

      • bryan says:

        so assuming the game is USA v. Mexico, is a neutral site in another country then? who is going to buy tickets to that?! they better pick a nice spot that attracts traveling fans.

      • Northzax says:

        Neutral site. Hmm. Where would a ‘neutral site’ be? Imagine if it’s US-Mexico, where will they play, Sen Pedro Sula? Kingston? How would you ever find an acceptable neutral site for any game involving either US or Mexico that would be worthy of such a match? Wembley? Stade de France? Maracana? La Bombonera? Better to play a home-home total goals series.

  22. Josh D says:

    Midfield: Joe Corona, Danny Williams, Sacha Kljestan, Jose Torres, DaMarcus Beasley, Brad Davis, Brek Shea, Kyle Beckerman

    We don’t need three wingers who can’t use their right foot on the team (Beasley, Davis, Shea). Drop Beasley for Mix. Why bring Beasley? Davis seems to be a Klinsi favorite, that’s fine, and Break will need the game time.

    And why bring Gooch and Boca? Both will probably be working on a transfer away, and we already know what they have to offer. I wouldn’t mind seeing Besler in there. More so than Gonozo (who’ll be working on a transfer), he needs time at a very high level and experience in a tournament.

  23. Shane says:

    Michael looks exactly like his dad in that picture, too bad for him. heh heh just kidding Bob’s the most attractive . . . in the country,

  24. Chris2 says:

    Say 2013 Final is Mex-USA, Mex wins. 2015 final is Mex-CR, Mex wins. What do?

  25. biff says:

    1. I am 99.9999% certain that if DeMarcus Beasley is healthy in May, he will be on the June WCQ roster. Not only that, I would give him a more then 50% chance of starting at left wing.

    2. In my opinion it is time for Klinsmann to stop flooding his rosters with forwards and reduce the number of forwards on his rosters to two. That’s right, two forwards. That would and free up spots for attacking midfielders. For example, in the May-June roster above, remove Jozy and Eddie Johnson (leaving Herc and T. Boyd) and in their places add Joe Corona and DeMarcus Beasley. We don’t need 4 to 5 forwards on the roster. No other team national team wastes so many spots on forwards like Klinsmann has been doing.

    • chris says:

      And when 1 gets hurt you want only 1 left on the roster??
      2010 WC forwards on the roster by team:

      Mexico: Franco, Vela, Chicharito, Baustista
      Uruguay: Cavani, Suarez, Forlan, Abreu
      France: Cisse, Govou, Gignac, Henry, Anelka
      Argentina: Higuain, Tevez, Aguero, Palermo, Milito
      England: Rooney, Crouch, Heskey, Defoe
      Germany: Klose, Gomez, Muller, Cacau, Podolski, Kiebling
      Serbia: Zigic, Mrda, Pantelic, Lazovic
      Italy: Pazzini, Iaquinta, Gilardino, Quagliarella, Di Natale
      Spain: Torres, Pedro, Llorente, Villa

      Are US fans really this dumb these days?? Kind of worrying

      • Josh D says:

        But look at the style of play and how those strikers are used.

        Case in point:

        England – 2 forwards starting. Having 2 backups is the same as us playing one lone striker, and having one on the bench.

        Germany – Podolski plays out wide. Muller too.

        Etc. Etc.

        It’s not how many at each position, compared to everyone else. It’s how many in each position that fits us.

        • Hogatroge says:

          Some things are just not worth playing devil’s advocate over.

          2 strikers is too few, unless you have other players listed as midfielders who can play up top just as comfortable.

          There is no good way to both cover for injuries at striker and maintain the ability to change between formations with single and multiple strikers.

      • biff says:

        Gee whiz, chris. That’s not nice. coming from a soccer genius like you that really, gosh, hurts my feelings. And I always thought you were good guy.

        anyway, guys above like Thomas Muller and Lukas Podolski who you copied and pasted might be listed as forwards on whatever Web site you used, but are wingers and/or attacking midfielders like Clint Dempsey or Brek Shea or Demarcus Beasley. Plus, on previous rosters, Klinsmann has, I believe, always listed Donovan as a forward, but SBI has listed him above as a midfielder. So we could say remove Jozy and Eddie and we have as forwards: Herc, Terrence Boyd, Landon Donovan and DeMarcus Beasley. Beasley has scored some excellent goals for his club this season from inside the box.

        I still contend Klinsmann is top heavy on, I guess I should say, target forwards when we need more attacking types like Lukas Podolski (who normally plays left wing like Beasley or Shea) and Thomas Muller (whose preferred position is right wing (like Donovan or Zusi for the USMNT).

        And, Germany, by the way, had only two forwards for EuroCup 2012 (Klose and Gomez) and are continuing with rosters with only one or two (target) forwards on the roster, continuing to load up on wingers/attacking midfielders.

    • Kevin H says:

      Wow! You must be extremely self-aware of your opinions to know them six significant figures out 😉

  26. 2tone says:

    Here is my totally crazy Gold Cup stsrting 11. Take it with a grain of salt before posting hate.


    You want attacking soccer well here you go.

    Davies is playing more and more for Randers is on the verge of really starting to put the ball in the back of the net regularly again. He still has tremendous pace and dribbling ability.

    Agudelo can play more of the CAM/second forward. I really like his playmaking abilities.

    Adu if he is playing regularly should be on teh roster. Why not start him. Do it.

    Pontius is the best one v one player in MLS. Great athleticism, a nose for goal, and is just competitive as hell.

    Holden not much to say; he should be on the roster.

    These guys will attack and attack with impunity. Why not bring an attack minded squad to this Gold Cup.

  27. The Imperative Voice says:

    Howard Guzan Rimando
    Chandler Johnson Besler Gonzo Cameron Boca Dolo Beasley Lichaj
    Donovan Jones Bradley Corona Mixx Edu Shea Agudelo Clark Gatt
    Jozy Boyd Gomez Dempsey

    Gold Cup:
    Guzan Hall Hamid
    Brooks Lichaj Beasley Boca Castillo Goodson Morales Orozco Whitbread
    Corona Benny Holden Mixx Zusi Gatt Gyau Torres Edu Clark Beckerman Williams
    Boyd Agudelo Pontius Davies Wooten

  28. Tim S. says:

    My hope, if there are these two rosters overlapping a bit OR two completely different rosters, is that JK uses one of our friendies for each roster. The burn-out that came last summer CAN’T happen again. Let the Qualifier squad take on the Germans and the Gold Cup squad face a tough Belgian squad to prepare for what is now a meaningful Gold Cup.

    That gives both sides a game of experience before their important competitions, but does not put the strain of five matches in 3 weeks on our “A” team.

    • bryan says:

      this really isn’t possible. the Belgium and Germany games are only a few days apart and I doubt Klinsmann could hold a camp for each roster or one gigantic camp. i’m not even sure FIFA would allow this.

  29. Weaksauce says:

    GK- Brad Guzan, Sean Johnson, Bill Hamid

    D- Edgar Castillo, Michael Parkhurst, Tony Beltran, Seb Hines, Eric Lichaj, Ventura Alvorado, George John, Amobi Okugo

    M- Joe Corona, Danny Williams, Mikkel Diskerud, Andrew Wooten, Josh Gatt, Freddy Adu, Brek Shea, Alfredo Morales

    F- Terrence Boyd, Juan Agudelo, Bobby Wood, Tony Taylor

  30. Sergio of SF says:

    What if the same team wins both? Are they automatically qualified?

  31. Tobin says:

    The Gold Cup is a cap tying event.

    John Anthony Brooks should be a lock to get a call (will he take it is another matter).
    Those 4 replacement spots: Anyone from the U20 WC that played well and has dual citizen options, guess what? You get a start in the knockout round, do good kid.
    Who else?

    • Hogatroge says:

      If the GC team has made it to the knockout round, why would you break up the CB pairing?

      I’d like to have the JAB card in our back pocket for the future, too, but it’s just not going to happen. Even if he’s 100% committed to the US, USSF will not ask him to pull double duty. That’s also assuming the U-20s don’t advance in the WC.

  32. CentralScrutinizer says:

    Given a lengthy break, Donovan hasn’t looked very good (which is understandable) in his two appearances for the Galaxy. Any chance he is available for the Gold Cup roster? Provides senior leadership and also training/working his way back/penance for his time off? Would Arena even be agreeable to this?

  33. Hugh says:

    Stu holden?

  34. MA1 Rodriguez says:

    Players like : Howard, Cherundolo, Bradley, Dempsey and Altidore need to be rested for Gold Cup, and a chance test-out new blood could replace them in case of emergency. Please no Eddie Johnson!!

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      Those players will not play in Gold Cup. They’ll play in the HEX qualifiers.

  35. chris says:

    Id rather see one Gold Cup per cycle and have that CONCACAF + CONMEBOL Tourny happen

  36. Iggy says:

    I like the idea from concacaf, makes the “off year” Gold cup more meaningful, but makes it difficult on the team that just qualified for this year’s (mexico this year).

    Hopefully the playoff game can fall on a FIFA date, otherwise that could become a farce.

  37. MA1 Rodriguez says:

    Also, I would to see more: Adu, Wooten, Gatt, O’Brian, Corona, Boyd, Shea, Aguedolo, Mix and other young Americans doing well in this Gold Cup.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Wooten? Why include a guy who is 23 and has only made a handful of appearances in the 2.Bundesliga?

      • bryan says:

        he’s been playing and scoring regularly. along with Wood. not playing as regularly as Brooks, but they are playing a good amount.

      • biff says:

        Wooten was born in Germany, silly. So, even if his only a 2. Bundesliga player on loan to a crummy lower-tier team, he must be better than MLS options, don’t you think? And, even better, if Wooten is brought over then don’t have to spend as much time developing players born in the US.

  38. bryan says:

    Davis over Mix would be a joke. Also, Bedoya should be included.

    • Turd Bradley says:

      Bedoya over Joya is also a joke

      • bryan says:

        no it’s not. Joya has made 4 appearances, total, for Santos Laguna. Bedoya has been playing regularly and is scoring…in a #10 type role (not winger). Joya is a great prospect, but he’ll be with the U-20s and I highly doubt he is brought in for the knock out rounds.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      Klinsmann just gave Davis important minutes vs. Mexico at Azteca while he didn’t even call Diskerud in. You really shouldn’t be surprised if it happens.

      • bryan says:

        i know, that was the last straw for me on Davis. i just have not seen anything from him in these games. for me personally it would be a joke, not a joke that you predict it. like you said, as far as JK is concerned, it’s highly likely. i just personally think it would be a joke.

  39. slowleftarm says:

    There should only be one Gold Cup per cycle, held the year after the World Cup. Besides the chance to play four or five games in Qatar in 2017, when there will also be HEX games to play doesn’t seem like that great a reward.

  40. Stateside Supporter says:

    With the renewed importance on the Gold Cup, I believe JK should take all available A players from MLS. It would be very valuable, in my opinion, to have the Gonzalez/Besler pairing (and anyone for that matter) gain more experience playing together. I believe it would be valuable for Landon to get some international minutes as well.

    Since MLS is running concurrently to the tournament, there is no *increased* risk of injury. As a matter of fact, I would argue that the GC matches will be managed far better than MLS games, reducing risk of injury.

  41. Turd Bradley says:


    No Benji Joya? He has got to be on the Gold Cup roster.


    • Ives Galarcep says:

      No, he’ll be at the Under-20 World Cup, and even without that I’d say he’s not ready for the national team.

  42. bryan says:

    FIFA showing Ghana as the African team included in the U-20 World Cup. France, Spain, Ghana. Yikes…

  43. Karl says:

    Boyd-Agudelo up top for the Gold Cup should be legit.

  44. Jason says:

    Might as well expand each Confed cup group by 1 team. Or let oceana “play in” as they will do for the WC.

  45. jack says:

    The lack of love on this blog for Zak Whitbread is astounding. He needs to be on the Gold Cup roster at the very least.

    Also want Lee Nguyen to be given a shot.

    • Thebumswillalwayslose says:

      “The lack of love on this blog for Zak Whitbread is astounding.”

      Not really. I’m pretty sure that most people on this blog have a very good idea of what Zak Whitbread brings to the table. In terms of pure talent, I don’t think you’d get many arguments that Whitbread has more than enough to contribute at the Gold Cup level, and most likely the WCQ level. Talent has never been his issue. The problem is that the guy can never, ever, stay healthy long enough to make a serious run at a roster spot. The one time he did back at the end of 2011, he got hurt just before the team got together.

      Now, he’s putting together a decent season this year, despite being on the bench for about a month recently. If he can continue it through the end of the season I don’t think a Gold Cup call is out of the question. That’s a big if though, based on previous experience.

      You also have to consider that he’s 29, has 0 caps, and has never been a part of a USMNT camp, A-team, B-team or otherwise. Is it worth using a roster spot on an injury prone 29 year old instead of an up and coming guy like Okugo, or a younger guy who’s been on the fringe like George John? Don’t get me wrong, I would be stoked to see Whitbread on the Gold Cup roster, but I wouldn’t bet on that happening.

  46. MB says:

    I’m sorry but I have seen Okugo get burned way too many times for him to deserve a call up for the Gold Cup.

  47. Clark says:

    USA has a soccer team?

  48. Erik says:

    Dude, Dax McCarty is a better midfielder at this stage than Beckerman. In fact, there’s not another defensive midfielder (some might argue that Dax is more of a box-to-box guy, but I digress) I’d rather have in MLS. Even Thierry Henry said Dax was arguably the team’s MVP last year.

    What does he have to do from Klinsmann to get a look? I guess a German passport would help.

  49. Travis says:

    Not sure if anyone saw this but Klinnsmann stated today that Howard was the unquestionable number 1 for the USMNT.

  50. Cosmosfan says:

    Um, sorry if someone already addressed this, lots of comments here. But what happens if the same nation wins both Gold Cups? They get to go right, and no “title match?

  51. SoB says:

    People here seem to be down on Amobi and Jack. Amobi has the athleticism of a center back with the feet of a center mid. Whoever said he get’s torched frequently clearly has not watched him play very often. Jack simply finds spaces other strikers don’t. He makes the diagonal runs and can finish with his head and both feet. He scored 8 goals in 25 games last year, often with less than stellar service. Oh yeah, and he was 19 for over half the season. Doesn’t turn 21 til August.

  52. aj says:

    Bornstein for the gold cup anyone?anyone?

  53. Dennis says:

    Beitashour, he was called in for the Mexico friendly last year and he was in the January camp but got injured there. True, he hasn’t played yet this year, but he is capable of getting forward from his RB position and serving great balls into teammates in the box.

  54. dcpohl says:

    Hello! Die-hard USMNT fan here. I watch every US game and there is never a game that doesn’t matter, even if it’s Camp Cupcake. I’m sure some people might not care about this year’s edition of the Gold Cup since there isn’t a FIFA Confederations Cup on the line, but I’m not one of them! Go USA!

  55. DingDong says:

    What happens if the same team wins both Gold Cups?

  56. Danny says:

    I have a huge feeling that adu will do good and will be on the gold cup roster i also think that mix and gatt will be here also but only for the knock out rounds

  57. JJ says:

    Bring Brooks Morales and Mix to the Gold cup to get them cap tied