Beasley, Shea among 29 players called into USMNT training camp for summer qualifers

Herculez Gomez Clarence Goodson


There weren’t many surprises in 26-player roster chosen by Jurgen Klinsmann for the upcoming U.S. Men’s National Team training camp starting in Cleveland on March 26th.

The camp, which will prepare the team for a busy stretch of matches from late May to mid-June, features Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard and Michael Bradley, as well as March qualifying standouts such as DaMarcus Beasley and Matt Besler.

Missing from the list was Landon Donovan, which was no surprise by now given early reports revealing his absence. Also not on the roster are veteran Steve Cherundolo and Carlos Bocanegra, as well as  Tim Chandler and Jose Torres. Both Cherundolo and Chandler were left out due to injury.

A total of 29 players were named to the roster, but only 26 will be with the team at any one time as Klinsmann circulates a quartet of MLS goalkeepers for the five matches the team has in the coming weeks.

Here is the USMNT training camp roster:

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Bill Hamid, Sean Johnson, Nick Rimando, Tally Hall

DEFENDERS– Geoff Cameron, Omar Gonzalez, Matt Besler, Clarence Goodson Edgar Castillo, Fabian Johnson, Damarcus Beasley, Michael Parkhurst

MIDFIELDERS– Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, Jermaine Jones, Graham Zusi, Brek Shea, Maurice Edu, Sacha Kljestan, Joe Corona, Stuart Holden, Brad Davis, Danny Williams

FORWARDS– Jozy Altidore, Herculez Gomez, Terrence Boyd, Eddie Johnson


The team will begin gathering in Cleveland on May 26th, ahead of their May 29th friendly vs. Belgium. Several players will be missing from the start of camp due to club commitments. Michael Bradley is playing in Coppa Italia with Roma while Corona and Castillo will be playing in the quarterfinals of Copa Libertadores with Club Tijuana.

What do you think of the squad? Disappointed that Donovan isn’t on the team? Who are you happy to see make the cut?

Share your thoughts below.

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372 Responses to Beasley, Shea among 29 players called into USMNT training camp for summer qualifers

  1. Drew says:

    Cherundolo? He’s healthy now, no?

    Oh and Donovan isn’t injured or unfit so tally hall over him or even hamid is a head scratcher

    • Riggity says:

      …so the said it could be as many as 27 players and they called 26…any chance you think they might invite Donovan in a week or so? Cuz you know someone is going to get a knock in this camp.

      • Riggity says:

        …never mind I just read Fuhrer Klinsmann’s quote….

        • Riggity says:

          “But maybe later on we will definitely expect him back on the team.”

          Lmao Can someone please explain to me what this means? Jurgen needs to come to grips that English is his second language and he would be better off if he stuck to what most German’s do when speaking English, say as little as possible.

          • Kevin_H says:

            I think he uses the word “maybe” as a filler rather than its actual meaning, which is a little more obvious when you hear him speak.

            • YesItsNate says:

              Yea it’s common for my Austrian friend to use “maybe” and sometimes draw it out like “mayyyybeee” instead of “um” or “uh” or just stuttering while he searches for the word he wants in english.

          • Son of SBI Troll says:

            “German’s do”

            While we’re mocking someone for their efforts at speaking English, can we please, please, at least observe basic rules of English grammar?

        • Mike E. says:

          A Nazi reference? Did your mom okay your computer use?

          • Riggity says:

            Mike, while that term does apply to Nazi’s in a sense, it is a German term for leader or guide which would describe the position that Klinsmann holds in US soccer. You are the one who made this into a Nazi discussion.

            • Ross says:


            • Mike E. says:

              Ask any German you know if they would call someone “Fuhrer” as a standalone title and they will tell you no.

              More so outside the German language itself the word is used and connotated exclusively as a reference to Hitler.

              The word for leader in German is Leiter, and has been the common word since the 3rd Reich.

              Educate yourself on the words you use before you use them.

            • smokeminside says:

              No, he didn’t. You did. It doesn’t matter if you’re technically correct on the definition of the word. It’s connotation is what’s problematic, but this is just a blog, so what the hell.

            • biff says:

              Hey, Mike E. Quit trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Do an Internet search on the word Geschäftsführer, as in Geschäfts/Führer, a word that is widely used in German and see how many times it pops up. They don’t says Geschäftsleiter (Geschäfts/Leiter).

            • biff says:

              And, Mike E., if I ask you an easy question will you give an honest answer? Yeah? Good. Until recently had you been posting on SBI under a different username?

              • Pirithous says:

                It’s Adriian’s new name (aka ChiTown, A, LaLiga, Khan, and many others over the years, including some imaginary friends who post only to agree with Adrian or ask help defend his position when he is being attacked — most recently “Joe Schmoe”).

            • Umlaut says:

              While I understand that, let’s be honest… that was definitely a Hitler reference which is pretty uncalled for.

              • Riggity says:

                …I am trying to figure out how you would possibly know what I am referencing if you are not me. The only answer I can think of is that you don’t. I had no intention of bringing Nazi Germany into this conversation(I was using the word in it’s LITERAL SENSE, I am sorry that some took my response the wrong way.) If you can’t accept that, get over it. If you can’t get over it I don’t care enough to apologize a second time.

          • Shane says:

            And after the 2006 WC, they called him the kaiser in Germany

  2. Brad says:

    Saw on US Soccer’s twitter that Klinsi is calling up SIX keepers???
    NO Dolo and Chandler….hopefully one of them will be ready by June.

    • bryan says:

      six keepers is a Fing joke.

      • Jurgen says:

        I am a joke. Are you laughing.

        • Riggity says:

          Lol yes

          • USsoccer100 says:

            With the gold cup coming up and the likelihood of many of these players moving abroad in a few years, maybe it’s to help work permit issues.

            • divers suck says:

              Stuart Holden is a head scratcher to me and rings of favoritism. As much as I like Stu, the reality is that he has only 17 caps and none in over 2 years. That, along with 5 appearances for Sheffield Wednesday and some Bolton Reserve appearances in that same time span since that horrid injury compliments of Jonny Evans 2+ years ago belies what JK has stressed that players need to be playing regularly with club if they want consideration for NAT call ups!

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        Not if what you are doing is looking at Gold Cup and beyond in terms of deciding the tail end of the GK roster. Been somewhat unsettled at 3rd keeper and as far as I’m concerned Hall has more potential and Rimando more production at a level that Johnson and Hamid have not attained.

        I don’t quite know how it’s practically do-able in practices but I don’t think it’s a pure open tryout for 3 spots so much as a callin for 2 usual suspects plus an open audition for no. 3 and for Gold Cup time. Not that different than calling in Holden to get him in NT shape and see what he offers through the conclusion of Gold Cup.

        I mean, this morning I was reading snark about Hamid and Johnson, and I’m not comfortable with them…..

        • bryan says:

          here was my issue before i took the time to calm down and look. i read this article and Ives said it was 26 people but listed 29. so, in my head, out of 26 players, 6 of them were goalies. that made no sense to me. in reality, it’s 29 players, 6 of which are keepers, meaning 23 out field players. 23 + 3 GKs = 26 which is what we figured. the other three goalies did not take any extra spots like i originally thought.

          so, as far as the GK thing goes, i’ve relaxed. lol

          • Colin in MT says:

            The 4 MLS goalies are going to rotate in. Johnson will be there first, followed by Hamid when the team is in DC. Hall will be in camp for Jamaica, and Rimando will be with them the rest of the time

    • Dan M says:

      I also saw that Tony Meola, John Joyce and Terry Sawchuck were added last minute, check the revised list.

    • Raymon says:

      Looks like a 3-3-3-2 formation is in the works, my friends. A clean sheet factory.

    • Umlaut says:

      It’s so the backups can be rotated over the course of the camp so that no single MLS team is losing their keeper for the full duration. None of those last four keepers really have a shot at playing.

  3. Mike E. says:

    Roster notes on US Soccer say Dolos knee is not fully healed yet by the time the call ups went out awhile back.

    Hope people remember that we are getting this list a long time after the call ups actually happen.

  4. natet93 says:

    Interesting to see Holden but no Donovan. I feel as if they both have had about equal playing time since they came back. Makes sense with Donovan being due to “sabbatical” but it is still intriguing to me

    • John says:

      Holden’s season is over and Donovan is in the middle of his.

      • wides says:

        Agreed… Holden needs games and serious training and there aren’t other ways for him to do those at his club.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        Doesn’t matter, I doubt Arena would oppose him camping, so same difference. LA has started out well and is usually focused on late season performance anyway.

        Plus, this is Hex ball, you call in the A squad and then if you want some tryout players they come in at the end of the callups. Klinsi’s decision did not look screwball before last night but now you’re talking leaving out a traditional A team guy who just dismantled a team in club play last night.

        • David JS says:

          Without considering who else he called in, because I don’t think they affected whether he was going to get a call or not, the Donovan situation is just the Jozy situation during the last pre-Hex qualies 2.0. Klinsmann has a message to send and he’ll do so by a wake-up no call even if it means we don’t have the best 23 players in the immediate term, so that hopefully there is a long term benefit. The Jozy situation worked out ok (barely, thanks to EJ/Alan Gordon) so I’m giving Klinsmann the benefit of the doubt until it plays out, even though I’d obviously prefer to have Landon on the team at this point.

      • kopal says:

        “middle of his” what are you talking about it’s may 15 and Galaxy played 10 games and Donovan not even 10 in Mls.He is out of shape let him play in the league.

  5. Dinho says:

    6 keepers but no Dolo or LD….. I don’t get it.

  6. Josh D says:

    No huge surprises to me, except the number of keepers.

    Starting XI:


    • Drew says:

      Does this mean its Zusi and Gomez on set pieces? I miss Donovan on corners. Maybe Sacha will step up this summer

      • Josh D says:

        Zusi and Gomez offer decent service, and Dempsey has even scored from a FK this season. I think at one point Jones was even taking corners for club, though I’m not 100% sure.

        I don’t recall Donovan being stellar at set-pieces, at least not notably better than the others. We’re missing a FK specialist. If only Davis could run faster, think faster, and dribble better.

        • NE Matt says:

          Holden will take set pieces once he’s fully back

        • Sebastian Le Drew says:

          Not looking for decent service…Looking for quality service… Zusi is in camp but not sold as a lock for starter

        • soccerhorn says:

          You’re kidding, right? You “don’t remember” Donovan being stellar at set pieces? He’s a set piece master and has been the USMNT FK taker for a decade, as well as our PK taker. Ditto Galaxy. He was handed the job at Everton too, with no hesitation. If you need proof of his ability to strike the CK, just take a look at the highlights from the Galaxy game last night.

          • Iggy says:

            From my POV landon either hits the first guy with his corners (50% of the time) or they are stellar. those are the 2 outcomes.

        • Roast Beef Utd says:

          If Davis could do all that, he surely wouldn’t be playing in MLS.

          • Jeter says:

            LOL! You made me laugh with that one. Brad Davis is a great player, he just hasn’t really had his time to shine with the squad yet. Klinnsman keeps putting him in at the end of the match with less than 5 minutes left to try and use his experience to contain things. His service on dead balls, free kicks, corners, and everything else is better than Jermaine Jones, Graham Zusi, or Landon Donavan. Keep in mind, I’m not saying Brad is an overrall better player than the ones I mentioned, but he is better at doing the things I described than the ones I just mentioned. Go Dynamo!

    • NE Matt says:

      Umm Cameron is playing RB dude

    • downintexas says:

      He might do a


    • Kyle says:

      Would love to see





  7. Holden says:

    What the heck has Shea done? I thought it was all about playing time? Also, I am pretty sure Donovan has more goals than EJ…. and EJ is a freaking forward! JK is a JoKe!

    • downintexas says:

      You would think since that is what JK harp about when he didn’t bring in other players when he first started coaching, remember it is about playing time. I’m okay with LD not being included, although I think it is a bit asinine. But calling in brek, i’m a huge fan of him, when he has hardly any minutes at Stoke is a joke. Clearly JK is playing games and sending messages by leaving LD out.

      • bottlcaps says:

        Klinsmann is a big fat hypocrite. He is simply punishing Donovan for taking time off. He is treating players differently and not equally. He has not chosen Donovan because of disciplinary reasons, but has chosen instead to tell everybody that he is “not match fit yet”

        Brek Shea’s brief appearances at Stoke were so underwhelming they couldn’t even get a team to take him on loan, once it was determined he could not make the 1st 18.

        Donovan has more minutes, more goals, more assists so far this season that Holden and Shea put together.

        If Klinsmann is doing this to Donovan to motivate him to be better, it is stupid and could backfire. It’s stupid as Donovan knows more than anyone about the limits for his body, his touch and his match fitness. He has admitted publicly he is not 100 percent yet, but even a Donovan at 70-80 percent is better than many of his replacements.

        It is fortunate for the USMNT and US soccer in general that Donovan is not a petty man. Many players who have been left off teams for disciplinary reasons, tell the coach to take a hike and remove themselves from the team at least until that coach is gone. We are lucky that Donovan is not petty, but will play along with this charade because we know and he knows that the USMNT needs him more than they need Klinsmann.

        • Josh D says:

          I think the Shea choice was based on the same logic as Holden: Get them fit for the season. You have to remember, Shea went to England hurt and without a preseason. Klinsi wants to get him back into game shape for Stoke’s preseason.

          I see Holden and Shea both being investments for the start of the next season. Not as players who are going to make a difference now. Which I’m fine with. On every roster, there’s three spots open for training: Shea and Holden take two.

      • David says:

        And its a good message to send. Team > player regardless of talent or experience. Bailing on the team should be x10 worse than not getting regular club minutes. Glad Klinsmann is treating it appropriately.

        • Ed says:

          This whole “team above individual” argument is a crayon-drawing representation of team sports. The objective is to WIN and you’d be hard pressed to argue that Landon can’t, at a mimimum, help them right now.

          • David says:

            Look at the New England patriots for an example of Team > players. Look at the French national team over the last cycle or two for the extreme version of Players > Team.

            Dynasties tend to use the team > players approach. One off champions that collapse soon after tend to use the players > team approach. You may win in the short term by winning at all costs but ruining your team culture and chemistry to do it will bite you hard down the road.

            • Ed says:

              I’m with you, it’s just that we don’t have the luxury of stellar depth. Our mediocre play has proven that.

              • David says:

                I see what you are saying but if we are going to be honest the USMNT is going to be mediocre with or without Donovan. He just makes us a better version of mediocre that can generate a few more chances. We still aren’t going to be rolling Mexico or seriously threatening any team that has won a WC.

                Not to be a downer, we’re on an upward trajectory either way.

              • David says:

                I forgot to say that if we are going to be overall mediocre either way why sell out the team chemistry. That seems really short sighted to me.

          • David says:

            I’m not going to argue LD can’t help us win now because you’re right he can. I just don’t care.

        • soccerhorn says:

          and how does that argument apply to Tim Chandler? Chandler’s done everything he can to make it clear that he couldn’t care less about the USMNT, and yet he’s called in time and time again. Meanwhile a 31 year old Donovan, who’s been bleeding red white and blue for almost 15 years, says “look, I just need a break,” and he get kicked to the curb. Ridiculous. Hypocrisy.

          • David says:

            Chandler has never truly been part of the team. He got playing time for a bit at the beginning of this cycle but then got no call ups when he declined to get cap tied. He got a call up and cap at Honduras in order to cap tie him for later just in case. Now that he is cap tied he shouldn’t get an automatic spot on the roster until he proves his commitment by doing the dirty work of camps, friendlies, and CONCACAF tourneys.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        If you think EJ on his best day is better than Landon on his worst….ditto Kljestan and Shea.

    • biff says:

      Not only Shea, but Danny Williams has not made the bench since, I think, late March. Oh, I forgot, though: Klinsmann needs Williams to play right wing.

      • Lucas says:

        You are correct biff! Danny Williams hasn’t played at all and was average at best before his injury. His minutes began to diminish as the season wore on. Brek….please! JK’s decisions are getting more bizarre and the hypocrisy. I’ve watched Tigres play quite a bit in liga mx and Jose Torres’ play has been very solid. I could go on…..

      • Kosh says:

        I love these posts as they tend to focus only on the concept of “he said this but did that” to deomstrate JK contradicting himself and thus by narural law becomes a liar, an idiot or worse.

        But then a surevey comes out about LD after the Philly game and many people were allowed to change their minds and opinions.

        This is not about LD or JK either. This is more to the point that people can, do and will change their minds with more information.

      • Josh D says:

        Williams was injured at the end of the season, carried a knock if I remember correctly. And when he got back into shape, the team was too desperate for points to worry about a recuperating DM.

    • Freddy says:

      Jose Torres definitely deserves a callup before Shea.

      • downintexas says:

        As a texan I’m a fan of Torres but not on the international level

        • bryan says:

          BS dude. Torres should be here simply so we have him for the Gold Cup. by leaving him off, he won’t play at the Gold Cup if JK sticks to his word. THAT is Fing dumb. starting CM for Tigres has no place on the US team for WCQs or the Gold Cup?!?!

          • Dennis says:

            Why would JK stick to what he said earlier? That would limit his options in putting together what he thinks is the best team available. I for one, think any coach who makes pronouncements about playing time, quality of club team, quality of club team’s opposition, whether MLS or not, etc. is just not thinking very much with regards to being held to his words. But such words can be useful in letting players know some of the things the coach is looking for. Whether or not Torres will be in the Gold Cup squad is likely something JK has yet to determine.

            • TomG says:

              JK continuously does this. He makes pronouncements then does not stick to them. It makes him appear wishy washy, inconsistent, and flaky to the fans, the media, and to his team. Callups are prized highly by players and when the manager clear criteria for callups only to violate said criteria all over the map, it provides seeds for discontent. That’s why Bayern practically rose up in rebellion against him and why he’s held in such low esteem there. He’s lucky that USA has such a high character, team first mentality or he’d face the same problems here. This has been a common problem throughout every managing stop in his career and he’s yet to address it. If you tell your players something, you’d better follow through or you lose respect. It’s management 101. He needs to just shut the heck up and stop talking out of his a$$. All he has to to is to tell the press that there are a variety of factors he’s considering and go into it a bit and he can justify any call up. Instead he says no one gets called up if they’re benched in Europe and then violates that. It’s blatant stupidity.

            • bryan says:

              i agree, JK clearly doesn’t always stick to his rules. but idk, i could see him sticking to that rule…i certainly hope not. Torres should be at the Gold Cup.

          • Jeff says:

            Oh my, Tigres ~ goosebumps~
            I forgot that the entire Tigres team plays for MNT because they are so awesome.

            • bryan says:

              wow, this shows your ignorance. Tigres was the best team in Liga MX and Torres was their starting CM. just because you think Liga MX is trash does not make it true. So yes, the starting CM for Tigres, who is also a US national, should be on the US Gold Cup team.

            • SBI Troll says:

              Tigres means Tigers in English. You should be scared.

      • bryan says:

        and before Williams. and i like Williams and Shea.

  8. BJR says:

    Does exclusion from this camp mean exclusion from the upcoming qualifiers? If so, Donovan’s absence is ridiculous.

    • malkin says:


    • Sean C says:

      Yes. This is the camp for the set of the 5 games as far as I understand it.

    • bryan says:

      Yes, and it also means any player based in Europe (outside of Scandinavia) and in Mexico who did not make it will not be a part of the Gold Cup. Makes no sense. At least LD has the Gold Cup, but Torres is SOL despite having a great season. Maybe JK breaks his own rule…

      • David says:

        Are these really rules? I’d assume they are more guidelines.

        • bryan says:

          well, i say rule, you say guideline…in the end, JK made that statement. hopefully he won’t stick to it…that’s not unusual for him…

          • David says:

            I’d be surprised if there were no exceptions and a little disappointed just like you.

      • Josh D says:

        Torres has wasted opportunities for two years. And many here were bashing Klinsi for playing him. The position he plays best in, we’re stacked with Jones and Bradley.

        I’m sure we’ll see Torres in the Gold Cup.

  9. downintexas says:

    I’m cool with Sacha being called up. Now the big question is will JK play him in the right spot.

    Can some one tell Klinsmann we can only play one goalie at a time. Otherwise I know what he is thinking but it just is not allowed.

  10. crosebud says:

    I though Altidore was not going to be released to come to camp?

    • Riggity says:

      Earnie Stewart said he is working with US soccer on a release date that is beneficial for both, so he will be there but probably just a little late.

    • bryan says:

      he might not be. but he’s still called up for the WCQs…

  11. Pragmatic Pancho says:

    Why on earth are there so many keepers on the roster?

    • Michael says:

      release said that the MLS keepers were going to rotate through the camp.

      • bryan says:

        SO STUPID

        • Dennis says:

          It is good to have decent keepers in small-sided games, to me that implies at least 4 in camp most of the time and maybe a 5th for some specialized training while the s-s games are ongoing.

          • bryan says:

            i will admit i was off on this. i did not notice it was 29 players. i thought it was 26 with 6 of them being GKs. i’m ok with the GK situation now.

    • TomG says:

      JK saw Kenny Cooper’s handball goal and thought they had changed the rules to allow players to throw the ball into the net.

  12. Don says:

    It’s worth noting the details on SBI… the chosen picture is entirely consistent with the latest roster. Your efforts are noticed and appreciated, good sir.

  13. NE Matt says:

    Disgusting – No Donovan or Bedoya but we have Parkhurst, Shea, Danny Williams? What the hell is wrong with this guy? No one can convince me he isn’t harboring a grudge towards Donovan. And no Bedoya blows my mind

    • Francois says:

      Agreed on Bedoya, and Landon not being included is ridiculous. We, again, have limited wing options and the options we do have at the wing are being listed as defenders they should clearly be on the wing for us (i.e. Beasley and FJ). If you bring in Edgar Castillo, play him at left back and move Fabian to either Left or Right Wing. Fabian is our best dribbler, incisive passer, and winger in the entire pool, play him where he can be dangerous for us.

    • bryan says:

      Bedoya makes since. he’ll be at the Gold Cup. and JK said players would not play major roles in both.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Shea might be useful if fit and healthy, and maybe we can take a Holden flier on him. But then why not Landon also?

      Bedoya, meh.

      Parkhurst is too slow and Williams stinks.

      What particularly concerns me is Kljestan and Williams and Parkhurst against athletic teams like Panama, Jamaica, and Honduras. I don’t think they are good enough to provide their perceived technical value, and they’re overmatched as athletes.

      • soccerhorn says:

        You’ve seen Kljestan play a lot lately, have you? I’m sure the top team in Belgium doesn’t need a fast, athletic attacking center mid, and settled for Kljestan instead.

  14. brian says:

    are you telling me that Eddie Johnson is more dangerous than Donovan? come on

    • downintexas says:

      Yes! *trying to keep a straight face*

    • David says:

      No but he’s more loyal and dedicated at this point and that should (and apparently does) matter more.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        So you’d set up a three-game quali roster based on loyalty tests? Does being loyal mean you can score or defend?

        I could understand if this was Chandler before the cap-tie but this is a former team captain who used to be The Most Routine US Player Of The Bunch. And as a practical matter, I seriously doubt Landon has problems gelling with the team, he’s only played with everyone called in for years.

        I could understand a performance objection instead, but that would be dubious after last night. A mixed bag of film should get a high performer in camp, particularly when he has an excuse and is not carrying known knocks.

        • David says:

          “So you’d set up a three-game quali roster based on loyalty tests? Does being loyal mean you can score or defend?”

          Yes to the first question and no to the second. It is a simple matter to check that loyalty box and I can think of only a few people who have ever called their loyalty into doubt. It is rarely an issue. Chandler certainly doesn’t have that box checked but that is obvious (although I did support his cap at Honduras to cap tie him). Donovan has been a hero for the USMNT and US Soccer in general. I don’t deny that and certainly appreciate him for it. But no one should be able to rest on their laurels. You should always ask the question, “What have you done for me lately?” Donovan could have just taken an off season and not gone on loan or gone into camp but then reported for his club team on time. Instead he bailed on both the club team and the national team. He should have to pay his dues again to get back in the club. All he needs to do is play in the Gold Cup to show he is committed and then the loyalty box is no longer an issue. He’d only miss these 3 qualifiers. Chandler could take the same route if he isn’t injured.

      • CG says:

        It should matter, but only to the extent that it may or may not impact results. No more, no less. This is the highest level. There aren’t bonus points in the WC for loyal squads.

        • David says:

          Programs based on loyalty and commitment to the team tend to have long term success. Those that value talent over everything else may put all the pieces in place for one season but they tend to crash and burn big time afterwards and require a lot of rebuilding to even get back into contention. I’d rather be mediocre now but not dig ourselves into a hole by destroying our team culture and chemistry.

          • David says:

            And that is really making a mountain out of a mole hill. Donovan can prove himself in the Gold Cup and get back into the “senior” team before the Hex is over.

          • CG says:

            I didn’t say it shouldn’t matter, and yes, chemistry is important. I was responding to your black/white statement that it should matter more than all else. It shouldn’t, plain and simple. Talent is a requirement. Skill is needed to support the style of play. Many people have said it – there are certain players (very loyal players by your standards) who are much better when LD is on the field and providing service/cover. I’m OK with the omission as long as JK is being honest about the reasons why. I don’t, however, think you can honestly argue that there are many better players at his position in the pool, right now. I don’t see it.

            You commented above that “what have you done for me lately” should be continuously asked as part of the set-up. Doesn’t that kind of fly in the face of loyalty? Or is it OK for only one half of the partnership to be loyal?

            • David says:

              I won’t argue LD there are any better players at his position right now because I don’t think there are but I’ll still agree to disagree that loyalty trumps skill.

              If you frame the “what have you done for me lately” question in terms of loyalty then it is him who violated the partnership first and there for it should be expected that the team/organization reset the relationship to a lower level of trust.

              Even if you chose to frame the question as encompassing skill as well as loyalty then I still think it is ok for a player to be dropped when their skill drops. If you are loyal and putting the team first you should be content to make way for players who prove themselves better than you because it will make the team better. This doesn’t apply to Donovan however and I don’t pretend it does.

              • David says:

                don’t want to wait for moderation

                I won’t argue LD there are any better players at his position right now because I don’t think there are but I’ll still agree to disagree that loyalty trumps skill.

                If you frame the “what have you done for me lately” question in terms of loyalty then it is him who violated the partnership first and there for it should be expected that the team/organization reset the relationship to a lower level of trust.

                Even if you chose to frame the question as encompas$ing skill as well as loyalty then I still think it is ok for a player to be dropped when their skill drops. If you are loyal and putting the team first you should be content to make way for players who prove themselves better than you because it will make the team better. This doesn’t apply to Donovan however and I don’t pretend it does.

              • Riggity says:

                I was waiting for the Eddie Murphy reference…

  15. zztoppppp says:

    Why on earth are Michael Parkhurst and Danny Williams on this roster???

    Lichaj and Orozco Fiscal both deserve it more than Parkhurst who hasn’t even dressed in 2 months.

    Bedoya, Diskerud, Torres, Feilhaber and even Beckerman are just a few that deserve to be there more than Williams…

    • bryan says:

      I agree about Lichaj and Orozco deserving it more than Parkhurst…or 3 extra keepers. They would have been nice to have for the Gold Cup.

      Bedoya, Mix, Beckerman, and Feilhaber will be on the Gold Cup team. so no surprise there. No one should have expected to see ANY of those players in this camp. Torres, however, should be there too because now we can’t use him in the Gold Cup either. I’m worried about the Gold Cup team now. No Torres, Morales, Lichaj, Orozco, etc. which is insane.

      • zztoppppp says:

        I completely agree, but I figured maybe one of them deserved to get a surprise callup to this camp over Williams.

        • bryan says:

          i think so too. i think we all expected Williams to be left behind. and i like him, but he’s not playing right now.

    • Darkazure says:

      Read the Q&A with Jurgen:

      ““There are definitely some 50-50 cases for players that we moved toward the Gold Cup where we want to have a very strong roster as well, and we are very excited about that tournament. A player like Kyle Beckerman could be in this camp, but having him in the Gold Cup is a tremendous value. We have players like Josh Gatt, Mix Diskerud, and Alejandro Bedoya, guys that are doing really well who could be ready for the upcoming camp, but will also be in a full rhythm for the Gold Cup, so in that moment we shift them over to that roster. Another player we have a very close eye on is Aron Johannsson,”

      link to

  16. Roman Lewandowski says:

    Not thrilled with the inclusions of Parkhurst and Davis.

  17. Sean says:

    Why are we bringing in (at forward) Eddie Johnson and Boyd when we have several promising young players like Villareal, McInerney, and McBean who should be (as not our number ones) developed for the future. A hungry, gifted youngster could be positive for the team and future of the team.

    Our future at forward may be positive when you consider Altidore (23), Agudelo (20), McInerney (20), Villareal (19), McBean (18) are all in the pipeline.

    • jim in Atlanta says:

      Mcbean is overrated

      • downintexas says:

        and has a broken collar bone

      • Brian S. says:

        Boyd is in that same age range and has Quietly scored 16 goals in Europe. He has earned his spot on the team

      • Old School says:

        “Mcbean is overrated”

        I’ve been saying that for awhile. Not drinking the koolaid.

        • Sean says:

          Didn’t realize about his injury.

          But, I’m optimistic based on what I’ve seen of those four MLS youngsters. I think they’re as worth attention as Altidore was. He is strong, determined, has good technical control, a solid shot, good headers, a sense for positioning and he’s on a team learning around players like Robbie Keane, Landon Donovan, and (formerly) David Beckham.

          I am not saying McBean, or others, are going to be spectacular. But I think there’s good reason to give them attention.

        • kev says:

          He has been much more effective in position and getting into positions against full grown men than Villareal, who aside from a spectacular goal and drawing a PK, has been absolutely a black hole for possession and creating chances on offense.

        • soccerhorn says:

          How long have you been saying “McBean is overrated,” exactly? Because he’s only played about seven games with the Galaxy senior team, beginning last year. Before that he was on the reserve team, and before that he was in the Galaxy Academy. So you, what, go to a lot of Academy matches? At high school fields and the like? Kool Aid indeed.

          • Old School says:

            I’ll give you an assignment since you like statistics: Go sift through SBI to find out.

            It directly correlates with the first several posts of hype praising his “potential”.

            Be sure to update your findings. I’m incredibly interested.

    • Mike E. says:

      Uh Terrence Boyd is lighting it up and at 22 years old im positive he counts as a promising young player.

    • zztoppppp says:

      Boyd is only 22 and just had great season in Austria. While I expect Villareal to become great, I think Boyd will end up being better than McInerney and McBean.

      • Sean says:

        I think MLS and Austria are pretty much on the same level. And, I haven’t seen enough from Boyd to prove to me that he’s anything special. Not to mention that he’s another foreigner with a US passport and I would rather have someone who is as talented or more promising who has a more meaningful connection and affection for the US. After all, it’s the team that represents our nation.

    • Sean C says:

      What’s wrong with Boyd? I think he is a fantastic all-around forward. He’s shown a lot of bright spots for me. Certainly he’s better than McBean (who is injured anyway)

      (and his name is annoying, lol)

    • bryan says:

      1. Villarreal is not ready for the senior team dude. Plus, he has the World Cup to worry about and LA aren’t going to want him gone for both.
      2. McBean is injured.
      3. Jack Mac will be at the Gold Cup.

      and how can you say Boyd ISN’T a promising young striker?!?!?

  18. jim in Atlanta says:

    No mixx….? Smfh

  19. Mike E. says:

    You know guys, all of your questions are answered in the roster notes.

    The keepers will be rotating through camp so they can also make their club commitments and still get a run out. Courtesy of MLS scheduling.

    • bryan says:

      that is a terrible reason. i’d rather have Torres, Lichaj, and Morales in camp and staying in shape for the Gold Cup. JK’s own rule about not playing in the Gold Cup if you don’t make this roster and play in Europe (aside from Scandanvia) or Mexico makes his idea to call in 6 keepers even more STUPID.

      • Dennis says:

        Why, there is no special reason the camp has to be 26, it could be 20 or 30. All that is necessary is that the players JK actually expects to use are included as well as a set of back-ups, the rest are there to either show what they can do at present or to fill out the sides in the little competitions that go on. If that means more keepers are needed, what is the problem with that? There is no real reason to think dropping 2 or 3 of the 6 keepers would increase the number of field players called in. And for that matter, there is no rule that forbids calling additional players later.

        • bryan says:

          like i said above, i was off on this. it was my initial impression that 26 players were listed and that 6 of them were GKs. that was stupid to me. but there are actually 29 players, 25 of which are locked in and that 26th spot will go to whoever JK decides to bring as the 3rd GK. so i’m all good now.

  20. beto says:

    i count 28.

    disappointed that Steve Cherundolo isnt there.. hope this isnt the end of his USNT career. and obviously Landon Donovan, but im sure he will be ready for a great Gold Cup run soon..

  21. Truthiness says:

    Conspiracy theory: JK is leaving Donovan with the Galaxy for the club’s benefit (as well as the playing time)…

    • Sean C says:

      I’m not attacking you here, just making a point. Why would JK care about the Galaxy? These are WCQs, the only thing more important is the World Cup itself.

      • soccerhorn says:

        As a Galaxy fan, I only wish this was Klinsmann’s motivation. The fact is, all these national team coaches have egos. I have no doubt that Klinsmann has no desire to do anything to make Bruce Arena look good. And vice-versa.

        Also, speaking as a Galaxy fan, I’m fine with Donovan going off to international duty for senior team WC Qualifiers, but frankly, as far as Gold Cup goes… meh? I’d rather he stay home and get us through the summer.

        • Old School says:

          “I have no doubt that Klinsmann has no desire to do anything to make Bruce Arena look good.”

          Your assessment is Klinsmann would hold back; his team, his teams qualification and more importantly his general job performance to spite Bruce Arena?

          You (and others) can call JK many names but to attach this type of absurdity to his name is comical.

  22. Brian S. says:

    The hypocrisy continues with JK. Shea hasn’t even put on his boots in months but gets called in. How can anybody take him seriously when he says that you must be playing to be called in. And 6 keepers? Just one of those spots couldn’t go to Donovan? People are kidding themselves if they think that this team isn’t better with Donovan on the field. Even as a sub and at 80% fitness. We’ll be playing for another 0-0 draw or hope for a 1-0 win at best again and he will consider it a success. How long until that’s not good enough anymore

    • Holden says:

      Brian Sciaretta?

    • PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

      No clue what Shea is doing on this roster, other than he is the best ‘winger’ we have …other than Beasley or ….Donovan.

      • David says:

        After bailing on everyone Donovan shouldn’t even be considered in the pool until he proves his commitment to the team again.

        If you view the roster through that lens then both Beasley and Shea are the best options available and both are on the team as a result. I support it.

        • GHumboldt says:

          We know what you think about Donovan from your many, many posts. Just because you say something often doesn’t make it fact, it just makes you annoying. It is still just one person’s opinion. I disagree with you and that’s my opinion. Please accept it and do not respond.

    • David says:

      The overall team talent is better but the culture is far worse. I’d rather have the latter.

  23. John says:

    Not totally related but Kljestan just scored a goal

  24. jim in Atlanta says:

    Ok I was wrong. Fire klinsmann

  25. julio says:

    Chandler gets to skip this but Klinssi allows him with open arms yet, Donovan who had mental issues and needed a break gets a Gold Cup invite instead….yeah, that makes sense and is fair.

    • Mike E. says:

      Going out on a limb to say Chandler didn’t tear his own ligaments to avoid coming to camp.

      • beto says:

        and Klinsy didn’t really bring Chandler back “with open arms” for the last two qualifiers after his stinker in Honduras..or was he injured again i forgot.. either way Chandler does not look like a World Cup option unless he really plays well in the 4 fall qualifiers.

      • TheFrenchOne says:

        that’s kinda what they did in Victory (breaking the goalie’s arm) so that Stallone could play … I know that really makes no sense, but that’s the thought that came to mind, and i needed to get it out, stat

    • biff says:

      i’m out on that limb with you, julio, cause quite frankly chandler was never going to give up his vacation time to sweat against gritty concacaf opponents in important WCQs that would expose him. Even if Timothy really was injured, it was minor and I have no doubt that Jurgen asked his buddy to join him in camp and Chandler refused.

      • bryan says:


        “No, I don’t think so [in regards to Germany match],” Chandler explained. “[I’m] thinking about the qualifying game[s] for the USA.”

        “I could be out for four to five weeks for recovery, I have to look at what the doctor says from our team.”

    • bryan says:

      dumb comment is dumb.

  26. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Landon needs to find some German ancestry quick! This will clear up any hard feelings Klinsi has towards you for missing previous camps or being out of form.

  27. Alex says:

    The 4 MLS keepers will be cycled throughout, so they won’t miss too many games for their clubs since they’re all third on the depth chart when theyre in camp

  28. jim in Atlanta says:

    So does this include the gold cup as well?

    • beto says:

      not exactly but no players in offseason that are NOT on this roster will be called into the Gold Cup.

      I bet 3 of the keepers, Parkhurst, Goodson, Castillo, Kljestan, Holden, Edu/Williams, Shea, Davis, Boyd stay and join in-season guys like Landon, Gatt, Bedoya, McInerney, Feilhaber, John, etc..

      • Tommy says:

        Not sure if that is going to happen, but I like the idea and roster. Add Mixx, Aron J and possibly even JA Brooks depending on the U-20 WC and I think you’re on to it. Also, I’d fine a way to include Morales in there too. Might as well cap tie him too.

        • bryan says:

          can’t bring Morales now. since JK left him off this roster, and since he plays in Germany, he cannot be included in the Gold Cup team. which is insane. what happened to getting U-23 players into major tournys since they missed the Olympics?

          • Tommy says:

            “Can’t” is a pretty strong word. They can call him in, although I admit it’s a long shot. I realize adding Morales would go against what Klinsman had said previously, but it wouldn’t be the first time he changed his mind. Either way, you’re probably right. Still would like to see it.

            • bryan says:

              I hope so man. Because there are a couple of people left out of this roster that should be a part of the Gold Cup but won’t be if JK sticks to his guns.

    • malkin says:

      No. That roster will change.

      • bryan says:

        yes, but this roster provides a lot of insight into what the Gold Cup roster will be.

  29. wfrw07 says:

    It is clear to me that people don’t read the roster notes associated with the list of callups.

    Not saying some of the consternation isn’t warranted, but a lot of people not really understanding what is going on here.

  30. biff says:

    Did Klinsmann really put DaMarcus Beasley on the roster as a defender? If so, I guess this shows the genius of Klinsmann, leaving off Donovan and playing Beasley as a defender and not calling up Erich Lichaj.

  31. bryan says:

    here is my reaction after only looking at the roster:

    – DId not realize Dolo was injured…that hurts
    – No Torres is a JOKE because now he is a doubt for the Gold Cup, which is a JOKE
    – Davis is a WASTE of a call up. I was ok with him at the Gold Cup, but what a waste for WCQs
    – Shea does not deserve to be here. He wouldn’t be awful to have at the Gold Cup though, so maybe he’ll just train to stay in shape
    – Parkhurst and Williams also have no business in this squad…but again, maybe they’ll play a part in the Gold Cup
    – Where is Morales?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I’m just blown away by the keeper situation. Klinsmann has a chance to call in extra players and give them a look and he brings SIX M.Fing keepers?!?! Morales and Torres should have been a part of the Gold Cup.

    Ok, now I’ll read the article and comments…

    • bryan says:

      add Lichaj to the list of players who could have been called in instead of SIX Fing keepers (yes, i will rant about that for awhile) simply so we could use him in the Gold Cup. this is so dumb.

  32. Bac says:

    I said yesterday on this site to NOT crucify JK just because of Ives’ predictions about the roster..

    Now that its released…..


  33. 2tone says:

    I really think Klinsmann has lost the plot. Danny freaking Williams is on this roster, and he has been injured and not playing first team soccer for the better part of two months.

    6 freaking keepers really?

    No Donovan and no Dolo which both are healthy and in decent form.

    Brek Shea? Look the guy has potential, but come on.

    This roster is mind boggling to say the least.

    • Jeb says:

      …in azteca? I’m still holding the faith that Klinz knows what he’s doing.

    • Jurgen says:

      I’m bringing the six keepers for chemistry. My son is a keeper so when I am away from home it is very nice to have keepers around. My chemistry is better.

    • bryan says:

      Dolo is NOT healthy per USSoccer. – “Cherundolo has not fully recovered from the injury that kept him out for four months”

      I can only think Williams is there so JK can use him at the Gold Cup…

  34. Old School says:

    Not digging Beasley’s being slotted in the “defender” pool.

    He’s not a defender. Period.
    Serviceable? Sure.
    He’s not a defender. Period.

    I’d love to see him attacking on the wing, though. An aspect we’ve been sorely missing that he obviously still has.

    • PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

      +1 sir.
      I think we are looking at the last two games a bit romantically. Bease was SERVICABLE at LB – but not stellar by any means. His quickness and moxie helped him overcome what could easily have been a pitiful performance had any of the crosses he allowed wander into the goal.

    • bryan says:


  35. Ed says:

    So to recap: 6 keepers, 3 left backs and 0 Landon Donovans

    • Sean C says:


    • wfrw07 says:

      ro·tate (rtt)
      v. ro·tat·ed, ro·tat·ing, ro·tates
      1. To turn around on an axis or center.
      2. To proceed in sequence; take turns or alternate: Interns will rotate through the various departments.

      Pay special attention to the second definition.

      • Ed says:

        Yes, rotating keepers who won’t sniff the field is critical for us to achieve maximum points in the next qualifiers. Next.

        • wfrw07 says:

          It may not, but it certainly has absolutely nothing to do with Donovan not getting called in, yet you are using the idea of rotating third keepers (which is without a doubt the correct move to make for the coaching staff) to bash JK because you are pissy about the Donovan situation.

          • Ed says:

            So what does 6 keepers and few true wingers tell you about Klinsmanns priorities for this camp? Goalkeeper depth is like #379 on the list of “USMNT concerns”

            • wfrw07 says:

              6 keepers tells us that JK has enough respect for MLS coaches not to take their starting goalie for 3 weeks to sit on the bench.

              Not bringing wing options is a different story, and one that has some merit, but you didn’t mention that in your initial post. You mentioned keepers, which we covered, and 3 left backs, even though I would argue we really didn’t call 3 left backs, we called in 1.5.

        • bryan says:

          that’s not the problem. yes, there are 29 players and not 26, so really these keepers probably aren’t keeping anyone out of the roster, but if they did…oh man.

      • Sean C says:

        I understand what rotate means. I was making a crack about selecting 6 goalkeepers regardless of their use. You can also rotate any position; I don’t know if you’re aware of this. so 6 keepers may be a bit much when you can only play one at a time. Note we’re only playing 5 games. At least 2 keepers are getting no more than a half. Also, I was just having fun with the fact that most people are befuddled that he would take 6 keepers. I actually AM a JK fan…but he’s trying really hard to change my mind…

  36. Jordan says:

    If we don’t get 7 points from these next 3 games I’m done with Klinsmann and calling for his head. I’ve tried to be a believer but not including Donovan is BS. We better win our flippin home games. If our offense looks stagnant and we drop a result to Honduras….I can see Klinsi getting fired.

    • David says:

      I’d rather not qualify than poison our team culture by letting talent dictate the necessary level of loyalty and commitment a player must contribute to the team.

    • beto says:

      +1 @David… @Jordan, will you be done with calling for Klinsmann’s head if we get 7 points???

      • Scott says:

        No. The whining will continue. When the results are bad, some people blame the coach. When the results are good, some people say that we won in spite of bad coaching decisions. Jordan will probably complain about JK even if we were to win the WC, because we didn’t do it his way. It is the same whether you are coaching 8 year olds, 18 year olds or professionals. You can’t please everyone, but then, that is not what he was hired to do.

  37. 2tone says:

    Call in any MLS RB over Parkhurst. Christ Parkhurst hasn’t played for like 4 months.

    Beltran, Beitashour, Sean Franklin are better picks than Parkhurst right now.

    • zztoppppp says:

      Or Lichaj, or Orozco Fiscal, or even Brad Evans…

      • beto says:

        maybe Lichaj, i don’t know why Jurgen doesn’t like him, but certainly not Orozco, Evans! or Franklin… isnt Beitashour coming off an injury too..

        • bryan says:

          absolutely Fiscal!!!! he plays 90 minutes in Liga MX every week! Parkhurst hasn’t played in forever.

          agree about Evans though. i’d still rather have Parkhurst. lol

  38. vince says:

    what a terrible selection of players

  39. Tommy says:

    Prediction: In about 2 weeks, Donovan will be called in to replace Shea. The story will be that JK wanted to see where Brek was at physically to see if he could be a help in either the qualifiers or the Gold Cup. But “he’s still recovering from his injury issues.” LD will be coming off a good performance or two, so JK gets to call him in to help and sends his message.

  40. 2tone says:

    Anything less than 6 points with these next qualifiers should be deemed a failure.

  41. David says:

    So happy Donovan wasn’t called. Put him on the Gold Cup and let him earn his crest again.

    • TheFrenchOne says:

      Mrs Shea, is that you?

      • USSoccerHomer says:


      • David says:

        You could replace him with Bornstein for all I care. Talent shouldn’t dictate how much commitment is necessary to make the team. Donovan should have a big hole to climb out of after bailing on everyone (JK, the players, and the fans).

    • Sean C says:

      ??? is this JK in disguise? Anybody who watched last night’s game would not think that.

      • beto says:

        don’t put too much stock in Landon beating up a lousy Union defense..

      • Scott says:

        Most of last night was nothing. His goal was a gimme. Don’t confuse MLS play against Philly with international fitness and form. I like LD. Wish he were playing better and have no qualms with him being called in, but he is not back to what he was last year. Low passing %. Missing PK’s. Only goals have been gimmes from Kean. Can’t do anything without Kean on the field right now. I would have added him, and dropped no one, for the camp. I just wouldn’t be pretending that he is playing, even in the MLS, great soccer right now. Bring him in and evaluate him, but play him based on that evaluation not a 1/2 game and a gimme goal.

  42. Chris says:

    Geoff Cameron, Omar Gonzalez, Matt Besler, E. Castillo
    Graham Zusi, Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, F Johnson
    Herculez Gomez, Jozy Altidore

    • wfrw07 says:

      Bold move not going with Dempsey here.

      • zztoppppp says:

        Dempsey couldn’t make it to the champions league, he doesn’t deserve to be on the field. He needs to earn his way onto this team…

        • First Time Poster says:

          That comment is so funny I finally had to make an account to post my approval!

    • TheFrenchOne says:

      i like FJ being pushed to LM. but umm … you’re kinda forgetting our top scorer in your starting lineup, no? kinda think Deuce deserves to play

    • Chris says:

      true my bad…we’ll replace Gomez for Depmsey (Dempsey like a false 9)

    • Peter says:

      Great Idea I was thinking the same just replace Dempsey for Gomez and its a good line up in my opinion.

  43. biff says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only Jurgen Klinsmann has now officially dug his own grave with this roster. Two losses out of three games combined with the usual tepid offensive performances and JK is fired and gone will be a laughing stock of history and Landon Donovan will be playing for the USMNT in September. But this roster with a lot of JK’s buddies is not just about Donovan. Agree 100% with 2tone above the “Klinsmann has lost the plot.”

    That said, maybe I am wrong and we win three games and Klinsmann and his great tactical assistant Martin Vasquez will be giggling at us and Landon Donovan’s days on the USMNT will truly be over, because success is what it’s all about and Klinsmann wwould be forgiven for his trespasses against Donovan and allowed to carry on in his own inimitable style.

    Personally, I have seen enough. The thrill is gone.

  44. USSoccerHomer says:

    I’m a bit disgusted w/ JK’s constant harping on getting club PT, but then he totally ignores PT when he picks players for MNT games. Williams and Parkhurst haven’t played in a long time (I haven’t seen Parkhurst’s name in months). Shea is another odd case b/c Stoke has said he’s not fully healed from his foot injury and he wasn’t even making the travel squad for games. I know, I know, there’s too little width on the team, so they have to take wide players. But if Shea isn’t healthy enough to even dress for Stoke, what are the chances he can crack the 18 for the MNT? I’d sooner see Torres (who is playing well) or take a flier on JA Brooks in the hopes of cap-tieing him to the US…

    • USSoccerHomer says:

      Oh, and silly me, I forgot about Mix and Bedoya who are killin’ in in Norway and Sweden right now. No reason to bring in players who are in-form and playing with confidence when you can bring in guys who haven’t seen a competitive match in months…

    • zztoppppp says:

      Report today said that JA Brooks was left off of the German U-21 squad and he is ready to accept USA U-20 call-up. Is there truth behind it? I do not know, but it was nice to hear.

    • beto says:

      i would expect Parkhurst, Williams or Shea to play much at all in the next 5 games, but they will all be there in camp (not on vacation) preparing for the Gold Cup. ya its not 100% logically true to the club pt quote but it makes sense tactically.

      I would have been okay with Morales over Parkhurst, Torres over Williams and Landon over Shea but its nothing to get worked up over..

      • beto says:

        i would not* expect…

      • bryan says:

        agreed, i believe this is what will happen. but Lichaj, Morales, and Torres are all more deserving then those three. I like Shea and Williams, they are the future, but yikes. Them over Lichaj, Morales and Torres is strange to me. Same with useless Davis.

    • Dennis says:

      I was never a fan of JK as a coach, but clearly his statements to the press about what he will consider or not in player selection are taken too seriously by way too many people as iron clad rules. More likely, they are attempts to let both players and fans know about what JK would like in a perfect world. In reality, injuries, positions to be filled, skill-set to be included, team chemistry, even how the training schedule is envisioned, as well as the coaching staff’s opinion about a particular player’s qualities will play a more important role in the the decision than will the percentage of games started in the last couple months or whether the player is in the EPL, MLS, Bundesliga, Norway, etc.
      So I will let JK slide on this.

      • TomG says:

        If your boss/teacher/parent was constantly (and I mean CONSTANTLY) telling you one thing and doing something completely different, what would you think of him or her? What do you think the players at Bayern think of JK? What do you think the US players think of him? I think that article pretty much sums things up. Players have very little respect for JK because he does not communicate clearly and does not stick to his guns. He comes across as a flaky mess. Clear expectations and clear communication are the most important skills a good manager has at his disposal and JK seemingly possesses neither of them. He desperately needs to improve in these aspects. The team plays as if they are not all on the same page. There may be a good reason for that. It seems like no one knows their roles and responsibilities, maybe because the manager is not communicating them properly.

        This is a big deal, not because of this one incident, but because of the repetition of this kind of thing throughout his tenure. We can’t have a manager who is constantly changing his mind. We need someone with a clear vision. From JK’s behavior, and the product on the field, I don’t see any of that.

  45. Mike E. says:

    If you can’t be bothered to read the release as to why 6 keepers had to be called in then you really have no grounds to act indignant. You just end up looking foolish.

    • beto says:

      +1, its a pretty good concept.. I remember Bob allowed the third keeper to return to his club team between games too, this just expands the same concept over a longer period of time.. plus Hamid and Johnson aren’t going to miss anything at United and Fire trainings.

    • Ed says:

      Tell me then, Mike E, how rotating a few MLS keepers helps us achieve maximum points in these qualifiers?

      • Scott says:

        Perhaps he is evaluating talent and prepping for the Gold Cup. Who cares how many keepers he brought in? Maybe it fits his training schedule for the camp. If you are mad about a player that didn’t make it, he wasn’t left off due to a high keeper count. JK could have called in more players. He didn’t.

    • Ed says:

      So glad JK has finally taken up the critical task of determining who the #3 GK is right now.

    • bryan says:

      well, for me, i did not count there are actually 29 players in this list. when Ives said 26, i just took it that the list was 26 and 6 of them were keepers.

      i’ve calmed down since because it sounds like the 3 additional keepers had no effect on Torres, Lichaj, or Morales being left out.

      • bryan says:

        but even still…29 players, 23 outside of the GK position. meaning JK could have called in 3-4 more players to have a true 26-27 man camp. with the Gold Cup coming up, and so many players playing in Europe and Mexico, JK should have done everything in his power to get Lichaj, Morales, and Torres into this camp.

        • bryan says:

          actually, i’ve just gone full stupid. 23 + 3 goalies = 26. i’ll still be angry that we don’t have a 27th in Torres, Lichaj, or Morales and I’m certainly mad that Parkhurst and Davis were included.

          Shea and Williams don’t deserve it, but i see them going to the Gold Cup now.

  46. Micah says:

    Davis, and Eddie Johnson what the heck is he thinking. I am sorry but Mix is better than Williams in my opinion and has done more for the nats than Williams. McInerny needs to be called up over Johnson. The six keepers was a dumb idea. I want Klinsmann fired after this cycle.

    • Tommy says:

      Micah, I’m a huge Mixx fan, but comparing him to Williams is a bit silly as they are very different players. One thing people are overlooking is that Williams provides cover for BOTH Bradley and Jones who are both sitting on yellow cards. If either of them gets another (very possible with three games) Williams provides some DM cover for the next game. If Bradley and Jones don’t see a card, Williams does not see the field.

      As for Mixx, his time will come at the Gold Cup. A good performance there and he could easily slot in front of Bradley and Jones for the rest of qualifying.

      • Micah says:

        It is not silly to compare them they are both central midfielders Mixx is more of a attacking player and Williams is more defensive that is true, but what I mean is Danny does not do his defensive responsibilities well, but Mixx does do his attacking responsibilities well. Defending is way easier than attacking all you do is take the ball from the opponent.

        • Tommy says:

          Wow… Umm… I can only hope you’re joking and I’m missing the sarcasm. Otherwise, please ask whoever helped you turn the computer on to take it away from you.

          • Micah says:

            No Mix does his job for the nats and hussels hard the full time when he is on the field and Williams does not. We have Jones Bradley and Kjestan and Edu no need to bring in four defensive mids and only one attacking mid. No need to throw shade at me. I have my opinion and you have yours. So get a grip and stop insulting me.

            • Micah says:

              I met Edu and Jones as defensive mids Bradley and Klesjtan as attacking mids. No need for him to bring in Williams because we need more attacking central mids.

  47. JSmiley says:

    Kilnsmann on why Shea was not called up:

    “The reason he’s not here is because he’s simply not playing. He’s not getting any minutes … so he has no flow, he has no rhythm, and he understands the situation.”

    Oh wait…

    • John says:

      Could add Danny Williams to that

    • kev says:

      JK must truly be a dullard to not understand how inconsistent his statements are with his actions.

      • TomG says:

        He has surrounded himself with his own cronies. I don’t think anyone has the guts to tell him that he’s not making any sense. He needs an assistant who will stand up to him and provide structure like he had with Jogi Low.

  48. beto says:

    50% of you are ridiculously overworked on the third keeper rotation system (which i think is a great idea) and beasley listed in the defenders when there are two other LB’s ahead of him! and ya the Landon Donovan thing is controversial but i think its a solid group.

    once everyone is together it will look something like:
    —Altidore–Dempsey–Gomez– (Boyd, EJ)
    ———————–Zusi——– (Corona, FJ)
    ———Jones—-Bradley——- (Sasha, Holden, Edu)
    -Johnson-Besler-Gonz-Cameron- (Castillo, Goodson)
    ————–Howard————– (Guzan)

    i wouldn’t mind seeing Castillo getting some time with Johnson moving up the midfield. If Holden, Boyd and Corona can make a positive impact too it might be a very good 5 games.

    • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

      in the Nov 2011 game we put out a lineup similar to this. I’d be interested in seeing it again.


      could play Zusi where herr Johnson is and move him to LB in place of Castillo, but Fabian played that position last time we were in this formation and he was spectacular.

      • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

        also wouldn’t mind seeing

  49. Chris says:

    and IF JK was feeling more adventurous which we all know he won’t…He’d put Klejstan or Corona in for Jermaine Jones….

  50. chuck says:

    danny williams? Really? We can do better than an out of form danny williams.

  51. Dan M says:

    Herc and Deuce are too much alike to share the field at the same time. Get Boyd in there. Also, Zusi and Jozy are due for a break out game. Let’s see if Shea can be dangerous or at least keep possession.

  52. alocksley says:

    With Shea and Holden here, but not Donovan, JK is talking out of both sides of his mouth. It’s a joke. Donovan has exactly what this team lacks right now, and JK is trying to prove some kind of stupid point. Get over yourself and do what’s best for the team.

    • David says:

      Whats best for the team is not letting talent dictate what commitment a player needs to make to the team to get on the roster. Donovan shouldn’t even be considered in the pool until he proves his loyalty again. Club playing time and/or talent compared to other players are considered only after the commitment box is checked. That may not be JK’s reasoning but it looks like it and I support it.

  53. Sir Peppercorn says:

    Great Roster! Can’t wait to see us get 5 straight wins.

    –E. Johnson—-Dempsey–

  54. Chris says:

    i don’t mind the selection… except for danny williams and the RB position.

    Who the heck is playing RB? parkhurst is a bench warmer at his club and cameron isn’t a REAL RB. He can cover the role like Beasley at LB but he’s not a true RB.

    • alocksley says:

      Cameron seems to be JK’s right back of choice.

    • beto says:

      what is Cameron’s natural position? CDM? most (almost all) of his minutes at Stoke have been at RB and he played pretty well there at Azteca. of the three positions that Cameron can play RB might be his best right now.. hopefully we won’t have to see what kind of form Parkhurst and Williams are in right now..

    • David says:

      I’m assuming Chandler and Dolo were injured at the time this roster was made (Chandler is still injured right?). Cameron filled in decently at RB at Mexico and if we are going to start Besler after that one game sample I’m not opposed to letting Cameron fill that spot until his competition is more healthy.

  55. AC says:

    Parkhurst must sure be in a rhythm with all those games he’s been getting in the Bundesliga. Didn’t know he was receiving more playing time than Lichaj, etc….

    • biff says:

      Does anyone know: Is there a history of bad blood between JK and Lichaj that keeps Lichaj from getting a call up? Is Lichaj a Bob Bradley man and Klinsmann doesn’t like it? Doesn’t Lichaj speak German? The Lichaj ommission boggles my mind.

  56. John says:

    The one thing I think people aren’t taking into account is for some players it’s easier for them to come into the camp and get some time. Shea, Holden, Williams will all be in off season so they aren’t pulling them from a club situation. However with that said I don’t see why you don’t bring in a Cherundolo then. Never mind Klinsmann has lost it.

    • TomG says:

      No question. Bradley used to often use camp to allow some guys who have been injured or out of favor with their clubs to get some run. It’s a good idea, especially with an expanded roster. The problem is that JK continually, forcefully, and publicly makes a point of saying that he won’t do it…. then he does it… then he acts like he never said he wouldn’t do it. It’s flaky, causes dissent, and doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in his players. All he has to do is tell the press that he’s considering a bunch of different factors without saying, “I’m not going to do this.” It’s dumb.

  57. QuakerOtis says:

    1. If you complain about the keeper thing… reading is fun. Try it. Start with the article you are commenting on.

    2. Stop talking about Lichaj. Just… stop.

    3. LD hasn’t played much, hasn’t been particularly good when he has, and one good game a night ago doesn’t change that. Note: LD’s single good game came after JK publicly lit a fire under his arse. Coincidence? Perhaps, but having watched LD over the years, I’m leaning “no”.

    In all, some head scratchers (Parkhurst? Davis?), but not a huge surprise, should get the job done.

    • Ed says:

      Great, he’s rotating the keepers. Glad that Klinsmann has addressed the most pressing concern of the USMNT, goalkeeper depth!

      It’s not only the fact he called in 6, but more so of what it means his PRIORITIES are.
      Right back depth? Better wing play/service/creative influence? No, no you guys we need to sort out this #3 GK problem

  58. Turd Bradley says:

    Can someone tell JK he is an idiot. Has he seen Brek Shea play recently? bc i certainly have not? He must be scoring at will in TRAINING!!!!

    Bring back Sampson!!!!

  59. jon says:

    Starting XI:


  60. DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

    Davis, Shea and Williams.


    Here is what I would like to see for the first qualifier:

    Cameron Gonzo Besler Castillo
    Zusi Bradley Jones F. Johnson
    Altidore Dempsey

    Here is what I expect to see when I am in the stands watching them vs. Germany

    Parkhurst Goodson Cameron F. Johnson
    Corona Williams Holden Shea
    Altidore Boyd

  61. Felix says:

    My only major gripes on this list is the lack of true fullbacks and Brek Shea’s inclusion.

    • boosted335 says:

      JK: LD is almost there but Shea has made it! smh

      • David says:

        LD shouldn’t even be considered in the pool. Compare Shea to everyone else available but Donovan needs to prove he is committed again.

  62. the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

    to get away from the who Donovan fiasco… Klinsmann had some interesting comments about the Gold Cup roster.

    “…Kyle Beckerman could be in this camp, but having him in the Gold Cup is a tremendous value. We have players like Josh Gatt, Mix Diskerud, and Alejandro Bedoya… so in that moment we shift them over to that roster. Another player we have a very close eye on is Aron Johannsson… We want to watch the Under-20s play in Turkey for the FIFA U-20 World Cup. We have some players there on the list that we want to introduce to the senior National Team…”

    So Beckerman, Gatt, Diskerud, Bedoya, Johannsson (possibly), J.A. Brooks (possibly) Donovan will get Gold Cup looks. Add that players like to Holden, Williams, Shea, Parkhurst, Corona and Boyd who could all be a part of both teams. That is a foundation of a strong and interesting group for the Gold Cup.

    • Todd Marsch says:

      Yeah, I thought the Gold Cup remarks were interesting too. The roster for the current training camp is stronger than that for the March qualifiers just by virtue of F. Johnson, Castillo, Jones (who was injured for the Mexico game), Dempsey (who was coming off an injury), and Howard being there and fully healthy. I have full confidence that group can get at least 6 points from the 3 qualifiers.

      And then Klinsmann’s left open the possibility of having a mix of veterans and up-and-comers for the Gold Cup, who could potentially form a pretty strong roster and would have good incentive to prove they belong with the A team. I can imagine a ticked off Donovan tearing up the Gold Cup.

  63. Cairo says:

    We can argue til we’re blue in the face about whether Klinsmann’s lineup (no Donovan and several players who haven’t played lately) is the right one. We may yet manage to pull out 6-9 points out of these next three qualifiers. But I think we can agree on the following:
    1. This lineup is likely to take a defensive approach
    2. We are unlikely to see more offensive production than we have thus far in qualifying
    3. Our forwards will continue to starve for service in exchange for a defensive shape
    4. Much hand-wringing will occur in June, because ALL of these games are likely to be decided by a goal at most.

    • David says:

      I’d agree with that. I didn’t want to see LD but I fully realize that means our offense will be stagnant without a strong winger. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 4-4-2 to compensate until Donovan proves himself or another winger truly develops but I doubt that will happen.

  64. David M says:

    So, Parkhurst and Shea who haven’t been playing are in. Brilliant.

  65. Connor says:

    Pathetic. You need to look no further than the inclusion of Danny Williams who cant even sniff the bench of a Bundesliga team on the brink of relegation, has been nothing short of TERRIBLE every game in a USA uniform bar one game, to know Jurgen has no idea what he is doing. Shea can’t touch the bench for Stoke, gets called up. Parkhurst cant make the 18 ever, gets called up. Eric Lichaj been making quality starts for Villa (unfortunate that he got stuck behind the fantastic Lowton this season) and is almost always at least in the 18, left home. Jose Torres, Benny, Mix, all CM’s that deserved call-ups over Danny Williams. Bedoya is tearing the Swedish league apart, left home for the likes of the known not international quality Brad Davis (and Shea). Our best field player of all time, left home because Jurgen wants to set an example. Wake up and smell the coffee people, all those rumors were real. We are going nowhere fast with this bumbling idiot in charge.

  66. Brett says:

    It’s official. Our national team is being run by an egomaniacal hypocrite.

    “You must be getting first team football, regularly, to be considered for national team duty”

    Really? How many names on this list are fighting for scraps at their clubs? Did I miss all these minutes that Brek Shea has been accumulating?

    Calling in six keepers and leaving off your nation’s all time leading scorer, who is working his way back to fitness at a faster rate than a couple names on the list, and a regular player for a top team in Mexico is nothing short of a huge F*** YOU in the face of those players. I don’t know what Jose did to Jurgen, but he seems unlikely to wear the shirt again.

    • paulwp says:

      Torres just hasn’t fit it a single time I’ve seen him out there. Anybody else? Did I miss the game? He’s def better than davis, but when you don’t fit, you don’t fit

      • Fredo says:

        Under Jürgen, Torres has been played out of position (LB, LW). Torres looked great when BB paired him in central midfield with Edu.

    • biff says:

      Yep. And here is a great video of the egomaniacal hypocrite throwing a temper tantrum like a big baby. Yes, that guy is now our coach.

      link to

  67. Joe says:

    Starting XI:


    • Joe says:

      It has to happen eventually, sorry Timmy….


    • paulwp says:

      Johnson doesn’t play RB. On this roster I see Cameron playing RB and Johnson on the left side.

  68. bryan says:

    the GOld Cup roster is going to be exciting:

    “There are definitely some 50-50 cases for players that we moved toward the Gold Cup where we want to have a very strong roster as well, and we are very excited about that tournament. A player like Kyle Beckerman could be in this camp, but having him in the Gold Cup is a tremendous value. We have players like Josh Gatt, Mix Diskerud, and Alejandro Bedoya, guys that are doing really well who could be ready for the upcoming camp, but will also be in a full rhythm for the Gold Cup, so in that moment we shift them over to that roster. Another player we have a very close eye on is Aron Johannsson, who’s playing now with Jozy Altidore at Alkmaar and is coming off an injury.”

    Confirms that we’ll see:

    Beckerman, Gatt, Mix, and Bedoya which is nice to hear. we all assumed it, but now we know. interesting about AJ though, sounds like he’s going to get the call. That’s not good news for Bruin or Jack Mac. I imagine Agudelo will still be at the Gold Cup as well as Boyd. Add in Corona and Castillo as well.

    Still hoping for Morales, Torres, and Lichaj though. And Orozco depending on the CB/RB situation.

  69. Freegle says:

    Some questions…

    Why is not playing for ausberg more valuable than not playing for Aston Villa (or in this case, PLAYING for Asont Villa)? – form and playing time double standards

    What are the circumstances that would ever require the use of 6 goal keepers? – simply strange

    What to D.C., Chicago, and Houston all think about having their GK’s taken away for several weeks in June AND July (assuming those are your Gold Cup selections)? – Building terrible relationships with your professional feeder squads.

    What’s Klinsmann’s disdain for having veteran leadership in the locker room, even if not on the field? You’re telling me that Boca, Dolo, and Landon have less value than Goodsen, Danny Williams, and the 5th/6th GK in terms of what they can bring to a training session/film room/etc? – It makes me think he’s afraid of their potential influence

    Why does Klinsmann make me more upset that Bob Bradley did? – The list is growing.

    • DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

      On the GK’s… He is going to spell them. Howard and Guzan will only be there, but he will only have one other keeper training with them at a time. Only Hamid will miss a match and he will only train in DC.

    • Freegle says:

      just read Klinsmann’s GK explanation. I think now it makes even less sense. Why bring in players that you are not even expecting to be able to commit fully for the entire time? Bring in 2-3 more Euro guys whose season is over and can be there the whole time and either familiarize themselves with the system – Lichaj, J.A. Brooks or guys that are not quite healthy that can use it as rehab – Dolo, Chandler.

      • bryan says:

        he isn’t. they are not being brought in as a number in the 26 man camp. right now, it’s a 25 man camp with the 26th spot up for grabs. that spot will be for a GK. apparently they could not make a decision and decided to bring them in on a rotation so they could evaluate them all.

        “Bring in 2-3 more Euro guys whose season is over and can be there the whole time and either familiarize themselves with the system – Lichaj, J.A. Brooks or guys that are not quite healthy that can use it as rehab – Dolo, Chandler.”

        This was my thought too, then I realized what was going on. Again, these extra keepers are players 26, 27, 28, and 29. they are not 1-25. meaning these keepers are not taking up ANY outfield spot. so by leaving them out, you can’t bring in one of the players you listed. No, instead, roster spot #26 will go to ONE of the remaining 4 GKs.

    • bryan says:

      Lichaj has played a lot more for AV than Parkhurst has for his team. I don’t think one is better than the other, and I don’t think anyone expected to see Lichaj play in WCQs, but he would be a good option for the Gold Cup since he started playing again.

      You should up on the GK thing. I was at a lost for words too, but then I figured out what the deal was.

  70. paulwp says:

    the way I see it there are 21 names with inside track on WC14.
    Howard, Guzan, Rimando,
    F. Johnson, Gonzalez, cameron, besler, goodson, cherundolo, chandler
    Williams, edu, bradley, jones, beasley, donovan, zusi,
    Dempsey, E Johnson, Altidore, Gomez

    Some of these guys because they just have too much talent to be left off (Donovan, Chandler)\
    Some just fit the system to well (edu, gomez)
    Some just have the versatility and experience (Rimando, Beasley)

    Sure, things can change, but that would leave 2 spots open on the roster. I see Castillo, Corona, Holden, shea, and Boyd as the individuals battling for those spots. Weird, they are all in camp. Some of these players JK just really wants a good look at.

  71. Harry says:

    What people need to understand is that Donovan being left off is not a form or chemistry issue. Klinsman is obviously punishing Donovan for leaving the team, as he should. My coach says that if we miss a practice for any reason we don’t play the next game, and that’s high school.Donovan should not be allowed to miss important games and just be installed back in like it was nothing

    • DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

      yes not to mention that he will come in handy at the Gold Cup

    • soccerhorn says:

      Spoken with the naiveté of a high schooler. Donovan’s been on this team for 15 years, and now he’s an old man, in soccer years, and he took a rest. That’s all. Klinsmann’s the one who is turning this into a pissing contest. Shame on him.

      ps: your coach sounds like a doosh.

      • Harry says:

        Even If he needed a break you can’t just leave your team like that especially somebody so important like him, he just let them out to dry during a very crucial time
        P.M. we won states with our coach so I rather have a douche coach who knows what he’s doing than somebody who has no clue of what he’s doing and can’t help me improve

      • Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:


        Also, no way you played team sports. No player is bigger than the team. If you are not available for the grind don’t come around looking for the glory. Donovan is getting what he asked for … A BREAK

  72. Richard says:

    Regardless of all the talk about commitment, desire, team cohesion, etc., etc., etc., one thing should be crystal clear to just about everyone: By excluding Donovan, Klinsmann has deliberately decided play the next three qualifiers with a distinctly weaker team than he might have fielded. That’s OK, perhaps, if the team gets the points we need. But this will be pretty much the same team that scored just one goal in the last two games combined and, consequently, was very lucky to get results in both. A little different bounce here or there and we might easily have gotten no result in either.

    Yes, Donovan presently lacks the sharpness he has when he’s at his best. Except for his (rather spectacular) last 30 minutes of Wednesday’s game, he has been rather tentative and unsure of himself in all his recent games, missing passes and giving the ball up too easily. But it should be clear to anyone who has watched those games that he’s been getting sharper from one game to the next, with increasing flashes of his brilliance along the way. On Wednesday he showed that his vision, incisive passing and even his speed (at least most of it) are all still there. All that’s missing is the greater consistency that a few more weeks of practice and game time will almost certainly bring.

    I was delighted when Klinsmann was hired to coach the team. But I think he’s now being a jerk, talking about all the wrong things and running a needless risk by leaving Donovan out of the next three games of WC qualifying. What’s past is past. Donovan has apparently taken the time he needed to screw his head on right; I hope Klinsmann will now does the same. The only thing that matters is what someone can be expected to contribute, if given the chance, when we take the field against Jamaica, Panama and Honduras. Donovan is the all-time MNT leader in assists. By the time he retires, he will likely be the all-time leader in MLS as well. Thus, in creating goals that others will score, no one else in the player pool comes remotely close to Donovan. It is a talent conspicuous by its absence since Donovan last played for the US. For me. I would start Altidore and Dempsey up front, since they both know how to score if they get good service, and I would put Beasley and Donovan on the wings, since they are both very good at supplying the service required and have good-to-excellent speed to boot. As matters now stand, however, that can’t happen.

  73. Ben says:

    Wow, does anybody on here read the article they’re commenting on? The 6 goalkeeper situation is explained. Clearly.

  74. Jeter says:

    This is the ultimate starting lineup:

    Goalie: Mike Magee
    Defense: Brad Guzan, Bill Hamid, Tally Hall
    Midfield: Sean Johnson, Nick Rimando, Tim Howard
    Forward: Clint Dempsey

  75. JJ says:

    YES NO LICHAJ!!! (not sarcasm he sucks)

  76. hush says:

    6 goalkeepers, Shea a bench warmer, and still Adu can’t bite his way into the…. if Klins can give chances to Edu and Shea, he clearly can give little man a chance to help us create a scoring chance late in the game. I rather have a bench warmer Adu who has contributed successfully wearing the stripes, then most guys that get called in our NT. We need scoring threads or players who can create…. But once again we bring nothing but players who’s specialty is the 46defense. 6 goalkeepers? Oooh god -Big Sean voice

  77. Bear says:

    This is Klinsman saying so what if you want to play now, Landon! Does not matter to me. You did not make me first choice before.

    Donovan is clearly sharp again as proven by his last game. Klinsman is not helping the US team
    by playing these ego games!

  78. ThaDeuce says:

    Lots of posts, too many to check if this has been posted, so I’ll make sure it has: Donovan > EJ



    U.S. fans.

    Or: Thanks,

    The Rest of Concacaf