Cosmos unveil new Nike-designed uniforms


The New York Cosmos will have a new look when they take the field in the NASL this summer, sporting these snazzy new uniforms designed by Nike, which struck a deal with the Cosmos to be their official kit supplier.

What do you think of the uniforms?

Share your thoughts below.

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90 Responses to Cosmos unveil new Nike-designed uniforms

  1. Creige says:

    Love the Cosmos logo and the colors are just like back in the day but Nike designs are so boring.

  2. David JS says:

    nice look, stylish yet simple but you can’t really tell until you see the real thing.

  3. Old School says:

    I look forward to the day when MLS isn’t a single entity and clubs can have their own kit designers.

    Variety is a great thing for marketing/team branding. I just wish MLS/Adidas understood that.

    • Reboot says:

      Well… this is America.

      You can just have a look at all the other leagues in the US/Canada and see that this won’t be changing anytime soon.

      MLS was built more like NFL than Barclay’s English Premier League.

      I think you have a point, but I really don’t see it changing anytime in the near future.

      • Old School says:

        Yea, you’re not wrong. I just wish it were otherwise.

        • Reboot says:

          And I hear you on that. It is good money to the teams in which sponsors are fighting to license their kits.

          Maybe that is an underlying reason that MLS and Adidas have their partnership, for fear that teams that already have shown struggle in securing a kit sponsor would also have trouble getting a licensed kit from a Nike or Adidas?

    • Mike in Missouri says:

      Last I checked, Cosmos aren’t in MLS

    • Josh D says:

      ADIDAS has a special place in MLS hearts because they were there, and have been, when no one else was. One day we’ll see others, but for now we owe them.

      • CCJC says:

        Spot on Josh….. could not say it better.

        • john says:

          Seriously? “When no one else was”? You might want to check your MLS history. Nike basically underwrote the entire league for the first 5 years. It was packaged with the National team sponsorship and pretty much is the reason the league was launched. Adidas and Puma sponsored a couple of teams initially and then adidas bought out the rest after they knew it was no longer a risk.

          • Cosmosfan says:

            They must not have been around in the Nike Project 40 days.

          • Edwin in LA says:

            I’m not sure how accurate that is….eventually MLS because a HUGE risk..after the 02 season when 2 teams had contracted…. that’s when Adidas made it’s move and became the supplier to every single team around the league as it was the “League Supplier” We did have the Revs with Reebok, DC with Adidas, I think Colorado had Puma not sure…. but Adidas put their money behind MLS when it looked like it was still a shaky league with little security. Then after Beckham arrived and SSS looked like they were going to pop up everywhere, they re-signed a new 10 year deal that helped with starting up the reserve league again

    • MMV says:

      It’s kind of the American way!

      MLB – Majestic
      NFL – Nike
      NHL – Reebok
      NBA – Adidas

      It used to hate it that MLS was exclusively Adidas.They may use a variety of templates but at least each team has some unique characteristics so everyone isn’t identical.

  4. hartley says:


  5. Adam says:

    I’m curious whether these images are indicative that the final jerseys won’t have names on the back. Talk about old-school, if true.

  6. HoboMike says:

    I just got tingly.

  7. fischy says:

    They look snazzy. Too bad that they’ll be in the NASL, playing in front of Chivas USA-sized crowds.

  8. James says:


  9. jonk says:

    So in the past few months Nike has released the US Centennial, the new England, the Manchester City we saw yesterday and now the Cosmos (and I’m sure others, too). All 4 are one solid color with maybe a different ring collar and yet every discussion has people clamoring for the day when Nike is (re)involved with MLS. What am I missing?

    • Old School says:

      So, you acknowledge a company like Nike going with a similar theme/style for an individual season for multiple entities/teams and yet you remain confused?

      Nike’s kits, across the board, have a “look” this year. Adidas kits, across the board, have a “look” this year. Are these “looks” the exact same for both companies. Answer: No.

      Now, imagine if several clubs had their own design company (i.e. Umbro, Nike, Adidas, Under Armor) and imagine the “different” looks each club would have.

      Following yet? Homogenizing kits are incredibly boring. You may not agree but hopefully you see the logic now.

    • Josh D says:

      Let’s be honest: there are only so many ways to make a shirt. And the gimmicky ones never last. It’s the care taken in the details that make a difference.

      • JAY NT says:


        nobody wants gimmicks

        look around the world over the years and you’ll see well designed kits that fit the time and the team

        i gotta respect adidas for the years of investment, and they do OK

        but i’d personally love to see PUMA work with certain MLS teams

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Heck, Nike was sufficiently tone deaf they made an England jersey, to initiate their new direct relationship in the post-Umbro era, that looks suspiciously West German.

  10. Rector & Carlisle says:

    Nike does have a conflict as they make the Brazil NT uniforms as well.

    I wish they would include more yellow or blue (as they did in the 70’s), but then you are getting closer to that CBF kit.

    I would imagine it would be difficult for Nike to renegotiate the CBF contract if they are also manufacturing a Cosmos jersey so similar.

    • Reboot says:

      I seriously doubt the CBF has any worry about their kits looking similar to a 3rd division US side.

      • Rector & Carlisle says:


        But in my experience, the wealthiest people are the cheapest, and the most successful businesses get that way by NEVER leaving anything on the table.

        Oh, and that 3rd Division team is not named “Rhinos” or “Railhawks” but Cosmos.

        The whole charm –the reason why so much ink has been spilled and so many people have been jockying for rights for so long– is the brand recognition.

  11. Mr. Natural says:

    Are we talking about a NASL team? Don’t they just have 5 teams that currently play in that league?Who cares.

    • Ceez says:

      Ignorant comment.

    • Reboot says:

      Ives is based in the NYC metro area.

      This is his blog.

      He cares.

      So he posts about it.

      • Brian says:

        Ives in the NYRB of bloggers. You can call him a NYC metro blogger but he is still in New Jersey.

    • AC says:

      12 teams, double digit fans in many stadiums, long-term goals for the league with some getting better stadiums then MLS teams, great pipeline of talent and loans for MLS players…..Know your facts.

      • Franz says:

        Actually AC there are only 7 teams that currently play in the NASL. The other teams are joining league play in the future. Wow double digit fans, so no more than a hundred people (three digits) per game, that’s not to good in my opinion.

      • Josh D says:

        You do know that “double digit” means two. Meaning they get anywhere between 10 and 99 fans. Which isn’t anything to brag about.

      • Ceez says:

        I’m POSITIVELY SURE he meant double digit *in thousands*…as in *10* thousand, *11* thousand, etc. Come on people. Let’s proactively raise the IQ on this site. Smh.

        • Amelia says:

          Do tell what NASL teams came close to averaging 10-11 thousands fans per game? According the the NASL website the average attendance for 2102 was a little over 3,800. The highest attendance was by San Antonio which averaged less than 9,200 per game.

          • AC says:

            lol….I probably should check my typing while multitasking….No, the NASL isn’t the lower tier leagues of other countries….BUT it does average good attendance in a few markets….9,000 plus is better than some MLS teams….Not bad for a 2nd level league…MLS was build in a day….But I like the ambition of some of the NASL owners….Why not advertise what is happening?!….Isn’t this a soccer website? Aren’t we soccer fans who should support it on all levels to see it grow?

            • AC says:

              And there I go again…MLS WASN’T built in a day….lol

            • T-lover says:

              9,200 may be better attendance the Chivas, but AC it doesn’t come close to other MLS clubs. The NASL is a horrible league, with owners who couldn’t afford MLS.

          • The Imperative Voice says:

            Don’t get me wrong, San Antonio could probably field a MLS team tomorrow. But what do people think the real market is going to be for the future 3rd best team in the city that just had its path to MLS blocked for a decade or more? Even if City didn’t secure a non-compete, it’ll be years for NYC3. Which means a minor league team relying on minor league fans in a city where two first division sides plus friendlies and qualis and Gold Cup will suck all the air out of the ticket sales.

      • Edwin in LA says:

        There is ONE team in NASL that has a stadium better than ANY stadium in MLS….because even with it’s cavernous and disproportionate size, Gillette Stadium is still MILES better than San Antonio’s Toyota Field…they both have turf so need to rip on Gillette or CenturyLink for that.

        San Jose is the ONLY team that plays in a stadium worst than everyone in NASL….even DC which plays in crappy worn down RFK has it better than all 7 teams in NASL….and if an when more teams come in with say 12, 15 or even 20K stadiums….it will only be the fact that they were built specifically TO accommodate Soccer that might make them better than RFK. DC has no fans behind it’s goals, otherwise they might average another 4-6K IMO….
        So yeah no NASL hardly has any teams with better stadiums than MLS

  12. Shane says:

    As boring as the Man City jersey, except no smoke. They’re probably great if you’re a long time fan or something because then they are classically simple. That’s why I like the centennial USA jersey, but this is just boring to me

  13. Shane says:

    As boring as the Man City jersey, except no smoke. They’re probably great if you’re a long time fan or something because then they are cla$sically simple. That’s why I like the centennial USA jersey, but this is just boring to me

  14. Sean says:

    They look good. Nice and clean look.

  15. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Someone got paid to “design” this?

  16. Dinho says:

    I don’t get it.

    Where are the Cosmos going to play? Not in MLS, surely with NYCFC in the fold.

    Why so much hype over this NASL team?

    • jspech says:

      cause some of us, like this NASL team.

      • Dinho says:

        I get that local fans will be interested, but you don’t see articles on this site devoted to other NASL teams. I understand the history/tradition behind the club, but it’s still strange that there is so much attention. I’m just being lame, I guess.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          SBI actually does devote some weekly attention to minor league activity. And the Cosmos is a NY team [although as I suggest above, its local relevance after City will probably be something like college soccer….LA Blues to Chivas and Galaxy.].

          That being said, I’ll be interested what the business and marketing prospects are of a name that has no real chance of living up to the history. The Cosmos were the Galaxy of their day, bought expensive players of world reknown, competed for NASL titles. Does the name alone have any lasting mystique if instead of Kaka or Ronaldinho (at least) they’re trotting out Hunter Freeman and Peri Marosevic, and the path to their history of stars is blocked?

  17. slowleftarm says:

    Why do they need uniforms? This marketing gimmick is actually planning to play some games instead of just reminding everyone Pele played for them a few times forty years ago?

    • jspech says:

      don’t understand why so much worry ” about this nothing” team. In 3yrs all of us experts will know.

      This from the Queens.
      re: NYCFC Stadium

      The Yankees and Manchester City, co-owners of the new New York soccer team, may already be backing away from their attempts to build a new stadium in Corona Park, according to the Times Ledger. The paper found documents that suggest that the teams are seeking to avoid turmoil and community opposition at the site, although a spokeswoman said Corona Park was still on the table. Other sites examined by Major League Soccer for a stadium include locations in the Aqueduct Racino in South Ozone Park, the Jamaica Long Island Rail Road station, Hallets Cove in Astoria, and Forest Hills, as well as three spots in Flushing Meadows.

      Don’t believe that MLS doesn’t envision 3 NYC teams. but the Cosmos & NASL will be fine. lower that Belmont stadium capacity to 15000-20000, they will draw from Queens & LI & be fine, the NASL isn’t about just the Cosmos, other are investing. NASL will be fine

      • jspech says:

        also The Cosmos will have a TV deal. All u MLS trolls need to be more concern w/ the # of your teams that are doing horrible at the gate

      • slowleftarm says:

        What is that? Some unsourced quote on a message board? Cosmos aren’t coming to MLS. They’re a marketing ploy for those with a little too much nostalgia. And nostalgia for what? A team that played fake soccer with washed up players in a league that went broke? No thanks.

        And if you think the Cosmos are joining MLS in 3 years well then I’ve also got this signed Pele shirt to sell you … by the way, did you know he used to play with the Cosmos?

        • Brain Guy says:

          I agree (see below) that the Cosmos are a part of the past, and not the future, of big-time soccer, but I think you’re being a little harsh. The Cosmos of the 1970s were a terrific team. They did not field “washed-up” players, but rather an impressive collection of stars who were still quite, quite capable. In 1979 they gave the defending World Cup champions all they could handle as Argentina won 1-0 on a last-minute goal.

        • jspech says:

          nah, quoted from a paper founded in 1919. Source it for yourself poster boy

    • Cosmosfan says:

      Yes. The open league play on August 3rd.

  18. nick says:

    didnt umbro have the license to the Cosmos?

    I could be mistake, but they always seem to come out with nice Cosmos swag a couple times a year i know i have 22 nice umbro t’s featuring the cosmos logo…

    • Daniel says:

      Nike bought Umbro and apparently dissolved it.

      • anikan says:

        Nike did not dissolve Umbro they sold them.

        link to

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          You might as well have dissolved Umbro as a team outfitter when what you do is position Nike as a team outfitter while selling Umbro to a company with the proviso it will now sell Umbro-logo apparel at Walmart or the like.

          • brian says:

            I don’t understand this line of thought at all. Nike bought umbro at a time when they were at the bottom of barrel. It was Nike that injected all kinds of money to bring about the tailored by umbro line and pay the clubs to be kit suppliers.

      • Reboot says:

        Bummer. I like the Ireland NT’s kits from a year ago, the lettering for the kit numbers was sick, and the striped socks were amazing as well.

        Oh well!

  19. Chris says:

    i like simple and classic jerseys but this is just boring. looks like they put no effort into the design. my high school soccer team had better looking uniforms

    • Cosmosfan says:

      Well that is what they were going for, plus this is a drawing..i am sure the actual kit will have a less “bland” feel.

  20. Rey Pygsterio says:

    The Cosmos are the most important club in U.S. soccer history.

    Know your history, haters.

    • Brain Guy says:

      I loved the Cosmos, but the key word there is “history.” Anybody who’s less than about 40 years old never saw them play. Sadly (perhaps), there’s nothing magical about the brand. They rose and fell in a spectacular ten-year flash fueled by gazillions in corporate money. The world is different now.

    • Dillon says:

      Bethlehem Steel or Fall River Marksmen are the most important clubs in US soccer history.

      Know your history, haters.

    • Franz says:

      “Were” the most celebrated club. Like Brian Guy said, thats “History”.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Explain to me why they’re so important. The NASL went bust and there was no professional soccer league in this coutnry from 1984-1995. The league failed and US Soccer was still nowhere. The 1994 World Cup and the birth of MLS are the most important developments in recent years and MLS clubs are far more important in building the game in this country into what it is today than the Cosmos ever were.

  21. Fire BB says:

    Because of the recent expansion announcement, does that kill the hopes and dreams of the Cosmos becoming an MLS team?

    • Dinho says:

      Ding ding ding.

    • Jay says:

      Yes and no. Yes for now but no its still in play. Look London has teams on every corner lol but they have passion for the sport. As the passion grows here the more teams people will want and we have a lot of big cities that by population could have two teams or more. Chicago, Boston, D.C, Toronto just to name a few.

  22. bml says:


  23. t says:

    These are generic nike kits. it’s too bad. The umbro uniforms they wore versus Manchester United in 2011 were so much nicer, with an attention to detail, custom designed (those socks !) and graphic but still understated.

    as a designer it kills me.. they had something good why fix it (i know it’s nike’s money but …).

  24. Cosmosfan says:

    Classic and simple, true to the Cosmos of old and true to NYC (not some copy past of a foreign club)

  25. Beto says:

    Cool, i hope they bring the nasl some serious attention!

  26. el paso tx-we love soccer says:

    I repeat, how long will MLS and Red Bull start negotiating the Cosmos connection. Its so simple and easy, Red Bull becomes the sponsor of the team as in the jersey and stadium and even owner, as the Cosmos owners also become part owners or just full owners of Cosmos. We all want this and Garber always takes years to make his decisions and by the way, can some just make some Cosmos jerseys with the red bull image on the front as a sponsor to start pressure on Red Bull and Garber and Cosmos, just like the NYCFC jerseys that were done.

    • slowleftarm says:

      As usual – absolute nonsense

      • byob el paso tx says:

        old fart : ) why nonsense. poor baby, get drunk and get lain then welcome to reality.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Red Bull’s goal with teams like its two F1 race squads is to fund highly competitive moving billboards for its drinks empire. It makes no sense they’d dilute the prospect of sitting in Red Bull Seat 1A drinking Red Bull in Red Bull Arena watching Red Bull New York play in Red Bull-sponsored jerseys by letting in Cosmos’ competing branding edgewise.

    • chris says:

      el paso is a sh!thole

  27. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I think they missed an opportunity with the socks as both sets are white. And I’m glad they didn’t go with the 70’s collar although that weird petulant child inside me was kinda hoping for it.

  28. Ali Dia says:

    I will reserve judgement on the Cosmos kits until I have a chance to see them in person. I think they are playing against my high school next week.

  29. Brett says:


  30. master red card says:

    Eh. I’ll wait until I can see the actual kit made with fabric.

  31. Cosmosfan says:

    Well the two cosmos related Ives posts today have over 200 responses… i wager quite a few people give a shit