Evans added to USMNT roster for upcoming camp

Brad Evans

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The U.S. Men’s National Team will be one player deeper when they assemble for camp next week, as head coach Jurgen Klinsmann added Brad Evans to the roster on Tuesday.

Klinsmann called in Evans for the U.S.’s upcoming training camp ahead of their busy five-game stretch from late May to mid-June, raising the total amount of players on the roster to 30. The Seattle Sounders midfielder has been called in previously by Klinsmann and used as cover for right back, where Evans played in the second half of January’s scoreless draw with Canada.

The U.S. convene for camp early next week and get their busy summer underway with a friendly against Belgium on May 29.

What do you think of Evans being called in? Would you have preferred to see someone else get selected? Wondering what led to him being summoned now?

Share your thoughts below.

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91 Responses to Evans added to USMNT roster for upcoming camp

  1. David says:


  2. bryan says:


    • bryan says:

      given he is likely to play a part in the Gold Cup, i think this is a complete waste. why not someone like Morales or Torres? Even Lichaj or Orozco Fiscal. Someone who could be of use in the Gold Cup.

      • Beto says:

        +1 i can think of 20 other players that would be more useful than Evans

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        I don’t like the call because he has limited quality and upside. I don’t see how he helps the US team near or long term. He’s just mediocre filler.

        That being said, presumably JK felt the need to call him up late for some reason, which provokes the question of who is ill, hurt, etc. to cause this. Like, Davis was called in last set seemingly because Shea was struggling with his foot and PT.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        Added thought, we really should not be bringing in players like Evans, Wondo, and Kljestan for Gold Cup callins. You already know what you are getting and that it doesn’t get the job done. Try someone else.

  3. Good Riddance says:

    Hey, Klinsi. Pick up the phone. It’s Everton on the other line. Sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity!

    • Socom 2 says:

      100% agree

      and take beckerman and brad evans with you

    • biff says:

      I don’t buy that Klinsmann is trying to drop nine WCQ points in June and leave the USMNT team in tatters before taking the job at Everton. Why would he want to do that? Does not make sense. If he blows two of the next three WCQ games, then Everton would not touch him with a 10-foot pole and Gulatti would probably fire him and he would blow any chance in the future of getting another coaching job, except maybe some team of 8- to 10-year-olds. He does things his way, sees things that most of us aren’t capable of seeing. He’s done a lot of cool stuff in just 22 months.

  4. Drew says:

    I give up with Klinsmann…We better get solid amount of points from all the games this summer or he needs to be canned

  5. Tobin says:

    Why? Right Back cover. And midfield cover for the friendlies with all the late arrivals.

    • Shane says:

      Then bring in Lichaj who is not in the middle of his club season

    • Eurosnob says:

      Last time Evans was called up, he was awful in a friendly against Canada’s B team. If they need right back cover, why not invite Cherundolo, who is a much better right back and was match-fit enough to start in Bundesliga last week? Alternatively, if Klinsi needs someone with more versatility, why not Morales, who is already a much better player than Evans?

      • Yevgeniy says:

        I guess ypur attitude is explained by your name. Evans was terrible vs. Canada in the 1st half because he was asked to play a #10, which he certainly is not. Second half he was actally pretty good at right back.

        • Eurosnob says:

          He did better in the second half at the RB position against Canada’s B-stringers, but saying that he was pretty good is a stretch. He provided nothing going forward. Compare this to how Cherundolo and Fab Johnson play, when they combine with midfield, provide width, put crosses in, etc. This is critical if the team tries to play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1.

        • Al says:

          Let me correct both of you. Evans SUCKS. And is not International caliber. There…that help?

          • CCJC says:

            Al…….NAILED IT!!!

          • Eurosnob says:

            AI, I am not sure why you are trying to correct me. Didn’t I say that Evans was awful against Canada’s B team? Evans is an MLS level player, but does not have international quality. He shouldn’t have been called up when much better options are available (Donnovan for midfield, Cherundolo/Lichaj for RB, or Morales for both positions).

  6. Ryan nanez says:

    Throws hands in the air. WHYYYYY???

    • Socom 2 says:

      That sounds like “michael parhurst” when he gets too scared to take on a player while in possession and can’t find a passing lane

  7. b-rad says:


    Haters rejoice.

    Maybe y’all should watch him play once in a while.

  8. jack says:

    looks like we need an extra RB – should have been Eric Lichaj. If we needed extra winger, should have been Donovan. If we needed extra DM, should have been Dax McCarty. If we needed extra AM, should have been Bedoya.

    • Steevens says:

      If we need a versatile player who can cover all the positions you listed competently – can’t be Lichaj, can’t be Donovan, can’t be McCarty, can’t be Bedoya…

      Evans is a solid choice to have a versatile bench in case of emergency.

      • Eurosnob says:

        If you need versatility, Morales is a better choice than Evans. Evans was awful in a friendly against Canada’s B team.

      • Lost in Space says:

        Versatile players are worth their weight in gold.
        However, IMO, Evans just doesn’t bring anything to the table. He’s not a good winger (too slow), he doesn’t defend all that well (RB), and he’s not creative. The team would have been better served to have brought in one of the following:
        Attackers: Bedoya (RW/LW/CAM), Mixx (LW/CAM), Johannson (LW/RW), Gatt (RW/LW)
        Defenders: Lichaj (LB/RB), Orozco (RB/CB), Morales (CDM/RB)

      • Shane says:

        steevens Spector is the better versatile player

      • Versatility says:

        Donovan has played left wing, right wing, and striker for the Galaxy in his return, and he can also play (and has effectively) in more of a central role inside

    • Socom 2 says:

      extra DM should be Alfredo Morales

      Extra winger – Andrew Wooten

  9. Travis says:

    Evans is a good depth guy for the USMNT, he plays all across midfield and is serviceable at RB. Clearly he isn’t a starter but it isn’t that big of a deal.

    • b-rad says:

      Right on. Would be shocked to see him start, but as long as he’s not playing the central attacking mid role, he’s great depth for the team. Has really come into his own the past 18 months. Major improvements.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      This is the Nats, we can do better than serviceable. This is like the all-star team. Should Evans make an all-star squad? There are better players available at every individual position and he lacks the overall quality to be of any meaningful use as a utility guy. Geoff Cameron, now there’s some one who can actually play a few spots well.

  10. Riggity says:

    What do you think of Evans being called in? Would you have preferred to see someone else get selected? Wondering what led to him being summoned now?

    1. ..Not a whole lot. 2.&3. Ummm yeah.

  11. mikeandike says:

    what chain of events has to transpire for Lichaj to get a look with the team?

    how many MLS, Scandinavian, benched Germans, NASL right and left backs have to be injured before he gets a call up and what does Klinsmann have against him?

    • Doug B says:

      I dont see Lichaj making another US roster until Klinnsy is gone or the WC is over for some reason JK refuses to call any new faces in. And dont give me all this Parkhurst has experience bullshit. Eric started every game of the last gold cup and did damn well.

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      He is of Polish descent. The JK truth stings…

  12. MikeG says:

    Klinnsman, for whatever reason, will not play with a playmaker type of player. Those kinds of players we have are Feilhaber, Adu, Corona, and Diskerud. Klinnsman maybe thinks we do not have one of the same caliber as Pirlo or Ballack. This is true for the moment. They are young and not that experienced Klinnsman has said in the past. Hmmm…Gonzalez is different? We do not have a world class playmaker in the middle, but we have enough playmaker’s to put 2 or 3 on the field at the same time and play without wingers. It’s different from most teams, but we can set a good example in Concacaf with 3 playmakers in midfield. Klinnsman is either naive or stubborn to integrate these players into the team. Klinnsman is too focused on playing to get the ball wide and cross into the box. Our forwards need passes. Soccer 101. We need players that can beat one person on the dribble and find the forwards with passes no matter what kind of pass that is. We have the players to do this, but Klinnsman is tactically bipolar when it comes to soccer.

    • MikeG says:

      Haters rejoice. Adu update. Being played in the right position and dribbling/passing.link to yanks-abroad.com

      • bizzy says:

        Hahaha….exactly what I needed to see to jump start my day. Adu playing his natural position and impressing in Brazil, Lee Nguyen and Agudelo in New England looking very sharp……Now if only Ben Olsen will sign Mike Grella and Simek to DC United my week will be set…hahahaha

  13. fischy says:

    Parkhurst, Evans? Any other players we can add from that Gold Cup disaster vs. Mexico? Perkins, perhaps?

  14. 2tone says:

    Evans is a marginally decent player. I am a Sounders fan, and I have to say that Evans would not be in my top 30 players for the USMNT.

  15. Ferj says:

    I watch B-rad play all the time. No one is a better player off the ball. The only problem is when he actually has to touch the ball.

  16. Socom 2 says:

    1 of 5 players that should never be on the national team

    Brad Evans
    Brad Davis
    Kyle Beckerman
    Maurice Edu
    Clarence Goodson

    • DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

      You got the last two wrong, but I will give you the first 3. Goodson was awesome in the recent qulaifier, and Edu scored a World Cup goal for crying out loud. Well, except that it was called back because a Slovenian fouled Bradley, and the ref hated the US with the passion of the white hot sun..

      At any rate Edu gives you midfield depth, so if he wanted RB cover, why couldn’t he get someone with a lot of experience, like sayyyyy STEVE CHERUNDOLO????

    • Lost in Space says:

      While I happen to agree with your 1st three players….I don’t necessarily agree on the last 2. While I’m not a fan of Goodson he can provide some cover for a position we are very thin at. We really only have 3 CB’s in camp (Gonzalez, Besler, & Goodson). Cameron has been used at CB with the nats…but this time he’s more likely to be played at RB since Dolo & Chandler aren’t available.
      Edu, while not great, at least provides depth as a potential replacment/backup for Jones & Bradley. At least until Holden is fully fit, or Mixx/Corona/Adu can step up and play the # 8 type of role, or until D. Williams/Morales take the #6 CDM role over.

    • Mike R says:

      I would leave trade out Edu for Dan Williams but otherwise
      + 10000000000

    • chris thebassplayer says:


  17. Nate Dollars says:

    oh good

  18. Mike R says:

    Evans is crap with the nats

  19. Based on these comments 99% of you have never seen Brad Evans play

  20. Marco says:

    Yet another shrewd move by JK that will -again- leave the haters with nothing but praise in a few weeks time

  21. Brian says:

    I think JK picked a name out of a hat for this one.

  22. Edwin in LA says:

    How is Evans on the USMNT but not Donovan, Feilhaber, Torres or even Gatt & Gyau? Hell Diskerud? Dolo and even Morales?

  23. john says:

    I laugh at all the teeth gnashing and hair rending regarding JK’s managerial acumen. Have any of you experts noticed his record at Azteca since taking over the USMNT? Hmm?

  24. Big Red says:

    I am a Sounders fan and Evans was terrible last week and has been hurt most of this season. He blew two breakaways last Saturday. There is a guy on the Sounder’s bench named Alex Caskey who is better than he is. Evans isn’t even playing center mid anymore because Carrasco is playing so well and isn’t playing right back because Yedlin is there. I am selfishly happy because this means he won’t be playing for the Sounders while in USMNT camp. Yes!

    This kind of reeks of a favor for Sigi Schmid so Seattle can trade Evans for good value later this year.

    • biff says:

      Is that that honest to gosh truth, Big Red?

    • gomes says:

      You don’t sound like much of a Sounders fan. Plus, it was 3 missed chances, but mass polite golf claps to the guy for the skillful runs that allowed him to miss so closely! Caskey for the USMNT? Please.

    • jlm says:

      cheers to caskey. that dude is awesome. nice work rate, clever on the ball, nothing spectacular, but a good player that is really fun to watch. he is the type of player that separates sounders from other teams who have high caliber dp-type players, but no supporting cast.

    • The Greg says:

      …so a crappy game is one in which he had two beautiful assists? I’ll take crappy games like that any day of the week.

  25. Brett says:

    The head-scratchers just keep on coming. Integrate some talent and stop using these lesser players just because they’re sycophantic and don’t question your redundant methods.

    • biff says:

      Even if Klinsi is calling in some of his buddies who have been warming benches or not even playing at all, he no doubt sees valid reasons to do this and it is obviously part of the master plan. Let’s not forget, Klinsmann is looking at the long-term big picture. And that means preparing for WC 2018 in Russia. I suspect that might be part of the reason he is using up roster spots now to bring in several players who have not played in months, because he sees them as players of the future. And an added benefit is that those guys brought to camp who haven’t been playing for the clubs will be so thankful and grateful and happy for the invite that this will create a pleasant atmosphere in camp. And that is important.

      • Son of SBI Troll says:

        Brad Evans’ age during World Cup 2018: 33

        Joe Corona’s age during World Cup 2018: 28

        Mixx Diskeruud’s age during World Cup 2018: 28

        Freddy Adu’s age (gulp) during World Cup 2018: 28/29

        Joe Gyau’s age during World Cup 2018: 26

        Idk.. who else? Lichaj will be 29 in WC 2018.

        Yep. Story checks out.

  26. Brain Guy says:

    Whew! Qualification is now in sight! At least it wasn’t any of those inferior guys like Diskerud or even Donovan.

  27. PD says:

    practice squad?

  28. Cairo says:

    Count me with those who think Evans is a useful backup. He does so many things well with the Sounders–not flashy at all, but a solid player who will give you all he’s got at numerous positions. Want to know why Seattle has been a good team since they entered the league–Evans is one of the reasons. In a perfect scenario, he doesn’t see any time in the WCQ’s, but life is imperfect, and if we have some injuries or red cards, he can hold down the fort for a bit.

    I laugh because many of you are calling for players who you probably have seen very little of (Morales) instead of Evans. Get over it. Evans is emergency help, and for that he’s quite good.

  29. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Ok… I will try this again since it did not make it past moderation the first time… Criticize me all you want but JK does not like players of Polish decent… he was super hard on Podolski and Klose while at Bayern….. Lichaj is never going to get a call up from JK unless he is so far ahead of any other player that he risks losing his job not calling him in… instead he takes a supremely average Brad Evans.

  30. murph says:

    I would love to see everyone that has commented here juggle a ball 30x in a row….

    How many have played with him? How many have played at his level? How many have coached the sport in the past 10 years?

    Go analyze passing percentages or something like that.

    I digress.