TFC waive forwards Morgan and Bennett

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If Toronto FC President and GM Kevin Payne’s comments on Monday were an indication of anything, it’s that changes were coming, and fast.

TFC announced on Tuesday that they had waived two players, Ashton Bennett and Taylor Morgan. Both forwards, Bennett was the team’s first round selection in the 2013 MLS Supplemental Draft, while Morgan was picked in the fourth round. The two each made one appearance for TFC this season.

The roster moves open up space for new loan signings Jeremy Brockie and Steven Caldwell to officially join the team.

“It was tough to release Bennett and Morgan. We needed roster space to add experience,” TFC manager Ryan Nelsen said to TorontoFC on Tuesday after training.

What do you make of this news? Do you agree with the decision? Do you see Brockie and Caldwell contributing immediately?

Share your thoughts below.

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9 Responses to TFC waive forwards Morgan and Bennett

  1. TomG says:

    Why waive two forwards when your big problem has been giving up late goals? I don’t get it? Is there another move here?

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Caldwell and Brockie are backs. I don’t think it was so much that they waived forwards as that they got rid of un-used players to clear space for the new arrivals, who in theory address the need area.

      For example, I’ve been suggesting the Dynamo trade midfield depth to create room to buy a forward. Now, some might suggest the Dynamo should cut pointless forwards to create the room for other forwards, but the Dynamo have CBA problems with many of the forwards they have that are hurt or not performing. In other words, they can’t be cut under the CBA.

      The sense I get is TFC is not sold on Boss but not ready to cut him yet. At which point you can’t cut like for like, you have to make room where you can.

      • TomG says:

        Just seems quick to give up on your 1st round pick already, unless there’s a specific plan in place to quickly address team needs that requires his release.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          1st round of the “Supplemental.” I.e., the rounds after the ordinary draft. 3rd round in normal terms (2 in the Superdraft). I’d be interested how many supplementals even made their rosters, Arena made Houston’s but not many do.

      • Daniel Karell says:

        Full disclosure, Jeremy Brockie is a forward. Caldwell is a central defender.

  2. ed - houston says:

    TFC is shooting for the playoffs at all costs.

  3. The Imperative Voice says:

    Jeremy Brockie interests me because he’s an A-leaguer from Wellington Phoenix. Sort of player I wish we’d pursue from their league. In his 20s with a decent NZ cap history. There’s a growing Aussie/Kiwi contingent in MLS with Cahill and Gleeson, et al. We may be farther along the curve than the A-league but there are surely some leading players there like Smeltz and Flores that could help here.

  4. el paso tx-we love soccer says: