Must-See Goal: Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry

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18 Responses to Must-See Goal: Thierry Henry

  1. Gary Page says:

    He can still bring it. Not bad for an old guy.

  2. MemRook says:

    That commentator guy said that’s the greatest goal he’s ever seen in 5 years. Now I know why’s he so bad at commentating MLS games; he clearly doesn’t watch soccer regularly.

    Good goal though no doubt. I’ve definitely had better.

  3. Robstyles21 says:

    Like Shep said, “he makes it look easy”. Absolutely beautiful!

    With he and Cahill finding their form things are looking bright for NY.

    Forza Red Bull!

  4. jspech says:

    in f’ing credible

  5. deep space nine says:

    when does his contract end?

  6. fischy says:

    You think that was good? Wait until DC United scores a goal. It’ll blow you away.

  7. Dan in New York says:

    One of the best goals I’ve seen in MLS. Hands down. TH14 is the King.

  8. Marco says:

    Montero beating LA from 35 last year.. +upper V

  9. Conrad says:

    You took down my comment? Because…?
    Ives, we’re done.

  10. The Imperative Voice says:

    Little bit of a training wheels bike in terms of technique but has the virtue that I think he meant to do exactly what he did, which was pretty nice.