Magee dealt to Fire for rights to Rogers, who has signed deal with Galaxy

Mike Magee


When the word of Robbie Rogers’ desire to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy first surfaced, the initial belief was that the Chicago Fire (which hold Rogers’ MLS rights) would likely fetch something small in a trade.

The Fire aimed much, much higher than just a draft pick of allocation and landed a hometown hero in the process.

Sources have confirmed to SBI that the Fire and Galaxy have completed a trade that has sent Rogers’ rights to the Galaxy in exchange for Chicago native Mike Magee.

The Galaxy and Fire agreed to the terms of the trade earlier in the week, but Rogers did not finalize his new contract with MLS until Friday. Both teams are expected to announce the trade on Saturday.

The teams had been talking trade for several weeks, with the Fire asking for a package including Magee and other parts. The Galaxy were looking to acquire Rogers’ rights for far less, but after weeks of negotiations, LA finally relented and parted with their team’s leading scorer.

So does a Magee-for-Rodgers deal make sense?

Magee seems like a steep price to pay for the services of Rogers, but Rogers is considerably younger (he’s 25, Magee is 29) and the marketing appeal of having the first openly gay player in pro American team sports could make the deal worthwhile for the Galaxy.

From a soccer standpoint, the Galaxy would be giving up Magee’s goal-scoring ability, and penchant for playing well in big games, but they would also be welcoming in a player in Rogers who would give the team a pure wing threat who could slot in as a right winger or left winger.

The Galaxy also have a pair of the league’s most talented young attacking players in Jose Villarreal and Gyasi Zardes, two players who can help fill the kind of roles that Magee’s departure leaves with the Galaxy.

Rogers will be expected to slot in on the right wing once he is fit, and he should be able to give the team some quality service from the flank, with either Landon Donovan or Villarreal sliding into the left wing role.

The trade is a bonanza for the Fire, who acquire a proven goal scorer and a local Chicago-area product with a track record of coming up big in big games. Chicago’s struggling offense will almost certainly benefit from Magee’s finishing and soccer acumen, though the FIre are almost assuredly still searching for more help at forward.

The trade also puts a new perspective on Chicago’s trade of Dominic Oduro to the Columbus Crew for Dilly Duka and the rights to Rogers.

What do you think of the deal? Think the Galaxy are crazy? Feeling good about the Fire after their acquisitions of Magee and Bakary Soumare?

Share your thoughts below.

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172 Responses to Magee dealt to Fire for rights to Rogers, who has signed deal with Galaxy

  1. JR says:

    Nice PR move LA Galaxy I hope it pays off

    • Jake says:

      Probably a good soccer move too. Robbie was always a good player.

      • drew11 says:

        “Probably” is the problem. LAG just traded a key player for a big question mark. Who knows how Rogers will play or where his head is. He was talking about a fashion career a couple months ago and now he is back in MLS? So his training with LA was really a trial? It’s hard to take any of this at face value at this point but good luck to him.

      • bottlcaps says:

        “Is” a good player! Yes, but Magee brough intangibles to the Galaxy with his soccer sense. I do think the Fire god the better of the deal, but I learned a long time ago not to second guess Arena in player selection. Rogers is a true winger with excellent skills, while Magee often played out wide, but has better the last few seasons playing up front or as a withdrawn forward. With a lot of new young forwards looking for playing time to get better, and with Donovan not going to any international events anytime soom, the competition for playing time was going to be fiece. But now with McBean gone til July and Villareal leaving in the summer for a few weeks and no DP on the horizon, the Galaxy had to get a player who could provide service and Rodgers is it.

        But I;ll wait and see if the Galaxy can really integrate Rogers into the team fairly quickly.

        • Riggity says:

          Luckily MLS was able to make a deal that didn’t cause the Fire fans to flip their lid I was worried we would have another one of those head scratcher deals.

        • Elber Galarga says:

          Is a good player? Excellent skills? Who are really talking about. Rogers is another dude that is (maybe now is was) all speed. The guy really hasn’t played regularly in about 2 years. Horrible trade. Galaxy traded away Magee for this guy. Maybe for a 2nd rounder. so he is gay, big deal. he’s young (24), meh. If I want potential give us Adu. This is more of a chivas trade.

          • whoop-whoop says:

            My initial reaction was…. well….. shock… incredulous… that this was a bad move for LA. One comment by Ives, settled my nerves.

            One for one, player for player, narrow view… as of today, no doubt Chicago got the better part of the deal. Big picture, long term team health and dynamic, I think this could work out well for the Galaxy. Ives mention of young attacking players is why. Villareal and Zardes are dynamic players with potential to have huge upside. They need playing time. LA could also use some speed on the left wing. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by Cochrane at LB. Very poised, goes forward well w/ nice crosses on Offense, solid defensively. Think he and Rogers could be an interesting pairing and really open things up. LA has plenty of talent up top. All this together could see some devastating counters.

            All the best to Magee. Have loved watching him do his thing w/ class.

      • Sabella says:

        It’s a great transaction for our society. It shows the US continues to be on the forefront of open thinking. From a soccer standpoint, it’s a bad deal. Magee is one helluva player. As a Red Bull fan, I’ve seen him do more damage than I would like.

    • Fast Cheese says:

      This was more than simply a “PR” move. LA has a glut of forward talent, all of which are younger than Magee. LA lacks a natural winger, a position they had Magee play, but less effectively than when he played up top. Throw into the mix the allegation that Magee was pushing LA to allow him to return to Chicago, and the PR benefit from bringing Rogers in, and this deal makes sense for LA.

      That’s not to say Magee won’t be a huge boon for the Fire, because he probably will. Nor am I suggesting that Rogers will be as good as Magee over all, because he probably won’t. But any of LA’s other forwards may be as good as Magee up top, and Rogers may be better than Magee on the wing.

      • peaton says:

        I think you have it right. Rogers at his best is an addition to this team due to wing play. That said, Magee always appeared to me to be part of the core to this LA team. He is only 29 and seems fit, so he must have 3 good years left. I hope Rogers comes back and is a top player and symbol for MLS. I hope Magee helps turn Chicago into a good franchise. They seem to have lots of very solid players, Rolf, Larwen.., etc. Of course, Orduro has been very good for the Crew.

  2. WK says:

    awesome to see Rogers back in the league- hopefully in a situation where he’ll thrive. of course i hate LAG, and am still surprised at how these deals always work out so magically for them.

    • nicole says:

      Magically? Are you kidding me? Having to give up our leading scorer and local legend Mike Magee? That’s an extreme price to pay, and as a Galaxy fan I’m not so sure I like it at all.

    • Henry says:

      No most LA Galazy fans are not happy about this Magee is a legend to us

      • ed - houston says:

        I bet, i would not be happy either. The fire got the better deal. Magee is damn. From a Dynamo fan.

    • glou says:

      this is magically working out for us?? as long time LAG season ticketholder, im not happy about the move. i think most galaxy fans will agree– magee is a cult hero and one of the most underrated players in the league.

      • Riggity says:

        WK was talking about previous moves the Galaxy has made, if his name was “Miss Cleo” we might be able to assume he was talking about this deal working out magically, but it’s not. So we will have to wait and see.

  3. Socom 2 says:

    WTF ???? This is the worst move I have ever seen by any sports team

    • Joseph D'Hippolito says:


      This is what happens when “marketing” considerations hold greater importance than playing considerations. Let’s look at some things here:

      1. Rogers said he doesn’t want to be considered the first “gay footballer” but how do you think fans and reporters will regard him in L.A…..especially in L.A.? Does anybody think such attention won’t affect his game?

      2. Rogers still has to get fit enough to train, then get fit enough to play, then get his touch back. Landon Donovan had to do the same thing. Granted, he did it fairly quickly but Rogers is no Landon Donovan. Just check their performances in England.

      • CW in LA says:

        Marketing considerations > playing considerations every time; it’s the Galaxy management way. I thought we were finally past this with the departure of the big English prima donna. I sure was wrong.

        Nothing against Rogers, but Magee is one of my favorite players. I’m sick to my stomach.

        • Petedela says:

          I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m sick to my stomach, but at least my kidneys. This is a HORRIBLE trade from a Galaxy perspective, and one I have been dreading ever since I saw Magee sing Roger’s praises. (Note to Magee: Never praise a player who plays ur position!). I can only reason that the Galaxy were not going to be able to protect Magee at the end of the season. But it still makes no sense. Don’t trade ur best players!

        • Riggity says:

          I lve how you rip LA by saying “It’s the Galaxy way”…I’m not an MLS fan but they have won back to back MLS championships, I’d say they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt. I wouldn’t have traded Magee for Rogers either but you have to admit that their management has earned the right to take a gamble like this. Knowing Arena, I’m sure if he had a huge problem with it he would have made a big issue of it. It was obvious Rogers wanted to come back and that MLS was desperate to get him back in the league, if the Galaxy were so desperate to hold onto Magee they could have held out. Would yo rather them trade Villareal or McBean?

          • CW in LA says:

            Yeah, the Gs’ management have the right to do whatever the f*** they want; they always have. Sometimes it pans out; sometimes it blows up in their faces (The first few years with the big English prima donna, Hong Myung Bo, Luis Hernandez, etc.). We’ll see which one this is. But in the meantime I have just as much right to say I think this sucks.

            • As a long time galaxy fan, that English prima Donna brought us back to back championships and a supporters shield plus Robbie keane.

              • CW in LA says:

                In my opinion Magee had more to do with those back to back MLS Cups than Beckham did. How many playoff goals did Magee score, and how many were Beckham involved in?

              • beachbum says:

                @ CW…lmao

                they both brought plenty…staking a claim that one was more important than the other just reveals your own bias

                Beckham’s additions are top shelf…as are magee’s to the Galaxy legacy

                why the Galaxy on Galaxy crime from you here…come on man!

          • CW in LA says:

            Oh, and pretty much anyone on the team but Gonzalez or De La Garza would have been preferable trade bait.

      • Beto says:

        +1 bad move by LAG… Who know maybe rodgers finds his old form soon, but it will take some time. Still idk if i would have traded 2013 mcgee for 2011 rodgers; always thought he was overrated..

    • TomG says:

      The marketing aspect of this deal is becoming overstated. What people are forgetting is that Robbie Rogers is a blazing fast 25-year-old left sided player who was an MLS Best XI player before he left. I’ll say it again. MLS Best XI!!! Everyone mocked the EJ deal, too because people have short memories. Left sided true wingers are incredibly, incredibly rare. Getting a guy who’s potentially the best left wing in the league at only 25? That’s huge. The assumption that LAG wouldn’t have to give up much for RR was based more on the Fire’s perceived lack of leverage as well as RR’s lack of recent action than on RR’s ability. RR has been training regularly with LAG and they are clearly convinced that he is ready to come back and play at a high level.

      • alabamafutbol says:

        “blazing fast” rofl

        Outrunning old, slow Torrado on one play, in a friendly 2 years ago, does not mean he has elite pace. RR has never been anything but a mediocre player. Terrible move by LA

        • TomG says:

          Do you know what MLS Best XI means? Here’s a hint. It’s not mediocre. Admit it. You’ve never actually seen him play.

          • Matt B. says:

            Saw him play in Crew Stadium for a handful of years. He is a one-trick pony. He runs as fast as he can and hopes his technique is good enough to pull off a shot or cross and usually it is not. The only reason he was best eleven that year was because of Schelotto and the very next season he scored a whopping 1 goal and has played only 10 games since leaving the league a few years ago. Chicago wins.

            • TomG says:

              So you’re saying that a good manager who knows how to use RR can utilize RR’s talents to great success? Too bad LAG doesn’t have the top manager in the history of the league, huh? No question that he is a bit of a one-trick pony, but so was EJ. No question that he hasn’t played much and failed in Europe, but so did EJ. RR is a guy with great speed, he’s a great ball striker, and a good crosser of the ball. That has great value, especially for a natural left wing. He’s not a great technical player. His touch is poor and he often resorts to kicking the ball up the field and chasing after it, but he’s only 25 and capable of improving. Like EJ, he probably learned some excellent lessons in Europe despite or even because of his failure. He only has to play a role and play to his strengths with LAG, not carry them. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t a very valuable piece of the puzzle for LAG.

              • Shawn says:

                First, GBS was a player not a coach. So if you didnt know schelloto was a player i have to question wheather you have actually seen Rogers play. Second, he is actually is 26.

              • Hincha Tim says:

                Players dont improve their touch or much else when they are 25.

          • Shawn says:

            Rogers had one decent year, 2008, where he had 6 goals. Same amount Magee has through a third of this season. He is maddingly inconsistent and has only played 11 games in the last 2 years. LA just traded a clutch performer for a question mark. And I’m saying this as a crew fan.

            • TomG says:

              RR is a wing, not a forward. His job is to provided width, crosses and to backtrack, much more than it is to score goals.

              • Shawn says:

                He cant cross well.

              • Daniel says:

                TomG – We get it, you like RR and blind to his real strengths. We get the fact that you’re stoked that someone from your lifestyle choice is back in the MLS. Dude, he is mediocre at best, yes, i’ve seen him dozens of times live – he’s from my town RPV, Cali.

                He’s fast, with poor crossing and ball handling (no, not that type of ball-handling). Horrible trade, MM is a big game baller, and our front office sucked it up again – horrible trade for us. But hey, at least he’s close to West Hollywood.

    • Joamiq says:

      I love how these comment sections are always entirely devoid of any hyperbole whatsoever

  4. T-lover says:

    Great marketing tool Galaxy.

    • glou says:

      im surprised that so many people are claiming this is a marketing move. bruce wld never make a move for marketing reasons.

      • Josh says:

        When you give up one of the league’s best scorers for an average winger who is out if shape, it’s tough to imagine thus being anything but a marketing move. Guessing that’s not a happy locker room in LA tonight.

        • Zac says:

          One of the league’s best scorers? C’mon, let’s not overstate things here just because Magic Mike is off to a hot start…

          • beachbum says:

            how is it an overstatement…the guy is leading the league this year, and was a clutch and productive goal scorer in big games for the Galaxy the past 2 seasons when the won the MLS Cup

            • camjam says:

              It’s an overstatement because the guy has never scored more than 7 goals in any given year in his career. C’mon man, use some logic. The phrase was “one of the league’s best scorers”. Maybe if you change that to “one of the league’s clutch scorers” then we have something to talk about.

              • beachbum says:

                I a using logic cam jam…looking forward to future debvates with you but please, bring your game, make it interesting

      • Sean says:

        I doubt Bruce made this move, ultimately.

  5. Matt says:

    a better soccer move for the fire!

  6. jim in Atlanta says:

    Ok people forget that Rogers isn’t that good. I would even rate Magee over him. At least he knows how to shoot. I just can’t get the image of his slow reactions and player instincts during his last friendly against Mexico out of my head. Its like watching edu trying to dribble, pass, shoot or do anything productive other than destroy.

  7. Ryan nanez says:

    Good. I Never really rated Bradley cooper

    • kpgel says:

      Good eye. Couldn’t figure out why I didn’t quite take Magee seriously, and there you have it.

  8. Adrian says:

    This move is wack, give me McGee over a publicity move. Rogers better live up because we just gave away a clutch performer.

  9. Adrian says:


  10. Adrian says:

    But at least Magee gets to go home.

  11. Jim says:

    What is Bruce up to… thinking? Giving up a clutch player, are we getting Diego Forlan? Looks like a cap move $$$ for a 3rd DP.

    • Socom 2 says:

      DP’s dont count against the cap

      Unless he’s opening up room for Forlan on a non-DP move !

      • Jim says:

        Yes, he’s 34 and I’m thinking of a deal similar to our gk cudicini… saving the dp spot for kaka

        • AtleticoUnionCity says:

          Non-DP deal for Forlan? LOL…I doubt it. RBNY & Galaxy have both been linked with Kaka. If Kaka does come over, the Rogers move may help RBNY. It’s well known Kaka is a born-again Christian whose sensibilities may perhaps be different than most Americans who are going gaga over Rogers coming out.

      • TomG says:

        DP’s DO count against the cap. I think it’s $335G – the max non-dp salary so you do indeed have to clear cap room to sign a dp.

  12. Wagner says:

    At first glance Galaxy got taken. But Ives lays out good points about age and replacement for Magee.
    Fire just made a serious upgrade !

  13. Mig says:

    The real problem is that the soccer press will be pretty much compelled to not call BS on this. To claim this is a fair trade or that Bruce Arena had any REAL say in the final decision, is kind of silly.

    Maybe this is good, in a big picture, for the league; for society. Maybe. We can all see that being the case. But let’s not pretend that it has anything to do with the game. It is a league driven, socio-politically driven move. We should just call it that and then discuss whether it is a good thing.

    • MFP says:

      “We should just call it that and then discuss whether it is a good thing.”

      Nah. like any trade in any sport, we should see how the players do and judge the value of the trade on performance.

      • Mig says:

        Fair point, MFP. But in the meantime, on its face, this is not a sporting trade.


  14. SilverRey says:

    Wow! First they get Soumare for peanuts, then they pull off Magee for Rogers!! The Fire are… well… on fire!

    Poor Duka, I have a feeling he’s going to be the odd man out again…

    Essentially it was Oduro for Magee. Oduro is certainly hitting shots this year he would miss with the Fire, but I’d say in the end, that was an upgrade. (As a Crew fan, I’m just happy he’s finding his groove with us.)

  15. Orville says:

    Not surprising to see the cynical comments on this thread. Mike Magee is a good soccer player but so is Robbie Rogers. Rogers is only twenty six he’s still in his prime I don’t like how people are making it sound like Rogers isn’t a good soccer player. Rogers won a MLS cup with the Columbus Crew in 2008. Rogers also was a member of the USMNT, he’s competed at the Olympics, and he’s competed for teams in the Netherlands and in England.

    To top it off Rogers if the first active gay male athlete in a team sport in North America! Rogers is very courageous and brave. I don’t see the other gay guys in men’s pro sports coming out.

    Now that Rogers conscience is clear I hope he can thrive in a safe and comfortable environment in Los Angeles.

  16. chris_thebassplayer says:

    Awesome! Glad to see Quake Killer banished to the Eastern conference for a slow, cold, painful fade to obscurity…and I mean that with the utmost respect.

  17. Cosmosfan says:

    Wow what a dumb trade. Magee has been great for LA this year and clutch for them in the past few years..For a guy that hasnt played much in 2 years. Weird.

    • TomG says:

      We’ll see. Like you said, he hasn’t played much in the last 2 years versus Magee who is having the absolute best couple of months of his career. It’s a bit of a buy low, sell high deal for LAG. If RR DOES recover his form, he’s more valuable than Magee because he plays a position that is very, very hard to find. There just aren’t many true left sided, speedy wings out there. Keep in mind that the EJ deal was also widely panned when the Sounders made it. People forgot how good EJ really was, just like they are forgetting how good his former MLS Best XI compatriot RR was.

      • chris_thebassplayer says:

        I agree, Rogers always had the speed and talent, but was incredibly streaky. It remains to be seen, but if he truly has peace of mind and is mentally in a much better place, LA may have pulled off a heist. Like you say, good lefties are rare…He’s a nats caliber player if he’s happy and mentally focused.

        • louis z says:

          “mentally focus?” I hope he he is, otherwise he may need some RR time in Cambodia or similar place.

  18. Ron says:

    Who cares if he gay, if we are so enlightened why does it matter. Dumb move getting rid of a clutch player who scores and plays goalie. Is this what we get with the new control from AEG. Way to reward his hard work.

  19. RSLnPortland says:

    Absolute shocker. So happy to see Rogers come out of retirement. Also, as a LAG hater, I’m happy to see Magee traded away. It’s two wins for me, because Magee is clutch and has destroyed RSL on numerous occasions. But wow Chicago absolutely crushed LAG in this deal.

  20. Andrew says:

    Not a good move for LA. If I were Bruce Arena, Magee would be one of my “do not trade under any circumstances” players.

  21. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Seem like a terrible move by Galaxy, Fire gets a local player and leading scorer.

  22. AzTeXan says:

    I’m 100% telling my boss I’m gay and demanding a transfer to a city of my choice.

  23. Rocko says:

    So it just so happens that LA ends up with a former USMNT? The fact that Columbus should still hold his rights and even be able to trade those rights is ridiculous, plus aren’t returning USMNT players subject to the allocation process. The front office is behind this, Magee is a decent MLS player but is several levels below Rogers so this isn’t a trade, its a Garber mandated move.

  24. Eddie says:

    Robbie Rogers is the first openly gay player in US male professional team sports. I believe that there are openly gay professional women’s soccer and basketball players.

  25. Dulliwhig says:

    I am a little confused by the overwhelming sentiment that seems to be on display. Does everyone forget that it was not so long ago that it was Rogers not Magee playing national team soccer? This is not as lopsided a trade as many seem to believe.

    • drew11 says:

      More recently Rogers was exploring a fashion career. That doesn’t suggest a burning desire to be an elite soccer player.

      • TomG says:

        I think that’s the main argument against the deal. Are you trading a good, solid, dependable, in form player for an equally good player that hasn’t played much in 2 years and is much less of a sure thing. I think what tipped the scales back to even for LAG are two things:

        1. RR has been training regularly with the team, so Bruce has a great idea of where RR’s form is and where his head’s at. Obviously, he’s confident RR can regain his form or he wouldn’t make the deal.

        2. As Ives mentioned, there are multiple excellent players who can do what Magee does for LAG, but no one on the roster that can do what RR does. Speedy, wide, true left sided wingers are very rare in MLS.

        • Reid says:

          So they traded a proven scorer, that picks up the slack every time the DP’s are lacking for a guy who run fast, has been out of the game for a year, can make a good cross 30% of the time and up until a month ago was interested in a fashion career….

          not that there’s anything wrong with that, I have a lot of friends that are in to fashion and can occasionally cross the ball.

          • TomG says:

            Well, if they’re as athletic as RR, able to strike a ball well, left footed, and a former MLS Best XI, I’m sure plenty of MLS teams would sign them up.

    • Bean says:

      Adu is the next Pele, and a USMNT player.

  26. John says:

    I feel like there has been some confusion as to what Magee’s role is since Donovans return. Perhaps this just makes it easier on the Galaxy as Rodgers is more of a pure winger. This move could really be whats best for everyone.

  27. K-Town says:

    Has anyone considered that Mike Magee might have wanted the chance to go home Chicago? Now both Magee and Rogers get to play for a home team. I don’t really know if Mike wanted to go, but it might have been an easier idea to sell Mike because of the home town thing.

    Gonna really miss you Mike. One of my favorite all time Galaxy players. LAG LEGEND. Career GOA average: 0.00. Never a goal conceded.

    Robbie, you got some big shoes to fill.

    • glou says:

      im very curious to know how magee feels about this. i feel like ive heard/read several interviews where hes stated that he loves it here, and loves playing for the galaxy.

  28. Sean says:

    WHAT?!?! WHAT???????!????? Whaaaaaaat???!!!!!!!!!

  29. WiscFan says:

    Both teams received good players. Happy they came to an agreement.

  30. NaranjaFanatic says:

    Props to Chicago for surprising us all and getting the better end of the deal.

  31. todd says:


    This is horrible!

    We love Mike Magee!!!!!

  32. Joamiq says:

    Wha? This seems like a seriously steep price for LAG to pay. It’s not that Rogers isn’t talented – he was obviously very good last time he was in MLS – but that was a while ago. Trading an in form striker who really has become an underrated star in MLS for a roll of the dice in Rogers seems odd. It’s not that LA can’t win this trade in the end, but they seem to be bearing all the risk.

    • TomG says:

      Well said. RR has been training regularly with LAG, though. Bruce must be confident that he will regain his form, no?

      • Joamiq says:

        You’re right – Arena should get the benefit of the doubt. Add that to Magee’s apparent strong desire to go to Chicago and it makes more sense. Still, Rogers had better justify Arena’s confidence, because otherwise the legitimate soccer-based backlash against the move will amplify the illegitimate backlash…

    • beachbum says:


      both of your comments here are well said imo, thanks

      time will tell, hope it’s a win-win. Hate paying Magee for Rodgers though

  33. ChiTownFireFan says:

    The real test is if Magee can change the Fire fortunes around and kick start a moribund Fire attack and start the Fire trek back to a playoff start. I’m glad he is coming home but do the Fire have the personnel to continue his goal scoring ways?

    • TomG says:

      Yes. Prior to this season, MM has been more of a supersub/part time starter, complementary, jack of all trades player who scores big goals. Not sure how much of his success was a product of LAG and if he can carry a struggling offense like Chicago. There are some decent players on that team, though, so maybe he can spark them.

      • beachbum says:

        supersub tag for MM is not accurate.

        TomG, I’m usually with you on your takes, but MM has been a key starter for years now

        • TomG says:

          Sorry. I am stretching it to call him a part time starter. Not sure if I’d call him a full time starter either? He was a sub for about 15% of his games last year and a quarter of his matches the prior season. You’re right, though, it’s more accurate to say he’s full time than part time. His role kind of reminds me of Dempsey’s role with Spurs. He starts most of the time in a number of different positions and scores clutch goals.

  34. louis z says:

    At first it seemed that LAG got the worst of the deal but if you think about the age factor and the fact that both Jose Villarreal and Gyasi Zardes are ready to contribute then the deal looks good for us. we plug a mayor hole in the wing and give our young guns for playing time.

    • Jason says:

      29 is not that old for MLS.

    • Gnarls says:

      Age is clearly not a factor for Magee. He’s leading the team in scoring and ranks among the league’s top scorers. I hope Magee wins the golden boot this year just to spite LA for trading him.

    • beachbum says:

      so you can’t rate Landon after he took time off after producing at the top level for years and years, but you can see the Rodgers move making sense when the guy hasn’t done anything in years and years? thanks for the insight

      yes, it opens up Villareal and Zardes for more, but they were getting playing time already. And besides, if Rodgers is going to play the left where Magee was already stationed, how does that open up playing time for Villareal and Zardes???

      • beachbum says:

        I’ll answer: the way it opens up time for Villareal and Zardes is if Rodgers doesn’t play. Maybe that happens (which would be it’s own joke)

        not sayiong this trade can’t work tho…it could if Rodgers plays well obviously. we’ll see

        the REAL reason the young guns get more time is because Keane is out playing for Ireland

  35. Gnarls says:

    This is the biggest kick in the gut as a Galaxy fan. Magee is a legend and a genuine fan favorite in LA. I would honestly rather see Donovan go than Mike Magee.

    And another thing. Anyone saying, “Derp, the league bends the rules for the Galaxy,” obviously has a higher view of Rogers than I. He was mediocre then and he’s mediocre now.

  36. Hello?? says:

    Does anyone even remember that Bruce has had a chance to see how good RR during these past few weeks of training sessions. I trust that Bruce and the LA Galaxy organization knows exactly what they are doing. They might be clearing cap space to sign an older international player, or getting ready to sign another DP that has similar characteristics as Magee. Whatever that reason is I think that the Galaxy will somehow come out on top of this. It is possible that Chicago will include something else in this trade. Lets see how this plays out before we really judge the move.

  37. dude says:

    Mike Magee had a hattrick this year for LA. Has Robbie ever had a hattrick? Or scored a crucial playoff goal?

    I can understand the organization wanting to associate the brand with open mindedness as well and being the first in a great civil movement, but I can’t believe that Bruce Arena signed off on this. I absolutely don’t believe that this is a good soccer deal. Robbie Rogers was always a promising player, not a leader, one who never reached the heights expected of him. Mike Magee toiled in relative obscurity before emerging one of the most incredibly effective player supporting players in MLS history. How many times has he come up big for the club? I don’t know if he’ll do as well with Chicago, but he worked so well in LA…

    I just can’t get over this trade. I hate to say it, but this is a very political move. I’m excited and happy for Robbie Rogers, I’m glad that he’s playing again, that he’s figured out how to be open and at peace with himself enough to walk back in that locker room. But this is a bad trade, the price of what he represents is rather cynical when you demonstrate it like this.

    • dude says:

      OK, I read the tweet. Magee wanted to go to Chicago, I’m glad there was an actual reason to make this trade, otherwise this would have been a bit of a joke for reasons listed above.

      • Seriously says:

        Of course Magee “wanted to go to Chicago” that’s the kind of thing good PR people have people say to make you have the reaction you just did.

        • dude says:

          Yeah, I’m naive. Magee has roots in Chicago. De Ro was part of a winning team in Houston, but wanted to go to Toronto. This stuff happens. I trust Goff to report facts based on what’s coming out of Magee’s camp, not what some LA PR office put forward.

  38. Dantheblue says:

    I like the move. McGee I respect you and all you have done for the gals. You are a class guy and quality player. Best of luck my man (except against the gals). Rogers, bring it dude… You just better bring your A game pal…

  39. Ty says:

    Rogers is good Magee is good.

  40. El Paso utep miner says:

    So who’s coming kaka I don’t think so, ronaldinho till 2014, the Russian dude, tevez, Rooney? Weird move but fantastic for the league

  41. Owlsie says:

    As a Djynamo fan, I think it is a great trade for the Galaxy! :)

  42. Neruda says:

    Magee scores in the playoffs and now is a leading scorer in MLS while Rogers won’t give LA that same production. So yea Chicago got a great deal. Meanwhile the rest of the west just breathed a sigh of relief tha Magee is in Chicago.

    And no top teams in the west are worried about Rogers. Now if LA finally lands their big dp then rivals will have to be concerned.

    Lets hope for no kaka in LA and instead only caca.

    • Gnarls says:

      We ended up with caca when LA traded Magee. Worst. Trade. Ever.

      • beachbum says:

        I’m with you Gnarls. I’m interested to hear the whole story as it unfolds, if/what Garber’s role was, Arena’s explanation, etc.

  43. Jeff Fulton says:

    Bluntly? This trade sucks for the Galaxy. Magee IS the Galaxy. He embodies everything Galaxy fans love about the Galaxy. Sure Rogers once again might become a good player, but Magee is a very good player NOW!

  44. Silversurfer says:

    Somewhere Brett Easton Ellis is telling us that he was right all along…

  45. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Don Garber had a major role in this trade. I’m just speculating but I suspect he intervened when the Galaxy and Fire couldn’t agree on a price for Rogers. I think Garber ordered the Galaxy to give Magee to the Fire (whose offense has been pathetic this season). I think Garber was looking at the PR aspects of this deal; after all, his experience before becoming MLS commissioner was in marketing for the NFL.

    Given all the exposure Jason Collins received for coming out, I think Garber believed that getting Rogers would shine the media spotlight on MLS in a way that neither the announcement of NYCFC nor Beckham’s tenure here could.

    I live in Los Angeles and I can tell you that David Beckham’s impact here was far less that you think. He never did anything in the community. Besides, the Lakers and Kobe suck up most of the oxygen out here. The Lakers received more press for being disappointing than the Clippers did for having their best season since moving to L.A. Every pro and major college team (USC, UCLA) receives more attention than the Galaxy does. That was true even when Beckham was here.

    • Gnarls says:

      All true and good points. I’d like to add that the local media’s general ambivalence to the Galaxy won’t change with the signing of Rogers. There will be the curiosity factor for a while, sure, but he’s not going to add any lasting visibility to the Gs. I was glad to hear Rogers would be back in the league, but I frankly resent him now for displacing the best player on the team.

  46. Goalscorer24 says:

    When will they ever learn?! Putting marketing before best soccer choice is always a mistake. Magee was an inform clutch goalscorer. Now they have an out of form Leeds reject.

    • GW says:

      Rogers has been streaky his whole career but if his head is now screwed on right and if he is really into it, he has a higher upside than Magee.

      RR is a speedy winger who can play on either wing and who has had several very good performances for the USMNT. If that Rogers shows up then this is a great trade for LA.

      As good as Magee was, and I think he would have been called up by JK except for the presence of Herc, he was probably already performing at the outer edge of his ability and was unlikely to get better.

  47. Michael F SBI Mafia Original says:

    Fire 1. LA 0. (How often does that happen?)

  48. Bean says:

    This is a great move. The Fire get a legend, who happens to be a local, and LA gets the first homosexual player.

    The Fire could really use the help, so good for them. LA will now be able to attract even more homosexual supporters. That means more butts in seats, and a large gay following.

    • dude says:

      Don’t think LA is going to get a sizeable boost in attendance from gay LGBT crowd. Don’t think it works like that in sports. It’s all about the perception of LA and the league, the press it will get.

      In terms of soccer, Chicago gets a legend is a way bigger deal than LA getting the first gay player. It’s exciting for a week, then the playoffs come, and Magee’s not there to go into beast mode.

  49. AsburyParkTorwart says:

    A lot to unravel here

    1) MLS likes to pat themselves on the back for their “don’t cross the line” campaign and their huge fines for homophobic insults.

    2) They were particularly driven to be the league with the first openly gay player. It was looking like they were gonna screw Chicago to make this happen. MLS 1.0 style

    3) I think trading Magee is the closest thing to justice we’ll see. Both sides seem equally miserable. LA loses a beloved scorer for an ultra-rusty Rogers. Chicago fans wonder how much of Magee’s success was based on LA’s system and team mates.

    4) Now, if only someone could ask Don Garber how Sheikh Mansour’s role in the chemical castration of homosexual’s fits into the whole “don’t cross the line” thing

  50. Allegre says:

    Bigger questions is what is the Galaxy plan for DP3 without Beckham. I believe this is part of their plans to sign another DP this year.

  51. Bear says:

    Rodgers is more athletic but McGee is the better soccer player! McGee is more skilled and a better scorer. Dumb move!

  52. Sean says:

    I wanted Rodgers in LA but Mike Magee was too high a price to pay and I think this will cause a backlash from fans. LA jus got a whole lot worse while Rodgers works his way to fitness and health. Fire can get out of the cellar.

    Magee is an underrated workhorse of a player and has been steadily proving himself on the stat sheet the past few years. This is a sad day. Magee was part of what made LA and he was good in the lockerr room, pitch, and everywhere.

    • Sean says:

      I also find the timing of this trade becoming public to be suspicious, late late on a Friday when the news gets quieter for a few days and people are off. Like the firing a person on a Friday so you risk less of a backlash.

      • Benny Dargle says:

        You think they are trying to downplay this move? More likely, the league wanted to make sure it happened in time for Rogers to be on the roster when the Galaxy play the Sounders on national tv before a packed house on Sunday night. They may even have needed some lead time to get an International transfer certificate completed since Rogers last played in England.

  53. KutamaObama says:

    It will be pretty interesting if he tries to get to the National team, then the US plays in an hostile place like Honduras or Costa Rice or even Mexico… Those fanatics will have a field day with him especially if he is in the starting eleven, that’s an automatic loss for the US cos that will get to him…..the fans calling him some pretty nasty name all of 90 mins…….

    • Bean says:

      I doubt it would get to him.

      The PR for him joining the USMNT would be interesting. I can see him getting another call up. If he can still play.

    • Jason says:

      Naw…its like yelling at a concert. It all gets drowned out. He won’t hear any slurs unless the overwhelming majority decide in a coordinated slur-ridden chant.

    • KutamaObama says:

      I hope he doesn’t get affected by it…..those central American fans could be very hostile…..they could sing that (slurs and curses) all match long & they are doing that so that they can help their team win. I also won’t be surprise the players of the opposing team will try to get under his skin by taunting him on field so he could take drastic action and get himself a red card aka Zinedine Zidane….Well good luck to him.

  54. prizby says:

    so rogers signs for a team who’s owner financially supports anti-gay organizations.

  55. oh please says:

    wow. hope this works for the Galaxy, Magee a favorite for many years now since he got himself in shape a few years ago.

    Robbie Rodgers…never a favorite on the field and always the player who almost could but can’t. Hope he can change that perception

  56. beachbum says:

    at first glance, it tells me Arena is really psyched on the new young guns

    hope this all plays out for the Galaxy. Fire just got a tough, in form competitor who is clutch and playing with tons of confidence

  57. ATPDC says:

    Keep your hats on people. Rogers was is a national team player. I think Bruce Arena know what the eff he is doing.

    • TomG says:

      Not sure if it’s so fair to categorize him as an ex-Nat player. Technically, yes, he played a few meaningless matches for USMNT, but he was never a regular and he was probably called in more for his speed and need at the position than actually being a top 23 player. He’s definitely a useful guy, though.

  58. Steve-o says:

    So I see a win-win-win-win-lose situation – only loser is Magee. 1 win for Rogers of course. 2 wins for LA’s PR. But it is a questionable deal soccer-wise. Magee gone – gonzo leaving – no lampard – possibly a new DP this summer. With all these changes, LA may not 3-peat as team chemistry will be low but if any team can afford it, LA can. 3 wins for Chicago who need Magee as he will immediately help Oduro up top. And 4 wins for league parity as this may open up for another team to win the Cup – maybe finally, NYRB’s year to shine ?!?!?

    • Steve-o says:

      BTW This will be a win for Magee if he plays well in Chicago because then we will know if it was the player or LA’s system that made him good. Then Klinsmann will certainly call him up to the USMNT – he would be a good support player like Brad Evans.

    • KP1935 says:

      Oduro is in Columbus – the Fire traded him for Dily Duka and Rogers’ rights.

  59. Marco says:

    As a Sounders fan I approve of this move.. Magee has been a pain for the past few years… but,.. Maybe Chicago finally has the weapon to finally beat us tho…

  60. MiamiAl says:

    Donovan might be gay too.

  61. Fred says:

    There is an advantage here for LA that Donovan will likely move up to forward. They’ve been wanting to do that. Their lineup might be stronger with Rodgers even if Magee is a better soccer player because he fills a need in their lineup.

  62. Don't care says:

    This trade is gay

  63. LuckyCowboy says:

    When I first heard RR was coming to Galaxy … I thought okay, that’s cool.
    But when I heard it was a trade for MM .. I thought WTF?
    Best of luck Mike, you did us proud!

  64. Ted B says:

    Great pickup by Fire. Rogers is a good player but not worth giving up such an important part of Galaxy. I hope Robbie makes the Galaxy look brilliant in the end….he is a talented player and maybe he can develop even more under playing alongside guys like LD and Keane.

  65. THomas says:

    The fire pulled off a good deal here, especially since they had nearly no leverage in the situation. Great job. Hope it works out for both sides.

  66. ThaDeuce says:

    Shocking, Magee has been solid for l.a. I hope Rogers is in form and this isn’t just p.r. Could be that garber and arena struck a back room deal. Nonetheless, I hope they both succeed. On the face of it, Chicago get a proven and in form striker for the rights to what has to be considered a question mark. I will let Rogers’ play do the talking though. And I would like to see him regain his national team form, but I have to say that is no guarantee. If he can get his head on straight, he could. Off topic, but I’d also like to see Brek do the same. I’m not sure if this immediately improves the galaxy on the field, though the galaxy have talent to play with.

  67. Automata says:

    R-O-G-E-R-S, there’s no “D” people…
    For those playing the SBI drinking game at home, this is one of the more prominent items to drink to over the years, right along with the Freddy Adu age comments and John O’Brien out-of-retirement call ups, ha.