Soccer Thursday: Your Running Commentary

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The Americas capture the world’s attention in soccer matches on Thursday, with a Liga MX playoff final, Copa Libertadores duals, and a high powered international friendly on tap.

Club America and their strike duo of Christian Benitez and Raul Jimenez travel ten miles up the road to face their Mexico City rivals Cruz Azul in the first-leg of the Liga MX Clausura playoffs finals.

Cruz Azul have only failed to pick up three points in a match once since the start of April, but they meet their match in America, who have managed to put goals in the back of the net despite poor performances in defense at times.

Also in Mexico, Club Tijuana host Ronaldinho and Atletico Mineiro in a crucial first-leg quarterfinal match in the Copa Libertadores. In Argentina, a battle between Buenos Aires and Rosario ensues as Boca Juniors host Newell’s Old Boys.

Chelsea take on Manchester City in a friendly match at a sold out Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

8:30pm – Fox Deportes – Club Tijuana vs. Atletico Mineiro

8:30pm – ESPN2/ESPN3 – Chelsea vs. Manchester City

10pm – ESPN2/ESPN3 – Cruz Azul vs. Club America

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72 Responses to Soccer Thursday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Bean says:

    Lot’s of good footy on tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing our gringos play against the unmistakable Ronaldinho Gaucho.

  2. bryan says:

    U-18s tied Portugal today 1-1. still in 1st at the Lisbon International Tournament.

  3. Excellency says:

    @ives – isnt the 35 man roster for Gold Cup due at CONCACAF today? I feel that US Soccer should publish it even if CONCACAF will not.

    I am looking at a sold out Busch Stadium on ESPN where Chelsea will play ManCity. Who says soccer cant make money in the USA?

  4. Kingly Alexander says:

    Castillo is looking very good in the early going sharp first touches and nice crisp passes. What a duo he and Fabian Johnson could potentially creat on the left!

  5. Kingly Alexander says:

    Wow Tijuana on the forefront early on. Already a couple of quality chances at goal in the first 15. Possession is probably 70 – 30 in their favor

  6. Kingly Alexander says:


    Castillo is looking very good in the early going sharp first touches and nice crisp pa$$es.. What a duo he and Fabian Johnson could potentially creat on the left!

    • Kingly Alexander says:

      Castillo destroying through passes in the spirit of a jay demerit

      • Kingly Alexander says:

        Castillo destroying through balls for the opposition early on in the spirit of a jay demerit

  7. Bean says:

    Castillo has developed nicely in the Mexican Primera.

    • Kingly Alexander says:

      Most definitely.

      The only reason I can imagine it hasn’t translated to the nats I can only contribute to limited appearances and,lack of developed continuity with partners on the left.

      30 minutes in to the first half he’s putting in a man of the match like performance

      • Brett says:

        Those Latin American leagues tend to play soft defense and allow ball movement. That’s why the best defenders in the region go overseas to develop for their national squads. The international game is much tougher on defenders.

        • Kevin says:

          HA! That’s not true at all, you must not watch much football from Latin America.

          • Brett says:

            I do, actually. The pace of play is slower and less physical than at the international level. I’m not sure how anyone would argue otherwise…

        • Hincha Tim says:

          No, the reason they go overseas is they get paid more.

  8. Kingly Alexander says:


    Castillo almost opens the scoring with an attempted chip over the keeper only for it to go over

  9. Bean says:

    He’s probably good enough to travel a bit farther abroad.

  10. bryan says:

    glad to see castillo doing well. bummed out Corona is starting on the bench though.

    • Kingly Alexander says:

      Yea but I’m sure he’ll come in in the 2nd half

      • bryan says:

        right, for sure. but i’m surprised he isn’t starting.

        • Kingly Alexander says:

          Coaches and tactics. What can u say. The man’s guided a team to a sudamerica championship though, so he must see something in it.

          Like Bob Bradley and Pablo Mastroeni

          …or Jurgen and Danny Williams for that matter

          • bryan says:

            i know. that does not change the fact that im bummed he didn’t start. i’m not questioning the coach. not asking why. like you said, coaches make decisions and while Corona has started a lot of games, he has started on the bench a lot too.

  11. Bean says:

    Nice build up

    • Kingly Alexander says:

      Athletics mineiro has been completely overwhelmed

      • Bean says:

        Good point.

        I think this team is punching far above its weight.

        • Kingly Alexander says:

          Did u see that dominant disposes of ronaldinho?

          Tijuana is convincingly playing this match with Mineiro pound for pound

  12. Kingly Alexander says:

    And Tijuana takes the lead through the Colombian FW Riascos!

  13. Kingly Alexander says:

    I’m really surprised with the activity level on this page.

    This is as big as any yank abroad in a European competition and with the lack of soccer tonight. Suprising.

    Speaks to the demographics of the site really.

    • Arkie says:

      As well as the coverage available to us. If Central and South American was covered as well (in English) I’d be more willing to check it out, at least the big games. I feel the same way about Asia too, but that’s more because I’ve been to a couple K-League games rather than its really high level. Either way, go Xolos!

      • Kingly Alexander says:

        Advice? If the the confusion from the language is too much, just mute the tv. I’ve done it plenty of times with Taylor tellman.

        I don’t quite speak concussion syndrome.

        • Arkie says:

          Zing! (But I meant more coverage as in blogs and news so you feel more invested in what you’re watching.)

          • Kingly Alexander says:

            Now I see. Well again IMO its again demographics. How many ppl who aren’t Hispanic does the average person (or American journalist) are personally invested in Liga MX.

            I should point out prominent American journalists

    • MemRook says:

      I’m following along! Can’t add to the conversation because I don’t have the channel but I’m highly interested/excited to hear about our two yanks and how they’re doing. All updates greatly appreciated.

      • Kingly Alexander says:

        ; ) . If Castillo and Tijuana win the series to get to the semi finals, then he should be on every all American abroad XI of the year.

    • Iggy says:

      the game was not given much coverage so a lot of people probably dont know about it. I was disappointed when I was reminded upon checking that I dont get fox deportes, otherwise I would watch.

      • Kingly Alexander says:

        It’s so weird and I hate that this is the case. I’m getting it on basic cable for god sakes. But then again! I have the benefit, in this particular case,of living in Texas

  14. Kingly Alexander says:

    Fernando Arce gets it all wrong in a clear cut,chance to make it 2-0.

    Nothing but Tijuana in the first half. Hats off to the,supposed underdogs

  15. Kosh says:

    Edgar Castillooooo
    Edgar Castillooooo
    Booming down the wing
    Gonna score some goals
    Edgar Castillooooo

    On a more serious note…the kid looks pretty good out there tonight. The Brazilians are fouling pretty hard and Gaoucho has had a dive or two.

    • Kingly Alexander says:

      Yea that sounds about right

      And for all the naysayers to castillos inclusion in us camps for the past two years. This IS Castillo! He’s been this for two years!

  16. Robbie says:

    During the halftime of the Chelsea v Man City game, they went to Alexi Lalas for his opinion on JK’s roster choices for the upcoming games. Interesting to me was he talked about Stu Holden as if he would play over these next few games. Said how interesting he would be to watch and how great it would be if he played at the level he was at 2 years ago. I can never really take what Lalas says seriously, I just wonder how close (or not close at all) he is to the situation to talk like that.

    Anyone else watching the game see that?

    • Kosh says:

      Yeah I saw that. I didn’t give it much weight though because he has no idea what JK’s intentions are. He’s just giving his opinion.

      • Kingly Alexander says:

        Alexis and Taylor tellman,are exactly what they call themselves on there podcast: fat red head and lack there of a head.

        “Stay true to the American identity”. What!?!

        Not ’94 anymore boys

  17. Kingly Alexander says:

    Good D,by Castillo to force,the corner to,start,the,second

  18. Kingly Alexander says:

    Castillos take away in the half starts a,break away that almost leads to a goal

  19. Kosh says:

    If the Xolos crash out of the Copa it will be because of some horrendous finishing this should be 4 – nil.

  20. Kingly Alexander says:

    And 2-0 Tijuana . Easy tap in for the Ecuadorean Fidel Martinez

  21. Kosh says:

    ….and as I post they go and make it 2-zip!

    I still feel like they should be routing this Brazilian side. Tijuana looks very good tonight.

  22. Kingly Alexander says:

    Nice cut off on a long ball from Castillo to,force it out for,a,throw in the 59th

    • Kingly Alexander says:

      Sorry. Not him

      • Kosh says:

        That play came from the right and if Castillo makes that run down the left wing he’s in on goal alone. Though the camera never really shows if that was his run or the LM/LW’s run to make.

  23. Bean says:

    Away goal for Mineiro

  24. Kingly Alexander says:

    So glad tijuana a f*ck up wasn’t castillos fault. 2-1 Courtesy of Arce

  25. Bean says:

    Here comes Joe.

  26. Kingly Alexander says:

    Corona soon?

  27. Kingly Alexander says:

    And corona,is on in the 71st

  28. Kingly Alexander says:

    Corona and Castillo operating on the left for Tijuana now

  29. Kingly Alexander says:

    Castillo,with a shot from 30 yards out but nowhere on target

  30. Kingly Alexander says:

    Corner for Tijuana in the 76th

  31. Bean says:

    I have the sound of the Xolos match on while I watch the friendly in St. Louis. It’s getting confusing at times.

  32. Kingly Alexander says:

    Joe corona,caught it in the 15 yard box with a clear chance at goal but his touch,let him down,and he squandered the chance

  33. Kingly Alexander says:

    Tijuana’s CB Gandolfi has been the MVP of the second half for sure

  34. Bean says:

    Cruz Azul makes it 1-0 in 19′

  35. Bean says:

    Collapse in TJ

  36. Kingly Alexander says:

    Wow the equalizer in,stoppage for the brazilians

  37. Kingly Alexander says:


    We’ll I watched it for the Americans and they did well

    They did good, I’m good

  38. beto says:

    Corona is making amazing save after save for La Máquina, idk how Memo’s season was but he has serious competition this summer