Donovan, Beasley and McInerney headline USMNT Gold Cup roster

Landon Donovan

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U.S. Men’s National Team veterans Landon Donovan and DaMarcus Beasley headline a veteran squad chosen by Jurgen Klinsmann for the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Klinsmann named a 23-man roster for the tournament, with Donovan and Beasley returning to the national team fold, where they will be joined by national team newcomer Jack McInerney and young midfielders Joe Corona and Mix Diskerud.

Here is the USMNT Gold Cup roster:

GOALKEEPERS– Bill Hamid, Sean Johnson, Nick Rimando

DEFENDERS– Oguchi Onyewu, Clarence Goodson, Edgar Castillo, Michael Parkhurst, Corey Ashe, Tony Beltran, Michael Orozco, DaMarcus Beasley

MIDFIELDERS– Kyle Beckerman, Joe Corona, Stuart Holden, Alejandro Bedoya, Mikkel Diskerud, Josh Gatt, Jose Torres

FORWARDS– Will Bruin, Herculez Gomez, Landon Donovan, Chris Wondolowski, Jack McInerney


Among the surprising omissions from the team were Brek Shea and former U.S. captain Carlos Bocanegra. Shea is set to join Stoke City for pre-season while Bocanegra’s club future is uncertain, with rumors swirling that he will sign with MLS.

Here is the full list of players left off the final Gold Cup roster who were on the preliminary roster (these players could join the team after the group stage as replacements. Each team in the Gold Cup can make four roster chances after the group stage):

Tally Hall, Matt Besler, Carlos Bocanegra, Omar Gonzalez, Brad Davis, Brad Evans, Benny Feilhaber, Eddie Johnson, Brek Shea, Graham Zusi, Alan Gordon, Bobby Wood

The U.S. Gold Cup team opens tournament play on July 9th against Belize in Portland. They also face Cuba and Costa Rica in group play.

What do you think of the roster? Who are you excited to see make the team? Who are you disppointed to see left off?

Share your thoughts below.

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249 Responses to Donovan, Beasley and McInerney headline USMNT Gold Cup roster

  1. That Guy says:

    Boca didnt make it…

    • The fact that Boca didn’t but Onyewu did astounds me. I guess I haven’t seen Gooch play since he got to Milan, but he looked done when he signed there.

      • wfrw07 says:

        Milan was like three clubs ago for Gooch.

      • Old School says:

        Neither Boca or Gooch should be on the roster.

        I respect the hell out of their service for the Nats but they are on their last legs and have nearly zero tread on the tires.

        Boca has shown well the last few call ups but Gooch has been a disaster when putting on the National team kit since his injury.

        Admittedly, I haven’t seen any of his club matches since then but I see a lot of “DNP’s” with him, in between bouncing from clubs.

        Love them. Great memories but it’s time to move on.

        • bottlcaps says:

          Gooch has had more playing time than Holden has in the past two years. If Gooch doesn’t belong, neither does Holden. BUT JK wants to take a look at them in an important, but not real difficult game. Besides, making the gameday roster for Malaga is something that no current USMNT center backs could do anyway..

          The problem with JK’s appeal to all USMNT players to reach as far as you can go, is that you sometimes hit a ceiling…HARD. If it comes before a WC year, there is a good chance you will not make the US team even though you are training day-in and day out with great players.

          The plain fact is that managers at AC Milan, Sporting Lisbon and Malaga, all big teams with large pedigrees and stocked with great players, all saw something in Gooch that made them want to acquire him. But not all things work out. Big teams stockpile players. They have lots of competitions and injuries and to stay near the top, they need lots of players. Only 11 can play.. If Gooch is healthy and past his injuries he should be given a shot at the USMNT.

      • Josh D says:

        As Ives said, Boca is looking for a club. Klinsi has omitted players in the past to let them find a club and establish themselves there during the off season.

        Gooch needs all the help he can get to find a starting role. Different needs.

        • Ross says:

          It astounds me, some people never read the article before they start to complain or criticize.

      • Boca is not on the roster to give him full capability of transferring club teams. That’s the reason Klinsmann left him off.


  2. paul says:

    Boca might be working on club situation and can’t come in for the Gold Cup

    • Falsify says:

      MIGHT be? Did you even read the article? I’m pretty sure that’s DEFINITELY the reason.

  3. Jason says:

    Alright, Wondo. Get healthy and score some goals.

    • Old School says:

      When has he scored any goals while healthy, for the Nats?

      • SanFran415 says:

        He has 4 goals in 9 caps–a very decent scoring rate on the national scale.

        • Weston John says:

          Wondo has ZERO goals in 9 caps…

          • SanFran415 says:

            I could be wrong, but Wikipedia lists his goals at 4 in 9 caps.

            • Old School says:

              Unfortunately, I think you’re incredibly wrong.

              As I said in my original post, “when has he ever scored when healthy?”. Wondo is a great MLS player and I love his heart/story but his game falls short of translating to the International level.

              What’s frustrating? He’s had quite a few chances to finish some goals but he never did.

              I’m not trying to hate on him because I like seeing MLS players make an impact but it’ll never happen (at least when we need it/in games that matter).

              • SanFran415 says:

                He thrives on the space found between defenders at the MLS level–something that doesn’t exist at the international level.

                That’s why I rate Chicharito so highly because he manages to make poaching work against world cl@ss defenders.

            • Old School says:

              Not to derail the topic but I stand by my assessment (and sift through my own dislike for Mexico) in saying Hernandez is one of/if not the best poachers in the World.

              That said, he can’t dribble or create a goal though on his own to safe his life.

              Poaching though? He’s ruthless.

            • Annelid Gustator says:

              Not now, it doesn’t. Also USSOCCER has him at 11 caps, 0 goals.

          • SanFran415 says:

            You’re right.

            link to

            Wikipedia has him at 4 goals in 9, but US Soccer says he has none.

            • Weston John says:

              Wikipedia is wrong in this case. Here are Wondo’s career USMNT appearances:
              1st Cap (1-22-2011): US beats Chile 1-0 (Bunbury with the goal)
              2nd Cap (6-4-2011): Spain beats US 4-0
              3rd Cap (6-7-2011) Gold Cup: US beats Canada 2-0 (Dempsey & Altidore goals)
              4th Cap (6-11-2011) Gold Cup: Panama beats US 2-1 (Goodson goal)
              5th Cap (6-14-2011) Gold Cup: US beats Guadaloupe 1-0 (Altidore goal)
              6th Cap (1-21-2012): US beats Venezuela 1-0 (Ricardo Clark goal)
              7th Cap (1-25-2012): US beats Panama 1-0 (Zusi goal)
              8th Cap (6-3-2012): US draws Canada 0-0
              9th Cap (1-29-2013): US draws Canada 0-0

            • Weston John says:

              Good work, San Fran….you caused the Wikipedia author to fix his page.

        • Old School says:

          Odd, I literally don’t recall these goals. That’s surprising.

        • Adam says:

          Freddy Adu has scored more goals for the U.S. than Wondolowski has.

    • Chicago Josh says:

      Wondo should not be allowed anywhere near the US National team. He has a great story and is a terrific ambassador for MLS soccer, but he doesn’t have the talent to contribute at the next level. MLS is not a strong enough league to develop US goal scorers for the international level…please see: Twellman, Lassiter, Cunningham, Razov, Kreis

  4. nick says:

    Disappointed Wood didnt get a look….

    • Josh D says:

      I am too, and I find it a bit puzzling. Klinsi released his initial roster after Wood’s season was over. So he could neither do any better or any worse in Klinsi’s mind. So to include him there, but cut him later, especially in favor of someone like Wondo who has done nothing and is too old anyway to make a mark, is strange.

      The reasons could be: After such an injury hit few years, he wanted a rest. The MLS strikers in contention with him proved they were better (not likely). He’ll be brought in after the group stages (unlikely). He turned down the offer. He wants a proper preseason with his club, hoping to earn a starting role. He’s transferring.

      I think Wood has a bright future if he can stay injury free. We’ll see him again.

      • Findley is the American Bofo says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all sold on Wondo at the National level. However, could it be that Klinsy is starting to set his formation and wants to try out people who fit it? That is, if he really likes the setup now, but say Jozy gets hurt, do we have a second option to play essentially the same role? I don’t know much about Wood, but is he similar to Jozy? I could see Wondo or Bruin fitting that role to keep the rest of the team in the same shape, but not sure about Wood. With the World Cup only a year away, I see Klinsy starting to balance the desire to look at new options with the need to start settling on his best team and how those parts fit together.

        We need not look further than the last World Cup. Bobby B wanted to play with a big body up front (Jozy) coupled with a speedster. When Davies went down, insert plan B – Findley. It may not have worked out that well, but perhaps better to insert a worse option at one position (we certainly had better forwards on the roster) to keep the rest of team and tactics in place.

        • GW says:

          If Jozy got hurt right now and a big game were being played next week the replacements would be drawn from Boyd, EJ, Wondo, Alan Gordon.

          The order of those four would depend on their form and the opponent. Boyd has not shown well ( he was all over the place vs. Germany) but he is really talented and he could bust out at any point especially now that the US offense finally seems to be making more opportunities for everyone.

          Wondo is 0 for 11 games. But since Jozy went even longer without scoring it should be clear to most observers that that the scoring drought was less about Wondo than it was about the system.

          JK has always had nothing but praise for him so in spite of the sentiment from US “fans”, Wondo may yet prove useful.
          After all most of you had consigned EJ to the dumpster and it now looks like he has a pretty good shot at going to Brazil.

          Gordon remains an option if you need a battering ram

        • Lost in Space says:

          Wondo can not fill the Jozy role (Hold Up striker). Wando is the type who plays the Withdrawn forward role….so in essance he’d be Dempsey’s replacement…playing off the Jozy Type. Jozy’s backups are the Boyd or Bruin players.
          Wood falls into a utility type guy….Plays wide in the 4-2-3-1 or the 4-3-3, and possibly underneith in a 4-4-1-1. Wood is the backup for the Zusi, Donovan, EJ, types.

    • Vic says:

      Wood got some playing time but not that much this past season. He is probably better off joining his club team in the preseason and fighting for playing time.

  5. SanFran415 says:

    Not bad at all.

  6. Jurgen Klinsmann says:

    I thought that Wondolowski and Gomez were injured. I am a little surprised at how much of a veteran team this is. I guess since CONCAF changed the Gold Cup format with the winners of this Gold Cup playing the winners of the next Gold Cup going to the Confederation Cup you have to take this tournament more seriously. It looks like a great lineup.

    Question though: I thought Gatt and Bedoya have Champions League and Europa League during the same time. How is that going to work?

  7. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    So long Carlos!

  8. Ryan nanez says:

    I was really hoping wondo wouldn’t make it.

    • QuakerOtis says:

      Wondo has been off for San Jose this season, though that’s in large part a result of the midfield behind him. He is clearly frustrated. So, while I am also surprised by Wondo’s inclusion, perhaps JK still rates him, wants to help Wondo regain confidence, get back in form? I still don’t see Wondo on the WC roster, so I’m not sure what that does for the Nat’l Team… but as a Quakes fan, I’m ok with it, haha.

      • Marcelo Balboa's Mustache says:

        Agree. Wondo missed some sitters early this season, and I think that and the frustration with the midfield has him really off his game. Quakes miss Dawkins bad.

        On the Gold cup team, I love love love the midfield. Excited to see Mix, Corona, and Holden get some looks. Drives me a little crazy that Lichaj can’t get a look. I rate him higher than any other outside back on the Gold Cup roster. I hope he does well in the Championship in time.

    • That Guy says:

      I’d rather have Agudelo was reintroduced to the national team. Wondo is not international caliber, not wrong with that though.

  9. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I understand the Shea omission but it still is disappointing to me… This guy has that something that we need… He can relieve Johnson for the last 20 of matches and be a match winner… we need to get him going for the NATs

    • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

      What we need more is for him to secure playing time at Stoke. If he misses a large chunk or their preseason you can bet their new manager won’t give it to him.

    • Ben says:

      Shea has probably already demonstrated that when he is healthy and in form her has a place on the first team roster. Klinsmann has seen him enough and has seen him in training recently. I’m sure the thought process on shea and this gold cup was “we know what you can do, go get 100% healthy and win your spot for your club. If you do we will see you for the qualifiers and the WC”.

    • r.benjamin says:

      foot injuries can make someone disapear for a year or more. I wonder how brek’s foot really feels at this point.

  10. Good Jeremy says:

    wow… no Boca. I thought he was nearly a lock for his leadership experience and to see if the old engine still worked, but I guess they already have Gooch doing the same thing. I’m still shocked that Beckerman, Gooch, and Wondo got the call ahead of him.

  11. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Also… the fact that Klinsmann refused to look at Eric Lichaj is becoming a joke… each and every time he is left off..

    • SanFran415 says:

      You know what’s a joke? Asking for a guy with a total of 31 club team appearances since 2009. And more so to criticize without taking 30 seconds of your time to figure out that he’ll be in preseason with a brand new team trying to earn a spot on the squad–aka an awful time to pull him from the squad.

      • Andy in Atlanta says:

        Or….. you can realize that Lichaj is Polish…. Klinsmann has a history with Poles… and it is not a good one… YUP… I went there.

        • Kosh says:

          Wait…what?!? Wow! I mean…just WOW!!

          I’ve seen fishing and strange stretchy logic on these boards but this one takes the cake.

          Admit it – you like Lichaj and hate JK.

        • Old School says:

          Yea, could do without that kind of speculation but this just seems to be another (tired) case of JK-hate/bias.

          • Andy in Atlanta says:

            He has had speculated personal issues with Podolski and Klose both Polish… Do some research.. I am not the first to throw this out there.

            • Old School says:

              It’s not about doing my research, it’s about this speculation being ridiculous.

              You dislike JK. Somehow that means he dislikes Lichaj.

              It’s your own bias/negativity man. That’s not a JK issue. That’s a personal issue. No research needed for that.

              • Andy in Atlanta says:

                I miss Bob Bradley…there is no denying that…

                However, the fact that a defender capable of playing left back has been ignored despite the fact that he is making the bench and sometimes the field for a Premier League club is not being called in by the national team points to me that there is something going on behind the scenes….

                Klinsmann holds grudges… we saw it with Landon just recently…

              • Old School says:

                “Klinsmann holds grudges… we saw it with Landon just recently…”

                Not to beat this dead horse, but Andy, that’s not called a “grudge”, that’s called making people/players accountable.

                There is a psychological element to managing, too. I won’t profess JK has been right on this topic across the board but with Landon? He’s been dead on.

                Landon is an emotional guy but he’s also an incredibly spoiled guy. He’s the best player we’ve every produced and he knows it.

                IF…Landon recaptures his form.
                IF…Landon makes a statement with this Gold Cup.
                IF…Landon gets back on the 23 man roster.

                …JK deserves credit. He gave nothing to him and made him WANT it again. Landon needs to be told “no” to motivate him.

            • Goalscorer24 says:

              I think you need to do some research. Klinsmann is the coach that brought both of those players into the German national team.

              • bearusky says:

                Didn’t bob do the same thing? Plus aside from holding grudges he had man crushes on crappy players like REDcardo Clark, who cost us, and Nightmare on Bornstein? It is common I guess. Soooo…who cares really?

            • Tim says:

              Now I finally understand why Klinsmann hasn’t called me up yet. I’m polish. Oh Wait probably because I last played soccer in high school. Nevermind.

        • SanFran415 says:

          Which completely explains Chris WONDOLOSWKI–who is Polish.

          • Andy in Atlanta says:

            Native American and 3rd Gen Polish yes…. Lichaj is second gen to both parents..

            He chose the US over Poland (Wondo would not have that option) and look how it is working out for him..

            • SanFran415 says:

              Probably better than it would have for Poland which has a better defense than we do.

              Piszczek – right back for dortmund
              Marcin – right back for Anderlecht (not at Tel Aviv)
              Boenisch – left back at leverkeusen

            • wfrw07 says:

              Yeah, if he had just decided to play for Poland, Łukasz Piszczek would be shaking in his boots.

            • Jay says:

              LOL is this a joke? Lichaj would not be in Poland’s starting XI.

              • Andy in Atlanta says:

                Where did anyone say starting 11? NOWHERE… He might have actually been called up in the last year though… which he has not been so far for the US since Klinsmann walked in…

                Face it guys… Klinsmann has something against him… you can’t justify all the other wacky names to be called in…

        • PD says:

          where’s the moderation beartrap when you need it?

        • Luke says:

          Wondolowski! Ooops, there went your arguement.

      • Air Jordanz says:

        Lichaj has nearly 60 appearances in all competitions in the last 3 seasons. If you include 2009 that numbers goes up. He also had 5 USMNT appearances during that period.

        You need to check your facts.

    • Old School says:

      New club.

      Maybe he needs time to acclimate? For the record, I like Lichaj too but either way, every manager has their favorites and people they don’t rate very highly. Let’s not forget: Bornstein, ok?

      Thus far, Klinsmann has done a good job of selecting and I think we need to move past these “Forum Favorites” each poster seems to have.

      A lot can happen in a year. If Lichaj gets settled, shows well…then maybe he forces the issue. Until then? From the reports I’ve read (and the fact that his club let him go for free), he really hasn’t made a strong case for himself.

      • ozotkd says:

        + 1

      • Kosh says:

        + 1.

        Thank you, Old School.

      • Nate Dollars says:

        ‘Thus far, Klinsmann has done a good job of selecting’

        -1, old school. i don’t blame you for wiping the whole ‘paco torres at left back’ episode from your memory, but some of us will never forget.

        this is not the time to call up lichaj, but the fact is, lichaj has shown well for the usmnt in the past, and had been playing regularly (and very well) at aston villa in 2012, and was never called up by klinsmann at all. you can understand people getting frustrated.

        • Jim says:

          Sure, I’ll give people a break for being frustrated in the fall of 2012 when Lichaj was getting a lot of playing time at Villa. But he was AWFUL in the second half of last season. I saw him play against West Brom in January when he was getting lit up like a Christmas tree, and I’m pretty sure Lambert gave up on him after that point.

          People might as well save their frustrations for players who have a club and are in form getting left off the roster. Not a lot of those here, tho.

          • Nate Dollars says:

            ‘People might as well save their frustrations for players who have a club and are in form getting left off the roster.’

            that’s exactly what i was referring to by mentioning lichaj’s time at aston villa in 2012. i neglected to specify that it was spring (not fall) 2012, but i thought that was obvious by how bad he was in the fall.

        • Jesse D says:

          I don’t know if any of you guys watched Aston Villa play this year. I did only because I wanted to see Guzan and Lichaj. Guzan was good no doubt about, a very good in goal. Lichaj, well he usually was on the bench. When there was an injury and he was called upon to fill the void, he got beat, and he got beat again. If you go look at any of the goals scored against Villa in the games he played, he was usually the “at fault” party. I’m really rooting for the guy to improve but if you are frustrated with Castillo turning the ball over and losing his mark, Lichaj is just a bigger, slower version.

          • Nate Dollars says:

            yes, i watched. yes, lichaj was bad.

            no, he was not ‘usually the at fault party’ (aside from guzan, the incompetence was pretty evenly distributed), but he certainly didn’t look good.

            but all that is missing my point. i was saying that people were getting frustrated due to the fact that lichaj wasn’t ever called up even when he was playing regularly, and well, for his club team, and even after he played very well for us in the 2011 gold cup.

        • wfrw07 says:

          Torres played 60 minutes at left back in a match we won. It wasn’t like he played several matches there and failed.

          Also, Lichaj didn’t play that regularly (or that well for that matter) at Villa last year. He was part of a defense that let up like 80 goals

          • Nate Dollars says:

            torres at left back was a selection mistake: we were in that situation because klinsmann didn’t call up additional outside backs (one of whom was healthy and starting in a top league) even after our 2 (3?) starters went down with injuries.

            that’s why i disagreed about klinsmann doing a good job selecting outside backs. unless you’re actually arguing for torres to be in our left back depth chart, i’m not sure what your point is.

            • GW says:

              “torres at left back was a selection mistake”

              As I recall the US won that game.

              And it wasn’t JFT’s first US game at left back. BB played him there I think against Costa Rica..

              It’s hardly a big deal either way.:

        • Old School says:

          “‘Thus far, Klinsmann has done a good job of selecting’”

          I stand by that.

          I don’t make assessments on a single player selected. He’s missed on just more than Torres but that’s his job: to test and assess what he has to work with.

          I am, however, looking at players like Graham Zusi, Matt Besler, Brad Evans for example. All who have been ragged on tirelessly by SBI posters due to; being MLS products, having no previous experience or simply wanting to hate on JK. Those people are eating a lot of crow now.

          People may not have agreed with how we got here but the results at the end of the day are all that matters. Last I checked, everyone can nearly book their tickets to Brazil and do so comfortably.

          …to say nothing of how the team is performing now, too.

  12. fischy says:

    Interested to see the 2013 version of Gooch. Curious to see if and how Hamid will do. Excited to see what Corona, Bedoya, Gatt and McInerney will do at this level, to see if they can force their way into the squad. And, hoping that Donovan shows a return, more or less, to form. We could use a guy who is so good on both ends.

  13. julio says:

    Wondo and Beckerman really ?!?!?!?! uuuugggghhh don’t get why we keep putting these Int’l rejects on the roster thinking they will somehow get better.

    • Ryan nanez says:


    • Kosh says:

      ‘Tis difficult to call one a reject if they keep getting selected, no?

      One man’s reject is another coach’s selection. For this tourney and what we have have available pool wise – I’m with the coach on this one.

    • Dc says:

      How can you write off Wondo when Jozy had a 3 year scoring drought, and is just now getting the hang of it? Be fair. Put Wondolowski in the games where he is getting service and the dude is bound to score. I’m not saying he is World Cup squad quality, just saying he deserves another chance. Some of the goals I see him score in MLS are just jaw dropping, and no, they are not because of poor defending.

      • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

        Their professionalism on the training ground and in the locker room can’t be underestimated either.

      • Jozy is 23 and has been a Nat’s prospect since he was in the U17 ranks. Also he has a track record of success at the international level (17 senior goals, 3 U23 goals, 5 U20 goals) and a skill-set based on his size, strength and skill on the ball which has proved to be worth that level of competition.

        Wondo is 30 and has been a Nat’s prospect since he was 28. He has no track record of success at the international level (9 senior caps, no international goals) and a skill set which is based on positioning and finding holes in MLS defenses that don’t exist at the international level.

        If your not willing to say he is World Cup squad quality at 28, why are we bothering to bring him in? We’d be better off bringing in a young player and letting him get time. I’m genuinely hoping that McInerney and Will Bruin keep Wondo off the field the entire tournament and I still think his was a wasted spot.

        • Kosh says:

          I think the comparison was based on chances. Yes, Jozy is younger with the massive upside and proven record (though you have to get chances to prove yourself). No one is disputing that or saying that Wondo is competing for Jozy’s spot.

          It’s an off year GC that was just recently made somewhat relevant with a rule change. There are off-seasons, the CC and WQC happening with enough games to go around. This GC ranks low but it is still a regional tourney and some silverware on the line.

          JK is doing a few things here – 1) see who is ready to put pressure on and possibly force their way into the A squad (Wondo is not in that group – see LD, Mix, Corona), 2) have veteran presence with some new guys playing serious roles (Wondo may…to some extent be in this group – see LD, Beasley and Gooch) and 3) win a regional title with the guys you have and rate depth-wise (Wondo is definitely in this group as is Beckerman).

          Like the pick or not – that’s a fan’s perspective. But in the grand scheme of things I don’t see how he’s a wasted pick for this particular GC and for a chance to do some depth ranking and assessment.

        • Dc says:

          I agree, I would rather see a young player too. I’m just not going to hate on a good player. He has qualities that justify the call up, all I am saying.

        • Yevgeniy says:

          I am so tired of this “international level” bs. International level facing Germany or international level in the Gold Cup facing Belize and Costa Rica? Most MLS defenses are at least on par with any defense in CONCACAF except Mexico and US!

        • Dennis says:

          I am tired of people saying untrue things about good players. Saying Beckerman or Wondoloski is a bad player is totally wrong. Either can play and play very well if used in a system that emphasizes his strengths. And like lots of other players if they are used in places that emphasize their weaknesses they will look bad. Klinsmann has used Beckerman mostly in the place where he is comfortable and where his lack of speed is not so much an issue and honestly, he has looked for the USMNT, though other options (Jones, Bradley, Edu and maybe Williams have similar strengths and not so many weaknesses). Not so for Wondo who has been used by Klinsmann mostly as a lone forward and who was not often given any service. If Wondo can pair with another forward and either can drop into those open spaces the extra forward helps create, it would play to Wondo’s strengths and he would score goals, or his movements would free up the other forward. Wondo is, in fact, exceptional in that no forward, not McBride, not Donavon, not Altidore, not Gomez, not Stern John, …maybe the closest is Ruiz has been able to stay at the top of the scoring list in MLS for 3 seasons and given that he is still taking lots of shots, I expect, his scoring for this season will eventually pick up and he will be near the top again.

          Basically I really doubt the intelligence of anyone who claims that any player named to the USMNT is worthless or makes some other demeaning comment. They are simply wrong, non of Arena, Bradley or Klinsmann named any poor players to the team. You can argue that other players are better, but Really!

          Players are not developed on the national team, they are there to win games, or in some cases for young players to learn what will be asked of them in the future, and in some cases to showcase a deserving player to help him get attention from club coaches

  14. ThePonchat says:

    I think it would’ve been nice to see Josh Williams (Crew) in the mix defensively. He’s been solid.

    I like seeing Mikkel and Gatt on the squad. Always a fan of Herculez too, just hope he can stay healthy. Same goes for Stuart!

    • ozotkd says:

      Herc tweeted yesterday that he is in SD ready for pre season, so I assume he’s ready to go. Excited to see what Holden can do given a full chance.

  15. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Seriously… think about that for a moment… Corey Ashe is getting called up before a guy that played 20+ times in the premier league this season… It better because he is rumored to be leaving his club and nothing more…

    • SanFran415 says:

      He play 17 times in the premier league last season. Not 20+. And the team valued him so much they let him go on a free transfer.

      And once again–he’ll be in preaseason camp with a new team–an awful time to get called up.

      • Andy in Atlanta says:

        had 23 appearances for Villa… yes 8 of them were in cups… duly noted..

        He played in May vs Chelsea… Corey Ashe played Sporting KC…

        Again.. I see that he joined a new club. I missed that on here but it still is silly that Klinsmann has given him no looks since coming in compared to the other bozos he has trotted out.

        • SanFran415 says:

          Fair enough–easy to miss stuff I guess.

          He’s just not very highly rated. I understand he’s a grass in greener sort of player, but he’s not offered the coaches really anything positive to go for.

          I’m sure Klinsmann would love a player showing big and playing well to help shore up the back line.

        • SanFran415 says:

          Fair enough–easy to miss stuff I guess.

          He’s just not very highly rated. I understand he’s a gr@ss in greener sort of player, but he’s not offered the coaches really anything positive to go for.

          I’m sure Klinsmann would love a player showing big and playing well to help shore up the back line.

        • Jesse D says:

          Playing for a team and being good are two different things. Think about how much a team would hype Jonathon Bornstein as the man who had a ton of US caps, and even scored vital goals in qualifying. We all know the truth having watched the games, he was highly over matched and over rated. I honestly think Lichaj is the same thing, I watched him play this year, defensively he is a major liability. I’ll keep routing for him, maybe he learns to play at the pace of English soccer, but he got embarrassed a lot last year, which is why Villa didn’t want to keep him and no other premier league club was interested.

        • GW says:


          JK took the job at the same time Lichaj suffered his serious hip injury. So JK went for quite a while without been able to call Lichaj in.

          When Lichaj came back he only got first team minutes when the starters were either injured or were playing so badly they eventually got released. So it seems to me Lichaj has always been a fill in at Villa and has never actually won a starter’s job.

          When the new guy, Lambert, came in, the very first thing he did was buy two fullbacks a right back and a left back. s

          That should tell you something.

          Obviously, Lambert was not impressed with Lichaj even though he gave him a run of games to make his case.

          So of course you will say, the hell with Villa, they are the anti Americans who abused Mikey Bradley and maybe now anti Polish as well. Isn’t Brad Guzan American and Polish? Or is he just from Chicago?

          Are you telling me that the US fans who hate Bornstein are anti Semitic and anti Hispanic ( mixed heritage for Jony Boy)?

          But then all you are about is how good Eric is for the US right? Well first off he played for a different US manager with a different system. And second of all he only had nine caps or so and that is not definitive.

          And third of all most of you say he showed well for the US but in the 2011 Gold Cup Final he gave the ball away cheaply in the penalty box to Guardado which led directly to their second and tying goal. Most of you defend him based on the fact that he was stressed out because he had to move to right back in the 11th minute but that is ridiculous because right back is his favorite position.

          Actually this points out to to what I believe is the real reason JK hasn’t called Lichaj in.

          Eric is a fast, quick, solid defender. However, he is not good going forward. The other bozos, Castillo, Fabian, DMB, Evans, Fiscal, Dolo, Chandler, Cameron, JFT for the most part can contribute something going forward.

          So if I’m JK I look at Lichaj and I see a guy who can’t get off the bench long term and even at his best, is no great contributor going forward and I think, maybe we better spend our limited time with the other options here with more potential upside for our style of play.

          Now if Lichaj starts making a good case for himself at Forest, who knows?

          By the way, I was at RFK for the Germany match and after the game JK went up to Miro Klose , who JK has always had plenty of good things to say about, and put his arm around him and they talked for a while. They looked pretty friendly to me. Pretty close contact if you don’t like each other.

          • Nate Dollars says:

            ‘Eric is a fast, quick, solid defender. However, he is not good going forward.’

            go back and watch the gold cup games again. hell, watch his games at aston villa. he is good going forward.

            kind of funny how some critics will say, ‘sure, he can defend, but he can’t attack’, and then others say, ‘sure, he can attack, but he can’t defend’. guess people just see what they want to see.

            • GW says:


              2011 was two years ago, an eternity in soccer terms. And what I saw then was a fast guy who was not the best attacking fullback.

              In fact I clearly remember thinking the first time I saw Chandler ” now there is your attacking fullback!” and thinking that Lichaj was clearly a level below.

              Watch him at Villa. What little I saw of him there was someone who had no confidence really, either defending or attacking.

              It doesn’t matter what you or I think, what matters is four managers at Villa, O Neill, Houllier, McLeish and Lambert did not think Lichaj was a full time starter.

              This wasn’t MB90 or Edu getting caught in a numbers game, or Shea and Holden needing some high quality rehab.

              Lichaj was a on the bench on merit. Sometimes Americans are benched because they deserve it not because they are Americans.

              Clearly Lichaj chose to stay and fight for his place when Lambert came in.

              JK made his criteria clear to everyone, if you want to play for me get yourself into the most competitive situation you can or where you can at least get more PT.

              Everyone else heard that and did what they could with mixed results.

              Give credit to Lichaj for his willingness to fight for his place but maybe he was wasting his time and should have moved on when Lambert first came in. Had he moved to Forest or someplace like that at that time maybe we aren’t having this discussion.

              Who knows he may yet work his way back into the picture but falling out of the picture in the first place was on Lichaj not on you or me or Lambert, or JK or Ives or anyone else.

              Sometimes, the fact that he is not good enough is all on the player.

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      Left his club… missed that… my bad

    • Jose from the Bay says:

      “It better be …” ? what does that mean? what if this is not the reason, what are the ramifications O Impotent One?

    • bearusky says:

      Settle down lichaj! Take it up with klinsy not here…

  16. Lost in Space says:

    Wondolowski really? He has shown nothing at the international level across multiple attempts/years. Would have preferred that Wood have been given a chance than Wondo who we know can’t contribute.
    Otherwise I’m OK with this roster. There are players I’d preferr not to have (Beckerman, Parkhurst)…and players I would have liked to have been given opportunities (Boyd, Lichaj, Younger CB than Goodson/Gooch)…but I can live with the rest of the squad.

    • Ryan nanez says:


    • Yevgeniy says:

      I think that Wondolowski played about 360 minutes for national team. Many, many top strikers in the Worl go through stretched of 4 games without scoring. He absolutely deserves a chance. You may not like MLS, but even if you don’t hard to argue that he deserves it less than Bruin let’s say.

      • Dennis says:

        No other player, none. hase scored as many goals in MLS over 3 seasons. Not McBride, not Donavon, not Dempsey, not Gomez, not anyone. Yet people continue to claim the disjointed 360 minutes Wondo has seen for the USMNT (I think it averages 30 minutes per appearance and no full games) is clear evidence he can’t score for the USMNT.

      • Lost in Space says:

        I actually like MLS and believe that there are a number of good players/teams in the League. My issues with Wondo is not that he hasn’t scored at the NT….my issue is that he hasn’t done anything at the NT level in 11 appearances AND is 30 years old. He can’t contribute now….and he is not a prospect for next year’s WC or beyond.
        As for being more deserving than Bruin….that isn’t an accurate compairison, as they are different types of strikers. Bruin is being called in as a Target Striker who is an understudy for our primary TS’s (Jozy & Boyd). He is what 24-25 yrs old??? he can be of use now and developed.
        Wondo on the other hand is a Withdrawn striker or Winger. His compitition includes…Gomez, Dempsey, Zusi, F. Johnson, Donovan, EJ, Bedoya, Agudelo, Gatt, Shea, Mixx…..Wood, Gyau. Much deeper pool of players with a LOT of young players who have more potential and longer shelf life. IMO I’d much rather have an up and comer than a never was.

  17. ballz says:

    8 back: 6 wing backs, 2 center backs…..interesting depth choice.

  18. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Jack Mac and LD are interesting combination. Donovan’s passing in the final third and Jack Mac’s ability to read space could be devastating

    • QuakerOtis says:


      • Jesse D says:

        fun to watch. I’ve heard a lot of hype about this Jack Mac kid. I haven’t seen much from him in the 3 games I watched. What really frustrates me, is he always assume’s he is offsides. Sometimes he isn’t it. He has some skills and is good at finding space. Looking forward to seeing what he can do in a US jersey.

    • beachbum says:

      yes, I’m looking forward to seeing them play together in a 4-4-2

  19. DUDEEROO says:

    Terrible. Klinny just neutered RSL. This is terrible.

  20. bryan says:

    solid. surprised to see no Boca, but that has to do with him finding a team. Beasley being included is also strange because he played a lot of minutes in May/June. but it’s great to have him! i wouldn’t mind seeing this against Belize:


    • Dinho says:

      Not bad.

      A few comments:

      (1) I haven’t seen enough good things from Gatt to warrant a start. Although his pace is always a great threat.
      (2) The lack of pace between Goodson/Gooch in the back is terrifying to me, especially against teams that will rely on their athleticism like Belize.
      (3) Castillo has not shown that he can defend. I’d switch him and Beasley in your lineup.

      • bryan says:

        1. absolutely, Corona could easily start over him.
        2. Yeah, it would be a bit risky. Not sure there are many options though.
        3. I don’t buy into that crowd. I have full faith in Castillo being more than capable of defending well in the Gold Cup. plus, i think this is the perfect time to find out once and for all.

        • Dinho says:

          Point taken that Castillo may be good enough to defend in the Gold Cup. I am, however, sticking to my guns that he is not well-suited to defend against the first-team squads that we will face in the World Cup (assuming we qualify).

        • Dinho says:

          grrr… moderation!

          Point taken that Castillo may be good enough to defend in the Gold Cup. I am, however, sticking to my guns that he is not well-suited to defend against the first-team squads that we will face in the World Cup (a$$uming we qualify).

      • I’m assuming Beasley’s called in to get more time on the back-line. I doubt Gatt’ll start, but mostly because I see Donovan on the wing and McInerney starting up top. I’d also bet that Fiscal starts centrally to add some speed inside.

      • TomG says:

        1. Relax, he’s had what, 2 or 3 caps? If he is good in training he might start, but he’s also a nice speed guy off the bench. The midfield is loaded with possibilities. I’d guess we see Holden, Beckerman, Bedoya, Corona if Stu is capable of playing 70 minutes.

        2. Gooch has also always had very underrated straight line speed if you remember him catching Spaniards and Brazilians from behind in the Confed Cup. It’s his lateral movement and change of direction where he’s traditionally been slow. Parkhurst or MOF are also possible.

        3. Again, relax. You’ve probably seen him what twice in sub roles in the
        Last year and a half? He’s been excellent for a very good team in Liga MX. He should be fine.

    • byrdman says:

      Do you think He plays Donovan withdrawn from Gomez, like he plays Dempsey a little back from Jozy?

      To me this tournament is important for the bench guys to continue the style and form that the “A” team has been playing. So I expect two guys in the middle playing like JJ and MB(probably Holden with Dix/Torres or maybe Corona). I expect Holden to get a lot of minutes unless he just proves that he is no where near back to form. JK appears to be invested in Holden’s recovery. Which I am happy about, because like everyone else, I love the guys attitude, grit, and athleticism.

      • bryan says:

        yeah i would think so. i think it’ll be a very similar system to the A team.

      • beachbum says:

        would be interesting to see LD in that role but it’s not his strength playing that withdrawn striker role

    • Barack Obama says:

      I likes it. But depending on how ready for PT Holden is, I would slide Joe Corona or Mixx in there. In fact, if Holden can only do a solid 45 min, I would rotate the starting spots in CM between these 3 fellas.

      • bryan says:

        if Holden can’t play, Torres will slide in. same type of player, a #8. i think Corona has the best chance of starting at RM. Mix could slide in as well, but i just don’t think he will start.

        • Barack Obama says:

          I like Torres at left back better than at CM. Corona has been playing in the center this year for his club. And I’ve heard that Mixx plays there for his club as well.

          • bryan says:

            Torres at LB? no thanks. he plays the #8 for his club team and he does it well. Corona could start as well, for sure. I just personally think his best chance is RM.

  21. mikeandike says:

    Donovan! Beasley! Onyewu! It’s the 2006 World Cup squad all over again…why didn’t Boca make it again? Couldn’t he get trotted out against Belize for a farewell match at least?

  22. Rakesh says:

    Decision to not call up Bocanegra is probably due to him settling on a new club. His experience and leadership quality (not to mention his defensive abilities over Gooch, Orozco and Goodson) would have made him a lock for this squad. Probably would’ve been captain too. Was seriously looking forward to see if he still has it, cos I think we need backup at LCB behind Besler. Yup, we’ve got Cameron, OG, Edu, etc to cover at RCB but I think we’re short on the lefty’s in the middle.

    • Brian S. says:

      According to reports, Boca was not chosen at his own request due to trying to find full time employment.

  23. Dinho says:

    Well, the CB depth is interesting (and that’s being nice). We all know that JK likes a big ball winner coupled with a composed passer (i.e. Omar/Besler). So, I guess it’s Goodson and Gooch battling for a CB spot. While Orozco is against who? Parkhurst? for the other? A bit scary for me.

    Regardless, here’s a potential lineup (not that you care):

    —————— Rimando ———————-
    Parkhurst – Gooch — Orozco —- Beasley
    Corona —— Holden ——————-Bedoya
    ———–LD ——– Gomez ————–

    For the record, I’m not a fan of Beckerman, but we know that JK loves him. And, I would play LD out wide, but he is listed as a forward on the roster.

    What I would love to see?

    —————— Rimando ———————-
    Parkhurst – Goodson — Orozco —- Beasley
    ———————-Holden ——————
    Bedoya —— Mixx/Corona—————– LD
    ———– Jack Mac ——– Gomez ———–

    What say you?

  24. the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:


    I’d expect to see something similar to that.

    • Dinho says:

      See my remarks above. Gooch and Goodson are both a little lead-footed. I think we see Orozco starting at CB. Also, Beasley has shown to be able to defend much more effectively than Castillo. Switch those and I agree.

      • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

        I wouldn’t be shocked to see either of those moves. I just think he called in Onyewu to see him play. would be surprising to see him benched and Goodson was starting not too long ago so has he fallen below Orozco? All 3 will likely play at some point.

        Castillo and Beasley are interchangeable, but I think we have to see what Castillo can provide at LB. Beasley could also use more experience at LB to get used to the position more. Either way I think both should start.

  25. Tim says:

    Klinnsman my boy… why Beckerman? He offers us nothing, he isn’t part of the team’s future and won’t be going to Brazil. Bring up Dax McCarty to fill that role and put Beckerman out to pasture.

    On another note, I’m hoping Gatt, Mix, and McInerney see a lot of minutes. I’d like to see how they perform at this level over the run of a few games.

    • Barack Obama says:

      Brah, the Ginga Ninja is only going to Brasil if he pays for the plane ticket himself! No way Beckerman or Carty are A teamers. Neither of ’em are the future! So it doesn’t matter too much that he is there.

      • Jesse D says:

        +1 Dax disappears for his MLS team. He won’t be an important member of the US squad.

        • Tim says:

          Agreed Dax is unlikely to be a feature player in the US system in the future, I’d just rather seeing us put minutes in this tournament towards younger players. Or, literally anyone other than Beckerman.

    • Been There says:

      Too be honest, I haven’t paid enough attention to McCarty to make that comparison but I don’t understand everyone’s dislike for Beckerman. Sure, he doesn’t have the quality to break the starting 11 of our top team but he is a perfect fit for the Gold Cup. JK is big on consitency and you pretty much can depend on Beckerman to deliver a solid perfomance, save the past games when he has been out-classed by pace, i.e. Jamaica. I would be willing to bet he makes the final WC squad.

    • b says:

      Beckerman is in fantastic form right now, and Klinsi likes him. Did you really expect him not to get called in? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up wearing the armband. It’ll likely either be him or Donovan.

  26. Chicago Josh says:

    Twellman, Lassiter, Cunningham, Razov, Kreis…all MLS leading scorers who never made it on the international level…All good soccer players, all not good enough…but they all scored at least one goal while donning a US jersey. Why is Wondo getting YET another chance?

  27. Chicago Josh says:

    UGH! Moderation stinks!

    Twellman, La$$iter, Cunningham, Razov, Kreis…all MLS leading scorers who never made it on the international level…All good soccer players, all not good enough…but they all scored at least one goal while donning a US jersey.

    Why is Wondo getting YET another chance?

  28. Vic says:

    I have to say this isn’t much of a drop off from the first team. If they played against each other it would be a very competitive game. Years ago we couldn’t have said that.

    • Weston John says:

      I hear what you’re saying, but any time you take MB, Deuce and Altidore off the pitch and try to replace them, you’re going to have a big drop off. I might go so far and say the same thing about Zusi and FJ the way they’ve been creating assists, but I think we’ll see some nice service from Bedoya and maybe LD depending where he’s slotted in.

    • wfrw07 says:

      This is as good a B team as we have ever had, but I don’t think they would fare very well against the A team.



      I don’t think it is that close.

      • Jawaad says:

        I think Guzan would actually start at Goalkeeper for the second team. And I think/badly want this lineup to look a lil more like…


        Now tell me that front 6 would not be able to stifle the likes of Omar Gonzalez and the patchwork backline that we have on the A team right now. I’m not saying thats the back 4 that will be going to Brasil, but at the same time, shear speed and scoring ability from that front 6 would be a mighty fun game to watch.

  29. beto says:

    solid vet group (LD, Gooch, Beckerman, Holden, DMB, Rimando) with some great prospects (JackMac, Mix, Gatt, Bruin, Corona) that could be playing for next summer’s squad.. I will wait to see Mexico and Honduras’ roster but we should be the favorite to win the cup with this group.

    as for the starting xi, hard to say; very even group here. i hope to see:

    subs: Johnson, Beltran, Orozco, Torres, Diskerud, Gatt, Gomez, Bedoya

    although i would be fine with pretty much any of those subs starting as well. i guess it comes down to the form/fitness of Onyewu, Holden, Gomez, etc

    as for Boca — Get back in MLS ASAP! great player/leader but the USNMT doesn’t consist of Liga3 or Scottish 4th Div players, regardless how much they are paying you! if he wanted to keep his starting spot on the US team he would have been back in MLS years ago instead of Rangers…

  30. Bac says:

    1. Only surprise to me is Boca .. would like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation
    2. Couldn’t care less about the Beckerman call, we know what his game is, I’m more excited to see what Holden and Bedoya bring to the table with a chance for some quality minutes
    3. Couldn’t care less about the decision to exclude Shea either, I think we have better options
    3. The LB/LM pairing will be the most intriguing lineup choice to watch, because I think it gives us a look at what the pieces of the A team will look like…
    – If we see a lot of Beasley still at LB with Donovan in front of him….
    – Or Donovan on the right could indicate he’s looking at him as competition for Zusi….

    I don’t see JK changing the formation just for the Cup… I see him sticking with the 4-2-3-1…. it’s what’s working with the A team… and even though there’s no Deuce in the hole, I could see him trying Torres, or Stu, or possibly at times even a look at Donovan there…
    I’m not saying I’d do it, I’m saying it wouldn’t surprise me to see JK do it

    • Dinho says:

      All good thoughts. I agree we see a 4-2-3-1. And, I like how you referred to the “Deuce in the hole” role. That will be the interesting one to fill. I’d personally like to see Mixx or Corona in that spot.

      • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

        apparently Bedoya has been playing there for his club too and doing quite well from reports. I’m very excited to see who will emerge from this Gold Cup as a real contender for the ‘A’ team. Its a really solid and balanced squad.

        • byrdman says:

          my thoughts as well. Bedoya and Corona seem to be the logical choices. If he plays Donovan there, than I have to believe he sees him as a sub for the A team.

          • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

            Klinsmann has mentioned Corona as a wing option so I expect to see him played there. On the left I expect to see the Castillo/Beasley combo leaving Donovan in the hole like dempsey. Bedoya’s form is intriguing though. He is coming in to the tournament on a hot streak.

        • Bac says:

          Is that where he plays? I only see the occasional article that he’s playing well, scoring goals and delivers service, but don’t know much about his position and where he fits into JKs plans… Plus at some point Deuce is always a “Deuce-face” away from a 2nd yellow… which is also why I’m curious to see if LD gets a look there??

      • Tim says:

        +1 for Mixx in the hole.

    • beachbum says:

      except it hasn’t been a 4 2 3 1

  31. Dinho says:

    Well, the CB depth is interesting (and that’s being nice). We all know that JK likes a big ball winner coupled with a composed pa$$er (i.e. Omar/Besler). So, I guess it’s Goodson and Gooch battling for a CB spot. While Orozco is against who? Parkhurst? for the other? A bit scary for me.

    Regardless, here’s a potential lineup (not that you care):

    —————— Rimando ———————-
    Parkhurst – Gooch — Orozco —- Beasley
    Corona —— Holden ——————-Bedoya
    ———–LD ——– Gomez ————–

    For the record, I’m not a fan of Beckerman, but we know that JK loves him. Also, I would play LD out wide, but he is listed as a forward on the roster.

    What I would love to see?

    —————— Rimando ———————-
    Parkhurst – Goodson — Orozco —- Beasley
    ———————-Holden ——————
    Bedoya —— Mixx/Corona—————– LD
    ———– Jack Mac ——– Gomez ———–

    What say you?

    • Beto says:

      Good lineups. I saw your earier comments about Orozco.. could very well happen. So many vets with unknown current form like Gomez, Holden and Gooch.. Regardless this roster is deep and even enough to replace pretty much anyone here

  32. Bac says:

    And with no Boca, who gets the armband?

    • Dinho says:

      Gotta be LD or DMB

    • Weston John says:


    • wfrw07 says:

      If Rimando starts in goal, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him get it. JK seems to love him.

    • Dennis says:

      Probably Beckerman, maybe Beasley or Donavon.

    • KNPonder says:

      Made a comment about this topic, but it is in moderation. I think that Donovan is the obvious candidate. Will be interesting though to see if Klinsy will give it to him or not. Only other people that I can see get it would be Beasley or Beckerman. Although others have noted that Rimando and Herc have an outside shot. I think Beasley would be a good choice that few would have problems with.

  33. Footballisking says:

    I don’t get all the Lichaj love..when he played for the Nats in Chicago, looked way out of his depth. Secondly, he was the weakest link on a very weak Aston Villa defense, and if we know anything about Klinsmann he seems to be a good judge of skill set. Lichaj is not better than Mr Hannover Churendelo, he isn’t more talented than Timmy Chandler, one could argue that Davis and Beasley are better suited right now for the fb/wb positions.

  34. Phlub says:

    Everyone here plays league ball in Scandinavia or North America. With the exception of Holden and Oguchi who both desperately need the action.

    With that in mind, Shea is only a little surprising, but it’s probably better for him to get on a good start with Stoke and work his way back to minutes there and onto the WCQ squad.

    • Dinho says:

      Agreed re: Shea. We need him back to form, and fast. I’m not sold on Beasley at left back in the WC. I’d prefer to see Fab J there with an in-form Shea in front of him. Hopefully, he can make a good impression with the new gaffer, Hughes.

  35. Smackey the Frog says:

    McInerney better not get screwed out of playing time by Wondo, and I love Wondo. Terrence Boyd should have been on the provisional roster and made the final cut in CW8’s place.

    • Beto says:

      +1, macinerney > wondo. Way more potential there, very excited to see him at the next level.

    • caerbannog fc says:


      Nothing against Wondo but I’ve been a fan of McInerney since he showed so well at the 2009 u17 level (world cup / concacaf championship). Really nice to see the system produce some young talent that appears to be paying off so early. Good luck to Jack and good health.

  36. jon says:

    i don’t under stand the beasley call in, after all the PT he got in the qualies and given how injury prone he is… does klinsman want him to get hurt?

    • Brain Guy says:

      I am also puzzled by Beasley’s selection. Maybe JK wants to give him more time at LB/LW to get a better idea of his strengths and weaknesses. But the same could be said of any number of guys who were/will likely be on the WCQ roster.

      This could be Gooch’s last MNT rodeo, if he doesn’t impress.

    • Beto says:

      True, they both seem to bring the same qualities. That said both on the same field on the left side could be interesting; work gatt, LD and others in too! Some serious speed on the wings

  37. juan says:

    Not counting Donovan, forward is the weakest link. We’ve seen Wondo and the answer is no. Meanwhile, Juan Agudelo is doing very well with the Revs. Another Rev that gets no consideration is Lee Nguyen. He can control the ball and create offense but nada

    I don’t agree with calling in Gooch…. it’s been over for him for a long time. Same for Boca … its over for him too.

    I also don’t agree with the ongoing snub of Adu. I’m no Adu fanboy but he was our best player last time out and I think JK should be working with him, to overcome his short comings rather then shunning him. He still has a lot of raw talent but is young and needs guidance.

    The Gold Cup should be about developing young talent or polishing bubble players…. not seeing if there’s life in aging players legs

    • mattchew says:

      Agreed on two points here:
      -The memory of Gooch’s greatness that night against Spain FOUR years ago is dimming by the week…let it go
      -The memory of Adu coming onto the pitch that evening in Houston (I was there) in the last Gold Cup and instantly and greatly impacting the feel and flow of the match against Panama is growing stronger by the day as this Gold Cup gets ready to kick off

      • Dennis says:

        So far coaches have been pretty unanimous on their opinion of Adu as a full time player. They do not like it. He has undeniable strengths, but he tends to make the team weaker not stronger, a sure way to lose a coach’s attention. I keep waiting for him to learn how to play as part of a team, but it seems my patience is unrewarded.

    • Dennis says:

      The Gold Cup is not and should not be about developing young talent. The Gold Cup is he regional championship and the 2013 winner plays the 2015 winner to determine who goes to the next Confed. Cup.
      In fact this whole silly idea that national team call-ups are to develop players should stop. It might have been somewhat true in 1994 when Boro had pretty much the whole team available for an extended period, it is no longer true. The only development taking place is that players learn what is expected of them in training and what roles they are expected to play in games, that is not development.

    • beachbum says:

      the Gold Cup is about winning

  38. mattchew says:

    Am I the only one who is actually (for one reason or several) more excited about these upcoming matches then any recent qualifiers??!! Sooo many questions are going to be answered in the coming weeks!! Get yer scarfs and popcorn ready!!!

    • Bac says:

      I think a lot of people are stoked, minimum of 4 games (should say 5 cause we better get out of the group).. with a solid mix of players… yea I’m ready

  39. zztoppppp says:

    I would go with this, with the option of switching out Diskerud and Corona. I could also see Donovan in the withdrawn striker role with Gatt on the right wing.


    • Dinho says:

      Not bad, but there’s no way we see McInerney start over Gomez (unless Herc still has a nagging injury).

      And (not to sound like a broken record), but Goodson and Gooch are fighting for the same position. I (hope and) don’t think we see them starting together.

      • Zztoppppp says:

        I left Gomez because of the injury only, I know of he’s 100% he will get the nod. And I agree about gooch and Goodson, but in this roster they are the two best cb options.

  40. slowleftarm says:

    They need to have the Gold Cup only once every four years, the year following the World Cup. This tournament is pointless, crammed in with the HEX and the Confederations Cup.

  41. Edwin in LA says:

    Wondolowski hasn’t even played the last couple of games for San Jose….WTH? I hope Klinsmann does use the 4 players to replace some of the ones on the roster now…..

    Feilhaber get it together and get minutes at SKC again!

    • beachbum says:

      he’s being played as a defensive/holding mid there, not his best spot nor a spot he’d ever find time on the USMNT. Now as a linking midfielder/attacking midfielder? he’s only been tried at it in the Canada game and he showed VERY well

  42. JM says:

    The strange thing about this roster -given JK’s history- is the lack of depth in the central midfield.
    Beckerman – Clearly he’ll get minutes
    Holden – Is he even match fit yet? How sharp is his play right now? Probably the biggest upside and the biggest risk on the team.
    Corona & Diskerud – Sure the potential is there for both guys but neither has put demonstrated a deep body of work on the international stage
    Torres & Bedoya – Have the experience but neither has ever played as well as I hope.

  43. KNPonder says:

    Landon has to be the captain . . . right? Anyone think Klinsy will pass on Landon being captain and have someone else be captain? Don’t see many other options . . . Beasley or Beckerman maybe. Past that, I really don’t see anyone else in the equation.

  44. JM says:

    The other potential problem is if Onyewu and Goodson play together at the same time. Sure they’ll win everything in the air but there is not much speed there. With smaller countries playing bunker & counterattack, they can easily be exposed on long balls (flashback to Antigua). Then against Mexico, they could be exposed for just being too slow to mark effectively.

  45. timothy says:

    I thought Aaron Johansson was supposed to get a call up for this

  46. Chris says:

    I hope we at least tried to call up Aron Jóhannsson for the Gold Cup. Maybe AZ wouldn’t have been cool with him going, but he would instantly be a better option than any of these forwards outside of LD

  47. ACS says:

    I rated Andrew Wooten over Bobby Wood to begin with both play a winger/forward position, but Wooten is trying to get back in with Kaiserlautern after being out on loan which might be a reason why he wasn’t initially chosen.

  48. Michael says:

    Has the sun set on Agudelo?

    • slammin sammy says:

      no way guarentee he’s on the january roster.

    • zztoppppp says:

      I don’t think so. I’ve never been an Agudelo fan by any means, but I thought-aside from the injury of course-that he had performed well enough this year to get a call for the Gold Cup. I think we will see him in a USMNT shirt again, but definitely not at the World Cup.

    • Thebumswillalwayslose says:

      I apologize if I’m missing the sarcasm here, but you do know that Agudelo can’t even legally buy beer in the US yet, right?

      Juan has a huge future with the US team, and at 20 years old, has plenty of time to make it happen.

  49. slammin sammy says:

    if wondo cant score against belize its time to move on with your life..

  50. zztoppppp says:

    Is there any chance that Sean Johnson gets some work, maybe in the second half of the Guatemala friendly or in the Belize game?

  51. Ben says:

    I think this roster pretty much is what was expected. IMO assuming that Klinsman didn’t want to mess to much with players who needed to there are only 2 glaring omissions in this roster and it was made back with the 35. They are George John and Agudelo. I’ll make the case for both.

    George John: I think it is clear from the WCQ that Besler and Gonzalez are the top 2 but both need to improve (especially Gonzo). George John could help press both of them to keep improving and would provide another stable back up if either went down with injury or card accumulation. Boca and Gooch are likely done at the international level given their ages. John is in his prime. Further, John has been the best or one of the best CB in MLS for 3 years now. All in all that warrants a look to see if he can be solid at the next level.

    Aguedelo: The guy has had some success at the USMNT level, is playing well for club, and is still really young. This is the type of player you want to give opportunities to see if they add something to the mix. Bruin, Wondo ect are all known quantities that have pretty much demonstrated they aren’t quite good enough for the USMNT, Give a younger kid with more potential their reps to see if he can help you.

    • GW says:

      How is George John playing right now? I get the impression he has been having an indifferent season. In which case why are you pushing for him?

      As for Juan, I doubt the book will ever be closed on him as far as whether he goes to Brazil. Mostly he needs a nice long run of games in one place, some continuity.

      The Gold Cup is just one segment in along series of tests leading up to Brazil. 11 months is a long time.

      People lose form. People get hurt. There is a ways to go yet.

      • alocksley says:

        Agudelo is one of those players who has had a rocky club career, but always plays well for the Nats (a la Freddy Adu). We need to acknowledge that club and international football are different animals and some players are suited for one or the other.

  52. Turd Bradley says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Bedoya is garbage?

  53. Sean says:

    Would have liked to see Juan Agudelo on the roster.

  54. metrostar 4 life says:

    are we like trying to actually win this?

  55. Tractor says:

    I’m new to the sport, so can someone help me understand the Bocanegra situation? The consensus seems to be that a likely reason he was left off is that he is searching for a new club. Wouldn’t the Gold Cup be a good way to showcase himself in front of scouts, and thus a good thing, or is it the case that he needs to actually physically be in Europe (or whereever) going on trial with potential employers?