Galaxy unveil fan-designed third kit

LAGalaxy3rdKit (LAGalaxy)


The Los Angeles Galaxy revealed their latest third kit on Saturday, picking a design from fan Carlos Rodriguez, who won a contest through Facebook and the LA Galaxy.

The design is said to be a throwback to the inaugural season of Galaxy soccer, featuring the green, red, and yellow of the Los Angeles city flag. The uniform will be debuted on August 17 against Real Salt Lake.

What do you make of the kit? Like it? Think it’s awful?

Share your thoughts below.

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106 Responses to Galaxy unveil fan-designed third kit

  1. Old School says:

    Ah, the ol’ Mexico Northwest kits. Chivas are going to be irate about this….

    • Old School says:

      “What do you make of the kit? Like it? Think it’s awful?”

      …and yes, as a result: I think they’re awful.

      • bryan says:

        pretty smart though. incorporates the LA colors while also looking extremely similar to the Mexico jersey. lol

        • Old School says:

          “pretty smart though.”

          No doubt. They’re definitely aware of what they’re doing.

    • sony says:

      WTF is that a kit?

    • chris thebassplayer says:

      Probably one of the worst kits I’ve ever seen… and that’s counting the first Clash kit.

      • Riggity says:

        That new Liverpool kit is looking better and better after seeing this garbage

        • wides says:

          I actually thought this kit looked pretty decent. But as a Liverpool fan, my perspective on what constitutes a decent kit might be a bit skewed at the moment.

          Though, honestly, I’m not sure what is worse, the LFC away kit, or 3rd kit which is yet to be released. The leaked photos aren’t good though.

    • ChrisB says:

      Exactly, these are horrible. First thing I thought was Mexico.

    • Frank says:

      Actually, Carlos Rodriguez is a Chivas fan–one of the few remaining. It is Chivas USA’s way of beating the Galaxy.

    • Carl says:

      HA HA, you can’t miss it.

  2. Tony in Quakeland says:

    It would have to be improved to reach the level of awful

  3. bryan says:

    oh, don’t these look familiar….

  4. IgnerAnt says:

    ‘Awful’ might be too strong, at least compared with the memory of that horrific Liverpool 3rd kit still burned in my brain. But it’s not good. Not good at all.
    I am not quite sure why anyone was nostalgic for the initial uniforms.

  5. Pepe says:

    Somebody caption Robbie Keane’s thoughts in that picture

  6. TheFrenchOne says:

    my eye sockets are bleeding…

  7. Disgusting… Could it be any busier? Way too many colors.

  8. The Imperative Voice says:

    Ev’ry ting be eire mon.

    Or, wow I didn’t realize MLS was already starting up 90s throwbacks nights, but this isn’t quite like any thing I remember them in.

  9. Nick says:

    I feel the term “fan” was used loosely.

  10. Travis says:

    Those colors make perfect sense, I mean LA’s colors are red, green, and black right?

  11. Green76 says:

    Wow! I’ll understate things by saying I am not a fan of the new kit. I do like the Galaxy though. Maybe I’m just not under the spell of the LA city flag.

  12. Eric says:

    Holy cow.

    I mean, sure, that definitely qualifies as a ’90s throwback jersey in terms of hideousness, but even, say the Wizards’ “Charlie Brown” jerseys of old weren’t as bad as this one is.

    It’s like someone belched the Los Angeles city flag onto a soccer jersey. That’s what it looks like.

  13. Justin says:

    hahaha I am so glad I am not a Galaxy fan, those look terrible!!

  14. R. Pires says:

    WTF is that? Terrible. Someone call the fashion police, quick!

  15. T$ says:

    Robbie Rogers should of stayed in fashion school!

  16. Dan M says:

    Just got back from Mexico, so I am an expert and I say those kits are awful.

  17. Dainja says:

    Makes me think X-Clan must be part of their supporters group:

    “This is protected by the RED, the BLACK and the GREEN…with a key….


  18. RicardoB says:

    I’m interested in the injury stats after wearing those for a few games–I imagine dressing like a pinata may confuse some opposing players.

    Alternatively, was it possible to want to hit Robbie Keane more? These jersey’s suggest “yes”.

  19. Artman says:

    I think it means the Galaxy signed Dos Santos…………………catering to the new fanbase to come

    • Jordy says:

      My thoughts exactly. It’s smart though, Mexicans make up over 30% of L.A. At the same time though that didn’t help Chivas out much. Then again I’d almost say Messi himself couldn’t help Chivas much.

  20. I wouldn’t go as far to say “awful” but they aren’t the best looking kit around

  21. Good Jeremy says:

    Tose are horrific. I wasn’t find of the original 1996 uniforms but they weren’t nearly that bad. How about a throwback to the 97-98 LA kits? Those were class.

    Side note: I have a lot of respect for De La Garza. It’s got to be tough growing up with the name Adolph. Also, he never got to live his dream as a Mexican-American to play for Chivas USA, he was stuck the whole time with the losers they share the stadium with.

  22. francesco says:

    is United Colors of Benetton taking over as the shirt sponsor?

  23. ACS says:

    Is that red or Irish orange?

  24. Drewbles says:

    Why not change their name to the LA Galax-Si and just call themselves “el Si” to complete the effect.

  25. ed - houston says:

    too many collors going on there

  26. AE says:

    On the real though, regardless of how the kit looks, good form by LA for getting the fans involved in kit design. Too many teams (mainly European) will accept whatever filth is put forth and run with it. PR A+ from me.

  27. Travis is Miami says:

    Just too obvious. I don’t mind a little pandering but this is a little too much.

  28. OB Rick says:

    Maybe the ugliest I have ever seen. I am a Galaxy season ticket holder and definitely won’t be buyting this one.

  29. Byrdman says:

    A coupe more logos please

  30. beachbum says:

    wow, those are hideous, and I cannot stand the Mexican team overtures . Maybe if it makes Rodgers’ play at least somewhat worthy of being traded for Mike Magee I’ll reconsider. thsi has been a lousy few weeks being a Galaxy fan

  31. Twigg says:

    Uh… Rasta

  32. DC Josh says:

    I want my eyesight back.

  33. KungFuSoccer says:

    It’s pretty clear that they photoshopped the tears off of Delagarza’s and Keano’s face. They look very unhappy wearing this atrocity.

  34. Steve-o says:

    Never ever let fans design anything. I am reminded of the Simpsons episode where Homer designs the Homer-mobile

  35. Stoop says:

    The late 90s threw up all over this jersey.

  36. de says:

    it’s hideous! the worst possible color combinations!!!!

  37. Matt L says:

    Fan designed. Whose fans?

  38. Alex says:

    Terrible. I was moving to LA and was going to buy the next season tickets. However, now I will not. Anything Mexican football related makes me sick, especially if Donovan will wear this. Galaxy bend over backwards for Beckham and now it’s Dos Santos. Terrible.

  39. Jacknut says:

    Yet more proof fans are idiots.

  40. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    That’s why fans aren’t designers. Horrendous doesn’t begin to describe it.

  41. Brain Guy says:

    Fan-designed. As in taking a bunch of pigments and throwing them at a window fan.

  42. Soncho says:

    Designed by Chepo

  43. jay says:

    It was based on voting, and I can’t help but think it was every other teams fans stuffing the ballot boxes and sticking it to the Champs. I know a while back MLS was having trouble with people hacking and automating the voting for goal of the week, all-star team, etc. Wonder if this was the same crew.

  44. Gary says:

    Interesting, I saw this today (it’s linked from the LAG news release):
    link to

    And actually thought them decent. But WTF, calling that a “replica” is generous–it’s a completely different kit (for the worse on the actual one)

  45. Adam M. says:

    There is no truth to the rumor that Beckham left LA because Posh heard this shirt was happening. Or that Addidas had extra Mexico sleeves left over from the Vela shirts they are not selling. Or that yellow colored armpits are designed to mask yellow armpits developing. Or that this is one of George Clooney’s famous practical jokes. Or that a bored NSA agent hacked Carlos Rodriguez’s computer. Or that this shirt will be worn by someone un-ironically…..

  46. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Trying to out do those horrible 1996’s uniform?!

  47. Catamount says:

    Visual example of democracy in action? Hmm… Would have enjoyed a green and gold third kit, a throwback to the days before the Galaxy were Beckhamized.

  48. Berto says:

    Call me crazy after seeing the SBI consensus… But these are not bad at all. I like the idea of tapping into the mls history and the city of Los angeles. I’ve never been a fan of the ‘sash’ look that is currently donned every game for galaxy… Leave that to the usmnt. For usmnt I’m not opposed to the sash because of its history, I much prefer the centennial jersey though. Good job Carlos Rodriguez

  49. WK says:

    Ahh hahahahaha! As if we needed another reason to hate LA.

  50. slowleftarm says:

    Wow, even the Revs are less mediocre than that kit.

    – Mike Petke

  51. RK says:

    I love the idea that they let a fan design it.

    Unfortunately, he wasn’t a Galaxy fan.

  52. Mike says:

    Cool. I’ll be able to get it at Ross in 2 months for $20

  53. master red card says:

    These kits would fit in at the Africa Cup of Nations.

  54. Lloyd Heilbrunn says:

    Somebody confused throwback with throwup…

  55. inkedAG says:

    I think it’s a great look.

  56. Brett says:

    It’s pretty ugly. I know the yellow is there to preserve a smidgen of the Galaxy brand, but it really makes it look like a child coordinated the color scheme. It’s just bad all around.

  57. Jz says:

    I am digging it. Well done LA, fashion monsters!

  58. solles says:

    Lol when has a new kit release been accepted by the general soccer going populace. People usually have one of two reactions: I dont like change, I think it sucks; or, he said he doesnt like change and it sucks, therefore thats what I think too.

    To me its not that bad though I have to admit its pretty close to Mexico. But so what. Every kit in MLS is close to some other kit somewhere else.

  59. NornIron says:

    This has to be one of the worst kits I’ve EVER seen. This ranks right up there with the 1994 US World Cup kit. Simply an awful combination of colors that clash horribly. WHAT was Adidas thinking when they said “Yeh, looks good. Let’s go with this.”

  60. Lil' Zeke says:

    Some may disagree with me, but I think it’s good

  61. H-Town says:

    It would be perfect if it was a soccer onesy!

  62. brian says:

    Makes me wonder if Taco Bell will be the new sponsor.

  63. Mister JC says:

    Yikes… Well, at least it’s just the 3rd kit. They won’t wear this one too often, unless there was a quota in the contest…

  64. over there says:

    MLS has come a long way if it can look back and embrace the ugly and stupid of the mid-90s.

  65. Ron says:

    Bad, but at least not as bad as the worst short of all-time:

    link to

  66. Ron says:

    Oops, link didn’t work. Just google for an image of Coloradao Caribous Shirt.

  67. reiter says:

    “fan designed”? but fans of who and what? in any case, they’re surely not fans of good taste.

  68. Aguinaga says:


  69. RBNY says:

    Did Galaxy receive a mislabled shipment of El Tri gear headed for Tijuana?

  70. Cameron says:

    Mexico hombre

  71. TGA says:

    Aussie Rules Football jersey….with sleeves…Adelaide FC shud be suing

  72. JC says:

    If this is the winner of the contest, I’d hate to see the runner-up.

  73. Jordan says:

    The shirt is black, green, red, and yellow, with “herb” on it, and SBIers are flipping out because they think it evokes Mexico? People, I think you’ve got “Mexican” and “Rastafarian” mixed up.

  74. DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

    Green and red are complimentary. Black and gold are complimentary. Green and red and black and gold smooshed together is insulting.

    • Brett says:

      Black complements anything because it’s a tone not a color. It’s the mixture of primaries, red and yellow, combined with a secondary using the opposite end of the color wheel that makes it so aesthetically unpleasant. I had the same reaction when I first saw RSL’s violet/red/yellow kits, but those are slightly better because the warmest color (yellow) is complemented and so is balanced out more to the eye.

  75. Joe Ireland says:

    Africa Arise! This kit is terrible. It looks like it was designed by a chimp. I don’t get the color combination. I