USMNT vs. Germany: SBI Live Match Commentary



WASHINGTON– The U.S. Men’s National Team celebrates the 100th-year anniversary of  U.S. Soccer with today’s friendly vs. Germany (2:30pm, ESPN2).

The U.S. come in off a rough 4-2 loss to Belgium in Cleveland and head coach Jurgen Klinsmann is ready to trot out a close to first-choice lineup for the match. Only Herculez Gomez is not available among regular starters, with Michael Bradley and Fabian Johnson slotting into starting roles after missing the Belgium match due to club commitments.

The day marks a very important match for the German-Americans on the U.S. roster, with Jones and Johnson starting and Terrence Boyd and Danny Williams on the bench today.

The U.S. will be taking on a German side missing most of its top starters due to Bayern Munich’s appearance in the German Cup and Borussia Dortmund’s run to the UEFA champions League final. That doesn’t mean the Germans won’t field a strong lineup. They dismantled a respectable Ecuador side on Wednesday.

SBI will be providing live commentary from today’s match so please feel free to follow all of the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s commentary is after the jump):

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205 Responses to USMNT vs. Germany: SBI Live Match Commentary

  1. b says:

    Evans is, in fact, starting at RB. Not sure why Klinsi would think this is appropriate with Cameron on the roster…

    • Clevelandfc says:

      Agree! Maybe jurgen is too close to the forest to see the trees.

    • ThaDeuce says:

      I don’t get this one. Cameron is great.

    • Sam says:

      Klinsi already knows what he has in Cameron at RB. He’d prefer he play CB so testing out other guys at RB makes sense, especially against such high-level competition as Germany.

    • Travis says:

      Cameron at RB is a waste, he barely gets forward and when he does he has trouble tracking back. I am not saying that Evans is the answer but I really don’t think Cameron is. I am aware that he plays RB at Stoke but Stoke also created the least amount of chances in the EPL this year, clearly offense is not something they focus on.

      • Old School says:

        I would agree.

        I actually think Cameron offers more than Gonzalez at CB *right now*, even though Gonzalez appears to project more potential long term at the potential.

        Also, Cameron actually has athleticism and pace, along with being able to distribute out of the back…those are reasons I rate him higher at CB than Gonzalez.

        For me, I’d prefer to see Besler/Cameron on our backline.

    • chris_thebassplayer says:

      Just giving him a shot in a friendly to see if he can handle the level of competition…why not.

  2. Andrew In Tally says:

    I am in the Toronto airport waiting for a 2:55 flight. I will miss the game. I am hoping that we don’t concede in the first 25 minutes. 3-1 is my score but that is the best case scenario. We need to follow Mexico’s approach and attack on the wings. it’s our best hope of scoring goals.

    • Old School says:

      To be honest, I don’t care what the scoreline is…I want to see our boys fight, execute some build up, Besler/Gonzalez to show some continued promise and Jozy actually score a freaking goal.

      If I see glimpses of those, I don’t even need to see the scoreline.

  3. Clevelandfc says:

    We have 4 mls guys starting while we have guys playing the top leagues in the world on the bench.

  4. David M says:

    Our best hope is that the Germans will wilt in the heat and humidity of DC, or that they were all out drinking till 4am last night, or that the forecasted thunderstorms will force the game to be abandoned.

    • John says:

      Its 78, and not very humid at all here. The bars in DC close at 3 am on the weekend. The storms aren’t suppose to hit until after 9 tonight. So looks like we’ll just have to see how this one plays out.

  5. David M says:

    Let’s see if we can get a shot on goal today.

    • Citronomics says:

      This. I think we’ve generated maybe 2 or 3 shots *on goal* at best across the last 2 matches (v. Mexico in Azteca + the Belgium friendly). Hoping for a more fluid and creative attack today. We’ll see…

  6. k says:

    where is GOMEZ

  7. PD says:

    It’s a friendly. It’s. A. Friendly.

    • b says:

      I agree – it’s nothing to get too riled up about. The Evans @ RB is still baffling though. Why not give Cam the run-out in the position he plays the majority of his minutes for Stoke? Evans is not a potential solution at RB and honestly shouldn’t even be on the depth chart in that position. Not sure how playing him there in this friendly is of any benefit.

      • chris_thebassplayer says:

        The fact that Evans is at right back means he’s considered good enough to be in the conversation. We’ll find out.

    • matt from FL says:

      Hope springs Eternal

  8. biff says:

    Glad to see that Klinsmann recognized the folly of his CB pairing against Belgium and today is starting Besler and Gonzo, letting them build on their solid performance against Mexico. Good to see Johnson and Beez on the left, but would still prefer Fabian as LB and DMB up front. And nice to see the defensive pillars back together: JJ90Y and Mikey. We look solid, but am wondering about the RB decision. Maybe inspirational genius. Maybe not.

    The German team on the field today is not nearly as good as the tough Belgium team we faced Wednesday and has some big weaknesses in the backline.

    USA wins 2-1, with Dempsey and Johnson scoring.

  9. David M says:

    Yes. But friendlies mean different things to different teams depending on the circumstances. This game means very little to Germany, but a lot to the US, being played in the US, just a few days before a WC qualifier, with players battling for positions, and having all the top players available.

  10. Peter says:

    Any streams? I can’t watch no sat signal today and its not in my area for espn3

  11. Mig says:

    Let’s count the players out of their natural position including the subs as they are brought on. The over-under is 5.

    • b says:

      I only count two at the moment – Beasley and Evans (Fabian plays a lot of minutes in midfield for Hoffenheim). You could definitely argue that two is too many though. Hopefully there won’t be too many baffling subs.

    • SanFran415 says:

      There’s 1 player “out of position” and that is Evans and it is out of positional necessity.

      • MemRook says:

        I don’t think many would consider Beasley a natural left back.

        • SanFran415 says:

          Beasley has a large number of caps at left back. Many players play multiple positions. He is clearly capable of doing so and thusly is not out of position.

          • MemRook says:

            Well I’m just echoing Mig’s initial argument about “natural position”. I said nothing about his quality of serviceability at other positions. But you are wrong if you think Beasley is a natural LB.

          • Mig says:

            Beasley’s entire career was as a MF with ‘pressed into service’ calls at FB. Johnson is our best LB. You can be a fan of JK and still be reasonable about these things.

      • Mig says:

        Are you related to JK? I had to ask and yes, I’m just funning you.

  12. Sands says:

    1. Why does Lalas keep saying Chandler isn’t playing because he “doesn’t want to get on a plane”? I though he was recovering from a knee injury…

    2. Why is Parkhurst even on the roster if Klinsmann is starting Evans over him? Wouldn’t that spot have been better used by anyone with even a slight chance of playing?

    3. “Friendlies” are not meaningless exhibitions – they are opportunities to build chemistry and define the team’s identity – so demanding a well thought out game plan and roster is not unreasonable.

    • SanFran415 says:

      To you they are about “defining the identity.” To the coaching staff they are about evaluating players in certain situations.

  13. Don't care says:

    Would have loved to see where a competent coach could have taken this team. All we needed was some tweaks. I used to get excited for games now I pray we don’t lose by alot

    • SanFran415 says:

      We are giving up nearly .5 goals a game less now than we did during Bradley’s tenure as coach, which ended with a loss to Panama, a blowout against Mexico and a 1 goal victory over non-FIFA team Guadeloupe.

      That was with a healthy Donovan. A few tweaks? Haha. Okay. And it wasn’t Bradley’s fault either. The squad just isn’t very good.

      • Don't Care says:

        ahhhhh sh!t .5 less goals per game?? You must be impressed. Im sure that has nothing to do with the constant 3 CDM’s on the field. What about the horrible possession stats?? What about the complete lack of scoring chances? Its a miracle if we get 3 shots on goal. Youre lying to yourself if you honestly think this team has improved.

        An out of form Bradley team was still able to put 2 on Mexico w/o Jozy before Cherundolo went out injured. Now we’re lucky to get a goal against A&B. Bob Badley was able to get an out of form and in club limbo Jozy to lead WCQ in goals. JK’s team cant even get an in form Jozy the ball.

        Youre damn right a few tweaks. The same core players JK relies on (Bradley, Dempsey, Jones, Jozy, Howard) were the same known commodities on Bob’s team. Nothings changed. Beasley at LB? Bob tried that. Gonzalez? Bob called him in as well. Castillo? Gomez? Yep Bob tried them too. JK’s still searching for a versatile outside back, waisting time trying to force players to play out of position while one has been staring him in the face the whole time. Lichaj was able to shut down his side against mexico. He has experience with the program but somehow Brad Evans is a better choice. Look at the game now. The same counter attack high pressure game the US program has been using for years is whats giving us the lead. Bob Bradley tried the 4-3-3 too but he was smart enough to realize it wouldnt work.

      • Don't Care says:

        And dont try to act like JK inherented a team that needed a huge transition. The 2006 World cup team had more 30+ years old players than this team.

  14. petedx says:

    We should really bust out the denim kit from 94′ for this centennial party.

  15. Old School says:

    Great showing DC.

    It’s hard to imagine there’s not a fair amount of German supporters but the USA chants early on definitely show the majority are rooting for our boys.

    Again, great showing…stadium looks great, even if it’s on it’s last legs.

    (You hear that Don?…focus on DC getting a new stadium and not the new club NYCFC who joined our league without one.)

  16. Rimjob city says:

    Chances Jones or Johnson know the lyrics to the national anthem?

  17. Riggity says:

    Jozy! I love you but put your hand over your chest wtf

    • Leo says:

      No law saying you have to.

      • Bryan says:

        …So? Its disrespectful

        • Ben says:

          When did this become a thing? For years, no one ever mentioned or cared if people didn’t cover there hearts during the National Anthem, but suddenly, it’s a big deal. Give me a break.

          • EspinDOHla says:

            Agree with Ben! This is a non-issue that people need to chill about. Covering your heart is part of the pledge of allegiance, not the anthem…

          • Old School says:

            “When did this become a thing? For years, no one ever mentioned or cared if people didn’t cover there hearts during the National Anthem”

            It’s been a “thing” since Jozy was playing for the u-23’s, you just may not have been aware of people having an opinion on it.

            Because you weren’t aware of it doesn’t mean it’s suddenly a “thing”. It’s been an issue for people for a long time.

  18. Riggity says:

    …I’m scared…

  19. Riggity says:

    Great pass Omar

  20. Old School says:

    Camera angle/quality are horrible.

    Pan out…let us see the pitch. This isn’t basketball, I hate when they iso on the ball. Let us see the beautiful game…not just the person on the ball.

  21. Riggity says:

    Omar doing his best Shawn Taylor…

  22. deepvalue says:

    Jozy off to a very solid start. Encouraging.

  23. TomG says:

    Jozy showing excellent first touch

  24. TomG says:

    Great reversal by MB

  25. TomG says:

    OG showing off some speed

  26. Ted in MN says:

    DMB just got hacked in there

  27. TomG says:

    DMB just not strong enough back there. Mertesacker waving him around like a fat man with a turkey leg.

  28. petedx says:

    Wow what a goal

  29. TomG says:


  30. Riggity says:


  31. Citronomics says:

    Pow! Jolazo from the run of play and first time hit. Nice cross too. Lots to dig about the sequence leading to Jozy’s goal.

  32. TomG says:

    Jozy starts it all with his hold up play and finishes off the gorgeous Zusi cross with an absolute blast of a volley into the side netting

  33. Ted in MN says:

    Credit Zusi as well. That was an excellent ball.

  34. deepvalue says:

    Sweeeet goal. Deuce, Zusi, Jozy, back of net.

  35. pdx hornman says:

    wow….Jozy Volley for the goal. Nice

  36. TomG says:

    Zusi looking very sharp with room on the right.

  37. Rimjob city says:

    ALTIDORE!!! Zusi has been looking great too

  38. Riggity says:

    I haven’t been the biggest Zusi supporter but that was a FIFA cross, one touch. Beautiful …we just scored again what the heck is going on

  39. petedx says:

    Well I said that De Luna own goal last night was about the worst I’ve seen…but then there’s this

  40. TomG says:

    Gooooooooollllll! From the high pressure by Deuce!

  41. TomG says:

    JJ and Jozy finally showing their club form

  42. Riggity says:

    Beasley…ey yiyi

  43. TomG says:

    DMB looks absolutely shambolic today.

  44. Mikebsiu says:

    Twellman shut up with defending goal kicks. It was a bad mistake that’s it

    • petedx says:

      I think you could have stopped after Twellman shut up

    • Old School says:

      *buzzer noise*


      The pressure that caused this error was directly because of the tactics implemented. Pressure + human error = goal.

      Tactics 101.

  45. TomG says:

    Phenomenal job by Timmy to cut off the angle

  46. TomG says:

    Wow! Great turn and feed by Jozy!

  47. chris_thebassplayer says:

    Great finish from Jozy…German D with zero pressure anywhere on the build up and minimal pressure for the most part up field all game…very strange. The game is going to be wide open.

  48. TomG says:

    Great backtrack by Deuce

  49. sly says:

    Was Zusi always this good. Why isn’t he been bought by a better league yet. Also why isn’t sporting KC winning every game by 5.

    • TomG says:

      Late bloomer. Not a naturally confident guy. Kind of cerebral and thoughtful. No real European ambitions. He just resigned w MLS.

      • sly says:

        He’s good better than I thought. Not Donovan good but closer than I thought. I just got a little more confident in qualifying.

    • Ben says:

      He is a bit undersized and definitely too slow. I like Zusi, but he is not fleet of foot.

  50. brad evens says:

    How you guys like me now?

  51. TomG says:

    Poor header by Besler into the middle

  52. beachbum says:

    4-4-2, playing direct balls to Jozy and playing up the flank and playing long balls, Jozy with a strike partner, and the US looking to counter

    Old School USA tactics, and they are working, and the team looks comfortable playing this kind of system 35th minute

    • Ben says:

      Not at all what is happening. We are passing through the middle with Jones and Bradley. Dempsey is dropping back to pick up balls and combine with them, and yes, we are also feeding it out to the flanks.

  53. TomG says:

    Nice one touch passing all around

  54. TomG says:

    Nice one and two touch pa$$ing all around.

  55. Mike E. says:

    So Jurgen Klinsmann knows what he’s doing huh? Brad Evans.

    • beachbum says:

      Evans hasn’t put a foot wrong

    • Fredo says:

      Germany had several good chances come from his side. Beasly got burned a couple of times too. But, I am encouraged to see goals come from some effort in this friendly. Now sub everyone out that are starting on Friday.

      • Increase says:

        Schueler is pretty good. He doesn’t get the press that Reus or Mueller does but… I would say he is almost as good.

  56. Fredo says:

    Encouraging. Now sub everyone out.

  57. beachbum says:

    that second goal looked like what I see in my boy’s U9 games sometimes…wow

  58. B16 says:

    What changes if any for Klinsi’s side 2nd half, Ives?

  59. beachbum says:

    amazing how much Jozy can give when the tactics play to his strengths. LOVE the direct ball targeting he’s seen so far, the attack up the flanks looking to serve it into the middle

    surprised Germany imo

  60. Increase says:

    Someone on the Guardian’s MBM asked about Lichaj. I’m gunna have to like find “Lichaj hightlights”
    What is a good game he played in? Maybe I can hunt it down.

    • Don't Care says:

      Defended well in the last Gold Cup. Played good against Colombia. IK there was one game a couple years ago where he completely shutdown Gareth Bale. Even the commentators said they had never seen Gareth Bale shut down that bad before

      • Increase says:

        That’s not an easy thing to do. If nothing else keeper keeping pace with Bale is huge.

  61. biff says:

    Yep, “the German team on the field today is not nearly as good as the tough Belgium team we faced Wednesday and has some big weaknesses in the backline,” like I predicted above. But even I did not think bad enough for that own goal which will go down in German soccer history. Cannot believe Ter Stegen let that happen, and the initial pass from Howedes was not wise either. The Germans looking awful and like they don’t even want to be there while our guys playing with heart and wanting to win every ball. Jozy and Zusi are both looking very good. Fabian not convincing up front in my book. Hope Klinsmann lets DMB and Fabian switch positions for the second half. Our defense tough as nails and Belser-Omar are the future.

  62. sj says:

    I’m at the game in the nosebleeds and can’t figure out why Germany didn’t get that goal- was it offside? It looked fine from here, but then again, I’m in the nosebleeds. Last time I was in this stadium there were 4 goals in the first 30 minutes. Magical things happen here!

  63. Joamiq says:

    Jozy getting more service than he has in ages, and would you look at that – he scores. Funny how that works.

  64. chris_thebassplayer says:

    I’d like to see Germany push the game a little more. Granted it’s a friendly, but the intensity level is very “friendly” . Our D needs to tighten up…Germany with their foot off the gas still getting easy looks at goal. Their effort flatters our performance…still very happy to be up two.

  65. Benny says:

    OG out of position again

  66. Kung Fu Kangaroos says:

    JK – Jogi, I need a big favor.
    JL – Ja
    JK – I really need to win this game. The US fans know more than you think and they are all over my a$$. Please bring the B- team, don’t mark Jozy so he can score uncontested. When your forwards get in position to score, have them miss far post. Oh, have your keeper “mis-touch” the ball so it goes in as an own goal. That would be really funny to see!
    JL – Ja
    JK – Danke, I really owe you one. Oh, place a bet on the US, you’ll win big!

    • Fredo says:

      Germans are definitely on holiday. But, Yanks have stepped up.

      • Old School says:

        This is the same German team that knocked off the #10 (insert laughter) Ecuador without breaking a sweat.

        It’s a friendly but the US took the game to the Germans and earned this result, it wasn’t given.

  67. Benny says:

    Good run by MB almost finished; probably should have done better but good run.

  68. Fredo says:

    Dang it. Now I gotta keep watching to see how Castillo does.

  69. Benny says:

    YEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Riggity says:

    Yaaa, Terrence Boyd should start over Altidore…what a crock

    • Old School says:

      In fairness, THIS Jozy hasn’t been present on the national team in over two years.

      Everyone’s job is in jeopardy if you don’t produce. That’s international soccer.

      • beachbum says:

        what??? just stop. The US team hasn’t targeted him with direct balls and provided any service to him in 1.5 years, nor paired im up top with another stiker

  71. Citronomics says:

    Altidore exhibiting complete play today. Nice hold up and weighted ball or Deuce to bury.

  72. Don't Care says:


  73. Benny says:

    What a goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4-1

  74. Riggity says:

    Holy snikies

  75. petedx says:

    Dempsey is pretty good

  76. Texian1856 says:

    Texas on the Potamac!

  77. Citronomics says:

    Deuce is ballin’. Sweet bend on the finish from distance and nice juke to create the space for the shot.

  78. Old School says:

    Deuce and Jones one-two’ing backwards for about 15 yards?


  79. TomG says:

    MB equals midfield maestro. He completely changes the entire flow of the match.

    • Fredo says:

      Really? I’ve been looking for years and I still don’t see it. Jones? Yes.

      • Old School says:

        Jones provides the energy and pressure. Bradley provides the calmness and direction from the midfield.

        If you don’t see it at this point, you’re choosing not to or may not know what to look for.

        • Fredo says:

          Jones in central midfield provides pressure, forward runs, forward passes, defensive breakups, smart (and occasionally unsmart) fouls, bite, and combination play with our outside mids. He does it all. And, he shouldn’t have to. I’m honestly trying to see what MB brings beside one or maybe two quality ball movements a game. Our opponents run right around him all the time. For every average pass he also gives the ball away a lot. He’s not good under pressure. I’m honestly trying.

          • Rabbit says:

            Perhaps your next effort ought to be contacting Roma’s front office for their perspective.

  80. GRUNT says:

    4-2. Unstoppable rip from 22 yards. And again, no pressure from US defenders.

  81. GRUNT says:

    Boyd for Altidore in 81′.

  82. Riggity says:

    O god

  83. Ted in MN says:

    Too easy. Lazy defending by the US now to bring it back to one

  84. TomG says:

    Shambolic effort by JJ on that closeout. He turned his body like a 12-year old girl frantically trying to avoid the ball.

  85. GRUNT says:

    4-3. Howard might have done better to not give up the rebound, which was then put away, but he was screened by a defender. However, once again, ZERO pressure by US defenders let the German stroll across the top of the box and put the shot in. This has been happening all game, defenders sitting back, as if they are afraid to get beat and would rather concede the space.

  86. Good Jeremy says:

    We all agree with the last two games that Gonzo is not yet ready for elite competition, but can we finally say that Howard isn’t either? Giving away a near post goal from outside the box, giving up an easy rebound in the middle of the box today… then rewind to the World Cup and remember him getting beat over the top from almost 30 yards out against Slovenia and allowing another nearpost goal from outside the box against Ghana. That’s two in four games in the world’s biggest competition. I think Guzan has earned more playing time than he has been given.

    • GRUNT says:

      Giving up a near post goal? WTF are you talking about. Howard’s only mistake has been giving up the rebound, but the replay clearly showed he was screened from the shot, hence his delayed response. The shot never should have happened in the first place. The defense today gave the Germans way to much respect (read: time and space).

    • Fredo says:

      Agreed. Howard had a less than spectacular World Cup for sure. He’s been suspect for a while. I wouldn’t mind seeing Guzan be #1.

  87. Don't Care says:

    Castilllo is so bad everytime he steps on the field. He may standout in Mexico but everytime he plays against grown @ss men he gets torched

    • PD says:

      Been awfully quiet during the match. Took you that long to find something to carp about?

  88. Ted in MN says:

    Castillo gettin absolutely destroyed

  89. Bryan says:

    Hope Solo and her dirtbag boyfriend in the house…

  90. Rimjob city says:

    Is it me or has Bradley completely disappeared?

    • Fredo says:

      I didn’t see much of him either. But, others may say I need a new pair of glasses.

  91. Ted in MN says:

    That should be a yellow for diving

  92. Rimjob city says:

    As in completely useless since the 60′ minute?

  93. Benny says:

    great WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4-3 USA

    • Benny says:

      Some defensive issue the U.S. still has to resolve but great win against a very very good German side.

  94. TomG says:

    Boyd desperately needs to work on that first touch. Once he gets it under control, he’s good, but he continuously loses any advantage he has on his first touch.

  95. Brad Evans says:

    Yo hat3rs!

    Fun game out there today. Thanks for watching!



  96. fortunate only says:

    The dudes on Univision said that the players told Klinsmann they don’t like the 4-3-3 formation or any variations of it and would rather play a 4-4-2. They looked very good in that formation today but Germany basically conceded the midfield any time they went forward. We should’ve done better when we were attacking in numbers.

    Altidore and Dempsey works well when Jozy does a bit of that dirty work, pestering defenders, and also when the midfield is able to win balls and transition them into the attack quickly, something we haven’t really seen much during Klinsmann’s tenure.

  97. GRUNT says:

    Great to get the win. B-team or not, it was still Germany.

    However, we must get our defense sorted out. For starters, there was no good reason to not give Bocanegra a chance these last two matches.

  98. Peter says:

    Players missing for Germany:
    Lahm, badstuber, Hummels
    Gotze, Reus, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Khedira, Ozil
    Muller, Gomez
    Starting 11 + 1 sub

    • Old School says:

      They’re the #2 nation in the World and a lot of people’s favorites to win the World Cup.

      Depth certainly isn’t an issue considering most of those players would be starters for other nations. That’s the same Germany that trashed the supposed #10 ranked nation in the World, just days ago.

      • John says:

        You would also think this group of German players had more to prove fighting for starting spots.

      • Increase says:

        The front 4 start a lot for Germany. Klose is still preferred depending on the opponent.


        I would say that our midfield is better than this Germany.

        Now if Germany’s real midfield was there… we would be boned but these guys? They didn’t even have the good Bender out there.

        • Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:


          Lars and Sven both played in this game What BENDER are you on?

    • petedx says:

      And so it begins…

    • Riggity says:

      …apparently Peter thinks he’s the only one familiar with the German player pool. Thanks for the post Pete. A wins a win

    • GRUNT says:

      No doubt, a German B-team out there today, all of whom play on better teams and/or in better leagues than most of the Americans.

    • drew11 says:

      Thanks for explaining why Germany brought a pick up team today. They looked pathetic. Those Germans should stay in the states and look for USL clubs to play for.

    • Tom says:

      Schmelzer is also missing…

  99. Peter says:

    @Riggity. I am not pretending to know the pool better. But no one can’t ignore that not ONE player today would be a starter for Germany if they had a WCQ tomorrow. So that is a real B team….

    • Jerrod says:

      Mertesacker would

    • Increase says:

      Um, you are wrong first of all about no starters. Löw loves Podolski and Klose is most definitely a starter depending on the opponent. Mertesacker is a starer and so is Höwedes. Schürrle is also a regular starter.(Mueller is favored though) Draxler will be a starter and does start for Schalke.

      5 starters + Draxler.

      They did score 3 on us for a reason. However the reason we score 4 is they brought a super weak midfield and a young Keeper.

  100. ACS says:

    Castillo was still in Brazil, definitely not the same Castillo that played on Thursday.

  101. Joamiq says:

    Evans certainly did better than expected today, but I’m confused about why some people think he was MOTM good. Germany generated some attacks from his side, and his marking was far from perfect. He was alarmingly slow to close out an attacker at the top of the 18 on at least one play.

    I’m really worried about the defense in general. Castillo looked terrible in his stint, Besler and Gonzo were both slow to react at times, and Gonzo just doesn’t seem to mark people in the box. We’re going to be in big trouble if we don’t get the central defense sorted out.

    On the plus side, the front 6 looked great.

  102. chris_thebassplayer says:

    I feel good win for the Centennial.

    Given that Germany was at picnic level intensity, can’t read too much into our offense performance, but we can read a lot into our defensive performance.

    Jozy had a strong game. Wonderful volley for the goal.
    Evans was solid.
    CBs a work in progress, Omar really needs to work on the mental phase outs. I have to believe it will be Cameron and Besler at CB in Jamaica.
    Thought Castillo was better than Beas

    Big change in intensity going into Jamaica, where they’ll be going into every ball like their life depended on it.

    • chris_thebassplayer says:

      Wow, every one of my posts still awaiting moderation…without pa$$ing or anything close to “bad” words. Drag not being able to contribute to the conversation…Oh well, look for me, I’ll be at post #248, with all the other nuts at the tail end of the thread…talking about 3-5-2s and Marvel.

    • Increase says:

      Disagree about Castillo but… not having Johnson as cover prolly hurt.

      “where they’ll be going into every ball like their life depended on it.” –> horrible fouls that won’t ever be called. =(

      • chris_thebassplayer says:

        Yeah, should have clarified that regarding Castillo. I don’t want to see either one at LB at a WC…I’d pull my hair out. Should have said I like Castillo’s game better up field than Beas’