SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Darlington Nagbe

NagbeCelebrates1-FCDallas (PortlandTimbers)

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19 Responses to SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Darlington Nagbe

  1. wood chip zip says:

    great player, greater person

  2. Falsify says:

    Great goal :)

    I just youtubed his GOTY and that is still an amazingly fun goal to watch.
    “Darlington NagbEEEEEEEE”

  3. dan says:

    can’t stand the timbers but that was pure class, any player in the world would be proud of that

  4. BFBS says:

    ok this was really nice, but wasn’t Kenny Miller’s second against NER totally stupendous?

  5. Four Cents says:

    Great goal- reminds me of the one Evans hit against Jamaica. I’d like to see players try more of these. Seems to be hard to defend, and hard to save..

  6. Loche Achles says:

    He’s been studying the Brad Evans film I see…

    • Bobb says:

      No way Evans comes close to this if he has a defender right on him like Nagbe did… Jamaica’s defending was atrocious.
      Aside from that, Bradley played a big part in creating the Evans goal, whereas this was all Nagbe.

      • Adi from Oregon says:

        I totally agree with your analysis. On this goal, Nagbe had tremendous touch and control. He turned on a dime, faking his defender out of his shorts, to send his curving shot into the far corner. I counted 5 defensive players in the box who couldn’t do anything about this perfectly placed shot!!! GO TIMBERS!

  7. shane says:

    I dont think it was anything like the Evans goal.

  8. Bobb says:

    Oh please, this was 10x better than the Evans goal.
    Sounders fans stop making everything about yourselves.

  9. mcm says:

    Like the silence from the commentator before the goal. So nice to not have every moment filled with facts and tidbits.

  10. Kevin_Arnold says:

    I know the CAP HIM comments are lame, but I’ve been wondering lately–has anything happened with his citizenship change progress?

    • shane says:

      He married an American last december which should speed up the process, if you dont already know that. US soccer should be doing whatever it can to help as they should with Seattle’s Alonso to secure his one time switch from representing Cuba, which he can no longer do after defecting.

      • Berto says:

        Bradley and Alonso in the middle, awesome. That would be a midfield general in cheif! Nagbe is a top notch link player now, needs to work on a consistent presence in games to be truly effective at the nats level. He plays Dempsey’s position really… Not an outside MF. I’m pretty sure it is what klinsi wants to be able to develop his possession based team, but since we’ve reverted to a modified BB style system and found success in WQC, we don’t need link players like this as much as we need players with the ability to feed altidore.

      • Kevin_Arnold says:

        Thanks! I was unaware of the marriage. Good for him. Hopefully good for US.

    • Brian says:

      As great as he seems and as much as I love having him in Portland, Nagbe might be limited in a national team role. The kid only has one foot. If you watch him play with the ball you will see that he almost never touches it with his left foot. A good defender will force him left and prevent him from turning to get a good touch with this right. In this shot you can see John overplay the left and allow Nagbe space to turn and shoot with the right.

      • Twomilerule says:

        I agree his lack of left foot is a hindrance but playing with one foot never stopped Arjen Robben. His lack of vision down field is another issue but he sees things develope and can play fast and well with creative players. His biggest negative is a lack of grit and willing himself to capture the moment which he did Sunday. However, frequently does not seize the moment and make the winning goal. Like last week against Chicago when the did his against the grain dribble to the top corner and delivered a weak shot. Nagbe is a talent who continues to grow and perform especially under Porter. Few players in N.America can control the ball at their feet at full speed like Nagbe.

  11. Berto says:

    Last I heard he had a few years before eligibility …. Next cycle

  12. boosted335 says:

    Attackers take notes as Nagbe has found the way to beat George John 1v1…..pray!.

    Haha it was a great goal, a definition of a stunner!

    Also GJ should be on the nats..NOW. I really don’t know wtf is up but I DO know I won’t find out about it through the US Soccer press as they’re the same folks who didn’t even vote him on the all-star BALLOT…..