Grabavoy fined for “simulation”, Sarvas yellow card remains

GrabavoySarvas1 (AP)


Real Salt Lake midfielder Ned Grabavoy has been fined an undisclosed amount by the Major League Soccer Disciplinary Committee for “simulation” in the 90th minute of their 3-1 win over the LA Galaxy last Saturday.

Galaxy midfielder Marcelo Sarvas was shown a yellow card after the incident, which saw Grabavoy go down despite there being no contact from Sarvas. Though they fined Grabavoy, the Committee did not rescind the yellow card, forcing Sarvas to miss the Galaxy’s next match against the Portland Timbers due to accumulation.

What do you make of this news? Do you agree with the decision? Think Sarvas’ yellow card should be rescinded?

Share your thoughts below.

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25 Responses to Grabavoy fined for “simulation”, Sarvas yellow card remains

  1. SanFran415 says:

    That literally makes no sense.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Cue head-scratching Simon Borg explanation of why the DisCo’s decision was correct.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      In theory you could have a wild tackle and a fake dive without contact, in theory two yellows. I once got a yellow in amateur league for faking a slide tackle — I popped out of it — which made someone dribble out of bounds. Idiotic, but it does happen.

      But this one is either/or, he pulled out of the tackle and the guy faked it. If we’re in the video review business then you flip the cards from the tackler to the tackled. But like you say, this makes no logical sense, if you watch the video.

    • Z-d says:

      As opposed to it figuratively making no sense?

  2. Wispy says:

    The league “simulated” taking action here.

  3. bizzy says:

    They penalize the player that dove, but didn’t pull back the yellow card because of what now?? That is ridiculous

  4. Gnarls says:

    Is Ricardo Salazar on the committee? Sounds like LA just got Salazard. Make a nonsense call and give a yellow to anyone who argues.

  5. HoBo says:

    Grabavoy should loose a game since he took a blantant dive which resulted in a card and suspension for Sarvas. I know you cant start creating this kind of environment but its ridiculous the yellow shouldn’t be over-turned since his foul was called for “simulation” on Grabavoy’s part.

    • rslnportland says:

      No, he got a player a single card. He wasn’t responsible for the other 4 cards. If the committee went back and reviewed the game they would have given sarvas a yellow on his earlier challenge so it wouldn’t matter anyway.

  6. AC says:

    Say what? So no action on the part of Sarvas that deserved a yellow card, but the one given will stay? Nice one MLS Committee.

    • Guest says:

      What do you expect from a Mickey Mouse League with Mickey Mouse rules. I watch MLS but they do some of the oddest things.

  7. OPMG says:

    Well, Sarvas committed about 200 fouls that game, so I’m not going to feel bad that they let the yellow stick. Ned was rightly fined for pulling up the landing gear, but how many times does this go unpunished?? Maybe I don’t pay enough attention but this seems inconsistent.

  8. Fredo says:

    Shut yo face Grabavoy!

  9. CW in LA says:

    Why, that’s almost as fair as the Magee-for-Rogers trade.

  10. Chupacabra says:

    In the twisted MLS DisCo world, this is the equivalent of a murder victim faking his death and actually being alive while the person accused of the crime is still punished for murder after the sham was exposed.

  11. Jon B says:

    It is worth pointing out (probably in the article) that the rules set up by the league at the beginning of the season states that only red cards can be over turned (or 2nd yellows). In other words only the suspension from a red card not card accumulation.