SBI MLS Player of the Week: Diego Fagundez

FagundezCelebrates-Galaxy (USATodayImages)


Diego Fagundez just can’t stop scoring.

The 18-year-old homegrown product for the New England Revolution scored a goal and added two assists in a dominating 5-0 victory over the Los Angeles Galaxy, his fourth game in a row with a goal. The performance earned Fagundez SBI MLS Player of the Week.

Fagundez assisted on the first two goals, including a perfect feed to Saer Sene for the opener, before finishing a chance in the box off a one-two passing sequence in the 87th minute.

Honorable mention to this week’s award goes to Fagundez’s teammate Kelyn Rowe, FC Dallas’ Blas Perez, and Real Salt Lake’s Joao Plata.

What did you think of Fagundez’s performance? What player impressed you the most in MLS Week 14?

Share your thoughts below.

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14 Responses to SBI MLS Player of the Week: Diego Fagundez

  1. Vic says:

    Why isn’t he a citizen or Green Card holder? He’s been here since he was 5 years old.

    • Joe+G says:

      Circumstantial evidence points to his family overstaying their initial visitors’ visa, meaning it was extremely hard to change to a legal status. He got legal when he signed his contract, but he hasn’t had a valid reason to qualify for a Green Card (yet).

    • DanO says:

      Somebody get this kid an American wife…

      • Jason says:

        If he keeps playing like this, he should not have a problem. That or he can tell people he is Tom Brady’s Uruguayan American cousin.

  2. Old School says:

    Caption: “Not a single f%*k was given on this day.”

  3. Scott e Dio93 says:

    You could get faster Green Card buying property over 350k.

    • Joe+G says:

      Well, he just recently started making $100k, so he won’t have that much investable income.

      And the USCIS says you can invest $500k in certain areas as long as you plan to create/preserve at least 10 full-time jobs.

      Fastest is win the Green Card lottery (and then wait 5 years) or marry a US citizen (and wait 3 years).

      The Revs might be able to get him a GC now that he is starting and scoring. Awards like this help. Still has to wait the 5 years after though…

      • FGB says:

        Awards like the SBI MLS Player of the Week help his United States citizenship standing?

        • Joe+G says:

          Sorta. Awards from the league (and elsewhere) will show that he is an exceptionally talented individual and that he can’t be replaced by a US citizen at the same level (what’s required for a Green Card application by an employer).

          This stuff is reviewed by someone who usually knows nothing about the field of the person, so the more accolades, the better.

      • Scott e Dio93 says:

        Revs is runned by cheapos.

        I became U.S. citizen via military, it took less six months.

  4. Tim says:

    He has developed into a solid player in the past year. Last season he seemed to be over hyped, but recently he has been one of the best players on the Revs.

  5. Sushant Rao says:

    What’s the kid’s story? Which country can he play for right now? Does he want to play for the US? Anyone know?

    • Bob says:

      He’s a uruguayan citizen, but has lived in the US since 4 or 5 yrs old.

      He’s said he’s open to either the US or Uruguay (likely whomever is first to offer) – but does not have citizenship or a greencard yet for the US, which puts him in a hole on that front.

      Uruguay called him into their U-20 pre-world cup camps in early spring, but he didn’t make the final roster, although he was told he could if there was an injury. He’s at least a little bit on their radar.

  6. downintexas says:

    How much do you think New England sells this kid for?