SBI MLS Player of the Week: Olmes Garcia

OlmesGarcia2-LA Galaxy (AP)


He’s not even old enough to drink, but Olmes Garcia is quickly becoming on of the stars of Real Salt Lake.

The 20-year old scored two goals in the final six minutes plus stoppage-time of the match to help lead RSL to a 3-1 victory over the Los Angeles Galaxy, earning him SBI MLS Player of the Week honors.

Garcia beat out Seattle’s Lamar Neagle and Andy Rose, and Philadelphia’s Sebastien LeToux and Brian Carroll for this week’s honors.

What did you think of Garcia’s performance against the Galaxy? Which player impressed you the most in MLS Week 15?

Share your thoughts below.

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15 Responses to SBI MLS Player of the Week: Olmes Garcia

  1. beachbum says:

    what did I think of his performance? I did not like it against my Galaxy :)

    But he’s a guy to watch I think

  2. sjm003 says:

    I’d nominate Brian Carroll for player of the week. A goal, assist, and a clean sheet to go with some inspired midfield play. Higuain was completely frustrated throughout the whole game.

  3. Zac Mac says:

    Garcia is something else. From the little of him I’ve seen so far, he has the athleticism and speed of Darren Mattocks, but he combines it with a great 1st touch, the passing ability and vision of an RSL midfielder, the hold-up play of a good #9, and one of the better shots in the league. As much as I hate to say it, don’t be surprised if RSL and MLS are just stepping stones for him to bigger and better things.

    • Neruda says:

      Me thinks you may be right. RSL has him for five years but if he keeps this up RSL will have tripled or more their investment in a sale to a euro club.

      I just hope he can help RSL bring home some silverware before he moves on.

    • Adam says:

      Reminds me of Yura in a way. Agreed though… I can’t really see Garcia staying around that long. I reckon we’ll be able to keep him for 2-3 years before he moves on if he keeps this up. If the post didn’t hate him he could have 8 goals already with only 400+ minutes. x_x

      Love the kid/lad though. Also think he generally likes it here and having a fellow Colombian and a Ecuadorian on the team has probably really helped him adapt to our team.

      But yeah… he’s going to be better than Yura I think. And he’s is ripping up the Russian league at the moment so that’s great. However I hope we actually get some bloody money off him unlike how we didn’t with Yura. That agent was horrid, tbh.

  4. No. says:

    Stupid lead. Stop writing. spare us all please.

    • Agreed says:

      Agreed. “He’s not even old enough to drink…” Wow, that was bad. Maybe if you had made another clever reference to alcohol or something, but even then it would be questionable.

    • limey says:

      It is an odd lead especially when he’s playing in Salt Lake City.

  5. Vinz Clortho says:

    He’s fast, long, and has a great touch….Superlative acquisition.

  6. Oog says:

    He deserves the accolade. The kid is fun to watch! He always adds something to the game when he comes in. He’s a great finisher, incredibly fast and very creative. He’s scored goals from outside the box, headers, 1v1, etc. I hope he keeps it rolling.

  7. Bo says:

    How many players of the week have been named after playing the Galaxy??