Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Luis Suarez, Uruguay


Today’s soccer action will feature the Confederations Cup on ESPN, with Mexico kicking the afternoon off when they face Italy.

Mexico has been in poor form this year, winning only a single match out of seven so far. Good production from star striker Javier Hernandez, who has only scored twice for his national team so far this year, is critical if Mexico have any hope at winning the tournament.

Later in the afternoon, Spain will face Uruguay in a very high-profile Confederations Cup matchup.

Spain will look to continue their 25-match unbeaten streak in competitive matches, with hopes of finally winning the Confederations Cup, the only major competition left that has escaped their grasp. Luis Suarez returns from suspension to face the world champions, a big boost for a Uruguayan side who has struggled immensely through World Cup qualifying so far.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):



3pm – ESPN – Mexico vs. Italy – Confederations Cup

6pm – ESPN – Spain vs. Uruguay – Confederations Cup

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76 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

    Two quality soccer games and game 5 of the NBA finals, makes for one hell of a day of sports on tv

  2. Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

    Mexico opts to go with Gio as its second striker and starts with Aquino on the wing.

    Their lineup tells me they drop deep and counter, with Zavala and Torrado in the middle

  3. Herc says:

    How is this only Pirlo’s 100th CAP?

  4. PedroVB13 says:

    Whither Giovanni Rossi? I think I’m just out of the loop.

    • Mig says:

      No, it’s Rossi that is out of the loop. Too many injuries in the last couple of years.

      • caerbannog fc says:

        i take it you mean giuseppe rossi?

        now that’s some schadenfreude i can get behind… full credit to him for playing for a team that truly represents his ungrateful expat-based family. may he heal quickly enough to watch his last chance at a world cup comfortably from inside a lovely italian villa.

        • USAmr says:

          +50 Stars and 13 Stripes

        • Johan says:

          The Confederation Cup is NOT a “major tournament”. It is just a warm-up event for the organizers of the World Cup. WC, Euro and other regional cups are majors.

  5. Steve says:

    Love the mexico kit today… they always go with the red shorts and red socks.

    • Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

      Green kit, white shorts, red socks traditionally. I like it too

    • Hogatroge says:

      Say what you will about Mexico, but they’ve got sweet kits.

      I do, however, prefer the white shorts w/ green top & red socks.

  6. ConradB says:

    What’s up with DDR’s single long sleeve? Fashion statement?

  7. Francois says:

    Wow, Corona had to come up big there.

  8. Francois says:

    Mexico at 6’s and 7’s in the back. They are getting ripped apart already. The goal should be coming soon for Italy.

    • beachbum says:

      but trying to apply pressure in the middle third, and getting worked almost every time they do

  9. Mig says:

    It just occurred to me that my sister gifted me an Azurri jersey a few years ago, mistakenly thinking I was an Italian fan (I’m a neutral usually regarding them). Today, what do you know? I AM an Italy fan. Time to change

  10. Francois says:

    No-call on Dos Santos there? What was the ref looking at to miss that?

  11. Francois says:

    I’ve forgotten how much Mexico flops..

  12. Mike R says:

    Bahahhaahhahaha!!! Are my eyes deceiving me or is Mexico wearing two stars under their badge ? Talk about being desperate for intl recognition!!!bahahahahahhah by that rationale the US men should wear two stars on their jersey two !!!!!!!bhahahhahahahahhahahahahaha

    • Brett says:

      I’m guessing the stars are for their Confederations Cup and Olympic tournament wins. Mexico has won two FIFA tournaments, US has won zero.

      • Mike R says:

        The US has won two word cups should we wear stars for that ?i anything two World Cup are more meaningful than a kindergarten Wc and a Mickey Mouse tournament of friemdlies. How many stars do Denmark Nigeria brazil Arentina France and China wear for their Confederations, Youth and women’s World cups?

        Answer 0

        • Brett says:

          Not sure why you’d bring up the women…The USWNT badge does have stars on it for our FIFA victories. Why would the men’s uniform have them?

          I’m just stating where the stars might have come from. Mexico’s senior team, unlike ours, has actually won a FIFA tournament. We have only won regional tournaments at the men’s senior level (aka the only one that matters)

      • Mike R says:

        Wrong the US has won two World Cups. US soccer history 101.

        • fortunate only says:

          There are no stars in Mexico’s jersey.

          They are the Mexican and Italian flags for today’s game.

        • JCC says:

          The women have. Why would the men’s kit have two stars for something the women’s team won? That makes no sense.

      • Scott e Dio93 says:

        mexico cheats!

  13. Francois says:

    Chicharito with a 2 on 1 and blows it. He can’t pass or make good decisions on the ball. He’s an extremely fast player, with excellent vision and run-making ability. That’s it. It’s to score all of those goals when you’re wide open and 6 yards from the net.

  14. Mig says:

    Balotelli looks to be a handful today. Although in the 25th minute, he was slow getting back onside.

  15. madvillain says:

    mexico looks outclassed, man what a difference a year makes.

    • Brett says:

      Really makes you hate Bob Bradley for putting Bornstein in the Gold Cup final.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Two things:

        1.) GC 2011 was two years ago

        2.) It’s nice that the US has all this time to focus on WCQ. Imagine if the US were struggling in WCQ and then had to go face Italy, Brazil & Japan.

  16. Francois says:

    It really is ridiculous how good Pirlo is.

  17. wfrw07 says:

    Did Corona bail out of attempting to save that? Not that he would have gotten there, but it looked like he dropped his arms to protect his fall.

    • Iggy says:

      was thinking and wondering the same thing. Maybe he was actually closer to saving it than he thought. Almost looked like he pulled his arms back and let it go in.

  18. Mig says:

    nice pounce by Gio. Interesting game.

  19. Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

    Maza Rodriguez has been horrid today! Nowhere near as steady as when he was playing in Europe.

  20. Bean says:

    Why is Corona still in Mexico?

    • Iggy says:

      hasnt had as much exposure in the past as no, because Ochoa was the starter for a long time.

  21. Mike R says:

    Nice dive by Gio.

    • Francois says:


    • fortunate only says:

      Not sure what you’re referring to, all replays show it was clearly a foul.

      • Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

        No more of a dive then pirlo’s. both were fouls in the box, but one was called and one wasn’t. Players exaggerate everything to drive the point home.

    • beachbum says:

      down he goes again…guys should take take hard nasty fouls on him and earn the whistle since he’s going to go to ground anyway

  22. Mike R says:

    Ives since Mexico started the trend how about the US soccer federation put two stars on the US mens World Cup jersey to represent the two World Cups that the US soccer federation has won :)

    • fortunate only says:

      I suggest you get your eyes checked.

      Either that or you’re just trolling for the sake of trolling and not doing a very good job of it.

  23. Mig says:

    Classic Balotelli! Flipping his shoe to show the ref that he did get clipped. He may be a jerk and a liability but the dude has flair.

  24. Francois says:

    Italy isn’t really playing that well, but they’re still dominating.

  25. madvillain says:

    haha, Mexico completely owned and you see the weakness of some of their players. Obviously they have a bunch of talent but they also are undersized and don’t have the pieces in the midfield.

  26. Neruda says:

    And Italy beats down Mexico. If you struggle against Jamaica you’re going to be dominated by Italy. Mexico owes what good they did to Dos Santos including their goal and I know Chicarito took the penalty but it was Dos Santos individual skill that earned it. The worst thing for Mexico is there didn’t seem to be any fight towards the end of the match. It was pure resignation as they watched Pirlo dribble and pass, dribble and pass unimpeded.

  27. Neruda says:

    Now time for La Furia Roja to dismantle Uruguay. If Balotelli takes his shirt off and gets a needless yellow then it’s there’s a high likelihood Luis Suarez will follow his script and kick, slap, punch or bite a Spaniard today. Can’t wait.

  28. YO says:

    What golden generation? I think it was the chicken!

  29. Chupacabra says:

    Looks like Suarez had his teeth sharpened during his break.

  30. Mig says:

    Wow I hope Uruguay wins just to shut Darke up. The King of Cliché is in full front-running form. If the South American side happens to score, watch the U-turn Darke makes to start asking questions of Spain.

  31. beachbum says:

    Spain and all the rolling around and exaggerating everything, enough already…Japanese official eating it up too. Spain totally dominant but geez

  32. slyboy says:

    I don’t care if all the media keeps telling me how amazing Spain is, or how we should all marvel at them, they are a complete bore. Tiki-Taka….Tiki..Taka…tika take..Uruguayan players comes within 1 meter, Spanish player falls in terrible anguish. as a Neutral it is damn boring.

    • FRANK FROM SF says:

      So this “tiki-taka” is boring, yet they’ve scored 2 goals and uruguay nothing….only non-spanish fans will complain about this….IF your team was playing and winning like spain you would be loving it,,,yes it’s one way futbol,but just because the other team can’t string two passes together, doesn’t mean this tiki-taka is boring.
      just my .02 cents.

  33. Bean says:

    The combinations by Spain are great, and the passing is almost perfect. They could probably run the score up to 10-0, but will likely just keep to their plan of defense through possession. It is brilliant football that Uruguay does not have an answer for.

  34. beachbum says:

    you can see I think that Uruguay has decided to take the hard fouls from behind and earn the whistle if it’s going to blow anyway.

    and can’t lose to Spain in the parking lot

  35. YO says:

    Nothing more painfull than to watch Barcelo —correction Spain play. Worst of all Uruguay allows it. I think the Spaniars are better actors than the Mexicans!

  36. FRANK FROM SF says:


  37. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Forza Celeste!

  38. Pio says:

    Mexico looks like like a shell of it’s former self. Their defense is slow and makes too many mental mistakes, and their offense has trouble scoring goals against the likes of Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica just to name a few.