USMNT Daily Update: Projecting the Gold Cup roster

Carlos Bocanegra


With the June World Cup qualifiers in the rearview mirror, and the CONCACAF Gold Cup on the horizon, the U.S. Men’s National Team will unveil a new squad on Thursday as Jurgen Klinsmann tries to win back the CONCACAF Gold Cup from Mexico while also giving some familiar face a chance to state their case for places on the full U.S. team.

Landon Donovan, Carlos Bocanegra and Stuart Holden are just some of the players who will be looking to make the Gold Cup their personal springboard to boosting their standing in Klinsmann’s pecking order and all three could still be key figures in World Cup qualifying any beyond.

The Gold Cup has traditionally been a launching pad for younger players to make their moves, but with Klinsmann using so many new faces on the full squad, this installment of the Gold Cup will have more of a veteran feel to it than past Gold Cup B teams.

So who will Klinsmann call up for the Gold Cup? Here is SBI’s 23-player projection for the squad that will be announced on Thursday:


GOALKEEPERS– Bill Hamid, Sean Johnson, Nick Rimando

DEFENDERS– Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi Onyewu, Clarence Goodson, Edgar Castillo, Michael Parkhurst, Corey Ashe, Tony Beltran, Michael Orozco

MIDFIELDERS– Kyle Beckerman, Joe Corona, Stuart Holden, Alejandro Bedoya, Mikkel Diskerud, Josh Gatt, Jose Torres

FORWARDS– Will Bruin, Herculez Gomez, Landon Donovan, Jack McInerney, Bobby Wood


Some thoughts:

Players named to the final Gold Cup roster had to be a part of the preliminary roster. Wondering which players from the preliminary roster that didn’t make the cut? Here they are:


DEFENDERS– Omar Gonzalez, Matt Besler, DaMarcus Beasley

MIDFIELDERS– Graham Zusi, Brek Shea, Brad Evans, Brad Davis, Benny Feilhaber, Eddie Johnson

FORWARDS– Alan Gordon, Chris Wondolowski


Don’t expect anybody who played heavy minutes in the June World Cup qualifiers to be called up for the Gold Cup.


The goalkeeper slots seem easy enough to figure out.


Defensively, Bocanegra and Onyewu return from USMNT asylum and could reunite and look to repeat the success they enjoyed when they helped lead the U.S. to the 2007 Gold Cup Final victory. Clarence Goodson will have something to say about that as he is still ahead of them on the depth chart.

Michael Parkhurst didn’t play in June qualifiers, but the Gold Cup should be his chance to not only show Klinsmann he’s still worth keeping in the mix at right back when Steve Cherundolo and Timmy Chandler return. If Edgar Castillo is selected, you have to figure he will start at left back.


The glaring omission from the list of midfielders is Brek Shea, but don’t be surprised if he’s left out. Why? Consider his situation. He’s had some injury issues since joining Stoke City, and now he will be playing for a new manager in Mark Hughes. Jurgen Klinsmann has already shown an affinity for Shea as a player, but getting in the good graces of his new club manager is probably more important right now than proving something in the Gold Cup.

Joe Corona, much like Castillo, could probably use a break, but this Gold Cup should be his chance to shine in the U.S. attack.

Brad Davis didn’t play a ton of minutes in the June qualifiers, so he’s someone who could be called on, but Klinsmann might choose to leave him with Houston after Davis already missed a month of MLS action.

(UPDATE– Made one change to the initial projected squad. Going with young forward Bobby Wood over Benny Feilhaber, who hasn’t been getting regular minutes for Sporting KC lately. Thought he could get a look after his showing vs. Canada in January, but given his lack of minutes lately, and the fact Landon Donovan will probably play in midfield, Wood seems like the safer bet. And let’s face it, Wood would qualify as a true wild card, which the roster probably needs.)


At forward, the above quartet is the safe combination, especially with Chris Wondolowski dealing with injuries. Jack McInerney is a lock, and while he may not wind up starting as a forward, Donovan should serve as captain of the team (unless Bocanegra does).


So what might a starting lineup look like vs. Belize in the Gold Cup opener?

Here is a potential lineup:







Clarence Goodson and Alejandro Bedoya are both good candidates to break into this starting lineup.


What do you think of the squad? Who was left out that you feel should be on the squad? Who are you happy to see included? Think that starting lineup could do some damage and win the Gold Cup?

Share your thoughts below.

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224 Responses to USMNT Daily Update: Projecting the Gold Cup roster

  1. 2tone says:

    Feilhaber? That has to be a joke.

    Pretty sure Klinsmann hinted that Shea would be on the Gold Cup team.

    • Brian S. says:

      Isn’t Shea still nursing an injury?

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      I was deleting names off the preliminary roster and hadn’t considered Feilhaber’s recent lack of playing time in KC. As for Klinsmann hinting at Shea, things can change, and there was also a time when Shea was supposed to rejoin the U.S. team for qualifiers but never did.

      • Dan says:

        Sadly, Shea seems to get up in the morning, pour himself a bowl of stupid, and get on twitter. The train wreck isn’t worth the aggravation. At least Adu has talent to back up the stupid, but I still wouldn’t pick him

  2. Wheel says:

    So little love for bobby wood. I personally would much rather have him get a look than will bruin.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      Nothing against him. Just rate the other forwards ahead of him. Now, if Gomez isn’t healthy, I could definitely see Wood added. And guess what, now Wood is on in place of Feilhaber, so there you go.

    • nick says:

      +1 I completely agree.

      Wasnt Gomez dealing with a knee thing before the honduras game? Would like to see Wood for Gomez if that is the case.

    • TomG says:

      Any new name is going to generate excitement. It’s the whole backup quarterback is always the most popular guy on the team syndrome.

    • Josh D says:

      I don’t see why Klinsi would have named him to the roster and not bring him considering he hasn’t had any games since. It would seem the only players he’d consider dropping are MLS who have a chance to either play in or out of the final roster.

  3. Adam says:

    I realize Holden pretty much has that central playmaker spot on lock, but I’m pining for Mix Diskeruud to get a shot in there.

    • bottlcaps says:

      Holden hasn’t played any quality minutes in a important game in years. Expect him to come off the bench, or get some good minutes in a low-key game like Belize

      Remember, the USMNT can call in new players after the group stage. So if the US gets to the finals with Mexico, expect JK to call in Gonzo or Beisler.

      I think the priority for a late call-in is the fitness level. Starting in the MLS:=YES, In Europe but played in WCQ:=YES. In Europe but not play in WCQ:=NO. The euro players playing in the GC get the benefit of a training camp.

      • zztoppppp says:

        I don’t know what him possibly calling in Besler and Gonzalez has to do with Holden at all. And if you are insinuating that Mix Diskerud hasn’t been playing in Europe, you are wrong. He is a starting midfielder for one of the best teams in Norway right now, a league that is in midseason.

        • GW says:

          “starting midfielder for one of the best teams in Norway right now, a league that is in midseason”

          A league that is also arguably less competitive than MLS.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Reinforcement players will have to be called in right after the group stage.

        JK has already stated that he does not intend to bring in backups, and he won’t be able to change his mind right after the semifinal.

        That said, you never know.

  4. James UnionFan says:

    That lineup looks pretty sweet actually.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      The defense looks awful, but that’s par for the course at anything less than A senior level (and even that’s an adventure) these days. I do like the offense — we have plenty of depth there, as at some of the youth level teams — but if you have to play Mexico in the final and show up with Castillo Goodson Boca Parkhurst I think you get clobbered, and Gooch/ Orozco/ Ashe won’t be much help. The ground is already paved for the next Bornstein. I’d rather see the defensive equivalent of Wood, someone fresh without a track record of suckage.

      • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

        The attack may be stronger than the defense but our defensive setup should be quite strong. Castillo, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Goodson and Parkhurst are all on the bubble at this point. 2-3 of them could be in the 23 next summer. Castillo has shown really well for his club team and will finally get a chance to prove his worth with quality minutes.

        I still believe there is a good chance for Onyewu to work his way back in to the mix. Our CB pool is weak, inexperienced, lacks depth and on his day, I think he’s the best pure defender we have. That 4th CB spot is absolutely up for grabs. I may be living in the past with him but I really believe if he settles his club situation he could even push for a starting spot.

        Parkhurst is a bit of a question mark. I think hes a serviceable right back but he got beat out by an MLS center mid for the right back spot during the qualifiers. That doesn’t say much for Klinsmann’s faith in him.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          I don’t see how people think Gooch will be more effective against the Gold Cup finalists than he was against Antigua. I used to like the guy before he hurt his knee but he’s not been the same since.

          Castillo was getting run by like he was standing still in a recent friendly.

          Parkhurst is just not athletic enough.

          • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

            The Antigua game was bad. I will not deny that. However, our CB options really are not that great or deep at the moment so I am all for giving one of the more talented defenders in our pool another look. Like I said, I could be living in the past with Gooch but I’m hoping for him to have a career revival with the national team over the next year.

            Castillo is obviously a better player than he has shown with the national team. Anyone can see that from reading game reports or looking at his resume. The guy can clearly play on that level and maybe its just taking him some time to settle with the US. He will find consistent PT in the Gold Cup and that will answer many questions about him.

        • Juan says:

          Im not quite sure what bubble gooch is on at this point? He is years past his expiration date.

          As a Parkhurst fan for years before he moved to Europe, I have faith that given a chance, he will again prove himself. JK’s decision not to use him in the qualifiers is a mystery to me.

          • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

            We’re likely bringing 4 CBs to the World Cup. He is clearly being considered for one of those places at this point. There’s your bubble.

      • Gary Page says:

        Considering that Castillo starts for the League MX champion and played almost every minute in the Copa Libertradores, Parkhurst was the best player in the CL one round last year, and Goodson starts regularly in Europe, you are much too pessimistic.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          Much too pessimistic? I think I am realistic. I watched what was done to Goodson over several games with the senior team — resulting in his demotion for the actual recent qualifiers — and Castillo has been similarly dismantled twice. Parkhurst is a smart defender but that and 25 cents gets him a coffee when he matches up with some international speed merchant. You can argue whatever you want about their club form but I think they are all mediocre, flawed players for our purposes. And I think their collective history in red white blue backs me up.

        • Judging Amy says:

          I like Castillo, want him to get his shot, and am not saying that the following is the case, but…

          How much stock do we put in Mexican league defenders? The Mex league isn’t known for being that strong defensively, correct? So, while Castillo performs well in Copa Libertadores and Mex league, does that mean his performance should be looked at in the same vein (or anywhere near) as a starting back in the EPL or Germany?

          Again, not saying this is the case, but just some thoughts.

  5. Dre says:

    What about Freddie Adu? Does he have any chance? Will we ever see him in a game again for the Nats? What does JK really think of him, Ives?

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      He’s not on the preliminary roster.

      • TomG says:

        Is he getting any playing time at all with his team?

      • Johnny says:

        I’m curious to Ives’ thoughts as well. I know he’s not getting much playing time at Bahia, but I’ve always thought he has shown well when he plays for the Nats.

    • bottlcaps says:

      It’s still a year away from Brazil and their are lots (or at least more) friendlies to be played. I think ADU can be called in if we face a SA team in SA. He will have to have a SPECTACULAR showing though to convince JK that he even deserves a shot on the USMNT.

      I think JK will be selecting the final team soon and will look to make THAT team better, rather than trying to improve the team by adding new players.

      • Nate Dollars says:

        i don’t necessarily disagree that adu would have to have ‘a SPECTACULAR showing’ to convince klinsmann, but i wonder how reasonable that is.

        i would hope that if adu shows as well as he consistently has for the national team, then he would be in the discussion simply because we don’t really have many pure attacking mids.

        • GW says:

          “he would be in the discussion simply because we don’t really have many pure attacking mids.”

          That is the whole point.

          To play for JK you have to be a two way player not a “pure attacking mid.” EJ, for example, is not an great defender but he does what he can and it’s apparent JK sees and appreciates that.

          Traditionally there are 8 midfield slots.

          MB and Jones take two.

          Then there are two slots for holding mids. The remaining four would be the attacking mids.

          The guys who Freddy would be or might be competing with for the 4 places are:

          Zusi, EJ, Donovan, Shea, Herc, Corona, Benny F, Mixx, etc.

          And DMB and Fabian will be competing in the defense slots but they can also fit the attacking midfielders role should JK want to go with less than 4 attacking mids.

          Versatility is a very big deal on a limited 23 man WC roster and a one trick pony like Adu is a luxury that I doubt JK is spending any time thinking about.

          Now Freddy could explode and suddenly make everyone forget about Neymar but short of that he will have a very hard time gettting on this roster. Maybe 2018.

  6. Yevgeniy says:

    Pretty weird that there are only 7 field players from MLS out of 20. Probably something to do with the fact that more of than are on the A team compared to standard. I feel bad for Wondo not getting a chance

    • timmytwoshoezzz says:

      Wondo is a nice MLS player, and that’s about it

      • Eurosnob says:

        I agree that Wondo is not international quality, but there were plenty of folks not so long ago arguing that Wondo should be starting over Altidore. Where are they now, busy buying Altidore’s jerseys?

    • bottlcaps says:

      Remember, the MLS season is still underway and choosing too many MLS players will get the MLS riled. I think Gonzo was left off because of the public complaint by Arena. Wondo, Gordon and San Jose are not having a good year, bringing them in will make it worse.

  7. Geo says:

    What about mike Magee is the Pre-squad set in stone

  8. Todd says:

    What’s Mike Magee gotta do?

    • bottlcaps says:

      Agree! The forgotten man. Nobody seemed to want to pick him up for friendlies, WCQ and the like. He has U17 and U20 experience! Talk about a utility man. The Galaxy used him as a forward, midfielder, defensive corner back and a GOALKEEPER (who incidentally got a shutout) JK need to give this gut a shot.

      I’m thinking, if the USMNT wraps up qualifying a game or two early, bring in the “fringers” for a look-see!!

      • Annelid Gustator says:

        I loved that. Go Mike.

      • Josh says:

        I don’t feel like checking the calendar, but I feel like McGee didn’t get into this beast mode of form he’s had until after the preliminary roster was announced. Even if he had a game or two, he wasn’t at the same streak he’s at now

        • Good Jeremy says:

          He goes into beast mode every playoff season, so even before his recent form it was reasonably to expect that he would do well in pressure situations like tournaments.

  9. MLSatlanta says:

    Does anyone know whats up with Feilhaber not playing at SKC?

    • maverickman874 says:

      He has been disappointing this season and not made most of his opportunities.

    • zztoppppp says:

      Peter Vermes has said that it is mostly due to his fitness level, the fact that he has trouble playing more than 60 minutes per game.

  10. Paddy The Mc says:

    Any chance Boyd could see some time in the squad as he didn’t get a ton of time in the WCQ matches?

  11. USMNT Fan says:

    With this roster this B team is actually worth watching.

  12. Josh D says:

    Drop Gomez, slide Donovan to the middle and add Gatt.

    I don’t remember Klinsi ever putting out a 4-1-3-2 formation. If anything it’ll be a 4-3-3 or 4-2-2-1-1 like he has recently. In that formation neither Gomez nor Mac can play that SS role that Demosey does. Donovan is the only one that can fill those boots.

    I’d like to see Mix start. My ideal formation:


    Very attack minded. But we need to make a statement with the first game. No need for Beckerman.

    • bottlcaps says:

      Interesting lineup, I think Parkhurst is maybe a step too slow for a good corner back, but hey : BELIZE Let me take that back this is a great formation for Belize

    • dan says:

      agree 100%, we need to make a statement and take it to Belize hard. I’d rather see the 4-2-3-1 stay though and keep a constant formation/logic between our teams.

    • Lost in Space says:

      IMO with the players Ives listed I’d go with something like:

      Subs: Beckerman, Ashe, Beltran, Mixx, Gatt, Wood, McInerney, GK
      Insert Beckerman in the CR match…but the 1st two in the group we shouldn’t need a Destroyer type CDM. Mixx could play anywhere across the Midfield (bet is better centrally or on the Left). Bedoya can also play across the mid. Gatt is the speed option off the bench to run a the tired defense. Wood & McInerney are the wild cards. Backline I don’t really care who’s in. Not really impressed with any of the D options, Boca/Gooch/Parkhurst last chance for likely 2 of the 3.

    • Beto says:

      Perfect XI

    • beachbum says:

      Klinsmann used a 4-1-3-2 when Cameron came on for JJ after he got clubbed and suffered his concussion

    • SBI Troll says:

      Good players selected, but overall a terrible lineup. Not everything that works in a video game will work in real life.

    • Eurosnob says:

      Actually, it’s not a bad lineup. I have some doubts about Holden’s ability to go full 90 minutes against stronger teams (he has quality and I really like him, but I am not sure about his current form/game sharpness after his long recovery from his injury). I would probably start Beckerman, who has good tactical discipline, as the holding midfielder to protect the backline and move Mix forward next to Corona to provide creative element further up the pitch. Unless Holden is ready to start, I would bring him off the bench gradually increasing his minutes. I also think Gatt is a better used as a sub – he is a fast, high energy player with some questionable decisionmaking.

  13. El Canchon says:

    If Ives lineup is starting, so many stories to follow:
    -can Boca and Gooch still bring it
    -does Castillo play well enough to put his name in the mix at LB, since Fab should move to LM
    -return of Donovan
    -does Holden start to play his way back to the A team
    -can Corona also show enough to push as one of the top subs for the A team
    -seeing how Jack Mac deals against int’l competition

    Getting my popcorn ready!

  14. Idahosa says:

    What ever happened to Aron Johannsson being called up?

    • louis z says:

      he can’t be called is provisionally capped with Iceland. He will be at one of the USA’s practice at some point and decide if he is going to switch. I think it looks good for us because he told Iceland that he doesn’t want to be called until he makes up his mind.

      • zztoppppp says:

        I read that he told Iceland that he would prefer to play for them since he has no emotional ties to the USA. I hope what you say is right though.

        • louis z says:

          Your reading wasn’t from his mouth, was from a third party person that made the comment that he thought it was Aron feeling, perhaps he was but that was months ago, his decision to hold off and train with the US was done about 3 weeks ago.

          I haven’t heard anything new since him (Aron) declared that he was holding off any Iceland invites.

        • Hogatroge says:

          I don’t see how one can develop emotional ties to a country you lived in for the first 3 (if that) years of your life and where your parents aren’t from.

          We should be glad he’s even considering the US. Even if it’s only because he fancies his chances at WC2018 more with the USA, I’m sure he would bond w/ the guys in camp.

          That said, it’s not like this is really a Giuseppe Rossi situation.

  15. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Holden’s gotten more government handouts this summer than Monsanto, which is saying something.

  16. Dan says:

    Who do you think is the overall US #3 GK right now?

  17. paulwp says:

    What’s with donovan on the left? Is this to figure out how he fits with Zusi?

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      Donovan played left wing most of the previous World Cup cycle, and yes, he could wind up there again, with Zusi on the right and Fabian Johnson at left back. That could be a pretty dangerous combination.

  18. MikeG says:

    Any ‘ How to play soccer’ book will tell you Donovan is the Central Attacking Midfielder/withdrawn striker roaming around in space between the defenders and midfielders or as a forward.

    • Alex says:

      Because he’s played that position so well for so long with the national team

      • MikeG says:

        Thinking about Klinnsman here.

        • ATX_Colin says:

          Donovan is not that type of player, it seems you have forgotten his most dangerous position is out wide which happens to be position of need currently with the USMNT. Lets not complicate things here.

        • Eurosnob says:

          Bob Bradley usually played Donovan and Dempsey as wide mifielders in what many call the “empty bucket” formation. For example, in the world cup game against Algeria, Donovan started as RM and Dempsey as LM. Michael Bradley and Edu were CMs, playing more defensive roles. Altidore and Gomez were strikers. Benny Feilhaber replaced Gomez in the second half and played CAM role.

    • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

      putting him on the left doesn’t mean his is necessarily stuck to the left touch line. He would almost certainly be given a fair bit of creative freedom to drift centrally into pockets of space especially if he has Castillo overlapping him. LD is a very good wide player and would be more dangerous coming in from the left than someone like Holden who is better suited for the middle. Also, you have to consider that spot underneath Jozy 100% belongs to Dempsey right now. If LD is going to break in to the starting lineup it will be on the left or right wing.

    • beachbum says:

      no he’s not, but he can play that role too

    • louis z says:

      not sure how you derived to your conclusion. Donovan is a finesse player he is not built or likes to mix it up, specially in the middle of the field. His strength is the open field of the wings. That is why is such a threat in the counter.

      • GW says:

        louis z.,

        So only strong tough guys are allowed in the middle of the field?

        If you start on the left wing then how do you ever get to the right without going over the middle?

        • louis z says:

          you get a pass to get to the other side…

          Seriously, A CM has to be able to take the physical aspect of the position since it is usually played in closer quarters. A CM doesn’t have to be a burly guy, it just has to be a player than can take the physical riggers. LD doesn’t like to play like that, whenever an opponent gets physical with him he would complain to the ref. LD’s bread and butter is the transition game, specially in the counter. see the Brazil game and the Algeria game for an example.

          • GW says:

            LD can play in the middle. Actually he can play anywhere. He is plenty talented, skilled and strong enough. And despite what you think he is fearless.

            And all these guys moan to the ref; have you ever seen Dempsey play?

            His managers though have usually started him out on the wing because there are more opportunities out there for him make full use of his skill set, particularly his quickness and his knack for setting up and finishing off counter. That doesn’t mean he could not play another style..

            • louis z says:

              sure he can play the middle but not as good as the wing. I just don’t see what you see, the times he has played in the middle he is nothing like for instance Juninho, and they are fairly built the same. Juninho will do battle work when need to, LD will contain the opponent.

  19. Lost in Space says:

    I for one would rather see Boyd than Gomez. We know what Gomez brings…and he is still part of the “A” Squad. Let him heal from his knee injury and give a younger player some experience.
    I like the midfield…except for Beckerman….but this will hopefully be the last time we see him except for Camp Cup Cake.
    Defense….The last chance dance for many of these guys. Boca, Gooch, & Parkhurst are all on the last chance to perform list. Whoever of these 3 isn’t starting will likely be left behind. I’d place Goodson on that list as well….but until we have at least 1 other option at CB (Besler, Gonzalez, Cameron, tbd). This GC will determine the front runner for that 4th spot. I’d still prefer someone else step into the picture than going with the retreads. Orozco may beat out Parkhurst at RB as well.

    • Judging Amy says:

      I’m not as in love with aging Herc as I was in the beginning of Klins’ tenure, but I really did not like Boyd’s cameos in these past few qualifiers. I thought he was quite poor. Granted, it was limited minutes. Overall, I agree with you, I’d like to see more Boyd, but if he stinks it up again, it might be time to cut him loose.

      • bryan says:

        he didn’t play one minute in qualifiers we just had. he didn’t even make the bench. Boyd is nowhere close to being “let loose”.

  20. dan says:

    Would rather see:


    —–Donovan——– Feilhaber———–Torres—–




  21. Jawaad says:






    Can we figure out a way to get Gatt, Corona, Diskeruud, Donovan, Mcinerney and Holden on the field together? That’s what I want to see, because that’ll be a heluva lotta fun to watch.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      This is a clear case of “I just want guys I like on the field, even if it doesn’t make much sense tactically”. That lineup could destroy Belize, but it would get exposed against better teams that could exploit the clear flaws in the group. Holden’s not a pure 6, and Diskerud doesn’t do enough defensively to get away without two holding guys behind, and gatt’s not a left winger.

      You can choose between Gatt and Diskerud to bench, and add Beckerman and still have a pretty fun team to watch.

      • louis z says:

        I beg to differ, Diskerud did just fine with Morales next to him vs the future Olympic champions.

        • GW says:

          That was a friendly. And Morales is a beast.

          When it got seriously competitive with the Under 23’s Mix wilted and disappeared.

          • louis z says:

            the following quote was written so many times….”is there a friendly vs. Mexico? of course not”.

            I agree, Mix requires the right partner, that is why Porter in his interview looked so sad because he couldn’t get Morales for the qualifiers.

      • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

        People ignore the fact the Beckerman is a very solid player and we know exactly what we are going to get from him. He does the dirty work and keeps things simple allowing us to get a good look at other players. If we played Holden as the 6, and things didn’t work out, it would throw off the entire formation and other players’ performances. He may not be a fan favorite for the US but he gives us tactical balance and will allow other players the chance to flourish.

    • mattchew says:

      thats a real ‘lets throw jumping jacks in Mr. johnson’s fireworks stand and see what happens guys!’ kinda lineup. Exciting….but oh so dangerous!!

    • Soccer? I barely know 'er! says:

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to play a 4-3-3 with that lineup? Move Gatt down to right wing, have Holden play the 6, and Corona and Mixx can be our poor man’s Xavi and Iniesta.

  22. Drewbles says:

    You don’t think they would let Gatt join his club side for their Champions’ League Qualifiers? I think they would take Shea or Benny and let Gatt go.

    • ANM says:

      Apparently, CONCACAF lets you make roster changes after the group phase. I imagine Gatt will be in just for the group phase, and then be replaced for the knockout phase so that he can rejoin Molde.

  23. Jason says:

    Mix (Europa) and Gatt (Champions league) both have preliminary round matches during gold cup, I’d expect both to be left off the initial rosters.

  24. Chris says:

    I would like to see another dm added to the group, either kitchen, clark or mccarty, but probably too late for that now
    Also i would like to see the guys who got time in june also be called in, we should really go for this competition due to a possible confed cup spot coming from this, anyone know that situation?
    My starting 11

  25. Ryan in NYC by way of NC says:

    I better see Benny Feilhaber’s name tomorrow. I know that much.

    • Jose from the Bay says:

      or what?

      • luke in texas says:

        Seriously, what can anyone do but complain about why their favorite player didn’t get called? I hate these posts where everyone gives their preferred XI, no one cares because you’re not picking! Just enjoy the article

    • Johnny says:

      I’d like to see him too. I think he brings both creativity and control to the midfield.

      • OPMG says:

        *brought creativity and control – Benny has been poor lately. He showed glimpses in the past but that is not what we’re currently seeing.

    • 2tone says:

      Lol. He hasn’t played a game since May, and has been average when seeing minutes.

    • whoop-whoop says:

      At some point, you have to come to grips with the gap between who you’d like or think a player could be… and what he IS. I know I spent a good amount of time wondering why the heck Benny wasn’t a mainstay in the center of the park with the Nats. Clearly the man has talent and some traits we have been sorely in need of over the years, but there is good reason your BF isn’t cracking the US roster, no longer in Europe, was let go by NE and now is riding pine in KC. I have to think all his managers want to win, would have loved to have seen his gifts utilized/potential realized, but have had the benefit of much more exposure than you or me… and a bit more knowledge of the game as well and sooner or later have seemingly all reached the same conclusion. At the top level, flashes aren’t enough… consistency off and on and on both ends of the field trump all. Be a shame, but this WC cycle is down to nitty gritty, next one is too far down the road. I’m afraid all the signs are there that Benny Felhaber is seeing the window closing on his international career.

      • Vic says:

        Its really unfortunate some of our most skilled/gifted players are so lazy.

      • OPMG says:

        Well said. I love a flashy player as much anybody. But only seeing glimpses of great talent will not win games and is not nearly enough to be relied on to win games. Feilhaber and Adu fall under this category. Nobody can deny the skill they possess. But it’s like picking one of those AND 1 players from the streets and expecting them to perform well in an organized, professional NBA environment where you bust your butt on offense and defense. Not gonna happen. Sometimes people comment that it’s a shame that the US can’t utilize players like this and how we prioritize athleticism and work rate over skill, that’s completely wrong. There are busts in every sport because coaches and fans get caught up in a player’s talent and skill, but it takes a lot more than that to succeed. BF and Freddy don’t have those extra abilities and it doesn’t look like that will ever change.

  26. red95blue says:

    I’d like to see:


    • AdamFromMich says:

      I like this lineup. I would also be happy seeing Mixx instead of Torres (or Holden). I’d like to see Holden get significant minutes, but I not sure he’ll always get the start. I would also be happy with Gomez up front, as long as McInerney gets a fair shot.

  27. Adam says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing these games even more than I was the WCQ ones. Can’t wait to see Holden playing some real minutes and McInherney’s debut. Also, very excited to see what Onyewu, Boca, and Donovan have left in them — all of them have been very solid players at some point in the past and if they find their form could be great with the regular team again.

  28. H-town says:

    Jack Mac (slasher) and Bruin (holding)
    Donovan (L) Holden Beckerman Gatt (R)
    Castillo Goodson Bocanegra Parkhurst

    • Chris says:

      I actually would like donovan working up top with gomez and then corona shea creating behind them, or have donovan moved to the right with corona in behind and shea to the left, if no shea or zusi put torres or diskerud there

  29. NOLA Jazz says:

    Hey Ives, if you read this:
    When the actual rosters are announced, I hope that you also let us know who Mexico and Honduras call up.
    From what I understand, Mexico is basically calling up their Olympic squad, which does not bode well for any team in the tournament.
    But I know Honduras has depth as well so I would love to see how these three will stack up.

    • beto says:

      i know Mexico and Honduras have deep pools of pro players but with Qualifying, U20’s and Confed Cup (MEX) they are really stretched thin for the Gold Cup.. looking forward to Mexico’s roster.

      I heard that the FMF is pursuing a lot of dual nationals as well as uncapped South Americans that have spent a lot of time in the LigaMX to make their switch to El Tri. I guess becoming a Mexican citizen is a lot easier than becoming a US citizen…

    • Kevin says:

      Mexico already announced their squad last week, and began their camp this week. In fact they already played their first match in preparation for the Gold Cup. From what I can tell theres a couple or maybe 3 players from the Olympic squad.

  30. Dewey says:

    I can’t imagine Jurgen changing formation from the A team, or Feilhaber being left off, despite his lack of recent pt for apparently unbeknownst reasons among these commentors.

    My 23 would be the above with Feilhaber in and Gomez out. Give Gomez some more time to heal and he’ll be available for after group stage.

    GOALKEEPERS- Bill Hamid, Sean Johnson, Nick Rimando

    DEFENDERS- Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi Onyewu, Clarence Goodson, Edgar Castillo, Michael Parkhurst, Tony Beltran, Michael Orozco, Corey Ashe

    MIDFIELDERS- Kyle Beckerman, Joe Corona, Stuart Holden, Alejandro Bedoya, Mikkel Diskerud, Josh Gatt, Jose Torres, Benny Feilhaber

    FORWARDS- Will Bruin, Landon Donovan, Jack McInerney, Bobby Wood



    — Donovan———Diskeruud________Corona




  31. Evan W says:

    Ives, I like your lineup. Hypothetically, if you put Dempsey in for McInerney, and Torres in for Beckerman, I bet that lineup would beat our “A” team minus Dempsey. Obviously form would be a huge factor for players like Donovan, Holden, Bocanegra and Onyewu but it would certainly be fun to watch.

    • Alex says:

      I DOUBT it would beat our A team, but it would be a good game, and is just reflective of the nice depth we’re enjoying at the moment.

  32. Bob Jones says:

    I would rather play a man down than have Beckerman in the lineup. Plain and simple.

  33. Bob Jones says:

    He is about as useful as hot garbage

  34. zztoppppp says:

    Since everyone else is posting theirs, here is my preferred lineup:


    • beto says:

      thats it. switch Corona and Mix , and maybe work Beckerman in when needed.

      hope to see LD back on top and JackMac scoring a lot of goals!

      • David S says:

        No its the Fing Gold cup there is no need for a CDM no Beckerman.. Ever. Otherwise I want that lineup on the field although I feel that Mix would sit in while Holden was in the Duece Dempsey role and Gatt would be a supersub against tired defenses and Bedoya would start there and Orozco at RB

        • beto says:

          playing against Belize and Cuba their might be less of a need for a #6 but at some point when we start facing Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, etc there will need to be 1, not 3!, player there to connect the defense to the offense.

          I don’t want Mix or Holden responsible for tackling and changing the direction of play in the middle of the field all day.

          I think everyone is so tired of the games where we put 3 dmids out there and wants the exact opposite for the GC. while i think we can totally do that vs. the minnows at some point you have to realize we wont have 100% of possession vs. some of the decent teams.

          think back to the U23 disaster. Mix, Jeffry, Corona and Adu midfield was certainly entertaining but when the back 4 get exposed quickly even teams like Canada and El Salvador can get a goal.. hopefully our back 4 and keepers are better than Hamid/Johnson, Opara, Sarkodie, etc.

      • zztoppppp says:

        I considered putting Beckerman in the lineup, because I enjoy watching him in MLS, I’m sure he will get plenty of minutes throughout this tournament.

    • louis z says:

      in my opinion you almost got it right, just switch Corona with Diskerud and you a winner.Remember the game vs. Mexico? that is how these two played.

      • bryan says:

        they played in a 4-3-3 i thought:


        • louis z says:

          Mix and Morales where always a tandem, Corona played higher up in front of them. Now, if the pre game lineup showed different is another matter since Porter always preferred the 4-3-3, but the way they actually played in tandem was impressive.

    • Jordy says:


  35. Dennis says:

    Will Mike Magee ever get a call-up from Klinsmann? While Magee was never arguably the best player for the Galaxy( or even for the Fire), for both teams, and especially the Galaxy, he was the guy who scored goals that got them though play-offs and US Cup games. If you watch him, he is like Klinsmann was as a player, always moving to get into good spots and finding those spaces where teammates can get him the ball. I am not sure he tries to direct traffic as much as Klinsmann did later in his career, but he does do some of that. He is perhaps not as athletic as some other options, but his scoring percentage (goals/shots) is good, what’s not to like other than his age?

  36. Colin in MT says:


    Orozco has been getting some time at RB for his club team. At the international level, do you see him as a CB or a RB?

    The reason I ask is because I don’t see a sub for Besler in our CB options. We’ve seen what Gonzo-Cameron, Goodson-Cameron and Gonzo-Goodson can do. With those pairings we lack the qualities that Besler brings to the table (which I think are crucial). Orozco could be that guy?

    • dave sf says:

      I’m with you Ives. I think he should be used as a CB. Maybe pair him with Edu or Cameron, although I’ not the biggest proponent of Cameron as a CB.

    • AdamFromMich says:

      I’m also interested in whether Orozco fits in as a RB or CB. Bringing just 3 (older) CBs to the Gold Cup seems risky. Is Orozco on the roster as a utility defender or does Klinsmann see him in a particular position?

  37. Dennis says:

    Since the 3 defenders, OG, Besler, Evans and DMB are still fairly inexperienced on the international stage as defenders go, A real possibility is that JK brings in all 4 for the elimination phase (he gets to swap 4 players in and out at that time). Of course actual injuries could influence that decision. Also Gomez is still recovering, from what I hear, and he is at best unlikely to be ready for 90 minutes in the heat. Wondo has lead the MLS in scoring for 3 years, while he and SJ are having a bad start this season, surely he has earned a spot on this roster.

  38. Smackey the Frog says:


  39. biff says:

    “Players named to the final Gold Cup roster had to be a part of the preliminary roster.”

    Is this correct? I thought that Concacaf gives some leeway and that a few players not on the preliminary roster can be named to the final roster.

    It is documented that in late May, even after Timothy Chandler missed a game or two with a minor quote “injury,” that Klinsmann told Chandler he would like to have him for the Gold Cup squad. As dedicated as Timothy is to the US shirt, I am certain that he is aching to fly over and join this Gold Cup team. I am sure that Timothy knows that in the last 20 months while other players have been sweating blood to ensure the USMNT qualifies for WC 2014 that Timothy has played in only 2 games. Numerous times he has either snubbed Klinsmann’s invitations or has claimed to be injured.

    Timothy at the current time has absolutely no chemistry with other USMNT players and we know how important team chemistry is to Klinsmann. This Gold Cup is probably Timothy’s last chance to prove his dedication to the shirt and try to convince other USMNT that he is not a prima donna who thinks he is so great he can skip WCQ games and then waltz next summer down to Brazil to fulfill his childhood dream of playing in a World Cup, taking the spot of maybe someone like Brad Evans. I will bet 25 cents that Chandler is on the roster when it is announced Thursday.

    • beto says:

      haha, i will eat both of my shoes if Chandler shows up for the gold cup!

      • biff says:

        The initial news articles about the preliminary rosters, I thought, had said changes could be made. I just checked and, indeed, no changes allowed. So, yeah, looks like Timothy has already declined the invitation from his buddy Jurgen to participate in the Gold Cup. I admit, I am stunned. I really thought Chandler would be aching to play in this Gold Cup after missing the last two camps because of (cough-cough) his injuries, the first one in March which allowed him to play a few days for his club a few days of the USMNT-Mexico match and the one in May that allowed him to resume training even before the USMNT played Belgium and allowed him to fly to Greece for a nice long vacation on the beach.

        I’m glad we have a committed player like Timothy Chandler for right back. What would we do without him? Frightening to think of him on the USMNT without him on it. I bet all the guys really like him a lot and miss him when he isn’t there. And he definitely deserves a spot on the WC 2014 roster, even if he misses a few more camps between now and then. We know he won’t be inured for Brazil next summer or have trouble making the long flight there, poor guy.

        • AcidBurn says:

          There was an article in the German press about how Klinsy called him up for the Gold Cup but Chandler said no, and now is on “vacation”.

          • bryan says:

            That is not what it said. Not even close. Blatant lie

          • louis z says:

            I thought it went like this….JK asked him, Chandler said that he was still hurt, JK asked if he could make the GC and Chandler said that he wasn’t sure. JK told him to rest during his vacation. Know, JK may have not believe him and Chandler may not be called in any future friendly or qualifier. We should find out in a couple of months.

            • louis z says:

              know= now

            • bryan says:

              much more accurate. and so everyone can re-read the link is below. but JK was still training while the rest of his team was on holiday or in Sweden. it says JK told Chandler he would like him for the Gold Cup if he is ready. at the end, Chandler says that’ll have to be decided by the club and that he hopes they find a solution. obviously they didn’t.

              link to

        • SBI Troll says:

          Looks like someone’s got a little man crush… Stalker alert!

        • Joe says:

          You sound creepily involved with Timmy Chandler. Are you one of those internet stalker dudes who will find his e mail and post it and say horrible things to him. With a name like Biff, I don’t doubt it, I saw how cruel you were to the McFlys. I’M WATCHING YOU BIFFFFFFFF

    • bryan says:

      Yes it’s correct and of course you found a way to make this about Chandler…

    • Jason B says:

      I dont know the rules on all that. But I would love to see him at the Gold Cup so Donovan can rip into him for one reason or another.

    • louis z says:

      are you sure JK said that, or was that a fan’s theory. Chandler missed the last couple of games of his season because of injury, not sure if he was going to be ready for qualifiers, GC roster was a bit iffy for players that are either looking for a new team or trying to re-establish themselves after a bad season. (Morales, Wooten, Gyau, Chandler, Williams). Needless to say Williams thought he was safe but he got traded.

  40. Turd Bradley says:

    I have to say that Ives squad is most likely at least 9 players accurate. At the same time its a true second team. I can never think of our second team being this strong. Some of these guys have played in multiple world cups. Slowly at turtles pace we are getting better and better.

    Makes me proud. Still the u20 world cup is a direct indictment of youth system and our youth coaches. We all must do better.


    • Byrdman says:

      Can u elaborate on the u-20 wc? It seems to me, other than some shoddy defending and not finishing enough chances we are improving, and growing.

  41. The Imperative Voice says:

    Brad Davis is supposedly suffering from a hamstring injury so you can probably cross him off.

    • Bean says:

      Good timing for Dom.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        FWIW it looked during the TFC game like Bruin might have pulled a groin a little reaching for a high ball, too. He kind of limped around for a bit but then played 90.

  42. beto says:

    isnt Herc Gomez semi-injured and joining a new club? i wouldn’t expect him on the Gold Cup roster.

  43. Jason B says:

    I think the lineups will change dramatically based on the opponent. For instance, not a true number 6 will be needed against a Belize side. I could see Klinsy using Castillo pushing forward most of the game as almost a midfielder. But against stiffer competition, expect beckerman and torres to be used as protection for the back line.
    This Gold Cup team is full of players that fans are calling for, so a lot of our questions will be answered.
    I cant wait for Donovan to get player of the tourney and Jack to get the Golden boot. Its time to kick Mexico while they are down. (Qualifying and Confed Cup and Under 20 World Cup)

  44. David S says:

    I swear to god if we play Beckerman over Holden, Mix, Bedoya, Corona, Torres in this tournament I’m driving to that city and punching JK in the face. Mix or Holden or anyone for that matter can play the holding roll well enough for this tournament. Seriously, play attack minded football like you’ve said you will. Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over Beckerman.

    • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

      Better gas up the old car then bud…

      • Smackey the Frog says:

        Hahah, so true. Beckerman is a lock.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          Beckerman will play because he’s the only traditional DM of the bunch. In theory Holden may also play the spot but there just aren’t many options. The more debatable question is which 4 guys get the other spots.

          • Dewey says:

            I totally agree. I’m not a huge fan of Beckerman’s play, but you don’t want to mess with chemistry now, and Beckerman best fits Jones’s role, which is becoming part of the U.S. team identity. It would be nice to be the more physical side throughout the tournament, and Beckerman’s presence allows this. Start him and take him out early after a lead or comfort is built.

            Sure, maybe start Holden against Belize to make his comeback final, but then get to the business of winning the tournament.

            I don’t trust the defenders we have if Gonzo and Besler are left off, and I’d trust them much, much more with Beckerman.

            • Byrdman says:

              I am no expert, but I don’t see beckerman’s game as anywhere near that of Jones. JJ goes box to box, much of the time. He is a destroyer, sometimes of both offenses:). As beckerman is more of a disrupter. He rarely advances near the offensive third in international play. Seems to me the last game he played the opponent, can’t remember who – maybe Canada, laid back and begged him to advance with the ball on his foot.
              I see Holden playing JJ’s role, though I am sure he not back to that level yet. But that was his game at Bolton prior to injury.

              • Dewey says:

                Obviously his game is not anywhere near JJ’s or Bradley’s, but JJ gives a true physical presence to our middle that only Beckerman could come anywhere near replicating amongst that gold cup roster.

    • zztoppppp says:

      I am a huge Mix fan, but he wouldn’t be able to play the holding mid role. Klinsmann didn’t let him play versus Canada in January because of his inconsistency in defense, he needs to be played in an advanced attacking role only.

    • AcidBurn says:

      Somebody call JK and get him to beef up security, as David S is driving up to see him with his hammer fist after Beckerman is named in the starting lineup vs Belize!

    • Thebumswillalwayslose says:

      What kinda gas mileage you get? Because you’re gonna be doing a lot of driving.

      I simply don’t understand the hate for Beckerman. He’s more than capable at this level and he’s the only true defensive midfielder on the roster. He plays smart, he plays simple, he keeps the ball moving and – I know this might come as a shocker – he allows the other players in front of him to have MORE freedom to attack, because they know KB is going to stay home. In fact, I’d argue that playing with Beckerman in the line-up allows us to play more offensively and play a more attack minded style than playing without him, simply for the fact that you can start a true attacking midfielder in front of him as opposed to the kind of double-pivot we’re used to seeing with Bradley and Jones in the center of the park.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        Yes it does raise the question of whether he is going city to city following the USA circus around its varying destinations.

  45. DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

    I think that despite all his PT during the WCQ, you will see more Brad Evans. We simply aren’t deep enough with this roster at CM and RB/LB without him.

    • AdamFromMich says:

      Please, no Brad Evans at CM. He did a fine job at RB during our recent qualifiers, so I wouldn’t object to seeing him there, but he’s not a better choice at CM than any midfielder on Ive’s roster. Plus, it would be hard on the Sounders to call up Evans after he was already away for so long.

  46. DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

    Another thought – while I completely understand why Pontius was left off the provisional roster, his performance in DCU’s last match makes me wish that JK still had the option…

  47. Gary Page says:

    Don’t know if the players prefer a vacation, but I would like to see Kljestan and Guzan on the roster as Guzan never played in the qualifiers and Kljestan played maybe a couple of minutes. I also agree with others that Magee has earned a shot if he can be put on the roster. Finally, I know it won’t happen and he has had some injury issues, but i still would like to see Dax McCarty be at least called into one of these camps. He was outstanding at the youth level and has started to really develop with the Red Bulls.

  48. bryan says:

    LD, Torres, and Jack Mac are all called up. Tigres spilled the beans about Torres. SI reporting LD and Jack Mac are in too.

  49. Cairo says:

    Ok, find myself thinking that the US has more depth than at any point in their history. Here’s a lineup made up of players left off BOTH the WC Qualifying lineup and the Gold Cup roster (as per Ives). This is not at all a bad lineup, and in some ways more entertaining (if less defensive) than the ones that are actually playing.

    Shea——————————-Adu————————Lee Nguyen
    ———————————–Dax McCarty—————————–
    Morrow——————-George John—–Okugo————-Yedlin
    ————————————-Tally Hall——————————-

    • jlm says:

      still no Lichaj. lol. dude can’t even get on the C team. Also, maybe Cherundolo should be on for Yedlin since Yedlin is actually on a US roster right now.

      • Dennis says:

        Beitashour at RB.

        • OPMG says:

          Nope, have you seen Yeddy play? He’s raw, no doubt. But he’s the next RB for usmnt if he keeps progressing at the same pace he has been this season

          • Eurosnob says:

            Wasn’t he in the lineup that gave up 4 goals to Spain’s U20 team? Not questioning his talent, but it’s a big jump from U20s to the national team.

  50. David M says:

    I won’t be stunned if Donovan, Boca, and Onyewu are not on the roster. It seems that Klinsmann had decided to move on without the veterans and only included them on the preliminary roster because things didn’t look too good for the USMNT at the time, and pressure was building on Klinsmann to bring at least Donovan back. Now, with the recent successes, there is no such pressure, so why would Klinsmann bring them back?

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Landon is too good and having ittermitent strong spells where I don’t think he should get left out. He’s at least a bench option for qualis. Boca I think he has to give his shot to show whether he’s back or not, although I’m pessimistic, I think he’s falling apart and showing age, just like Dolo.

      Gooch, why bother. He’s been off the regular calls for years, fell apart in a home Antigua quali, and isn’t owed the same sort of second chances as the others.

    • Dennis says:

      He would bring Donavon back because he is still an outstanding player. Boca because he is still the player who has the best defensive mentality, apart from perhaps Dolo, even though he has always been slow. Onyewu, I dunnno, he was never the most technically gifted player and since his injury has been a step slow, but he is still big and strong and can probably clog up the middle.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        I think Boca gets brought back because he is a popular leadership figure who now that he is ostensibly healthier has to get his chance to sink or swim. But Klinsi’s prior roster cut suggests he will be ruthless if given the chance.

    • louis z says:

      My guess the only player that has chance to make the final 23 for the WC for a defender is BOCA, we are one small CB short, if BOCA does’t have it anymore, JK may just use his spot in the roster with Edu. LD hasn’t played that well to say he is a lock, just about every fan has come up with any excuse on his behalf. LD needs to have a good GC or he may just be replaced by an up and comer or a veteran that JK trusts i.e. E.J.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        All due respect but I find it hard to believe that if placed in the same camp you could possibly trust Landon less than EJ or several other players who just happen to be more trendy right now. It’s status quo reification but it defies what you’ll likely see on a soccer field. Kind of like when we were leaving out Jozy and bringing people like Gordon. I’ve been no big Jozy fan but I don’t think that on the merits is even a comparison.

        I think Klinsi is willing to risk rolling with certain people and lineups for a set of games to prove a point or motivate a player, but I also think Jozy’s exile followed by reinstatement shows he is at least some of the time in contact with reality. And the reality is that Landon playing halfway well is in a class above many players in even the deeper end of the pool.

        But he will have to prove himself the next few weeks. I just can’t believe he’ll blow it.

        • louis z says:

          Well, already LD is playing at a certain level that anyone that is not looking through rose color glasses will tell you, LD is a different player than he used to be, the issue that I see is that JK is looking for a player that fits his scheme of things not a player that plays a certain way that used to be good for the previous coach.
          What I think JK is going to look is how well does LD play from outside inside in traffic as winger, forget about them open field counters because that doesn’t exist in JK’s world, most of our running play goals have been through build ups. If LD can adjust his game, gravy, if not, then he is not going to fit in, no matter how 50% of a Donovan is better to other players. Let’s face it, JK has options no matter how unpopular are to the old USA fan, things need to fit.

    • biff says:

      Just noticed that Grant Wahl, who broke the story in May that Donovan would not be called, has reported that Donovan is a definite call-up for the Gold Cup, which most of us can agree is good news. Now it’s up to Donovan to show he still has the stuff to produce for the USMNT. got my fingers crossed. Really want him to see him in Brazil next summer, even if only as a super sub.

      link to

    • GW says:

      David M.

      “so why would Klinsmann bring them back?”

      If BEGONZ are the starting CB pair there are no proven backups. And it remains to be seen if they can be playing this well in a year’s time.

      Cameron has been shaky at CB since he got Stoked and who knows what is going to happen with the new manager? Goodson remains inconsistent. Parkhurst has regressed. Edu , who knows what’s up with Mo?

      So Boca and Gooch need to at least be ruled out.

      As for Donovan, the US got through qualifying okay but will have to step up a level or two by the time the World Cup rolls around if it wants to make noise. And Donovan and Shea, if healthy and in form, are most likely the only significant offensive upgrades the US can get before the WC, unless this Johansson guy comes over from Iceland and is the real deal.

  51. Brain Guy says:

    I don’t see Gooch making it. Sadly, I think the train has left the station. There are too many younger, talanted guys that JK will want to consider.

  52. DUDEEROO says:

    I don’t care:

    Altidore – Dempsey

    FabianJohnson – Donovan – Zusi


    Beasley – Besler – Omar – Evans


    Like I said, I don’t care.

    • Dewey says:

      Beasley – Besler – Omar – Evans

      This will not work in the world cup. Neither Beasley or Evans should start, though both will be excellent versatile bench pieces.

      FJ at LB. RB remains a mystery… T. Chandler or Cherundolo most likely.

  53. John says:

    I’d like to see Boyd be brought in and get some starting minutes.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Me too because Bruin is not his class and Wood and McInerney would be total dicerolls, we don’t know if they’re players on the make or the next Wondo or Twellman. Boyd is in a similar spot of not really getting a chance to make his own case. I know Landon and Gomez need to make cases for the final 23, but in terms of development we really need to know if these guys are keepers or not.

      I think Klinsi is doing a decent job with the known first team roster, and he had an initial burst of talent infusion from the Germans, but long term the question will be whether he can identify useful additions and integrate them, and he can’t raid Germany every year for that. I’m less sold that he’s good at development because he consistently overlooks certain interesting players like Lichaj in favor of some rote callup like Parkhurst, and you have a lot of players like Mixx or Corona or the like whom he can’t seem to bridge from friendly performance to quali supplements. So we’re playing EJ and Zusi.

      • louis z says:

        who is Corona and Mix going to replace? JJ? Dempsey? I don’t think so, I can see Dempsey after the world cup but I think he is not going to give up his captain arm band that easy.

        I think JK’s transition to the next squad for 2018 is going to be a slow one, I just don’t see him doing a fire sale after the WC. By then, players that we thought where next in line for the next opening may get bumped off by the next class of players. Each class is getting better and sooner or later you will get players overlapping previous class because they will get that much better earlier.

      • GW says:

        “ in terms of development we really need to know if these guys are keepers or not.”

        Why do we “really need to know” at this time?

        You are talking about guys, Jack Mac, Woods, Boyd and Bruin, that barring some unusual development, will not figure significantly in the 2014 World Cup. Boyd is clearly a talent but in his few opportunities he has consistently been unimpressive.

        You speak about Corona and Mixx as if it is JK’s fault they are not good enough to either get called in or get on the field once called in. If these guys have something special to offer it is up to them to force JK to take notice.

        JK’s contract is up just after the World Cup and I doubt he comes back regardless of how they do. So the next guy will have just have to do with a 25 year old Jozy at forward, who I know you despise, and whoever else is left standing.

        As best as I can tell, he is completely focused on fielding the best and most competitive team he possibly can for Brazil, which is how it should be. I realize you and other fans have their pet projects but this edition of the USMNT cannot afford to have anyone on the 23 man WC roster who will be there just to sit on the bench and learn. You can do that in a qualifier but not in the World Cup.

        Corona has a chance but unless there is dramatic improvement I see no reason why any of these guys, Mixx, Jack Mac, Bruin, Boyd or Wood, should be in Brazil with the USMNT.

  54. Good Jeremy says:

    Why no Robbie Rogers? Since he is better than Magee and all.

    • David M says:

      Yeah, I was surprised too. It would’ve been such a statement! Who cares if he can’t play — that’s not important.

  55. Sebastian says:

    Since I think there’s a very small gap between all the 4 candidate keepers and we rarely get to see them, I would actually like to see all 3 that our called up get a group stage match. Best performer can play in the knockout stage

  56. bryan says:

    solid selections JK. no Boca is weird though.