Where will you be watching USMNT vs. Jamaica?

Clint Dempsey Eddie Johnson.

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The U.S. Men’s National Team gets their World Cup qualifying campaign back underway tonight, looking to get revenge on Jamaica after falling last September at “The Office,” 2-1.

A win for the U.S. would put them at the top of the Hexagonal group for at least a short while, until the Mexico vs. Panama and Honduras vs. Costa Rica matches conclude, making this a match that fans don’t want to miss.

Our question for SBI readers is this: Where will you be watching tonight’s match? The match is airing on BeIN Sport (9:30pm), so fans will have the option to watch from home, but since many folks don’t have BeIN Sport at home, the soccer bars around the country are likely to be packed to the gills.

Where will you be watching? Let us know in the comments section below.

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161 Responses to Where will you be watching USMNT vs. Jamaica?

  1. Jim Lischett says:

    Small Bar in Chicago! Go USMNT!

  2. Sergio of SF says:

    Danny Coyles in San Francisco

  3. Vman says:

    Anyone know where I can watch this thing in Montreal?

  4. GCScots says:

    Anybody watching the game in Boston/Cambridge MA tonight? I’m looking for a place to watch, but it will be tough with the Bruins game on.

    • Baustin Ryan says:

      i used to frequent a bar up in beverly called “overtime” for all the matches. they seemed incredibly successful so i wouldn’t be surprised if they have another bar in the boston area.

    • Steve V says:

      The Banshee in Dorchester is where the American Outlaws usually watch. Lir may have it too.

      • GCScots says:

        The Banshee is where I am heading. The AO put out a call to arms on Twitter to meet up at Banshee.

    • Paul says:

      I suggest the Phoenix Landing.

      • JG13 says:

        With a 9:30 start on a Friday night, I’d skip Phoenix Landing and head to the Banshee… well, unless you want to dance while you’re watching.

    • Madaoua05 says:

      Joshua Tree in Davis Square usually has at least one television devoted to soccer. You could also check out PJ Ryan’s in Teele Square.

  5. I’ll be watching from Molly Malone’s in Covington; if you still NEED a place to watch the game, be sure to check out the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas for over 250 soccer friendly bars across the country!

    • Matt says:

      Me too; Molly Malone’s is a great place to watch BPL and of course the Nat’s.
      Here’s hoping Klinsi doesn’t get a wild hair up his ass and play too many D-mid’s.

  6. Nico says:

    Good People Brewing Company: Home of the American Outlaws of Birmingham, AL

    • Adam says:

      Glad I found this! My wife and I will be there!…We just moved to Bham and was beginning to think the only football people supported was AL and Auburn.

    • RD says:

      I might crash the Good People gathering as well, with a buddy of mine. How many people do y’all expect? Roll Nats, Roll!

  7. bryan says:

    true north, san diego.

    • BUD says:

      True north shows the games on BeIN too?!?!

      • bryan says:

        i make them put it on. lol they have DirectTV. they had the US game on last time without even having to ask..and put the sound on throughout the entire bar. no NBA Finals tonight, so it should be easy.

  8. Matt says:

    In San Juan, Puerto Rico, anyone here want to meet up for beer and the game?

  9. elgringorico says:

    Does anyone know a place in Rio that may show US soccer games?

  10. Justin Dawes says:

    Beulahland in Portland, Oregon!

  11. Ed says:

    On my couch in front of the 50″. Thank you Directv, totally worth it today.

  12. nick says:

    Darcy’s Belmar NJ…$1 beers during all USMNT games sign me up

    My hearts @ Mulligans in Hoboken though…

  13. Jeremy says:

    Is the game actually being shown by Bein at 6:30 PT? I’m not showing it on the Comcast guide until 11pm. It doesn’t appear they are even going to be broadcasting it live. What a f’n joke.

    • Pat says:

      Make sure you’re looking at the English version BeIn listings. The Spanish version often shows a different game when the US is live.

      • Jeremy says:

        Is there an English version? I’ve only seen the Spanish version since they started up last year…

        • CorkSoccer says:

          Comcast in Philly is not showing the game until 2 AM according to the listing. Great soocer nation that we are, I can watch every other freaking game live except the US. This sucks! BeIn Sucks more.

          • Jeremy says:

            That’s what I’m showing as well, but it starts at 11pm in Seattle. I’m not thrilled….

            • dan c says:

              Are you looking at the spanish Bein in the 500s or the english Bein on 726 (the old gol channel)?

              • Jeremy says:

                The only one I can find is on channel 785 and that is the same Bein channel that has been out there since last September I believe. I get the channel as part of my package, but they aren’t showing the game live. It is absolutely pathetic in my opinion.

          • Grant says:

            I’m in Philly and have Comcast. The game is on channel 726 at 9:20.

  14. Clyde Frog says:

    I’ll be at The Office.

  15. Tamer says:

    Firkin & Phoenix in Houston

  16. AO Rob says:

    Damon’s Tavern in Hartford

  17. Dave from Charlotte says:

    On the couch homestyle with a vodka soda in hand staring at the big screen on the wall…intermittently cursing, whooping, and stuffing popcorn in my mouth.

  18. ulisses says:

    Im gonna crash my friends place , lakewood ca.

  19. ChiTownFireFan says:

    Small Bar Chicago!

  20. CLO says:

    Does Buffalo Wild Wings show USMNT games??

    • Wooden Shoe 11 says:

      Since they have DirecTV, they will usually put it on (at least at the BWWs I have tried)…I always go armed with the actual channel number to make it easy for them to find.

  21. Jacknut says:

    Home. Beer is cheap and the big screen is better.

  22. Michael says:

    Slainte in Baltimore with AO Baltimore AKA the Baltimore Brigade!

  23. Old School says:

    I’ll be watching illegally online, because beIN sucks.

  24. Bean says:

    I live near Houston, but am in OKC on business. I’ll be going to the Fox and Hound in OKC where there is an AO party.

  25. Javier says:

    For those of you in North NJ, does Verizon FIOS carry BeIn? If so, what channel is it?!

  26. O’Brien’s in San Diego (going early as it’ll be packed)

    • OB Rick says:

      O’Brien’s will definitely be packed for this one. Great pub!

      • BUD says:

        O’Briens Pub in San Diego for the first time ever! Whoo! Should be a great experience. What time would you suggest getting there in order to get a seat?

  27. OB Rick says:


  28. Alexandria says:

    Brewhouse ATL lets go boys!!

  29. ex_sweeper says:

    Pirate stream, although I think the Dutch Goose in Menlo Park, CA will show Be-IN on one of their many TVs if you ask.

  30. HoboMike says:

    At home on my couch. Thank you, Fios.

  31. David says:

    In my recliner with my 3 year old son, who will be chanting U-S-A along with me.

  32. Ryan says:

    The Press Room in Santa Barbara, CA!!

  33. Madnote says:

    Anyone have any leads on a good place to watch in HICKORY, NC? I’ll be at my fiancé’s place up there and she doesn’t get BEIn. I could drive to Charlotte I suppose, but I hate going downtown. Lol

  34. Nate says:

    On my 60″ in my Mancave in East Lyme, Ct. Will be watching delayed because my buddy wants to watch the Bruins game first.

  35. Ramon says:

    Home and it was about time Fios added BEin.

  36. StevieBob says:

    Backcountry Pizza in Boulder, Colorado! Great place for the games. They put us in the back room and turn on the volume. Come join!

  37. Alf says:

    On the lake with Direct TV and Asheville Brewing Company Shiva IPA in hand.

  38. Nando says:

    At home…hopefully not throwing something at the TV.

  39. Big Chil says:

    In the 303.

  40. Tyler says:

    British Bulldog, Chapter Bar for AO Denver.

  41. Kyle says:

    Trinity Hall – Dallas, TX

    • Amru says:

      That’s where I plan on going as well, really cool soccer pub. Hope to see y’all there!

  42. Daniel Karell says:

    Anyone know a good place in Westchester, NY that isn’t a Buffalo Wild Wings? My local pub doesn’t get BeIN. Nor do I.

  43. Baustin Ryan says:

    anyone planning on watching somewhere in the Austin area?

  44. Jason says:

    Stream’s Tavern, Monterey County, CA!!

  45. Adam says:

    In NYC for the summer…where is the best place to watch the match?

  46. Steevens says:

    In the Seattle area I am choosing between The Dray, Fado’s and The George & Dragon

  47. Al says:

    On my laptop

  48. bold says:


  49. DC Josh says:

    Behind all the pop-up ads on an obscure streaming website.

    *Fingers crossed for no viruses*

  50. Brian says:

    Does anyone know of a place in Denver besides the British Bulldog?

  51. Hipvictor says:

    Other than Trinity Hall, what is the best Dallas establishment. I am in Flower Mound and tring to decide between the various Londoners, the Staggering Irishman or anything else. A heads up would be awesomeness.

  52. Adam in Cali says:

    Dillon’s Irish Pub in Hollywood, CA

  53. CJ says:

    We’ll be at London Bridge in Raleigh, NC watching w/ the Carolina RailHawks. Cheers!

  54. LIUnited says:

    Garth Road Inn, Scarsdale, NY

  55. RA says:

    At Summers in A-Town. I hope Joe has the A/C on!

    • Madaoua05 says:

      Remains one of the best soccer bars in the DMV and in the country. I also recommend Babylon out at Bailey’s Crossroads in the NoVa.

  56. Falsify says:

    McNally’s Pub in Columbia, Missouri or at home.

  57. Boom says:

    Abbey Pub Fort Worth, Tx

    • Tom Traubert says:

      Thanks for the heads up- I ‘m looking in FW. Fox and Hound downtown is showing it. Good USMNT support at the Abbey?

  58. MikeG says:

    Crown & Anchor British Pub, Las Vegas, NV.
    link to crownandanchorlv.com

  59. Monarch bay Beachbum says:

    At home, watching the sunset and listening to the waves crashing and hopefully not me screaming at the tv.

  60. Jerry Colon says:

    At Buffalo Wild Wings Tucson, AZ

  61. kmac014 says:

    Anyone know of a place in Orlando, here on business. If nothing good I’m planning on a Buffalo Wild WIngs, will they have it?

  62. Mid-Michigan United supporters club will be at Reno’s East in East Lansing, Michigan.

  63. SBI Troll says:

    On my coach watching my TV via (an illegal stream)

  64. Aaron says:

    Ray’s Pub in Akron, Ohio

  65. Reid Davis says:

    The Midway Pub in Atlanta, GA. (East Atlanta Village). Brewhouse Café, just up the street in Little Five Points, will be showing the game as well.

  66. Snack Time says:

    Lucky Baldwin’s, Pasadena, CA

  67. zztoppppp says:

    Illegal Stream on my laptop in my recliner with a six pack of Becks Sapphire

  68. SounderForever says:

    Atlantic Crossing in Seattle. Official American Outlaws viewing.. Also sponsoring the Free Beer folks. First 100 people with AO gear get a free beer. :)

  69. Frank says:

    I think I’m headed to NYC for this one. Never did for a game before. Would you guys suggest Jack Demsey’s, Nevada Smith’s, or Legends?

  70. Rags in DC says:

    In my basement on my 42 inch sony aquos flatscreen. Will get my kids to sleep, crack open a beer, turn up the sound downstairs, and go time! Cmon You Yanks!!!

  71. Go LA Galaxy says:

    Anyone know of a good soccer bar near LAX airport?

  72. Trey says:

    Anyone know of somewhere in jacksonville, fl? I’ve been looking for a while to no avail.

  73. brando says:

    Freetail brewing company. San antonio, TX

  74. Jeff Fulton says:

    Home – Fios added BeinSport

  75. West of the Cascades says:

    4-4-2 on SE Hawthorne in Portland

  76. felipe says:

    Rochester, ny??

  77. Where will Ives be watching?!?!?!

  78. Jeffery says:

    Is there anywhere in Appleton Wisconsin to watch it??

  79. CrewMak says:

    I’m in Marion, NC, visiting family. Anyone know of a place to watch in Asheville, NC?

  80. Hel Man says:

    I’ll be watching at Smithfields here in NYC.

    Ives what do you suggest as the best NYC bar to watch the game at???

  81. Sands says:

    “The Boulevard” – Rochester NY

  82. PD says:

    Stoney’s in Wilmington, Delaware!

  83. Fred says:

    Lou’s city bar in Columbia heights, DC

  84. Dale Halton says:

    Courtyard Hooligans in Charlotte North Carolina with Queen City Outlaws!!!

  85. Johnny Parker says:

    Four Courts Irish Pub in Arlington Virginia!

  86. Ullie says:

    Chatham Tap in Indianapolis, IN!

  87. ThaDeuce says: