USMNT vs. Belize (SBI Live Match Commentary)



The U.S. Men’s National Team begins their chase for their first CONCACAF Gold Cup title in six years when they kick off their tournament in Portland against Belize at Jeld-Wen Field (11pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

The Americans enter the tournament as the favorite, and are the giants of Group C, expected to top a group that also includes Costa Rica and Cuba.

Standing in the way tonight is an underdog Belize team that will look to try and become the latest team to pull off a Gold Cup upset in a tournament that has had its share of surprises so far.

SBI will be providing live commentary, including updates from Portland, so please feel free to join us for all the action. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (SBI Live Commentary is after the jump):

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175 Responses to USMNT vs. Belize (SBI Live Match Commentary)

  1. Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

    Ha, nobody saw this lineup coming

  2. Mig says:

    No Holden and Herc is just a factor of it being vs. Belize and it being the Gold Cup. Still plenty of lineup to get an easy victory though.

  3. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Onyewu > Orozco Fiscal. Gooch was completely adequate the other night and needs games. Gee can be a viable backup for Gonzo in Brazil…better be a turf precaution… Holden better get minutes…so tired of Beckerman.

    • HoustonHusky says:

      I’d have to disagree. Thought Gooch looked horrible…tentative and had a lot of bad touches against a pretty bad team. Agree on Holden though…glad to see he’s recovering after 2 years being out.

      • Andy in Atlanta says:

        Think you need to go back and watch the game after the 20 min mark.. he settled and never gave up possession and thwarted any sort of attack Guatemala put forth (albeit not many)… Terrible marking on set piece tonight costs us a goal… Gooch is a big asset on set pieces both in our box and the opponents..

      • Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

        It’s just a situational tactical move to deal with Belize on the counter.

        Nothing in it besides Goodsen is ahead of hooch at this point in the pecking order

  4. TomG says:

    The only truly ridiculous thing I see is Torres on the left. That never works. Bedoya or Shea would no much better there.

    • Adam Samples says:

      Agreed, and I think we’ll def see Shea on the left early in the 2nd. They didn’t hold him back from Stoke’s preseason not to get significant time. We’ll see Holden too. Just glad no Castillo. Wondo puzzles me. Love the guy but there’s no upside for the USMNT for him.

  5. EvertonBrian says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Paco Torres underwhelms us. CRAZY, I know…

  6. KR says:


  7. away goals says:

    Holden still getting back to full fitness. We have a tougher match in five days. No reason to over-extend.

    Costa rica on grass is where we’ll see who jk truly sees as his best XI.

  8. the original jb says:

    This lineup shows how concerned JK and staff are about playing on the turf. All players with serious knee injuries are out. We may not see Holden at all.

  9. Mig says:

    Here’s my analyst rant: Clint Mathis doesn’t get it. He has mentioned three times now that Costa Rica was at fault for not coming out fast…blah blah blah. Guess what? They controlled the game, Cuba got tired, CR won 3-0. No drama, no question of the outcome, by any measure a really stout performance.

    How many times does the favored team have to take control of the game in the second half before the talking heads admit that little changed during the game except that the team chasing the ball got gassed?

  10. Anthony says:

    KR – You can watch for free on in the US.

  11. Gabe says:

    who else is hoping we see stuart sharp again in a sub role tonight?

    Imagine a lineup with a donovan, holden, jones, and bradley mid (maybe a diamond ala old chelsea) with clint and jozy up top… or even a 4-4-2 with zusi and landon as wingers with holden and bradley spraying passes and breaking up opposing attacks…great possibilities

  12. petedx says:

    So during the halftime of the costa rica game, fox does a report on the tifo with Grant Whal for the us game and then they don’t bother to show it, what’s that about?

  13. TADevil says:

    And Mix is cap tied!

  14. Mig says:

    Anybody watching on non-HD Fox Soccer? THis picture is really jagged.

  15. Egads says:

    again with the Torres and Beckerman … get a clue JK .. neither have the physical tools to be true NT players … Beckerman is slow as dirt and Torres cannot play in any game where there is even the slightest pressure on him. Holden should be in for Beckerman and Bedoya for Torres. JK is an idiot when it comes to putting the best players on the field in the best positions.

  16. Rocco says:

    I’m loving this new(?) chant/song “Onward USA”. Massive improvement.

  17. Rocco says:

    I’m loving this new(?) chant/song “Onward USA”. Ma$$ive improvement.

    • petedx says:

      It like lots of the songs will probably be updated Timbers Army songs, ie “onward rose city” and absolutely no YSA chants.

  18. Randall P. says:

    Anyone else notice Wondo’s name is spelled wrong?

  19. Gabe says:

    univision is not a bad option. clear picture, although not HD.

    Anyone else loving the aggression? Obviously we should beat a team like this, but the group is really moving with some swagger and aggression, which is a credit to the mentality Klinsmann has been talking about developing for some time now. In years past, we sometimes would start slowly in matches like this. I’m happy to see a killer instinct here.

  20. Mig says:

    Who is doing the color on FSC? Talking about Belize having to come out and try to get the tying goal? They are not coming out at all and they shouldn’t. Cuba lost 3-0 today, Their goal in this silly format is to not lose by too many and try to be one of the 3rd place teams that advance.

  21. Dont Care says:

    The camera work is awful

  22. Francois says:

    I hate how slow the movement and passing is.

  23. Francois says:

    Michael Parkhurst is playing horribly. Geez, Beltran would be better.

  24. Dont Care says:

    Someone should introduce Mixx to a weight room

  25. Bac says:

    Get Beckerman outta there… puhullleeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee

  26. Francois says:

    Corona wastes a golden opportunity. Not happy with the first 30 minutes at all.

  27. Mig says:

    Portland CSI is finally satisfied. If they are investigating Rimando for a crime, they finally have his fingerprints on the game ball in the 35th minute.

  28. John F says:

    If Parkhurst is playing bad, Beckerman is playing atrociously. And making unnecessary fouls to boot. And as I type this, he gets an assist.

  29. Randall P. says:

    Wondo’s on FIRE!

  30. Francois says:

    Wondo with another! Ayte, I’m eating crow, it tastes bomb though. I said I didn’t think he should be on this side, I was dead wrong.

  31. Pace says:

    I think we may be seeing a lot more of window soon guys :/

  32. Pingunça says:

    did the TA win yet?

  33. Pace says:

    Oh god ******

  34. RB says:

    Nice ball in from Beckerman. Now if he could stop giving it away so much…

  35. scott47a says:

    wow, Parkhurst. just wow. horrible

  36. John F says:

    Well that was embarrassing.

  37. Dont Care says:

    Orozco is no good

    • Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

      We’ll being that ur disregard by name, I’ll take that for what it’s worth

      • Dont Care says:

        Do what you please but your opinions dont matter to me. Dont even bother responding to any of my comments. Its pretty obvious you have no idea what youre talking about. Rec soccer education at best

  38. Francois says:

    Wow, no marking whatsoever. That is ridiculous. Parkhurst not marking anybody, why am I not surprised.

  39. Nick4235 says:

    What just happened. Wondo with a hat trick and Belize scored? This is just too much to comprehend.

  40. Citronomics says:

    Nice. Belize scores a practically identical goal on the unmarked header to Wondo’s second. I mean, why bother with man marking on a free kick into the penalty box?

  41. Pace says:

    Number 10’s hair…

    • Puckhead says:

      Is bad, yet still much better than Beckerman. At least it looks like he may have showered some time in the past month or so. Beckerman looks like a bum living under a tree by the Bob Marley mausoleum or some dude washing your windows for change in NYC.

  42. Francois says:

    Are these refs and linesmen on Belize’s payroll? U.S. getting calls constantly when there is no foul. That is ridiculous.

    • Adam Samples says:

      Belize couldn’t afford that…. I heard they’re $15k under budget still just to fund this tournament and taking donations….. No joke.

  43. John F says:

    Bear in mind that this is Wondowlowski, not to be confused with Wondolowski.

  44. Puckhead says:

    Can we all admit that JP Dela-whatever and Cobi Jones should never be allowed near a microphone again? There commentary is worse than Beckerman and Parkhurst trying to pass or defend.

  45. madvillain says:

    color me unimpressed, Landon and Wondo looked good everyone else not so much. This is the C team though so whatevs.

    • EspinDOHla says:

      I think Mix has done well too but like someone above said, dude needs to hit the gym.

  46. Snaves says:

    The most pressing question for halftime: are Belize head coach Ian Mork and actor Nick Swardson (of Reno 911 fame) possibly twins separated at birth?

  47. John F says:

    Of course, with that shirt they should have spelled it Waldolowski.

  48. Goalscorer24 says:

    That field is just criminal. Playing on turf is awful.

  49. KR says:

    Thanks Anthony! (and Wondo.)

  50. Puckhead says:

    Why do I feel we would have done better with 10 out there and no Beckerman?

  51. Lance says:

    the good – Donovan, Wondo, Torres, Mix, Parkhurst

    The bad – Beckerman, Corona, Fiscal

    OK – Goodson,

    Get Beckerman OUT

    • EspinDOHla says:

      You must have had to run to the bathroom when Belize scored that goal. If anyone needs to go it’s Parkhurst….

      • Lance says:

        Not his man that scored… Was fiscal’s

        • EspinDOHla says:

          Unless Fiscal changed his number to 15, it was Parkhurst who wasn’t marking anyone.

      • Francois says:


      • wfrw07 says:

        He did get caught on the goal, but then got right back down the flank and put a ball on Wondo’s head perfectly. He has been much better at getting forward than in the past.

        • EspinDOHla says:

          And Beckerman assisted on the second…Not a huge Beckerman supporter but you gotta give credit where credit is due on the assist at least

          • EspinDOHla says:

            Forgot about the moderation absurity with -ss words. You’d think @ssist wouldn’t get moderated on a soccer website.

            And Beckerman @ssisted on the second…Not a huge Beckerman supporter but you gotta give credit where credit is due on the @ssist at least

    • Puckhead says:

      Dude…you must have missed a good deal of that first half. Parkhurst has been as bad as Beckerman, and Goodson may have been about an ounce better. The entire defense looked suspect under any pressure….so suspect they decided not to mark a player in the box on a set kick. Never mind that Goodson is 6 foot whatever, the Belize player didn’t even have to jump. Don’t we have some fast 14 year old that can play defense because I don’t want to see 3 of the back 4 get another cap. Only good player is the one practically playing out of position…..and he is like 5’8″ and 100 lbs soaking wet!

      • EspinDOHla says:

        So saying Parkhurst was “GOOD” and saying “Beckerman must GO” are equal?!?! If you call out Beckerman, you gotta call out Parkhurst. And yes, Goodson was at least covering someone on the set piece.

        • EspinDOHla says:

          BTW, I’m not thrilled about Beckerman but I don’t get the hate, especially when people (like the ones you pointed out) are playing just as bad….if not worse…..

  52. Jawaad says:

    This is such a frustrating 3-1 lead.

    One, Belize scored an unmarked header. Inexcusable.

    Two, Wondo has a hat trick and Beckerman is on the field. Two guys that I would be terribly disappointed if they made next summer’s 23 are beating up a minnow of CONCACAF in a performance I hope will not change JK’s perception of their standing in the pool. In fact, these 2 guys are akin to Bob Bradley’s persistence on using Ricardo Clark, which scares me even more. Please just leave these guys in the states… there’s more promising players in the pool that would do much more in Brazil next summer.

    • Joe A. says:

      Ease up on wondo he’s been doing what he’s asked. Him and beckerman can’t be compared.

      • Joe A. says:

        *what’s been asked of him

      • Jawaad says:

        Fair enough, but do you want him in the 23 next summer with a possibility that he sees some playing time?

        • Joe A. says:

          No but at what time was he ever considered an option before?

        • Dennis says:

          Why ther hate for Wondo? All he has done is lead MLS in scoring over 3 seasons, a feat no one else has accomplished, he did it with a near last place team and with a team that wo the supporters shield. He now has 4 goals in international play, 23 more than Donavon scored from the run of play. The US could do a lot worse.

  53. Adrian says:

    So happy Belize scored!! I hope we score another. Once in a lifetime mommas happy and laughing these commentators on Univision rock!

    • Increase says:

      I think everyone is watching on Univision, hehe. Please don’t score again. =(
      I wanna feel this defense isn’t super terrible just bad.

  54. John F says:

    Stu on; who’s out?

  55. Pace says:

    Sigh** I FSC has given up haven’t they…

  56. Mig says:

    Gold Cup Failures:
    1. The nation with more stadia than any other on Earth is playing on turf (sorry, I love you PDX but still)
    2. We have a player with a hat trick AND his name misspelled on the jersey
    3. We are playing a team from a country with a smaller population than some frat parties. (sorry Belize, I love you too).

  57. Adrian says:

    First goal in a big tourney!! Go Jags!!!

  58. Adrian says:

    Oh I hope hes Ok :(

  59. Goalscorer24 says:

    Please don’t let any of our players get hurt!

  60. Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

    And our wingers are warming up…

  61. Puckhead says:

    Is it just me or is Corona moving and passing in slow motion. Nothing he does has any sense of urgency, except when it comes to turning the ball over.

  62. M says:

    Wtf. Get Stu out before they break his legs. Bad idea putting him in the 2nd with tempers getting out of hand

  63. chris_thebassplayer says:

    Even down two goals Belize, has almost no interest in getting numbers up field…it’s all about damage control…makes for a very funky game. I’ve seen enough of Parkhurst to know I don’t want to see any more Parkhurst for a long time. Hopefully we see Beltran at some point. Very happy for Wondo, it may not mean as much going forward considering the opponent, but he’s making good runs and finishing balls he should be finishing.

  64. John F says:

    Is it just me or is Donovan looking too much for that 50th assist?

  65. Nick4235 says:


  66. Adrian says:

    Welcome back Stu!!

  67. Lance says:

    Isnt it amazing how much better we look with Beckerman out? Everybody is moving off the ball and we’re getting shots.

    Make a friggin note on yur pad on this Vasquez

  68. Puckhead says:

    What a difference no Beckerman makes! Holden with the easy slot in. Luckily, the play still worked out after Corona took about 10 touches too many on the wing before crossing.

  69. John F says:

    Stu gets the goal after some excellent work. And Donovan can calm down now after the fiftieth xssist.

  70. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Gorgeous knockdown by Donovan, simple finish Stu…

    From now on… the the central midfield shall be called the Disco Stu reMix… no pass me another Corona!!

  71. cps says:

    man, Holden makes this team so much better.

  72. petedx says:

    Has fox soccer now just lost the plot completely? Why are they bringing in this Dr. Jack guy to talk over the game. I almost wish this was on Bein instead.

  73. John F says:

    Shea on. Got to have at least one bad haircut on the field.

  74. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I know they are not saying the Shea made a mistake to leave for Stoke… he played in two games his first 4 months in the Prem… pretty much what Dempsey did as well…

    Shea will be a starter for Stoke by October… if not sooner.

  75. Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

    We’ll see who the better of the two between Castillo and Shea is at this point on the left.

    • Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

      And for that matter bedoya vs. corona.

      Torres and corona did adequate jobs on the wings, but it’ll definitely impede their case for a WC spot if bedoya and Shea show them up

  76. cps says:

    LD is EVERYWHERE tonight. Looking quick and confident.

  77. D-Real says:

    Somehow I had forgotten just how awful the vast majority of Concacaf’s referees are. I worry about Stu-pot’s freshly reconstructed legs in games like these, but sweet sassy molassey I love seeing a goal to his name.

  78. petedx says:

    Well I suppose a penalty for a red card is a fair trade given the situation but that was a bad call.

  79. Kingly Alexander - Sankt Pauli! says:

    Wow. Very fortunate pk for the us even though it shouldn’t of been

  80. John F says:

    Big LD and Galaxy fan here, but that was a horrible call.

  81. John F says:

    Are they giving out doctorates for refereeing now?

  82. petedx says:

    The only way to make this Dr. Joe thing on FSC worthwhile is to drink when he makes an appearance.

  83. Don't care says:

    Pretty sure donovan accepted this call up for the guarenteed goals
    That sneaky motherf*cker

  84. RB says:

    Orozco not looking so bad, actually…

  85. Puckhead says:

    Well, that was a positive 2nd half…which followed a painful line-up.

  86. RB says:

    Univision announcers having a laugh about Wondo’s corrected jersey for the 2nd half…