Former U.S. U-20 Doyle sent on loan to D.C. United

ConorDoyleDerby1 (Getty)


D.C. United’s busy summer of signings shows no signs of slowing down.

The club announced on Thursday that they had acquired midfielder Conor Doyle on-loan for the rest of the season from Derby County in England’s Championship. D.C. United received Doyle through a lottery conducted by the league. Per league and team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Doyle, a Texas native and former U.S. Under-20 member, had been training with the Colorado Rapids during the summer, but due to the lottery, the Rapids weren’t able to sign the 21-year-old. Last season at Derby, Doyle made just two appearances, while featuring in the 18 but not playing on 24 more occasions.

Doyle’s acquisition is the 15th signing of the season for D.C. United. Already, three of the players acquired have been sent on loan or waived this season.

What do you think of this news? Do you see Doyle stepping into the D.C. United starting lineup? Do you believe the Rapids should have been able to sign Doyle on loan?

Share your thoughts below.

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27 Responses to Former U.S. U-20 Doyle sent on loan to D.C. United

  1. nick says:

    looks a little bit like fernando torres in that picture

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      “Janet Jackson? Looks more like Fred Jackson to me…”

      • Francois says:

        “Ima call you! But if you come back I won’t call you..Don’t ever, ever ever ever, ever ever ever, come back here. Ok?”

  2. James says:

    The MLS is so pathetic, that this even happened is in incredible insult.

    • Yevgeniy says:

      What do you mean?

      • EricInDC says:

        Think he means a team in a “1st division” league hoping they’ll improve by signing a kid that couldn’t start at Derby County is he doesn’t deserve to wear our jersey. GM and owners in DC treat the shield like it is toilet paper!

        • combedge says:

          Um EricInDC, I don’t think that’s what he means. I think he’s referring to the fact that Colorado had brought Doyle in to train this summer but, because of some ridiculous MLS parity rules, United got to sign him.

          If you really think that signing a 21 year old forward, with U-20 experience, from the Championship is a bad move, then I don’t know what to tell you. I like the move and there’s little risk – if he doesn’t pan out, let him go back to Derby County.

          Now, the continued presence of Lionard Pajoy? That’s an insult to the club and its supporters…

  3. jonk says:

    Not a Rapids supporter, but It’s pretty obnoxious that Colorado couldn’t get him, but I guess it’s that darn MLS requirement of loan deals having an option to buy that triggers the need for the lottery.
    Remember a couple years ago when it wasn’t clear if Doyle would suit up for the US or Ireland U20s? So I guess if he had picked Ireland then Colorado could have snapped him up outside of MLS’ byzantine rules?

    • timothy says:

      Considering that he wouldn’t be in MLS if it weren’t for the rapids, its a shame he can’t play for them. But he’ll probably see more playing time with united

  4. Omar Little says:

    Nice to see him get a shot for some first team minutes. I have never understood why he is always in the 18 for Derby but rarely gets any minutes and wasnt previously loaned out….2 years ago he was getting regular minutes and looked like a promising young player….hopefully this gets him back on track.

    • jonk says:

      Yeah, same manager the whole time he’s been there, too. A strange situation indeed.

    • Vic says:

      He was a top scorer for their U21 team, so he was getting plenty of games just not at the senior level.

    • Josh D says:

      Manager has come out multiple times to say that Doyle’s attitude isn’t where it needs to be and he needs to improve his work rate/training effort.

      I was very hopeful two years ago when he was getting solid minutes. Though his goal rate was very low.

      As a DCU fan, I’m happy to see him come here. But I’m still wondering where A. goals are coming from and B. who is going to deliver the @ssists? It seems like we’re just grabbing all the youth we can without any thought to how everyone is going to play together.

      And the stats are telling: This is our 15th signing this season. That has to be a record, and a pitiful one at that. Benny still on the edge of a very very thin knife.

      • Rich D says:

        How do you know Olsen is close to being canned? It seems to me the owners have faith in him and besides, who would they bring in to replace him? Even if they found a coach they liked, I’m sure that candidate would not want the job unless the city approves a stadium deal which they haven’t. Ben isn’t going anywhere imo.

    • Lost in Space says:

      If I’m not mistaken he had a couple injuries/medical issues that keeped him sidelined for a while. That may have lost him whatever momentum he had….or contributed to his attitude issues.

  5. Beto says:

    WTF! Clubs spend so much time and money on building relationships with foreign clubs, scouting players, inviting and evaluating trailist, etc and the league comes in at the last second and screws it up… MLS needs some serious de-centralization reform or they will just be promoting front offices to be less proactive and just wait around for the league hq to build a team for them… Terrible

  6. Kevin Smith says:

    Terrible. MLS will never have the standard/quality of other leagues. Will always lag behind

  7. Kevin says:

    Down the road, he can be really good traid bait for DC if Colorado is still interested.

  8. bryan says:

    worked out for my DCU, but MLS has got to change some of these rules. this is out of control.

  9. picka says:

    stupid MLS!

  10. 2tone says:

    DC spoiled the party. I think he will get more minutes at DC versus Colorado anyway. In DC he really doesn’t have much competition at striker. I could see Doyle up top with Luis Silva underneath and Pontius out wide.

    In Colorado he would of had a much harder time getting on the field the way Deshorn Brown is playing.

  11. KJ says:

    Wow. Probably makes teams think twice about putting in time and money to have a player train for them, only to be forced somewhere else by MLS.

  12. adam tash says:

    haha id like to see a video of the “lottery” that gave dc this guy….(as if one even exists)… was probably like” well dc is really sucking…no ones coming to the games…lets just give them every player they want….”

  13. Coco says:

    this is why MLS = Mickey Mouse League Soccer.

    a lottery to determine who can bring which player on loan? MICKEY FRICKIN MOUSE