Must-See Goal: Emmanuel Ludueña

DanielEmmanuelLudueñaPachuca1-Tigres (MexSport)

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10 Responses to Must-See Goal: Emmanuel Ludueña

  1. Bean says:

    What a bomb. I’m impressed with this new Pachuca look of Ayovi, Ludena, and Guti. So far, so good for los tuzos

  2. alabamafutbol says:

    If ever an SBI “must see goal” was, indeed, must see… This one was. Que golazo.

  3. fifawitz1313 says:

    How does someone even consider taking that shot? Crazy!

    • bart says:

      It’s something the team talks about either before the game or during. They see the keeper playing way off his line and know that this could work. Even if it doesn’t work, it causes the keeper to think about it and may make it easier to drop balls in between the defense and keeper. It’s sort of like in baseball a pitcher coming way inside on a batter to then set them up for a pitch on the outside part of the plate. I’m actually surprised that players don’t try this a bit more often as it’s low risk and is easy enough to practice.

  4. Chris H says:

    Most impressive part to me is that he has no run up to take such a long shot. Just one step to plant his left foot and drills it.

  5. Reed says:

    new ownership in columbus

  6. Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:

    Why did Santos let Luduena go?

  7. Adrian says:

    Firsr he busts a Zidane spin then unleashes a true Golazo.

  8. baropbop says:

    Parkhurst did it better