Luyindula scores first goal in win vs. Montreal

Peguy Luyindula

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HARRISON, N.J.– Of all the story lines following the New York Red Bulls this season, the struggles in front of goal for forward Peguy Luyindula is the only one to endure through July.

That is, until Saturday night.

With a simple gesture, normal penalty kick taker Thierry Henry placed the ball in Luyindula’s arms after the Red Bulls were awarded a penalty kick in the 87th minute. A minute later, Luyindula fittingly scored his first goal of the season on the team’s first penalty kick of 2013. The late goal put the finishing touches on a Red Bulls 4-0 rout of the Montreal Impact.

I was thinking that (Henry) was going to kick it, and then he started coming right to me to give me the ball,” Luyindula said following the match. “It was kind of him because he knows me, we’ve known each other for a long time, and I was waiting for that goal. It’s a high class gift.

“It was cool, because it gave me power,” Luyindula said.

When the Frenchman signed with the Red Bulls on March 19, fans expected him to immediately come in and show off the ability that made him earn contracts and playing time at big clubs in France like Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain. Instead, two separate hamstring injuries and the arrival after the season started meant that Luyindula has struggled to find his rhythm.

Though Luyindula has been a point of contention at times from the Red Bulls supporters due to his scoring struggles, he never once lost the faith and support of the team.

“Peguy has a vision of the game that’s better than most people, he sees things, his control is great, he’s a set up man, and he hasn’t been able to find the back of the net,” Red Bulls head coach Mike Petke said. “As a forward that’s frustrating.

“I think it’s very important that Peguy stepped up and took that shot and he converted it,” Petke added.

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9 Responses to Luyindula scores first goal in win vs. Montreal

  1. Alex says:

    One of my favorite RBNY moments of the season. Very classy by Henry and a vindication of Peguy’s patience and professionalism. He’s had a difficult time here and at at the end of his time in Paris.

  2. SanFran415 says:

    This is why Henry is one of the best ever… and no I am not talking about giving up a penalty kick. He had the composure and mental clarity to quickly @ssess that he could emotionally help a teammate in need of a boost and did so.

    Most players stepping up for a penalty are simply struggling to maintain absolute focus on picking a spot and taking the kick well.

  3. Rich says:

    This is truly a class act…it’s what separates a superstar from the crowd. I’m a Fire fan, but I have to applaud this move by Henry. Mike Magee has brought the same attitude to the Fire. Bravo!!

  4. Scott A says:

    Nice of Peguy to acknowledge the supporters behind the goal too.

  5. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Class act by Henry. Luyindula’s kick was almost saved but I’m glad it got in. I hope tholis bounce back game is a spring board for a nice run of form and dare I say our first title in history.

  6. Bill says:

    Those cheating Italians fixed yet another match…

  7. John says:

    I hope this is the start of him scoring goals. Forwards need to have that first goal to ease the pressure. Hopefully, Luyindula would now start producing the same stuff that made him a goal scoring threat while at PSG. Class act by Henry to let Luyindula take the PK.

  8. RBNY says:

    Good for Peguy to get one under his belt. But can we talk about Lloyd Sam slicing up Brovsky and Nesta to draw the PK though??

    • Ceez says:

      Sure, credit to him for creating the PK but I don’t think there’s much to talk about outside of that fact. Brovsky is an average MLS defender and Nesta is older and much slower than Lloyd Sam and is probably retiring at the end of the season. Taking that into consideration, watch the replay of the PK and you’ll see that Sam never got past Nesta, anyway.

      Great 3 points. Huge win for us.