SBI MLS Player of the Week: Alan Gordon

Alan Gordon

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If there’s one player who thrives in the big moments, it’s San Jose Earthquakes forward Alan Gordon.

The former Galaxy man scored the first and third goals in his team’s comeback 3-2 victory against the LA Galaxy on Saturday night, including scoring the winner deep into stoppage-time on a perfectly placed header. The two-goal performance earned Gordon SBI MLS Player of the Week honors.

Gordon beat out Sporting Kansas City’s Kei Kamara, Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Nick Rimando, and Tony Cascio of the Colorado Rapids for this week’s award.

What did you think of Gordon’s performance against the Galaxy? Which player impressed you the most in MLS Week 18?

Share your thoughts below.

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20 Responses to SBI MLS Player of the Week: Alan Gordon

  1. SanFran415 says:

    You know who sadly does not thrive in big moments? The other guy in that picture. Meh.

  2. WK says:

    Woot! Soccer Jesus turns water into wine again! Thanks to LA and Bruce for wasted chances, stupid substitutions and your usual complacency in the last 15 minutes. this win just might’ve saved the Quakes season.

    • jonk says:

      It might have saved them from descending into the cellar, but I still think they’ll miss the playoffs.

      • WK says:

        You’re probably right, but when you consider the inconsisten forms of the teams ahead of us like Vancouver & Seattle (and LA) there’s hope. No one in the West but the top 3 have really set themselves apart with a long winning streak.

      • Sergio of SF says:

        They have two games this week. If they manage to get some points, they are right back in the playoff picture if you look at the standings.

      • Charles says:

        At least there will be wine ( and whine ) in the San Jose cellar !

  3. ex_sweeper says:

    Awesome response from Gordon. But the picture is from last year. Gordon and Lenhart slyly traded numbers for the sole purpose of exposing blogs too cheap to buy current photostock, haha.

  4. Bo says:

    Give it to a guy who had to push down a defender to score his first goal. Good call.

    • Gnarls says:

      Yup. Trying not to be sour grapes about it, but Gordon pushed DeLaGarza out of the way to score. Not an excuse though. LA cannot close out games. It’s on them.

    • Mark says:

      Hmm, solid point. Physicality is NOT a part of this game, and it is a TUMOR that must be removed!

      • Gnarls says:

        Typical San Ho mentality right here. It’s not a push in the box, it’s physicality.

  5. Cairo says:

    Great game by Gordon, but the man of that match was Shea Salinas. Great runs with and without the ball. I hope he gets a chance in. January camp with the Nats–a very pacy winger with a soccer brain is worth a look. Right now I would put him ahead of Gatt, who is quicker but not by enough to make up for his other deficiencies…

  6. bumpbailey says:

    And Juninho’s dive after the Bernardez missed tackle wasn’t gamesmanship either. C’mon, for every ball crossed into the penalty box you could probably spot 4 or 5 fouls. De la Garze got treated like the rag doll he is. Man up!

    • Chupacabra says:

      It wasn’t a missed tackle. Juninho was subbed afterwards due to the injury he sustained from the tackle. If you believe San Jose’s biased commentators, you probably shouldn’t be watching soccer matches. WWE or Real Housewives is more your speed.

  7. Soccerhorn says:

    Galaxy embarrassed themselves this weekend. Again. Even De La Garza knew he should have been stronger on Gordon’s first goal, which is why he hardly complained afterwards.

    And Alan Gordon, what the hell did we ever do to you? You were a fan favorite in LA, and this is the thanks we get? I suppose next we’ll have to endure Mike Magee scoring all over us?

    Oh well, at least Galaxy fans can console themselves with one thing: Sideshow Steve got what he deserved.

  8. limey says:

    SJ try to make up for being the inferior team from a talent, skill and technical side by shall we say ‘out muscling’ the Galaxy but that’s OK in my book. I’m so happy AG is having his 15 minutes of fame, again! He was so bad at the Galaxy but at least he tries to play, Lenhart is just a thug.

  9. Chupacabra says:

    Remember how well Gordon played in the big moments that really mattered, like the playoffs?

    Yeah, me neither.

    More hyperbole from SBI.