Altidore makes Sunderland debut in preseason victory vs. Dempsey and Tottenham

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In the pouring rain in Hong Kong, a Barclays Asia Trophy match between English Premier League sides Sunderland and Tottenham saw Jozy Altidore make his preseason debut for his new club.

The 23-year-old American recorded an assist on his team’s first goal of the game in a 3-1 victory, though he missed an open chance in the 42nd minute to bag his first goal for the Black Cats. Tottenham’s Brad Friedel also denied Altidore a goal in the 71st minute, before the new signing was substituted in the 74th minute of the rain-shortened match.

Fellow U.S. Men’s National Team member Clint Dempsey featured for Tottenham on the day, starting and playing 70 minutes before being replaced. The 41-year-old Friedel came on at halftime and played the entire second half in the losing effort.

With the victory, Sunderland faces Manchester City on Saturday in the Barclays Asia Trophy final, while Tottenham faces Hong Kong club South China in the third-place match.

What did you think of the match? Excited to see Altidore get his first start with Sunderland? Encouraged to see Dempsey starting for Tottenham?

Share your thoughts below.

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56 Responses to Altidore makes Sunderland debut in preseason victory vs. Dempsey and Tottenham

  1. SanFran415 says:

    Can I put a negative value on the stock appraisal of preseason adventures?

    That being said–Jozy’s got to finish a chance like that… lol what a miss.

    • Josh D says:


    • downintexas says:

      Man you really hate Jozy.

      • SanFran415 says:

        My comment:

        Preseason matches should not be taken into account and sometimes reflect the opposite of what will be the reality during the season (in reference to Jozy’s poor match).

        Your comment:

        You hate Jozy.


      • Travis in Miami says:

        The miss was pretty bad but he played quite well. He was causing trouble for the Spurs back line up until his being replaced. And he was working hard – pressing and chasing when Spurs had the ball. His pressing directly put him in position to pounce on a poor Huddlestone pass and send it to his teammate for the opening goal.

      • OMYDCU! says:

        I would say he was probably doing exactly what the manager asked of him.

        • Jordy says:

          Haha! What do the five fingers say to the face? eeSSSLLLAAAPPP!! Well played OMYDCU, well played. I bet Altidore would have finished the looks Wondo had.

      • bryan says:

        i dont hate Jozy and he should have finished that…

        • Mike in Missouri says:

          Wasn’t he playing this game the day his former coach (who’s the reason he is where he’s at) passed away?

          I think a pass for a missed finish in preseason is in order.

          • bryan says:

            oh, i don’t even care he missed it. i honestly could not care less. just saying, it happened and it shouldn’t have.

  2. SanFran415 says:

    And O/T…

    I’m glad our transfer sagas here in NA are relatively calm and quiet. If the collective UK press is to be believed–Cesc Fabregas has perfected cloning and will play for 8 different teams at the same time.

    Do they put up signs in the office near the windows “TRANSFER WINDOW NOTICE: JOURNALISTIC STANDARDS GO OUT HERE!”?

  3. THomas says:

    Photo Caption: “Jozy Altidore reacts to a ferocious double titty twister from international teammate Clint Dempsey during their pre-season matchup on Wednesday night in Hong Kong”

  4. luis says:

    “i’m too sexy for my shirt”

  5. Ry Ry says:

    I listened to this match on Sirius XM FC this morning on my way to work, so don’t get mad at me for not seeing the actual play. Having said that, the commentating had nothing good to say about Dempsey and Jozy.

    They said Jozy missed four chances on goal that all could have been put away, but they were glad his fitness levels weren’t bad. It doesn’t help that his substitute scored though.

    Dempsey was all around just bad. I imagine he’s going to have a rough season with half the minutes he would have had, if we were playing elsewhere.

    Side note, Brad Freidle played really well and made some incredible saves.

    • SanFran415 says:

      This is about what I saw–watched it on some pirated stream. Jozy may be in the books for the @ssist, but he really blew a lot of chances a striker should finish.

      Like I said awhile ago–I thought this was a horrible move for him. But as I also said at the top of this thread–it’s a preseason tournament in Asia–so I don’t think anything that happens actually matters.

      • Falsify says:

        Sounds like it was in the rain. Was the weather a big factor?

        • SanFran415 says:

          It was sloppy and the players looked rather uninterested at some points about in going hard into compromising situations.

        • David says:

          My brother is in Hong Kong on business and went to the games. He told me there was horrible rain that forced a 30 minute delay in the start and reduced the games to 40 minutes halves. The picture he sent me showed significant standing water at midfield. So, the weather did affect play. But, it’s preseason and with so many subs, it’s hard to say what either team will look like on August 17 when the league starts. My brother did say that Friedel made some terrific saves in the second half, showing that he can still play with the youngsters.

      • Travis in Miami says:

        I disagree he played badly.

        He was quite active and gave a lot of trouble to Spurs back line. He missed one “sitter” – the ball was a looping ball that came in high from the 18 to just inside the 6. It then “bounced”off the monsoon soaked pitch directly in front of him with pretty much an open net in front of him and his contact was not good. Not making excuses but…one could be made.

        Beyond that – the save Friedel made on him was an excellent kick save on break. That was more Friedel doing something great than Jozy choking on the chance.

        The other shot he “should have scored” was a turn where he used his strength to create space to shoot far post from the corner of the 18. It missed but he created the chance alone – there was no support from the team giving him any other option.

        His movement and hustle while Spurs were playing from the back directly resulted in his gaining possession of a poor Huddlestone p@ss. He worked tirelessly. And he held the ball up nicely sending a teammate on a nice run with a no-look pass that the crowd even cheered.

        For me he had a very good debut. I was also reassured the move will be positive. From his body language and hustle he seemed to understand challenge that stand before him.

      • Ry Ry says:

        It is preseason, so you’re right in the fact that it’s all about testing the waters and getting the team to believe a coach’s ways.

        But having said that, this is part of the Barclay’s Asian Premier League, which is a tournament, and the only other tourney considered by the BPL’s sponsor to matter.

        There is a trophy and some cash to be won at the end of this tourney, so I have to disagree with you by thinking the players didn’t care. Both teams would love to have a trophy and some extra money regardless of what the competition is.

        The main thing to take away is that they are certainly targeting Jozy to score goals, so there will not be any excuses if he doesn’t deliver this season.

    • Mike in Missouri says:

      Crap, if they both played both in the first preseason game in the pouring rain, they might as well both just give up for the season.

  6. Clover362 says:

    One game in preseason in asai on a rain pitch is not something to draw conclusions on. If altidore was putting himself in positions to score that is likely e ought to impress his new team. Altidore has to get accustom to playing with new people and figuring out where to be to receive service. He but 30+ goals in the net last year everyone knows he can finish even if he had an off day. Whether or not he can get open and create chances is a question.

    • Travis in Miami says:

      He played fine. I watched the game thanks to my daughter waking up very early. My more detailed comments above are awaiting moderation.

      Putting the the game in the context you provided I consider his performance a success.

  7. Bedazzle says:

    I may in the minority here, but Demps has always seemed overrated to me. Am I wrong? Can somebody please correct me here? I’ve just never really seen the quality, technical abilities, or even work ethic on the pitch that so many rave about. I’ve heard some (incl Ives) say the USMNT teams attacking runs thru Deuce now, and I find that preposterous. He is pretty good at whining and diving, two qualities that make you ‘European’ I guess. But I just don’t see the skills and the leadership tht everyone else does.
    And these comments have nothing to done this friendly inn Asia btw, these are issues been building for me.

    • Judging Amy says:

      He’s a world cl@ss finisher and scrapper. He can score at any time regardless of how he’s been playing, the situation, the opponent. His general skills, athleticism are not world cl@ss, but he can get you a goal (sometimes ugly, sometimes brilliant) at any time.

      • Ryan Nanez says:

        Good finisher at best. But absolutely by no means “world class”

      • Jay Bonds says:

        Dempsey and world class should never be put in the same sentence. I stopped reading you after that line. What a joke.

    • TheFrenchOne says:

      yes, you are in the minority. i was on the fence about Deuce for many years, from 2006 to 2012. but to see how he thrived through all the coaching changes at Fulham, then made (in my opinion) a pretty smooth transition to Spurs last year, and finally how he carried the USMNT over the past year, i’m finally a believer. still like LD and MB more on the national time, but i’m ready to give Deuce major props for how he handles himself and plays on the field

    • Jacknut says:

      I could not disagree with you any more, especially about the work ethic. I don’t know what you are looking for in terms of work ethic, but that’s one area where there should be no question. He’s worked through multiple coaches at Fulham, winning each of them over. The number of big goals he’s scored throughout his career is pretty impressive for any player: 2006 vs. Ghana, 2007(?) vs. Liverpool, 2009 in the Confed Cup (Egypt, Spain, Brazil), 2010 vs. Juventus, 2010 vs. England.

      He’s not the prettiest player, but his technique is actually very good, just shy of world class in my opinion. Watch his wondergoal against Stoke and how his knee is just a shade behind the center of the ball so there is just a little lift to get past the keeper. Another example is his chip against Juve, where he dips his hip to keep the ball down. Most players would have used more leg and sent the ball into Row AA.

      I’m sorry you don’t see the quality, but there’s more there than meets the eye, especially if you are focused on his normal hangdog expression.

      One area where he has sadly slipped is in his goal celebrations. He used to be clever and inventive with those, but now it’s just pounding the chest. Oh yeah, and don’t ask him to take penalties with the game on the line.

    • McQ says:

      Dempsey is in many ways the proverbial player who doesn’t knock your socks off with his skills, speed, or presence but is just a fearless player who scores big goals in big situations. He always has. What challenge has he ever faced that he didn’t overcome? When all was said and done, he was Tottenham’s third leading scorer last year after no preseason, playing at a new club with a new system.
      Who scored the goal against England in the World Cup – Dempsey (why because he is not afraid of course Green helped a little :) ) who eliminated Juventus from Europa Leage for Fulham, who scored the game winner last year vs. ManU for Spurrs? I recall him scoring big goals against Chelsea, Spain, Brazil. He doesn’t shy away from a challenge.That is the intangible that he brings to the table that not many do.

      • Gary Page says:

        Plus, in the Confed Cup in 2009 he scored 2 of the 3 goals necessary against Egypt that got the US into the knockout round. He was the third leading scorer in the tournament. And let’s not forget that his first goal in the EPL he dribbled through half of the Liverpool team and scored the only goal to keep Fulham from being relegated. We should call him Clutch Dempsey because so many of his goals are clutch.

    • chris says:

      You cant be serious. 35 goals for the US as a midfielder. The spurs 3rd leading goal scorer despite missing a fourth of the season due to injury and no preseason with the team. Has scored clutch goals his whole career (goal that kept Fulham up, Europa league vs Juve). His goals basically carried the US through the early stages of WCQ.

      You have never seen quality????????? hahaha is that a joke? Why dont you watch some highlights and the dozens of wonder goals hes scored throughout the years. He scores and performs well against the elite of the EPL every single year. He has always fought his way back into the Starting XI after every new manager benched him.

      I have lost alot of faith in USMNT fans over the years but this takes the cake, smfh!

      link to

      link to

    • chris says:

      You cant be serious. 35 goals for the US as a midfielder. The spurs 3rd leading goal scorer despite missing a fourth of the season due to injury and no preseason with the team. Has scored clutch goals his whole career (goal that kept Fulham up, Europa league vs Juve). His goals basically carried the US through the early stages of WCQ.

      You have never seen quality????????? hahaha is that a joke? Why dont you watch some highlights and the dozens of wonder goals hes scored throughout the years. He scores and performs well against the elite of the EPL every single year. He has always fought his way back into the Starting XI after every new manager benched him.

      I have lost alot of faith in USMNT fans over the years but this takes the cake, smfh!

  8. fifawitz1313 says:

    Getting pretty nervous about Dempsey’s upcoming season. We need him in top form heading into WC 2014 and a lack of playing time could really hurt our team. With a poor season it is possible by 2014 Dempsey comes off the bench and Donovan slots into the starting supporting striker role. Obviously both on the pitch and in top form is preferred.

  9. Paul says:

    One game and Jozy and Clint’s season should be written off! C’mon lads wake up and smell the coffee.

    • fifawitz1313 says:

      I’m not so concerned with this game. Mainly the circumstances surrounding Tottenham’s offseason acquisitions combined with mediocre playing time last season. Playing time will be VERY hard to come by this year. Yes, Deuce has overcome this in the past. However, Tottenham seem to be adding pieces directly in competition with him in an effort to find something better. If one of these new young acquisitions is playing equal to Deuce you would have to see them getting the nod ahead of him.

      • SanFran415 says:


        They aren’t spending 11 million on a 23 year old for him to not play.

        • Jay Bonds says:

          He also looked poor when his manager said he was unhappy his striker missed a potential hat trick

      • Gary Page says:

        It’s a possibility, but remember many people were predicting at this point last year that Dempsey would never get off the bench, then when they got Holtby many said he would replace Dempsey.

  10. Jay Bonds says:

    Judging Amy, Dempsey world class? So he’s in the same class as Messi, Ronaldo, Xavi, Yaya, Pirlo? Just checking.

  11. Chris says:

    Jozy Altidore’s hot & cold scoring streaks are legendary. If he has one game with multiple whiffs fans should take notice more than if that hapened to many other forwards.

  12. Beto says:

    looking forward to being able to watch all of their games this year; should be big seasons for both of them. Both should have to earn their spots but both are in winable situations

  13. Amru says:

    I’m glad that Jozy seemed to be involved in some scoring chances. Every forward can have an off night when it comes to finishing, especially in during pre-season. Considering the poor weather and the fact that Tottenham aren’t push overs by any means, a solid debut.

  14. 2tone says:

    Lol at the people putting way to much stock in one game.

    Jozy was a threat all game long. He will be just fine this season.

    Deuce wil have another Dempsey season. He will get some starts and enough minutes, and probably score around 12 goals in all competitions. That’s his M.O. since going to the EPL.

  15. gtv says:

    SAFC web site and DiCanio heaped praises on Jozy. So I’ll go with their opinions on how he did.

    I AM concerned about Deuce. I know he is a scrapper and will always fight for PT no matter what the situation, but he played 70 minutes and from anything I have read, he didn’t show much. He’s my favorite Yank abroad and I hope he can break through at THFC.

  16. McQ says:

    Everyone Relax! Dempsey is a proven commodity in the Prem and internationally for that matter. His coach has seen him play for two years now and knows what he is all about. He wouldnt have brought him in if he didn’t. for players of Dempsey’s stature, preseason is all about getting on the same page as your team mates (especially after playing for your national team over the summer) and getting match fit. Deuce will be fine.

  17. Matt S says:

    So very very disgusted to see him in that uniform. I hate Sunderland with a passion. He will not develop in a team like that, I don’t care that he’s in the Prem. Hopefully he is sold off in a season or two and I don’t need to watch this embarrassment continue.

  18. Adam says:

    I watched the game online, and despite the aforementioned missed chances, Altidore did a great job of being in the right places, creating space to make shots, and looking dangerous overall. Add to that the horrible pitch (soggy mess, mud and water everywhere) and the fact that Spurs are a very quality team, and the result is a fairly decent first appearance for Sunderland. Friedel was fantastic in goal by the way, made some huge saves. Dempsey looked quite anonymous, but I think the pitch being the way it was really impacted his style of dribbling at opponents to create chances and space and forced him into a more quick passing-oriented game, which he’s not the greatest at.