Bowen, Farfan suspended additional game, Arena fined for comments on officials



The Major League Soccer Disciplinary Committee didn’t take too kindly to the actions of two Chivas USA players last Sunday.

Both Gabe Farfan and Tristan Bowen have been suspended one game and fined undisclosed amounts for their actions during the 1-1 draw with the Colorado Rapids, the Disciplinary Committee announced.

Farfan was shown a straight red card for stamping on the leg of Rapids defender Shane O’Neill while Bowen was given a red card for spitting at Rapids left back Chris Klute. Both players will now miss Chivas USA’s next two matches, home vs. FC Dallas on Wednesday and home vs. the New York Red Bulls on August 25.

In addition, the Disciplinary Committee announced a fine of $2,000 to LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena for his comments on the officiating after his club’s 3-3 draw at FC Dallas.

What do you think of this news? Do you agree with the fines and suspensions?

Share your thoughts below.

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17 Responses to Bowen, Farfan suspended additional game, Arena fined for comments on officials

  1. Eric says:

    Considering Yordany Alvarez got three games for destroying Tim Cahill’s knee, I’m surprised that Farfan only got one game for potentially destroying Shane O’Neill’s knee.

    (And no, I’m not an RSL or Rapids fan.)

  2. Jake says:

    I didn’t read what Arena said, but the linesmen blew two calls that let directly to goals… actually 3 calls on two set plays that led to 2 goals.

    • bottlcaps says:

      Players and Coaches to MLS: You have bad referees!
      MLS to Players and Coaches: OK! We will shoot the messenger! (you)

    • Bo says:

      I’ll pitch in to pay some of Bruce’s fines. That linesman was horrible!

    • Chupacabra says:

      The plus size AR who blew two offside calls that led to Dallas goals should be fined and banned. Incompetent decisions like his can cost teams lots of money, especially in a season like this one where every point counts. Fining a coach for discussing the TRUTH only empowers further incompetence by poorly underqualified officials.

  3. Beto says:

    Good, bowen and farfan should be suspended for more..

    How farfan didnt injur O’Neills leg is a mystry. That kind of play is just inexcusable.. Spitting like Bowen did just points out how misserable of a team CUSA is…

  4. Vivalosburros says:

    Farfan should have received at least a 5 match ban. That was a horror tackle if there ever was one. I do like that the disciplinary committee gives out these extra bans, but they cannot just be based on injury. Just because O’Neill was lucky enough to not break his leg does not mean Farfan should get a lighter punishment. Two game suspension for that tackle is way too light.

    • biff says:

      +1: I looked at the video of that and this is one of the most vicious and dangerous tackles I have ever seen and should have been at least at four-game suspension. MLS has got to do more to protect the legs of the grunts.

  5. jmadsen says:

    Spitting on another person is one of the most despicable acts you can do.

    I know most will consider me too extreme, but Bowen should be suspended for the rest of the season.

    • john Lowe says:

      Spitting on someone is considered battery in the USA. If you spit on someone outside of sports you go to jail. Many diseases can be passed through saliva including HIV, Hepatitis among others. He is lucky he only got 2 games

  6. AlexH says:

    I wonder if a coach or player, if asked about officiating could get away with saying “Rule ABC-123 of Major League Soccer forbids me from answering that question honestly.”

  7. Brain Guy says:

    Still waiting for Sinovic to get suspended for the arm/elbow to Kimura’s head. Not holding my breath, though.

  8. FC Lubbock says:

    Off topic but does anyone know the epl fantasy code for SBI league

  9. Andrew says:

    Wow. Just saw the 2 Dallas offside goals. What a joke of an official. Get him out of here.

  10. RB says:

    Good. Should have been more games, but glad they did something.

    Don’t have much more sympathy for Arena than for the league, in the other situation. Whether Arena’s right or wrong doesn’t matter much since he knows that the league fines coaches for such remarks and went ahead with them, anyway.

  11. J.A.B. says:

    Hack league

  12. Catamount says:

    I doubt if Arena cares about the fines, but who looks more foolish here, the AR, Arena or the league? I think his comments were honest, fair and made respectfully and carefully. I think he cares about the league and it’s image. Poor officiating damages the reputation of the league and he does not let his own team off the hook. He doesn’t blame the loss completely on the official, but he does make a fair argument that the blown calls affected the outcome of the game.

    Here’s what he said that was quoted in an article. You decide:

    “Terrible officiating, no question about it,” Arena told media in Frisco, Texas. “However, we’re still in position to win the game. What more can you say? What more can you say? It’s a shame we can’t get better officiating in these games.”

    “The guy’s offside,” he said. “In professional games, you have to assume that the linesman can make those calls. However, I would still say: On the third goal, we’ve got to do a better job. But what can you do? This is the state of officiating. It’s what it is.”