Dempsey joining Sounders in reported $9 million transfer

Clint Dempsey


Some seven years ago, Clint Dempsey left Major League Soccer as a rising star on the verge of being special. He now returns to MLS as an established star ready to make the biggest splash by an MLS signing since David Beckham joined the league.

Dempsey is set to complete a move to the Seattle Sounders, with the MLS club agreeing to a transfer with English Premier League side Tottenham, sources confirmed to SBI on Friday night. He will be formally presented by the club on Monday. ESPN FC first reported the deal as being close to completed earlier on Friday.

NBC is reporting that the deal to bring Dempsey to Seattle is valued at a $9 million transfer, and a contract worth $8 million a year over four years. Both the transfer fee and contract would be the largest in MLS history.

Dempsey leaves Spurs after just one season with the club following an almost $10 million transfer from Fulham last summer. He managed 12 goals and six assists in all competitions with Tottenham during the 2012/2013 season.

The move is a surprising one for a player who only a year earlier had pointed to UEFA Champions League play as his leading motivation, but at the age of 30, and with a chance to make a big long-term move back to MLS, Dempsey ultimately have decided Seattle’s offer was too good to pass up.

Dempsey joins a Seattle squad struggling at the moment in a season that has seen injuries and inconsistency keep the talent-filled club from fulfilling expectations. The arrival of Dempsey immediately makes Seattle a legitimate title contender with arguably the most dangerous attack in MLS.

What do you think of this development? Shocked by the money being spent on Dempsey, or are you excited to see MLS spend that kind of money on an American star? Disappointed to see Dempsey leave Europe?

Share your thoughts below.

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389 Responses to Dempsey joining Sounders in reported $9 million transfer

  1. Elber Galarga says:


    • cal says:

      Roth & Hanauer

      • Yuppee says:

        Exactly, and this is the beginning of a new era! Love it…

        • Charles says:

          US soccer long have we waited for this day ? For me it has been 35+ years. Awesome.

          • Del P 23 says:

            Now if we can just get Donovan in this league…oh, wait

          • Jay Bonds says:

            And how does that change anything? MLS is still regarded as a sub-standard league. Better players Beckham & Henry couldn’t change it, Dempsey won’t either. Spurs made more for selling him.

            • Tyler says:

              You just leave the thinking to us good buddy…

            • Charles says:

              Jay, it is thought of as being sub-standard by you and Fox soccer. I don’t care about either of your opinions..nor should other Americans.
              Dempsey and I think of it as a great career move. You obviously don’t watch MLS, keep it that way….like Tyler says, leave the thinking to us.

      • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

        This is why I don’t understand this. Ives, please enlighten us:
        “I’m not saying Fulham won’t ever get (to the Champions League). But I’m 29 years old now and I only have a certain number of years left to play at the highest level. Hopefully, that is in the cards.”– Clint Dempsey

        • Left Coast Bias says:

          You’re asking the guy who made fun of the Dempsey rumors and was scooped by the collective Twitterverse of Seattle by 36 hours for actual relevant information?

    • milkshake of despair says:

      Simple. Family trumps career.

    • Old School says:

      Landycakes should just retire!
      Fire Klinsmann!
      *[-Insert player-]* isn’t “American” enough!
      Altidore’s making a huge career mistake going to Sunderland!
      Dempsey is making a huge career mistake going to Seattle!

      ….man. There’s a segment of American soccer fans that are rapidly becoming some of the most annoying sports fans around.

      • Nate Dollars says:

        you think it’s annoying to question why our best player, at the peak of his career, is moving to a substantially lower-level league?

        that seems like a valid question to me. (the valid answer is $$$$, but it’s still a valid question.)

    • THomas says:

      I feel like I’m the only one who’s first reaction was ‘awesome!’ I’m normally a Euro snob and don’t follow MLS as close as I’d like to, but a move like this gives me confidence in the league. I say it’s the biggest signing since Beckham.

      • Clark says:

        I’m no Euro snob, but I concur. Let’s face it, for the league to progress, it’s going to take some US players to commit to it above better, foreign leagues. This means the two best field players for the US are playing in the US, I think that’s good.

      • mike says:

        bEING A euro snob is not something to be proud of. it just means you are an american who chose some random team to support in europe and gave that team 110%. A team you have no connection to or background. haha go ahead be proud of it. Americans dont accept you because you are a Eurosnob and Europeans dont accept you because you are American.

    • futbolisimo says:

      Called dinero homies.

    • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

      Exactly. This is why I don’t understand this. Ives, please enlighten us:
      “I’m not saying Fulham won’t ever get (to the Champions League). But I’m 29 years old now and I only have a certain number of years left to play at the highest level. Hopefully, that is in the cards.”– Clint Dempsey

      • peterjh says:

        Is it possible the last move didn’t work out and he’s had a change of heart? Ever change your mind?

    • sony says:

      because he is nuts

  2. Victor V says:


  3. AC says:

    Funny how if a foreign player comes to MLS who can still play at a high level in Europe, South America, etc (aka Henry, Cahill, Beckham, Keane, etc), people get excited. But heaven forbid a good USA player come to MLS. Are we “trying” to keep the league from continually growing and continue improving year after year?

    • justin says:


    • Eugene says:

      All of the guys you mention were past their prime when they came back and two of them had reached the highest levels of the game. Dempsey said that’s where he wanted to go, but fell on his face and came back for the $$. Dempsey is also not past his prime.

      • AC says:

        Henry seemed to do just fine on his loan to Arsenal. Keane still a fixture for Ireland (It’s not a Euro great, but not like he has a choice of Spain, etc, since he’s Irish), Beckham played with AC Milan, England, and oh yeah, and just came from Real Madrid (kind of a great team) when he joined MLS.

        • Nate Dollars says:

          you’re not disagreeing with anything eugene said. all 3 of those players were ‘past their prime’ when they joined mls. so are we saying dempsey is, too?

          • AC says:

            How is Henry still being able to play for Arsenal on loan being “past his prime?” Or Beckham playing for Real Madrid the season before MLS “past his prime?” Did you forget how many top 4 teams from England, Spain, Germany, Italy were chasing those players when they came to MLS? Soccer players are now playing high level well into their mid-30’s, etc. Is it wrong to come to MLS while at a high level? Is it wrong for the league to grow and improve?

            • Nate Dollars says:

              you seem to be confusing ‘past their prime’ with ‘no good’. no one’s saying that these weren’t excellent players when they came to mls, just that they were, from their world-cl@ss heights, on the descent.

              i think many usmnt fans consider dempsey to be hitting his prime right now, which is why they’re disappointed that he’s already heading to a lower league.

              • Joamiq says:

                If USMNT fans think Dempsey’s hitting his prime now, they’ve got some disappointment coming up ahead. Not saying he’s past it, but he’s certainly not just entering it.

              • DCLee says:

                Don’t feed the trolls or dis believers like Nate. Guys like him don’t want to be forced to actually watch or care about MLS. IT MAKES THEIR SKIN CRAWL FOR SOME SILLY REASON!

              • Nate Dollars says:

                dclee, you’re a goddamn moron.

                i’m certainly not a troII; i was posting (somewhat) intelligent responses in a polite manner.

                and i’ve been a fan of dc united since ’96, and used to be a sth, until babies came and took all my money away.

            • louis z says:

              past their prime usually means they are no longer playing at a certain level AND not getting the playing time. So what if he played for RM if no longer the key player. another that comes to mind is rafa marquez.

            • AC says:

              Great points from all sides of the argument. In a nutshell, great for the league. We’ll only know come World Cup if good or bad on national level. Maybe he’s already been a veteran long enough to know how to raise his game come USMNT time.

          • Ben says:

            Keane wasn’t “past his prime.”

      • McQ says:

        “Fell on his face?” what planet have you been on? He led his Prem team in scoring at Fulham and in one season was the third leading scorer at Spurs last year. Perhaps he does realize that Spurs will be a mess this season, maybe he does want to raise his young children as Americans in a stable situation and Spurs wouldn’t be more than a 2-3 year deal. He is already on the plane to Brazil so why not start the next phase of his career/life which would have eventualy ended up in MLS. I am a bit surprised by the move (I actually mocked it the other day) but sometimes we forget that these people are not beholden to play at our whims and these decisions impact them beyond the coming season.

        Plus – Spurs is a sinking ship, once Bale leaves, I will be shocked it they finish higher than 6th.

        • Kmac014 says:

          Way off on spurs. They have a real strong team right now and even if (when) they sell bale they will have all that money for new players

    • Tres says:

      Good post. For further information, see: Roger Bennett’s ESPN column this week.

    • Left Wing says:

      Hmm if you don’t see or understand the difference then I think that is a problem.

      I’m honestly disappointed and sorta happy at the same time.

    • Jay Bonds says:

      So what happened to all the noise about leaving Fulham for a Champions League team? Yeah Champions League alright; CONCACAF version, lol

  4. Eugene says:

    Disgusted. Klinsmann should come out again with his comments about how real footballers play in the Champions League or strive to do so. Dempsey to Seattle is a huge disappointment, and honestly it doesn’t make Seattle any more of a title contender than they were yesterday. They now have too many forwards, so someone will have to be the odd man out, and Mauro Rosales is not that good of a playmaker to have Dempsey playing at the top of his ability.

    If the Sounders can’t win with EJ and Obafemi Martins leading the strike force, adding another striker won’t do it either.

    • ed - houston says:

      They will be al attack and little defense, which will work against teams that come to play but not against bunkering teams. Seattle will continue to be an unbalanced team.

      • Nick Ewing says:

        You clearly haven’t followed them, they are actually all defense and no attack right now, which is why this move is so great.

        • Knuckles says:

          I would disagree with that statement to a degree. The Sounders are a very good defensive team, and have a good attack (their finishing, of courses another issue entirely). What we haven’t had is someone to pair with Alonso in the middle since we let Tiffert go. Dempsey solves this immediately. Play him in a withdrawn forward position, sort of a 4-3-1-2, and this becomes a ridiculous team. A midfield of Neagle, Alonso and Rosales, with Dempsey, Johnson and Martins up front? Wow.

    • scb says:

      I’m not a huge fan of this move, but “disgusted” is a pretty strong reaction, no? Ultimately, Dempsey has earned the right to make his own decisions about his career without people being all self-righteous about it.

    • Nick says:

      “real footballers play in the Champions League or strive to do so”

      this move is a disaster. this is the most successful US field player ever admitting defeat when (at least I feel) he didn’t have too. very depressing.

      • Ben says:

        and next you are going to argue how Tim Ream is a better football player than Dempsey, no?

        • Nick says:

          keep beating that straw man. you’re very good at it.

          • Ben says:

            haha, the “straw man” argument,” the last refuge of those who also throw around the term “ad hominem” think it’s some sort of rhetorical brilliance.

            • Nate Dollars says:

              so what does tim ream have to do with nick’s comment?

              sometimes people call it a ‘straw man’ argument because that’s what it is.

      • MesaATLien says:

        Why is moving back to MLS “admitting defeat”? I swear, some of us American fans are harder on what we’ve created than some foreigners are! You don’t know what was going on in Dempsey’s head when he made this decision. It isn’t all about what goes on on the field.

        But of course. All the Eurosnobs are right. A sniff of an inkling of a chance of possibly playing in the Champions League with Tottenham is worth warming a bench after ONCE AGAIN proving yourself, possibly getting loaded off to a low table team all whist bouncing your family around in God forsaken England of all places.

        Yeah! With all that, who would want to play in Seattle for Christ’s sake?! Big money, big crowds, guaranteed playing time and being closer to home…Pssh, homie don’t need that!!!!

        • scweeb says:

          Here is the thing if Tottenham would have made the champions league last year he would have stayed. Means more games for them and more playing time for Dempsey. With them not making champions and all the younger tallent they brought in means dempsey is out of playing time. . . For WQ that is bad news for us.
          So positive from this (and i am from RSL and dempsey is my all time favorite player so i hate this move) him and EJ now have a full year off working together and building chemistry! And to be honest you take chemistry and confidence over league in most cases.

          • MesaATLien says:

            +1 I agree. I think him going to Seattle is a great idea. The fact that his BFF GAM, also a USMNT player, is there makes it even better.

            In reference to the chemistry part, with the dismantling of the MLS All-stars by Roma, we can see how much building chemistry and playing time with consitsent teammates can help a cause.

            • Dante says:

              Amazing how delusional people are. If Tottenham made Champions League, they would have signed players good enough to compete in Champions League. Clint was out regardless. Going to Spurs was a terrible move to begin with.

          • McQ says:

            Tottenham are not making Champions League. Bale is leaving and Arsenal is strenghtening thier squad. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Clint make a winter transfer loan move back to Europe.

        • the original jb says:

          This post seems to hit the mark for me. With the unbelievable talent Spurs are signing, Demps saw his playing time there decreasing bigtime in the year before his last world cup. He is a bit of a good ol boy and has never made secret he is in Europe for football alone. He has young kids approaching (I believe) school age, and wants to raise his family in America. So here’s a shot at coming back to the States, playing for a team with great fans, plenty of pt to be ready for Brazil. And oh yeah, maybe he helps the league out. And I bet he could care less about anyone’s misplaced “disappointment”

      • Nick H says:

        So you are telling me that he can’t move to mls because its not good enough? Do you see anyone knocking Landon Donovan because he isn’t good enough? That’s right he had a bad couple of spells in Germany, but he wrecked shop with Everton he gave them the width they hadn’t had. All in all as long as he is playing all the time I’m not worried about wether he is playing against a shaky Aston Villa defense or a solid Sporting KC defense. He is a professional athlete who has always strived to be better individually to make whatever team he is on better. What changes that here?

    • John says:

      I am sure Klinsi was involved in some of the conversations that led to Clint returning to MLS. I am sure he wasn’t blindsided. Klinsmann values players being sharp and playing all of the time.

      Also, I feel like Klinsmann sincerely wants to build soccer in the USA and will probably spend the rest of his career involved in American soccer/MLS in some way. So, I don’t think that Dempsey will be ridiculed for coming back to MLS. Nor do I think that Klinsmann will strip the armband from Clint as some have suggested he should.

      This is a very big step in MLS’s journey to being an important and credible league. Good times for everyone!

      • Dante says:

        So Klinsi is a prophet for MLS? That’s hilarious.

      • Jay Bonds says:

        Relax, one player is not going to change MLS or the opinion about it as a sub-standard league; better players before him tried. MLS can’t even win Concacaf Champions League. Mexico has dominated that & they have a more talent, skill, creativity on display, more advanced, quality league than here.

        • Nate says:

          That may be true at the moment, but what does Mexico’s national team have to show for it? Two world cup quarterfinal appearances? the last in 1986? Given MLS started in 1996, and the US made the quarters 6 years later (with a team of largely MLS trained players) Id say that is not a terrible track record by comparison. Give it time. I also like the fact that we have a growing number of US players going to Mexico to play.

          • Anthony says:

            Mexico won confederations cup and a olympic medal both won with mostly local league players.

        • McQ says:

          The thing holding MLS back in Concacaf Champions League has to do with MLS-mandated salary cap restrictions and roster size limitations. The top Mexican teams can bring in as many good players and pay them as much as they want as long as they can afford it. MLS cannot so you end up with 4 MLS teams that are all essentially the same a few good players a few mediocre players and one or two not so good players going up against a Mexican club with top Mexican players with top Latin American players sprinkeled in.

    • Falls City Outlaw says:

      “They now have too many forwards, so someone will have to be the odd man out, and Mauro Rosales is not that good of a playmaker to have Dempsey playing at the top of his ability.” I don’t know how this could be an issue in Seattle without it being 3x the issue at Spurs. The grass isn’t always greener. Maybe Spurs just wasn’t a good fit, after all.

    • Pingunça says:

      don’t leave a note when you jump from a bridge

    • Left Coast Bias says:

      Did it ever dawn on you that Klinsmann (a close friend of Sigi Schmid) may have been behind this move?

      Klinsmann has always said it is important that players are PLAYING for their club, regardless of where they are. Dempsey will be playing for a friend of Klinsmann.

      Jurgen has been seen more than once watching games at CenturyLink Field. Watching Eddie Johnson, Brad Evans, now DeAndre Yedlin and Dempsey.

      Don’t be so shocked.

    • Gary Page says:

      This whole thing makes little sense to me from a football standpoint. I don’t see how this fills a big need for either party and the Sounders sell out regardless of whether they have Dempsey or not. From a business standpoint I don’t think it is a wise move. $8 million per year for MLS is a ridiculous amount. And nowhere have I seen mention of league rules.Do the Sounders have rights to Dempsey or will they have to make a trade for them? As I understand the rules, once a player has played in the MLS, the losing team retains his rights. That’s why Robbie Rogers couldn’t go to the Galaxy right away, they had to trade for him, even though he was out of contract.

  5. justin says:

    The fact that these sums are now flying around in MLS is huge news as well. This might be a watershed moment for the league.

    • FulhamDC says:

      It’s not. It’s one player and its a disaster. Dempsey had a goal or assist every 118 minutes last season, second on spurs only to Bale. And now he’s limping home for the money. This sets back Americans in Europe by a decade. You think Altidore or Bradley can carry the flag? No way. Altidore will crumble when the idiot coach at Sunderland benches him, and Bradley will never get out of Roma. This is a terrible move for US soccer.

      • Gus says:

        Sad Day for Eurosnobs…I’m lovin it

        • FulhamDC says:

          Not sure who your calling a eurosnob. Had my season ticket for MLS since the league started.

          • Ben says:

            “This sets back American in Europe by a decade” Why? With fans? … who cares? No team is not going to take a player they think can improve them, so you are just talking nonsense.

            • FulhamDC says:

              Seriously? Clint was the man. The trailblazer. The guy that was going to show Americans had the talent to play Champions League football. He forced a move out of Fulham to a top team. Played just one year there and is now limping back to MLS?? Seriously? This is about way more than simplistic fans like you.

              • Ben says:

                First, no, he was not a “trailblazer.” Other Americans have played, and played well, in Europe. He played a solid year at Tottennham, saw he wasn’t a starter this year, and decided to come back to MLS. If anyone is being simplistic here, it’s you with the equation: Europe = always superior.

              • Indigo Montoya says:

                Umm, didn’t that guy, Beassssleay, or something like that, whatever, do a pretty good job in the Champs League as a Yank? Oh, so Dempsey wouldn’t exactly be a trailblazer, but more of a bricklayer, should it have happened.

                Calm down.

              • Roberto says:

                Do you really think that young, talented American players are now going to stop having the drive to improve themselves and play in top European leagues? That would be tragic, but I don’t see it happening because a talented American player chose to return to the States.

                Do you think US soccer is taking a hit because of the perception that no American is capable of playing in Champions League-level competition? Because that perception may already have existed, and it hasn’t stopped talented American players from making that their goal.

                Do you think that Dempsey was the apex of American soccer potential, and so we’re set back a decade because we have no rising talent who can grow into the player Dempsey has been? Because I think the US is improving their development of young talent every year, and I doubt it will be a decade before another American player is vying for a Champions League spot.

                I loved having a talented American playing very high level soccer in Europe, but I think putting this much weight on any one US player’s career is a deeply pessimistic perspective on the improving state of the game here on lots of levels.

          • Hogatroge says:

            Oh yeah? Which team.

            • Hogatroge says:

              Well, I guess I could have read your username.

              Just got tired of seeing people on reddit say the same thing that were obviously BSing.

          • Colin in MT says:

            I understand the disappointment. That was my first reaction as well. As a USMNT fan, I feel like we have to prove ourselves to the world, and I felt like Clint was our best hope at showing the world we belong at the top – Champions League. At first glance, it seems like a disappointing step down.

            However, Clint has proven himself in the EPL. Now he gets to prove himself to harsher critics – US soccer fans who see their own league as vastly inferior. Clint has never stepped down to a challenge and this is arguably the greatest challenge of his career. If he steps up to this challenge, and I believe he will, he will go to the World Cup – the biggest stage – and show that MLS is not a retirement league. Landon has done this, but since he never did it in Europe there was always that caveat. The world and US fans will notice precisely because of Clint’s success in Europe. If Clint succeeds, he will ultimately push US soccer to new heights.

        • RAMONE says:

          +1 million

          The junior high like popularity contest that the Eurosnobs insist on playing is hilarious. Arguably two of the best current (arguably all time) USMNT players have chosen mls (Donovan, Dempsey) and they simply can’t get past the idea that mls improving and slowly gaining relevance means things like this will happen more and more. The common Eurosnob at the same time will not accept American soccer unless it is a structural carbon copy of the English leagues and at the same time wants mls to always be second (or lower) tier because they can’t get past the prestige/popularity argument even if MLS teams started repeatedly making moves like this. Their tears are delicious.

          That said Dempsey is now dead to me. PTFC!

          • Ben says:

            Eurosnobs almost can’t bear the idea of MLS getting better, which, as a fan, is really annoying. I like US players to do well everywhere, especially MLS.

            • FulhamDC says:

              I’m all for US players getting better, and for MLS getting better. But if you’re so naive that you think Dempsey limping back here makes the league better, you’re out of your mind. I’m a DC United season ticket holder. Have been since day one in 1996. We have 5 homegrowns under contract. Does Seattle? Does any other MLS team? No they don’t. Don’t lecture me on the league getting better. The fact is, we are decades behind Europe, and we need our best players succeeding there. End of story.

              • Ben says:

                So the league being behind Europe means it isn’t getting better? He is limiping back for more than he was making in England? Again, your thought smacks of childish disappointment.

              • OneLegged says:

                You keep saying limping.

                I do not think that word means what you think it means.

              • Bertolucci says:

                Deandre yedlin is homegrown… But don’t know what that has to so with a top player coming to the MLS. Let me ask this: does Clint make the MLS worse? No way

              • John says:

                Limping back? Really? This is one of the more absurd statements ever.

                This is great for the league and Dempsey will get an amazing playing opportunity in his home country.

              • Indigo Montoya says:

                Stop with the “limping.” And I’m Fulham through and through, but that is just damn annoying and superficial tripe.

              • Jason says:

                FC Dallas has 7 homegrowns on the roster……

                If Seattle having Clint Dempsey helps MLS get a bigger TV deal, then I’m all for it. More TV money 》 higher salary cap 》 better players 》better teams 》 Concacaf Champions League winner 》 Club World Cup 》Being competitive with UEFA 》 Really good players wanting to live in the US and play in MLS. Now does the above scenario happen anytime soon? No. But its the goal and for me as an American soccer fan, working towards that goal is 100 times more important to me than American players playing well in Europe.

            • Nick says:

              MLS is getting much much better and that is absolutely fantastic, but if you think that having our best players play in MLS instead of the top Euro leagues is going to make us the best possible national team, then you are crazy.

              • Ben says:

                I’m not saying that, but I don’t think it will be a problem at all if the next generation of players, the Jozy’s and the Bradley’s, stay there for 10 or 11 years and then come back to MLS at 30 or 31, do you?

              • Kevin says:

                That’s the first REAL point I’ve seen made about this move being negative. Everything else has been drivel from disappointed Eurosnobs (FulhamDC, you can claim to be a DCU season ticket holder all you want, but everything you’ve said makes you a Eurosnob by definition) who are butthurt that their OWN COUNTRY’S LEAGUE is appealing to top talent. Dempsey could have commanded the same money from big clubs in England or Italy or Germany, but he chose to come home.

                Now that the best two American soccer players in recent times are playing in MLS, is the league really so bad? It’s only a matter of time before more players from big clubs follow Dempsey to MLS.

                No, the league will never reach the quality or prestige of the EPL or La Liga. But it’s getting better, and it will continue to do so with big signings like this one.

              • Adam in Cali says:

                From the 2002 World Cup squad (our best finish of the modern era), 12 of the 23 selections were MLS based players. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who truly thinks the league was in a better state back then than it is now. Playing in MLS isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

              • WhiteHart says:

                I hate the thought that Dempsey returning to MLS is some sort of measuring stick our league vs the worlds.

                As a spurs fan and a USMNT fan, I can honestly say I’m disappointed. Not that Dempsey hasn’t earned the right to make whatever decision he wants (he has +1000), but I honestly believe he is a good enough player to play regularly for spurs and certainly good enough to play for a top 5-10 team in any league in the world.

                That’s not to say MLS is bad or anything, but anyone saying MLS competition compares to the top leagues is also just as silly as any eurosnob insinuating MLS isn’t a reasonable level of competition.

                Do I think Dempsey is taking a HUGE career step back, no. But I also believe he could fight it out at spurs and be in the champions league next year after the World Cup. Just disappointing given his proclamation of wanting to play in the CL, be it at spurs or elsewhere.

                Again, he’s a grown man, captain of our national team and his decision probably was not a short or quick one, so I give him the benefit of the doubt, but to say I’m anything but disappointed would be lying (except I am glad that MLS has another American star to promote).

                And that doesn’t mean Anything about euro vs MlS, but again, if you don’t think the champions league is the pinnacle of world club soccer… Eurosnob or not, you’re sadly mistaken

          • Bertolucci says:

            10/13/13… The day Clint wishes he stayed in Europe!

        • andrewdiceway says:


      • pancholama says:

        And what’s your real name Fullham DC – little boy sunshine?

      • justin says:

        I’m not sure some of the young American talent in MLS would agree with your 10-year assessment. Specifically the Galaxy players last night. Dempsey is one player on the wrong side of 30 who already cut trail for American players in Europe. It’s not about making Europeans believe in our players, but organic growth of the American game. I agree that playing in Europe is important for certain players, but defining our game based upon names in Euro leagues should not be the goal. Development of the domestic league is much more important.

      • matt says:

        “Never get out of Roma?” Roma is a great team with great history! If that’s the highest Bradley ever gets that’s still pretty darn good and I’m happy to have him “carrying the flag” there.

        • FulhamDC says:

          Yeah, cause serie A and Roma mean so much to Americans. You are totally missing the point.

          • Ben says:

            Goodness, and Tottenham means so much to Americans? My goodness, I think your personal disappointment has overwhelmed your reason.

            • Falls City Outlaw says:

              +1,000. With apologies to my beloved Steve Nash, very few Americans cared about Spurs before Deuce, and how many of them keep pulling for him now that he’s gone? I love Deuce because he’s American. But he’s a person, entitled to his own decisions.

              • SBl TroII says:

                Nash is Canadian.

              • WhiteHart says:

                If you can’t respect spurs history and place in the English game.. Sorry they don’t make the top teams in FIFA 13..

                That’s like saying Newcastle is a small team because of there recent struggles.

                I only wish more Americans decided to “pull” for teams outside of ManU and Arsenal.

        • whaaaa says:

          This. Roma’s a great team, and Bradley’s pretty integral to their play (more than Dempsey at Spurs). Definitely nothing get upset about.

          • FulhamDC says:

            Dempsey had a goal or assist every 118 minutes last season. Second only to Bale at Spurs. You got a similar stat for Bradley?

            • Bill says:

              Well considering that Bradley is what some people in the world of soccer, football, or futbol commonly refer to as a HOLDING midfielder, while Dempsey plays in a far more attacking role, no, his contributions in goals and assists may not be as high as Dempsey’s. Doesn’t make him any less important to his team.

            • Tom says:

              That’s a good argument…because by that reasoning, Tim Howard pales in comparison to Dempsey.
              You do realize Bradley and Dempsey play different roles, right?

      • justin says:

        I’m not sure some of the young American talent in MLS would agree with your 10-year plan. Specifically the Galaxy players last night. Dempsey is one player on the wrong side of 30 who already cut trail for American players in Europe. It’s not about making Europeans believe in our players, but organic growth of the American game. I agree that playing in Europe is important for certain players, but defining our game based upon names in Euro leagues should not be the goal. Development of the domestic league is much more important.

      • Nick says:

        While I don’t exactly like the move either, saying it set Americans back in Europe by a decade is a little heavy. European clubs know Americans are getting better and more worthwhile. Also, if Jozy does well at Sunderland it’s going to be because of the attacking style Di Canio brings, he’s the one who wanted Jozy there in the first place.

        Finally, Bradley will “never get out of Roma”? Roma is an Italian giant and thats not a bad place for an American to establish themselves…name one American who legit established themselves in Italy? If Bradley got a toehold there, it would be huge for US soccer. Serie A may not be EPL or Bundesliga, but its still a top 3 or 4 league in the world.

      • Mike says:

        Limping home for the money? He was making 7.4 a year with the spurs…

      • Alex says:

        You seriously think Altidore and Bradley can’t make that jump? YOU’RE the disaster here. That is absolutely, utterly laughable. Talk about Dempsey’s decision all you want, agree or disagree, but to say that this move puts US soccer players in Europe back 10 years is absurd and frankly is fkucing disrespectful to the players who are toiling in Europe and playing at the highest levels while you sit on your couch and drink Mountain Dew.

      • N-Whit says:

        Slow down there drama queen. Puts Americans in Europe back a decade? You have to be kidding. If anything Dempsey’s time in Europe proved Americans can play at the top levels.

    • Gary Page says:

      It means that US teams are going as crazy as European teams, and it could destroy the MLS business model. While many have criticized the MLS approach, it has led to parity and sensible, responsible growth. I opposed it initially, but have come to believe it was and is the right approach, although I think they could raise the salary cap more. People seem to forget that only a few of the top teams in Europe make real money and a lot of teams have serious financial problems. Europe is starting to move toward team salary caps, and other measures, like US sports leagues.

  6. Petaluman says:

    Looking forward to the next Portland v Seattle match up. Would never have guessed he’d come back to MLS now but for 8 mil a year I can’t blame him.

  7. Jeff says:


    Why not?

  8. El Canchon says:

    Seattle – welcome to the 1%.

    Sincerely, Galaxy and Red Bulls

  9. thatkidnandez says:

    His dream of playing in the champions league is going bye bye if he accepts

    • leftcoastmetro says:

      YA THINK?

    • peterjh says:

      Who is saying he can’t be loaned?

    • Gus says:

      It’s time to start growing our Champions League…

    • Alexandria says:

      Key word PLAYING how do any of you know that AVB didn’t sit Clint Down and say you aren’t in my first 24? Would any of you stay and fight for your place on a team that might lose its best player for the Chance that you MIGHT and a big MIGHT make it into the champions league the next year? Or do you take a big money move to be a freaking GOD in your home country with ample playing time and a freaking Christmas break and time off to be sharp for the World Cup which you WILL be going to? The choice is so easy some of you would pass it up and sit on the bench and have nothing to show for it cause Spurs aighnt winning jack this year except 5th place.

  10. nate says:

    I guess he never said WHICH Champions League he wanted to play in. Of course, it’s not looking like the Sounders will be making the CCL next year either.

    • Mister JC says:

      I know they’re 7th in the Western table, but they’re only 9 points behind RSL with 3 games in hand. The regular season ends in late October. Plenty of time left for them to win the Supporters Shield with a proper run. Not saying they will, but my point is that the playoffs are well within reach, especially now that he’s apparently with the club…

      • Mister JC says:

        And MLS Cup victory is always a possibility once you’re in the playoffs.

        Last comment got cut short…

  11. Brad C says:

    But why Seattle over other EPL teams? How much more $$ is he making in Seattle than he would have made at, say, Everton?

    Maybe I’m mad for my own jealous reasons that I want one of the best US players to continue to play against the best competition he can so he’ll be the best player he can for the WC.

    And lets face it, at 30, he’s not making it back to the EPL. It feels to me like he’s giving up on the EPL and UCL.

    • scb says:

      I would be somewhat surprised if he doesn’t return to a Premier League club on loan at some point. After all, Donovan was 28 & 30 at the time of his two loans to Everton, and Dempsey is a far more proven commodity (in England) than Donovan was at the time.

      • FulhamDC says:

        A loan? A man who score the game winner in Tootehams first win at Old Trafford in 40 years? Yeah, let’s loan him to west ham for ten weeks. Absurd.

        • jai_brooklyn says:

          Don’t matter. Spurs fans are thick in the head and never appreciated Clint anyway.

        • Ben says:

          You are aware that Demps was likely informed he was coming off the bench at best this year, correct? You have been paying attention to the Spurs moves? the players they have signed? I love Dempsey, but he isn’t ideal for AVB’s system.

          • Nick says:

            True, but does that mean he has to go to a bottom of the league team in MLS?

            • Ben says:

              Well, bottom of the league, but top in attendance. Just think, if all MLS team avewrage even 75 percent of Seattles attendance, MLS would be ahead of pretty much every league in the world dave the top four European, and even then, they would be ahead of more of those teams.

          • WhiteHart says:

            He may not be ideal for the system, but clearly AVB respects his game and would have given him time.

            And to the person above that mentions spurs without CL, they made the knockout rounds 2 years ago and are in great position to challenge for the top 4 this year

  12. peterprinciple says:

    So when do the Crew get to add one of these stars? I fear we will be relegated as soon as that’s an option.

  13. Bryon says:


    C’mon Duece, you had at LEAST 2 or 3 years left in you at the top. This is the worst possible time for a move like this!! It would be a lot more acceptable, and more exciting, if it was after the WC, but at a time where the US is flying and feeling confident, we need every player to be pushing himself to the best of his abilities over the next year. As a US fan, i’d much rather him be pushing himself to get better and try to make a top 5 EPL starting 11 than be content with easily making an MLS starting 11. I love Clint, but I’m so disappointed in this transfer.

    • Brad C says:

      It’s likely he was not going to get as much PT this year as last year, but there were so many other EPL teams that showed interest in the past. Why not go to one of them?

    • BSU SC says:

      At age 30, how much better can he get over the next 10 months? And Landon Donovan is playing the best soccer of his career, he’s not playing in the EPL. Nothing to be disappointed about. He’ll still be a key part of the Brazil 2014 squad.

    • Reyna's Ghost says:

      Wow. What a disappointment. Agree completely Brad C. The best US players need to be playing against the best competition for the USMNT to keep moving forward. MLS is not it and the timing is about as bad as it could be leading up to the WC. Just plain shocked.

      • Nate says:

        what US player has performed better than Landon Donovan at the World Cup? pure MLS. Yes, it is important to have US players playing at the highest level, but talent is talent, wherever it is. Donovan, I think, is the best example of this. Does anyone realyy think Dempsey is more important to the US thanDonovan? Has Dempsey ever dominated even the Gold Cup, in the way Donovan just did?

        I know it feels good to say we have a player playing for a top club in the Premier League, but our obsession with that just seems borne out of our inferiority complex rather than what it means, tangibly, for our national teams performance in a world cup, which is the true standard and measure for success. Look at England. Still waiting for another title. Since the premier league surpassed Serie A as the dominant world league, England has failed to advance past the quarterfinals of any major event. They didnt even qualify for Euro 2008 and failed to reach the knockout for Euro 2000. They got run off the pitch in the 2nd round of the 2010 world cup by a team with ZERO players in the premier league.

        So, if we are talking about developing players for a strong national team run for the World Cup, playing in The Premier League doesnt in and of itself seem to produce the best results. It just seems US fans are more concerned about bragging rights moreso than anything else.

        This move ought to quiet all the nonsense talk about Dempsey being a better or more influential player than Donovan. Maybe now US fans will finally start to appreciate what we have.

        • Reyna's Ghost says:

          Just to be clear, I was not asserting that the PL was the be all end all. I totally agree that having a bunch of players playing top flight soccer does not automatically lead to WC success, but I would rather have players playing top flight than not. I like my chances much better with a team full of people playing in the top divisions than one that does not. Exceptions exist, but they really just serve to prove the rule. In nearly all cases, you really do have to play the best if you expect to be the best.

          As for the Donovan/Dempsey argument, I am happy we at least have the ability to have the discussion. Would love to see them both in top form at the WC, gives us our best chance no matter who you think is better. Donovan will get back to form and if we can find some solid distribution and shape in midfield I think we have some hope of a decent run with the right draw. (BTW- not for one second do I claim Donovan is back bc he beat up on the Jr leaguers of the CONCACAF. He outclassed everyone, but don’t tell me he is ready to go because looks good against Panama and Honduras).

    • Roberto says:

      You’re acting like he’s not in contact with Klinsmann about this decision. If Klinsmann told him he was going to lose his abilities by not playing at Tottenham and that he was risking the health of the USMNT program a year before a World Cup, do you really think he would have agreed to the transfer? No chance.

  14. Falls City Outlaw says:

    I am stunned but I respect his decision. Besides, he deserves to get PAID!

    • Helium-3 says:

      Pretty sure he’s going to be the highest paid player in CONCACAF now.

      Chupete Suazo gets paid about $3M and that was the top in Liga MX. Dempsey was getting at least #100k a week at Spurs which comes to about $7.8M USD, so that is very close to the numbers he’ll get with the Sounders.

      • Falls City Outlaw says:

        Um, there’s no way in h*ll Deuce was getting $100,000 a week at Spurs.

      • Gnarls says:

        LA needs to go after Suazo. I mean, he’s no Dempsey, but we’re not all rich like the Sounders. 😉

        • Anthony says:

          Suazo is better than Dempsey

          • Helium-3 says:

            Both are very good but not world class players.

            Deuce is an attacking midfielder or a #9 type of forward and Suazo is a bulldozer or John Hartson type of forward. Yes, Suazo is more suitable for LA than Deuce but i think they need a high profile player like Drogba.

  15. BSU SC says:

    Not a bad move, despite what the euro snobs will say. He has nothing more to prove by playing another season in Europe. It would be a different story if he was 19 and still developing as a player, but he’s 30 and I can not see his skills becoming any better than they are now, especially between now and the start of Brazil 2014.

    So relax people. This will have no effect on the USMNT.

    • Brad C says:

      yeah, his skills aren’t going to improve, but he needs to maintain them and that is best done against the toughest competition he can find, and as much as we all love the MLS, there is better competition in the EPL…

      • BSU SC says:

        He’d likely be trying to “maintain” those skills on the bench if he remained at Spurs. And would the reaction be the same had he gone to play in another league such as Portugal or Mexico? Let’s give him the opportunity to continue proving himself on the field before simply assuming that this move will automatically have a negative impact on his form.

    • Gus says:

      Wrong….With SSFC as true contenders now, his confidence will increase if he can lead his team to hardware. An American team will also be more respectful and understanding of US Soccer’s wishes and aspirations involving one of their key players.


  16. TheFabRaveGreen says:

    We’re finally opening this check book

  17. SanFran415 says:

    Only an MLS team was going 9 million for him–and he wasn’t playing at Tottenham or a UCL club so 8 million salary in a soccer crazy city?

    For sure.

  18. KEEP says:

    The partnership between Clint and E. Johnson will get even better for the US and the trio including Martins will be tough for any team in the America’s to handle. A lot of hate at the moment and I’m still on the fence as to whether he should have stayed in Europe, trying out different leagues and likely doing what he’s always done…being a beastmaster. But I think the point is that this isn’t the league he played in the older days of MLS. The fact that Seattle has one of the best fan bases in the world, he’s getting paid big time and he can trust that Klinsy rates the league enough to start him in Brasil without hesitation, should speak for itself. He’s doing what LD has for years, making a name for himself in HIS domestic league and winning.

    • louis z says:

      Dempsey will win you games but he is not going to make the team better. He is a finisher, not a builder.

  19. Kabloom123 says:

    This is a watershed moment. Like many of you, I don’t see MLS at the level of the EPL. But put yourselves in Dempsey’s shoes. He’s 30 with at best 2-3 years left in the top flight. No other Champions League bound or aspiring club in the EPL would take him from Spurs. None. Try naming one with any legit interest. Even Liverpool spit the bit last summer. So was it worth it to him to go back to at best a mid-table team like Everton which can only get to Europa League in a good year? Now he and his family will be financial set for life. And, think about the endorsement $, which could easily dwarf Donovan. Dempsey comes from a very modest background so see this from his perspective. Once Spurs missed out on Champions League, that was it for him in the EPL. Moreover, I know that this may come as a bit of a shock but some folks in Europe do follow the bigger MLS clubs. For what its worth, we hosted a young German exchange student last summer who followed the Sounders!

    • Karol says:

      I used to be a German exchange student in Enumclaw, Washington State, ten years ago. I followed the Sounders before they even started to be in the MLS.

  20. jeff says:

    Terrible. We need him Europe. Let him come to MLS after the World Cup.

  21. ChrisB says:

    One view is the Duece isn’t going to get better at this point and playing time and staying sharp is more important. I suppose that a 2nd tier EPL team would keep him sharper but maybe not. The MLS news is preferable to a lack of playing time on a CHampions League contender like Spurs where he likely won’t get a ton of minutes. We’ll see.

  22. TC says:

    Terrible freaking move! All for him getting paid but come on deuce. You’re not passed your prime.

  23. AC says:

    Looks like so many people are starting to be like the ignorant Europeans who stereotype MLS without ever seeing a game. Yes, the refs need improvement, etc….But many European players are now inquiring about the league, and players like Henry, Cahill, etc. are really giving the league a good name by telling others in Europe it isn’t what people “think it is.” Also, many members of the press in Britain will even admit the TECHNICAL level in the Premiership isn’t actually that good. It’s the crazy money from owners, tv deals, etc. that give it such great exposure. Now not to say it’s on par with MLS, because the Premiership is definitely a step above with better players overall, but the real technical leagues are Spain, Italy, and Germany. They just don’t have the crazy money tv deals like the Premiership. Stop being stuck in the era of the 90′s MLS. It’s nice to see Dempsey come back while still a great player, and not past his prime. It also shows the ambition of Seattle. Just like any sport, Dempsey made a business decision. Tottenham is stacking players and it is a World Cup year. Playing time should be in more quantity in Seattle. Remember, many players on the national team are from MLS, and it really has contributed to depth for the national team, aka Besler, Gonzlez, Donovan, Zusi, Johnson, etc.) Do we badly want to brag that an American player is playing in Europe? There are others. He’s not the only one. And more getting recognized. This is a great thing for MLS.

    • Brad C says:

      Why turn it into a referendum on the MLS vs. the EPL and european leagues? All I, and most people who don’t like the move, care about is the best US player playing against the best competition he can so he’s sharp for the WC.

      • AC says:

        So Donovan, Besler, Gonzalez, Zusi will not be sharp? Sometimes it’s about rhythm, etc. He probably wasn’t going to be in Tottenham’s plans and if he went to a mid-table team (likelihood), most of the balls would have been long balls. With playing time hard to come by, his competition was probably going to be lower English table teams in the FA Cup.

      • Tres says:

        AC is not the one “turning it into a referendum on the MLS vs. the EPL.” As his very first sentence makes clear, he’s responding to all the “many people” who have turned it into a referendum themselves.

        • Reyna's Ghost says:

          lumping in Donovan with Besler, Gonzalez and Zusi seems a stretch. Donovan has been an anomaly being able to reach form without playing top flight competition. The other guys have yet to prove themselves regularly against top flight teams. You just don’t get and stay ready to play at the Int’l level when you are not playing there regularly. Agree getting into a groove helps, but usually you get that playing with the same players (though it doesn’t hurt being hot such as Jozy was at his Club which carried over). Don’t know where he ‘could have’ gone, so I can only comment on where he went and I just don’t see how it helps anyone except the MLS (sell tickets) (which I am in favor of but not at the expense of the USMNT.) I don’t want to see him here anymore than I do any of the other starters.

      • Charles says:

        BradC, only one guy turn it intoa referedndum…that was you.

    • Ben says:

      Yes, the refs for sure.

  24. Freddie Footballer says:

    Pros: $$, becomes a face of American soccer and MLS IN the US
    Cons: step backward for him as he’s still in his prime, Klinsmann wants players to be “looking for the next level” – this move is definitely not that.

  25. ed - houston says:

    Why is it that this site reports major MLS news before does? In any case, well done.

    • SanFran415 says:

      The best part about

      They have an article up saying why the rumors of this were all false and Dempsey is going to Everton.

    • AC says:

      Very true. Yahoo homepage has the story and MLS website doesn’t.

    • Mister JC says:

      Since they directly represent the league, the site was most likely instructed not to post any confirmation until an official deal is complete. Basically, when you see it confirmed on there, it’s definitely true, I guess according to MLS journalistic standards…

  26. NiceBull says:

    It’s a risky move by Dempsey, and I thought- “oh wow he’s giving up”? But after thinking a bit more about this it seems to me to be a bold trailblazing move. Maybe his thought isn’t that he wants to be a trailblazer, but it will ultimately help the league and US soccer down the road. He is after all an American, and maybe he wants to be back in America! I guess the only thing left for Seattle is to get a proper playing surface like GRASS to accommodate their multi-millionaire.

    • Ben says:

      Haha, agreed on all points. I wish tonight was more about trolling Seattle fans for the surface than defending Seattle against Eurosnobs.

  27. Hawk says:

    While I’m not ready to say this is a terrible move for Clint considering the amount of money involved, I would like to ask those who were so convinced the move to Tottenham was a good one, still feel that way? I was one of those who believed he shouldn’t have forced his way out of a good situation to an unstable one. Although it offered a more competitive situation at a larger club. Some questioned my intellegence for thinking that way. Here’s what we do know:

    – Had a great season at a club that valued him with fans that loved him.
    – Forced his way out of that club with little interest elsewhere.
    – After Tottenham snatched him up for chump change at the last minute, he joins the team late, which results in a slow start.
    – After finding playing time and his scoring touch, misses several weeks with an injury.
    – After recovering, finds the scoring touch and playing time again and finishes strong, only to be put up for transfer after the team looks for better forward options.
    – Finally, after the team gets the player it actually wants, he’s forced to look elsewhere, landing back where he started his career in MLS.

    So, hindsight being 20/20, it doesn’t look like I was being ignorrant at all in judging his tactics of leaving a good situation at Fulham. Just saying

    • Charles says:

      So what, he was wasting his time at Fulha, playing for nothing. In THam and Seattle he is playing for something.

      Clint isn’t a loser and he didn’t want to play for the losers…nothing wrong with that.

    • Mister JC says:

      Not on board with that line of thinking. I believed it was a good move and a fantastic challenge for him at a critical time. In fact, I wholeheartedly believe that if he remained, he would still be successful. I think that he’s tired of having to keep proving himself time and again. Take the pay day, play in your home country, and get ready for the Cup next year…

    • MikeP. says:

      This is what I’ve been thinking too.I really hoped that he would get more then one season at Tottenham ,but this seems to be what the deal was.This sad ending is a direct result of the mistakes made during last years transfer window.He took a gamble and lost.I think he had a great season though and his time in Europe can be something that all of us USMNT fans can be proud of.

    • WhiteHart says:

      I get what you’re saying, but I would counter that the played with a team that was playing at a higher level than anytime in his entire career. He was teammates with a top-5 player in the world. And beyond the spurs fans that were never gonna like him, he proved his worth.

      Obviously AVB didn’t stop him from leaving, and Levy was willing to cash out if he could, but I really find it hard to believe Dempsey wouldn’t be one of the top subs if he stayed this year, possibly breaking the starting lineup for games. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but given the talent on spurs roster, that’s no shameful position to be in, certainly a better spot than being at Fulham fighting relegation-mid table mediocrity.

  28. Nate Dollars says:

    i’m wondering if the same people who, for some reason, gave klinsmann credit for dempsey challenging himself at tottenham will now blame klinsmann for dempsey taking a step back to seattle.

  29. 2tone says:

    Welcome to Sea-Town Deuce. Great to see players coming back to MLS, and hell the man is going to get paid, live in his home country again, and play in a crazed soccer city.

    Seattle’s attendance is about to boost into the 50,000 range.

    What a great time for MLS as well. They will surely have a bit more clout going into renewing TV deals now.

    • 2tone says:

      Hell attendance league wide will surely get a bump. Deuce as an American has the pulling power.

  30. Mark says:

    Clint just got paid, don’t blame him one bit for coming home when they’re offering that kind of cash. One day fans will ask him if he regrets not playing in the Champions League and he’ll simply smile and go home to sleep on a huge pile of money.

  31. petedx says:

    $34 Million over 4 years is pretty crazy. More then he was making with spurs plus I’m sure he keeps more of that through not having to pay taxes in multiple countries as an expat or however that works. I guess I’ll be watching mostly sunderland games on weekend mornings now.

  32. Coco says:

    sad day for US soccer. Our captain is going to play in this mickey mouse league right before the World Cup!?!?!?!?

    im frickin pissed!!!!

  33. Elber Galarga says:

    Wonder if he felt frustrated and not wanted at Spurs.

  34. Coco says:

    This is why MLS is a joke of a league. Clubs can spend all this one one player but then have to pay the rest of their team peanuts. I really despise this league.

  35. Kevin says:

    Pipe dream….. Ha

  36. EspinDOHla says:

    Happy for Dempsey to get a nice payday. It drives me crazy seeing guys like Andy Carroll get huge paydays and transfer fees and then see a guy like Dempsey be almost an after thought (at least in terms of $$$)…especially when Clint is a better player!!! (What would Clint’s fee from Fulham to Tottenham be if he were British!?!?!?)

    Happy for MLS because they will have the US Captain as one of the focal points in their marketing and it will most likely make some folks tune in who have previously not. It will undoubtedly bring more exposure for the league. Not Beckham exposure but more exposure nonetheless.

    But it is just strange how just last year Dempsey repeatedly stated that he wanted to move from Fulham to a Champions League team to “test himself against the best competition in the world” (or something like that, don’t recall the actual quote) and then comes to MLS a year later. I am a fan of MLS but I am not insecure like some MLS fans to admit that the Premier League is a much better league with higher competition.

    Congrats to Clint on the move and the big contract.
    Big congrats to Seattle for pulling it off.

    • Gus says:

      There is no argument that the BPL is not the better league. It would be silly to compare MLS to a league that has been around for so long. It would be pretty insecure of a BPL fan to get into this kind of argument.

      You also have to look at the meaning of competitive. From top to bottom MLS teams are more competitive with each other. Even the biggest European names that have come to MLS would admit the difficulty of a situation like this.

      • EspinDOHla says:

        Yes, the degree of parity from top to bottom in MLS is closer than the degree of parity in the EPL from top to bottom. However, by competitive I’m talking about going against players with better skills plain and simple. ELP players are better than MLS players. You can’t argue that. Sure, there are players like LD, Henry, Keane, etc that could cut it (and excel) in the EPL but the average MLS player just isn’t as good as a player in EPL.

        MLS is moving in the right direction and the skills are getting better but the level of skills Dempsey is going to face week in and week out is much lower than what he would face in England even if MLS’ degree of parity is closer than the EPL.

  37. Stern says:

    I don’t think it’s a bad move. Over the last few years MLS has improved significantly. I grew up playing soccer competiilvely and have been a lifetime fan. I never liked watching MLS until recently. The quality of play is much better and fun to watch. Imagine how much better a product it would be if all top Americans played here. The league would advance tremendously and I think the quality of our national team would improve over the long run with a stronger domestic league.

  38. Hawk says:

    As far as concern about this affecting his form with the national team, I don’t see that being a problem. Like many have mentioned above, now more than ever there is evidence showing that playing in the MLS is not detrimental to form at the international level.

    Exhibit A: Landon Donovan – Has played in MLS most of his career and we can pretty much say he hasn’t had a problem at the international level.
    Exhibit B: Robbie Keane – Has been stellar with Ireland since being in MLS.
    Exhibit C: Look how many MLS players are key contributors for the team currently. What is there, 5 or 6 starters from the league?

    So, while I hate to see him leave the EPL because I enjoy watching American Players on tv, The move makes perfect sense from a marketing and money standpoint for Dempsey. I also feel like it won’t hurt his form at all being here. And if you’re gonna play in MLS, Seattle is the best place.

  39. Kabloom123 says:

    You critics don’t get it. Look at who Spurs signed this summer. Dempsey was likely destined for lots of time on the bench, or worse. Would a loan have been good for him? Sure I really enjoyed watching him play in the EPL, but I don’t think he was ever seen there as a top talent. Did you ever hear how the TV commentators described him during a match – “he’s good in the air” – faint praise. And for those of you think Klinsy won’t look favorably on this. How many of the USMNT World Cup team will come from MLS – Donovan, EJ, Besler, Gonzalez, Zusi, Goodson. And 5 of those 6 could all be starters. So think long and hard about whether this will hurt Dempsey in Klinsy’s eyes. Moreover, don’t you think Dempsey would have discussed this with Klinsmann? Seems highly likely.

  40. Alex says:

    Already retiring? He can’t challenge himself in the toughest league anymore? Is this good for the USMNT? Maybe he’s tired of challenging himself. It’s too early for him to come back.

  41. bizzy says:

    Having Johnson and Martins up front……sharing the midfield with Rosales and Evans…..and paid 9 million without worrying about his spot on a team like seattle?!!!!! Wow……if Donovan can keep form with LA so can Deuce with Sounders……WHERE CAN I BUY A JERSEY!!!!!!

    • KEEP says:

      I can see this being a pretty nasty FIFA squad.

      • bizzy says:

        Exactly man……this transfer shows how far our league has come

      • Mister JC says:

        + 1

        Can’t tell you how many people get mad when I beat them with an MLS side. With the speed Seattle has, you’re more likely to win with them in the game than any other MLS club…

  42. Rog says:

    This makes no sense! This will hurt the U.S. national team and Klinsman will not be happy. Both Clint Dempsey and the Seattle Sounders will regret this in the end. He is not worth this money at this time to MLS. He will be seen as a disapointment unfortunately. The expectectations for this amount of money will be too high! He is still a really good player this is not a knoch on him.

    • jim in Atlanta says:

      So he’s worth $10 mil to Spurs but not $9 mil to sounders?? How does that make any sense to you? How will he be seen as a disappointment? This is huge for the league, if it were some foreign player you all would be going crazy claiming how great this was for the league but when an American, one of the best, comes to our league to play in his prime its a disappointment?? Smfh. This is not only a further sign of validation of the league it further validates US Soccer. The day that our players, foreign, players and foreign leagues look at our league and American players are equal to their European counterparts will be a great day. I look forward to the day when more young Americans look to mls as the target destination to hone their talents rather than Belgium or Scandinavian leagues. If I had it my way. Mix, gyau, wood, Gatt, Boyd, bedoya, Davies, JAB, starikov, Rodríguez amongst countless others would be playing in MLS today. Of course there are those who have a good situation at well touted euro clubs the Pelosi, green, Zelalem, of the world and they should stay there but those are exceptions.

      Gooch, should be in MLS today. I just can understand how or why people are questioning this move, its not like MLS is a rubbish league. Its just that we don’t even respect our own league or players enough to be satisfied or pleased when good things actually happen. If this was 5 years ago I would agree with the naysayers, but this is not 07-08.

      Landon in mls successful players, ej revitalizes career, Cahill in prime still major player with nation team, Keane mainstay for Ireland.
      With that said have some respect for our league and players, this only proves that the majority of American ”fans” do possess some inner eurosnob deep down in there souls.

  43. stpauljosh says:

    Ok- so when does he become available for MLS fantasy?

  44. Turgid Jacobian says:

    An American playing in America making $8M a year after being purchased for $9M? He just spawned a lot of dreamers, if true. American kids can look and say, “he makes bank, and he wasn’t any different growing up from me.”

    • Ben says:

      Thank you.

    • Mister JC says:

      + 1

      The most understated comment since this story broke. I wish he would have stayed in Europe, but this will do wonders for the league in regards to its perception by the up and comers…

    • MikeP. says:

      This is a very good point.Attendance at MLS games is growing and NBCSN has upgraded the television production.(local broadcasts are still very bad though)Bigger contracts combined with the increased visibility might keep our best athletes playing soccer.Maybe one day it will be a soccer game that all the high school kids go to on Friday nights.Cheerleaders and all!

  45. kmac014 says:

    As a US fan and Spurs fan I love this for both parties. At Tottenham he would have been a squad player this year and wouldn’t have played too much. He wasn’t in their plans and even if they make Champions League next year I wouldn’t see him around anyway. Never really loved his play for Spurs and always thought he played much better for the US. At Seattle he will get all the playing time he needs and be the focal point of the offense. I don’t see the drop some fear about him in the MLS before a WC. He’s 30 he knows how to play the game, he’s peaked and won’t get any better. The competition isn’t that far of a dropoff, he will be fine for the WC

  46. Neyland says:

    Clearly a great move for the MLS. Dempsey could do better, I guess money talks.

    • Ben says:

      He could have stayed at Spurs. Not sure about better. Not many teams were going to pay Dempsey that salary.

  47. Chris says:

    I really dont get this as far as a career move, however I really dont think this is going to effect his USMNT form, hes 30 and already has reached his potential, not much for him to still learn over there. I really thought the main reason he left fulham was to play champions league, this decision just kinda makes deuce look bad because he forced himself out of a good situation at fulham for one pretty good year at totties, without UCL. If he really wanted UCL he could have moved abroad to a team in germany, france, russia, portugal, some place like that, or he could have just gone to a mid-table EPL team and been a regular starter, im sure a team like villa, west ham or west brom could really use a player like deuce. But maybe he just wanted to come back to the states, just a strange choice with the timing.

  48. Marco says:

    Surprised and disappointed. I respect Dempsey’s ability and his right to play wherever he wants. But as a USMNT fan, this sets a bad precedent for American players. The way to a World Cup semi-finals or finals is not by trying to turn MLS into an elite league, despite what MLS would have you believe. It’s about players challenging themselves in the leagues which already feature the best players in the world. Dempsey was probably in a tough spot with Tottenham, but that doesn’t change the negative message this sends to players like Omar Gonzalez, Matt Besler, and others about it being acceptable to play in a lesser league, even if you have USMNT aspirations. MLS is a third-tier league. That’s not good enough for the aspirations most Americans have for their national team.

    • David M says:


    • Ben says:

      Hmm, so Besler and Gonzo are our starting centerbacks because they don’t play in MLS? Zusi has been important due to playing where? Look, I love the idea of Americans playing everywhere … including MLS.

      • Falls City Outlaw says:

        I don’t know of anyone who would call MLS a 3rd rate league, and do so with intelligence. Look at the compliments paid by men like Sir Alex. You display your ignorance in your comment. Besler re-upped with KC last year. Clearly he finds it acceptable and he is our best centerback by a mile right now.

        • dsgntd_plyr says:

          “Look at the compliments paid by men like Sir Alex.”

          SAF has also said the US *needs* pro/rel [east-west pyramids]. Should we listen to that?

  49. Dawwilly says:

    I actually question the wisdom of Spurs here. Dempsey was solid last year. What they aspire to do takes depth, when they bought Deuce last year they also acquired Dembele. Both our players capable of playing box to box and multiple positions. That is what is required in Villa Boas system. The probably was the team had some injury issues early on and late in the season and lacked the depth to compete in both Europe and England. They came close, but they need more depth. Now they are rotating chairs in the midst of losing their best player. As Klinsman is well aware, this is Tottenhams unfortunate history waiting until the last minute on important deals and then getting stuck in having to make transitions during the season. It is kind of like the way the US went into Iraq, ill prepared and short of armor. As for guys like Paulino, most Brazilian players take a season to adjust to the fisicality of Premiere League. That is also true of any big time player making the switch. Look at Luka Modric at Real last year. Personally if I am Spurs, I keep Demosey, sell Bale for a 100 million euro, and get Contrao and Di Maria in return. Then I go buy myself a winger. Perhaps Nani on a discount. That stars to add some depth and improves speed on defense. Personally, the Spurs will be under threat for even a top 8 position without Dempsey and Bale. What they have brought in so far is not close enough.

    • dsgntd_plyr says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. Paulinho often plays as a DM anyway, so he and Dempsey wouldn’t take the same spot [Sandro and Parker should be worried]. And despite not “fitting” AVB’s 4-3-3 he got more starts than the other AMs not named Bale last year.

  50. Bean says:

    Huge money. I can see why he’s come back. Guaranteed $32Million over the next four years.

  51. Deranged says:

    WTF COSMOS?!?!?!?!

  52. MickD says:

    This could be the watershed moment for the MLS. Other teams should follow suit and begin pursuing other top level players to join their squads. No more old guys, but players in their primes. Open up the checkbooks MLS owners and bring in the big names. The DP rule is there so use it for the betterment of the league

  53. Siberian says:

    The Eurosnobs are really out in force today. Look. If MLS is going to be a big league, then at some point the best American players need to come back and play in the league. A few years ago I was of the thought that national team players need to get to Europe as soon as possible, but I have changed my opinion on that. For a national team fan with a true long-term perspective, the growth of MLS is paramount.

    And congrats to the Sounders fans who deserve this. I hate on the Sounders sometimes because they do have so many fans, but they are a big time club and do a lot for the league.

    • Peter says:

      If MLS wants to be a superior league maybe they should make their regular season matter a bit more. Now it’s a meaningless regular season with playoffs! 8th seed vs 9th seed for the title! Total farce

      • Ben says:

        Then go enjoy the European game. All US sports do this, why should MLS be different? There is also a salary cap, you want to whine about that too?

        • Mister JC says:

          I’m not totally against the cap or playoffs. However, both of thoses have to be better executed than the current status quo. It degrades the credibility of our league the way the playoffs reward a mediocre season…

          • Ben says:

            Point taken, but I have to ask the credibility in regard to what? If you are talking about MLS fan, fine, I agree. If you are talking European judges, I say who cares?, they are going to like it anyway.

        • Coco says:

          BECAUSE SOCCER IS NOT THE NFL THATS WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Charles says:

      Nothing holds US Soccer back more than the Euroidiots.

    • Dimidri says:

      I don’t know if I totally agree with that. Do the best Portuguese players play in Portugal? French players in France? Dutch players in Holland? Argentinian players in Argentina?

      Obviously “American Exceptionalism” makes us think we are different than those countries, but at the end of the day every league in the world is a selling league to some extent minus 4, and even within those leagues most teams are selling teams.

      If you were to tell me right now MLS in 10 years would have the equivalent quality of Ligue 1 pre-PSG and Monaco, I’d be ecstatic. I would also have no issue with our Olivier Giroud’s and Edin Hazard’s going to the EPL, etc.

      • dsgntd_plyr says:

        “If you were to tell me right now MLS in 10 years would have the equivalent quality of Ligue 1 pre-PSG and Monaco, I’d be ecstatic. I would also have no issue with our Olivier Giroud’s and Edin Hazard’s going to the EPL, etc.”

        When MLS started I thought we’d pass MEX within 15 years, and develop into a POR/NED/FRA style league where about 1/3 to 1/2 of the national team plays domestically [including a super-majority of U-23s], and we’d also be a clearing house for non-US CONCACAF talent. Which is basically what Liga MX has become.

  54. gigsjr says:

    Love the move by Dempsey, always doing things his own way with no fear. Side benefit could be that at the next world cup he is in mid-season form instead of being tired after a long season.

  55. Ben says:

    People are freaking out too much. For me, this more show s the improvement of the league than any littleness on the part of Dempsey. I would love American players, like Bradley and Jozy, to come back to MLS at 30 or 31 are even longer more successful careers aborad than Dempsey, but as a US fan, even more than anything, I would love for US player to be able to spend their entire careers in MLS playing at a level that rivals anywhere, and this, I think, is a step toward that. Remember, the entire purpose of the MLS, at least for the fans, is to develop American talent. Thinking about it, what did Dempsey have left to prove? He more or less reached his level in Europe. If he was a starter for Real Madrid and made this move, sure I’d be scratching my head, but then I wonder how many people would be applauding that move?

  56. Dawwilly says:

    I think the people critical of Dempsey stint at Spurs overlook some obvious facts. He was tied for second in assists. He played well twice against Manu. He adjusted well and played a ton of minutes. Seriously their guy Levy is tripping ove his dick here. They like a lot of teams in Europe have no plan for building a team. They sign and sell players and have little continuity from year to year.

    • Falls City Outlaw says:

      He played against Manu Ginobli? That’s awesome!

    • EspinDOHla says:

      I don’t think people, on this board at least, are critical of Dempsey during his time at Spurs. That was a few idiotic British Spurs fans.

    • EspinDOHla says:

      I don’t think people, on this board at least, are critical of Dempsey during his time at Spurs. That was a few *awaiting moderation* British Spurs fans.

  57. Kojo says:

    Makes sense for MLS. What is the biggest thing that MLS needs to improve on that will catapult the league up a few notches? TV ratings. The TV contract is up for bid about this time next year. A big TV contract means more money to MLS and hopefully more invested in the league from higher salary cap, and continued growth in MLS academies. Plus just about every fan knows about Dempsey’s story and those that don’t will be told soon enough. If the transfer fee and salary are true there is every young player in America who now feels that when they grow up they can be just as good as Dempsey and can get a contract like this if not bigger. The 2nd most popular sport in America today for the 12 – 24 year olds is Soccer.

  58. Hogatroge says:

    I’ve definitely been swayed by the comments in this thread as to why it’s not a bad move for Dempsey, but I question whether it was a good move for Seattle.

    Of course it’s great for their profile, and ticket sales, merch, etc.

    But Dempsey doesn’t fill a need for them… he simply gives them another (probably their best but not by as much as we’d like to think) attacking option. Lack of offense isn’t the #1 reason Seattle’s on the outside looking in for the playoffs right now (Can’t say the same about my Dynamo though…)

    • Ben says:

      Now this is a fair thought. By all means, question more and what it means for Seattle.

      • Chris says:

        Sounders will decide if this was a successful move based on several criteria:

        Tickets and merchandise sold.
        MLS cup.
        Supporter’s Shield.
        Champion’s League.

        Plenty of ways they’ll end up feeling like it was worth it.

  59. ChrisB says:

    Anyone think (besides the $$$) part of this could be how epic the crowd was in that World Cup qualifier? As a neutral MLS supporter I absolutely love the Sounders fanbase

  60. Think about it says:

    Take a second and think….is the MLS a top league 5 league in the world? I think it’s time to say this is arguable and a strong possibility.

  61. Think about it says:

    Take a second and think….is the MLS a top league 5 league in the world? I think it’s time to say this is arguable and a strong possibility.

  62. Think about it says:

    Take a second and think….is the MLS a top league 5 league in the world? I think it’s time to say this is arguable and a strong possibility.

  63. Think about it says:

    Take a second and think….is the MLS a top league 5 league in the world? I think it’s time to say this is arguable and a strong possibility.

  64. Think about it says:

    Take a second and think….is the MLS a top league 5 league in the world? I think it’s time to say this is arguable and a strong possibility.

  65. Think about it says:

    Take a second and think….is the MLS a top league 5 league in the world? I think it’s time to say this is arguable and a strong possibility.

    • Coco says:


      are you joking?

      MLS is maybe a top 10. Nowhere near top 5

      La Liga
      Serie A
      Ligue 1

      There’s five right there that MLS is nowhere near.

      • Dawwilly says:

        MLS could compete with Ligue 1 if the salary cap was removed. Ligue 1 isn’t that great and the soccer is fairly boring. They have three to four teams at the top and a lot of mediocrity. Serie A has six or seven good teams. Squads like Bologna are nothing to write home about. La Liga has screwed itself with a bad TV deal for mid-markets and horrible Spanish corruption at the top. Yes La Liga has more talent, but it is not very competitive.

        • Coco says:

          But the salary cap is not removed. An MLS without a salary cap is a totally different and much better league.

          But MLS has a salary cap so all comparisons of MLS with other leagues must include this reality.

          • Ben says:

            But compare the teams in those leagues that have to compete with an “unofficial” salary cap. Evian vs. Nice or Getafe-Almeria are not such brilliant propositions.

        • solles says:

          a) the salary cap isnt going to be removed; b) French Ligue 1 is still a much better league than MLS, cap or no cap.

    • Joamiq says:

      Posting it 6 times doesn’t make it any less of a ridiculous question. La Liga, EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Portugal… none of these are even arguably worse than MLS.

  66. Jaime Bedolla says:

    8 million seems very excessive. Not even bale is smacking that much in spurs.

  67. Dawwilly says:

    I have been reading the press on SI and Fox. It is amazing how some of the so-called U.S. soccer press no absolutely nothing about European club soccer. Tottenham has a history of poor decisions at times when it involves a big star and his desire to leave. Daniel Levy gets completely unsettled. The Spurs are foolish for selling Dempsey. His play against Manu plus 12 goals and 4 assists was more than respectable. He had some off moments, but this is a club that will likely keep both Defoe and Adebayor. Come on Adebayor. The guy has huge talent, but compared to Dempsey he is a huge head case. Earlier the summer, Spurs tried to ship Sigurdsson who had just seven goals, but he still there. The Tottenham site lists Dempsey as a forward. He played there when Defoe was hurt. Most of time Sigurdsson replaced him late in games. Sometimes it was the other way around. Villas Boas rarely played two strikes. Rest assured by December they will regret this decision. I could easy see Villas Boas wanting to do a loan for Demspey in the second half when they want to make a push for that fourth spot. Everton will come calling too. The Spurs are mismanaged and Levy’s ego constantly gets in the way.

  68. martin says:

    I like it. He has hit his peak. How much better could he get? He’ll be playing leading into the world cup. I guess the question is whether he will be on the team in 2018. He’ll be 35 years old then.

  69. bottlcaps says:

    It’s probably not what Dempsey envisioned what his career would be like, but, prior to a World Cup Year and no guarantee of a WC roster spot had he have to ride the pine at White Hart Lane, he made a gamble to get more playing time, and more importantly stay relevant to the USMNT during a crucial time. With over a 133 million dollars coming to the Spurs from the Bale transfer, the writing was on the wall. There would be an infusion of younger, better, untested but cheaper players competing for the Deuces spot.

    When Fulham got close to what they were asking for from the Spurs, for Dempsey’s services, the Spurs knew that, with Dempset pushing 30, they would not get a good return on their investment unless the Deuce had a stellar year akin to what he had at Fulham. He didn’t and the British press castigated him for it.

    With AVB always wanting to shape his team to be not only in the style of play he wanted, but with the young players he wanted. Dempsey did not fit into those two categories and became expendable.

    There would be several EPL teams in the hunt for Dempsey had his price been lower, but the Spurs, seeing a chance to come close to recoup their investment, gave the green light to the transfer.

    While it is a boom for the MLS, you must wonder what the European press will make of arguably the Best US player returning to a League several rungs below the EPL.

    • Dawwilly says:

      Your analysis is complete crap. Your assuming the Spurs no what their doing. Villas Boas had a great run at Porto, was a disaster at Chelsea. You think actually know what he wanted. Dempsey was not always castigated in the English press last year. This is some recycled non-sense by misinformed boobs on this site. For crying out loud, he scored the game winner at Man U. That’s the first time Spurs have won at Old Trafford in 23 years. If you know anything about Spurs’ history you would know that the team has suffered some humiliating defeats there in the last two plus decades, including blow decent leads. Also Tottenham was one point behind Arsenal for the Champions League qualification. The roster was not as deep last year to handle Boas run in the Europa League and in England. The loss of Sandro really hurt their defense. As Dempsey sitting on the bench the whole year that is not something that anyone can predict. Clearly the money, the fan base in Seattle, and a chance to play with good players and for a good coach helped influence him. Plus if Dempsey is healthy he will go to back to Europe on loan come the winter. This is a big year for him to lead the USMNT in Brazil and he wants to be ready. Others like Bocanegra, Onyewu, and even Gatt should do the same. It would be better to have more of them than punks like the idiot in Philly who made a stupid and dangerous tackle in a friendly to satisfy his own ego.

      • bottlcaps says:

        Most, and I mean MOST of the UK press, labeled Dempsey’s turn at Tottenham as unsuccessful, but maybe not a failure. There were long stretches where Dempsey was not the first choice for the starting 11. Yes, Dempsey did score some big goals against some big teams, but in the crunch time at the end of the season when they needed the 3 points they never got, the onus fell upon Bale, Dempsey, Dafoe equally as these were the scorers that didn’t produce when needed.. Bale, who scored over 30 goals over the course of the season was let off, but I don’t think, at least in the eyes of AVB, that Dempsey was who they needed, and was allowed to leave.

        AVB made a ruckus at Chelsea and was let go because of the fan faithful were really upset when he let it be known that players like Drogba were no favorites of AVB and could go elsewhere. He was dismantling a really successful team and made a lot of people including Abramovich very nervous. Add to the fact that he was not getting the results pf his predecessor and he was shown the door.

        Unfortunately, for Tottenham and Dempsey, AVB’s penchant for disruptive acquisitions and departures have hit again. The Spurs failure to hold on to Bale, the keystone for a revival of the Spurs at the top European level has taken a serious blow. The Spurs are very vulnerable, will still not have the depth they need and have very little time to purchase new players this season with the money from Bale.

        If there was a perception that Dempsey was unsuccessful or failed to live up to expectations at Tottenham, then the reverse is true also, Gone for next year are aspirations of Champions League football, and with the departure of Bale, the following season, the last for Dempsey under his contract, were dicey too.

        Remember, the move to Tottenham was the raison d’être for Dempsey, all else was secondary

        It may be a signal that the first “rat” to jump the AVB ship, has made the best move. Should Bale go, despite the strong objections and fight by Levy, AVB may very well go also, either by choice or demand, leaving Tottenham to rebuild….again, with another manager and different players but also with departing aspirations of Champions League play.

        Dempsey’s move, you can say, was not because Dempsey failed Tottenham, but the that the Spurs failed him. No CL and rebuilding..again.

        As one of the US’s premier players, moving back make sense financially where his cache of being one of the Premier League top players may translate into endorsements and jersey sales that may rival, at least in the US, those of Beckham. After all, Dempseys four year/41 million is on par with Beckhams 5 year/50 million deal (less endorsements)

        At the very least he will not need to worry about playing time, not being forgotten by JK as he puts together his team for Brazil.

        I do think Dempsey, watching the US team progress in leaps and bounds feels that there may be something in next year WC in Brazil, the sense that the US is building something special, and what a better place to be at, then at ground zero, the US.

  70. Joamiq says:

    The money is pretty crazy. This is a big step forward for MLS.

    The only thing I’m bummed about is the panicked reaction of US fans here. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more embarrassed of our supporters. You people need to all step back from the ledge. Dempsey will be just fine. He can take all the things he’s learned in the Premiership and apply them week in week out now, which he would not have been able to do at Tottenham. And if he suddenly forgets how to play soccer, he will go to Europe on loan in the winter in any case. He will be just fine. The Nats will be just fine. Everything is fine. Nothing is ruined.

    • Coco says:

      half of MLS is on League 1 wages. He’s going to be making 8 mil and be playing with guys making 100k.

      Is this the MLS we want? Teams with huge money players playing with scrubs?

  71. Big Red says:

    Neagle – Martins
    EJ ——–Dempsey——–Rosales

  72. solles says:

    Not suprised he came back to MLS, I always thought he would as long as he didnt have to come back to the Revs; not surprised he left Tottenham, he was a disappointment for them and not popular among the supporters there, most of whom seem to be relieved he’s gone.

    I’m really surprised this happened NOW, I felt he would have spent anmother couple of seasons in England or somewhere else in Europe.

  73. AlexH says:

    If we really want to help soccer in America don’t spend $10M to get an American player back to MLS, but rather spread it around so that up and coming Americans who are making less than $50K a year won’t leave the first chance they get. The real problem with “Major” League Soccer is not that there aren’t enough stars, but rather that solid young players would rather play in the second division in Europe or above the Arctic Circle rather than stay at home. $10M could go a long way toward keeping them here. That said, Welcome Home Clint!

    • Coco says:


    • Ben says:

      Now this is the only real criticism of the situation, at least in my opinion. You have to start bringing up the minimum salaries.

    • Dimidri says:

      Economics dictate how salary structures work; there is a reason why Dempsey is the highest paid player in the league and why only a handful of teams are close to paying anybody his wages. The marketing revenue alone from Dempsey will almost certainly make his move a financial net-positive, that cannot be said for boosting a couple of player’s salaries.

      A salary cap is a good thing-American fans have the gall to think their team deserves a reasonable chance at success regardless of market size or location, that smart decision making, not money, should be the primary driver of success. You think KC would be filling up the way it is if there was a 30 point gap between 1st and 4th place? Unlike in Europe where some fans are more than happy to accept avoiding relegation, American fans expect more. I can name three teams that can win the EPL this year, probably 8-11 (even without playoffs) who could win in MLS. That’s awesome and only helps develop the game in the US.

      If we accept that a salary cap is a good thing, then I see no problem with the salary differential. The alternative isn’t dividing that 10 million among all those players; it’s just EVERYBODY getting paid “peanuts”. The DP rule was designed to allow teams to increase the talent in MLS while intentionally limiting it to a couple of players to prevent big teams from overwhelming the competition.

    • EspinDOHla says:

      Well said AlexH. I agree with this. US players taking off to Sweden, etc. need to stay in MLS and be paid better, as well as all the players for that matter.

      But on the flip side, this league needs stars and that’s exactly what they got with Dempsey. He’ll probably be filming an NBC MLS promo tomorrow or the next day.

      Dempsey will get more people to attend games and to tune it. As great as a player as Matt Besler is, most folks–even sports fans for that matter–have no clue who he is. People at least recognize the name Dempsey.

    • slowleftarm says:

      I agree with this, the salaries for a lot of MLS players is surprisingly low. League 1 wages is correct – and MLS is a far bigger league, in terms of attendance at least, than League 1. I think last year the average attendance was about triple. But a move like this enhances MLS and hopefully that will help raise salaries. I’d love to see a $100k minimum salary or something like that in the next couple of years.

  74. Dawwilly says:

    On another note, it is amazing how much misinformation there is about Holden’s current injury and previous injuries. Some sites say he hurt his left knee when it was clearly his right. Others say that this the third knee injury to the same knee. Video from the tackle with Jonny Evans clearly shows that it was his left knee. I don’t remember DeJong breaking his knee, but it was his right fibula. It is amazing that even Bolton newspapers say it was his right knee that was injured by Evans, but in this picture he is clearly holding the left leg. I realize that since the British drive on the wrong side of the road they might have trouble from telling their right from the left, but for crap sakes good the reporting get anymore shoddy?

  75. John says:

    How much was Dempsey making annually with Spurs? Fulham?

  76. bml says:

    Good for him and the MLS. His peak, as far as the EPL goes, was last year. His CL dreams were dead. His future was likely bouncing around from progressively weaker clubs on short contracts while his value drops, his coaches constantly change, not knowing if he’ll even start for teams that have little chance of winning anything. Not a great life for him or his family.

    So it’s a step down, in the overall scheme of things it’s not that big of a deal. The man fought his way up the EPL and did a damn fine job.

    The Klinsmann comments are ridiculous. It’s an honor and a privilege to play for your country, but it’s your club that pays your bills and takes care of your family. That’s always going to trump playing four World Cup games every four years.

  77. Dawwilly says:

    Probably about 4 million and 2 million. He made some money in England.

  78. MikeG says:

    I certainly, maybe the only one, hoping he would go to Schalke for CL play. Maybe a loan to a CL team? Definitely a step back in terms of competition. A head scratching situation. I wonder if this is even true or just a media circus?

  79. MikeG says:

    With regards to MLS. MLS needs to get away from the NCAA drafting of players and develop there own youth leagues and teams. A youth league where the MLS teams can locate and work with coaches and get scouting information. Pick the pick of the litter or two or three.

    • Dennis says:

      It will be a long time before droves of 17 and 18 year-olds in the US will forgo college on the off-chance they can make a living at soccer. I know teenagers often think they are the exception, but most know enough to hedge their bets and get an education just in case they are not the next Bradley, Gavin or Magee. Major League Baseball has learned how to deal with NCAA and use it to watch a large number of players mature without needing to pay them. The NFL is even more dependent upon the NCAA. I think the smarter strategy is to convince the NCAA to extend the soccer season (that means extending it into the spring with meaningful winter training permitted).

      • slowleftarm says:

        Please no. College soccer is a wasteland and stunts the development of our young players. I think the trend you see is homegrown players signing after a year or two of college at most. College is fine for the future non-professional but that’s about it.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Haven’t you noticed the academies and homegrown players. MLS knows this and is on its way to making it reality but it doesn’t happen overnight.

  80. Bryan says:

    He wasn’t in Spurs plans, and he probably wouldn’t be able to get on a team that was a real CL contender and have a guaranteed spot. At least being in Seattle he knows he’s going to get a lot of playing time heading into the World Cup.

  81. Bubba Ho Tep says:

    Can’t blame him for a money grab….if those numbers are correct, then I can’t blame him. He failed at Spurs with his goal of reaching the champions league. He would’ve been planted deep in the bench this year. Instead, he found a sucker who would pay him this sick amount of money to get drilled by some Mexican team in the Concacaf Champions league….good for him. He’s going to be like Scrooge McDuck diving into his pool of money…am jealous…wish I was him.

  82. KJ says:

    It’s not about Europe vs America. It’s simple. Playing against top competition in England was good for him. Kept him sharp. The overall competition level here is just not at the same level, no matter how much you pretend it is.

  83. Mike O says:

    Didn’t like Dempsey before, more of a reason to dislike him now. Don Garber and David Stern should fight to see who’s a worse commissioner.

  84. Chris says:

    I think this is going to be a great development for the US at the world cup. Let’s face it, if we’re going to do anything more than advance out of our group, we’re going to need a strong performance from Dempsey.

    Now, he’s going to be playing on a team where he is clearly the star of the show, and he will be expected to take on a lot of the responsibility of getting results for his team. We’re going to expect him to be a leader at the world cup, and now he’s going to get lots of practice being the leader of a team.

    Why is this a bad thing?

  85. John says:

    Lets face it, we get to a quarterfinal in Brazil, no one is going to care where Dempsey played this season.

  86. Andrew In Tally says:

    My initial reaction(one second) was negative but the more I think about it, the more I like it from Dempsey’s standpoint. But the biggest reason i like it is that I don’t have to root for Spurs any more. Without Dempsey’s goals the team is going to struggle to score clutch goals this year. Forget the fancy big names the team acquired. Watch them struggle to score goals. Go Arsenal!

    • GunnersUnit says:

      If Dempsey moves to Sounders, I wonder how many plastic sp*rs supporters give up the cock? #WhoAreYa

    • scott47a says:

      I love Clint Dempsey, but under no circumstances will I ever support Spurs – Dempsey or no.
      Theat is a weird thing that happens when Yanks Abroad supporters see Americans on other teams. All of the sudden we are supposed to support Spurs or Sunderland or Anderlacht or whomever.
      It’s dumb. I don’t care a whit about these teams, never have. Having an American on the roster doesn’t change that at all. Sure I want the Americans to perform well wherever they are, but I’m not picking what teams to support based on the fact an American happens to be on the roster or not.

      • Roberto says:

        But not everyone has a vested interest in a specific European club.
        So, some of the rest of us do pick teams that way. And no one is asking you to support a team based on whether they have Americans on the roster.
        I grew up in a city without a NFL team, so I watch the games with more interest when there’s a player from Texas on the team because I’m a fan of guys who played for Texas. It’s not sacrilege to not have a specific team you support.

  87. Dennis says:

    I’m sorta torn, on the one hand there is little question that the EPL would present better competition and thus required Dempsey to be sharper. OTOH, with all the new signings at Spurs, Dempsey may have seen less of that competition. On the plus side, it will help raise the level in MLS and will provide Dempsey almost a guarantee of playing time. From Clint’s point of view $8M/ year WOW!

    • Sendo44 says:

      Beating up on Southampton and Newcastle is not competition.

      Getting smoked by Man U or Chelsea is not competition.

  88. baropbop says:

    April fools

  89. Cairo says:

    Two thoughts. This is a good money move for Clint, and i suspect his family was a huge factor as well. Who are we to criticize that? Second, i don’t get this move for the Sounders. For less than half that money they could have bought a playmaker in the mold of Javier Morales or Diego Valeri or David Ferreira, which is the kind of player that they really need to get over the hump. The rest of the dough could be used for a top flight centerback

  90. louis z says:

    Those this mean Dempsey will now be attending camp cupcake? :-)

  91. EastBayGrease says:

    Go Deuce! Can you get good ribs in Seattle?

    Try not to pee in your pants when Deuce scores golasos for the Sounders, Eurosnobs.

  92. The Other Jeff says:

    Two reactions.

    One, on balance not at all clear whether this is, in fact, bad for the current WC cycle or not. He’s not a young pup who has to be in Europe to learn the trade, he’s already got the skills and experience. I’m skeptical that playing in a WC at the end of a long season in Europe will leave him “sharper” than having spent more time with the MNT and Klinsmann (e.g., January camp), entering WC rested, nearing mid-season form, playing 90 minutes of every game, and much less likely to be playing through injuries.

    Two, who cares, if it helps develop US as a soccer country in the long run? Dempsey will be an icon. He is small town America, aw shucks, work hard and you’ll achieve… the American dream personified. With his combination of demeanor, backstory and resume, there isn’t another player in MLS as easy for youth players and casual fans in this country to relate to once they are introduced to him. If Beckham was pop star glamor, Dempsey is my son or yours 20 years from now. If MLS can’t leverage that into more fans, higher ratings, more revenues, more investment in youth development, and more young players dreaming of turning pro rather than dropping the sport when they get to college, then the lot of them should be replaced. He’ll be appearing in stadia across the country, going out into the community, plastered all over US media – THAT’s the way you expand a fan base, not by hard-core fans keeping track of him from a continent away. Can’t put a price on that in the long term, but I can in the short – worth more than a small, hypothetical increment of performance next year in a single WC by one player out of 23.

    Welcome back, Clint. Good on you, Sounders.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Great post! 100% agree.

    • UMF89 says:

      Who has the biggest smile on his face today……LD. Clint just made his whole I need time off to find the passion for the game vacation look a whole lot better…..the time off was not a step backward now….because if you think it was, then you have to say Clint is taking a step backward coming back to MLS…..Who is not smiling today JK…not because Clint came back to MLS (in a WC year) how much more is his game going to improve between now and June 2014?? No, JK is disappointed because it will be another 5-10 years before an American player from a top four league will have shot at starting in the CL group stage game…Here is hoping MB90 and ROMA get it done!!!!

      • UMF89 says:

        Well I guess JJ at Schakle (SP?) is already a CL quality player but he to0 is on the back side of 30…MB90 just turned 26? What can he do in 4-5 years….

  93. Nic D "the TX 2 stepper" says:

    Isn’t this a GREAT move also because of the rest and fresh legs for the Cup in June!? How many top teams (Italy, Spain, Germany, Argentina, etc.) will have players with fresh legs because of the time off in Dec. Jan. Feb. and the first of Mar. ?

    This is a HUGE win for Seatle, the USMNT and Deuce.

    • Brett says:

      That determination will be results-based.

      If he plays well, he the rest gave him “fresh legs”.

      If he plays poorly, the rest caused him to be “out of form”.

      It can go either way.

  94. Steve-o says:

    300 comments!!! Is this a record on Ives?!?!?

  95. gtv says:

    Jozy is now our star in the EPL. Maybe Brek and others can shine as well, but no one else from the USMNT has the attitude and panache of Deuce. I will miss watching him on Saturday mornings. I understand the reasons, but I hate this move.

    Let’s go Sunderland!

  96. Brett says:

    I’m shocked. It’s a good move for PT and he will get to develop chemistry with EJ ahead of the next round of qualifiers and beyond, but I think he might be selling short his development.

    As always, I’m cheering for him no matter who he is playing for.

  97. Don Pelayo says:

    Please tell me it was all a bad dream…it was all a bad dream…………

  98. Brett says:

    Anyone else think Deuce saw that abomination of a rap video and decided then to make the move, to help MLS with its sorely lacking emcee skills?

  99. Redcru says:

    LD was pretty darn good in the 2010 World Cup (while playing in MLS)…I am pretty sure Clint will be just fine!

    At first I was shocked (mostly at the power of twitter) and a bit dismayed…but the more I think about it, the more I love it. The face of US soccer playing in the US (and making huge $ doing it)—isn’t that great?!?!?! Just look at the people following this on twitter, look at the comments on this site and others…people in the US care about soccer and I think this will only help grow the game.

    Clint will still score us some big goals in Brazil—so let’s enjoy having him home and try to catch a little MLS Fever—you just might enjoy yourself!

  100. tlev says:

    This is so sad. We’ve been waiting all summer for the start of the EPL to watch the best American soccer player vie for a champions league spot on a great team with some of the top talent in the world only to wake up and be bitch-smacked by a move a the Sounders. F#*@ you Sounders!

    • scott47a says:

      You have a loose definition of “we.”
      I didn’t watch one Spurs match last year and was going to watch exactly the same number this year.
      Maybe just speak for yourself.

      • tlev says:

        We, the Dempsey fans. If you didn’t watch one Spurs match then you aren’t a Dempsey fan.

  101. Hush says:

    Barkley- That’s just tiurrible.. No Copa libertadors or any fun tourns for him to compete at a high level on this side of the planet. Just some good ol hard running & playing teams like the Union or fire on a boring Saturday.

    I believe he’s in his prime & came back too soon. I personally want all of our USMNT players to strive to play in the best leagues & teams in the world. I understand people wanting us & our best USMNT players to support the MLS league a bit more,.. But let all the euro suckers do it before us for now. :) .. France, England, Ireland etc are futbol nations, we are not. They have tons of players playing at a high level that they can afford players taking chances in the Americas. Yao ming??..I want to see our best players competing every weekend against the best in the world. And right now, MLS is not even close. Mexico, Argentina, & Brasil are a step down from Europe,.. MLS is 29847464 steps down. Want thing is for sure, I will watch a bit more MLS matches with DEPS on it, but still disagree with the move 100%

  102. Hush says:

    Wait!!!… I just saw the future for a bit.. Clint decided to go to Seatlle so that his move to ROMA this winter would be easier!.. Maybe he wants loans to Roma during the MLS offseason as well?.. Yes, I’m sticking to my prediction

  103. Eric Blinkinsop says:

    I can’t wait until Soldado only scores 10 goals this season and is labeled a success. Spurs are not going to make the champion league this year. Daniel Levy will stick the Bale money in his company’s pocket, and Villa-Boras will either quit or be fired by easter.

    This is my prediction
    1. Man City
    2. Chelsea
    3. Man United (if they don’t sign Ronaldo, first if they do)
    4. Arsenal
    5. Liverpool
    6. Everton
    7. Spurs if they are lucky (Wishing they had Dempsey’s 12 to 15 goals)

    • UMF89 says:

      Eric…I love Clint and his game but you are crazy if you think Spurs are going to finish 7th in the EPL….based on the players they have picked up so far they will be in the hunt for CL….Soldado will have plenty of service even if Bale goes to RM…if Spurs sell Bale for 100 million Euros this week they are still about 50 million to the good and could pick up one a two more players with three weeks left in the window. Not to mention they may get a player from RM in the Bale deal….Spurs weaknees now is centerback and leftback.

  104. Vic says:

    I don’t blame Dempsey for making this move. He had two years left at Spurs at 7 million per year and a higher tax rate. He’s getting 8 million a year for four years plus a percentage of the transfer fee and a lower tax rate. In two years, at age 32 the chances of him getting much smaller are significant. He’s doing the best thing for him and his family(he has four children). At the same time as a USMNT fan this makes me sad. I don’t think his skill will decline in MLS like some have stated. However, it’s nice watching American players do well in Europe.

  105. UMF89 says:

    Wow…why MLS? Here how I think it went down…..AVB and the new Italian Technical Director respected Clint enough to tell him we are going in a different direction and we do not want you to have a transfer window like last year. So, you and our agent can decide what you would like to do but you are surplus to the requirements: Clint sits down with his wife and agent and he realizes the Champions League Dream is over, so, they have two young children and it is time to bring the family back home. MLS has either already made an under the radar overture to Clint’s camp in the past…..and/or Clint makes contact while in Seattle playing for USMNT in June. 32 million for 4 years is 10 million more than he would have made at Spurs and if he moved to a lower EPL team he probably would have had to take a pay cut.

  106. zippidy says:

    Guess I am a euro snob based on all the chatter here. I think this is a good move; I need to see MNT players in the first eleven to be drawn to a live MLS match. I’ll travel wherever in this country to see MNT…..not so much MLS. This kind of money being thrown around says more about Seattle fans than it does about league progress. I’m not up on how the league controls these kind of contracts.

  107. McQ says:

    Has anyone considered the fact that he has an American wife living alone in London with thier child (children –not sure) add the fact that he will be away for long periods of time due to World Cup qualification as well as the World Cup, maybe he made a quality of life decsion and said “I’m going to end up in MLS eventually, Spurs isn’t making Champions League and I can make the same money.”

  108. RB says:

    Rather weird to read this while catching up on the most recent SBI podcast…

  109. Ben says:

    This move makes so little sense. Why do this in a World Cup year? Such disappointment as a USMNT fan. He needs to be sharpening his game against the best in the world, not dulling it down against the likes of DC United and Columbus Crew. Ugh, so short sided. A lot of respect lost for my man Deuce.

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  111. UMF89 says:

    Twellman is on twitter saying JK is not thrill with Clint’s move…..I am torn…..As a father of two I understand the come home and be set for life…I guess I am disppointed if Clint does not have the skill set to play for a CL level team then how can we take the USMNT national team seroiusly at the WC?????? JK spends a lot of time on the mental/confidence side of the game and in his view this cannot be a positive in the short-term (WC 2014) when your best player you just named captain over LD calls it quits packs it in and comes back to the US (granted, from Clint’s point of view for all the right reasons) and in long-term I think JK looks at this as a setback for the USMNT as well where will the best US palyer be approaching 2018???? Would JK have expected a CL level player on that team?

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