Galaxy make Gonzalez third Designated Player

Omar Gonzalez


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Omar Gonzalez will be staying in Los Angeles, after all.

The LA Galaxy announced in a press conference on Thursday afternoon that they have signed Gonzalez to a Designated Player deal, making him the first American defender to become a DP. Gonzalez is now the Galaxy’s third Designated Player, joining forward Robbie Keane and versatile attacker Landon Donovan.

Gonzalez, who was in the final year of his contract prior to signing the DP deal, has helped the Galaxy win the previous two MLS Cups. He was named MLS Cup MVP in 2012 after scoring the game-winner in a 3-1 triumph over the Houston Dynamo and has been a regular on Jurgen Klinsmann’s U.S. Men’s National Team rosters this year.

The 24-year-old defender was drafted out of Maryland in 2009 and won the MLS Defender of the Year award in 2011. He had recently been attracting attention from a number of foreign clubs, but ultimately chose to stick with the team that gave him his professional start.

Per league and club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

What do you make of the Galaxy’s decision to sign Gonzalez as a Designated Player? Surprised? Wishing he would have moved abroad instead?

Share your thoughts below.

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102 Responses to Galaxy make Gonzalez third Designated Player

  1. that guy says:

    good for omar..

  2. James says:

    Terrible move. You might as well pencil in our starting CB pair in Brazil to Besler/Brooks.
    Omar is ready for the next level – and based on his recent gaffes he needs to learn how to read the game at a higher level – but this level of complacency spells doom for his NT future.
    Brooks playing week in and week out against the likes of Dortmund/Bayern >>> Omar continuing the status quo against world class teams like Chivas USA and Toronto FC.

    • Dinho says:

      You mean matching up against Lewandowski is not the same as having to mark Lenhart? I’m shocked!

    • TomG says:

      Disappointed. I was very curious to see what he could do in a top league. It’s understandable, though. He is very valuable to LA and why would he turn down more money and job security to move away from home?

    • Ben says:

      Omar has done well enough to deserve to be in the conversation, playing well for us in big games. Yes he has had a mistake here and there, but this is a good move. LA isn’t going to prevent him from taking the right offer, and frankly if teams don’t rate Omar anything more than a free signing, he was going to struggle to get time in Europe anyhow. You point out he has made mistakes, but a transfer to Europe isn’t going to suddenly fix that, so he needs to go somewhere that wants him and just as importantly, give him a chance through any growing pains.

      • James says:

        Going to Europe is never a sure thing, thats the point. But the bottom line is I want a player who accepts that risk and wants to rise to the challenge.
        As it stands now, there is no doubt Brooks is in line to learn twice as much weekly than Omar. Even if Omar is 100% in the zone, he still has the disadvantage from playing against much weaker opposition.

    • adam says:

      so MLS is good enough for Besler to play/develop to be in the WC squad but Gonzalez is not? Don’t quite understand your logic here…

      • James says:

        Of course not. But Besler has looked better than Omar recently.
        If we had a Brooks Twin than yeah I’d be including Besler in my statements.

    • Ron says:

      You might as well pencil in our starting CB pair in Brazil to Besler/Brooks.

      So Besler can play in the MLS and still start in Brazil but Omar can’t?

      • George Baldwin says:

        yup, sbi comments almost always lack logic

      • SanFran415 says:

        Actually yes, for several reasons. You seem to think you caught him in a fallacy, but you haven’t.

        Besler isn’t competing for Gonzalez’ spot. Besler plays the small CB position and has little competition for his spot–and none from Europe. Brooks and Gonzalez are directly competing for the other spot.

        Besler can play in MLS still because there is nobody better to compete against him.

        • Shaggie96 says:

          This is simply not true. If Brooks could match Besler in smarts, speed, technical and defending ability (supposedly Besler’s strengths), you’re telling me he wouldn’t take Besler’s spot? I would rather have two 6’4″ center backs than one if I wasn’t sacrificing anything by doing it.

          • SanFran415 says:

            How many teams do you see playing two massive center backs other than Stoke?

            It’s common place to pair a smaller, faster CB with a strong, bigger CB to cope with different types of attacking players.

            • Ron says:

              The reason Besler is paired with OG is because he’s faster and has great passing ability. From what I’ve read so far about Brooks, he’s ridiculously athletic and has great vision. If he’s just as fast or even faster than Besler, why can’t we have two giant peaks in the backline? The reason why most teams don’t use two massive center backs is because the majority of big center backs are slow. We happen to have one that’s quick.

              • SanFran415 says:

                I don’t disagree with you.

                But you know the exception proves the rule. How rare is a big center back who is also very agile, athletic and technical? Diamond in a cole mine rare.

                And logically–you would still then go with Besler and Brooks because then you have two speedy, technical, strong passers out of the back–one of which is also the aerial and physical presence.

                Given how Klinsmann wants to play–that would certainly be his move.

        • UclaGreat says:

          I disagree with you San Fran. I agree with Ron and George and feel its your logic that is out of whack. The two best center backs starts. You factor in individual talent and chemistry between the two and that’s it. You seem to have invented this whole “little cb spot” and “big cb spot” positions. I don’t know Klinsmann at all, but I feel safe in guaranteeing you that he does not have a “tall/big cb depth chart” and then a “small/quick cb depth chart” so that he can just pick one from each.

          • QuakerOtis says:

            He did not invent this. It’s fairly standard in most countries. German teams (two bigs) and Italian teams (Lone CB with wingback setup) may present the occasional exception.

            Some fans like tactics, some like good players (read: are fanboys), but those who understand BOTH talent and tactics know the advantages of what SanFran is talking about.

        • John says:

          Every report I’ve heard on Brooks is while he 6′ 4” he doesn’t play very big and winning balls in the air might be his biggest weakness.

      • James says:

        Of course not, Socrates. But there is only one JA Brooks, and Besler has looked better than Gonzo. Thus, Gonzo is the one in danger.

    • White Kix says:

      Interesting that Hertha Berlin plays the top two teams in their league every week, while the Galaxy get another gift from MLS and get to play Chivas and Toronto over and over again.

      Also, playing in Germany hasn’t exactley done wonders for guys like Williams and Chandler who are behind Beckerman and Evans at this point.

      • SanFran415 says:

        The top striker in MLS and greatest goal scoring season ever in MLS–not just Toronto and Chivas–is a guy that is like 4th or 5th on the national team depth chart.

        Wondolowski had more goals in a season than the entire Chivas USA squad. That is how bad some MLS teams are.

        The worst team in the Bundesliga would probably win the MLS cup 50% of the time.

        • OPMG says:

          you’re giving too much credit to low-end teams in big euro leagues based only on geography. how many times have you watched the most recently relegated teams play? Then don’t comment on how well you think they would play in MLS

      • Benny Dargle says:

        Actually, Omar and the Galaxy played Real Madrid, Juventus, and AC Milan in the last few weeks. Friendlies, to be sure, but it’s not like he’s getting zero experience against top flight strikers when he stays in MLS. Plus, with Dempsey and others coming over from Europe, MLS defenders are facing players who still have the form to be in the top European leagues.

        I think the real story here is that if Omar went over now, he might not get much playing time. That would be worse than playing with the Galaxy every game, at least in terms of securing a spot in the World Cup. So, it’s a good move short term to stay in LA and I imagine he’s got some escape clauses built-in if big clubs come calling post-WC.

    • EspinDOHla says:

      Come on James.

      I agree that it would be good for Omar to move on but in your post you list the two best teams in Germany and the two worst teams in MLS.

      Of course the Bundeliga offers a chance to play against stronger teams compared to MLS but if you’re gonna use the comparisons, be consistent.

  3. Dinho says:

    Congrats to him (although I’m not a big fan of his game).

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Robbie and Landon when the season is over….

    • Gnarls says:

      Keane extended his contact last offseason, so he’d only leave on transfer. I don’t see that happening. Donovan, on the other hand, may leave, but I wonder where he’d go?

      • Dinho says:

        I must have missed that re: Keane. I thought his contract was up too. Good to know. Thanks.

        I see Landon staying, honestly. He lives in Manhattan Beach (not bad). He will likely not be playing in another WC after 2014. Why make your life harder when you can continue to ride off into the sunset and still make a big chunk of change…

  4. HoboMike says:

    Bye, Landon.

  5. chris says:

    ehh his flaws arent exposed enough in MLS to improve. Decent depth i guess

  6. bottlcaps says:

    OG is the anchor for the teams defense. Losing him would have dealt a serious blow to MLS Cup ambitions. With the third DP slot filled, I guess there will be no more speculation of any new foreign stars joining the team, at least for the season.

    The next big Question has to be Landon Donovan. Will he stay with the MLS (Galaxy) or go to Europe on a permanent basis? Back from his short hiatus, he form has been phenominal and will not be lost come the end of the year when, despite his age of 31, he will be on a free transfer in demand from more than a few EPL clubs

  7. HoBo says:

    Glad for Omar, such a huge reason for repeat championships and possibly a third.

  8. Travis says:

    I am split on this. I am happy to see MLS stepping up as a league and rewarding the talent in the league with good deals. It is important for the growth of the league that the best players get what they deserve. However as a USMNT fan would have liked to have seen him try his skills in Europe a bit to see what he could do.

    • Naugles says:

      Any team would have taken him on a “free.” Now that other team will have to pay the MLS for the pleasure, including (possibly) a higher DP transfer fee.

      That team will need to more certain he fits in their plans, which is good for OG. Now OG will need play well enough to justify the higher fee.

    • Colin says:

      Don’t see this as a big deal. This ensures that he will have consistent playing time leading up to the World Cup, which would not be guaranteed if he went to a new club. If he goes to Brazil and plays well, the offers will roll in, and then we can revisit this.

      • Travis says:

        I guess I should have added that I don’t feel this is the end for OG as some people seem to think. Every person is entitled to play where they want, if he wants to stay in LA go for it. We have plenty of people who play in MLS who have contributed massively in past WCs.

  9. blokhin says:

    now if MLS can get Suarez, Rooney, Van Persie, Mueller, Gomez, Lewandowski, Ribery, Messi and Ronaldo to come over to MLS to help Omar gain experience against world-class attackers that would be fantastic

  10. SanFran415 says:

    Good for the Galaxy–and kind of bad for Gonzalez.

    Even more so considering he now has to compete against someone of more athleticism and technical ability who is also four years younger and playing against some of the best attacking players in the world… while he plays against whoever the h*ll is starting for Chivas USA these days.

    • Eurosnob says:

      I agree. On the other hand, if Klinsi manages to cap tie Brooks, our CB situation immediately improves. Gonzo is an OK CB for international game, but Brooks has talent and technical ability to develop into a world class CB.

      • Mike R says:

        Surely Omar will become World class facing Chad Barrett n Will Bruin types every week over the Rooneys and Suarez’s of the World

        • Eurosnob says:

          Omar will never become a world class CB regardless of the competition he faces, but by playing against stronger competition and under better coaching, he could get closer to his potential.

  11. biff says:

    Yes, it is true that Omar darn well can do what he wants to do. But, yes, I also have the right to be pi$$ed off at what I think is wimping out. I mean Omar was aching to play in Europe and was on his way to making the big move when dipstuff Timothy Chandler banged up Omar’s knee in practice (and I suspect we still have not yet heard the true story on how that happened). So, yeah, very disappointed that Omar has taken the easy way out, sticking safely in his comfort zone and now he will never develop to the level he might have.

    And now that I am letting off steam: After initially feeling accepting of Clint’s decision, I now feel that Clint also wimped out and now both of those guys will not be as good next summer in Brazil as they might have been–that is, if they both are able to make the roster. Because I have no doubt that if they start slipping in form Klinsmann will gladly yank both of them off the team because we have a lot of fresh young talent chomping at the bit to play next summer in Brazil who would love to take the places of Clint and Omar.

    • gonzo says:

      yeah what really happened is ______. that’s why jurgen doesn’t call chandler in anymore. bad blood.

  12. Fredo says:

    Bruce gave Leonardo, Meyer & Gaul plenty of chances to prove they could replace Omar. But, The Galaxy could not afford to lose Omar G.

  13. Mike R says:

    Bad for Gomez not good enough for the nats and now is as good as he is going to get since he wants to be confortable and not challenge himself. Must be afraid his lack of speed will be exposed on a weekly basis if he went overaeas.Brooks will pass him in the nats pecking order very soon playing in the Bundesliga.

    L.A. Should have signed a real DP. Omar is good ….by MLS standards but no real soccer star.

  14. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Oh, I don’t know… I think Omar can get SOME bebefit playing for the best coach in American soccer histroy a few more years. He’s 24. CB reach their peak later and play longer. So he goes to Europe at 27 or 28. He’s going to be a Nat until he’s 35, 36, maybe longer. And when he goes, if he goes, it will be to a bigger club than he would go to now.

  15. TD says:

    This whole thing could be very good all the way around. If Omar and the USA have a strong showing in Brazil, there is someone out there who will gladly write the check for the transfer fee. Omar wins by making more money. Yeah MLS sucks, nobody good ever comes out of MLS blah blah blah. In the mean time he will be coached by a guy who probably knows what it takes to be successful on the international level and arguably the second most successful coach the USA has produced (Anson Dorrance #1.) If Omar plays poorly in Brazil and there is no interest outside MLS, then LAG have a key player locked up. I just don’t see this as a bad thing.

    • SanFran415 says:

      No amount of coaching teaches a player how to cope with super star talent. Playing against it and getting experience does.

  16. OL says:

    What a coward

  17. whoop-whoop says:

    My knee-jerk, emotional reaction was disappointment… I would to see OG’s growth pushed in a top league.

    With some thought, my outlook has changed. Essentially, Omar’s most realistic shot was derailed by his ACL injury… if we’re to bash his decision, we have to be realistic about the big picture/ timing and what the alternative would be. There’s no way he was going anywhere last year immediately after his injury. The Galaxy were not going to send him anywhere this summer as he is way too important to their success/that would be as good as conceding this season. So… if OG was to move, it would have had to have been this winter. Who knows what the level of interest out there is, but even so, what are the odds of him going into a top league and stepping right into a starting CB spot? I’d say highly improbable. This late going into WC that would be an awfully risky proposition. Honestly, I don’t think he had any other choice. His best path with all things considered is what he chose… maintaining regular time where he is at, fighting for a starting spot with the Nats, showing well in World Cup and then making his big move next summer based off of that.

  18. Indeed says:

    Don’t see a downside here. In a World Cup year I would much rather see him starting every game, which is a given at LA.

    Assuming he starts in Brazil and does well, he will get his transfer after. Even assuming that Brooks plays well enough to displace him, its still a win because it means that our best two CB’s are playing regardless of this outcome.

  19. Bac says:

    I won’t be demonstrative and call him a wimp or coward.. It’s his decision and if that’s where his heart is, best of luck…

    From a tactical standpoint, I feel Omar is a player who could take his game to another level if he played every week vs. top flight strikers.. as opposed to someone like Zusi who is playing well, but going to Europe is not gonna shave a second off his .40 time & make him faster

    Maybe he didn’t want to risk going to Europe and sitting in his 1st year right before the World Cup.. maybe he can get a loan spell when the MLS season is done

    Time will tell…and the cream always rises…

  20. MikeG says:

    Naive move by Besler and Omar with there contracts. They had interest in Europe. They think the soccer world revolves around MLS. MLS is comparable to a bottom part of a top league in Europe or at the top of a 2nd division league. MLS is NOT THERE YET until MLS teams develop and sign there players over time. For right now it’s not very good for players to stunt there growth by disregarding Europe. Europe and South AMerica play the best ball.

    • MikeG says:

      On the other hand it’s great for the Galaxy.

      • EddieJohnsonFreddyAduGabeAsumalongnamee says:

        Very True, Europe spring-boarded my career.

        • MikeG says:

          LOL. Very true. Not all US Players going to Europe are of a mature age physically and mentally to make it work in Europe. If a player goes to Europe and gives a reason for the coach to sit him..he will sit. US players are SAFER on a MLS roster.

  21. Jess says:

    Landycakes, Dempseycakes, and now Omarcakes.

  22. AH says:

    Great. Of course, if they find another big player that Galaxy wants to sign MLS will just change the rules to allow it.

  23. joe says:

    What a pansy.

    Of course, he’s free to be a pansy and enjoy a DP salary along with the So Cal lifestyle, but from an actual ambition standpoint, pushing to reach your ceiling and be the best international you can be, this is the wrong move. There simply is no substitute for facing higher quality competition in a top 4 league and playing at a higher tempo every week.

    At the MLS level he also doesn’t get punished for his weaknesses like he would in the EPL or Bund. Turn your head, lose your mark, and in MLS the mids aren’t good enough to make you pay. Do the same in the EPL or Bund and they’ll make you pay. So, Omar chose comfort.

    And this is not a Landon or Clint situation. Clint proved himself for 6+ years in the EPL, then came home. Landon is our best ever, has had stints at Everton which were successful and has performed at the WC level multiple times.

    Omar however is shying away from testing himself. If DPOY in a sub top 15 league is what he wants while 20 yr old Brooks paces him up by playing in a top league and facing top competition, it’s his choice. Just as it will be Jurgen’s choice to no longer look at him as a starter. Omar won’t suddenly improve his weaknesses in MLS. It’s big fish in a small pond syndrome.

    Say what you want about guys like Shea or Agudelo, but at least they have the balls to take on a challenge and are looking to push towards their ceilings. Both could have gotten goo money in MLS. Shea loved Dallas, Agudelo loved both the East and West coast. Yet, that isn’t what mattered to them. Nor Clint, Holden, Chero, Boca, Gooch, Kljestan, Edu, Howard, Guzan, Lichaj, Beasley, Bedoya, Bradley, Altidore, and on and on.

    You don’t reach your ceiling playing in a sub top 15 league unless you aren’t that good to begin with. And don’t use Landon as an excuse. He’s largely an accident and will be considered an accident until we show we can develop at least one player 70% as good.

    • CroCajun1003 says:

      Europe is not a magic developmental cure-all for players. Guys like Tim Ream, Freddy Adu, Eddie Johnson, Jozy Altidore (before AZ), Robbie Rogers, Edson Buddle, all attempted to test themselves in the best leagues and saw their development stunted due to lack of playing time.

      Meanwhile, guys like Zusi, EJ, Besler, and Donovan have enjoyed successful time with the USMNT while playing week in and week out for MLS.

      I’d love to see Gonzo starting for a big euro club, but being DP at Galaxy isn’t quite throwing his potential away.

      • joe says:

        Comparing Omar to guys like Adu, Ream, Rogers and Buddle does not make him look good. So, to support this move you need to point to failures who weren’t that good in the first place?

        Zusi is overrated. EJ got better, much smarter during his time in Europe. Besler doesn’t have the same weaknesses.

        It’s not an accident our top three players in the 22-25 age range are Bradley, Jozy and Fabian, all mostly developed in Europe. Not an accident MLS has no equal to players like Corona, Johannson and Mix, 22/23 yrs old with creative flair and getting full NT mins.

        It’s all about reaching your ceiling. Pointing to less successful players with lower ceilings doesn’t prove anything, unless you’re saying Omar is about a Robbie Rogers level talent, which means he could kiss the WC goodbye.

        • Travis says:

          EJ did not get better in Europe, he rotted on a bench/physician’s table and many thought his career was over, especially when he couldn’t even pass a physical in Liga MX

      • nic d "the tx 2 stepper" says:

        Bull! Anybody who doesn’t see that EJ benefited from playing at Aris in Greece and the improved training environment and expectations of Euro football is delusional. He is the player he is NOW because of his “failed” stint in Europe. He has only spent one year back here in the states out of the last four. He didn’t just make this BIG leap in quality and decision making once he got home 16 moths ago.

        • Travis says:

          I really think he would have improved more getting consistent playing time somewhere else. He learned some important lessons in Europe but the idea that Europe makes every single player better is one I disagree with.

    • Travis says:

      Saying this isn’t like Donovan because Donovan has accomplished so much really isn’t true. If you’ll remember 5-10 years ago people were killing Donovan after he failed miserably in Germany (twice) and ran back to MLS and has chosen not to go back. Yes he has had success at Everton but that was only recently.

      Clint is a different story due to the success he had during his time in Europe but not sure why you are giving Donovan a pass and blasting OG.

  24. Fan Futbol says:

    Related story: “Klinsmann To Make Brooks His Second Designated Center Back”

  25. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Moronic move, I do agree USNT regulars deserve more than crappy 400k a year, but MLS needs to reform maximum salary and change DP policy. This kills idea behind DP : marketing, brining new TV viewers, new fans into stadiums, move jerseys etc… Players like Wondo, Gonzalez, and Zusi should be making 500k with plus bonus without being DP

  26. joe says:

    There isn’t a top 4 league level attack Omar has to face outside maybe 3-4 MLS teams, and they’d be lower table top 4 league level attacks.

    SKC is good. Portland is ok. Goof for MLS, not great for a top 4 league. RSL in the same boat. Then Sea. Best attacking duo is probably Keane/Landon which he doesn’t have to face obviously.

    But I fail to see how defending crap like Chivas, Van, Colo, Hou, Chicago, Columbus, Tor, NE, DCU, Philly, etc, will somehow be as good for Omar as facing EPL or Bund level competition every week.

    Most of MLS is Championship level with some League One level teams, like Chivas, Colo, Chi and Tor. That’s a terrible level to play at for a CB with WC aspirations who has weaknesses needing improving which haven’t improved at this level because they don’t get punished. Don’t compare Omar to Besler. Besler doesn’t have the same weaknesses.

  27. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Gonzalez failed to grow as player and failed set to take World’s best, and hasn’t done anything amazing in CONCACAF Champions League, won’t increase the gates at Carson or TV ratings etc..

  28. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Interesting that an LA team is allowed to make a centerback a DP but Toronto isn’t. I’ll bet LA has to pay their centerback considerably more money than Toronto was going to. Of course, since MLS treats half of what they do like the KGB, we’ll really never know for sure will we. MLS transfer policy is such a clownshow

  29. EspinDOHla says:

    Man, some people need to take a chill pill.

    Yes, it would be great for Omar to go abroad and play at a higher level and I hope he makes the jump next summer.

    However, with less than a year before the World Cup, a guaranteed starting place in LA is a good thing!! It’s a good thing for Omar, it’s a good thing for the Galaxy, and it’s a good thing for MLS. How many players go to Europe and jump right into the starting XI of teams…or get consistent minutes for that matter? People below note that he needs to go against more world class strikers on a regular basis but, while in the Premier League, how much development did a guy like Tim Ream get while riding the pine or sitting in the stands against the world class strikers such as RVP, Rooney, Suarez, etc????? (while Bolton was still up of course)

    Another thing that I find comical is that so many people on here want MLS to grow and be a better league then whine about this move. When a talented US prospect doesn’t jump at the bit to leave MLS, many of those same folks cry a freakin’ river. Having top US talent stay a little while longer is very good for MLS folks.

    • AlexH says:

      Before you go hating on Omar just remember that a pro-athletes career can be gone in an instant and they need to do what is best for them. We don’t know the details but if it were the case that Omar couldn’t sign a lucrative pre-contract then he would be an idiot not to take the DP money because if he got injured between now and the January transfer window he would be SOL.

      This is fantastic for the Galaxy BTW because DP’s fail as often as they succeed and keeping Omar is as close to a sure thing as they were going to get. If Messi all of a sudden became available I am sure that LA and the MLS would just change the rules and make everything work out.

    • sammysounder says:

      I’m glad he stayed. Racist isn’t the right word, but the European leagues judge people on country of origin. If Scott Parker had numbers like Dempsey then Chelsea would have paired $25 million for him

      • J.A.B. says:

        THIS!!! There is a total bias against Americans. You mean to tell me someone like Dempsey couldn’t have been valuable to a Champions League team like Arsenal the past few years. There are other examples of Yanks getting shafted in Europe. Any way, Europe is good, but it has some serious pitfalls as well. So glad the MLS is starting to take care of our boys and give them a platform to stand out.

  30. Kosh says:

    JK needs to check in with some of these “experts” on here about OG’s DP upgrade. To hear some people talk here you’d think Omar decided to take out the lawn-chair and let his gut bubble under his tattered wife-beater while sipping on a cool from March to November.

    I think OG, and Besler (probably even Evans) go to Europe after the WC. If the US has a great showing a bunch of our guys will be moving. So Gonzalez signing what is a great contract is not the end of the world.

    I’d love to see our guys take on the best in the world but it is simply too much of a gamble to go overseas and ride the pine – something that could in fact hurt a players development. Guys are fighting for spots and playing time matters. If you’re good enough – like a Gonzalez, Besler, Evans, EJ, Donovan and Dempsey then you have a shot at a spot, and thanks to JK where you play or who you play against is not his prime criteria. If you’re not playing as the fight for sports tighten you’re a bubble guy.

    Some of these comments reek of anti-MLS sentiment. How great can you be playing Chivas, or whatever. Yeah like playing in a BPL reserve league or simply “training” with the best in the world (on teams like Stoke or Wigan) is where the party is at. Whatevs.It’s funny though because these are the same people overstating EJ’s bad 1st half yesterday even though he ended up scoring a goal, underrating Evans solid performance (which was clearly better than BPL Cameron’s performance) against a top side and constantly put Beckerman down. I wonder what the song would be like if those guys played overseas…Oh I know, these are the very same people would not hesitate to write you off as “useless” and “done with you” the minute their relegation threatened coach starts to panic and plants their butts on the bench as as last ditch desperate move to look like he’s doing something.


    Congrats OG, and like JK I like this move. Keep on keeping on and improving your game and give the naysayers something feathery to feast on next year.

    • EspinDOHla says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • jon says:

      Perhaps. But i think gonzo playing it safe means he gets passed by Brooks as Besler’s CD partner – who becomes the clear choice after a strong first season in the bundesliga.

  31. Andy says:

    Deep breath and check back in a year.

    In the mean time, Omar gets paid and is assured playing time before the World Cup in his natural position. His distribution is poor and he has mental lapses but he can work on those in MLS. Then get sold in a year or two at a decently young age.

  32. espada says:

    Omar wants to play in the World Cup, so he needs playing time to stay sharp. Yes, he’s not gonna go to Europe to play against top level opposition, but it’s a huge risk to go overseas and not get minutes right before the tournament begins next year. If Italian/English/German clubs come calling after the tournament and Omar opts to stay in MLS, then criticize him.

  33. MikeG says:

    Most of the washout players from MLS who failed in Europe come from an MLS roster where they were SAFE and expected to be starters on there MLS team. Spoiled by MLS. Reality hit in Europe.

    • MikeG says:

      Sink or swim in Europe. No life preserver. Life preserver in MLS. It’s even possible to come out of the closet in MLS. LOL

  34. J.A.B. says:

    The article I attached below says OG talked to Klinsi about this contract and that Jurgen approved/was on board.

    Look, Europe is where the best leagues are…without a doubt. However, going to Europe isn’t always the best thing to do for an American player’s development. It works for some, but more often than not our guys don’t get the best offers or treatment. The best thing we can see happen is to keep improving the domestic leagues and offering more attractive contracts to our players.

  35. Zack says:

    I’m a Galaxy fan but this will place Omar on the bench, if even that for next summers WC. His foot skills, positioning and reading of the game is not good enough for that next level and everyone can see that while watching him play games.

    • MikeG says:

      To be fair if Omar or any other player for that matter develop into a world class player without the need for Europe then I am all for it. The player development triangle is still upside down when we look at South America or Europe. Landon Donovan has stayed world class, but not necessarily world class game in game out in MLS.

      • MikeG says:

        Europe and South America and most other regions have a normal player development triangle. Soccer in the US still has a player development triangle upside down. We have seen trends where this is changing with some MLS teams by signing Home Grown Players. This is awesome and needs to expand and continue.

    • EspinDOHla says:

      Wow. Glass half empty.

      By your logic, OG at his current form probably wouldn’t even be on the plane to Brazil. Therefore, if that’s the case, how do you think he gets regular playing time in a big 4 league in Europe?

      Staying with LA guarantees playing time. That is much better than sitting on the bench abroad.

      I agree that he should go abroad but timing is very important here. After the World Cup, go test the waters and see what happens. But with less than a year before the World Cup, he needs consistent playing time. One way that he will surely NOT be on the plane is if he doesn’t play at all, or gets sporadic minutes, over the next year.

  36. Paul says:

    I HATE the reverse chronological order. Please revert back to the old version. I don’t know why websites do this and do not give us the version to view it by thread.