SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Juan Agudelo

Juan Agudelo New England Revolution (Getty Images)

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10 Responses to SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Juan Agudelo

  1. Ross says:

    Cap him

  2. Jacknut says:

    I prefered Barnes’ goal because of the skill and technique required. Agudelo’s goal was stunning, but nothing like Barnes’ IMHO.

    Then again, my bias is for a team goal with five or six passes to unlock a defense followed by a “simple tap in” rather than a random lightning bolt of a strike.

    • Falsify says:

      As an SKC supporter (def no biased towards Houston) I preferred Barne’s goal.

    • divers suck says:

      Despite the parting of the Red Sea defense and midfield of Seattle (pretty much the entire match), I still have to go with Barnes because of how far out and pin point accurate it was….

    • JW says:

      I really, really like that Barnes goal, but I have to disagree that it required more skill and technique. That Agudelo goal required a ton of skill and technique. Less power, for sure – what make it the goal of the week, IMHO, is the creativity. The ball sits up a little funny and instead of letting it bounce, which would be too late, he hits it and scores a ridiculous I-don’t-think-they-program-that-into-video-games goal.

  3. barnie says:

    Would have like to c a better view of the goal, great effort by Soumare to clear the ball off the line.

  4. Luke says:

    Been watching him since he joined the Revs. He really is special when he’s not hurt. 20x better than Herc as far as NAT prospects go. He needs to be brought back into the fold and not just because of that goal. He is very good with the ball and can take people on 1V1… something we need more of and have little of

  5. Gary Page says:

    I’m sorry, but the people pushing for the Barnes goal must not watch much soccer. As I mentioned yesterday in another related story, the Sounders were more like an audience than an opposition and while Barnes’ goal was excellent, it is something you see a couple of times a season. He had lots of time and space to line it up. When was the last time you ever saw anything like the Agudelo goal? While some of Agudelo’s shot had to be luck, the inventiveness was astounding. To even try such a shot would not have even occurred to most other strikers. And he did it on the run, having to react in a split second compared to Barnes who had lots of time. Agudelo’s goal is likely goal of the year in the MLS.

  6. Jeter says:

    All the goals were pretty spectacular except for Keane’s chip (his other goal was better). Juan’s goal was pimp and had plenty of swag as it was cheeky, fun, and has that cool luck factor. Barnes goal was skillful, accurate, and powerful. As everyone knows, from that distance, if you’re off by even the slightest margins that ball sails waaaaaaaaaaay over the crossbar. It’s like planning a trajectory for landing on the mars. Plus he nutmegged a Seattle defender who could’ve gotten smacked in the jewels and had his familyhood cut short, so there’s that danger element about it too.