Must-See Goal: Juan Agudelo

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26 Responses to Must-See Goal: Juan Agudelo

  1. Jamie Z. says:


  2. M says:

    Goalie screwed the pooch on that one

    • chris says:

      There is nothing else Johnson could have done. He came out applied pressure, cut down Juan’s angle and made himself big. He couldnt have gone for ball as it was behind Juan and no keeper is going to stop a chip thats 20 feet in the air

    • Neruda says:

      If he doesn’t come off his line he gives agudelo a free shot on goal. He had to come out. There aren’t many keepers as tall as johnson so that’s a goal on any keeper.

  3. Kmac014 says:


  4. BFBS says:

    between this goal and the Barnes rocket, we might have the two best goals of the year, scored in the same week.

  5. TomG says:

    Great effort by the defender. Cheeky xhip by Juan but did anyone else think he could have just blasted it past or under the keeper pretty easily?

    • Jacknut says:

      Not a chance. He had to step away to avoid Johnson and with the bounce ended up slightly ahead of the ball. Most players would have given up and no one would have blamed them.

  6. B1879 says:

    Bloody ‘ell was that cheeky.

  7. CSD says:

    Can you even score like that in a video game? That was insane.

  8. A wise man once says:

    Too bad Soumare had to go and try to save it like that, it kind of spoiled the effect.

  9. 2tone says:

    He keeps on playing like that for the Revs and then plays like that for Stoke; Agudelo will still firmly be in the hunt for a WC spot.

    Crazy how much talented depth the USMNT has at FWD right now.

  10. Falsify says:

    I honestly didn’t like this goal as much as Barnes’ or Di Vaios’ goal. Nice idea but it almost was blocked by a defender. I’d say Juan got a bit lucky.

  11. Jaime Bedolla says:

    Nice goal but he’s still an overrated player

    • 2tone says:

      Couldn’t disagree more.

      • Rabbit says:

        He’s not as over-rated as he was — as evidenced by his various switches among MLS teams and lacks of callups to the USMNT. But he definitely used to be overrated, and may still be a little.

        • Rabbit says:

          And yes I know he may go to Stoke — if he shows well there I’ll have to eat my words a bit.

  12. beachbum says:

    ridiculous goal. looked to me like he was trying to do something like that, but that it worked the way it did, a little lucky. But whatever! wow

  13. Runawray says:

    Higuain’s goal against Bendik was also incredible. Morenoesque.

  14. THomas says:

    No Goal

  15. Kev says:

    Cool goal but I would argue that his mistake was not getting a touch on the ball before it bounced. Little bit of luck but certainly skillful in the end.

    watched the game and looking beyond the goal, he played very well. Played like a good target forward when he was in. I actually felt he looked a step above the rest of the team most of the time. At times, it looked frustrating for him. Going to Stoke will certainly raise the bar for him which I think he needs. Sink or swim over there. Swim and we will see him in Brazil. Nothing against the Revs but I think he will flourish with more talent around him. Or it will sink his confidence and he will fall into the black hole that sucks many up – European life filled with bench and loan time. We will see!

    Will be curious to see how he is used. Until the game last night, I had not seen him play like a true target forward – grant it, I had not watched him in awhile.

  16. jmadsen says:

    ah, that was nothin’

    first watch, thought he did it with his heel…

  17. jmadsen says:

    Note to America soccer commentators:

    “Golaso” is a Spanish word. You’re not Spanish. It sounds kind of bland & stupid when you say it.

    It’s not a xenophobic thing, but if you earn your living by speaking, speak your own language

    • cdin0303 says:

      I know, because every word in the English language comes straight from our Anglo-Saxon heritage, right?

      Language evolves over time, and Golaso is a fairly common term for an amazing goal. Not to mention that the league and broadcasters also try and cater a little to the Latin American audience who coincidentally have Spanish speaking roots.

      • jmadsen says:

        I’m sure they feel more at home hearing some Midwesterner shout out “Gol-AAAHS-soooo”

        It sounds dumb because he’s imitating – just as dumb as if he were copying some Brit’s routine.

  18. Ali Dia says:

    The things you try when you know you’ve already been transferred…