Bosnia and Herzegovina releases roster for upcoming U.S. friendly

BosniaHerzegovina (Getty)


The Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina has released its roster for the upcoming friendly versus the U.S. Men’s National Team, which will take place next Wednesday, Aug. 14, at the Olympic Stadium in Sarajevo.

The 20-man roster for Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently ranked No. 14 in the official FIFA rankings, features several starters from the top leagues in Europe. Bayer Leverkusen defender Emir Spahić will captain a side that features Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko, AS Roma midfielder Miralem Pjanić and Stoke City goalkeeper Asmir Begović.

Bosnia and Herzegovina are currently undefeated in UEFA World Cup Qualifying Group G, a group that contains the likes of Greece, Slovakia and Lithuania. The nation, which was founded in 1992, has never qualified for a major tournament but has come close several times.

Here is the squad the United States will face next Wednesday:

GOALKEEPERS: Asmir Begović (Stoke City), Asmir Avdukić (FK Borac Banja Luka), Jasmin Fejzić (VfR Aalen)

DEFENDERS: Ermin Bičakčić (Eintracht Braunschweig), Emir Spahić (Bayer Leverkusen), Toni Šunjić (Zorya Lugansk), Mensur Mujdža (Freiburg), Ervin Zukanović (KAA Gent)

MIDFIELDERS: Miralem Pjanić (AS Roma), Senad Lulić (Lazio), Sejad Salihović (TSG Hoffenheim), Adnan Zahirović (VfL Bocum), Elvir Rahimić (CSKA Moscow), Haris Medunjanin (Gaziantepspor), Miroslav Stevanović (Elche), Zvjezdan Misimović (Guizhou Renhe), Avdija Vršajević (Hajduk Split)

FORWARDS: Vedad Ibišević (VfB Stuttgart), Edin Džeko (Manchester City), Edin Višća (Istanbul BB FK)

What do you think of this Bosnia and Herzegovina squad? Which names stand out to you? Like the United States’ chances for next Wednesday?

Share your thoughts below.

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96 Responses to Bosnia and Herzegovina releases roster for upcoming U.S. friendly

  1. AcidBurn says:

    Some real quality players on the BH roster.

    Now, more importantly, the over/under on when JK releases the roster?
    One day before the game?
    One hour before?

    • HoboMike says:

      Haven’t heard that gripe in awhile.

    • StevieBob says:

      I’d guess we will hear today or tomorrow. I was wondering the same thing. I guess it will be a quick camp. I imagine our roster will contain mostly European based players since the match is mid season for MLS, MLS players just played in the Gold Cup, and the game will be played in Europe.

      • broadsthooligans says:

        I would assume that its similar to the Gold Cup roster, but relying more on B level European players rather than B level CONCACAF Players. Only assuming this based on JA Brooks and Aron Johannson being called in. I would assume players like Joe Gyau, Danny Williams and Josh Gatt if he weren’t injured is what we’re looking at. Maybe a few more starters will be called in (instead of the CONCACAF starting defenders Goodson, Gonzalez, Besler, Beasley, we might see a different handful of starting players brought in. Maybe Jones, Johnson, Chandler etc. who knows. We’ll probably find out tommorow.

        • bryan says:

          i think it’ll be all A team starters who are healthy plus B team Euro options. i’ll be surprised if there are many, if any, players from MLS or Liga MX.

          would be awesome to see Gyau at least come along for the ride. even someone like Agudelo. Andrew Wooten could be a random inclusion as well. but i think Morales has the best chance of any of those.

          • bryan says:

            grrr, all A team EURO based players.

          • Hogatroge says:

            Well, the problem is that 3 of our 4 top choice CBs are MLS players.

            That said, the Cameron + Brooks CB combo is interesting, but against Bosnia’s potent offensive is probably not the best time to debut it.

            • bryan says:

              for sure, i agree. with Gooch injured and Boca/Goodson back in MLS, the CB situation is tricky.

              i just don’t see LA or KC being happy with Omar and Besler leaving again for such a long trip. blame MLS, but i think JK might cut them some slack.

              maybe Orozco-Fiscal?

      • Josh D says:

        On Twitter, US soccer said it’ll be Sunday or Monday.

    • Alf says:

      Probably after they arrive for security reasons.

    • bryan says:

      well, we know Wood, Aron, and JAB are all getting the call. my guess is Lichaj, Williams, Bradley, Jones, Edu, Dix, Boyd, Bedoya, Parkhurst, Chandler, Kljestan, Johnson, Cameron, Jozy, Dolo, Howard, and Guzan will also get the call. i think someone like Morales gets the call too. Shea, Gatt, and Holden all miss out with injuries. Dolo and Johnson could join that list too.

      Dempsey, LD, EJ, Zusi, and Omar i don’t see making the trip. i’m not sure anyone in MLS or Liga MX will get the call. Maybe someone like Corona. Or Beasley if Johnson is still nursing an injury…especially with no Lichaj call-up.

      • Hogatroge says:

        You’re 21 man roster is near perfect on paper in terms of practicality, but you never know what curveballs JK will throw. There have definitely been times where he’ll fly an MLS player from the US West Coast to Europe for a one-off friendly. I figure we need to cut him some slack at this point, though.

        That said:


        Edu as emergency CB sub, or slide Parkhurst over and put in Lichaj at RB.

        • bryan says:

          yeah, i think you XI is spot on, @ssuming my selections are right. and like you said, JK will guarantee us at least one curve ball. it’s looking like CB may need to be the curveball here. especially with Edu still trying to get over his injury and Gooch out.

        • GW says:

          So you want to play a centerback in Brooks who is a rookie, has never played with any of these guys before and will probably have limited practice time against a pretty good side featuring forwards like Dzeko and Ibisevic?

          And partner him with a guy who hasn’t played center half anywhere for quite a while ( unless Stoke are using him there) and the last time he did so for the US did not do so good.

          Seems risky to me.

          • bryan says:

            it IS risky, but it seems like a strong possibility. i think Orozco-Fiscal gets the call and partners with Cameron though. JAB coming in as a sub.

          • Edwin in LA says:

            We don’t even know if John Anthony Brooks is going to get the clear from FIFA on his One Time Switch going thru….or is he able to play with the USMNT since he played in a few U-20 friendlies?

            • louis z says:

              JAB doesn’t need any paperwork, all he needs to do is show up with his jock strap and will supply him the uniform, the player that needs his paperwork done is Aron J.

          • Hogatroge says:

            I’m just going along with the thought experiment bryan put forward about using only Euro-based players.

            Personally, I’d use Gonzo & Besler, to benchmark them against top-notch competition. I’d leave Goodson home since he played the whole Gold Cup, Brooks ought to get a half (or at least a half hour), and Cameron can play CB in an emergency.

          • froboy says:

            Not much of a risk in a friendly, why not give him a game? I mean it’d be a lot more risky against even a team like Jamaica for a home qualifier, this game ultimately only means something for player/team development. He will be playing against top quality players on his club team.

            • GW says:

              fro adu,

              Granted it is a friendly.

              But if Brooks -Cameron get ripped up by Dzeko and his buddies right away then the thing could rapdily degenerate into a rout.

              That would take a lot away from the game in terms of it being an evaluation tool. I would think JK wants the game to be as competitive as possible for as long as possible.
              The USMNT will get more out of it that way.

        • Lost in Space says:

          I know I’m in the minority….but I’d put Lichaj as RB over Parkhurst in your formation. Park may have done well in CONCACAF Gold Cup matches with “B” Teamers…..but I don’t think he has the speed or ability to play against better speed/technical players.

  2. Jacknut says:

    DIdn’t Ibisevic play college soccer here in the US?

    • Bobb says:

      Like Yura Movsisyan, he didn’t have US citizenship, moved to Europe, and thus was never an option for the US team unfortunately.

    • bryan says:

      he came here young. played at youth clubs, was a high school all-star, college stand out, etc. then left for PSG who, at the time, had a coach from Bosnia.

    • Joe+G says:

      He played US college soccer, so by definition, he can never be any good.

      • GW says:


        Other than Roger Espinoza, Ryan Nelsen, Brad Freidel, Claudio Reyna, Brian McBride, Charlie Davies, Alejandro Bedoya, Graham Zusi, Omar Gonzales, Maurice Edu, Clint Dempsey, Clint Mathis, Eric Wynalda, Joe Corona and a few others, you are probably right.

  3. Turd Bradley says:

    yea bruh , 1 year at SLU, he spent much of his youth career here

  4. Turd Bradley says:

    streak will continue , awful date for many of these players. dont want to get hurt b4 european leagues start or right after they have started for many, but they get to at least see some wild crazy sexy american girls!!!!!!!

  5. ajsthind says:

    This isn’t a FIFA international day is it? So we are at the mercy of clubs?

    • HoboMike says:

      I thought this was an international day, because club managers complain about it every year, but I could be wrong.

      • Ali Dia says:

        A decision was made last year to scrap the August international friendly date beginning in 2014. This is the final year, timed to begin with with the new qualifying cycles that begin after the WC

  6. mc603zp says:

    i’m going to tune in just to hear some of these names pronounced.

  7. TGA says:

    ok I see the Bosnia roster….what about Herzegovina

  8. pgloerse says:

    Johansson announced yesterday on his facebook that he was called in. I don’t think his paperwork is done yet though.

    • broadsthooligans says:

      Johansson and John Anthony Brooks have both made announcements that they were called up.

      • StevieBob says:

        Interesting . . . why hasn’t the roster been released yet then?

        • Josh D says:

          Klinsi doesn’t release it until he has confirmation from his players that they’ll be available. Players get sent out feelers a week in advance. Others are told they’re on stand-by.

          Klinsi likes to wait until after the weekend so he knows if someone has gotten injured.

          Most people here though are impatient. Me included.

      • bryan says:

        Bobby Wood has been confirmed too.

    • bryan says:

      as SBI pointed out in the SBI Show, even if the paperwork is not done, he will be able to train with the team.

  9. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Good test for new or younger players like : Brooks, Kevin Bacon, Morales, Mix, Bedoya, maybe Parker or Wooten, Boyd (please, let Boyd get at least 45 minutes), Arriola, and others. With mix Euro vets like Bradley, Johnson, Guzan and others.

    • Colin says:

      Why would a Mexico-based player like Arriola get called in for a European match?

    • Jacknut says:

      Kevin Bacon?

    • Bruce Arena says:

      Are you drunk?

    • Hogatroge says:

      I agree. I want to see Boyd for 45 minutes. I’ve gotten a lot of flak on here for calling people out when they say he’s played poorly. Newsflash. He’s played less than 180 minutes in 2 years. And he’s got 2 assists. People are shortsighted, and they forget that 15 or so poor minutes against a surging Germany late in the game trying to avoid embarrassment to be a ‘history’ of poor play.

      I’ll concede the point if Boyd looks bad in 45 minutes of play, but I won’t do it until he gets worthwhile PT in a match.

      • cj says:

        Was it not Boyd who had that nice little back pass to Fiscal for the win at Azteca? Oh yeah it was, and everybody on every blog wanted him over Altidore. Should he be on this team yes, should he get some serious minutes yes, does he supplant Altidore nope but why not put the carrot there to make him and Altidore better.

  10. Ken Leili says:

    Will this game be on TV?

    • David says:

      ESPN2 has the game next week. The last I read, Klinsmann will release his roster on Sunday or Monday. He’s going to wait until some of the weekend games are done to get a final list of names, although he probably notified the players already. I wonder if Dempsey’s move rules him out.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Deuce has laid down the gauntlet and said that he’s not going to let the move to MLS affect his form and commitment.

        I could see JK testing that resolve by calling him halfway around the globe for a weekend.

  11. bryan says:

    said it above, but i’ll repeat here:

    we know Wood, Aron, and JAB are all getting the call. my guess is Lichaj, Williams, Bradley, Jones, Edu, Mix, Boyd, Bedoya, Parkhurst, Chandler, Kljestan, Johnson, Cameron, Jozy, Dolo, Howard, and Guzan will also get the call. i think someone like Morales gets the call too. Shea, Gatt, and Holden all miss out with injuries. Dolo and Johnson could join that list too but i expect at least Johnson to be there.

    Dempsey, LD, EJ, Zusi, and Omar i don’t see making the trip. i’m not sure anyone in MLS or Liga MX will get the call. Maybe someone like Corona. Or Beasley if Johnson is still nursing an injury…especially if there is no Lichaj call-up. but i think JK finally gives Lichaj a look.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      Nice list. a few thoughts:

      First, on this team you really can’t say “Johnson.” You’ve got to specify which! FabJo, EJ, Sean :)

      Who are the centerbacks in this group? Cameron? What is Gooch’s injury status? Tim Ream? Play Parkhurst in the center?

      Is Spector off the radar? Seems he played fairly recently (and played well). Was it against Germany…?

      • bryan says:

        well, EJ isn’t on my list to be there. so i just wrote Johnson meaning Fabian. i also don’t think we see Sean Johnson.

        CBs are basically Cameron and JAB. if Edu is there, he can fill in at CB as can Parkhurst. Gooch i don’t see being fit in time. Tim Ream…not a chance. i think this is where JK will have to call up a MLS or Liga MX based CB.

        Spector is injured too with facial fractures.

      • Joe+G says:

        Add in Johannsson just for confusion.

    • Hogatroge says:

      It would only make sense. Cherundolo’s out with a significant surgery. Aside from him, we’ve got 3 decent fullbacks in Europe not named Lichaj (F. Johnson, Parkhurst and Chandler). Typically, you want 4 on a roster like this.

      Lichaj makes too much sense, especially now that he’s starting again (albeit in the Championship).

      • bryan says:

        agreed. Corey Ashe or Tony Beltran aren’t going to cut it. and we shouldn’t forget Morales can play RB too. but in the end, Lichaj is by far the best option for the 4th fullback slot. and yes, there is always Cameron, but he is needed at CB.

  12. Marcelo Balboa's Mustache says:

    I do not envy the commentators for this match. Bičakčić… Zvjezdan… Vršajević…yikes. Should be a fun game. I really enjoy watching the US try to go toe to toe with good teams, instead of bunkering and countering like we normally do against better teams in games that matter. Hopefully we can keep it close. I wonder, if we drew Boz and Herz in pool play of the World Cup, do you think Klinsmann would defend and counter, or play an open attacking game? I could see him going either way…

  13. Tensnake says:

    I have a question. Purely hypothetical. But since the US won the 2013 Gold Cup, and say they miraculously won the 2014 world cup (see why it is hypothetical), and then Mexico beat the US in the 2015 gold cup final, would Mexico play Panama for the 2017 Confederations Cup spot, or would Mexico advance because they actually won it?

    • bryan says:

      that’s a fantastic question. but i think you are right. it would default to Mexico in that situation. i don’t think it would be fair to say Panama gets to play Mexico since Panama did not win. should go straight to Mexico, IMO.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Interesting question. Hopefully, we will need to find out the answer.

      • bryan says:

        even more interesting…what is the US wins the 2014 World Cup and the 2015 Gold Cup?!?!

        Panama would just play the 2015 runner-up? lol

        • Ali Dia says:

          By rule, under such circumstances Mexico would be required to play a home-and-home match against the 1979 New York Cosmos.

        • Mike says:

          In this hypothetical whoever lost in the finals to US would get in. Thats how Italy got in this year despite losing the Euro Final to Spain. Now with the new format change for the gold cup if we won the world cup and then won the 2015 gold cup against someone besides panama it would be curious which way CONCACAF went.

  14. Chris says:

    I would only bring in a handful of guys from MLS or mexico, pretty much just starters, no need to drag them over to sit tht bench.
    My 11-
    Bench-Guzan, Clark; Cameron, Brooks, Lichaj, Parkhurst, Edu, Diskerud, Gyau, O’ Brien, Johanson and Wood

    A few notes
    -Id keep Altidore, Dempsey and Bedoya off because of there transfer moves or free agency
    -No fabian johnson or dolo due to injuries
    -Bradley as capitano
    -Had to go a little deep into the depth chart bringing in gyau and Wood, but i wouldnt bring someone like torres, davis or wondo in to just sit the bench

    • bryan says:

      O’Brien and Clark aren’t coming anywhere near this roster. and i highly doubt all those MLS guys. maybe 1-2, but not all 4. i also think someone like Bedoya will welcome another showcase in order to get Twente to pull the trigger. there is also no way Jozy isn’t on the roster. for a one-off game, he’ll be just fine away from Sunderland.

      agree about Dolo and it’s looking like Fabian will be out too.

      • kryptonite says:

        Per Seltzer Bedoya isn’t going to Twente. Possibly Heerenveen or Ligue 1.

      • Chris says:

        with o’brien, why not? i mean id take bedoya or corona put id give o’brien a chance instead of dragging one of those guys from their situations, o’brien has been fantastic for two seasons and hasnt even been mentioned by klinsman.
        why not bring in clark as well, if we bring in three keepers why drag a MLS keeper over
        dont think jozy will be called in three days before the EPL opener, its just a friendly

        • bryan says:

          Fair points, although I wouldn’t say O’Brien has been fantastic. Disagree about Jozy, but it’s a valid concern.

          • Chris says:

            Just for what O’Briens been doing hes gotten almost nothing national team wise, he just moves up the ladder in europe, would just like to see him get a chance.
            Also with jozy just i dont wana take him away from what seems like a good situation so far at sunderland, let him land on his feet there and bring him into the WQC

    • John says:

      Kljestan doesn’t even make the bench? ouch

      • Chris says:

        Wasn’t really impressed with him in his few chances, i guess i could take him over gyau, but hes there mostly for width. I’d also take diskerud over him for now as pretty much a backup for bradley

  15. MikeG says:

    Bosnia & Herzegovina have a lot of Bundesliga type players. I expect them to play a disciplined game and have more possession of the ball at times. I expect them to play lots of ‘through’ passes on the ground and passes into space on the ground or in air. Expect diagonal runs and passes into the final third. Our defense will have a handful. I expect 2 DM’s to reduce pressure on or Center Back’s. I think we can get the ball wide and then cut in with dribbles and short passes on the ground or in the air to find our own space to operate in. I believe our individual skill level will be higher compared to our Gold Cup roster due to our euro based players playing at a higher level on a routine basis. USA do not take them lightly. They are ballers’s!! Better bring your ‘A’ game!! link to

    • louis z says:

      You make a lot of sense, your plan is what JK would have done in the past. We are playing with more confidence and better team ball. I’m curious to see if JK will go with the 3 CMs or stick with his 2 CM and play our game. This game will be a good measuring stick for our team.

  16. Rags in DC says:

    Call ups for this one will be really interesting. Given recent player movement and health, I’m not sure JK can actually field a solid starting 11 based entirely out of Europe (with the current player pool that is).Here is what I expect (unsure on injury status of a couple of our guys)assuming good health and the roster question marks that might have to come from MLS or MX. Anyway you slice it, it’ll be interesting. I’m excited for this one.

    Bedoya —Mix —Fabian (if healthy, if not ???)

    • Rags in DC says:

      Whoops. Forgot Parkhurst. He could also start at right back. JK could push Timmy C to LB for the match (and Timmy will probably than take another long break from the Nats).

  17. Tony says:

    This is not to be insensitive but this German mother, African American serviceman thing is freaky how good of players they produce. German woman really love them. JAB, Danny Williams, Julian Green, Fabian Johnson, Timothy Chandler, Jermaine Jones, Terrence Boyd….wow

    • MikeG says:

      Black men are popular in Germany especially American. Beware the German welfare system. Most German women know all about it and our US Dough boys should be careful or at least be briefed when then are stationed there.

    • divers suck says:

      Fabian Johnson? Really?

      • Tony says:

        Well his father is a US serviceman, and if you look at his hair in earlier years of his career he is rocking a fro. He is just light skinned

  18. KingGoogleyEye says:

    Or it could just be that they grew up in Germany playing soccer like millions of other Germans. How many awesome German footballers are there in this world? (And how many are better than the German-Americans you listed?)

    • Tony says:

      I’m saying US standards because of how many of them have already represented our NT and have the chance too but also have huge potential (JAB and Green) and all of them have in common a black serviceman father. How many white Germain-American players have you heard about? It’s weird that they are all 1/2 black

  19. MikeG says:

    LOL @ Moderator